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    FAQ/Walkthrough by HolyLancer9

    Version: 0.40 | Updated: 03/19/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                           BREATH OF FIRE: DRAGON QUARTER
                                Current version: 0.40
                           Copyright 2003 Nickolas Meyer
    This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.
    1.  Version 
    2.  Intro/Getting started 
    3.  Characters 
    4.  Skill list
    5.  Battles 
    6.  Walkthrough
    7.  Fairy Village 
    8.  Item list
    9.  Equipment
      1. Weapons
      2. Armor
      3. Shields
    10. Enemy List
    11. Tips
    12. Thanks
    13. Legal stuffs
    Version: 0.40 - (3/19/03) I fixed a couple of things, like I kept calling the
             'Frozen Road' the 'Ice Road' and some other minor things. The walk-
             through now goes up to the 'MidSector Mall' area. The fairy village
             section is quite a ways along now. I also decided to add an enemy
             section, and I'll get around to that when I can. Got a few more items
             in, and filled a *couple* holes in the skill section...more to come
             in the next update, obviously.
    Version: 0.20 - (3/15/03) I have up to the beginning of the 'Ice road' dungeon
             done for the walkthrough. The skills section has several holes in it,
             and many of the other sections, like the Fairy colony, equipment list,
             and tips sections don't even exist yet. I'm working hard at getting
             these areas at least started by the next update.
    Intro/getting started
    Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter is the 5th game in Capcom's Breath of Fire
    series. The game is unlike the first four games in several ways. Whereas the
    previous games in the series have always followed the 'norm' for RPGs, Dragon
    Quarter breaks that standard by being an action/strategy/survival RPG. Gone
    are the days of the dragon clan, the huge forested areas, the master system,
    and the several characters who join you on your quest to find 'truth' about
    your powers. This game takes place entirely underground, with only 3 charac-
    ters, and one limited dragon transformation. However, none of that stops this
    from being one of the most excellent RPGs on the market today. This first
    section will help you along by informing you of some of the 'do's' and 'don'ts'
    of the game, so you will know how to react in a similar situation.
    First off, I want to say that most of the time you will notice that I usually
    refer to the cardinal directions (North, East, South, West) instead of 'left,
    right, etc.' although, I sometimes do. The directions are easier, and they
    corrispond with the mini-area map in the bottom right corner of the screen. If
    I say 'go through the door to the north' I mean north on the map, not what may
    appear to be north on the actual screen. The map in the corner of the sceen
    only shows a small portion of the floor you're currently on, but if you press
    the 'O' (Circle) button, it will bring up the map for the entire floor.
    Being a survival RPG, you must ration out your healing items carfully. There
    are no inns, or HP restoring rest areas in the game. And even events where your
    characters rest do not refill your HP. It is absolutely vital to your survival
    to carry several healing items with you at all times. At least 20 healing
    items and 10 or so Tonics. Depending on the situation, you may possibly want
    more. Healing items can always be bought at shops, and can also be found in
    various dungeons, and by killing certain enemies. There aren't any healing
    spells, however.
    Inventory space
    Unlike most other RPGs, you can carry a very limited number of items in this
    game. This is especially true until you find items called 'Backpacks' which
    allow you to carry more items. When going through dungeons, you must decide
    what is and isn't important to the survival of your characters. You should
    dedicate at LEAST one page to healing/status curing/recovery items, alone. If
    you have less than that, you may find yourself in middle of a hostile dungeon,
    with low HP and absolutely no way to heal your characters. When exploring new
    areas, you may be hard-pressed to decide what to keep, and what to throw away.
    Item/Enemy placement
    Quite simply put, Items and enemies are, for the most part, randomly placed in
    the various dungeons in the game. The exeptions being; Save Tokens (I'm fairly
    sure of this, at least) Items in Blue Treasure Chests, and for enemies, bosses
    and danger room enemies. Items are obtianed by breaking boxes, (Appearing in
    white, yellow, and red colors) and these boxes are placed in random areas of
    the dungeon, which is why I haven't listed every item you can find. Boxes
    usually contain basic items like healing items, trap items, stat increasing
    items, etc. They may also contain Save Tokens, but those are usually always in
    the same place. (As far as I know) Often times, you will defeat a group of
    enemies and a key will appear. This key can be used on a Blue Treasure Chest
    on the same floor you got the key. The Blue Chest items are the only static
    (Meaning, unchanged) items in the game. I go into detail about how to get them
    in each area, though. I have enemies listed in every section as well, and
    although you may not encounter the same enemies in the same areas that I have,
    you can expect to see the enemeis I have listed on that floor, though.
    'PETS' (Traps system)
    This is a unique feature of the game that allows you to sort of set up a battle
    before it begins. There are several types of Traps, like meat, which can draw
    a large group of enemies together, allowing you to attack all of them at
    once, bombs that allow you to damage enemies, and a handful of other items that
    you can use on your enemies on the field before the battle even begins. You
    can press '[]' (Square) to throw your current selected trap at the enemies.
    You can change which trap you want to use pressing L1 out of battle. Just
    experiment with the traps, and see which ones work best for you.
    Party Experience
    Aside from the normal experience you get from beating enemies, you can get
    'extra' experience after battle. Basically, you get more experience by using
    traps, attacking first, and fighting bigger groups of enemies all at once. You
    can gain huge ammounts of experience this way, as you can get anywhere from 0%
    to 250% extra experience after battle.
    SOL Situations
    Basically, anytime during the course of the game, you can elect to 'Give up'
    by pressing R2 while in the status menu. You will be given the option of doing
    a SOL Restart or a SOL Restore. A Restore allows you to go back to the last
    save you had, you lose all levels, but retain all money, party experience,
    equipment, etc. In an SOL restart, you keep the same things as above, but you
    start at the beginning of the game. If you die, however, you can still Restart
    or restore, but your Zenny and Party Experience will be cut in half. By doing
    restarts/restores, you will open new Cutscenes as well.
    D-Counter/Ryu's Dragon Powers
    After a certain event, the D-Counter will appear, and if it gets to 100%, you
    will get a Game Over. Several things can contribute to raising this counter,
    and tansforming into Ryu's Dragon form is one of them. Here is a list showing 
    what raises the D-Counter, and by How much:
    000.01% - One turn in battle in human form.
