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"THPS4 Bigger and Better!"

The newest installment of the Tony Hawk series is out and THPS4 is way different than the previous THPS games. One thing is that the ''laundry list'' for a level is gone and the levels are untimed giving you total freedom until you talk to someone for a goal.

Still even from the first THPS, the skaters are still in the line up (well if you exclude Bob Burnquist from THPS3 and with the new pro skater Bam Merega in THPS3). The skaters now look like their real characteristics (well be aware of Elissa, I'm warning you in advance) just like in THPS3.

Gameplay (10/10) : The gameplay in THPS4 is great, and with the new ''Spine Transfer'' you will be ranking much more points in THPS4 than the past THPS games. The controls are easy to control in THPS4 so trying to do that ''Misty Flip'' or ''Indy 900'' will be a snap for newcomers of THPS or even for veterans. And with the on screen controls for some of the goals, it even makes it more easier to do the tricks.

Fun Factor (9.4/10) : The goals in THPS4 are easy (well most of them) and fun to do and you will never be bored with the goals, but some of the goals are very hard especially when you unlock the Pro Challenge for every pro skater. The Pro Challenges are hard and include anything possible for example, you have to ride a shop cart down Alcrataz for one Pro Challenge but there's one for each skater which makes each one unique in every way possible.

Music (9.2/10) : The music in THPS4 is great, most of the songs are good to ''skate'' to in THPS4 and with the options to play selective tracks, you have more freedom with what you want to listen to in THPS4. The main theme song in THPS4 is AC/DC's ''T.N.T'' which was a great theme song that the makers of THPS4 chose.

Extra Features (7/10) : There wasn't alot of extra features as there was in THPS3 which was a downside, one of them is the secret characters, there is only 4 secret characters in THPS4 (You can find out who they are by buying/renting the game) and the videos, levels, etc. was limited also.

Overall Rating (8.9/10)
THPS4 is a great game overall and I suggest that you either rent or buy this game to see if you think it's a great game or not.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/12/02, Updated 11/12/02

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