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"The only thing funny about this is how abysmal it is"

If anyone needed an example for cheap cash-ins, this is it. Why Gotham Games decided to take a funny-the-first-time-you-see-it TV show and attempted to make anything resembling a game out of it is unbelievable. This is what gamers should have locked up and thrown away the key the minute it was released. This is hell, in game form. Okay, enough ranting, here are my thoughts.

One word would describe these, sadly I can't submit it as it will probably result in a banning. It looks like Gotham brought in a group of four year olds and asked them to draw some celebrities (if you can call them celebrities). The four year olds obviously put in minimal effort.

Seems that graphics isn't the only thing that Gotham put a half-assed effort into. Let's see some of the ''celebrities'' that are on offer:
Marilyn Manson - Controversial metal singer, sued for anything he does.

Ron Jeremy - My favourite celebrity on this game, he's a porn star if you didn't know.

Dennis Rodman - Basketball player who ruined his career and my interest in basketball once he attempted to wrestle. Poor fool.

Mr. T - Another of my favourites, the man who made the A-Team great(''I ain't getting on no plane'').

Others include Cindy Margolis (Who?), Carrot Top (What?) and Justin Timberlake (Why?).

This is repetitive fighting with weak backing noise and unfunny commentary. None of the unlockable characters are celebrities, which makes the whole idea of the game a wreck. The sad thing is, this could have been great, the idea of celebrity's beating eachother up in game form sounded brilliant but no... this is flaccid, mind-numbingly awful fighting.
2/10 for including Ron Jeremy and Mr. T

This could last you around 6 hours. That's a quarter of a day, definetly not enough for 30 pounds or 35 dollars. There's a create-a-celebrity mode which may sound good but has no substance and no depth. Just, stay away. Any game containing Justin Timberlake is gonna be poor.

All in all, this is yet another decent licence thrown to the trash.

You'd think: ''WOW!! Celebrities beating each-other up, I'm gonna buy that.''

After you've bought the game: ''I'll never buy anything ever again. EVER!''

If you want a good celebrities beating each other up sort of game. I suggest you use a create-a-fighter mode on something that is better than this.

This isn't even worth a rental. Stay Away or be prepared to waste a few hours of your life and 30-35 pounds/dollars of your money.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 01/15/04

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