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"Soar like a Hawk once again..."

Yet another year, yet another THPS. Hasn't seemed that long since THPS 3 came out. This is yet another chapter in the superb THPS series. The THPS series has always been good. In my review I am going to rate it by gameplay, graphics, and sound. I am also going to put if it is worth a rent or a buy. Is it good? Is it bad? You'll find out in this review of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4.

Gameplay 10/10- One word can describe this. AWESOME. This is by far the best THPS. With the introduction of the spine transfer and totally new moves such as the 360 Varial McTwist, Samba Flip, and the Sit Down Air it makes this game even better. There is also alot of replay value. Collecting all the money, unlocking the secret characters, movies, and levels makes this even more fun and challenging then the previous THPS's. Another thing that adds to the replay value is that it isn't linear. You can pull different tricks in the same locations. With the return of Bob Burnquist (yahoo!), it makes this game even better. The trick system has been changed a bit. The Christ Air and Sacktap are not specials anymore. The freestyle system has been redone. the Truckstand, Casper, Anti-Casper, Primo, and Handstand are no longer specials. There is a new move called the (insert freestyle trick name here) spin. It is basically a 360 spin. However, it can not be done with the Primo and Handstand. The Pogo moves have been added in now. That is another step towards realism in this game.

Graphics 8/10- They're okay. The face models could be better. Besides the [bad] face models, the graphics are great. The board graphics are good. When you first get it its al nice and shiny, but later, it gets all ripped up and the graphics are smeared. Another step towards realism. The trick animation is smooth and rich. Yet another step towards realism. The blood looks fairly real.

Sound 9/10- The soundtrack is awesome. A good mix between rap nad hard rock. Some of the tracks do get old though. There aren't many other sound besides the grinding sound, the revert sound, special trick sound, and the land a trick sound.

Buy or Rent: Depends. If you're new to the THPS series, rent it. If you're a veteran, buy it. $50 buck is well worth buying this excellent game.

Score (not average)- 10 all the way

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/11/02, Updated 11/11/02

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