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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Grdnstwrt

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    **<*><*><*><*><*><*> © 2003 David Turnbull (DvdjTurnbull) <*><*><*><*><*><*>**
    **                   888888888888 1881                                      **
    **                   888888888888 1881                                      **
    **                       1881     1881 188        884                       **
    **                       1881     1888888888   188888881                    **
    **                       1881     1885   7881 1885   788                    **
    **                       1881     1881   1881 18888888881                   **
    **                       1881     1881   1881 1881                          **
    **                       1881     1881   1881  8884 1888                    **
    **                       1881     1881   1881   2888882                     **
    **                                                                          **
    **                                                                          **
    **                  888888888881                                            **
    **                  222288822221                                            **
    **                      888     888   1888   188    888884                  **
    **                      888     1881  88881  885  888527888                 **
    **                      888      788 188888 1881 1881   1888                **
    **                      888      1881885188 885  888     888                **
    **                      888       788881 88888   1884   1888                **
    **                      888       18885  18881    788888888                 **
    **                      222        2221   222       222221                  **
    **                                                                          **
    **                                                                          **
    ** 188888888888                                                             **
    ** 122278852222                                                             **
    **     1881       1888884   888   1888   188   188888    1881888  8888884   **
    **     1881      8885278881 1881  88881  885 188822888   1888881 885117881  **
    **     1881     8881    888  788 188888 1881 888    888  1881   18888       **
    **     1881     888     888  1881885188 885  8888888888  188     178888888  **
    **     1881     7884   1885   788881 88888   7881        188          2788  **
    **     1881      788888885    18885  18881    888888881  188    1888888885  **
    **     1221        22222       1221   222       22221    122      122222    **
    **                                                                          **
    **                                                                          **
    **                 18888888881      1884           88888                    **
    **                 18888888881     188881       18888888888                 **
    **                 1881            888888      8885     7888                **
    **                 1881           18811888    1885       7881               **
    **                 1888888888    1888  7884   1881       1881               **
    **                 1885222222    8884   8881  1884       1881               **
    **                 1881         188888888888   8881  884 8881               **
    **                 1881        1888      7884  1888881888881                **
    **                 1881        8881       8881   288888888888               **
    **                 1881       1888         8811           271               **
    **                                                                          **
    **<*><*><*><*><*><*> © 2003 David Turnbull (DvdjTurnbull) <*><*><*><*><*><*>**
    The Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers!
    For Playstation 2
    Version 2.40 Saturday May 10 2003
    Author: Gordon Stewart (Grdnstwrt)
    Editor: David Turnbull (DvdjTurnbull)
    <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>Version History!<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
    Version 0.01:- Have started the FAQ and completed the version
                   history and the table of contents as well as the
                   copyright stuff!
    Version 0.10:- Have finished the story and characters sections
                   and have found some new in-game skill upgrades!
    Version 0.12:- Have finished the first two level guides as well
                   as correcting some roman numeral mistakes in the
                   credits list!
    Version 0.18:- Have finished the third level guide and corrected
                   a few errors in the story section as well as start
                   Aragorn's upgrades and edit the dividing lines!
    Version 0.25:- Have Finished Aragorn's Upgrades and did Gimli's
                   and Legolas's as well. Hooray 1/4 of the way done!
    Version 0.50:- Got a bit ahead of myself and did the credits
                   section of the guide as well as the guide for
                   the forth, fifth and sixth levels. Yes, half way
                   there at last! :D
    Version 0.80:- Did the walkthrough for the seventh, eighth and
                   ninth levels and corrected some spelling mistakes!
                   Also I have made version 1.00 of the cheats section.
    Version 0.90:- Have done the level guides for levels ten and eleven
                   and made version 2.00 of the cheats section as it was
                   totally changed! Almost there :) 
    Version 1.00:- I have finally finished my first ever FAQ by completing
                   the level guides for levels twelve and thirteen.
                   I have also updated the copyright disclaimer with better
                   information. WOOHOO!
    Version 1.10:- I have decided to add a pickups section to the FAQ to
                   complete it a bit more.
    Version 1.50:- Added an Unlockables Section to the FAQ in addition to
                   adding both Frodo and Gandalf to the Characters Section.
    Version 1.75:- Completed the Character section for the bad guys.
    Version 2.00:- Huge overhaul of spelling and grammar contained within
                   this FAQ by the editor. Over 101 mistakes identified
                   and corrected! Also the ASCII art has been added at the
    Version 2.10:- Found a better layout of dividing lines to make it
                   easier to see where the sections start and stop so
                   I have changed them.
    Version 2.20:- Added a dedication to my late mother Valerie Stewart!
    Version 2.30:- Got my FAQ posted on Neoseeker.com and edited the
                   disclaimer to say that!
    Version 2.40:- Found new info about Skill Bonus Blocks in the
                   Hornburg Courtyard level. Thanx 2 Luis Felipe
                   Posadan Tobon and Hordace Coldfire for the info! :)
    This FAQ is © 2003 Gordon Stewart (Grdnstwrt). This FAQ may neither be used
    nor distributed for commercial use. It cannot be distributed at all without
    written permission from the author (That's Me By The Way!). The Lord Of The
    Rings: The Two Towers and The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers logo are
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    No pieces of it may be removed and/or copied to another location for public
    display. This FAQ is only to be shown on the following websites:
    If you have any questions, comments or contributions to my FAQ then you can 
    E-mail me at grdnstwrt@hotmail.com. I hope you find this FAQ helpful and
    that's about it so happy hunting!
    This FAQ is dedicated to my loving mother Valerie Stewart who died on Thursday
           6th March 2003 of lung cancer. You will be missed greatly. :'(
    List Of Contents!
    I      - Story
    II     - Characters
    III    - Controls
    IV     - Upgrades 
    V      - Pickups     (New Section)
    VI     - Unlockables (New Section)
    VII    - Walkthrough
             i - Prologue
            ii - Weathertop
           iii - Gates Of Moria
            iv - Balin's Tomb
             v - Amon Hen
            vi - Fangorn Forest
           vii - Plains Of Rohan
          viii - The Westfold
            ix - Gap Of Rohan
             x - Helms Deep (The Deeping Wall)
            xi - Helms Deep (The Breached Wall)
           xii - Helms Deep (The Hornburg Courtyard)
          xiii - Secret Level
    VIII   - Secrets
    IX     - Credits
                                       I - Story
    The story is taken from the LOTR manual (pages 5 and 6), with slight changes.
    One ring to rule them all,
    One ring to find them,
    One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them!
    It began with the forging of the great rings. Three were given to the Elves -
    immortal, fairest and wisest of all beings. Seven to the dwarf lords - great
    miners and craftsmen of the mountain halls. Nine rings were gifted to the race
    of Men who, above all else, desire power. For within these rings was bound the
    strength and will to govern each race: but they were all of them deceived, for
    another ring was made. In the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom, the
    Dark Lord Sauron forged, in secret, a master ring to control all others. And
    into this ring he poured his cruelty, his malice and his will to dominate all
    The One Ring, an innocent looking gold band, is by far the most powerful
    object in middle earth. Put it on and the wearer becomes completely invisible.
    Using its powers of invisibility it draws the attention of the Dark Lord
    Sauron, who may, & will, dispatch sinister creatures to retrieve The One Ring.
    The One Ring has a strange corruptive influence, causing greed and powerlust
    in many who are exposed to it. Possessing The One Ring can prolong the life
    of its keeper, but corruption from the one ring will eventually transform a
    normal hobbit into a selfish, hideous monster. Gollum, is an example of this.
    The One Ring was forged thousands of years ago by Sauron in the fires of Mount
    Doom. He was close to using The One Ring's full powers to fully dominate
    Middle-earth when it was cut from his hand in battle. Sauron has been trying
    to reclaim The One Ring ever since losing it and, if he does, Middle-earth
    will be plunged into another age of darkness and sorrow.
    To prevent Sauron from possessing The One Ring it must be destroyed forever,
    and this can be accomplished only by throwing it back into the fiery chasm of
    Mount Doom. Frodo shows a remarkable resistance to The One Ring's Evil
    Influence, so he volunteers to carry it on the perilous journey to Mount Doom.
