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Reviewed: 04/23/03 | Updated: 04/23/03

Pretty good and entertaining...but is it new?

Okay,the review for this game can't get anymore I'll stretch it.

Graphics~Awsome! If you've played GTA:Vice City, you'd think that the graphics in that game are tottaly nothing compared to this. The settings are carefully detailed and the FMV's show true dedication into the racing genre. So you can be sure of glitches in the racing graphics, in words you don't accidently see the wrong road or get see through a wall.A problem would probably be that the graphic atmosphere isn't tensed on certain parts of the roads,making it difficult to concetrate on the roads.

Gameplay~Now this is the main thing of the game.This racing is the tough stuff people.Midnight Club2 offers you tough and yet entertaining racing challenges.There are three things which probably make the racing great. The 1st, is the different roads and shortcuts you can take to outsmart your oppenents...usually your going to have to race a few times before creating a plan.The 2nd is the variety of places that you race...not a big factor,but it adds flavour.The 3rd would is a special 'boost' you get while racing.It's really exciting and the best way to overtake your opponents.What really bugs me though is the hectic roads which have been overdone and not to mention the handling can tend to get anoyying at times.

Replay Value~The challenges of this game,give it a wonderful reply value,so it's quite amusing to race over again.But if the racing genre isn't quite your thing...replay is the worst thing for you to do.

Story~Not actually the best, but the characters you race agains are surely amusing and the way your character goes along with racing is pretty okay I guess.

Cheats~There is a cheat mode, but don't expect to use it...cause the essential of the game is it's challenges and there ain't any fun in cheating.

What More~More to say,Rockstar gave this game a lot and you can tell when you play it.But they forgot something...what makes a game memorable.Honestly,Midnight Club2 is a game I doubt I'd's more of the 'new age' games of which you compare other new racing games with.And when a new racer does come out, it'll probab;y be put behind...nevertheless,it deserves merit for it's style and for being a sequal to a memorable racer.

Buy or Rent?~Well this is kinda tough: If you really like racers, then this game is a must buy,cause you'll want to replay it over and over again.Heck even if you a normal gamer,this game is a good buy.But...if you're a gamer who doesn't take interest in racers, this game is a rent.

Final~ Why I gave it 7/10? Well it's actually a good rating...and I guess it could be 7 and a half. But I'll say's not too new.It's pretty amusing,I'll give you that,but not too refreshing. As for bad racers...STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME.

Hope you enjoy it!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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