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    Boss FAQ by lvl53sora

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    Breath of Fire:
       Dragon Quarter
             Boss FAQ
    Version  1.6
    Fixed some spelling/gramatical problems.
    Fixed some D-counter values as they were set too low in the late game.
    Added splitting lines
    Version: 1.55
    Added a stragey for the first boss battle with Cyclops from...
    Version: 1.5
    Added recommended Lvls as a request
    Version: 1.4
    Added Kokon Horay Boss stragey.
    Version: 1.3
    Added another stragey for Cupid and Oncotte from highplainsdrifter 
    Added the 2 key skill locations
    Version: 1.2
    Added D-counter %'s for bosses. So you can stop yourself from going
    way too overboard.
    Version: 1.0
    First version
    This is for all of you who need help or suggestions for Boss Battles.
    This should help you get past some of these "meanies" and help you beat
    this game with out much trouble.
    Table of Contents
    1. How this works
    2. Bosses
      A. Cyclops (bs1)
      B. Bosch and Sargents (bs2)
      C. Lieutenants (bs3)
      D. (Round 1) Captains (bs4a)
      E. (Round 2) Asimov (bs4b)
      F. (Round 3) Zeno (bs4c)
      G. Tantra (bs5)
      H. Deegon (bs6)
      I. Geegagis (bs7)
      J. Tantra- 1. Deegon Version (bs8a)
                 2. Geegagis Version (bs8b)
                 3. Deegon and Geegagis Version (bs8c)
      K. Trinities (bs9)
      L. Boost Bosch (bs10)
      M. Regent Deamoned (bs11)
      N. Regent- 1. Cupid and Oncotte (bs12a)
                 2. Hortensia (bs12b
      O. Regent- 1. Jezuit (bs13a) 
                 2. Vexacion (bs13b)
      P. Elyon (bs14)
      Q. Bosch (bs15)
      R. D. Bosch (bs16)
      S. Final Boss (bs17)
      T. Dover  (Sbs1)
    3. Notes
    4. Questions
    5. Conclusion
    1. How this Works
    This is just here to show you how the Lay down goes. So here is what the
    Boss Box will look like.
       Name: <name of boss>; (name of helpers)
       Hp: (Bosses Hp)
       H1hp: (1st helpers hp)
       H2hp: (2nd helpers hp) <and so on>
       Steal: <items you steal and from who>
       Drop: <items dropped by the boss>
       *Caution*: <this will warn you of anything "deadly" or dangerous)
       Tactic: (This will tell ya how to work this battle for the most ease)
       D-counter: This is to tell ya what your D-counter MAX should be around
    for a successful play. You don't have to follow this but you can see where
    you should be around for your D-counter. Trust me you don't to waste it.
    *NOTE*: here is the location of 2 key skills that you might need to get in
    order to get full use of this FAQ.
    Transfer- A Nina skill, steal it off of Rescuemechs before Deamoned
    Discharge- A Ryu skill, the side quest for Nina's medicine. Talk to Lin
    after you have spoken to the Trinity leader but before you rest. In a
    2. Bosses
    A. (bs1)
      Name: Cyclops; N/A
      Hp: 440
      Steal: Ogre Slash
      Drop: None
      *Caution*: After health drops below 1/2 he gets angry and doubles his
    attack strength.
      Tactic: Since you only have Ryu for this fight, I would suggested attack 
    every other turn allowing for some damage and a chance to run incase of
    emergency. Cyclops will sometimes use his turns to use Spirit Charge. His 
    next attack will be Deadly (possibly over 100) so keep healed incase of 
    major damage. This shouldn't be too hard just take it easy and go for the
    hits EVERY OTHER TURN. You SHOULD out last him.
      D-Counter: 0%
      Recommended lvl: 2-4
    if you attack him and finish each turn with the level 1 skill "kick", which
    knocks the enemy back a good distance, he can't even get close enough to 
    touch you. I beat him the first time I played the game, using that method. 
      - Aoshi0@aol.com
    B. (bs2)
      Name: Bosch; Gunner Sgt., Battler Sgt.