                                    II - Characters
    This sectiobn is now fully complete!  We are up from a mere three good guys
    (Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas) to fourteen in total!  Much of these character
    descriptions are taken from the Two Towers Manual (Pages 11-14) but have been
    edited accordingly for this FAQ to include more background information about
    the characters which I hope will be of interest to all you fellow gamesters!
    ******************************* The Good Guys *******************************
    Men are weak, or at least this is the commonly held belief in Middle-earth. 
    Three thousand years ago Isildur, King of the men of Gondor gained great
    renown when he cut The One Ring from the hand of Sauron, ending his villainous
    reign. Soon after, however, he chose not to destroy The One Ring when he had
    the chance to cast it into the fires of Mount Doom and, thus, men are known to
    be weak in character and not entirely trustworthy. Aragorn can change all of
    that. He is a ranger, a strong man skilled in the use of many weapons
    including swords. Aragorn is trained to survive in every situation. Many know
    him as Strider, but few are aware of his true identity as son of Arathorn and
    heir to Isildur's throne. He is the rightful King of Gondor and a force to be
    reckoned with.
    Legolas is a noble Elven price, deadly accurate with his Elven bow and
    knowledgeable in wilderness lore. Because he is an elf, Legolas has
    exceptional sight and hearing and although he will never die of old age he can
    be hurt or killed in battle. Legolas is kind and graceful and he has a deep
    love for the peaceful side of nature. He and his valuable bow attack are great
    assets to the fellowship.
    Gimli is a stubborn dwarf who makes up for his lack of height and grace with
    great strength, bravery and tenacity. Gimli fears nothing when he has his
    trusty axe in hand and his temper makes him formidable when angry. His gruff
    disposition keeps him from making friends easily, but as a member of the
    fellowship he is a tough and loyal ally. Gimli especially dislikes elves,
    however, during his adventures with the fellowship he develops an unlikely
    friendship with Legolas. Gimli is very proud of his heritage and looks forward
    to seeing his cousin Balin in the mines of Moria. 
    Frodo Baggins
    Frodo is the Ringbearer, a brave Hobbit whose cleverness keeps him alive in
    the face of tremendous danger. His adventurous uncle Bilbo left him The One
    Ring, along with the troubles that accompany it. However, Frodo shows great
    resistance to the sinister powers of The One Ring and volunteered at the
    Council of Elrond to take it to Mount Doom.  There he has to destroy it by
    casting it into the fiery chasm from whence it came for the good of
    Middle-earth. There could not be a more difficult task.
    Gandalf the Grey
    Gandalf the Grey is a wizard, one of the five Istari who came from the lands
    beyond the Sea. He is known and respected throughout Middle-earth as a great
    conjurer and a genuinely wise man. He is not young, but he can use staffs and
    swords skillfully in combat. Nevertheless, Gandalf's true strength lies in his
    vast repertoire of magic spells and abilities. He is the only character
    capable of using magic and he uses it well.
    Gandalf serves as a father figure to Frodo providing leadership and protection
    to the young Hobbit. He would carry The One Ring himself, but his knowledge of
    magic is too dangerous to expose to the corruptive powers of The One Ring.
    ******************************** The Bad Guys ********************************
    The Dark Lord himself has not been physically present on Middle-earth for some
    time. In fact, it was over 3'000 years ago that Isildur cut The One Ring from
    Sauron's hand, ending his last evil reign. Today, however, Sauron grows more
    powerful with every passing minute. His vile armies are spreading throughout
    Middle-earth in an ever-expanding search for the One Ring. If he gets it,
    Middle-earth will be plunged into an age of unimaginable terror and violence,
    and Sauron will take physical form once again.
    The Nazgul
    These nine Black Riders were once great kings of men, hellishly corrupted to
    the point of no return when they fell victim to Sauron who gave to them nine
    rings of power. This slowly turned turned them to wraiths and they are now
    completely under the Dark Lord's control. They appear across Middle-earth
    in hooded black robes in attempts to recover The One Ring for their master.
    Saruman the White
    Saruman is a wizard, one of the five Istari who came from the lands beyond the
    Sea. Once a trusted friend and advisor to Gandalf, Saruman became corrupt when
    he studied too far into the subject of the rings of power, desiring to gain
    The One Ring for himself. In the meantime he has joined the sinister forces of
    the Dark Lord Sauron. His powerful magic inspires fear in all those who oppose
    him and his fortress of Orthanc in Isengard is home to a vast army of his own
    foul creation: the Uruk-Hai. One cannot hope to overpower Saruman, for merely
    surviving any confrontation with this brilliant wizard is considered a true
    The Watcher
    The Mines of Moria rarely see visitors and the Watcher is one of the main
    reasons why. The boss at the end of the third level is a multi-tentacled
    monstrosity which waits outside the entrance to the mines patiently, until
    tasty pray comes along! Rarely does a man-sized meal escape its writhing
    grasp which is exactly what you must do! (Is it only me who sees a small
    problem here?!)
    Cave Troll
    Dumb, Fat, Slow-Witted and Stupid. No, not me! That's what the Cave Troll is,
    other than a major problem. It's an awkward brute that might not be taken so
    seriously if it was not so horrifying, strong and fast. It has a very thick
    hide and strong constitution to make fighting one an epic event, especially
    when playing as Legolas! Thankfully, it's decision-making skills are lacking,
    if not non-existent, and Cave Trolls despise direct sunlight.
    Saruman the White created Lurtz as the first leader of his Uruk-Hai army. At
    Amon Hen the fellowship fights to protect Frodo from this army. Lurtz, being
    their leader, is bigger and more fierce than the rest of his army and slaying
    him will prove no easy task, although thankfully he doesn't have two brain
    cells to rub together (That means he's dumb!).
    Saruman has succeeded in crossbreeding Men and Orcs. The result is an army of
    stronger, faster, uglier Orcs that do not weaken in sunlight. They are capable
    of melee attacks, ranged attacks with bows and pike attacks and are therefore
    no easy feat to dispose of. Genetic Enhancement makes the Uruk-Hai larger,
    stronger and far more dangerous than their standard Orc counterparts.
    The foot soldiers of Sauron's evil forces, Orcs can be found throughout
    Middle-earth. Although mutated from Elves, Orcs are corrupt forms that stand
    just over five feet tall. However, taking their strength and determination for
    less than full-size can be a deadly mistake especially when multiple Orcs are
    involved in battle. Capable of both melee attacks as well as ranged attacks
    with bows, Orcs have no obvious weaknesses.
    The great Wargs are a terrifying breed of huge wolf-like carnivores, driven by
    a hunger for blood and preditory intelligence. Saruman recruits Warg Riders in
    his campaign to crush the nation of Rohan. Worked into a killing frenzy by the
    murderous Orcs the Wargs fall upon ruined Rohan refugees as they flee their
    burning homes. 
                                    III - Controls
    Basic Controls;
    Move-------------------------Left Analogue stick
    Speed Attack-----------------X button or right analogue stick LEFT/RIGHT
    Fierce Attack----------------Triangle button or right analogue stick UP/DOWN
    Knock Back-------------------Circle button or R3
    Parry------------------------Square Button or R1
    Killing Move-----------------R2 button
    Equip Ranged Weapon----------L1 Button (Hold)
    Fire Ranged Weapon-----------X button or right analogue stick LEFT/RIGHT
                                 (While L1 is pressed down)
    Jump Back--------------------L2 button
    Basic Combination Moves;
    Three Hit Speed Combo--------X button, X button, X button
    Double Hit Fierce Combo------Triangle button, Triangle Button
    Intermediate Combos;
    Linked Attack----------------Successful Parry (Square), X button, R2 button
    Shoulder Rush----------------X button, Circle button
    Devastating Attack-----------Triangle button (Hold and release)
                                    IV - Upgrades
    I have divided the upgrade section into three parts. One for Aragorn, one for
    Legolas and one for Gimli. Each will show what the upgrade is called, what the
    buttons are if it's a combo move and how many experience points are needed for
    that item.
