"Nice looking cars with high speed boosts meets 3 huge cities."

Alright. This is my first review since all the other ones were full -.- . Ok, the game is Midnight Club 2 on the platform Playstation 2 Computer Entertainment System. Near the somewhat end of May, it will be out for XBOX and PC.


The graphics in this newly designed street racing game are one of the truly amazing looking games out there on the PS2.
Many people conside that Gran-Turismo 3 was the best racing game but i'm pretty sure you'll change your mind once you look at Midnight Club 2. There is a collection of 32 cars, 3 bikes and one special jet included. Each car has a a variety of colors you can choose. (except the jet) There are also sleek designs of cars that look really good.

Score For Graphics 9.5


Here's were Rockstar really gets things going in the game. They've added a new addition if you've played Midnight Club 1. Just like Grand Theft Auto 3/Vice City, there is now a somewhat radio. You can switch through the different songs and types of music. The only downside is that there are only Techno/Gino Beats/Rap songs. That may make people usually turn it off, but since I like those types of music, i'm considerably fine about it.

Score For Sound 10


The real main story behind this game is that you meet a person with a real nice cars, not listening to any of the laws on the streets. You go to seek him out and learn more about the the Midnight Club. As you proceed into the game, you will achieve more and more faster cars, each opponent tougher than the other. You can't really say that this has a deep plot for example the .hack's series
The story is not really the main thing about this game, so i'll give it a fair score

Score For Story 8.5


This is also the part where things begin to shine. The game bases on checkpoints you may have to seek out in different orders. There is no right or wrong way to beat a race. Players must race through the checkpoints fastest in the most best route to get there.In L.A, when you beat races you will unlock options such as Two Wheel Driving, Slip Stream Turbo, Nitros, Mortocycle tricks and stuff like that. The difficulty of this game is very much hard since you will only win a race if you come in First Place . Otherwise, you will lose.
That makes things pretty hard so this game is probably intended for extreme patient racers. This game will force you to remember and memorize the cities to your full extent. The game will get better once I get to the multiplayer and online capabilities.

Score For Gameplay 10

Multiplayer and Broadband Online Play

This is really good when your playing races or just cruising around the city. Your abilites to know the cities (Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo in that same order). You will have the ability to play races the you've unlocked (or races you've never done) and play this with friends.
One new addition MC2 has now is the game Detonator
There will be a detonator in some point of the map. You must get it and bring it to another point of the map, blow up all the other cars and score a point; Best of 3 points. Whoever carrying the detonator will receive major damage than you usually would get. There are also a new addition of special items, such as Quad Damage, Reverse Steering, Extra Nitro, etc. (Use by pressing L3/R3) This will majorly affect how you play. The other mode is original CTF, Capture The Flag which is self explanatory since most people should already know what it is.

Next is online play. I am yet to get a network adaptor and play myself online. I am pretty sure that playing online with This game will truly be amazing.

Score For Multiplayer/Online Capabilities 10

Extra Stuff

There is a really new option now in the game. This option is called ''Race Editor'' and now, you have the opportunity to create your own races and put checkpoints the a high limit (60 or more I think). The best thing is that you will have the ability of using your races ONLINE and test other players of playing your race! Is that cool or what?!

Score For ''Extra Stuff'' 10


There is a major replay score and includes; Replay the Career mode to get 100% to get the hidden extra that i will not write, other wise you can use the codes in the Codes And Secrets section of GameFaqs; You can cruise around the cities and find any routes that you had missed; Or lastly, you can go online and dominate the world! O_o Online, anyways.

Score For Replay 9.5


One of the most best sequel games of PS2 ever. MC1 had boosted the PS2 in the millions of sales and MC1 had quickly became one of the first Greatest Hit games ever.
MC2, i'm pretty sure, that it will soon become one of the greatest games to the hardcore player owners who have it.


In Canadian money (where i'm from) it will be $80 plus tax, In US Money i'm pretty sure is $50.
It is definetly worth the money EVEN if you are not into racing much. This game should change your mind. This game is a must have.

End Game TOTAL Score (Not based on average)

I will give it a 9 . =Based on fair total scoring to MY opinions. If you have and comments/questions regarding to this Review/Game please contact me at viet_dragon13@hotmail.com Thanks for reading my first review and be on the watch for my 2nd review which will probably be an RPG game.

See ya next time!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/12/03, Updated 05/12/03

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