      Hp: 360
      H1hp: 160
      H2hp: 160
      Steal: (Bosch)- 6,000z: Skill-Fang
             (Gunner)- Pistol +1: 300z
             (Battler)- Ranger Shell +1: 300z
      Drop: None
      *Caution*: None.
      Tactic: This will be the EASIEST boss battle EVER. Just be careful as 
    you are now in D-form and any attack you do will run up the D-counter 
    and ending the turn add 1 point to it. So what do you do? If you want 
    Fang put Ryu out of Bosch's Range (Bosch will ONLY ATTACK RYU unless he
    is out of range), put Lin by him and he should attack her. Make sure she
    has the shield ability Steal equipped. Lin will MOST LIKELY fall from 
    this onslaught but wrap this fight up on the 2nd turn and you should have like
    6% or more but if you went over 10% retry and dont go mad. (The BEST way to
    use d is to use the 30ap attack. It ups the d-counter 1.50% but attacks twice)
      D-Counter: 1-6% is decent but you can go to 10%
      Recommended lvl: ~11-12
    C. (bs3)
      Name: Gunner Lieut, Battler Lieut, Mage Lieut
      H1hp: 500
      H2hp: 600
      H3hp: 520
      Steal: (Gunner)- Hangun +1: 800z
             (Battler)- Ranger Edge +2: 500z
             (Mage)- Ranger Shell +3: 500z
      Drop: NONE
      *Caution*: Don't let your health drop to or below 100. The Mage can either
    deal about 50 damage or EXACTLY 100 so dont go below 100 or stay at 100 AT
      Tactic: You are going to be poisoned EVERY ROUND so dont bother healing the
    effects. If you have it bring in anti-Poison acc into this battle. You will
    not get poisoned at ALL. Anyway, go for the biggest threats first,
    The Gunner and Mage Lieuts. They both have Kits to heal the party (1 at a
    time) and the Mage can deal the MOST damage. So take them out and the Battler
    won't even stand a chance after. This was over before it started.
      D-Counter: AT MOST 12% at this time.. from going D. if you go over from
    walking don't worry your ok.
      Recommended lvl: ~14
    D. (bs4a)
      Name: (2) Gunner Capn, (2) Lead Gunner, (2) Battler Cap, (2) Lead Battler
      H1hp: 520
      H2hp: 720
      H3hp: 620
      H4hp: 750
      Steal: Gunner C- Skill-Dent Weapon: 550z
             Lead G- Skill-Third Eye: 800z
             Battler C- Ranger Shell +3: 500z
             Lead B- Skill-Counter: 800z
      Drop: None
      *Caution*: Its an 8v3 fight don't fool around.
      Tactic: Be careful this is a 8v3 fight but you have a SLIGHT upper hand so
    use it! Thats right healing items. They have small heals but will die before
    they can use them. Use group attacks on the groups As much as possible. A 
    great idea would be to get the Fireblast and Iceblast skills from the Antz 
    Colony Skill shop if you can get them. It would make it easier and you won't
    have to use puny lvl 1 skills. If you want mass Party Exp and don't really 
    care about your D-Counter, you can D-Dive and take them out fast for some 
    the Party EXP but dont bother (unless you REALLY REALLY NEED IT)
      D-counter: At most 20% if you D-Dive.. Don't kill them all just weaken
    them for easier pickens. 15% if you don't D-Dive
      Recommended lvl: ~18-19
    E. (bs4b)
      Name: Asimov; Annex
      Hp: 1400
      H1hp: 200
      Steal: Asimov- Generator: Skill-Take this!
             Annex- Battery Pack
      Drop: NONE
      *Caution*: After you kill Asimov he will EXPLODE in 3 turns so move out 
    so the blast does not hit you.
      Tactic: Asimov "summons" Annexes with his skill transfer so you wont see
    them immediately. I want you to HIT ASIMOV and ANNEXes WITH ICE! That's 
    right ICE. That's their weakness. I bet your saying but their Machines 
    wouldn't lightning work? Nope they have almost immunities to them and it
    HEALS the Annexes. If you take the Generator or Battery Pack they will 
    power down and be weaker. With Nina going at it with Ice. Ryu should try 
    to lower its defense so he can do some major damage to it often and Lin 
    should group hit Asimov and the Annexes. No D-counter use necessary so 
    just lay the beat down and save for the next battle.
