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"A block down from the track, but great none the less."

I have not bought any games in 4 months until I saw Midnight Club 2, I am a car enthusiast and have played gran turismo games and enjoyed them. This game does not fit the gran tursimo profile, this is an arcade racer. Midnight Club 2 seeks to please the gamer instead of trying to provide a simulation. And it succeeds, this game is fun. (period) It lets you cruise around if you want to take a break from smoking people. It lets you smoke people if you are sick of cruising around. It has a ton of cool features which you can actually find a use for. And if you cannot then you tell your friends “well in this game I can do this and you can’t, HAH!” The only bad thing about this game is that it might give Honda civics a good reputation. Which isn't something I want to happen.

The competitors are challenging enough to have to play this game for more than a day, yet they are not impossible, although sometimes it seems so. Each racer has his or her own personality, which fits their car. There is a large variety of cars which you will come to enjoy. You start out in Los Angeles with a crappy Ford escort, and then you race a guy who will accompany you on your L.A. adventures. There are preliminary races and ''slip'' races, when you challenge someone you start what I call a preliminary race. When you win that race you play for the opponent’s pink slip which is the deed to his or her car.

There are lots of cars in this game. You will like all of them since they all have something unique. Some may disappoint you but you will still enjoy driving them. Besides cars there are also motorcycles in this game, a lot of people say if you become good with bikes you can't lose. I’m not good with bikes but from the looks of what my friends can do bikes will help you.

This game provides shortcuts, special abilities and most importantly Nitrous Oxide! There are in air controls, boost, which you can get from tail gating, and lots of cool features. The air controls seem useless but they really aren’t. Often times you find yourself going to fast to change your position and all the sudden you hit a ramp, either use air controls or crash. The boost or “slip stream turbo” in this game is the most useful feature. You follow an opponent and a gauge builds up, once it’s red all you do is press a button and you shoot of like a fire cracker. The nitrous oxide in this game is sweet, but use it wisely. Don’t use nitrous to accelerate, other than that it’s a great item.

While this game can be frustrating not giving up will have its spoils, you get new and better cars, and new cities. The car count is 30(both cars and bikes). There are 3 cities total, Los Angeles, Paris, and Tokyo. Los Angeles has mixed European and Japanese cars, Paris has mostly European cars, and Tokyo has mostly Japanese. Which makes sense doesn’t it? Each city has shortcuts and places you will want to visit, and also many Easter eggs courtesy of Rockstar Games. And classic rock star games humor such as the L.A. cops having “420” as their car number.

The graphics in this game are wonderful. You will prove this to yourself while crashing into pedestrians, eradicating lamp posts, and shattering glass with the absolute finest detail. This is definitely a game you would want to buy since it has online capabilities and it totally rules. It has many modes besides career, there is cruise, multi-player, circuit races and you can play the careers of characters you beat. There is also a multiplayer battle feature which I haven’t figured out yet. This is a great gaming experience; I would give it an 7/10!

What should you do? Well it depends…if you are looking for an arcade racer then you buy this game. It is good old fashion unrealistic arcade racing which only has once flaw, the game doesn’t come with a replica racing seat and steering wheel. If you are the gran turismo type who wants a simulator of track races then stay away. You get wrecked if you think about the word track while playing this. I say buy it if you want online racing. It’s not a rental type game; it’s the type of game you play every time you go to the arcade. To sum up, cool features, cool rides, cool value. And I bet it’s going to go down in price soon (it’s November) so go ahead. Now you can put that network adapter you only used for SOCOM to use!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/11/03

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