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"This game is the BEST.......... so far"

Bada bing.
Midnight Club 2 is a great game that's insanely fun to play. It was developed by Rockstar San Diego and published by Rockstar Games. In this game, you play a lowly street racer who hits the Midnight Club scene and takes on progressively harder opponents until you finally become the world champion of the street racing world.

Sigle Player
Graphics: 10/10
The Graphics are amazing because of the cars look as real as the cars in the real world and the nitrous look A WHOLE LOT BETTER than the 1st Midnight Club. Also the Cinematics look good.

Sound: 10/10
The sound is awsome frfom the sound effects of the cars to people screaming and to the music. The music has a nice mix Rap, Techno, Trance, and there is one song I like to call ''Pimp Music'' :)

Controls 9/10
The controls are almost perfect except for the part where you have to steer with the analog stick (i dont like anolog controls) but all else is good.

Gameplay: 10/10
This game has some replay value too it up to a point. Also there is a Race Editor where you can make anyting from a drag race to a drift race, the only downside is you can't put checkpoints on the highway. :(

Multiplayer (Broadband Only)
Communications: 8/10
Text-only, via a virtual or USB keyboard almost makes me sad. You can talk pretty much anywhere there's another person: in the game, in the lobby, after the race, whenever. The text looks nice and appears in an unintrusive area/manner. You can also set phrases up so you dont have to type the phrase you like to use the most over and over.

Gameplay(Online): 10/10
Just like offline Arcade mode, but with complete strangers, a full screen, eight players instead of two, hosts can limit the kind of cars you can use, to prevent newbie games getting owned by the pros, pro games getting owned by newbies, or all-purpose games getting owned by ME AND MY CLAN (IRC Azn Racer) (My clan is IRC talk to me if you wanna join). All the game types can be played with teams, many fun options (such as making the flag in CTF games heavy, limiting the speed of the flag-carrying car to 100 MPH), and all the basic fun of online gaming. You can use all your cars and moves online to test against the rest of the world, and anyone with Broadband can play at any time. That's great, but also sorta bad since there are so many idiots who go out and buy the game and go right to online with the first/worst car in the game and get owned and then think the game isn't fun. Blah. Other than that, online is the best part of the game besides Career mode.

Connection Quality - 10/10
Broadband only, not flooded with players, very solid. The lag that SOCOM is plagued with seems to not spread to this game, which is very good. The connection quality of players (based on what the servers say they have) is bad, but I never notice any lag or anything like such in game. Simply put, at the time of this review's release, lag isn't even a close to being a factor. And also you cant start racing if one person has a bad connection so you just have to wait it out. THIS MEANS NO LAG!

My conclusion is to get this game, get 100% and go online and have your fun there! I hope this guide has helped you. Enjoy!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/02/03, Updated 06/02/03

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