      D-Counter:  21% if D-Dived last battle, 16% if you didn't
      Recommended lvl: ~18-19
    F. (bs4c)
      Name: Zeno; (2) Mage Capt
      Hp: 1600
      H1hp: 580
      Steal: Zeno- Skill-Feint: V
             Mage Capt- Magic Wand +2: 450z
      Drop: NONE
      *Caution*: Zeno will power up either A. Both Mages die or B. She hits 
    Half health. When she powers up she hits harder, faster, and takes slightly 
    less damage.
      Tactic: The Mages still can kill ya if you drop below 100 Hp so try not 
    to stay low for a long time. Take out a Mage and lower the others HP 
    DRASTICALLY but do not kill him. Then get Zeno down to half and she will 
    power up. You finish off the Mage and Zeno will be gone in NO TIME at all.
    The Mages will kill more often then Zeno.
      D-Counter: 22% if D-dived first round, 17% if you didn't
    Recommended lvl: ~18-19
    G. (bs5)
      Name: Tantra
      Hp: 1300
      Steal: Skill- C'mere!: 300z
      Drop: NONE (actually the ID card you need)
      *Caution*: None
      Tactic: This battle won't be too hard at all. Its just a slug fest. He 
    might lower one of your Party members stats but its only for 3 turns so 
    just put it in the back of your mind and finish him off quick and don't 
    go D. Its a pure waste.
      D-Counter: Between 26% is ok.
      Recommended lvl: ~20
    H. (bs6)
      Name: Deegon
      Hp: 1600
      Steal: Afro
      Drop: NONE
      *Caution*: Don't let him get the jump on you. He is very fast and can 
    deal major damage if he attacks twice in a row. So don't let him. He 
    also Counters.
      Tactic: Don't bother having steal on. Afro is just an item to sell for 
    about 500 (i think). This is guys fast so try to set up Fragball traps to
    freeze him and try to knock him back into them or just set them so he HAS
    to walk into them. This might take a few extra heals but its not too tough.
      D-Counter: 28%
      Recommended lvl: ~20
    I. (bs7)
      Name: Geegagis
      Hp: 1300
      Steal: Boost Power: Boost Armor
      Drop: NONE
      *Caution*: He has HEAVY defense and after 10 hits will use his TAKE THAT!
    skill which the damage is based on how close you are.
      Tactic: Nina needs to use Non-fire magic to get past his defense. Ryu 
    should use Fang and have Lin knock him back a bit so he wastes AP to move.
    When a text message appears he is CHARGING TAKE THAT! and it WILL BE USED
    NEXT TURN. so if you want get in a swipe then back out. Rinse and Repeat,
    Victory is yours.
      D-counter: 28%
      Recommended lvl: ~20
    J. - (bs8a)
      Name: Tantra - Deegon
      Hp: 2000
      Steal: Skill-brainquake: 7th Sense
      Drop: NONE
      *Caution*: He is kinda fast with Draining Counters. Meaning that you
    should heal after YOU ATTACK cause drain takes a % of your Current HP.
      Tactic: Just use the Deegon tactic but beware as he uses some of his 
    old abilties. Keep well healed and keep Lin knocking him back.
      D-counter: 36%
      Recommended lvl: ~21
       - (bs8b)
      Name: Tantra - Geegagis
      Hp: 1600
      Steal: Skill- Blunt: 7th sense
      Drop: NONE
      *CAUTION*: High defense just like Geegagis and also uses TAKE THAT!
    like before, after 10 hits. 
      Tactic: Use Geegagis' tactic and make SURE you heal after each MAJOR
    damage done to your health. He has a strong magic, a lower attack, 
    and slightly lower defense. Tantra is a bit harder than Geegagis but 
    its the same principle.
      D-Counter: 36%
      Recommended lvl: ~21
      - (bs8c)
      Name: Tantra - Deegon & Geegagis
      Hp: 2400
      Steal: Skill- Crimson Raid: 7th Sense
      Drop: NONE
      *Caution*: This is the strongest form with all of the above abilites
      Tactic: You can transfrom into D charge twice and twister to kill for
    like 6.50% D-counter. But don't use that resort unless you really want 
    to breeze through this. Otherwise, beware of TAKE THAT!, his Drain hooked
    up to counter (will take a % of your current health so heal after you hit
    him). He has Pre-Primus which can be used againest you so SCATTER out so
    you can hit him but he can't chain on you.
