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"A game that had potential, but didn't use it...."

Celebrity Deathmatch was a great TV. show, but as a game, its somewhat less entertaining and here are my reasons why.

1. Controls: The first reason would be the simplicity of the controls. One or two mashes of a button and you're unleashing a combo that devastates your opponent, other times you find it difficult to move your character around the ring, which will leave you wide open for a attack from your opponent, speaking of your opponent, that leads me into to my second reason....

2. Computer A.I: The computer A.I in my opinion is retarded. Majority of the match he/she stands there and lets you beat him/her up, other times he/she just moves around the ring just staring at you. Its just too easy to beat you opponent, even on the more difficult levels they hardly put up a challenge. All matches shouldn't take any longer then 1-2 minutes when playing against the computer.

3. Graphics: The graphics aren't bad in my Opinion, the change of graphics from the TV show to the game was flawless, one of the few things that help level out this game a little.

4. Sound: The main theme song sounds great, and that's about it. The voice acting isn't up to par with most games. It sounds like 3-4 people in the development lab just got on the mic and said the lines that they thought were appropriate for each character. But its better then nothing. The background music gets old quick, and you'll find yourself cutting down the volume on your TV and listening to a cd or the radio.

5. Fun: This game can be mastered in under 10 minutes, and when games can be mastered that easily, it will sap the fun out of it a little bit, but the many celebrity's and different fighting arenas make up for it some. For me, the fun factor went away after about 30 minutes. Shortly after that the game became boring, and the only thing I had to look forward was cutting the game off, and seeing as I rented it, putting it back in its case and taking it back from where it came from, coming back home and being happy at the fact that I didn't buy the game.

6. Overall: Worth a rental. Take it that this game is not for everyone, but for hardcore fans of the show, and for those looking for something a little different and very easy or just looking for a cheap game to add to their library, this is at least.....worth a try.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 11/08/03

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