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"The Hawk flies...Again"

It happened about 3 years ago, no, not Tony Hawks career, he has been around a lot longer than that. Activision 0's making of the first Hawk game. Every game of the series has had its ups and downs, this is the 4th installment, and all I can say thus far is it looks pretty clean. There are some flaws, yes. But some things in it are so good, you'll wish that they came a lot earlier.

Sound (10/10) The soundtrack in the game is a fine mix of rap for the ghetto skaters, and the punk and hard rock for the skate punks that play this game. Some of the cool stuff in my opinion includes System of a Down, Offspring, Floggin' Molly, and AC/DC. I didn't put any rap music on this list, simply cause I don't like rap, but I assure you a lot of it is pretty good.

The effects are really sweet, be it the skidding of your board, the yelling to you when you run into someone, or you catching a lot of ground. Bones snapping, Heads cracking, you know the good stuff, or maybe its just the voice acting. Some of them are just plain crazy, like that bum guy that talks. (funny as HELL.) and the tour guide in Alcatraz. So I give this category... a 10.

Graphics (10/10) This category gives THPS4 a whole new look in graphics control. I believe all of the levels (Including the Kona.) are real, The decks on the boards are really cool looking, whether it be The Hawk's Birdhouse boards, or Caballero's Dragon boards. But the one thing that proves WHY these graphics rule is the Create-A-Skater option. I created a character, and it looked very close to my actual stature. Heck, for a second, I thought I was in the game. I just couldn't get over that.

Fun Factor: (9/10) The career system is no longer a level you just play for 2 minutes just to complete that mission, HELL no. While they revamped the graphics, they went and revamped the ENTIRE career system. Now you can stay in the level as long as you want, and talk to the person to get a goal going. You don't find decks in levels either, you BUY them with money you earn by completing missions, and finding them in the level itself. The missions are different. The time limit only goes for that mission, and not the level. HOWEVER. Some of these missions are quite difficult, and can be time consuming at times. Sometimes you may just want to toss your PS2 out the window. The multiplayer function is pretty awesome as well, I think its better online, but when you got one person over, its pretty sweet, since you combine all the previous games' 2 player games together, like Horse, Graffiti, Slap!, and King of the Hill. But the multiplayer function is what takes the cake there.

Difficulty: (Very Easy to VERY HARD) The games difficulty varies on what challenge you take and don't take, so it is pretty much a varied sort of thing.

Replay Value: (Very High.) Even if you unlocked and bought everything, have a little fun with the boards, go create a character and put different game characters on a board (Imagine Cloud on a board. Heh.) So the fun never ends, and if you get bored, go buy the broadband and play online.

Buy or Rent: A buyer, otherwise you'll have too little time to truly complete this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/13/02, Updated 12/13/02

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