    Level 1 Upgrades;
    Triple Strike----------------------------X,X,X---------------------Purchased
    Double Hack-----------------------Triangle,Triangle----------------Purchased
    Shadow Strike-----------------------------R2-----------------------Purchased
    Combat Kick-----------------------------Circle---------------------Purchased
    Sword Parry-----------------------------Square---------------------Purchased
    Dunedain Bow----------------------------L1 + X---------------------Purchased
    Level 2 Upgrades;
    Rush Attack-----------------------------X,Circle-----------------------3,000
    Rising Attack------------------------------X---------------------------8,000
    Isildur's Swift Terror----------------X,X,Triangle---------------------5,000
    Isildur's War Rush--------------------X,Circle,R2----------------------5,000
    Ranger Fury--------------------------Hold Triangle---------------------2,000
    Strength Of The Stewards----------------------------------------------10,000
    Level 4 Upgrades;
    Goblin Bane---------------------------Square,X,R2----------------------4,000
    Charge Attack---------------------------X,Circle-----------------------4,000
    Isildur's Death Charge-------------X,Circle,Triangle-------------------5,000
    Isildur's Gambit--------------------X,Triangle,X,X---------------------5,000
    Rohan Bow-------------------------------L1 + X-------------------------4,000
    Strength of Isildur---------------------------------------------------10,000
    Level 6 Upgrades;
    Orc Bane------------------------------Square,X,R2----------------------6,000
    Isildur's Deliverance------------Triangle,X,X,Triangle-----------------5,000
    Strength Of Elendil---------------------------------------------------10,000
    Wilderness Rage----------------------Hold Triangle---------------------4,000
    Master Swordsman------------------------------------------------------10,000
    Level 8 Upgrades;
    Bane Of Saruman-----------------------Square,X,R2----------------------8,000
    Isildur's Judgement--------Triangle,Triangle,Circle,Triangle-----------5,000
    Strength Of The Argonath----------------------------------------------10,000
    Wrath Of Numenor---------------------Hold Triangle---------------------6,000
    Gondor Bow------------------------------L1 + X-------------------------6,000
    Level 1 Upgrades;
    Triple Strike----------------------------X,X,X---------------------Purchased
    Double Hack-----------------------Triangle,Triangle----------------Purchased
    Shadow Strike-----------------------------R2-----------------------Purchased
    Combat Kick-----------------------------Circle---------------------Purchased
    Knife Parry-----------------------------Square---------------------Purchased
    Mirkwood Longbow------------------------L1 + X---------------------Purchased
    Level 2 Upgrades;
    Rush Attack-----------------------------X,Circle-----------------------3,000
    Elrond's Swift Terror-----------------X,X,Triangle---------------------5,000
    Elrond's War Rush---------------------X,Circle,R2----------------------5,000
    Elven Fury---------------------------Hold Triangle---------------------2,000
    Force Of Celeborn-----------------------------------------------------10,000
    Rivendell Longbow-----------------------L1 + X-------------------------4,000
    Level 4 Upgrades;
    Goblin Bane---------------------------Square,X,R2----------------------4,000
    Rising Attack------------------------------X---------------------------8,000
    Charge Attack---------------------------X,Circle-----------------------4,000
    Elrond's Death Charge--------------X,Circle,Triangle-------------------5,000
    Elrond's Gambit---------------------X,Triangle,X,X---------------------5,000
    Lothlorien Longbow-----------------------L1 + X------------------------6,000
    Level 6 Upgrades;
    Orc Bane------------------------------Square,X,R2----------------------6,000
    Elrond's Deliverance-------------Triangle,X,X,Triangle-----------------5,000
    Dragonfire Arrows------------------------L1 + X------------------------8,000
    Force Of Galadriel----------------------------------------------------10,000
    Gil-gilad's Rage---------------------Hold Triangle---------------------4,000
    Level 8 Upgrades;
    Bane Of Saruman-----------------------Square,X,R2----------------------8,000
    Elrond's Judgement---------Triangle,Triangle,Circle,Triangle-----------5,000
    Mithril Arrows---------------------------L1 + X-----------------------10,000
    Elven Bow Mastery-----------------------------------------------------10,000
    Level 1 Upgrades;
    Triple Strike----------------------------X,X,X---------------------Purchased
    Double Hack-----------------------Triangle,Triangle----------------Purchased
    Shadow Strike-----------------------------R2-----------------------Purchased
    Axe Thrust------------------------------Circle---------------------Purchased
    Axe Parry-------------------------------Square---------------------Purchased
    Erebor Axes-----------------------------L1 + X---------------------Purchased
    Level 2 Upgrades;
    Rush Attack-----------------------------X,Circle-----------------------3,000
    Balin's Swift Terror------------------X,X,Triangle---------------------5,000
    Balin's War Rush----------------------X,Circle,R2----------------------5,000
    Dwarven Fury-------------------------Hold Triangle---------------------2,000
    Might Of Rock---------------------------------------------------------10,000
    Might Of Iron---------------------------------------------------------10,000
    Level 4 Upgrades;
    Goblin Bane---------------------------Square,X,R2----------------------4,000
    Charge Attack---------------------------X,Circle-----------------------4,000
    Rising Attack------------------------------X---------------------------8,000
    Balin's Death Charge---------------X,Circle,Triangle-------------------5,000
    Balin's Gambit----------------------X,Triangle,X,X---------------------5,000
    Rune Of Protection----------------------------------------------------10,000
    Level 6 Upgrades;
    Orc Bane------------------------------Square,X,R2----------------------6,000
    Balin's Deliverance--------------Triangle,X,X,Triangle-----------------5,000
    Might Of Balin--------------------------------------------------------10,000
    Might Of Gloin--------------------------------------------------------10,000
    Moria Axes-------------------------------L1 + X------------------------4,000
    Mountain Rage------------------------Hold Triangle---------------------4,000
    Level 8 Upgrades;
    Bane Of Saruman-----------------------Square,X,R2----------------------8,000
    Balin's Judgement----------Triangle,Triangle,Circle,Triangle-----------5,000
    Might Of Khazad-dum---------------------------------------------------10,000
    Wrath Of Moria-----------------------Hold Triangle---------------------6,000
    Misty Mountain Axes---------------------L1 + X-------------------------6,000
    Axe Mastery Of Kings--------------------------------------------------10,000
                                     V - Pickups
    I have decided to add this section to make the FAQ a bit more full and
    complete. I know there are only a few pickups but I might as well tell you
    about them, what they do and where you find them.
    Red Health Phial
    This is a small health potion that replenishes a small amount of your health.
    It looks like a little round flask with a red liquid in it. It is found in
    plentiful supply everywhere because tons of your enemies drop it when you kill
    Green Health Phial
    This is a large health potion that replenishes all your health when you pick
    it up. It looks like a big bottle with a green liquid in it. These ones are
    understandably rarer than the red ones. They are found in chests and usually
    also when you beat a sub-boss like a mountain troll or Samurai Orc.
    Arrow Quiver/Throwing Axes
    These are pickups found that restocks your ammo supply back up to full. What
    it looks like is character dependent. If you play as Aragorn or Legolas it
    looks like a quiver of arrows with a purple glow around it. However, if you're
    playing as Gimli it looks like two crossed throwing axes also with a purple
    glow to it. These are also found in plentiful supply because the enemies that
    don't drop red health potions usually drop these.
    Skill Bonus Block
    These are the rarest of all the pickups and are only found a couple of times
    in any given level if at all. See the walkthrough section for details on where
    they are. They look like a grey block with a spiral design on them, they have
    a blue glow and a sort of humming noise about them.
                                   VI - Unlockables
    There are 14 things in The Two Towers that you can unlock. I am going to tell
    you what they are and how you get them without revealing what the secret level
    is and who the secret character is.
    Production Photos
    There are three sets of production photos to unlock in addition to the set
    which is available from the start.
    ********* Photo Set ************************** How To Unlock *****************
    *         Concept Art           *           Available from Outset            *
    *  The Fellowship of the Ring   *       Complete 'Balin's Tomb' Level        *
    *     Fangorn and Orthanc       *      Complete 'Fangorn Forest' Level       *
    *    Rohan and Helm's Deep      *      Complete 'Plains of Rohan' Level      *
    Cast and Crew Interviews
    There are three Cast and Crew Interviews to unlock in addition to the four
    interviews which are available from the start.
