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    Trick Point FAQ by A. C. Grecor

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 02/05/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Trick Point FAQ
    Version 1.2 - For Playstation 2 platform
    Author: A. C. Grecor -- Started 10/28/02
    E-mail: acgrecor@hotmail.com.NOSPAM
    Table of Contents
    1. Revision History
    2. Summary
    3. Disclaimer
    4. Copyright, Latest Version, & Contact Info
    5. General Tips
    5.1. Special Tips
    6. Point Values for Tricks
    6.1. Flip Tricks
    6.2. Grab Tricks
    6.3. Lip Tricks
    6.4. Manual/Flatland Tricks
    6.5. Special Air Tricks
    6.6. Special Grab Tricks
    6.7. Special Lip Tricks
    6.8. Special Manual Tricks
    6.9. Special Grind Tricks
    7. Addendum/Notes/Credits
    1. Revision History
    1.0 - Initial Release 10/28/2002
    1.1 - Minor updates 1/26/2003
    1.2 - Minor updates 2/4/2003
    2. Summary
    This guide is not intended to be a complete walkthrough of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4.
    My goal in writing this FAQ is to provide a list of tricks and their point values so
    others don't have to spend hours going through all the tricks like I have for THPS3
    (for both PS1 & PS2) and now THPS4.  I'll also try to provide some brief strategies
    for getting big combos that I've found so far.
    3. Disclaimer
    While I would call myself a "decent" player at THPS3, THPS4 had come out only 4 days
    before I started writing this FAQ.  I've now made it through the game, but I'm sure
    there are others out there that are much better than I.  I started this FAQ, in part,
    because I'd become stuck on the last half-dozen or so goals -- most of which needed
    BIG combos/scores in tough places and I needed to work out the point values to modify
    my tricks & maximize my chances of beating those remaining goals.  These point values
    are accurate to the best of my ability, but some tricks (grinds and manuals) start
    accumulating additional points immediately and therefore those points are basically a
    "best guess" value and may be off.
    4. Copyright, Latest Version, & Contact Info
    This FAQ is copyright 2002 & 2003 by A. C. Grecor (a nom de guerre).  You may reprint
    this FAQ only for your personal use & may redistribute this FAQ only if the following
    conditions are met:
      1. The FAQ must be distributed in its entirety (including this notice)
      2. You may not materially profit from the distribution of this FAQ (you may recover
         up to 25 cents U.S. per copy to offset copy costs)
      3. You may not redistribute this FAQ in an electronic media form without permission
      4. You must get permission from the author to use any portion of this FAQ elsewhere
    Permission to use/redistribute this FAQ or any portion of it may be obtained by E-mail
    sent to the E-mail address at the bottom of this FAQ.  All correspondance/submissions
    become the property of A. C. Grecor and may be included or referenced in future
    versions of this FAQ.  Submitting information to the below E-mail address constitutes
    a waiver of all rights (including copyrights) on said information.
    I can't (and won't) answer all E-mail submissions -- particularly not ones asking
    stupid questions or questions irrelevant to the general topics covered by this FAQ.
    The latest version of this FAQ can be found at http://www.gamefaqs.com.
    5. General Tips
    1.  Use reverts (R2) followed immediately by a manual (up-down or down-up) to exit/land
        every down-ramp trick (flips, grabs, & lip tricks) and to keep your combo alive.
        I'm told (haven't tried this) that you can revert, then ollie, THEN manual to
        conserve your speed more than just the revert then manual does.
    2.  Reverting a landing makes awkward/sloppy landings less likely to bail.
    3.  Each revert and manual adds a multiplier to your trick combo.
    4.  Pivot (R2 during a manual) to get more multipliers.
    5.  Spin/rotate during air tricks to add multipliers to the BASE SCORE for that trick.
        (NOTE: Learn to do this!  It will HUGELY increase your trick scores!  I've been told
         the trick has to finish before the rotations start counting, though.)
    6.  Spine transfer (R2 while in the air) to hurdle ramps or bowls placed back-to-back.
    7.  Spine transfer to land right-side up when you're going to miss a down-ramp landing.
    8.  Each time you repeat a trick, the point value of the trick decreases.
    9.  Do a revert (R2) to "switch" between normal and goofy (left-footed) stances.
    10. Tricks done while switched are worth 20% more points and decrease independently of
        the non-switched point value (they're effectively a different trick).
    11. While you can use a nollie (L2) stance from "normal" stance and a "fakie" (L2 while
        switched) stance for variety, there is no advantage to doing so.  They aren't worth
        more points and they don't count down independent of their "normal" counterparts.