    000.01% - Every 15-20 steps on the field.
    001.00% - Transforming into Dragon during battle.
    002.00% - One turn in battle as Dragon form.
    002.00% - Using 'D-Charge' once.
    001.00% - 10 AP skill 'Vortex.'
    001.25% - 20 AP skill 'Hurricane.'
    001.50% - 30 AP skill 'Twister.'
    ---.--% - Dragon Breath.
    ---.--% - D-Dash. Run at high speeds on the Field map.
    Dragon Breath is an attack that Ryu can use by pressing R1 and then Circle in
    battle. It doesn't have a 'set' amount of percentage, because you hold the
    circle button, and the dragon breath attack continues and your D-Counter
    continues to rise until you release the circle button. This attack does severe
    damage to an enemy, but will spend all of your precious D-Counter points very
    quickly. D-Dash is the ability Ryu gets early that allows him to run at super
    speed, knocking enemies out of the way avoiding battle. It doesn't cost any-
    thing at first, but once the D-counter starts, it does. The longer you hold
    the button (R2) the faster Ryu's D-counter will go up. As far as Ryu's Dragon
    attacks go, you can pretty much kill anything by doing a D-Charge or two and
    then using one of his skills. This all sounds bad, but if you don't abuse the
    power by using it on every boss, it won't hurt you.
    Every time you beat the game, your D-Ratio will raise. You start at a lowly
    1/8192, and can preform certain actions during the game that will contribute
    to your overall 'preformance' and give you a higher rank. The highest it can
    go is 1/4...The Dragon Quarter. What do you get for raising this rank? Well,
    when you start the game after you beat it and your D-Ratio has gotten higher,
    you will find a more powerful Dragon Blade, in the Genic Processor early in
    the game. A higher D-Ratio also allows you to access areas behind D-Ratio doors
    that you couldn't get through when your Ratio was lower.
    Weapon: Sword (Physical attacks)
    X-Button: Slash
    R2-Button: D-Dash
    Ryu is the main character of the game, who is a 'Ranger' and, a young boy at
    16 who is more concerned about the well being of the people around him. He
    saves Nina early in the game which pretty much spells trouble for him, as
    several people end up after him. He'll stop at nothing to protect Nina and do
    what he thinks is right. Battle-wise, he specializes in taking down single, or
    small groups of enemies quickly. Use the 'X' Button on the field to slash
    enemies, giving Ryu the extra turn. The D-Dash is obtained early in the game,
    and allows Ryu to run at 'super-speed' and also allows him to get past enemies
    without a battle. When the D-Counter begins running, however, you'll want to
    shy away from using this feature. Also, Ryu can awaken the power of the Dragon
    by Pressing R1 and then [] (Square) during battle. Virtually nothing can
    survive the power of the wyrm, including bosses. However, using this ability
    may come at a very high price...
    Weapon: Sword (Physical attacks)
    X-Button: Kick
    R2-Button: ????
    Bosch is a powerful, high ranking Ranger, who is assigned to go with Ryu to
    investigate the lift at the beginning of the game. Battlewise, he out-classes
    Ryu (at first) and starts with some decent abilities. Bosch's 'X' button skill
    is to 'kick' an enemy, giving him the extra turn. Unfortunately, Bosch is only
    with you for a short time at the beginning, so don't get comfortable with him
    around. Bosch is also an arrogant, self-absorbed guy, who only cares about his
    high rank, which may cause problems later...
    Weapon: Rods (Magic attacks)
    X-Button: Rod-Strike
    R2-Button: Item Tractor beam
    Nina is a 12 year-old girl who Ryu saves from a monster early in the game.
    She is a bit of an odd girl, if not only because of the fact she has wings...
    She doesn't talk much, for reasons unknown to Ryu, but tends to show how she
    feels through her actions. She will stop at nothing to help Ryu, knowing that
    he saved her, and his intentions are good. Her 'X' button action is to strike
    an enemy with her staff, initiating battle. She uses magic spells, which can
    devistate the enemies, especially when you get her level 3 spells which can
    affect a huge area. Her R2 button ability may seem worthless at first, but is
    actually quite useful if you defeat enemies over an open area, or can't quite
    reach an item. Press R2 to pull items toward Nina, and then simply pick them
    Weapons: Guns (Area attacks)
    X-Button: Shoot
    R2-Button: Target an enemy
    Lin a 21-year old woman who is a member of 'Trinity,' a group of outlaws who
    are against the Rangers. Lin attacks the train Ryu and Bosch are on early in
    the game, but eventually joins Ryu and Nina in their quest to take Nina to the
    surface. Her 'X' button ability allows her to shoot an enemy from afar, and
    initiate battle. Do this against slow enemies, or enemies with a low movement
    radius. Several of Lin's level 3 skills can damage enemies in a huge area, and
    most of her other abilities can cause status effects on enemies, if comboed
    correctly. If you don't figure out how to use her properly, however, her power
    will literally go to waste because she is fairly slow, and has a small move
    radius. Her R2 button feature allows her to target an enemy out of battle, to
    make sure her hit connects properly.
    Skill List
    Skills come in 2 types; Weapon Skills, and shield Skills. They're learned by
    using an expendible item with the same name on the character. (Example: You
    find the item called 'Steal.' Use this item on the party so that they learn
    the skill 'Steal.') Shield skills usually add things like defensive stats,
    added protection, etc. Weapon skills give you more attack abilities, which are
    literally essential to your survival in this game. You don't very good skills,
    or too few skills? You're dead. This is a list of skills, descriptions, and
    where to find them. As for attack skills, there are 3 'levels' of skills, each
    costing progressively more AP. There are 10, 20, and 30 AP skills. Obviously,
    the more AP the skill costs, the more powerful it will probably be. Also, I've
    only listed skills I personally have, so if you have an ability that isn't, I
    probably don't have it. You can either email me with the info, and recieve
    credit, or you can wait until an update, and I do have the skill.
    Shield Skills
    Most shield skills cost AP to equip, and the how much AP is noted with the 
    Valor-10 AP
    Description: Can recover from unconcious (KO) once during battle.
    Notes: This is a pretty useful skill, as it will automatically revive a
    character when they die in battle. I'd have a shield with this skill on it in
    at least one of each of your character's shield slots at all times.
