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    Mini-Games FAQ by wayalla

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/17/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    A mini-Games FAQ for Tony Hakws Pro Skater 4
    Playstation 2 version, written by Wayalla (Wayalla1(at)yahoo.com.au)
    Version 1.0 (last updated Jan. 03)
    LEVEL:    College
    MINIGMAE: Tennis
    WHERE:    Tennis Courts
    HOW:      Hit the ball and score points
    You play someone called Bjorn. Serve by pressing any button and use the 
    D-Pad to control yourself. Use X to swing back. The closer you are to 
    the ball when you swing, the faster the ball goes. If you notice, he 
    will almost hit the ball back to you every time. The only time you can 
    score points is if you do a fast hit, plus left or right, this will 
    cause it to go to the side very fast and he wont be able to get it. You 
    need to win 4 points before he wins 4 points. Try and avoid slow hits, 
    and always move to where the ball is going to go and try and get a fast 
    hit to win a point.
    LEVEL:    College
    MINIGAME: Garbage days
    WHERE:    In the garbage truck
    HOW:      Go up the ramps and collect the money
    Hop in the garabage truck, and then the minigame Grabage days will come 
    up. Money will appear on the wires above you. Use the ramps and do vert 
    tricks and get some money. There is like millions of cash actually on 
    the wires, but sadly it only lets you collect a certain amoun tbefore 
    it's says "You have collected all the money available for this 
    minigame," even if there are more cash above you on the wires. You can 
    transfer between the garbage trucks if you want to, but the money can be 
    gotten any way in the amount of time, for example, you could go to the 
    parking garage and jump onto the wires to collect some of the money.
    LEVEL:    College
    MINIGAME: Wire Grinding
    WHERE:    Lip trick transformer box
    HOW:      Grind the electric wires
    Look away from the colliesium heading up the road. Keep going up and you 
    will reach a sporting good store, just after this on the left will be an 
    opening with a little ramp, lip trick the power box to start the 
    minigame. Don't hold the lip trick for long. You will see that the power 
    lines above you light up and a percentage goes up. Go up tho the car-
    park, and grind one of those electric wires and try and get the 
    percentage down to 0 in green. Keep grinding the powered ones. Try to 
    stay on the powerlines unless the lines end. I done this by luck, as I 
    accidently fell, and it still counted that i was on the powerline.
    LEVEL:    San-fransisco
    MINIGAME: Save the seals
    WHERE:    Look through viewfinder
    HOW:      Continuously tap the X button  
    Go to the pier to get this one, and you will see two viewfinders. To 
    start the mini-game, head to the viewfinder on the left. The other ones 
    show prisoners in a cell running around, I think that is at alcatraz. 
    Anyway, if you love button bashing, then this is your type of minigame, 
    and game actually. What you have to do is continually tap the X button 
    to help the seals get away from the shark. To do this continuosly press 
    the X button, but don't hold. Keep doing it until you win. You will need 
    to learn button bashing for this, so play some games where you need to 
    do it, this game is an examppe of one actaully, well it hurts my fingers 
    playing this.
    LEVEL:    Alcatraz
    MINIGAME: Baseball
    WHERE:    Little baseball pitch
    HOW:      Hit the ball
    THe minigame is found on the baseball field near where you get the pro 
    score challenge. Also, it is near that big target range that bag sets 
    up, but he will only be ther if you can complete the dunk 30 tourists 
    objective. All you have to do is hit the ball, sounds simple. Well 
    really it is. Just let the ggghhhhhooooosssstttt pitch the ball and then 
    just time it right and whack the ball back over his head. To score 
    money, the ball must go up in the air and over the wall or whatever. You 
    get $25 per good shot, so this game can keep you entertained for awhile 
    on hand.
