How do I revive Jurak and recruit people from Palm Brinks to Sindain?

  1. Right now I'm at Sindain trying to recreate a civilization but I can't move the train because there's rocks blocking the way and I need to make people come to Sindain some how, and I can't get Jurak to be revived.

    User Info: manda_sama

    manda_sama - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Im when u r asking that u cant revive Jurak do u mean that u can put the eyes and nose things by each other or that u cant get the parts to do it? Anyway u want to get 100% on Sindain so u get the gun that builds up to the best gun in the game

    User Info: Flame_Markman

    Flame_Markman - 8 years ago

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  1. In Palm Brinks (getting most of the required characters for the rest of the game now):
    -Give Gordon a Holy Water
    -Talk to Milane as Monica, Build Up the Gladius she gives you into a Chopper or Sand Breaker (or if you can find one, show her that), and have Monica show the weapon to Milane
    -Complete Polly's fondue fetch quest
    -Give Adel a Hunk of Copper, a Thick Hide, and a Sturdy Cloth.
    -Give Ferdinand a Pointy Chestnut
    -Give Stewart 2000 Gilda
    -Talk to Gerald (Max's dad) as Max, Build Up the Trumpet Gun he gives you into a Bell Trigger (or if you can find one, show him that), and have Max show the weapon to his dad
    -Win Sheriff Blinkhorn's Time Trial (don't be surprised if you lose a lot, because you will)
    -Put out the candles in the church for Priest Bruno by inspecting the first and fifth candles on one side going one way and repeating the first and fifth (counting the closest as the first this time) on the opposite side on the way back

    In Sindain (getting a 100% Georama):
    -Place 15 River parts and 10 Trees (including the Nose Tree between the 2 Eye Trees, all 3 placed near the River)
    -Put Gordon, Adel, and Aunt Polly in Straw Houses (Gordon's house must be near several Trees, Aunt Polly's house must be near a Cart) and put Milane in a Wooden House (she won't live in a Straw House)
    -Get 50 Culture Points using Pots, Pot Torches, etc. (bunch the items near the houses to rack up CP) and place 15 Fence Pieces around the Firbit's House.

    In Jurak Mall (to advance the game)
    -Buy the Plant Monster Badge, Indestructible Coin, and Dark Coin (give the 2 Coins to Donny in Palm Brinks).
    -DO NOT BUY the Gold Paint - inspect the Golden Eggs for a FREE Gold Paint instead (give the Gold Paint to Parn in Palm Brinks)

    In Rainbow Butterfly Wood (to advance further)
    -Use the Monster Badge you bought to change Monica into a Himarra and talk to another Himarra for a Sun Drop
    -Grow the Lafrescia Flower at the end and take a photo of it for Donny's Scoops (show the photo to Claire in Palm Brinks instead of discarding it when you're done with the invention menu)

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  1. Did you finish all the levels and finished defeating the boss? You also need to make the village is Sindain. If you don't know how, go to where it shows this blue thing at the bottom, and then click select.

    When you finish all the levels and building the future and your village/town, the rocks will move and you will go to level three. Oh! And go to the future something will happen that's why it might not move.

    By the way,
    level three is annoying if you have weak characters and a weak ridepod.
    I know this because I'm on level 7, and it's so hard without the ridepod.
    So while your in the lower levels, level up your ridepod and Monica and Max.
    The stronger they are, the easier the game is to beat.

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  2. You cannot move the train forward, however you can go back to Palm Brinks in it. There, you must recruit Gordon, who stays just outside Maximilian's mansion (give him a Holy Water, you can get one from Priest Bruno in the church) and Aunt Polly (go to her bakery, take the bread, talk to Morton in his shop, read the notice on the front door of his house near the church, talk to Morton again and finally talk to Aunt Polly again). You can get other people, but those two are the only really necessary ones.

    After collecting the geostones in the Rainbow Butterfly Woods, you can now use the Carpenterior (press Select in Sindain) to make things and recriate the town. Check the objectives in the Carpenterior. If some objectives are unclear or if you cannot create something that is asked, go back to the Woods and get more Geostones.

    User Info: MateuVTK

    MateuVTK - 8 years ago 1 0
  3. I thought to just revive Jurak all you had to do was place the nose tree between two eye trees and put water around it... You should only need people for the Jurak Mall to be up and running again, which... to the above people, you have to have Jurak revived and the Jurak Mall up in order to finish Rainbow Butterfly Wood, so stop saying, "Just finish all the levels and it'll happen if you do the georama."

    User Info: AlexanderDrake

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  4. Here is the actuall easy to understand awnser
    I am assuming you have allready have started collecting geostones in the levels and have allready got the carpenterior
    this is what you must do to recruit people
    A)In the menu there is a MOVE option click that
    B) go back to Palm brinks your home town, there you can recruit people from Palm Brinks to go on the train
    C) To recruit ANYONE you must complete there mission, each recruitable has a request that you must complete some are easy others are very difficult
    D) once they are recruited you must build a house and click on the door then choose to put them in, some people have requirements that there house must have certain things near it for it to work
    E) you must recruit Polly, Gorden, and i believe either Adel or Milane to revive jurak completly and to progress the story.

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  5. Sindain is a hard town to build be sure to do these things:

    1. To recruit Palm Brinks Townspeople you need to do what they want(for example Gordon needs a holy Water).
    2.To create buildings you must get the requirements and gotten all the Geostones(or whatever its called)
    3.Do the requirements for this level Example Gordon needs to be near with the Trees with Eyes ande Nose so he will take care Jurak and if you do such things the future will be fully restored (Note:If you manage to do this things and got 100 percent of Analysis you will receive a Jurak Gun)

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