    Obtained by: Stolen from Captain Zeno.
    Feint-10 AP
    Description: Blocks an enemy attack once during battle.
    Notes: This skill is pretty useful as well, because if you have it equipped,
    you will take no damage from one attack from an enemy. (A physical attack) It
    is a pretty good idea for each character have at least one shield with this
    skill on it as well.
    Obtained by: Blue Treasure Chest in Frozen Road 2F
    Leech Power-0 AP
    Description: Recover 5 AP whenever you are hit by an enemy attack.
    Notes: This skill sounds fairly useful, but, I've never really found a
    situation where I really needed it. It really isn't in your best interest to
    have this skill, as there are other, much more useful skills out there...
    Obtained by: Dropped by Bug Leader
    Reflect-20 AP
    Description: Counter attack Magic. (Nina cannot use it)
    Notes: ...I really can't comment on this skill now, as I've never used it, but
    I've heard it's fairly useless, and isn't worth the 20AP it will cost you to
    put it on a shield.
    Obtained by: ?????
    Steal-5 AP
    Description: Steal items from attacking enemies.
    Notes: This is the first shield skill you get, and is probably the most useful
    shield skill in the game. It allows you to steal items from enemies, and some
    items (like, some skills) can only be gotten by stealing them.
    Obtained by: Blue Treasure Chest in Lift to BioCorp 1.
    Snatch-15 AP
    Description: ?????
    Notes: This skill is basically steal, but it also gives you +25% to your
    defensive statistics. Later in the game, this is obviously better than steal,
    if you're willing to forfeit that extra 10 AP for it...
    Obtained by: ?????
    Anger-5 AP
    Description: When you are hit, Spiritcharge activates automatically.
    Notes: I've personally never really used this skill, as I find that Spirit-
    charge is only a moderately useful skill anyways.
    Obtained by: Stolen from Daemoned
    Explosion-0 AP
    Description: When you are hit, explodes and reduces enemy HP to 1. You lose
    your shield.
    Notes: At the cost of a shield, I don't really think you should use this skill
    too much...unless you stock up on cheap, inexpensive shields for the sole
    purpose of destroying them...
    Obtianed by: Stolen from Petrophages
    Weapon Boost-5 AP
    Description: Every time you are hit, attack increases by 1%.
    Notes: 1%? Hmm...to me that isn't worth it, but if you're a person who likes
    to get hit a lot, go ahead and equip it. You may find it useful...
    Obtained by: ?????
    Shield Boost-5 AP
    Description: Every time you are hit, defense increases by 1%.
    Notes: This skill is virtually identical to the above one, except, it raises
    defense by 1%.
    Obtained by: ?????
    Ryu's Skills
    10 AP skills
    Target: Unit
    Description: Normal Physical attack.
    Notes: This is the most basic attack Ryu has in the game. However, basic does
    not mean bad. On the contrary, this is probably the single skill you will use
    the most in the entire game.
    Obtained by: I'm pretty sure every single sword in the game already has this
    ability threaded on it.
    Side Slash
    Target: Spread
    Description: Attack power 80%. Accuracy -20%
    Notes: This is a skill you get early in the game. It's the first 'area attack'
    skill Ryu really has. Though it has a -20% accuracy rating, it's a highly
    useful skill for taking out a number of weaker enemies.
    Obtianed by: Blue Treasure Chest in Lift to BioCorp 2.
    Target: Unit
    Description: Attack power 25% regardless of enemy defense.
    Notes: I've never really used this skill, due to the fact that there are
    several other skills that do much more damage than it.
    Obtained by: ????
    Target: Unit
    Description: Attack power 75%. And a hit-back power of 2.5M
    Notes: This skill can be found early in the game, and is actually more fun
    than practical to use. It doesn't have a huge amount of power, but it's fun
    to kick enemies into 'Trap spells' that Nina has set on the battlefield.
    Obtained by: Blue Treasure Chest in Lift to BioCorp 3.
    Third Eye
    Target: (Self)
    Description: Ensures that next attack will always hit.
    Notes: I've never used this skill, but by it's description, I can tell that
    some people will find this useful. Use it with an attack that gives you a low
    accuracy rating, like Ogre Slice, and it can be a pretty good skill.
    Obtained by: Stolen from Lead Gunner.
    Ogre Slice
    Target: Unit
    Description: Accuracy -50%. If it hits, causes a critical attack of 75%.
    Notes: Being a fairly risky attack, simply because of it's low accuracy
    rating, all I can say is don't depend on this one too much.
    Obtained by: Stolen from Duke.
    Dent Weapon
    Target: Unit
    Description: Attack power 80%. Reduces enemy attack power by 5%.
    Notes: This is the first of a few 'stat-lowering' skills that Ryu has. This
    particular one lowers enemy attack power. Good against tough enemies.
    Obtained by: ????
    Rust Armor
    Target: Unit
    Description: Attack power 80%. Reduces enemy defense power by 5%
    Notes: Same as the above skill, except it lowers enemy defense.
    Obtained by: Blue Treasure Chest in Lift: LowSecter 3
    Target: Unit
    Description: Attack power 80%. Reduces enemy movement power by 5%
    Notes: Another stat-reducing skill. However, I don't find this one to be as
    useful as Dent weapon, and Rust armor.
    Obtained by: ????
    20 AP skills
    Vertical Slash
    Target: Unit
    Description: Attack power 130%. Accuracy -20%.
    Notes: On it's own, is skill is alright, but, if you combo it right after the
    10 AP skill 'Side-slash' you use a new skill called 'X-Blade' instead. It
    hits all enemies in the given area twice, so use this one after Side slash
    when you can.
    Obtained by: ????
    Target: Unit
    Description: Attack power 120%. Accuracy +50%
    Notes: On it's own, this is already a fairly powerful skill. It gives you a
    huge accuracy rating of +50%, so use it against enemies that have a high
    evasion. If you have a weapon that gives you an accuracy bonus also, (like the
    Dragon Blade, at +20%) put this skill on it for a massive +70% to your
    accuracy rating. If you do that, you basically can't miss.
    Obtained by: Stolen from Shadowplayers.
    Target: Unit
    Description: Causes no damage. Increases Experience value of attacked enemy by
    Notes: This skill isn't all that useful, especially when you find items like
    Gold Exp. that can give you better exp. values if you have more of them. Don't
    use this one that much.