      D-counter 36%
      Recommended lvl: ~21-22
    K. (bs9)
      Name: Zebul; Trinity!?, Trinity!!, Trinity??
      Hp: 900
      H1hp: 800
      H2hp: 800
      H3hp: 700
      Steal: Zebul- Slave Clothes+6: 1000z
             Trinity!?- Heavy Suit+3: 600z
             Trinity!!- Ruby Maser+3: Leg Warmer
             Trinity??- Magic Wind+4: 650z
      Drop: NONE
      *Caution*: Some Trinities can hit Nina through the Window so beware.
      Tactic: ~Mission~ Protect Nina: She CANNOT FALL ONCE during this WHOLE
    BATTLE. So keep her out of there. She has lock so you can cure it if you
    want to use her. Just dispatch of the first 2 guys and 2 more will come in.
    They will be overly obsessed with Nina so they SHOULDN'T put up too much 
    of a fight. Just cream them!
      D-counter: ~50%
      Recommended lvl: ~26
    L. (bs10)
      Name: Bosch (Boost)
      Hp: 2000
      Steal: Mega Panacea: Skill-Thrust
      Drop: NONE
      *Caution*: Bosch regens 1/4 of his health at the end of EVERY TURN. So
    if you don't make too much of a DENT on his life you are doing nothing.
    Once he gets close to 1/4 Max health he will power up and lay the beat 
    downs on Ryu most likely killing him EVERY TURN. So bring TONICS.
      Tactic: PLEASE READ THE CAUTION! Have Nina either A. Transfer her AP 
    or use your most DAMAGING spells on Bosch. Lin should attack every other
    turn maximizing her damage but if necessary she can attack every turn for
    a less damaging combo. Bosch will only attack Ryu until he is killed so 
    Discharge would be nice right now. Just return everything that Bosch sends
    at ya. This might take a while but you'll live.
      D-counter: 55% (at most, D-form is NOT NEEDED)
      Recommended lvl: ~30
    Side Note: I realize that if you aren't on a second playthrough, you might
    not yet have transfer. It is coming up shortly (just before Deamoned), but
    if you don't have it the above makes it hard to work with. Thus, if you can
    not transfer AP from Nina to Ryu, then simply use her as a trapper. Put
    Joltball and other status afflicting traps in between Bosch and the party.
    This will give him a little trouble and upset his combos, nina can then back
    up heal when necessary and if she gets high in the AP rain down some magic
    combos.This fight is a pain in the butt no matter what you do. Discharge 
    will always come out in the end if you need it.
    M. (bs11)
      Name: Deamoned
      Hp: 3800 Absolute Defense: 200
      Steal: Skill-Anger: Pump Muscles
      Drop: The 2nd key
      *Caution*: The absolute defense is like a 200 point shield he has at the
    start of every combo that you must breach before you deal damage.
      Tactic: Attack every other turn with Lin. Transfer Ap to Ryu or let loose
    every other turn with Nina. Ryu, I'm sure you get the game plan by now.
    Deamoned will Spiritcharge every so often, get ready he will hit you for a 
    2-hit combo for about 200 points of damage. Great discharge for Ryu if he 
    gets hit.  Deamoned may kill a character but after you take Anger switch 
    to shields with Valor or Feint to keep you alive.
      D-counter: 60% (doesn't require D-dive)
      Recommended lvl: ~32
    N. (bs12a)
      Name: Cupid & Oncotte
      Hp: 3200 Absolute Defense: 220 ->(Oncotte is indestructable)<-
      Steal: Cupid-Silver Arc+4: Divine Coat+4
             Oncotte-Celtis+9: Superheavy+3
      Drop: The 3rd Key
      *Caution*: Oncotte can't be killed, that's all.