    *** Cast and Crew Interview ****************** How To Unlock *****************
    * Peter Jackson & Barry Osborne *           Available from Outset            *
    *     Elijah 'Frodo' Wood       *           Available from Outset            *
    * Sir. Ian 'Gandalf' McKellen   *           Available from Outset            *
    * The Making of the Video Game  *           Available from Outset            *
    *   Viggo 'Aragorn' Mortensen   *        Reach Level Five with Aragorn       *
    *   Orlando 'Legolas' Bloom     *        Reach Level Five with Legolas       *
    *   John 'Gimli' Rhys-Davies    *         Reach Level Five with Gimli        *
    Secret Level & Character
    In The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, there is only one Secret Level, but
    you have to unlock the level four times.  The level is playable with all
    characters but to play through it with Gimli, Aragorn or Legolas you must have
    reached Level Ten with that character and completed the 'Hornburg Courtyard'
    level with any character. You can then move on and play the Secret Level with
    the Secret Character.
    Once you have beaten the Secret Level with the Secret Character you will have
    unlocked a list of 6 Secret Codes which you can use on all levels thereafter.
                                   VII - Walkthrough
    Here it is the walkthrough for the game in the greatest possible detail I
    could come up with!
    -------------------------------(i - Prologue;)--------------------------------
    When you control Isildur in this level he has all his upgrades so you get
    to use all of his combos which makes this level a lot easier. 
    You gain control of Isildur about half way through the prologue movie. This
    level is extremely easy to complete and get a perfect first time. The easiest
    way to do this is to use the combo called Isildur's Judgement (Triangle,
    Triangle, Circle, Triangle) If you hit an orc with this combo it's almost
    certain your perfect meter will become full. Keep using speed attacks to kill
    as many orcs as possible gaining you more and more perfects until the first
    cutscene comes. (If at any point your meter goes back to normal do the combo
    again to get it back up).
    After the first cutscene orcs with shields appear and to kill them you need to
    use fierce attacks when your meter is up. Sometimes using the combo even
    though your meter is full is also a good idea. Keep doing this until the next
    After the second cutscene a combination of Orcs with and without shields
    appear and the best way to do this part of the level is to just constantly
    use Isildur's Judgement and kill as many as possible. After a while the final
    cutscene of the level appears. Well done, the level's over!
    I would like to point out two things. 1 - there are no skill bonuses in this
    level and 2 - if you want you can kick orcs into the lava river at the top or
    off the cliff at the bottom and gain excellents for killing them.
    ------------------------------(ii - Weathertop;)------------------------------
    Another easy level but this one is harder to get a perfect on. As soon as you
    get control of Aragorn run up to the Nazgul and use your fierce attack to set
    him on fire with the lit torch you are holding. If you are luckly this will
    activate your perfect meter and allow you to get the next two Nazgul as 
    perfects and maybe even that one. Now kill the next one that is running about 
    hopefully getting another perfect. (Note: only a lit torch harms the Nazgul.)
    Now a cutscene shows Frodo putting on the ring and running about. At this
    point your torch will probably have run out so run back to the fire and use
    triangle to relight it. Then kill the Nazgul chasing Frodo and Hopefully get
    your perfect meter up once again. Then another cutscene shows Frodo being
    stabbed by a Morgul blade which will turn him into a wraith if your not quick.
    Use the torch once again to kill the two Nazgul relighting when you need to.
    Once you dispatch them the missions over well done. Once again there are no
    skill bonuses on this level.
    ---------------------------(iii - Gates of Moria;)----------------------------
    At this point in the game you get to choose between Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli
    to fight with. You can go whoever you like but I find Aragorn to be the best
    at this level. Bear in mind you have to complete the level with all three in
    the end but only with one to progress to the next level.
    At the start of the mission you and Gimli (Aragorn if you are playing as
    Gimli) go to find a route into Moria.
    [On the left hand side of the screen right now is a box covered in snow. Smash
    it to get rid of the snow then again to open it up. Then walk into the blue
    light to get the bonus.]
    Carry on down the path and Gimli says there are many orcs simply use speed
    attacks to get them and carry on down the path. At this point the wall
    explodes and some orcs come out of there dispatch them and carry on and more
    orcs come out of another wall and some climb down the cliff on the left hand
    side. Use speed or fierce attacks to get rid of these and then, if needed,
    there is health in the alcove where the second lot of orcs came from in a
    box simply smash it for the health.
    Carry on down the path for a bit and Gimli runs ahead and is almost killed
    before Aragorn (or Legolas) saves him. Now prepare for your first bow (or
    axe if you're Gimli) lesson! There are orcs up ahead raised above the ground
    firing arrows at you so equip your bow/axes and get them back by using L1 + X.
    Move on and kill some more orcs that jump down the cliff and carry on till the
    next cutscene.
    After the cutscene which shows you coming under fire attack the orcs back but
    watch out for the ones that run at you. Move along and some orcs climb up the
    cliff and attack you. Kicking them off using Circle is the easiest way to kill
    them. After they are all dead look in the corner for a crate containing
    arrows/axes. Carry on up the path and you will see two archers: either shoot
    them or run up and kick them off the edge. Once you get to where they were you
    are attacked by a swarm of orcs. Once you have killed them with speed attacks 
    carry on and kill two more orcs and two more archers and carry on till you see
    water. Then you need to move along and kill four more orcs then keep going
    till more slide down the cliff from the left.
    [On the left here there is another box with a skill bonus in it. Smash it and
    claim the bonus.]
    Carry on going killing more orcs and archers. You should hug the cliff as
    there is a health potion there in a box. Eventually you come to the first boss
    in the game.
    A cutscene plays showing Gimli (Aragorn if you are playing as Gimli) getting
    whacked away by the watcher then he rises out of the water. When you gain
    control of your character wait for one of the watchers tentacles to attack you
    then parry (R1) and when the tentacles wobble run in and quick attack it.
    Then the watcher rises up and you run back to the ground and hit it with an
    arrow/axe. Repeat until you've finished the level.
    I have mentioned the skill bonuses but there is one point of interest. You can
    knock orcs off the cliffs at any point in the level to gain an Excellent!
    ---------------------------(iv - Balin's Tomb;)-------------------------------
    As the level starts a cutscene plays which shows the door break down and gives
    you an idea of the amount of orcs you need to kill - Lots! When you gain
    control of the character (I say Legolas is the best for this level) start
    hacking away at the orcs with fierce and speed attacks depending on whether
    they have a shield or not. Eventually a cutscene plays and the level boss 
    When the troll enters the first thing you want to do is get an idea of where
    he is compared to you. Then run and up and slash him with one, yes that's one,
    fierce attack then jump away by pressing L2 as he swings his club OR Run away
    and constantly fire arrows/axes at him till the next cutscene plays.  If you
    are controlling Aragorn,however,  you can run up to the troll (carefully so
    you don't get squashèd!), press, hold and let go of triangle to move into the
    cutscene quickly.
    When his health is low enough a cutscene shows him breaking his club and
    picking up a chain (Oh S***!). Then you'll find yourself on a ledge facing the
    troll. The First order of business is to run left and kill the orc that's up
    here. Then run behind a pillar and wait for the troll to hit it with his chain
    when he does this run and fire 3 arrows/2 axes at him and go back behind the
    pillar. He'll then break it and you should run out and hit him with 2 arrows/
    1 axe and head to another pillar. Repeat until he dies with a diseased walrus
    sort of sound.
    There are once again no skill bonuses in this level and no other points of
    -----------------------------(v - Amon Hen;)----------------------------------
    Ah! This is my favourite level and my favourite part in the first film. As
    there are plenty of Uruk-Hai in this level it's fairly easy and straight
    forward to get a perfect rating. I would say that Aragorn would be the best
    choice for this level. At the start of the level use all the combos you have
    against the Uruk-Hai to get your perfect meter glowing. Then use combos and
    fierce attacks to take them all out.