    Obtained by: Buy at Fairy skill shop.
    Target: (Self)
    Description: Attack power multiplied by 1.5 for next turn only.
    Notes: Basically, use this skill to make your other attacks more powerful.
    it's useful in some situations, but not many.
    Obtained by: ????
    Target: Unit
    Description: Records damage recieved during battle, and returns it in this
    Notes: From what I can understand from this skill, it can potentially be the
    most powerful skill in the game. It will literally store all the damage given
    to Ryu, and then release it all when you use this attack.
    Obtained by: Blue Treasure Chest in TradeSector D. (Nina sidequest)
    Crimson Raid
    Target: Unit
    Description: Normal physical attack that restores HP equal to 10% of damage
    Notes: This seems like a really great skill, in theory, but this attack really
    doesn't do massive damage anyways, so the 10% of HP you refill to Ryu is
    usually around 5-20 HP, if you're lucky...
    Obtained by: Stolen from Tantara (Second battle) If you elected to let him
    absorb both Geegagis, and Deegon.
    Target: Unit
    Description: Varying damage according to amount of  your remaining HP.
    Notes: Basically, the less HP you have, the more powerful this attack is.
    Obtained by: ????
    Target: Unit
    Description: Attack power 125%. Deals damage to enemy's AP.
    Notes: It's fairly powerful, and deals damage to enemy AP. It's an all around
    useful skill.
    Obtained by: Buy at Fairy skill shop.
    Target: Line
    Description: Attack power 40%, regardless of enemy defense power.
    Notes: It's basically the same as when Bosch uses it when he is with you in
    the beginning. If you liked it on him, you might like it on Ryu.
    Obtained by: Stolen from Bosch (LowSector Liftport)
    30 AP Skills
    Target: Spread
    Description: Attack power 150%
    Notes: It's powerful, and hits a large area. This is a pretty good skill.
    Obtained by: Blue Treasure Chest in CorpLab 2F
    Tetra Break
    Target: Unit
    Description: Damage ignores enemy defense power.
    Notes: Because it ignores defense, this is a great skill to have when you are
    up against enemies with large defensive stats, obviously.
    Obtained by: ????
    Cross Viper
    Target: Unit
    Description: Hit-and-run physical attack. Critical chance +75%.
    Notes: I've really never used this skill much, but +75% to your critical rate
    sounds pretty good.
    Obtained by: ????
    Target: Circle
    Description: Normal physical attack.
    Notes: This attack hits all enemies in a circle around Ryu. Not real powerful,
    but a decent skill, nonetheless.
    Obtained by: ????
    Target: Unit
    Description: Attack power 125%. If it hits, critical attack is 100% assured.
    Notes: Probably the most useful level 3 skill (or ANY skill) that Ryu has.
    Exploit this one to no limit.
    Obtained by: ????
    Violet Death
    Target: Spread
    Description: 1st hit: attack power 20% regardless of defense power. 2nd hit:
    100% critical.
    Notes: This WOULD be better than Deathbringer, unfortunately, you can only use
    this skill if you have the Violet Blade equipped. It hits twice, (as noted in
    the description) and is all around an extremely useful skill.
    Obtained by: Equipping Violet Blade (Obtained by defeating Captain Zeno)
    Bosch's Skills
    Since Bosch isn't with you long, he has very few skills. The only skills Bosch
    can use are the ones he starts with. So, I won't bother with how to get them.
    10 AP Skills
    Target: Unit
    Description: Attack power 25% regardless of enemy defense power.
    Target: Unit
    Description: Attack power 80%. Poisons enemy.
    20 AP Skills
    Target: Line
    Description: Attack power 40%, regardless of enemy defense.
    Lion Smash
    Target: Unit
    Description: Attack power 110%, accuracy -20%
    Nina's Skills
    Nina's skills need less explaination than Ryu's, as they pretty much speak for
    themselves, and are for the most part, equally useful. There are a couple
    exceptions, which I will note. She also has two types of magic; Attack, and
    traps. Attack magic is used to, well, attack enemies, while trap magic is set
    on the battlefield and if enemies get near it, take damage. Also, most level 1
    and 2 spells can be gotten by stealing from enemies that actually cast that
    spell. So, since there are so many, I'm not listing them. (For now, at least)
    10 AP Skills
    Target: Unit
    Description: Reduces enemy attack power by 10%.
    Obtained by: Blue Treasure Chest in Corplab 1F
    Target: Unit
    Description: Reduce enemy defensive power by 10%.
    Obtained by: Blue Treasure Chest in Old Waste Shaft 4F (Behind D-Ratio Door)
    Target: Unit
    Description: Reduces enemy magic power by 10%.
    Obtained by: ????
    Target: Unit
    Description: Reduces enemy speed by 10%.
    Obtained by: ????
    Target: Unit
    Description: Reduces enemy move power by 10%.
    Obtained by: ????
    Target: Circle
    Description: (Level 1) fire magic attack
    Obtained by: Stolen/dropped by various enemies
    Target: Circle
    Description: (Level 1) Ice magic attack
    Obtained by: Stolen/dropped by various enemies
    Target: Circle
    Description: (Level 1) Electric magic attack
    Obtained by: Stolen/dropped by various enemies
    Target: Trap
    Description: Magic wall that blocks movement of some enemies. Deals level 1
    fire magic damage.
    Obtained by: ????
    Target: Trap
    Description: Magic trap that stuns enemies coming into contact with it.
    Obtained by: Blue Treasure Chest in Lift: Endsecter 1
    Target: Unit
    Description: A normal physical attack
    Notes: ...This is a physical attack...for your magician. You can't learn this
    skill, as it only comes on a certain weapon. It's a more than useless attack,
    so don't use it.
    Obtained by: Equipping Slapper+3 (????)
    20 AP Skills
    Target: Spread
    Description: (Level 2) Fire magic attack
    Obtained by: Stolen/dropped by various enemies.
    Target: Trap
    Description: Magic trap that stuns enemies coming into contact with it.
    Obtained by: ????
    Target: Line
    Description: (level 2) Ice magic attack
    Obtained by: Stolen/dropped by various enemies
    Target: Trap
    Description: Magic trap that stuns enemies coming into contact with it.
