"A racer even racing game haters will enjoy."

Introduction- This game is my favorite racer yet. The reason is that it has Great Game play, Graphics, Sound, Replay ability and Physics. The games history isn't much, for it is just the second in the games series. I never played Midnight Club: Street racing, but when I saw this guy on the self, I simply had to buy it.

Game play- This is the best part of the game. The learning curve is so well laid out, you can lose 10 times, but try until you make it. However, I don’t believe you would lose 10 times, and even if you did, you could always drive around and find a new racer to race against. With over 25 cars, and 3 bikes, this game has endless possibilities. A great part is the online/multi player mode. You may race against friends or race against strangers (However I suggest friends, IMO). And you don’t have to race in the normal race mode, you can create your very own “tracks” to follow, have a game of capture the flag, and even just drive around town with buddies, no racing, just sightseeing. Again, with 25 cars and 3 bikes, not to mention 3 cities, the game play never ends! Final area score: 10/10

Graphics- When I turned on this game, I was stunned. The opening cinema has great, and I mean great graphics. I think, “I bet it is only in the cinemas.” But no, I was wrong; the graphics stay the same during the whole game! The reflections are superb! The lighting of streetlights shines onto your car and slide right off, all in a realistic matter. The best about it is that there is 0% of slowdown, so while you are awestruck at that beautiful car, a much sleeker bike is a mere second away. Final area score: 10/10

Sound- This is a racer, and a good one at that. Some downfalls of racing games can be that the sound is fairly poor. So, to make it better, the development team works long and hard for this area, and in turn, it makes the game even better. I must say, the team must have had to work day-in, day-out to get this games sound top-notch. With excellent techno tunes, revving engines, and great tire turn sounds, this area really is one of the best factors of the game. I really bet they used real car sounds in this game, just to make it better. Final area score: 10/10

Replay ability- Never ends. I am serious here. The first race you have in the game, you can retry. Why you should, is the fact you have the whole entire city of LA to race in, not just a round curvy track. You can also race other races you have beaten, or try new races in arcade mode. If you think that is good, it gets better my friend. The online/multi player modes are where it really never ends. Take your son/daughter/dad/mom/friends down in capture the flag and a pre-made race. It is simply, as stated, endless. Final area score: 10/10

Final Recommendation- My opinion is to buy the game due to the never ending possibilities. It really never gets old. Every single day since I have bought it, I have played it. And no, I am not obsessed; it is just the fact that the game has, well, endless possibilities. Trust me, if you will not be sorry. Final area score: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/25/03, Updated 05/25/03

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