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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Hermitt

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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Hermitt
    E-Mail: hermitt@smirkingrevenge.com
    Website: http://www.smirkingrevenge.com
    Version: 9.0
    February 08, 2003 - Updated the FAQ.
    January  01, 2003 - Updated the FAQ.
    December 21, 2002 - Updated the FAQ.
    December 14, 2002 - Updated the FAQ.
    December 05, 2002 - Updated the FAQ.
    November 07, 2002 - Updated the FAQ.
    November 06, 2002 - Updated the FAQ.
    November 03, 2002 - Updated the FAQ.
    November 02, 2002 - Created the FAQ.
    -----1. CHARACTERS---------------------------------------------------------
    Race - Man
    Weapon of Choice - Sword
    First Appearance - Mission 2: Weathertop
    Specialty - Normal
    Race - Elf
    Weapon of Choice - Bow
    First Appearance - Mission 3: Moria Gate
    Specialty - Speed
    Race - Dwarf
    Weapon of Choice - Axe
    First Appearance - Mission 3: Moria Gate
    Specialty - Damage
    -----2. ATTACKS------------------------------------------------------------
    //Basic Attacks//
    Speed Attack - X
    Knock Down - C
    Fierce Attack - T
    Parry - S
    //Strong Attacks//
    Missile Attack - Hold L1, then press T
    Jump Back - L2
    Final Death Blow - R2
    -----3. UPGRADES-----------------------------------------------------------
    Triple Strike - X X X
    Double Hack - T T
    Shadow Strike - R2
    Combat Kick - C
    Sword Parry - S
    Dunedain Bow - Hold L1, then press T
    Rush Attack - X C
    Rising Attack - X
    Isildur's Swift Terror - X X T
    Isildur's War Rush - X C R2
    Ranger Fury - Hold T
    Strength of the Stewards - Health Increase
    Goblin Bane - S X R2
    Charge Attack - X C
    Isildur's Death Charge - X C T
    Isildur's Gambit - X T X X
    Rohan Bow - Missile Damage Increase
    Strength of Isildur - Health Increase
    Orc Bane - S X R2
    Isildur's Deliverance - T X X T
    Strength of Elendil - Health Increase
    Wilderness Rage - Damage Increase
    Master Swordsman - Damage Increase
    Bane of Saruman - S X R2
    Isildur's Judgment - T T C T
    Strength of the Argonath - Health Increase
    Wrath of Numenor - Damage Increase
    Gondor Bow - Missile Damage Increase
    Triple Strike - X X X
    Double Hack - T T
    Shadow Strike - R2
    Combat Kick - C
    Knife Parry - S
    Mirkwood Longbow - Hold L1, the press T
    Rush Attack - X C
    Elrond's Swift Terror - X X T
    Elrond's War Rush - X C R2
    Elven Fury - Hold T
    Force of Celeborn - Health Increase
    Rivendell Longbow - Missile Damage Increase
    Goblin Bane - S X R2
    Rising Attack - X
    Charging Attack - X C
    Elrond's Death Charge - X C T
    Elrond's Gambit - X T X X
    Lothlorien Longbow - Missile Damage Increase
    Orc Bane - S X R2
    Elrond's Deliverance - T X X T
    Dragonfire Arrows - Hold L1, then press T
    Force of Galadriel - Health Increase
    Gil-galad's Rage - Damage Increase
    Bane of Saruman - S X R2
    Elrond's Judgment - T T C T
    Mithril Arrows - Hold L1, then press T
    Elven Bow Mastery - Missile Damage Increase
    Triple Strike - X X X
    Double Hack - T T
    Shadow Strike - R2
    Axe Thrust - C
    Axe Parry - S
    Erebor Axes - Hold L1, then press T
    Rush Attack - X C
    Balin's Swift Terror - X X T
    Balin's War Rush - X C R2
    Dwarven Fury - Hold T
    Might of Rock - Health Increase
    Might of Iron - Health Increase
    Goblin Bane - S X R2
    Charge Attack - X C
    Rising Attack - X
    Balin's Death Charge - X C T
    Balin's Gambit - X T X X
    Rune of Protection - Health Increase
    Orc Bane - S X R2
    Balin's Deliverance - T X X T
    Might of Balin - Health Increase
    Might of Gloin - Health Increase
    Moria Axes - Hold L1, the press T
    Mountain Rage - Damage Increase
    Bane of Saruman - S X R2
    Balin's Judgment - T T C T
    Might of Khazad-Dum - Health Increase
    Wrath of Moria - Damage Increase
    Misty Mountain Axes - Hold L1, then press T
    Axe Mastery of Kings - Missile Damage Increase
    -----5. TIPS---------------------------------------------------------------
    //Tip 1: Best Upgrade//
    The best upgrades in the game are Orc Bane, Goblin Bane, and Bane of
    Saruman. They're the easiest to pull off since they start with a parry, and
    they kill your opponent in one guaranteed attack.