    Obtained by: Blue Treasure Chest in Frozen Road 4F
    Target: Line
    Description: (Level 2) Electric magic attack
    Obtained by: Stolen/dropped by various enemies
    Target: Unit (ally)
    Description: Gives 20 AP to a companion.
    Obtained by: Stolen from RescueMech
    Mirage Bomb
    Target: Trap
    Description: Set up a Nina doll that explodes when enemies attack it. (level 2
    magic damage)
    Obtained by: ????
    Target: Trap
    Description: Magic wall that blocks movement of some enemies (Level 2 Ice
    magic damage)
    Obtained by: Blue Treasure Chest Old Waste Shaft 5F. (Behind D-Ratio door)
    30 AP Skills
    Target: Circle
    Description: (Level 3) Fire magic attack
    Obtained by: ????
    Target: Trap
    Description: Magic wall that blocks the movement of some enemies (Deals level
    3 fire damage)
    Obtained by: Blue Treasure Chest in CorpLab 1B. (Behind D-Ratio door)
    Target: Circle
    Description: (Level 3) Ice magic attack
    Obtained by: ????
    Lag Valhalla
    Target: Trap
    Description: (Level 3) Electric magic attack that erupts after one turn
    Obtained By: ????
    Target: Circle
    Description: One-Shot kill (Effective against undead)
    Notes: This skill is essential in areas full of Zombies, Skeletons, or similar
    undead enemies.
    Obtained by: Skill on 'Holy Heart' (Bought at Nina shop in Fairy colony)
    Target: Circle
    Description: Hit-back magic, Impacts enemies over a wide area, sending them
    Obtained by: ????
    Mirage Blast
    Target: Trap
    Description: Sets up a Nina doll that explodes when enemies attack it.
    Obtained by: ????
    Lin's Skills
    Like Nina, most of Lin's skills are either self-explainatory, or vary in use-
    fullness so much that you pretty much have to decide what you personally like
    to use. Most of her skills either don't cause much damage, or are useless on
    their own, unless comboed with another skill.
    10 AP Skills
    Target: Unit
    Descriprion: Attack power 75%. Feint attack
    Obtained by: Blue Treasure Chest in Frozen Road 1F
    Too Slow!!
    Target: Unit
    Description: Attack power 70%, gives weight to accuracy
    Obtained by: ????
    Hey, Hey!
    Target: Unit
    Description: Adds effects to successive attacks
    Obtained by: ????
    How's That?
    Target: Unit
    Description: May change into an ability-reducing attack depending on preceding
    Obtained by: ????
    Target: Unit
    Description: Attack power 70% and increases critical chance
    Obtained by: ????
    20 AP Skills
    That's It!
    Target: Unit
    Description: Attack Power 130%, adds effects of successive attacks
    Obtained by: ????
    Go On!
    Target: Unit
    Description: Adjusts attak power so that enemy HP will not become 0
    Obtained by: ????
    Stay Here!
    Target: Unit
    Description: Attack power 110%, reduces enemy move power
    Obtained by: ????
    Target: Unit
    Description: Either misses, ore has a reverse effect
    Obtained by: ????
    Outta My Way!
    Target: Unit
    Description: Hit-Back effect
    Obtained by: ????
    30 AP Skills
    Blow up!
    Target: Spread
    Description: Attack power 150%
    Obtained by: ????
    Target: Spread
    Description: The closer Lin is to the enemy, the more damage it deals
    Obtained by: ????
    Let's Dance!
    Target: Circle
    Description: Attack power 150%
    Obtained by: ????
    Drop Dead!
    Obtained by: ????
    The battle system in Dragon Quarter has been, by some people, summed up as a
    'Cross between Final Fantasy Tactics, Breath of Fire, and Resident Evil' just
    to name a few. The battle system from the previous games is entirely gone,
    save for the use of AP. And even that functions differently in this game than
    the previous 4. First off, you can initiate battle before your enemies by
    attacking them on the field with the 'X' button. This gives you an extra turn
    at the beginning of the battle, however, if an enemy hits you, they get the
    extra turn. During battle, AP is used in a pretty neat way. Obviously, it is
    used for skills, but it also costs you AP points to get within range of hitting
    an enemy. You may then choose to use skills until your AP are completely
    depleated, thus, ending that character's turn. You can 'Combo' your attacks,
    by using them in a successive fasion. Say you use 'Side slash.' You can then
    use 'Slice' which will give you a +10% combo bonus, meaning your 'Slice'
    attack will do 10% more damage than it would have, had you not comboed it.
    Experiment with combos in battle, because if done correctly, you can very
    easily do twice the amount of damage by comboing than if you hadn't.
    SOL Scene - If you've previously beaten the game, you will view an 
    interesting SOL scene here involving Nina. If you haven't beaten the game,
    it will start as normal...
    Ranger Headquarters (-980.0M)
    Items: 5 Heal kits, 1 Tonic, 1 Save Token (Starting inventory)
    As the game starts, there will be a cut-scene involving Ryu and Bosch, but
    you will also learn some forshadowing information...After the scene, when
    you eventually gain control of Ryu, head north, through the open door, and
    down the hall, ignoring the first door to the right. (It's just another
    locker room, with nothing important) At the end of the hall, go up the
    stairs. Head down the hall, to an office area, where you see Bosch (the guy
    who talked to you before, in the locker room) and talk to him, initiating
    another Cut-scene. During the scene, you will get info on a mission you must
    go on. You can ask Captain Zeno questions if you wish. After this, you will
    SOL Scene - There is a brief SOL scene between Bosch and Zeno here.
    Head back out to the hall, and go to the door that was previously blocked by
    a soldier.
    SOL Scene - there is a scene involving Ryu here, nothing hugely important.
    You will enter LowSector Junction (-990.0M) here, and have two options. You can
    either go right, to your objective, or go left, to spend that 300 Zenny that's
    burning a hole in your pocket. Do so, and you'll enter LowSector Borough.
    When you come down the stairs there is a Telecorder immediately to the right.
