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"Great game.... If you have patience."

I have been playing Tony Hawk 4 (th4) for many years and I felt it was time that I write a review for it. The Tony Hawk (th) series is, for the most part, an overrated series that keeps churning out games that are practically the same thing except with more levels. th4 is the highlight of the entire series and the point at which all the other games started to go downhill. In th4 you are a skater trying to accomplish random goals for no real reason, so don't be looking for a story here. There are 190 goals in all, some of which are very easy and some are very hard. The first time you go through the game there are only half the goals available to you, but when you beat the "pro challenge" at the end you will unlock the other half of the goals. These goals are much harder and will prove a challenge for almost anybody. I have gathered from other people who haven't played th4 for as long as I have that the game is actually pretty hard. So if you're looking for a challenge you're in the right place.

GAME PLAY (10/10)

The game play is smooth and flawless. The camera always keeps up with your character and never presents a problem. The balance system is perfected in th4. Unlike other th games there is basically no limit to how good you can get. There is one problem with game play however. This is how skating is supposed to feel. The game is extremely difficult to master, therefore making it unpopular with many people. This is a valid argument, as it took me over 3 years to master this game. But if you stick with it and practice you'll soon find the controls aren't as bad as they first seem, you just need to give yourself a chance to adjust. There are also certain "lines" (doing the same thing over and over again for mega points) in every single level that can somewhat ruin the gameplay, but if you ignore these lines, chances are you won't even find them.

STORY (n/a)

There is no story. You're a random skater trying to accomplish random goals for no reason at all, but don't let this turn you off.


The graphics are not tremendously good but they're acceptable. The characters themselves have some strange pointy ends on them, and if you hit a wall you will notice that the characters themselves are hollow. Like an invisible man wearing clothing. The levels have better graphics than the characters do for the most part, but one thing about the levels is that there are more glitches in this game than in any other game I've ever found. If you are in the right place, you can be skating along and then all of a sudden fall through a crack and potentially lose a few points. Graphics in th4 won't ruin the game for you as long as your not a perfectionist.


The music in game varies fairly widely from rap to rock and roll. There are about 30-40 songs in the game and it gives you an option to select which songs you want to play. If you happen to hate all the songs in the game, you can just mute it and listen to your cd player as there is no talking in the game that isn't presented in text form. The sound is just about what you would expect from a game. When you fall down your character makes a grunting sound, when you grind a rail you hear the scraping of your board, and when you do a special you hear a confirmation noise.

PLAYTIME / RE PLAYABILITY (6/10 if you only play off-line) (10/10 if you play on-line as well)
The time it takes to beat the game varies on your skill level. I can beat the game now in one sitting, but the first time it took me a couple of weeks to get all the goals. It should keep you busy for a short to medium time if you stay offline. If you go on-line, this all changes. The on-line community on th4 is one of the best I've seen and they will constantly present you with challenges. When you play on-line and lose horribly it can be embarrassing and it will make you want to master the game. There are different games you can play on-line to make things last longer as well.

Would I recommend this game?

You bet your ass I would. I wholeheartedly recommend you get out there and buy the highlight of the th series. After all, it's been out so long it only costs about 8 bucks. Buy it.


This game is perfect for people who like a challenge and people who like to find glitches in a game. If you don't fall under one of these categories you probably want to look elsewhere.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/13/06

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