    //Tip 2: Arrows//
    If you are Aragorn or Legolas, your enemies will meet their demise with
    arrows. Even in close combat sometimes it's good to shoot arrows. This
    won't work with Gimli because he takes too long to throw his axes. If
    there's a huge group of enemies ganging up on you, when they're running,
    pick some of them off with arrows.
    //Tip 3: Gimli's Attack//
    Gimli's attack does a lot of damage. If you're at a level that you just
    can't beat, choose Gimli to pass it and then as you go further, upgrade
    your other characters to replay that level.
    //Tip 4: Perfects//
    If you don't already know, you have to get 10 perfect kills to pass a level
    with a perfect rating. The way to do this is to pull off some special
    moves. Use the Swift Terror, Death Charge, or Gambit moves on a couple of
    enemies and you will get perfect blade/axe/arrow. Kill as many enemies as
    you can with it, but you'll still need to get it again to get all 10 kills.
    -----6. WALKTHROUGH--------------------------------------------------------
    //Mission 1: Prologue//
    You're Isildur and since you have so much health, you can't really die.
    This mission is just to get used to the controls and all that. Go ahead,
    play around and attack the orcs and see what you can do.
    //Mission 2: Weathertop//
    This is pretty tricky for being the first real mission of the game. What
    you need to do is go to the fire in the middle and attack it so that your
    sword lights up. Now go to a ringwraith and fierce attack him and your
    torch will burn him just like in the movie. Keep repeating this until all
    seven are gone. It gets to be a routine, and thus easier to beat.
    //Mission 3: Gates of Moria//
    Just keep following the path and attacking each orc as they pop out of the
    mountains. Once you get the orcs with the arrows, you need to eliminate the
    ground orcs first and then attack the ones with bows with your missile
    attack. It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Keep going and when
    you get to the water just go into it. If your like me you're thinking
    you'll summon the Watcher in the Water, but he doesn't come out. Keep going
    and some orcs will pop out of the lake. At the end of this stint there will
    be about four firing orcs and a bunch of ground orcs. Just keep killing
    until all the ground ones are gone, then attack the firing ones. Continue
    your walk. BOOM! There he is. He looks intimidating, but he's easy.
    -----Boss 1: The Watcher in the Water-----
    Run up to where he is and don't worry about getting hit or anything. When
    he raises his tentacles that means he's about to attack you. Parry the
    tentacle and it will freeze; standing straight up. Hit it with X and it
    will be hacked off. Now the main body of the beast will rise and wait until
    it gets hit by your missile attack. Keep repeating this a few times and
    he'll die soon.
    //Mission 4: Balin's Tomb//
    This scene is probably the most memorable of the whole movie. All you have
    to do is destroy an endless bout of orcs. Your life meter doesn't suffer
    too much if you have learned to parry-attack-parry-attack. After about five
    minutes or so the cave troll will come busting through the door. This
    brings us to another boss, although he's yet again easy if you know a
    -----Boss 2: The Cave Troll-----
    Run up to him and fierce attack him and then quickly jump back. If done
    right, you should be out of his range. Do this about five times or so and
    then the format changes. You're now up on the ledge trying to hit him, but
    how? Use your missile attack. With Gimli this part is extremely hard and
    takes forever, but with anyone else it's pretty simple. He's hitting the
    chain, but after he does, he has to rest or something for a little while,
    and that's when you nick him for about 3-4 arrows with Legolas or Aragorn,
    and two axes with Gimli. Keep running back and forth and he'll be so slow
    he won't hit you. When an orc jumps up it's ok if you get hit by a chain
    once. Keep repeating this process for awhile and he'll be as good as gone.
    //Mission 5: Amon Hen//
    All this is is fun. Pretty much every Uruk-Hai you kill leaves a health
    bottle after they die so you're virtually invincible. All you have to do is
    take out 75 orcs before Boromir dies. Basically just devastate every
    Uruk-Hai you see. Keep going, keep going. When you get to the bridge
    there'll be a cutscene and you'll have to fight a few more. After you've
    killed these just keep walking to the other side of the bridge and you'll
    go to the next boss.