    You do have a save token, so I can't stop you from saving, but waisting such
    a precious commodity this early in the game is an unwise decision. Instead,
    keep heading down the screen, and down some stairs to the right, to get to a
    'town.' There are various people wandering around here, and there are some
    shops here including an item, weapon, and identifier shop. Buy as many healing
    items as you can afford, and head back the way you came. *Note, if you have
    previously saved the fairy, she will be waiting for you here to give the fairy
    drops back to you. You may want to also check up on your colony as well.* Head
    back to the LowSector Junction, and go right this time. Follow the tunnel until
    you find Bosch, which will initiate another cut-scene. Once you again gain
    control of the party (Bosch will join you here) head down the tunnel. If you
    don't like controlling Bosch, switch to Ryu using the R1 button.
    Lift to BioCorp 1 (-1000.0M)
    Items: Save Token, Steal (Skill)
    Enemies: Nuggets, Dukes, Duke Leaders
    The first tunnel is completely empty, save for some boxes with items in them.
    Smash the boxes with the 'X' button, and grab the items. Continue down the
    tunnel, and enter to the next tunnel. You will be briefed on enemies here,
    immediately after which, you will spot something up ahead. If you picked up a
    'Fresh Meat' toss it using the square button to distract it. Use the 'X' button
    to kick or slash (depending on who is still in the lead of the party) the
    enemy to initiate battle. Afterwards, continue heading forward (you'll probably 
    see a box behind some debris, but you can't get it yet.) up a small set
    of stairs, to a door. Go in, collect the box, and return to the entrance area.
    Heading through the open area, you'll see some enemies frollicing around. Do
    the meat trick, and kill them. Continue down the hall afterwards, and head
    through the door. You'll be on a track of some sort, with a random assortment
    of enemies ahead of you. Defeat them and a key will appear. Pick it up, and
    continue forward. In the next area, there are usually 4 or 5 enemies. They are
    usually Dukes, but often, there will be a Duke Leader too. They are more
    powerful than the regular Dukes. Use the meat to seperate them into groups of
    1 or 2. After defeating the enemies, you'll see the first blue treasure chest
    of the game. Use the key on it, and take the skill 'Steal,' and put it on your
    shields immediately. Search the area in case of more enemies, and do a U-turn
    back toward the area you came from, but head out the door to the left of the
    one you came in. This leads to the same room with the tracks where you got the
    key, but you will be on the opposite side now. Head into the small area behind
    the debris you saw earlier to obtain a SAVE TOKEN. Head back to the room with
    the blue chest, and collect any items you didn't get earlier. From here, head
    through the only door you haven't been through yet (it's to the West, on the
    map) and you'll enter a room with an elevator, and a girl you can talk to
    about battle basics. Head down the elevator to the next area.
    SOL Scene - There will be a scene with a familiar character here.
    Lift to BioCorp 2 (-1020.0M)
    Items: Side Slash (Skill)
    Enemies: Deathcow *or* Goo element.
    From the elevator room, head out into a hall, where you will see Duke corpses
    on the ground. Creepy...Head forward into the next room where you will see
    either of the following: Nothing, or a huge monster trying to run at you. If
    you see the latter, prepare for a tough fight. Luckily, you're on a platform,
    and it's below you, so you don't have to worry about it attacking you first.
    If you happen to have some party experience, you may want to spend some now
    on Ryu. Switching back to Bosch is probably a good idea than having Ryu attack
    first. This monster (Called a Deathcow) is fairly difficult to beat. Have both
    characters use their combos on the beast, healing when necessary. Deathcow can
    use some combos, making his attacks do more damage, and can cause up to 70
    damage or so to your characters. Just take it carefully. If you don't see the
    Deathcow when you enter this room, there will be a Goo Element instead. This
    enemy isn't nearly as powerful as the Deathcow, so taking it down shouldn't be
    too hard. No matter which enemy is there, upon death it will drop the Key to
    this floors Blue Treasure chest. Defeat the enemy, grab the key, and get the
    skill 'Side Slash' and learn it immediately, and put it on your sword. If you
    are running low on healing items, you may want to return to LowSector Borough
    and purchase some more items. That's it for enemies on this floor, so continue
    south collecting items until you come to another elevator room. There is also
    another info girl along the way who will give you some basic information on
    skills. When you're done on this floor, head down the elevator.
    Lift to BioCorp 3 (-1040.0M)
    Items: Kick (Skill)
    Enemies: Lantern bat, Lil Lantern Bat, Hychee, Duke, Duke Hunter, Mama Nugget,
    You'll come to BioCorp 3 (North) first. Head out the door into a room filled
    with bats. There are often on the upwards of a dozen or so of these enemies,
    and at your current level, grouping them all together is near-suicide. If this
    is your first time through the game, you should either try to lure them into
    small groups of 3 or so, or toss meat into the fray and then use other traps
    like dynamite or bombs to weaken them up. When in battle use your newly
    aquired Side slash ability to take them down as quickly as possible. If you
    don't wish to fight the seemingly overwhelming amounts of bats, simply toss
    them some meat and make a run for the southern portion of the room. Continue
    heading south through some corridors to come to the (South) portion of BioCorp
    3. Go forward with some caution as the new hychee enemies may fall from the
    ceiling on you. These enemies are like little presents, because you don't even
    need to battle them, simply press 'X' on the field to slash them, and gain
    some party XP. But that's not the best part. These enemies will always drop
    healing items. They mostly appear before bosses, but there isn't a boss for
    awhile. Reap the rewards and continue on, searching nooks for boxes. To the
    East is another half of this big room, which will contain various enemy
    combinations including hychees, nuggets, and dukes. In the same room, keep
    going south until you come to a bend that leads you westward. There will more
    than likely be a few duke hunters here. Kill them, and head past the first
    door, to the second door that usually has a box with decent amount of party XP
    in it. Head back to the previous door, and you'll be in another room with
    tracks in it. When you eventually exit this room into the next one, the doors
    will lock behind you, and the music will change. This is a 'Danger room,' and
    you can't proceed until all the enemies are defeated. You can count on some
    dukes, as well as the probablility of there being nuggets, and Mama nuggets.
    There are 8 enemies in total, and defeating them all gets you the Key. The
    Blue treasure chest is in the same room, and contains the skill 'Kick.' Learn
    it, and equip it to give Ryu some variety in the attacks he has. From where
    the blue chest is, head up the stairs, and go down a small hallway to a room
    that leads to a new area of BioCorp 3. Somwhere along the way there is another
    info girl that'll tell you about how to change control schemes, bit it isn't
    too important. Keep heading south through numerous small corridors while
    watching for potential enemies. Take the lift up.
