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"MCII goes full throttle to the finish line!"

Welcome to the world of illegal street racing! This game has quite a bit packed into it, the graphics are fair, the gameplay is unbelievable, the sound is great, and even the storylines are good. Hit the streets in cruise mode and do a wheelie or go to career mode to make a name for yourself and unlock some cool stunts. Yes you have to unlock stunts before you can do them. This increases their value greatly, making career mode worth the run. Not only can you unlock stunts, but you can also unlock cars and tracks. Trying to join the club might seem easy, but it’s nothing compared to trying to be the champion of the world.

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics are great, the cars are quite realistic even if they aren’t licensed. The motorcycles are what make this game standout because graphically they stand out. The environments are really good, as most buildings look real, and even the roads look great. The sky is another story it’s just unbelievably realistic. The people look real and the traffic is pretty good, but both could use some improvement. The telephone poles, streetlights, and even headlights look real. The damage is quite realistic also, even though the cars aren’t licensed it doesn’t matter when you see the damage and gameplay options. This game has almost everything graphically that it needs to become one of the best street racing games there are.

Gameplay: 10/10
Midnight Club II has unbelievable depth in its gameplay options. Arcade mode lets you race against whoever you want wherever you want and it’s up to you to find the fastest route to the finish line. There are two types of racing in Arcade mode, circuit and cruise. In circuit mode it’s about who’s the fastest, most skilled, and elusive. It’s a normal street race around the city from checkpoint to checkpoint to checkpoint, your job is to find the fastest route and avoid the AI from using your slipstream. You can do a Cruise in Arcade mode to explore the city, find a few shortcuts, and cause a few accidents. In Career mode you start at the bottom and work your way to the top, unlock a few stunts, like nitrous, and do whatever it takes for you to be the champ. Try battle mode and play capture the flag which is where you have to get to the flag first and get to the checkpoint without being tagged by another racer, but if you lose it you can tag them back. You can also play detonate which is the same as capture the flag except when you get to the checkpoint, you have to blow your opponents up. Race Editor mode allows you to create your own race through the city of you choice and then you can race it. Try driving a motorcycle, you can do a wheelie, front stands, lean forward, and they could be stocked with nitrous. The wheelie gives you a large speed boost, while leaning forward gives you a small one. The front stands are about the show, if your in cruise mode and you want to show off, do a front stand in front of your friends.

Sound: 8/10
MCII is filled with some pretty good rock and hip-hop music and it’s, the sound of the engines are great, you can hear engines behind you, which adds intensity to the gameplay. The cops don’t sound great, it has a static sound, but that’s the way it’s supposed to be. The people yelling and screaming has such a good sound that it makes you want to run them over or flash your high beams in their face. Overall the sound is pretty good.

Replay: 9/10
The unlockables are what fuel you to keep playing career mode. Sometimes you’ve unlocked so much that you don’t want to start over, but going back through and listening to Moses and the other racers is pretty cool. Once you get sick of Arcade mode (if that’s possible) you might just want to start from scratch and unlock everything again. It also gives you more competition and a chance to prove that your championship win was no fluke.

Final Recommendation:
I recommend this for anyone who loves street racing or doing some cool stunts. The price is high for a new game, I’ve seen it at $50. I laid down $33 for a used one with a manual and case. If your more of a stock car racing fan then this game should be pretty good only you don’t go around the tracks in circles, you go wherever you want and you get banged around a little too, so watch out for traffic! I’d say for those who like stunts better than street racing to rent it first, but if it blows your mind away, don’t blame it on me for making you pay the extra money.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/16/04

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