    [Once you have killed all of them turn around and run up the stairs of the
    structure you see in the opening cutscene. When you go up them there is a
    chest containing the first skill bonus of the level.]
    Once you have the skill bonus go back to the field and run along the path and
    attack the two Uruk-Hai that attack you, kill the archer in the trees on the
    left and carry on till the first cutscene shows Lurtz ordering the Uruk-Hai
    to "Find The Halfling". After this plays you will see a bridge ahead of you
    with three archers - One on top and two on the bottom. Dispatch them with
    arrows/axes and carry on till a few more attack from the left hand side
    (before the bridge). Once they're dead go behind the tree on the left and
    smash the box for an arrow/axe pickup. Move on a bit and a few more attack
    from the right (also before the bridge). Kill them and go under the bridge.
    [When the camera angle changes, head to the left, go up a ramp to the top of
    the bridge and smash the crate there for a skill bonus.]
    Go back down the ramp and carry on a bit. Then Lurtz tells the Uruk-Hai to
    attack you and a bunch run out the trees. This is another good perfect-getting
    opportunity! Use combos to get perfects and where they are all dead run on
    till you see three archers in the distance. Use arrows/axes to kill them and
    if you're lucky you'll still get perfects as your meter may still be glowing
    from the last bunch. Carry on when they're dead and another cluster run out of
    the trees, again use combos to get perfects for killing them but watch out for
    the archer who is on a big rock. If you go on a bit further a cutscene shows
    three archers charge at you and then set the ground around you on fire. Kill
    them with arrows/axes and the fire will extinguish and you can run on safely.
    After this you approach some old ruins. An archer appears so use arrows/axes
    to kill him and go down the stairs onto the first stone level.
    [You will see a doorway now: it is easy to spot as an Uruk-Hai runs at you
    from very close to it. Kill him and smash the vines that cover the door. Then
    go in and there is a skill crate in there - Smash for the bonus.]
    Then go back out and down to the big stone area where lots of Uruk-Hai appear.
    Again (by using combos) get your perfect meter up and kill them for lots of
    perfects. Watch out for the archers who need to be dispatched from a distance
    then run down stairs on the left and you meet with your companions. (How in
    the heck did they get there?). Anyway let them kill the two Uruk-Hai they are
    attacking and carry on to the bridge.
    At this point a cutscene plays and you get surrounded. It is really hard to
    get perfects here so just slash at them until a cutscene plays showing Frodo
    escaping. After this happens run as fast as you can to the left ignoring
    all Uruk-Hai and run till a cutscene plays.
    This guy is tough but luckily for you he's about as smart as a concrete post.
    The hardest part of this boss is actually taking on the henchmen he calls out
    now and again to attack you. When the boss starts immediately hit him with an
    arrow/axe. Then wait, he fires bursts of 3 arrows and in between them you
    should fire one at him. After a few shots he switches to his sword.
    Now comes the camera angle of death. It is hard to see where he is but it is
    easy enough to kill him. Run to a statue and try and keep one between you and
    him and all costs. He will swing at you and get his sword stuck in the statue.
    When he does this run up to him and use your rage attack (Hold Triangle).
    Do this a few times and he will die and you've beaten him. Remember to watch
    for the Uruk-Hai that runs down to get you every now and again.
    Well done: there are no other points of interest except where does Frodo
    disappear to during the opening cutscene! as he does not put on the ring or
    move anywhere?
    ---------------------------(vi - Fangorn Forest;)-----------------------------
    OH MY GOODNESS! I hate doing this level with Legolas - ARGH! But hey lets just
    do it. I would say Aragorn is the best at this level. 
    When you start head up the path until you come to a log. Use a fierce attack
    to smash it and carry on past an Ent (in the background) and you come to a
    dead end. Then shielded orcs smash the tree down and some non-shielded orcs
    jump down behind you and surround you. This is another good perfect
    opportunity. Use combos to rid yourself of them all and carry on through the
    giant tree and a samurai orc (God, I hate these) jumps down. At this point
    they are really hard to beat unless you have the rising attack. If you do let
    it hit you down and press X as you get up and that should knock it down then
    press R2 to kill it. If you don't parry until it hits you then fire an arrow
    when it backs off after it has hit you. Repeat until it dies. Smash a log and
    carry on till a cutscene shows orcs being lobbed at you. Go around the corner
    until you see your first Mountain Troll.
    To kill him run up to it and press Triangle then L2 to jump back and repeat
    till it dies. It takes forever with Legolas but with Gimli - Blink and you
    miss it.
    After he is dead smash the big wooden fence behind it and go on through it.
    Now You will see a cutscene in which an orc is shoved into a pit with some
    sort of vicious beast in it. Then you regain control. I like to go and kick
    the second shielded orc from the left in to see how he likes it then get
    more perfects by using combos.
    [Once they are all dead go back to where you came from at the start of this
    cutscene and head left outside of the camp and there is a box containing
    the bonus. Back inside the camp at the other side of the pit to the far
    right there is a box containing a green health potion which you may need.]
    Carry on by taking the north exit of the camp and there is a shielded orc and
    two archers there. kill the shielded orc with Fierce attacks and then kick
    the archers over the edge of the waterfall. Then carry on along the river
    which contains five orcs. you can easily see them by their air bubbles. Once
    you kill them move along the river and go under a waterfall and prepare for
    your second encounter of the big, fat, stupid and ugly kind. Another Troll
    bursts out of the wall and you need to kill him the same way as before - 
    Fierce attack, Jump back, repeat.
    [Once he is dead run to where he burst out of the wall of the cave and there
    is a box there with the all magic blue light in it.]
    Then carry on along the cave and smash another wooden fence and you come to a
    bunch of vines blocking your path. BEWARE! as soon as you smash these one of
    those samurai orcs appear and you need to kill him the same way you did the
    first one (look at paragraph 2 of this level for details). Then carry on and
    you come to a point with a couple of orcs with axes and one with a shield & an
    archer in the distance. Kill them all (it's quite easy) and go and smash the
    log with a fierce attack and go into a big spaced out area. At this point
    about 30 of your basic non-shielded orcs attack you in groups of 3 and 4.
    This part just screams out "PERFECTS" and you should use all available combos
    to get some. Once that's done smash the log and prepare for the level boss. 
    As the cutscene plays you see your opponents take out three orcs (But that's
    a good thing right?) anyway take the right route and smash the vines and go
    through them. Remember that crate it has a green health potion in it if you
    need it. These Trolls are quite kind as usually you only have to fight one
    at a time and the other just cheers on its mate. Just use my magic three step
    program to beat them (Triangle,L2,Repeat) it shouldn't be too hard. Once there
    dead don't run off there's another skill bonus.
    [Just before the big entrance covered in vines there is another box with a
    skill bonus in it. You know the score smash it and take it]
    Once you have done that smash those big vines and run through there to finish
    the level and meet The White Wizard!
    I would just like to point out the two Ents in this level - One right at the
    start whom I've mentioned and one on the river just before the second mountain
    troll. Also during the cutscene where the orc gets pushed down the pit look
    behind your character for a giant catapult - It's the boss on the last Helm's
    Deep level.
    ---------------------------(vii - Plains Of Rohan;)---------------------------
    Isn't it great now that Gandalf is back and can use all his wizardry to help
    you through this level? Where would we be without him? Anyway If you want the
    best: "You have to go for Gimli" (Quote from the John-Rhys Davies Interview
    which you should have unlocked after doing the last level). Ok here we go!
    At the start you should be able to get your perfect meter up by killing these
    two armoured Uruk-Hai. Then head into the village and Gandalf will use his
    magic to kill plenty of Uruk-Hai for you. Then your perfect should still be
    glowing after he does this so go get a few perfects and kill everyone else
    that's about (Uruk-Hai not the villagers). Then Gandalf blows a door down for
    you and you have to be quick when you go in here. You will see three people
    trapped but you can save them by smashing the barrel of water standing beside
    the stairs and putting the fire out.
    [Once the fire is out run to where they were and run behind the counter
    smashing tables as you go. Go all the way down the counter and you will reach
    a chest containing the skill.]
