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"Improved over Tony3..."

Tony comes around with his 4th installment of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, as a fan that owned each version up to now, Tony4 is definitely one of the best. There is more replay value here than any other, and the online mode (even though a pain to set up) is worth the $50 alone.

Graphics: 8. The graphics of the skaters themselves are good, the buildings and surroundings are realistic. There isn't anything too horrible about any of them. Some people say that they are a step down from Tony3, and I don't agree. They seem a bit more 'grainy' but still more realistic.

Sound/Music: 10. Even though I'm not a big fan of 90% of the bands on this cd, there was never a better intro than Ac/Dc's TNT during the entrance. In my opinion Tony1 had the best music (or maybe it was 2, whatever one had Goldfinger's Superman in it) but this one doesn't bother me at all. The sound during the game is great, there are realistic screams of pain during bails, and the other various sound effects are good too.

Gameplay: 10. Has there ever been a Tony Hawk game that didn't have excellent game play? Game play that keeps you playing it time and time again? No. They said they have toned the trick total down, but pros to any of the previous Tony Hawks can say that it isn't. The game plays relatively similar to Tony3, except a little better. There is also 190 goals in career mode, some of them are difficult to me, a Tony vet.

Modes: 10. Online play is some great fun. This is what has changed since Tony3's online play: 8 total modes including team attacks, team graffiti, mombo, and some others. 8 total people in a room (with BB) and the levels are big enough to have the 8 people in the room, and keep it un-cluttered. They have added a buddy list system, upload and download of custom created parks. Speaking of which, they upgraded the CAP a bit... but it still will go unused by me.

Rent/Buy?: BUY. Why wouldn't you? This is clearly the best Hawk game out there, and there is more than enough replay value, with count em 190 goals to complete in career mode, and the unlimited replay value of online play. Buying tony4 won't be a mistake!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/27/02, Updated 10/27/02

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