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My best friend was finally able to beat the game about two week ago and he let me borrow it. It was then my turn to beat it, and that I have.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphical difference between MC and MC2 is just amazing. Put the two screen shots besides each other and you wouldn't even think they were in the same series. The three cities in the good look absolutely beautiful and are practically identical to the real cities. The cities are also huge, not as big as Vice City or Liberty City, but big.

The cars don't look at blocky as the first MC, but they do look better. Gamers will be able to identify a lot of the fantasy cars as real life cars, like the Dodge Viper, a Lotus, and the Porsche GT 911. They did a great job of giving the players a sense of speed, especially when it comes to hitting the nitrous button. Think the ''Fast and the Furious''.

The developers did a real nice job trying to make everything as interactive as possible. The street lamps, windows, and cones.

The cars look wonderful and the hardcore car fanatic will be able distinguish them. Because the game has actual real life car models, driving 150 MPH head on in to a bus will not scathe your car at all, not even a single scratch.

Gameplay: 9/10

''Career'' mode is the big thing here in MC2. You start off with a single car that is pretty crappy. You meet a fellow street racer named Moses and you two basically battle it out until you win his car (Honda Civic). Moses then kind of becomes your agent and encourages you to do better and win races. You then cruise around the city and challenge any other racer you see. You will eventually race the city champion and then advance in to the next city. After beating all the City champions, you take on the World Champion!

Every single racing game will have the ''Arcade'' mode. But unlike other racing games, this is more like a cruising mode. Think Grand Theft Auto or Driver. You just drive around and do whatever it is you please, oh you can't get out of the car if you were wondering.

''Circuit'' is where you can relive some of the past races that you unlocked in ''Career'' mode. As you go through your ''Career'', more races will be unlocked in the ''Circuit''.

''Battle'' is the multiplayer game. You do this in multiplayer via split-screen, or online. There is ''Capture the Flag'' and ''Detonate''. Both are extremely fun when played online.

''Race Editor'' is a cool mode where you can edit any of the three cities. You can place the checkpoints anywhere and race your own city either offline OR online!!

The AI in the game is completely smart and cheap. They will take the shortest possible route to the finish and do whatever it takes to win. The AI will constantly try to cut you off and force you to fish tail out of control. But that's what makes it a challenge.

What is illegal street racing without Nitrous!?!? Not all cars have nitrous. The amount of Nitrous a car has depends on the car of course. There's also a new red bar on the right side of the screen. Whenever you slip stream a racer, the bar will fill up. Once it is charged, press the nitrous button and you will get a huge burst of speed. Rockstar has also added motorcycles and the ability to drive on two wheels with cars!!!

Sound: 4/10

The music soundtrack of the game is very one dimensional. Mainly techno songs mixed in with some hip-hop. The songs are also, pretty bad. I only found one decent track in the game.

The sound effects are great. Pedestrians will yell at you for driving like a maniac. The people in Paris and Tokyo yell at you in a pretty decent accent. Engines sound nice, and the overall sound effects are good.

The voice acting isn't too shabby either. They weren't bad, but the voices didn't seem to match the physical characteristics of the character.

Controls: 9/10

Very nice, quick responsive controls. Just your basic racing game buttons, the gas, brake, hand brake, and reverse. Oh yeah, how could I forget about the nitrous!?!? :p

Online: 10/10

Probably the best online experience I've had yet. Very few lag problems since it is broadband only. The ''Race Editor'' also makes possibilities endless. You can go against up to seven other people in a single race. The game is USB keyboard compatible which I strongly recommend getting. But players must first unlock cars and cities in ''Career'' mode to use them online.

Overall Average: 8/10

I seriously disliked the first MC, and I have to admit that this is the best arcade racing game out for the PS2. Getting this to play online is alone worth the money.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/14/03, Updated 06/14/03

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