    After this a cutscene shows a guy being thrown over the stairs and being that
    he is so nice he absorbs all the fire for you so you can go upstairs and kick
    some more butt. Be careful though as an Uruk-Hai comes in from the door and
    you must dispatch him first. You now smash your way through to a group of
    people upstairs and you kill all two of the Uruk-Hai and the archer at the
    door and in doing this should get your perfect meter up. Then run out the door
    and round the corner there is a samurai orc. Kill him and then throw
    arrows/axes at the two archers to kill them.
    [There is a barrel here in some fire smash it with an axe/arrow and you get a
    skill bonus and you free the guy who keeps running into the fire]
    Carry on over the thatched roof and you come to a blocked ramp. Aim with your
    ranged weapon and smash the water barrel on the blockage to put out the fire
    and then use a fierce attack on the blockade to get past and free all the
    people. Go up and kill the two Uruk-Hai who attack you here then stop!
    [At the top of that ramp there are two water barrels smash them and run back
    down the ramp and go to the right of it and there is a chest in there with a
    skill bonus in it!]
    Carry on and a man runs out a building on fire. He's dead so just go in and go
    down the stairs and kill the Uruk-Hai you meet there. Go towards the door and
    kill the one that breaks down the door and go out to be reunited with Gandalf.
    Help him kill the Uruk-Hai using combos to get perfects and watch out for the
    samurai who is up a level attacking two villagers. You have to get him with
    arrows/axes to kill him. When he's dead smash the cart and run up the ramp to
    meet with the boss.
    BOSS - S*** Load Of Uruk-Hai:
    The cutscene shows a family being thrown into a burning building and you have
    to save them as well as kill all the Uruk-Hai. Make your way to the door and
    smash the blockade with your fierce attack to free the family. Then use combos
    to get as many perfects as you can against the remaining Uruk-Hai. Well done.
    Another level completed!
    ---------------------------(viii - The Westfold;)-----------------------------
    This level is relatively easy: the only problem is there are suicide Uruk-Hai
    who are just as annoying as their Samurai brethren. They have explosives
    strapped to their back and when they get anywhere near you they light them and
    blow up. But other than that it's not hard at all.
    The cutscene at the start shows one of them blowing up 3 or 4 Rohan soldiers
    and one of the officers in the army says you have to stand together and that's
    what you do. He is about to get killed and you save him by blowing up some
    explosives with an arrow/axe.
    You now gain control of your character and you wait for some of the Uruk-Hai
    to appear and then using your ranged weapon blow up the explosive barrels. Go
    round the corner and you will see many Uruk-Hai Running towards you. At this
    point wait till they get near the explosives and blow them up with your
    ranged weapon killing many of them. Then target the explosives in the distance
    and kill the archer with them and also run and kill the Uruk-Hai with a combo.
    [When you come to the river turn left and go up the river slightly and there
    is a chest containing a skill bonus]
    When you have crossed the river you have to take on two orcs with axes and one
    with a shield. Use Combos here and it's possible to get a perfect. If you get
    a perfect waste no time in going on till you turn the corner and using your
    ranged weapon to kill the three suicide Uruk-Hai who run at you getting
    perfects hopefully. Then run down and fight all the Uruk-Hai in the street.
    While you are killing them with combos to get perfects watch out for the
    suicide Uruk-Hai who run in from the gate, make sure you get them with ranged
    weapons. When they're all dead run out the gate and the next cutscene plays
    showing the Rohan soldiers being overpowered by Uruk-Hai.
    When the cutscene stops watch out for the shielded orc who is standing right
    beside you. Kill him and fire an arrow/axe at the explosives you can target
    way down the hill. Run down and just shoot all the explosives to kill the
    orcs quickly or use combos on them to get perfects. When they are all dead run
    under the gate but be careful the camera angle changes here very suddenly and
    it's terrible.
    [When you go under head to the right and go up some stairs. After the first
    flight use your ranged weapons to hit the barrels up at the top and run up and
    smash every barrel up there. Then go back down and back under the gate the
    fire has been put out and you can smash the crate and get the bonus]
    Then you need to go up the path killing more Uruk-Hai as well as some of the
    suicide ones (Watch out as they come in mass numbers). When you get to the top
    you come into village area. Watch out for the Uruk-Hai who lunges at you right
    away from the left so dispatch him then blow up all the explosive barrels with
    your ranged weapons or use combos to get perfects. Then find the cart blocking
    the route and smash it and go through and wait for the cutscene.
    At the start of the boss attack the two archers by blowing up the barrels
    beside both of them. Now blow up the suicide orc in the water and the other
    one running with him should die as well. Then run into the water and watch out
    as a few orcs pop up just waiting for you to kill them. So kill them and
    proceed to the other side of the water killing all the suicide Uruk-Hai that
    come from the left. When you get to the other side use combos on the archers
    and the shielded orcs to get some last minute perfects then stand back and
    target the explosives with your ranged weapon and BOOM! You've just completed
    the level!
    I would like to point out that you can kill the Rohan soldiers in red with the
    explosives as can the Uruk-Hai (Kill them that is). The soldier in gold that
    helps you however cannot be killed no matter what!
    --------------------------(ix - The Gap Of Rohan;)----------------------------
    I found this level hard but with my help you shouldn't. I would advise that
    Legolas is going to get you through here the easiest so go him first time.
    At the start a cutscene shows two Wargs jumping through the burning building
    and preparing to attack you and the other two characters. I have found an easy
    way to do this. First of all wait for one of them to pounce and press L2 to
    jump to safety then using the Swift Terror combo X,X,Triangle or the Death
    Charge X,Circle,Triangle attack it from behind and that will probably get you
    an excellent and then quickly attack the second one with a combo to get your
    meter glowing.
    [There is a barrel to the right containing a skill bonus and also one just
    before you enter the burning building also containing a skill bonus]
    Go through and the building collapses sadly trapping your companions on the
    other side and leaving you to fight at least 4 Wargs and The Boss all by your
    Straight away press L2 to jump out of the way of the two pouncing Wargs and 
    then wait for them to split up and use the same tactic as you used on the
    other two to get these two and get your meter glowing. Then using your ranged
    weapon kill the two who jump down to get two perfects and prepare for the 
    The boss is actually easy enough. The best method I have found is to stay in
    the middle of open area and run left when he starts to run then when he gets
    near you press L2 to jump the other way so he misses you. Then he'll go back
    up and try again but do the same thing and you'll be ok. After two or three
    times his Warg rears up and at this point you run in and fierce attack its
    belly. Then when it comes down use your rage attack (Hold Triangle) twice to
    kill him - Easy Peasy! However if for some reason you don't kill him he will
    send in another Warg to attack you and you kill him either with combos or
    arrows/axes then wait for the Captain Warg to repeat his process and then kill
    him this time.
    Be careful not to stand to near him as his Warg will pick you up and slap you
    about (Thanks to my good friend Craig Parker for that phrase) and he may do
    this more than once in a go. I have also heard rumours that if you stand in
    the water he will never get you. It's not true sometimes he does sometimes he
    doesn't and its not a very good strategy anyway as you then have to run all
    the way up to attack him and sometimes you don't make it. So there you go
    level 9 complete!
    -------------------(x - Helm's Deep (The Deeping Wall);)----------------------
    Here we are! Finally we have reached the Helm's deep levels so buckle your
    seatbelts and prepare for a bumpy ride. Again Aragorn is the best in my
    opinion for this level. The Cutscene plays showing Theoden preparing for war
    and also Gimli and Legolas setting an example for you by kicking the ladders
    down. I would also advise that if you have not done so already turn Subtitles
    ON and I will tell you why in a little bit.
    First of all I would like to draw your attention to the diagram at the top
    right of your screen. It shows you two things - Firstly the red triangles
    show where on the wall the Uruk-Hai have placed their ladders and secondly the
    bar in the middle shows you the amount of Uruk-Hai on the wall and that must
    be kept as low as possible because if it fills up you fail. Now in your head
    divide the wall into three sections Left, Middle and Right. Two ladders are
    put up on the left side and therefore its your least priority. Three are put
    up on the middle and right sections but the middle is the danger area as it
    only has elves guarding it where the right has Legolas (Gimli if your playing
    as him) and the left side has Gimli (Aragorn if your playing as him). So lets
    get started.
