Review by Stryker87

"It was a good game, and unlike most sequels, it lived up to the origional."

This game was very fun. About as fun as the origional. This is a lot from me, seeing as how I am not a big fan of racing games. Rockstar has done it again. But for every good thing about this game there is a bad.

Sound- 5/10
This game has good sound. IF YOU ARE ONLY TALKING ABOUT THE CARS, PEDESTRIAN AND OTHER OUTSIDE NOISE! The music mad me want to shoot myself. It all sounds the same. It only appeals to 3 differetn kinds of people. People that like that kind of music, people with alzheimer's, and deaf people! I wish I was all three. The people you race are very talkative. Too talkative. They talk to you before the beginning of every race right before the counter begins. And if you were like me then you had to restart race numerous times, if you didnt then you are too good or you cheated which makes you my kind of person. Almost always insulting you. I have no idea what the people in Paris were saying, and I don't want to. Their voices do sound pretty good, not like some other games I know. Their voices get on your nerves very quickly. One character in particular gets on your nerves even AFTER you beat her. She always says things like ''Come on, come on. You are going to be champ, I know it.'' I wanted to race her again just so I could slam her into a gas station! This other guy won't stop calling me a squidhead....i knocked him into a river.

Graphics- 10/10
This games main plus are the graphics. I can understand them not using the exact cars or their names, because you have to pay money to do so. They do look pretty cool and you can easily figure out what kind they actually are in real life. The people actually move in this one, unblike th first Midnight Club. They were just freaking cartoons. They also are very detailed, almost life like in a cartoony sort of way.

Gameplay- 8/10
One of the first game;s best qualities was that you could get your nitrous back. Even if it was only after you died. This game, you dont get it back. The fact that you get crotch rockets (motorcycles to you non-racers) is awesome. I love using them and they are perfect for weaving through traffic...if you are a master. Another good qaulity is the code that gives you machine guns and riockets. Adds a bit of fun to mulitplayer. It is also annoying how they like to use overkill on difficulty on some races. A find your own way race is difficult enough as it is, you don't have to send me against the world champ in the rain!

All in all, I say buy and brag to your friends about how much better you are at it than they are. If they make fun of you, you can always knock them into a gas sattion.:)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/26/03, Updated 04/26/03

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