Review by Spardademon

"Good, great, fun, sure, but only worth a rental."

This sure is one game you do not want to miss out on. The graphics are smooth, the cars are fast, the races are huge fun and the online system couldn't be better. Although some minor set-backs leave you wanting more and urging to check out Auto Modelista. Why, because Midnight ClubII is somewhat of a short game. If you haven't a Network Adaptor, you might as well forget about it. The sound could also need a life savior.

The gameplay is flawless. Away from the likes of GT, the wheels are quick and you can watch your car slide along the streets of Paris, Tokyo, or Los Angeles just like in your favorite action movies. If you liked midtown madness but do not have an X-Box, comfort yourself with this little beauty.

Lots of cars are at your disposal including some very special ones that will make your online buddies bit the dust. Yellow, gray, blue, and tons of colors let you adapt your car to your current mood. The modes Couldn't vary more as you can go online, or just playing with your friends, or even playing by yourself. The maps let you soar the streets for hours of fun finding new jumps and secret passages.

Then comes the online ability. Play with eight, online friends and show them who's boss. Doing this will also encourage you in wanting to get the cars they have and being as good as them. You have the same mode disposal that you do offline and online. Cruise around town showing them your tricks or see what they're up to in races.

Even though you will love the game, the setbacks are quite ravaging. The single mode is short but far from easy, the fact that you only travel three maps makes you want to create another sequel, and of course, the fact that the game happens all at night (hence the name Midnight Club) make you rather sleepy and feel like it's actually the middle of the night.

Other then the little devils, the game is worth renting, unless you are a major street racing fan and would want to buy the game. Of course if you're still not satisfied, Auto Modelista is at your footsteps waiting for you to pickup. I say you either choose from a strong based street-racing, roaring, and jumpy ride to Capcom's cell-shaded, colorful, and more organized competitor.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/25/03, Updated 04/25/03

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