    [Where the left side meets the middle there is a barrel on the opposite side
    from the canmera. In here is your skill bonus.]
    I would like to point out that knocking ladders down is your primary objective
    because if they cant get up on the wall how can they beat you. So run around
    kicking the ladders off by pressing circle and only attack the enemy if they 
    block your path. Keep knocking down ladders for a period then a movie shows a
    general telling archers to fire on the wall. After this cutscene arrows fly in
    from all directions and try and avoid them but they don't do too much damage.
    Now just keep knocking ladders down for what seems like a lifetime until (This
    is why subtitles are on) Aragorn yells "Down, get down" and explosive arrows
    fly in mass number and you really need to avoid taking to many of these.
    Soon after this another cutscene plays showing Them load up the catapult I
    told you about in The Fangorn Forest level. Now a few Explosive bombs drop
    from the sky so avoid them but it gets much harder from here. Only Armoured
    Uruk-Hai climb over the ladders now and the ladders come back up much faster
    and more arrows fly at you. Not to worry though because after about a minute
    of this the final cutscene of the level plays.
    A Squadron of Elven Archers appear and wipe out all the Uruk-Hai on top of the
    wall (I love the way the last one falls dead with an arrow in his head.) Well
    done only three more levels to go.
    -------------------(xi - Helm's Deep (The Breached Wall);)--------------------
    This is the hardest and most boring level in the game in my opinion. All you
    have to do in this level is to stop a gate from taking too much damage which
    doesn't sound to hard but wait till you actually have to do it. I would
    suggest to once again do the level as Aragorn first as he's the best again.
    [Right at the start of the level quickly run to the right hand side and over
    the shallow pool. On the other side there is a crate containing the skill
    At the start of the level plenty of suicide Uruk-Hai run in and the best thing
    to do here is to dispatch them with your ranged weapon so they don't get
    anywhere near the gate. After a while waves of orcs with shields and without
    make a break for the gate these are harder to stop as the suicide guys also
    keep coming and you have to get them. Here's an idea - If you're gate gets
    swamped allow a suicide guy to come and detonate and he'll take down all his
    buddies as well. Keep digging in as each new wave becomes harder to destroy
    but just get the ones that attack you then go for the ones at the gate and use
    the rage attack (Hold Triangle) all the while being on the look out for the
    suicide orcs and killing them. After another while a cutscene plays and it
    triggers lots of cutscenes with a short space in between them.
    At this point the archers from the cutscene walk in and fire upon you. Also a
    Samurai Orc charges in and as soon as you kill him the next cutscene comes so
    try and get the archers first.
    Now you see the Uruk-Hai wheeling up the almighty catapult and in the
    background you see your next challenge a Mountain Troll. Now more suicide orcs
    come in and any archers you didn't kill before should be handled now before
    the troll comes. Now use the usual technique to kill the troll (Triangle,L2,
    Repeat) all the while remembering to kill the suicide orcs who keep appearing.
    When the trolls dead another samurai orc comes in with some back up and once
    you kill them the final level cutscene plays. Finally they wheel the catapult
    in and you now have to actually fight it.
    This boss is fairly easy to defeat - if you know how. Straight away the
    general runs at you and you should kill him then head to the left and fight
    your way through to the left hand side of the catapult. Now once you have
    killed all who oppose you here position yourself between the bit of wood on
    the left and the bit on the front. Now you need to use your rage attack
    (Hold Triangle) to get both bits at the same time. Then move round to the
    other side and use your rage attack to get that bit as well. Mission 
    I would like to point out that how come you don't die when the bomb blows
    up the catapult and where were Legolas and Gimli when we needed them to help
    us before?
    -----------------(xii - Helm's Deep (The Hornburg Courtyard);)----------------
    This level is reasonably hard but that is only because there are more orcs
    than you can shake a stick at. Although on second thoughts that's a very good
    thing. That is because it is unbelievably easy to get a perfect rating I got
    one the first time I did it with every character. Now I would once again
    advise you to put subtitles on for this level and I will tell you why when it
    comes to it. I would also say you should once again go Aragorn first time as
    he is the best at this level.
    Now during this level you will encounter every type of baddie in the game
    except the suicide orcs (Whew!) and the troublesome Mountain Trolls although
    the boss is two cave trolls!
    After the cutscene you are thrown in at the deep end of battle. The first
    thing you should do is head over to the gate and start hacking away and
    anything that is even thinking about touching it. Constantly use every combo
    you have especially the Judgement combo (Triangle,Triangle,Circle,Triangle)
    which you should have by now. This strategy should get you more perfects than
    you can count unless you're a centipede which I doubt. Anyway keep hacking
    away at the ones attacking the gate and eventually a cutscene plays showing
    one of your allies (Legolas or Aragorn if you're playing as Legolas) being
    overpowered by Uruk-Hai and the general you thought you killed in the last
    level but didn't. Then run across the court and up the stairs and along the
    wall trying to avoid being attacked by orcs and not attacking them unless they
    block your path. When you get to the end run up the stairs and kill the three
    Uruk-Hai that attack your comrade then head back to the door the way you came.
    [When you are fighting alongside your comrade hack away at all the barrels up
    on that platform and one of them contains a skill bonus!]
    When you get about half way along the wall a cutscene plays showing your gate
    guarding comrade being overpowered. Now during this movie you can still move
    but because of a glitch you have to turn the stick to the left to keep running
    so do this as it cuts down the time and also the chance of getting in a fight.
    When you get back to the gate again use combos to kill the groups of enemies
    that are attacking the gate. Now here is where the subtitles come into play.
    After about two minutes since you got back Aragorn shouts "Archers on the
    wall". At this point run back up onto the wall and avoid attacking the orcs
    just use your ranged weapon on the orcs in the distance. I think there are
    eleven of them. When you get them all run back down to a big problem. Some
    Samurai orcs have joined the party and you need to kill about five of them
    and wait about a minute before the Bosses (Yes, that's plural) hop over the
    As soon as the cutscene is over just run at them and attack them with all
    combos to kill them as quickly as possible. Forget about the old strategy.
    You can't really afford to let them get to the gate as they do a heck of a lot
    of damage to it. Just kill them with combos and then one of them falls on the
    gate and smashes it and the mission is over. Enjoy the final cutscene of the
    game as it's a very good one and it gives you a clip from the upcoming film
    The Return Of The King.
    [During your fight with the trolls the first one you kill will drop a skill
    bonus for you, awwwwww he shouldn't have!]
    I would advise that by this point if none of your characters have reached
    level 10 to use the add 1000 skill cheat (see secrets section) to one of your
    characters because if none of them does reach level 10 you cannot unlock the
    secret level and you can't do the levels over again with the others either.
    As far as I am aware there are no skill bonus's in the level and no points of
    -------------------(xiii - Secret Level - Tower Of Orthanc;)------------------
    This level is not really a level but more of a survival challenge of 20 mini-
    levels. This is because you have twenty floors of the tower to beat to
    complete the level. To be able to do this level the character you want to do
    it with has to be at level 10. For example if you want to do it with Aragorn
    he has to be at level 10 and the same with Legolas and Gimli. So lets get down
    to it. I have divided the level into it's 20 floors with all the enemies you
    have to face in it mentioned and a simple strategy to beat each floor and also
    the rating you should get from the floor i.e. Perfect, Good etc.
    During this level none of the enemies drop any health or arrow pickups so try
    and conserve them. However when you beat each floor you get a small amount of
    each added to your totals.
    Saruman the White appears and says "Your end is near" then he laughs and
    throws his private army at you.
    Floor 1
    Rating:-                            Perfect
    Enemies:-                          5 Uruk-Hai
    Strategy:- This floor is simple. Use combos to get perfects against the
               Uruk-Hai. The best is the Judgement combo (Triangle,Triangle,
    Floor 2
    Rating:-                            Perfect
    Enemies:-                          2 Uruk-Hai
                                    4 Shielded Orcs
    Strategy:- Use the same strategy as Floor 1 to beat this floor.