    -----Boss 3: Lurtz-----
    This is one mean Uruk-Hai and you don't want to upset him more. He shoots
    flaming arrows faster than a mother so be carful. I would dispose of the
    orc that's floating around the battle area before I'd shoot Lurtz. After
    that guy is gone use your missile attack on Lurtz (again, Gimli makes it
    harder). Afer about 5 hits he drops his bow and comes after you. The camera
    changes so you can't see much. That sucks, but you can just hide behind a
    pillar until he comes. This is pretty tricky right here. You have to kind
    of run around a circle on the pole until he hits you. If it's done right
    he'll hit his blade into the statue and you can get about three fierce
    attacks with Legolas and Aragorn and two with Gimli. The orc that comes
    down just needs to be ignored unless he's totally killing you in which case
    I'd dispose of him.
    //Mission 6: Fangorn Forest//
    Ah, we're onto the second book now. This is really the first level that is
    actually challenging if you've got the hang of the game. You'll have to cut
    through some logs and trees to get through. Keep going until you get
    ambushed. I would attack the non-shielded orcs first and then fierce attack
    the ones with shields after. Keep going through the hollow log and this
    crazy butcher will come along. You can't parry his attacks very well, so
    keep your distance until he's just finished swinging his blade and then you
    can speed attack him a few times and he'll fall down. Give him a good ole
    death blow here. The rest of the level is pretty much a repeat of the first
    ambush. But then you get attacked by a cave troll. Just use the same tactic
    as the boss in Mission 4 and he'll be toast. Well yet again keep going and
    killing any enemies. You'll get to a camp with a bunch of orcs. You can
    sneak up so I'd shoot arrows with Legolas and just attack if I were Gimli
    or Aragorn. After this you come to another troll, so just use the same
    method as before for this one. There's some more ambushing and stuff, but
    if you've leveled up you should be able to take them out. There's a lot of
    these ambushes, but just hack through them. Now we're at the boss(?) of
    this level: forest trolls.
    -----Boss 4: Forest Trolls-----
    These boys are pretty peeved as it seems. You'll have to use the same
    tactic as the Mission 4 boss, but just make sure you can dodge the logs
    he's throwing as well. Just take them one at a time and it should be very
    easy. When you jump back they'll just throw a log and by the time is gets
    to where you were you're already hitting them again. Very good strategy.
    //Mission 7: Plains of Rohan//
    This level is fun if you know what to do. The beginning is just you killing
    some Uruk-Hai and then you move into the town, which is the same. Gandalf
    will lead you into a small bar. Break the water bucket to free to people. A
    guy will fall down. Just go up there and kill the Uruk-Hai before the life
    meters of the villagers gets low. Keep traveling on, killing all the
    enemies. Hurry up, though because the villagers get hurt. On the top of the
    building you'll have to shoot a water bucket to get through and then kill
    some more Uruk-Hai. Go into the building and make your way down into the
    next battlefield. Kill the enemies here and then shoot the one up on the
    stairs that's bothering the villagers. Break the wagon on the bridge and go
    up to the last battle in the level. It's just a bunch of Uruk-Hai. Kill
    them all before the villagers suffocate and then free them by hitting the
    rubble outside of the door.
    //Mission 8: The Westfold//
    Saruman has put explosive devices all around Rohan. You must blow them up
    without killing yourself. You have to use arrows up the wazoo, so Aragorn
    or Legolas is your best choice. Just shoot everything with barrels in it
    and make your way through. When the crazy guys with barrels on their backs
    come running just shoot them before they get close - the barrels are
    explosives. When a chain of these guys come you'll have to shoot them, but
    keep moving closer or else they won't stop ever. This level is pretty easy
    until you get to the last part of it, which is the lake between the wagons
    of explosives. Kill everyone on the side you're on and then go into the
    lake. Keep walking through it and killing every Uruk-Hai with barrels on
    their backs. Once on the other side, kill everyone and then shoot an arrow
    at the wagon. This causes a chain reaction.
    //Mission 9: Gap of Rohan//
    Possibly the smallest and easiest level of the whole game. If you're scared
    of the huge Wargs, just let your teammates kill them for you. Go into the
    next area and this is the whole level. The Wargs are just easy to kill.
    Fake them out by turning right after they jump for you and then fierce
    attack them. You'll fight four of these before the boss comes.
    -----Boss 5: Warg Orcs-----
    He's easy, but takes a long time to kill. The Warg he has will be able to
    turn once, so the faking out will be harder. Just turn once and then turn
    the other way again. His pattern is this: two charges and then he'll rear
    up. When he's reared up you'll go in and fierce attack him. Every now and
    then, one of his cronies will come in. There just like the ones at the
    beginning, so kill them quickly. Arrows won't do anything so don't even
    try. Just stick to the pattern.
