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"Mr. T? Meh. Tommy Lee? Meh. Fun? Neh."

Ah, Music Television. It is most definetly television, though calling the crap played on that God-awful station ''music'' is an insult to eardrums everywhere. What happened to real punk and real rock? Nonetheless, we get MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch. Yay?

In a nutshell, Celebrity Deathmatch pits ''celebrities'' in ''matches'' in which you have to cause ''death'' in order to win. To do this, you take your celebrity of choice and destroy another celebrity through simple yet long-winded attacks. You can choose from Cindy Margolis, Carrot Top, Jerry Springer, Tommy Lee, and many other B-list troglidites you haven't cared about since the mid-90's, and even then it was debatable. There's also N'SYNC; but who really cares?

This game is incredibly simple. If you've failed at other fighting/wrestling games, pick up Celebrity Deathmatch and instantly you'll feel seventy times better about your videogaming skill. The four face buttons control an attack, while the shoulder buttons function as block and taunt (much like the SmackDown series). Mash the hell out of your Dual Shock and you'll be very successful; the developers were very smart in the sense that because the game only has two modes, your fingers won't get so tired. Hence, mindless smashing in short bursts won't effect you as much as it would in longer periods. Each move is a giant animation that feels awkward and out of place. I would say that they interrupt the fun, but what fun?

You can create ''celebrities'' too: it's a simple create mode, but at least it gives the game some form of replayability. You're left with few options for torso, pants and hair without the ability to change clothing colour. It's slim pickings, but a nice little feature to an otherwise bland game. Too bad you can't actually use your own creations in the game's feature ''Episode'' mode, rather you're restriced to playing them in single ''exhibition'' matches. Rule one of fighting games: If you let us create characters, let us play with said characters.

The graphics are a mixed bag. It's supposed to be clay figures fighting, and I guess to a point, the character models look like clay figures. Some of the backgrouns look interesting, but you're confined to a ring (or a square the size of a ring) so it doesn't matter. The fire and lighting looks great, but doesn't help the horrible gameplay and depth issues.

Overall, I think anyone with taste should avoid MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch. It's worth a rent if anything, but only play it under the influence of medically-prescribed sedatives so you'll remember little about your experience with this sorry excuse for code.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 10/28/03

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