    Floor 3
    Rating:-                            Perfect
    Enemies:-                          2 Uruk-Hai
                                  4 Orcs with dual-axes
    Strategy:- Again just use combo's to get perfects.
    Floor 4
    Rating:-                            Perfect
    Enemies:-                          3 Uruk-Hai
                                    3 Shielded Orcs
    Strategy:- Simple, just use combos, combos and combos (In that order)
    Floor 5
    Rating:-                            Perfect
    Enemies:-                       3 Shielded Orcs
                                 3 Orcs with dual-axes
    Strategy:- Just use the Judgement combo and kick some butt!
    Saruman says "You have elected the way of pain". Then he swings his staff and
    Floor 6
    Rating:-                            Excellent
    Enemies:-                          8 Archers
    Strategy:- Run at all the Archers and kick them off the edge. While you're doing
               this try and block the arrows because remember you're trying to
               conserve your health
    Floor 7
    Rating:-                            Excellent
    Enemies:-                           4 Archers
                                        2 Uruk-Hai
                                   2 Orcs with dual-axes
    Strategy:- Use the "Bane of Saruman" and "Orc Bane" combos to take out the
               Uruk-Hai and Orcs and then kick the archers off the edge.
    Floor 8
    Rating:-                            Perfect
    Enemies:-                          4 Archers
                                    4 Shielded Orcs
    Strategy:- Use combos on the shielded Orcs to kill them and get perfects then
               when your meter is full quickly use your ranged weapon on the
               archers to get even more perfects.
    Floor 9
    Rating:-                            Perfect
    Enemies:-                          4 Archers
                                    2 Shielded Orcs
                                 2 Orcs with dual-axes
    Strategy:- Same strategy as the last floor combos for perfects then quick
               fired arrows/axes on the archers for some more.
    Floor 10
    Rating:-                            Perfect
    Enemies:-                          2 Archers
                                  6 Armoured Uruk-Hai
    Strategy:- Use the magic C-word (Combos) on the Uruk-Hai to get your perfect
               meter up then quick fire arrows/axes on the archers for more
    Floor 11
    Rating:-                            Good
    Enemies:-               8 Archers with exploding arrows
    Strategy:- I can only get good because it's too hard to kick these guys over
               the edge because of their special arrows so just kill them anyway
               so you can progress.
    Floor 12
    Rating:-                            Perfect
    Enemies:-                          2 Archers
                                 4 Orcs with dual-axes
                                  2 Armoured Uruk-Hai
    Strategy:- Once again just use all the combos you have on the orcs and
               Uruk-Hai then ranged weapons on the archers to get more perfects.
    Floor 13
    Rating:-                            Perfect
    Enemies:-                          4 Archers
                                   4 Armoured Uruk-Hai
    Strategy:- I will say again use your combos on the Uruk-Hai to get your
               perfect meter up and then quick fired arrows/axes.
    Floor 14
    Rating:-                            Perfect
    Enemies:-                          2 Archers
                                    2 Shielded Orcs
                                  4 Armoured Uruk-Hai
    Strategy:- *cough cough combos cough* - You know the score!
    Floor 15
    Rating:-                            Good
    Enemies:-                        1 Cave Troll
                                      4 Archers
    Strategy:- Now is the first really challenging floor as there is a Cave Troll!
               For this floor run away from the Troll and use your ranged weapon
               on the archers then use the normal strategy against the Troll
    Saruman appears again and says "Your end is near!"
    Floor 16
    Rating:-                            Excellent
    Enemies:-                          2 Archers
                                     2 Samurai Orcs
    Strategy:- Wait for the Samurai Orcs to come to you and use the Bane of
               Saruman (Square,X,R2) combo on them to get excellents then quick
               fired arrows/axes to get another 2 excellents.
    Floor 17
    Rating:-                            Perfect
    Enemies:-                          4 Archers
                                   2 Armoured Uruk-Hai
                                     2 Samurai Orcs
    Strategy:- Use the judgement combo on the armoured Uruk-Hai to get your
               perfect meter up then use arrows on the Samurais and Archers to get
               more perfects.
    Floor 18
    Rating:-                            Good
    Enemies:-                        4 Archers
                                   1 Samurai Orc
                                  1 Mountain Troll
    Strategy:- First of all take out the Samurai with The Bane Of Saruman combo.
               Then take out the archers however you want then go for the troll in
               the usual way.
    Floor 19
    Rating:-                            Good
    Enemies:-                         2 Archers
                                 2 Orcs with dual-axes
                                    1 Cave Troll
                                  1 Mountain Troll
    Strategy:- Run away from them all and take out the archers with your sword axe
               then take out the Orcs with your ranged weapon (If the Trolls
               haven't already taken them out that is). Then dispatch the trolls
               in the usual manner.
    Floor 20
    Rating:-                           Perfect 
    Enemies:-                         3 Archers
                                     2 Shielded Orcs
                                      1 Cave Troll
                                    2 Mountain Trolls
    Strategy:- This floor is easier than it sounds right at the start before the
               guys even appear run straight to the right and charge up your rage
               attack then when the guys appear you should have a Troll on either
               side of you so let go of your attack and you should kill both of
               them. Then use the judgement combo on the Shielded Orcs to get your
               perfect meter up then kill the troll to get another perfect.
    At last you reach the top of Orthanc and you come face to face with Saruman
    and what does he do, he calls you a fool and goes into a fit of madness and
    casts a spell to the effect of "Aboo Booya Moo yaha" and then disappears in a
    fit of evil laughter after a swish of the staff.
    Well done! You've just completed the game. if this FAQ has helped you please
    E-mail me with your comments at Grdnstwrt@hotmail.com.
                                     VIII - Secrets
    I have made a list for all of the button codes making clear definitions of
    what they do and what the buttons are. Also I have given information on the
    secret character and what you can do with him and also on a fact that makes
    getting more experience points easier that you "unlock" so to speak when you
    unlock the secret character.
    To enter these codes pause the game at any point and hold down The top four
    buttons L1,L2,R1,R2 at the same time and then press the desired buttons. You
    should then hear a chime indicating the cheat has been entered correctly. Then
    to enter the next cheat let go of the top buttons and press them again then
    enter the new buttons. The ones marked with a * can only be entered when the
    game has been completed.
    Restore Health-------------------------------------Triangle,Down,X,Up
    Restore Ammo---------------------------------------X,Down,Triangle,Up
    Add 1000 Skill---------------------------------------X,Down,Down,Down
    Get Level 2 Skills--------------------------Circle,Right,Circle,Right
    Get Level 4 Skills----------------------------Triangle,Up,Triangle,Up
    Get Level 6 Skills----------------------------Square,Left,Square,Left
    Get Level 8 Skills--------------------------------------X,X,Down,Down
    Infinite Ammo*-------------------------------Square,Circle,X,Triangle
    Devastating Attacks*----------------------Square,Square,Circle,Circle
    All Combo Upgrades*-------------------Triangle,Circle,Triangle,Circle
    Small Enemies*----------------------------------Triangle,Triangle,X,X
    Slow Motion*---------------------------------Triangle,Circle,X,Square
    Secret Character
    The secret character you get to control is...........Isildur!
    That's right you get to do The Tower Of Orthanc level with him. That's not all
    you get to do with him though. Once you complete The Tower Of Orthanc level
    with him you get to do every other level with him and you can also do the
    other levels with the other characters which lets you get more experience
    points to get them all fully upgraded. 
                                      IX - Credits
    I would like to thank three people. 1st of all Professor Tolkien for writing
    The Lord Of The Rings in the first place and Peter Jackson for turning it into
    the epic it has become. I would also like to thank the editor David Turnbull
    for getting me interested in Lord of the Rings; helping me through the
    'Breached Wall' Level; typing out the Unlockables Section; being the Editor of
    this FAQ and correcting all spelling mistakes in it (so he says!). Also this
    FAQ is dedicated to my mum who died on the 6th march 2003. I hope this FAQ has
    helped you beat the game and made it more enjoyable for you.
    This FAQ is © 2003 Gordon Stewart (Grdnstwrt).

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