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"This Is My Choice For Biggest Disappointment In 2003"


Celebrity Deathmatch was a show on MTV where clay celebrity look-a-likes fight to the death. Sounds interesting and it is....but this game is a HUGE disappointment if you are a fan of the show.


Celebrities go at it in an all out brawl. The pit their differences in bloody warfare. Celebrities killing celebrities tonight on..........Celebrity Deathmatch! This is a fighting story...just wanted to say that.


The graphics in this game is about the only good thing about it. They did a really good job of making the characters look like clay. Which is what they should do because the TV show characters are clay. If they made it 3-D that would have just ruined it even more. I liked how they lost skin if you clawed at them or hit them with a sharp object, it made it seem a little real and if you pummeled them they bruised, that was the good part.

The reason the graphics on gets a 5 is because there was a lot of collision problems. Half the time I had one leg in the mat or body parts sticking through the weapons I picked up or my head was sticking through my opponent's torso when I grabbed them. That was really disappointing because with all the new technology they should have fixed was like a VERY OLD Playstation game or N64 game. It was very disappointing.

The camera was good it stayed focused on the fighters during the match and rarely moved unless needed to. Now that the graphics are out of the way lets move on to the other aspects of the game.

SOUND: (6/10)

Let me correct myself, the sound is the best part of the game they got the same people that do the voices on the show to come back and do the voices for the characters on the game, yes they are cheesy rip-offs of the actual celebrity but it gets points for the fact it is like the tv show. The sound effects are somewhat good. The music is the worst aspect of the sound region. They have about 2 or 3 music files that rotate between different matches. But the music is terrible, just horrible. There really isn't much more to say here so lets move on.

GAMEPLAY: (3/10)

The controls for this game are so simple and non creative that a little newborn baby could pick it up and win a match. The difficulty on this game ranges from easy to hard....but even if you put it on hard you can complete a match in a matter of a few seconds. All you have to is rapidly push a few buttons and bam its over. Each character (Carrot Top, Shannon Doherty, Cleo, Carmen Electra, Ron Jeremy, Tommy Lee, Marilyn Manson, Cindy Margolis, Busta Rhymes, Anna Nicole Smith, N-Sync, Dennis Rodman, Jerry Springer, Mr.T, and some unlockable characters) has about 6 moves that is it. No depth at all.

4 moves are down just by pressing the triangle, square, x, or circle buttons and the other 2 are special moves that can't be done until your opponent is just about dead. And some of the moves have no point at all but just to make cheap joke. For Instance Ron Jeremy can turn into a "one eyed monster" and can spit stuff at you...pointless move, doesn't even harm the opponent. Each character does have their own variety of moves that correspond to them. Mr. T can drop the A-Team van on you, or when you play as N-Sync you can switch from each band member by pressing a special button.

The options of things you can do are very limited. They have Episode Mode where you play 3 matches in a episode, and once you win all the matches in the episode you unlock arenas or characters. Also some of the characters on the show that should be on the game because they were main factors aren't even there. Some of the arenas you unlock weren't even used on the show or were used once. Like one arena, ill just call it the DOD so I don't ruin anything was used all the time on the show and was never once put into the game, disappointing. It will only take you about an hour or so to blow right through this thing it is so short.

The create a celebrity option is the worst create a player option that I've seen in a long time. You get a few choices that can be randomly put together to make a character. You don't get to tweak anything hardly except the color, and I'm sure thats about it.

And then there is Deathmatch mode and all that is you get to fight a celebrity of your choice. I loved kicking the crap out of Carrot Top because this is the only chance that I will be able to. But even this mode gets boring after awhile because of the repetitive fighting system that this game has. This game is so simple and dull, except for a few funny things here and there, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.


Once you unlock all of the items and view all of the characters moves there really isn't anything to do. It gets really boring after a few fights. They only thing I can see you would want to play this again is to be able to beat up some annoying Celebrities......*COUGH*Carrot Top*COUGH*.


MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch was a great show, but the game is far from great, it is very disappointing, very dull, repetitive, and so-on. At least they got the graphics to look like the show.

STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THIS DISAPPOINTING PIECE OF CRAP AS YOU CAN!! If you really love the show and you want a quick fix, go rent the DVDs or something, just stay away from this. I had to learn it the hard way.

SOUND: 6/10
AVERAGE = 3.75
GameFaqs Score = 4

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/03/04

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