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"This game has it all, EVERYTHING AND THE HYPE!"

Tony Hawk Pro skater is the newest addition to the series. Everything throughout the game is the same, yet better than the originals. You still must complete level goals, win tournaments, unlock characters, but now there is a advanced park builder, 14 pro skaters, 7 levels and the very exciting multiplayer mode. This game is bigger and better than ever, the controls are great, levels big, ad challenging and new level goals. Buying this game is a must to any Tony Hawk fan.


The gameplay for Tony Hawk has changed very much since Tony Hawk 3. The goal system, and time limits are the biggest. In other Tony Hawk games the goals were already set for you and you had 2 minutes each run to do as many as possible. In Tony Hawk 4 there is no time limit, you are in the level the whole time. The thing is that as you skate around and talk to people they give you goals. Once the goal has been set a time limit is set also. Once you complete the goal the time is exterminated and you go find someone else to give you a goal. Unlike Tony Hawk 3, instead of finding decks throughout the level you must purchase them with the money found in levels.


As most of you know the basic plot is to skate around, and complete goals given to you. Some goals are simple, others are extremely hard and then there are the classic ones. Classic goals such as collect S-K-A-T-E. Tony Hawk 4 have added a brand new types of goals, 2 of which are to race people around the level, another is to do tricks off of objects in order for photographers to shoot you. Citizens are still pissed for skating in there neighborhoods and such, yet some still want to help you.


The graphics are pretty much the same from Tony Hawk 3, but the sound and tracks for your skating experiences is much better. The graphics are very detailed and very smooth, but none the less the sound is the best part. Tony Hawk 4's soundtrack comes from old to new rock and even to Chad Muska's very own raps. The soundtrack includes, ACDC, Iron Maiden, sex pistols and much much more. As for rap, Tony Hawk 4 includes some very cool Muska Beats. These are Chad Muska's very own raps and in my opinion are very good.


The replay of this game is endless, to actually finish the game you must 100% EVERYTHING with EVERYONE, in EVERY level. After your done with that you can whip your friends in it with some brand new multiplayer games such as slap, and some old ones such as 'horse'. If you do get bored of the levels than there is a great park building feature allowing you to customize your very own personal skating world. The best part of this is the internet adapter. If you have a network adapter for your PS2 than you can hook up to net and play with other players around the country. If you have a dial-up or modem it doesn't matter you can play either way. I would say that the online mode is the greatest part of the Tony Hawk 4 experience.


Buy, no doubt about it. This game is a must have for anyone, if you do rent it you'll probably end up doing it again and again. This game has so much to offer and is challenging. you'll find yourself with hours of fun with Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4.


Gameplay - 9
Story - 9
Graphics/Sound - 10
Replay Value - 9
Buy/Rent - Buy

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/03/02, Updated 11/03/02

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