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"One of the worst games ever."

Celebrity Deathmatch is a game based on the mildly amusing TV show that was popular a few years ago. I’m being 100% honest when I say, this is one of the worst games of all time.


The gameplay consists of a 1 on 1 fight between two mildly famous celebrities such as Anna Nicole Smith, Carmen Electra, Busta Rhymes or Mr T. The objective is to beat up your opponent until their life gauge runs out. Your character has four moves to attack the opponent with. Four moves. Yes,FOUR. MOVES. Items occasionally fall from the sky and you can pick them up. Wow. As you can imagine, this gets repetitive in about 20 seconds. 20 seconds is also roughly how long it should take you to win a fight, since the game is also mind-numbingly easy. Once you have got your opponents life gauge empty, you can perform a finishing move. These get old very, very fast. So fast that you’ll probably be bored with them before the move actually ends.

Game Modes

There are 3 modes in the game, Episode, Deathmatch and Create a Celebrity.

Episode is the main mode, and all it is is just a series of pre-determined 1 on 1 matches, nothing else. 3 fights make up 1 episode, and there are 6 episodes to complete. Pathetic

Deatmatch is an exhibition match between any two characters, you can choose to play against the CPU or a friend.

Create a Celebrity is the worst ‘Create A’ I have seen in any game ever. If anyone actually manages to create something in here that actually looks like a celebrity please let me know. I will be VERY impressed.


PS1 quality. That sums up the graphics rather nicely. The celebrities look maybe slightly similar to their real life counterparts and the animation is just crap.


The music consists pretty much of the theme tune looping every 5 or 6 seconds and that’s about it. The celebrities say some insults and stuff, none of which are enough to even cause a smirk. The two commentators DO have 1 or maybe 2 amusing lines but that’s about the only positive thing in the whole game.

Play Time/Replay Value

If you really wanted to, you could probably beat Episode mode in about 45 minutes to an hour. You’ll get bored with the Deathmatch mode very, very quickly and after just looking at the options available on Create a Celebrity you will shake your head in disgust and eject the game from your PS2, and once you’ve taken the game out you won’t be putting it back in.


Find the game somewhere, stare at the box and cry. This game is a disgrace. I actually recommend renting this just to see how bad it is. Honestly.

If I had to choose one word to sum this game up it would be…


Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 01/24/04

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