      Tactic: Unleash the FURY ON CUPID. Charge up Ryu's Ap with Nina, Use Lin 
    to knock-back Oncotte to reduce damage receive from this HULK. It will take
    a while a few heals but you'll live. If Oncotte touches you, you'll be hit 
    for around 200 and Cupid will Knockback someone after a while. Cupid MUST 
    ORDER Oncotte every few turns or he does nothing so this is a free attack 
    turn, TAKE IT!!
      D-counter: 67%
      Recommended lvl: ~33
    Another Stratgey for your viewing pleasure.
    On Cupid and Oncotte, have Nina surround Oncotte with Joltball traps. As 
    soon as Oncotte hits one, he takes damage and his turn ends. Keep Nina busy
    doing this and have the others go after Cupid and you'll never have to deal
    with Oncotte. 
    By: highplainsdrifter 
      Name: Hortensia
      Hp: 3500 Absolute Defense: 260
      Steal: Bangle+4: SaveQueen+4
      Drop: The 3rd Key
      *Caution*: Hortensia changes the squares every turn. 
      Tactic: Try to keep on the Blue and White Squares. Attack every other turn.
    Sometimes she will knock you back forcing you to WASTE AP. This is annoying
    but live with it. Every turn Hortensia will get a Different weakness use Lin's 
    Profile ability to find out what it is. That should get you to use Nina in 
    this and not just her Ap transfering abilites. Just hold on and beware of the
    squares and of some of her attacks.
      D-counter: 67%
      Recommended lvl: ~33
    O. (bs13a)
      Name: Jezuit
      Hp: 3600 Absolute Defense: 50
      Steal: Excel Suit+9: Solid Ribbon+8
      Drop: 4th Key
      *Caution*: He will make himself IMPOSSIBLE to hit.. but you can A. wait for
    him to come out of it or B. drop a trap from Nina and break him out of it.
      Tactic: With the lowest absolute defense, don't take him for granted. He can
    still pack a BIG punch. He can multistrike any single person or hit them all
    for less damage but it still hurts. Take him out.. He won't be as hard as you
    think he is...
      You should really think about stealing from him if you fight him. The equips
    are solid, and will last you for a while (even maybe through another 
      D-counter: 72%
      Recommended lvl: ~35
      Name: Vexacion; Ryked, Nalaka
      Hp: 4200 Absolute Defense: 280
      h1Hp: 2600
      h2Hp: 2400
      Steal: Vexacion-Terabreak: Mandou Blade+9
             Ryked- Strong Sword+5: Solid Ring+8
             Nalaka- Strong Sword+9: Solid Shell+7
      Drop: 4th Key
      *Caution*: Ryked and Nalaka will announce that their saving Ap, when they do
    this they WILL COUNTER your attacks so just hang back for a turn charge your
    Ap and let loose next turn.
      Tactic: With Ryked and Nalaka, Vexacion can be a pain. So go for broke
    if you want. Let out the D-Dive and charge up and let FURY FLY. (This time
    use hurricane to hit all 3 if your fast enough). But if you don't have the 
    D to spare.. Be prepared for a long battle. Try to take out Ryked and
    Nalaka while doing damage to Vexacion but that might not be possible, so just
    unleash hell on Ryked and Nalaka and charge up Ryu's Discharge (this will
    speed up the battle ENORMOUSLY). When they are dead get rid of Vexacion's
    Absolute Defense, get in your hits then use Discharge as your last hit. This
    should cause A WHOLE LOT OF DAMAGE if Ryked and Nalaka hit Ryu a lot.. if not
    it will still do a decent amount of damage. Then go back to every other turn
    attacks with Lin, Transfer ap to Ryu and boom Vexacion SHOULD be done in
    under 10 minutes.
      D-counter: 72%
      Recommended lvl: ~35
    P.  (bs14)
      Name: Elyon; Alter Ego
      Hp: 6000 Absolute Defense: 330
      h1Hp: 3000
      Steal: Elyon-7th Sense: Tonic
             Alter Ego- NONE
      Drop: NONE
      *Caution*: Summons the 2 Alter Egos first turn.
      Tactic: Elyon WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE FIRST TURN on every turn. So be preped.
    Also since you have 20 turns to make this happen... You have to be BRAVE VERY
    BRAVE. Elyon will get back the Alter Ego's unless he is meditating.. so lower
    them and then hit Elyon until he meditates. Then kill them and Focus on Elyon.