    LEVEL:    London
    MINIGAME: Bitch slapping
    WHERE:    Under the bridge
    HOW:      Pick the winner
    Really, this is a boring minigame, it involves nothing at all as in 
    movement, all you have to do is pick the winner. Yawn. The pimp can be 
    found under the bridge, near the section where you are tought the 
    flatland tricks by the pro skater. Press O next to the pimp to start 
    this. For me, I always bet on the lady on the left. Press left to choose 
    her, or press right to select the other slut. The fight will begin. 
    There really isn't any strategy for this, because the winner is always 
    random. If you win, yay! If you lose, go away and come back. The 
    minigame can be repeated afew times.
    LEVEL:    Zoo
    MINIGAME: Charging rhinos
    WHERE:    Rhino's cage
    HOW:      Pick the winner
    This can be found in the rhinos cage, it really isn't a cage, it's got a 
    trench thing around the outside which is used as a vert rampp. Go up to 
    the zoo keeper that is by the rhinis. This is once again boring, all you 
    do is pick the winner, nothing to do with using your skateboard or 
    anything like that. All you have to do is pick the winner. Either the 
    left rhini, the right rhino, or both of them to fall down. You have a 
    %33.33 chance of winning. The winner(s) are random, so pick which one 
    you want to. You lose NO money if you don't pick the winner.
    LEVEL:    Zoo
    MINIGAME: Catch the eggs
    WHERE:    Bird avery
    HOW:      Catch the eggs as they fall down
    The 'How' explains it all. Just simply catch the eggs as they fall down. 
    But really, it isn't that simple, it requires GREAT co-ordination of the 
    eyes. Start the minigame, and then keep your eyes peeled on the screen, 
    do not take them off, if someone offers you 1 million dollars while your 
    playing this, tell them to piss off, this mini-game is more importent. 
    Keep em peeled. When you seem something move on the screen, move your 
    player that way, the bird eggs can drop very quickly, so keep your eyes 
    peeled. Keep moving your player left to right catching the eggs that 
    fall down.
    LEVEL:    Zoo
    MINIGAME: monkey Poo Dodge
    WHERE:    Through door near giraffes
    HOW:      Dodge the monkey poo as they throw it (eww)
    To find the giraffes cage, it is just neat to the snakc bar, on the 
    opposite side than the rhino and elephant cage. Go through the door. The 
    monkeys through poo mat you, and you simply have to dodge it for 30 
    seconds. Saty where you are, and when you see a monkey winding up for a 
    shot with there poo, move out the way. Sometimes they wont even throw 
    the poo directly at you, just avoid wherever it is thrown. Only the 
    first monkey will through it at the start, but as time passes on, the 
    second monkey will throw, and then all the monkeys will throw the poo 
    making it harder.
    LEVEL:    Carnival
    MINIGAME: Log Sawing Compeition
    WHERE:    Log sawing place
    HOW:      Saw through the log
    From the start of the level, head left to where the logs are and speak 
    to the guy. To saw through the law, use left to saw left, and right to 
    saw back right. Get the timing right of when you have made a clean scut, 
    so then you can move the saw back to get a better cut. So press left to 
    move the saw away from you and press right to move it back towards you. 
    When you cut through a log, press the X button to replace it. Keep 
    cutting through all the logs until a note comes up on screen saying that 
    you have either won, or lost. Unfortuantely, there is no money given out 
    for this mini-game.
    LEVEL:    Carnival
    MINIGAME: Target Shooting
    WHERE:    Target side-show
    HOW:      Hit the targets
    From the strt, head left and hug the wall. Go around to the sideshows 
    and find the shooting one. The target will move by itself, it is just 
    your job to press the right button. When the cross-hair moves over 
    something with a button picture on it, press that button. It's as simple 
    as that to do. Don't waste shots, and try to actually just aim for the 
    one traget and keep waiting until the cursor moves over it. Money ios 
    paid for when you hit the target. But also, stationary targets are less 
    points that moving targets. You get a ranking at the end as well, keep 
    playing it until you can get really good and not miss a shot.
    This Document is Copyright Aaron Baker 2003
    This Document is Copyright Wayalla 2003

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