    //Mission 10: The Deeping Wall//
    Helm's Deep is by far the toughest area, but if you've been upgrading your
    character's defense and attack it shouldn't be hard. This level is pretty
    easy in that you don't really need to fight except when necessary. All you
    have to do is keep the ladders down. Just run back and forth, using your
    Knock Down to push them off. The meter on top will let you know what
    ladders are up when. Just manage the amount of orcs that get on your wall
    for awhile and the level will come easy. It gets really hard near the very
    end when the harder Uruk-Hai begin to climb up. You'll actually have to
    attack them to get by. It's tricky, but you'll get the hang of it.
    //Mission 11: Breached Wall//
    This level is just freaking impossible with Legolas or Aragorn. Gimli is a
    must until you can level up your other characters. The reason being is that
    you'll take a lot of damage. The enemies just come endlessly. Try and
    attack them before they get to your door, though. Make sure the door is
    secure enough throughout the level. Try and make the guys with barrels blow
    up away from the door, but if you need to blow them up by the door to
    eliminate all the orcs there, go ahead. It's tedious and sometimes unfair,
    but you'll eventually learn how to keep the enemies back by attacking them,
    because they won't attack you. On another thought, this level seems to go
    on forever as well. Just keep living with it until the big boy's toy comes
    into play.
    -----Boss 6: Catapult-----
    It's hard to get close, but just try and kill all the archers before you
    attack this beast. The catapult just needs to be broken through before they
    break down the wall. Normally the enemies won't attack you while you're
    hitting the catapult. Just keep fierce attacking it, because nothing else
    will give it damage. There's three panels of it so when you take out one,
    move to another. If you manage to take all the panels out before they get
    the door down, you'll win this level.
    //Mission 12: Hornbug Courtyard//
    I love this level because it's just so chaotic and true to the books and
    movies. The rain will smudge the camera and the angles are truly dramatic.
    The level pretty much explains how to beat itself. When it tells you to
    save Legolas or Aragorn, you save him. Go up the stairs and run through the
    whole wall, ignoring enemies. Save your ally here. Go back down and save
    the door from being too damaged. When Gimli or Aragorn tells yout that
    archers are on the wall go back up to the wall and eliminate them with your
    missile attack. There's a whole bunch, so just make your way through the
    wall. When they're all gone you can just go back down and keep the wall
    from being hit too much. This is important that you make sure it still has
    more life than a speck. Two forest trolls will knock down the wall and
    you'll have to kill them before they kill the wall. It's pretty easy with
    Gimli because three fierce attacks takes them out. Just attack them before
    they get close to the wall. You should be able to win this level pretty
    easily if you have life enough to take on two trolls.
    //Secret Mission: Tower of Orthanc//
    Basically, I can't help much here. You just have to live with the constant
    barage of enemies. I will say, however, that it is easiest with Gimli,
    since he's so tough. Make sure you use plenty of Orc Bane moves, because
    these will eliminate your enemies for sure. Towards the end it just gets
    near impossible. Try and take it one enemy at a time or else it will become
    -----6. CHEATS-------------------------------------------------------------
    Interview with Peter Jackson
    Interview with Elijah Wood
    Interview with Ian McKellen
    Making of the Video Game
    Lord of the Rings Concept Art
    Level 1 - Two Towers Production Photos
    Level 5 - Interview with Viggo Mortensen
    Level 10 - Secret Mission with Aragorn
    Level 1 - Two Towers Production Photos
    Level 5 - Interview with Orlando Bloom
    Level 10 - Secret Mission with Legolas
    Level 1 - Fellowship of the Ring Production Photos
    Level 5 - Interview with John Rhys-Davies
    Level 10 - Secret Mission with Gimli
    Beat Secret Mission with Anyone - Secret Mission with Secret Character
    Beat Secret Mission with Secret Character - Secret Codes
    //How To//
    To put the codes in, you need to get into a level and press pause. In this
    pause menu, hold down L1, L2, R1, and R2 all at the same time. While still
    holding these down, press in the code you want listed below in.
    All Upgrades - You have every upgrade. T,C,T,C
    Slow Motion - Your game moves in slow motion. T,C,X,S
    Invulnerability - You don't take damage. T,S,X,C
    Small Enemies - Your enemies are all smaller than you. T,T,X,X
    Infinite Missiles - You have infinite arrows or axes. S,C,X,T
    This FAQ (C) Copyright 2003 Jacob Kern. It may not be reproduced in any way
    without permission from me.

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