    You should try get at least 1/3 to 1/2 damage on him (2000-3000) damage while
    he meditates if your doing really good. If not.. become reckless... You can't 
    afford to waste a turn waiting unless its Lin. Nina's transfering, Ryu's 
    attacking, so whats Lin doing? She will charge and try to cause major damage
    with SHATTER! if possible if not rain hell on all 3 (or just Elyon) if poss.
    With luck, preserverance, and a lot of damage. You will make beat him in 15-17
    turns. Its cutting it close but it WILL WORK.
      D-counter: 85%
      Recommended lvl: ~38-39 above 40 is great too
    Side Note: Elyon and Alter Egos are the best place in all of BoF:DQ to farm
    party exp and some money if you do not mind SoL restart/restore. Just beat
    Elyon killing him in one turn with Dragon, then SoL restore in the proper
    order (soft save) and you should get massive bonus'. Then when you are
    comfortable, just beat Elyon normally to advance.
    Q.  (bs15)
      Name: Bosch
      Hp: ????
      Steal: ????
      Drop: None
      *Caution*: Powers up when near death.
      Tactic: Pound on him. He does have a 100 Absolute Defense but thats kinda
    easy to break through. Use Discharge often. He should fall. It will take alot
    of heals if you dont have Armor boosts, 7th sense or anything that boosts 
    defense. Bosch takes away your defense really often. This isn't really that 
    hard. Bosch won't just attack Ryu anymore, he will sometimes hit Lin or Nina.
    Lin should do the last minute heals and attack EVERY OTHER TURN. Nina should 
    lend Ryu a hand with his AP. The battle shouldnt be too long (just over 10 
      D-counter: 89%
      Recommended lvl: ~39
    R. (bs16)
      Name: D. Bosch
      Hp: ????
      Steal: ????
      Drop: None
      *Caution*: Lin and Nina won't do anything in this battle.
      Tactic: Go Dragon, power up at least 3 times and use at least 2 Twisters. 
    That will kill Bosch without his movement. There's one more "Boss" Left.
      D-counter: As long as you can D-dive and kill him and not hit 100% yet.
    S. (bs17)
      Name: ????
      Hp: ????
      Steal: None
      Drop: None
      *Caution*: None
      Tactic: D-breath the rest of your D-counter. It's over. You MUST do this 
    to finish the game.
      D-counter: Doesn't matter you have to finish it off anyway.
    T. (Sbs1)
      Name: Dover
      Hp: Over 15000
      Steal: Dragon Tears
      Drop: ????
      *Caution*: He can and might kill a person a round depending on your level.
    Watch for this if he skips a turn.
      Tactic: Use Ryu to D-Dive hit Dover with a WEAK ATTACK, this should get 
    him to switch to Dragon defense, so hit him for the rest of the turn with
    normal Ryu, Nina (if you dont want to transfer Ap to Ryu), and of course
    Lin. This will cause massive damage to Dover. You can should do this every
    so often when you need a boost. It will speed up the battle and you CAN
    POSSIBLY DO THIS IN 1 TURN. Kill Dover that is...
      Recommended lvl: 40-50 should give you enough leeway to defeat him..
    Reward from Dover: Completion of all 50 floors, and Nina's Lvl 3 skill,
    3. Notes:
    Some of these battles may seem hopeless but dont give up. Just make sure you
    don't waste your D-counter. You need it for the last 2 or 3 battles.
    Carry at least 20 GOOD healing items and a few (10) Tonics. Some battles are
    exempt to this.
    4. Questions
    Q: Could You add ______ to your FAQ?
    A: Sure.. Just I need to know what you would like extra.
    If you have any more questions just feel free to ask! PLEASE!!
    Email: Roydragonlynbt@hotmail.com
    AOL: chronoajx43
    MSN: Roydragonlynbt@hotmail.com
    5. Conclusion
    This guide is only for private use only. This guide is only allowed on:
    If you want this guide on your site just email me: Roydragonlynbt@hotmail.com
    and I'll give you permission if I get your site address and when it will be
    up. You must also promise to update the guide frequently.
    Copyright Roydragon 2003
    	  lvl53Sora (2003) name change in 2008.

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