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"Same Tony Hawk, more Fun"

First, I must admit that I have beaten THPS3 so many times, I got bored on the entire extreme sports genre. I quickly lost interest in Agressive Inline, so I was quite reluctant to buy THPS4. Well, to sum it up; Its the same as THPS3 with a few mini games and a few changes.

There are quite a few skaters to choose from, a wholelotta tricks and special tricks, and massive levels. One major difference is the fact that, if you complete objectives in a level with one skater, you don't have to redo them when you play as another. Good or bad, this takes away having to play the same levels with different skaters inorder to unlock stuff (like in THPS3)

The levels are huge but nothing that eye dropping or anything really exciting. Aggressive Inline had bigger levels. But THPS4 has fun goals and funny characters telling you to do them. The voice acting is well done, with the actual skaters voicing their counterparts in the game. There is no time limit. This is nothing new considering I played Agressive Inline, the only difference with that game is that, when you are given a mission, there is not always a time limit. In THPS4, when you are given a mission by someone, there is usually always a time limit. Luckily, if you fail, you can always hit start and go to 'replay last goal' which lets you start all over.

This game has 190 missions in all, including (I think) the pro missions, which are missions involving the actual history of the skater you play as. For example, Bam Margeras (of CKY and Jackass fame) gets to do some shopping cart stuff, and Rodney Mullen gets to pull off some of the many tricks he invented.

The gameplay itself is nothing new; same controls, except to switch flatland tricks (ex: casper to anti casper to truckstand, etc) instead of pressing a direction button and triangle, you press circle, triangle, or sqaure. The minigames are a nice touch in the game and are quite fun to play. These include a tennis match, a downhill race and a baseball game.

A note to add; In THPS4 you get cash for completing goals (or just picking it up, cash is floating around the levels)
Which you can use to buy stuff (like cheats, movies, hidden skaters or skate parks)

The multiplayer is great as ever, now with an online support (which I haven't played yet) but I predict it will be even more fun than the normal multiplayer.

Normally, I don't like to compare games, but considering the games out now, I will;
THPS4 is like a graphically improved THPS3, with more missions, tons of mission variation, mini games and a cash system.

THPS4 seems to take a lot of ideas from Aggressive Inline, but lets face it; The THPS$ game engine kicks the crap outta Aggressive Inline. That game just got boring.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/30/02, Updated 10/30/02

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