    Approach South (-1020.0M)
    Items: -
    Enemies: -
    This area is just a small part of the actual BioCorp area. Continue forward,
    until there is a pretty neat cut-scene. Afterwards, continue down another
    Genic Processor (-1020.0M)
    Items: Dragon Blade (If you previously beat the game)
    Enemies: -
    As you enter the Genic Processor, there will be another cut-scene. After the 
    scene, you will be facing a door. If this is your first time through the game,
    head up the stairs through the door.
    Dragon Blade - If you've beaten the game, after the cut-scene above, head to
    the right instead of going through the door. Head down to the area around the
    base of the dragon, to the left, to find a sparkling object. Elect to take it
    with you to obtain the Dragon Blade! You will have to wait until you get to
    an identifier shop to be able to use it, though. The blade powers up depending
    on what D-Ratio you have. The higher the D-Ratio, the more powerful this sword
    Aproach West (-1010.0M)
    Items: -
    Enemies: -
    A really small area. Follow the Corridor until you reach another elevator. 
    There is another info girl in the corridor, that will explain how to escape 
    from battle. Enter the elevator and go up.
    Genic Accumulator (-1000.0M)
    Items: -
    Enemies: Hychee, Nugget(random), Mama Nugget (Random)
    Leave the elevator room into the hall, and the first thing you'll notice is a
    telecorder to the left. Ignore this one totally (there is another one coming
    up shortly) and follow the halls until there is are two doors: One leads
    forward, the other leads to the north (it's on the left) Go forward to get a
    box or two, then take the door north. The first room has items, and various
    monsters in cages that can't hurt you, but be careful, as Hychees may fall
    from the ceiling at you. The next room has caged nuggets, and may even contain
    some nuggets (and possibly a Mama nugget) out of their cages. This is random,
    but if they're there, kill them, search the room for items, and move on. In
    the next room, there is an identifier girl, so have any items you recently got
    identified. (especially if you picked up the Dragon Blade earlier)
    Biocorp Liftport (-1000.0M)
    Items: -
    Enemies: -
    Nothing happens in this area, except for a couple action-packed cut-scenes.
    SOL Scene - If you've completed the game, there will be an SOL scene here.
    Old Waste Shaft 1F (-1200.0M)
    Items: -
    Enemies: -
    After the scenes, Ryu will be completely alone among the crash of the train.
    Head to the right, and you will see a Shop Girl, and a Telecorder. If you
    haven't saved yet, do so now, as there is a boss just a couple of rooms away.
    Buy some healing items if you have the money, and head into the next room.
    Old Waste Shaft 2F (-1200.0M)
    Items: Solid Shell+1
    Enemies: Worker Ant, Bind Spider, Cyclops (Boss)
    The first room in this area has no enemies, and contains the Blue chest. You
    obviously don't have the key yet, so collect the items from the few boxes you
    can, and head into the next room. There will be a pretty cool Cut-scene here,
    and afterward, you are 'treated' to a boss fight. If you have some party Exp.
    stored up, it may be a good idea to level Ryu up a level or two, if you can
    afford it.
    Boss - Cyclops :: HP-440/Exp: 70
    Cyclops himself is pretty slow, and has a low movement radius, which are about
    the only advantages you have, since he has strength and defense to make up for
    it. He has around 450 HP, so, taking him down may take awhile. To top it all
    off, you only have Ryu in this battle. Start this battle by literally not 
    doing anything, that way you can fill your AP gauge to it's maximum. Let the 
    Cyclops come to you, then use combos to take him apart. He'll use 
    'Spiritcharge,' an ability that makes the next attack do 1.5x the amount of 
    normal damage. Which, is pretty painful, considering he can already do around 
    70 damage with a regular hit. Just take this battle slow, and heal after every
    turn, so you don't die.
    After the battle, there is a cut-scene, and the girl the Cyclops was carrying
    around (Nina) will join you.
    SOL Scene - If you beat the game, there will be a scene involving Lin here.
    There is another scene here, and after it, you will be able to control the
    party once again. Nina starts on level 1, so you may want to consider spending
    some Party Exp. on her here. You also have the D-Dash ability now. Use it you 
    all want now, as it comes with no consequence. Head to the door in the North-
    west corner of the boss room, into a hall. There are two Worker ants standing
    next to a box here, and killing them gets you the Blue Treasure key. Be
    cautious in this area, as there are Bind Spiders on the ceiling, and will fall
    on you if you're not careful. They're fast, so slash them right away so they
    don't get the extra turn. Head back to the room before the Cyclops room to get
    the Blue Treasure chest. It contains the Solid Shell+1, a shield for Ryu, but
    you must have it identified first, of course. Head back to the room where you
    got the key, and continue to the end of the hall where there is a door leading
    straight ahead, and one to the left. The door straight ahead contains a room
    with some items, and the door to the left leads south, eventually to a narrow
    hallway where some more Bind Spiders like to hang out on the ceiling. Dispatch
    them, and the next room has a ladder that leads to the next floor.
    Old Waste Shaft 3F (-1190.0M)
    Items: Backpack (Inventory page)
    Enemies: Goo element, Hermit
    This floor doesn't have many enemies, that's always a good thing. From the
    room with the ladder, follow the first hall to a room with two doors. The door
    to the north leads to an area with some items, and the door to the south leads
    to a room where a cut-scene will occur. Afterward, Lin will join you, and you
    recieve another page in your inventory. (You'll now have 3) The next room has
    a goo element in it, defeat it (Or avoid it) and continue on through the door
    to the left. Eventually, there will be some hermits, so defeat them (Nina is
    best for this) and move on. The next room has the ladder to go up to the next
    Old Waste Shaft 4F (-1180.0M)
    Items: - 
    Enemies: Bind Spider, Worker Ant, Baby Rustphage
    When you exit the room with the ladder, you'll realize you are in a danger
    room. This particular one pits you against several Bind Spider. Toss 'em some
    meat, and defeat them in groups of 3 or so. (There will be 8 Bind Spiders in
    all) Watch the ceilings, as they sometimes fall from there. Afterwards (there
    is a brief cutscene) head out the north door. Follow the hall until you come
    to a room with Baby Rustphages in it. After taking care of them, look at the
    map. There is a door that leads north, that looks like it has a lock on it on
    the map. This is the games first 'D-Ratio' door. If you haven't raised your D-
    Ratio (By beating the game) ignore this door, if not...
