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"Weak addition to the series"

There isn't a story. I give story a 0/10

The control has been dummied down some. Tricks are easier to pull off and this is the first Tony hawk game where I was able to pull off a 300,000 point trick with ease. The control is pretty responsive but there were a few times where my character jumped even though I was holding X down. I give control a 8/10

Voice Acting, Sound Effects and Music
The skaters lend their voices as does a famous porn star. The sound effects are much better than in Tony Hawk 3. Now when you ride of bumpy areas, it sounds like you're riding on bumpy areas. That's about the only change in the sound effects area except the screams of pain when you fall sound more realistic. The music is a mixed bag. On one had you get music from bands like The Offspring, Less Than Jake, AC/DC, The Distillers and Goldfinger. The problem is that over 50% of the soundtrack is rap. I have nothing against rap but more rock or punk would have been better. I spent about a hour just going through all the songs and I ended up keeping about 10 of the 50 (don't sure on that number) songs turned on. Not the worst Tony Hawk soundtrack but it still isn't good. I give voice acting, sound effects and music a 7/10

Game play
Neversoft has changed a number of things in this game. There is no longer a time limit. While this seems like a good idea, it fails on a few levels. It now feels like the whole game is 'free skate' mode and it doesn't keep track of the score you have it so it's pointless to even have a free skate mode but it's still in this game. Every level has 21 goals, you talk to people in the levels and they give you goals like 'collect c-o-m-b-o in one combo', or 'collect skate in two minutes'. Every goal is timed which takes away from the whole no time limit thing. Some of the gals are insane, the combo goals are really hard since they throw in jumps and curves and it can take a long time to get some of them. Some time limits are too short and force you to do manuals and stuf just to finish it, I for one can't manual very well so it just made he game even harder. Every level has money in it which you can use to buy secret characters, levels, cheats, clothes, boards and movies. This is nice and all but most of the stuff is pointless and the secrets characters aren't very good. The levels are all outdoor and really big but they get boring fast because they feel too much like the last one. The game also has some nasty clipping and I sometimes fund myself stuck in walls. There are also some mini games like baseball, tennis and monkey poop dodge ball. They seem like good ideas but the it's done really bad and some of them are almost unplayable. The park editor sucks this time around. Only a few new items, no bar saying how much room is left and you can't put much in your park. I give game play a 6/10

Replay Value
You beat the game with one character and it counts for everyone. This really hurts the replay value. The multi-player games are the same and I don't think anything is new except MAYBE Combo Mamba. Online play is cool, you can download or upload your own parks which is cool. If you're on a 56K connect you can only start a 4 player game but if you have a cable connection you can start a 8 player game. You can join any type that you want. The game has a chat option and supports a USB keyboard. Most of the people online don't even star the games that they host which is annoying. I also had problems with the Gamespy servers crashing my game or making it freeze. Not all multi-player modes can be played online. I give replay value a 6/10

Final Score
I give Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 a 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/10/07

Game Release: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (US, 10/23/02)

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