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"Good for a few laughs....only for hardcore fans."

I had a few bones to spear so I decide to pick up this cheap 20 buck game since I was a big fan of the t.v. show on after a few days I've decide to express my opinion

Graphics: 10/10
Wow, in most or nearly all the games I play I couldn't care less what the graphics were(unless a newer system game was 8-bit then I would care) so I usually rate high but this game is different. When playing this game it is almost like watching the t.v. show. Its that real! well clay real atleast it was great how the creators of this game make it look almost the same as the t.v. show and I liked that part alot.

Length: 0/10
Woah!!!! this is sad....after about two hours...I looked everywhere to see if I missed something but sadly..I didn't!
I mean I knew fighting games where short but this is very very very sad...I mean I've unlocked all the chars and stages...its not a long game at all...theres nothing you can do to make it longer -_-

Battle system: 4/10
Meh, there are no combos and very very little moves a death move and a super move. erm the battle system in this game reminds me of a wrestling game(very bad). On the bright side some of the moves are very funny so its good for a few laughs.

Story: ?/10
Erm there is no story so I can't really give it a rating.

Sound: 9/10
The sound effects are rather good. The commentary is good and funny though Nick and Johnny have only a few lines they are still funny. I also found when the celebs insulted and threatened each out it was funny.

Special features: 2/10
Wow this is a joke! The create a celeb should be called create a fighter. The reason is that you can't even make up your own celeb. You just make this two bit punk that wants to fight. This part reminds me of a dress game...ick!

Characters: 3/10
This low rating is only because there is not enough of them and the secret characters in this game are a joke! wolf man? and some made up alien thing? No thanks...the secret characters should have been more celebs because there are not enough of them to begin with! though playing as nick diamond is pretty cool hence the three.


RENT!!!!! This is only a two hour game! unless your a hardcore fan of this t.v. show like I was and has 20 bucks to spare you might as well pick it up. But other than that rent it first to see if you like it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/28/03

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