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"Another Great Addition to the Tony Hawk Series"

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 might be the best Tony Hawk game, yet. Everything is the same except better. The newest addition to the series has more level goals, bigger levels, and great controls. You are still able to set the trick buttons and pick your specials. You still perform goals to complete the levels. The game features 14 pro skaters, 7 levels, Career mode, Multiplayer mode, and the Park Builder. You will not be disappointed you bought this game.

Gameplay -
The level structure has changed greatly. In the games before you knew the goals before you started the level. In this one you talk to the people in the level to get the goals. And instead of having 2 minuet runs to try to get all the goals, you now are in the level the whole time and when you start a certain goal you get a certain amount of time to complete the goal. Another great feature is that you can replay the last goal and select a goal from the start menu instead of having to find the person with the goal again. The easy to learn controls return again. The newest move is “Skitchin”, which is holding on to the back of a car. This can help you build speed to get really good combos. Unlike Tony Hawk 3, where you have to collect deck icons to get new skateboards, you can purchase new skateboards like in the second game. You can also collect money around the levels. Tony Hawk 4 has great controls and great game play.

Story -
The basic plot is to skateboard around and complete goals to move on to the next level. Some goals are simple while others are hard. The classic collect S-K-A-T-E has returned along with the high score goals. You also have to do tricks off of different objects for a photographer. Some of the new goals are to collect
C-O-M-B-O in a single combo and race people around the levels. The citizens still want help from you so you must help them. Those goals involve collecting items for them around town or hit people. The goals in this game are very fun.

Graphics/Sound -
The graphics here are not much different from Tony Hawk 3 graphics. The same smooth motion for tricks. And the players are very detailed. The music is my favorite part of the game. The soundtrack includes great music. Both rap and rock are included in the game. Such great bands as AC/DC, Iron Maiden, and the Sex Pistols are included. And for those who like rap, there are some Muska Beats, Chad Muska's very own rap songs. This soundtrack may be the best to come. The in-game sounds are good, too. The game includes the real voices of the skaters and the grinding sounds are realistic.

Replay Value -
The Tony Hawk games have tons of replay time. To master the game you must beat it with everyone. You also unlock other characters when you beat the game a given number of times. The multiplayer adds to the replay value. This game includes new modes of multiplayer such as Slap and King of the Hill. Another great feature in the Tony Hawk games is the Park builder mode. If you ever get bored of the regular levels, you can make your own levels to show your friends or just skate in. And if you own a PS2 Network Adapter you can play online versus people all over the country. The game supports broadband and dial up. So whatever you have you can play. The online mode features exclusive multiplayer games to play. This game provides so much to do and is a great buy.

Buy or Rent? -
Defiantly buy this game. The replay value is so much you will be busy for hours. Even if you do not want to buy the game, rent it. You will not be disappointed. If you thought Tony Hawk was too easy, this one is not. Tony Hawk 4 features hours of play as well as fun times.

Gameplay - 10
Story – 9
Graphics/Sound – 10
Replay value – 10
Buy or Rent - Buy

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/27/02, Updated 10/29/02

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