    12. When doing an ollie, use a no comply (press UP just before releasing "X") to jump a
        little higher/farther than a normal ollie.
    13. Use a fastplant/beanplant/boneless (press UP-UP just before releasing "X") to jump
        a little higher/farther than the no comply.
    5.1. Special Tips
    People seem to get stuck in a few spots more often than the rest.  Here are some special
    tips for those areas that I seem to get asked about most frequently.
    1. The Zoo -- You get inside the aquarium building by making Stompy angry.  Make
       Stompy angry by trying to land on or grind his back/head.
    2. Rune's Pro Challenge -- Eggplant the roof edge.  Assign eggplant to Up-Triangle, get
       special, line up a little left of the board the skaters shoved out, then fastplant
       (or beanplant/boneless--see general tip 13) to get high enough for the eggplant.
    3. Rune's Pro Challenge -- one foot blunt the grommet.  Firstly, "grommet" (or "grom")
       is a term borrowed from surfing.  It means a young surfer (or skater in this case).
       The grommet is the kid holding the skateboard over his head on top of the water tower.
       One of the things you COULDN'T do in THPS3 that you CAN in THPS4 is ollie HIGHER to
       another lip.  I did this one by doing one foot blunt to the high lip, then doing
       another ollie from there to a quick lip trick on the grommet's board.
    4. The Alcatraz Switchback Manual -- I've never been able to beat this one without
       cheating (slo-mo).  I have received tips saying that the best way to beat this one is
       to use the flatland tricks to help.  One suggestion was to switch to a casper, do
       casper spins (R2) around the corners (which apparently helps balance), then ollie
       back to a manual for the speed.  The other suggestion was to use a handstand, or
       a flatland trick that drags the board to keep your speed down through the run.  If
       you use a pogo, make sure you get out of it before you slow down too much!
    6. Point Values for Tricks
    6.1. Flip Tricks (performed using square button in air)
     (Note, if 2 tricks are listed, the 2nd is performed by pressing the square button
      twice.  If 3 are listed, press square 3 times to perform the third trick)
    150/500  Back Foot Heelflip/Double Back Foot Flip
    150/500  Back Foot Kickflip/Double Back Foot Flip
    100/500/1000  Pop Shove-It/360 Shove-It/540 Shove-It
    100/500/1000  FS Shove-It/360 Shove-It/540 Shove-It
    100/500/1000  Impossible/Double Impossible/Triple Impossible
    100/500/1000  Heelflip/Double Heelflip/Triple Heelflip
    100/500/1000  Kickflip/Double Kickflip/Triple Kickflip
    300/500  Hardflip/360 Hardflip
    300/500  Varial Heelflip/360 Heelflip
    300/500  Varial Kickflip/360 Flip
    350/500  Inward Heelflip/360 Inward Heelflip
    400/800  Front Foot Impossible/Double Front Foot Impossible
    500/1000  Ollie Airwalk/Ollie Airwalk Late Shove-It
    500/1000  Ollie North/Ollie North Back Foot Flip
    700/1000  Fingerflip/Double Fingerflip
    700/1000  180 Varial/360 Varial
    800  Heelflip Varial Lien
    900/1000  Sal Flip/360 Sal Flip
    6.2. Grab Tricks (performed using circle button in air)
     (Base points -- you can hold circle to increase the point values of these tricks.)
    250/500  Cannonball/Fingerflip Cannonball
    300/400  Melon/Method
    300/400  Nosegrab/Rocket Air
    300/500  Tailgrab/One Foot Tailgrab
    300/500  Indy/Stiffy
    300/1500  Benihana/Sacktap (1500 NOT a typo!)
    350/400  Crail Grab/Tuckknee
    350/400  Crossbone/Crooked Cop
    350/400  Stalefish/Stalefish Tweak
    350/400  Indy Nosebone/Del Mar Indy
    350/500  Mute/Seatbelt Air
    350/800  Japan/One Foot Japan
    400/500  Airwalk/Christ Air
    450/600  Wrap Around/Body wrap
    500/500  FS Shifty/BS Shifty
    600/800  Madonna/Judo
    6.3. Lip Tricks (performed using triangle button on top of a ramp)
     (Base points -- hold the trick longer to increase the point value.)
    400  Axle Stall
    450  Varial Invert to Fakie
    500  One Foot Invert
    500  Rock to Fakie
    500  Invert
    500  Blunt to Fakie
    550  FS Noseblunt
    550  FS Nosepick
    550  Boneless
    550  Andrecht Invert
    550  Eggplant
    575  Gymnast Plant
    600  Disaster
    600  The Switcheroo
    6.4. Manual/Flatland Tricks (performed while in a manual)
    I'd love to tell you what the point values for these are, but I can't think of a good
    way to determine it as you have to start these from a manual and it's basically a
    combo then.  Not to mention that some of these have to be done from other flatland
    tricks themselves.  If someone thinks of a good way, let me know.  I WILL tell you
    what the tricks are, though.
