Where can i find Ferdinand, Parn, and Stewart?

  1. I have no idea who these people are or what they look like.

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  1. Name
    -Recruitment Requirements
    -Georama Requirements

    -Head chef at Max and Gerald's mansion
    -Rather portly, has reddish hair, and wears a French chef's outfit
    -Look in the mansion's kitchen (duh)
    -Give him a Pointy Chestnut to satisfy his cooking dilemma
    -Needs the Chinese Food Stand in Balance Valley

    -Artist in Max's neighborhood
    -A slimly built man with a green shirt, a wide-brimmed hat with a feather, and a blond goatee.
    -Lives near the mansion and the house with the Pumpkin Patch (Donny's dad, Morton, lives there) and has lots of paint buckets and sculptures inside his Palm Brinks home.
    -Complete the Golden Eggs in Jurak Mall (15 fence pieces around the Firbit's House, 10 Trees placed, and a resident in a Straw House in Sindain's Georama) and inspect them for a free Gold Paint to give to Parn to recruit him and his "miracle wife" Julia.
    -Needs a Purple Roof for his house

    -The butler at Max and Gerald's mansion
    -Rather thin with a curly mustache, brown hair, holds a tray and a white cloth, and wears a silver-white butler's outfit
    -Standing near the door when you walk in
    -Give him 2000 Gilda so he can buy a book and he'll return some of the money left over before joining you
    -Needs a house with a few Culture Points (pot torch outside, lamp, trees, chimney, etc.)

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  1. you can find Ferdinand and Stewart at Max's house. The house where you get Gordon.
    Stewart at the house hall. While Ferdinand at house kitchen.
    For Parn... Go to right after you pass the city bridge. You'll see Parn house that has an icon at the wall.

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