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"$50 I could have spent somewhere eles...BUT I DIDN'T!!!"

Allow me to start off by saying overall, this is a fun(ny) game. The career has changed a LOT. The clock has been removed, and you talk to people and they tell you what goals you have to do. This means you generally start out in free skate(cool!!!) The more goals you do the harder it gets.(duh) Your career is what you want it to be. You can pick which of the whopping 190 goals you want to do. Once you drop in...there's no turning back. Well, unless you turn around. The game is much different. You can score much more points thanks to things such as Spine Transfer, Revert, skitching, and manuals. Spine Transfers are new. So is Skitching, but it was in the GBA version of THPS3 called ''car grab.'' This is good for challenging score goals. You have to earn stat points now, and buy decks. Here's a detailed list of stuff...

___/ GAMEPLAY __________
10- You have a whole new game from the previous Tony Hawk Pro Skater game series. The smartest move was the removal of the clock.(yay!) You still have modes like Career, Single Session, Free Skate, Multi player, Park Editor, and Create a Skater. This game can have online play if you want it to. This game features a Shawn Murry's Pro Wakeboarder demo.

___/ CONTROLS __________
10- You guessed it, a perfect ten. The controls are so much better over other THPS games. You get to edit the trick button combos of course. Controls are one of the best factors of the game. They take some getting used to, like all Extreme Sports games.

___/CHALLENGE __________
9- This game is HARD! It's challenging to me and to other players. If you totally mastered THPS1, THPS2, and THPS3, this game might not be all that challenging. If you haven't played and THPS games, then this game will be SUPER HARD!!! But you can beat it...I know you can.

9- I like playing multi player. It is fun and it helps take the time away. It will never get boring, until the other player gives up. (don't you just hate that?) It includes:
Slap- slap!
King of the hill- get the crown and keep it on your head as long as you can
Combo Mombo- One who scores the biggest combo wins
Graffiti- Claim stuff by tricking off of it. (I have to be Player 2 now because they switched the player colors. Two is Blue, One is red)
Trick attack- get the highest score
Capture the Flag- (online only)
Goal Challenge- (online only)
They are all more fun then they sound.

8- You'll do goals over and over, maybe even another career. Once you do a goal with one player, all the others get that goal done also. I don't like this method, all you have to do is beat the game once.

___/THE STORY __________
6- Just another be a pro story...

___/ GRAPHICS _________
7- The only thing that is NOT looking as real as video games can get are the peoples' faces when they tell you a goal. Some are totally screwed up. But Jeez! Even the sky is looking amazingly real!

Rent or Buy?
Don't buy this game on a Monday night...I did and I was like ''OK, it's 9:50. I can squeeze in 10 minutes of playing time...'' Well, it turns out, I played to 12:00. The next day of school seemed EXTEAMLY long.
Don't rent this...
$3.50... $3.50 you can put towards a skateboard! $3.50 you can put towards birthday gifts! $3.50 you can put towards what you need to live!!! So go out there...and blow 50 bucks on this video game.:)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/06/02, Updated 12/06/02

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