    360 Fingerflip (Square-Square from manual)
    Half Cab Impossible (Square-Square from nose manual)
    Casper (Square-Triangle)
    Anti-Casper (Square-Circle)
    (Anti-)Casper Flip (Square-Square from Casper/Anti-Casper)
    Handstand (Circle-Circle)
    Handflip (Square-Square from Handstand)
    Pogo (Triangle-Triangle)
    Truckstand (triangle-square)
    Switch Foot Pogo (triangle-circle)
    One Foot (Nose) Manual (Circle-Triangle from manual/nose manual)
    To Rail (Circle-Square)
    There might be others -- I'm not sure this is a complete list.
    6.5. Special Air Tricks
    1000  Kickflip Underflip
    1050  Nollie Flip Underflip
    1100  Double Kickflip Varial Indy
    1200  Heelflip Handflip
    1200  Quad Heelflip
    1400  1-2-3-4
    1450  540 Flip
    1450  Semi Flip
    1500  Fingerflip Airwalk
    1500  Hardflip Late Flip
    1500  The Jackass
    1750  Slamma Jamma
    2000  540 Tailwhip
    3000  Kickflip Backflip
    3500  Gazelle Underflip
    3500  360 Ghetto Bird
    4500  Bodywrap 540
    4500  FS 540
    4500  FS 540 Heelflip
    4500  Stalefish Backflip
    4500  Stalefish Frontflip
    5000  360 Varial McTwist
    5000  Barrel Roll
    5000  McTwist
    5000  Misty Flip
    9000  The 900
    11000  Indy 900
    6.6. Special Grab Tricks
    1000  Assume the Position II
    1000  Chomp on This
    1000  Flamingo
    1000  Stage Dive
    1100  Kickflip One Foot Tail
    1200  Backfoot Flip Nosegrab
    1200  Grapple Grab
    1200  Sit Down Air
    1300  Bloody Eddie
    1400  Samba Flip
    1500  Kickflip Superman
    1500  Bigspin Shifty
    1600  Judo Madonna
    1750  Double Kickflip Madonna
    1750  Might as Well Jump
    2500  Casper Flip 360 Flip
    6.7. Special Lip Tricks
    3000  BS Nose Comply
    3000  Burntwist
    3000  Dark Disaster
    3000  One Foot Blunt
    3000  Russian Boneless
    3200  Heelflip FS Invert
    3500  Bigspin Flip to Tail
    3500  Ho Ho Sad Plant
    6.8. Special Manual Tricks
     (Best guess at manual base value)
    1200  Primo
    1300  Reemo Slide
    1400  Ahhh Yeahhh!
    1400  Handstand 360 Handflip
    1400  Handstand Double Flip
    1400  One Wheel Nosemanual
    1400  Rusty Slide Manual
    1500  One Wheel Fireworks Show
    1500  Ho Ho Street Plant
    1500  No Comply 360 Shove-It
    1500  Sproing
    1800  Lazy Ass Manual
    6.9. Special Grind Tricks
    I took several long runs for each grind special at the stair rails leading to the
    basketball court on the college level (using the big ramp opposite the courtyard
    as a launching vehicle).  That's a pretty short grind.  It appears most of the 
    grind specials hit 752 points on that short rail in that area.  Your mileage may
    vary.  I used the short rail with long entry to minimize variance.  The results:
    752  Most special grinds
    652  Hurricane
    616  Darkslide
    305  Salad Grind
    7. Addendum/Notes/Credits
    Thanks to the following people:
    Mike Anthony (Iamthewhiteguy) -- for reminding me about fakies and nollies and for
      suggesting I emphasize the rotation multipliers more than I had.
    Joe Romano -- for the tip about doing the ollie between the revert and the manual.
    HappyBuddha311 -- for reminding me to include flatland trick info.
    ThreeForThird -- for the grommet ollie-up & an Alcatraz switchback tip.
    Harry Samuel (CountIron) -- for the other Alcatraz switchback tip.
    Chris Evans (PM5KDemon), Daniel Corks (themanpoop), and shadow_ashyr -- for 
      telling me about the 540 pop & FS shove-its.
    Please E-mail corrections to acgrecor@hotmail.com.NOSPAM (remove the ".NOSPAM")
    Copyright 2002, 2003 All Rights Reserved.  See above for more copyright details.
     --> A. C. Grecor <--

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