How do I make a fish tank?

  1. what pictures do I need for a fish tank?

    User Info: reshiram722

    reshiram722 - 6 years ago

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  1. The term is "Aquarium".

    First, take a picture of a...

    - Wooden Box
    - Window
    - Fountain

    All of these can be found within Palm Brinks. Afterwards, gather these materials to make it in the menu:

    - Rolling Log x5
    - Glass Material x4
    - Water Element x15

    The cost for the above materials should be 1,080 Gilda if you buy them all.

    User Info: KeyBlade999

    KeyBlade999 (FAQ Author) - 5 years ago 2 0


  1. Take pictures / save the ideas for "Wooden Box", "Window", and "Fountain" and think up a new invention in the "Make" screen using these three ideas. Then collect the necessary materials, most of which can be purchased by Condra in the back of the train starting in Chapter 2 after a certain point, and simply build it from the "Make" screen.

    User Info: kirbyarm

    kirbyarm - 6 years ago 2 1
  2. Take Pictures in this list >> Wooden Box-Fountain-Window. ^_^

    User Info: kingdom999

    kingdom999 - 5 years ago 0 0

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