    D-Ratio door (1/4096):
    Items: Weaken (Skill)
    Enemies: Skulldigger, Lesser Karon
    This area is just one big room. As you enter it, though, you will be rushed by
    a few Skulldigger enemies. These enemies are identical to Skeletons in every
    way. Look around the room for a lesser Karon (Usually hiding somewhere) and
    kill it. This destroys all Skulldiggers for good, and gets you the key. Open
    the Blue Treasure Chest in the same room to get 'Weaken,' a new skill for
    Nina. After you pillage the rest of the room, exit via the door you came in.
    If your D-Ratio doesn't allow you to enter, bypass the locked door altogether.
    The rest of the floor is just a network of hallways, with no other diversions.
    However, be careful, as there are often Bind Spiders, worker ants, and Baby
    Rustphages running around here. When you enter an open area (as opposed to the
    narrow hallways you just came out of) the very next room leads to the next
    floor. Also in this room is an info girl who'll explain traps. When you've had
    your fill of this floor, go up.
    Old Waste Shaft 5F (-1170.0M)
    Items: -
    Enemies: Hychee, Devolve, Odd Hychee
    From the ladder room, go straight until you come to a room with Hychees on the
    ceiling and floor. As you explore this room, you will see a large enemy near
    the north wall. This is a Devolve, a fairly powerful new enemy. Take him out,
    then look at the mini-map in the corner of the screen. To the North is a D-
    Ratio door, and to the left and right are two corridors that lead to deadends.
    If you have a high enough D-Ratio, might as well check out what's behind that
    D-Ratio door (1/2048)
    Items: G-Iceblast (Skill)
    Enemies: Boss ant, Guardian ant, worker ant
    In this room, you'll notice the Blue Treasure chest is to the immediate Left.
    Search the room to find a huge group of Guardian ants, as well as a Boss ant.
    With the powerful weapons you have, they shouldn't be too hard. Killing the
    boss ant gets you the Key to the Blue chest. Open it to get the G-Iceblast
    skill for Nina. From this room, head up to the Northwest corner, where there
    is a door, and follow the path through a couple rooms. Eventually, you'll come
    to a room with Guardian and worker ants. Grab some items, and then exit via
    the door on the south wall of this room. (It's another D-Ratio door, but it
    leads back into the hallway to the path you would have taken if you hadn't
    entered the D-Ratio room at all.
    If you can't enter the door, follow the straight-forward halls until you come
    to another Ladder room. There is usually an Odd Hychee along the way, though,
    so watch for it.
    Old Waste Shaft 6F (-1160.0M)
    Items: There! (Skill) Save Token
    Enemies: Hermit, Devolve, Baby Rustphage, Worker ant, Boss ant
    Follow the first hall to a room that has doors to the Left, Right, and North.
    The door to the right leads to a dead end room with a Devolve and random item
    in it. The door to the left leads to a room with a dead devolve in it. Upon
    inspecting the devolve's twitching body, you will cause several Baby Rust-
    phages to scatter. The room turns into a danger room, and after you kill all
    the enemies, you get the key. Go north to a room with a Blue Chest that has
    Lin's 'There!' skill in it. The door to the right of the chest is a dead end,
    so, go back to the hall with 3 doors in it, taking the North door this time.
    It leads to a large room with several item boxes and worker ants in it. The
    ants actually run away from you, but if you kill all 6 of them, the doors to
    this room lock, it becomes a danger room, and a Boss ant appears. Kill it,
    then head out the door on the north wall. In this room, search to the left and
    right to find a SAVE TOKEN. Then head north again, and you will exit the Old
    Waste Shaft area, entirely.
    SOL Scene - There is an SOL scene here involving the Regents.
    EndSector Borough (-1160.0M)
    Items: -
    Enemies: -
    Finally....a town. Sell any useless items, stock up on healing items, check
    the weapon shop, save, do whatever you like. The area after the Borough has
    a boss fight, but it's a pretty easy one...
    EndSector Liftport (-1150.0M)
    Items: -
    Enemies: Bosch, Gunner Sgt., Battler Sgt. (Boss)
    There are some scenes, including a slightly morbid one, followed by a boss
    Boss - Bosch, Gunner Sgt., Battler Sgt.
    (Bosch HP-360/Exp:300)(Gunner Sgt. HP-160/Exp:150)(Battler Sgt. HP-160/Exp:150)
    Steal: Fang (Skill)
    This battle is laughably easy. Bosch and his lackeys will all attack Ryu, but
    to no avail, thanks to his newly aquired dragon powers. You can kill them in
    the first round by having Ryu D-charge, and then using Vortex on them. No
    matter what you use, they'll die quickly. Just don't use dragon breath, it is
    not worth it to waste so much percentage this early in the game. You can steal
    the skill 'Fang' for Ryu from Bosch in this battle, but it's hard to do so.
    Kill off the other rangers in the first round, and then have Ryu move as far
    away from Bosch as possible. Then (assuming you have Lin equipped with a
    shield threaded with steal) have her move forward 'slightly' from her starting
    position. If Lin is in his attack range when he moves as far as he can, Lin
    should steal this skill. This is the only place you can get 'Fang,' so, be
    sure to eventually steal it in a subsequent playthough if you don't do it now.
    After a couple more cut-scenes, your characters appear in a new area. Also,
    the D-Counter has now appeared, meaning, every step you take, every dragon
    transformation, everytime you use D-Dash, you will have more points added to
    you're percentage. This contributes to you're ultimate demise, if you use it
    all too quickly...
    Lift: LowSector 1 (-1140.0M)
    Lift: EndSector 1 (-1150.0M)
    Items: Save Token, Joltball (Skill)
    Enemies: Rustphage, Lantern bat, Lil lantern bat, Deathcow, Beak
    After the fight with Bosch, you are in an entirely new area. This first room
    is free of enemies, and has a SAVE TOKEN in a box, as well as some other items
    in boxes. There is a shop girl, and a telecorder, if you wish to spend your
    shiny new save token right away. The exit to the northeast leads to a small
    section of Lift: EndSector 1 that is cut off from the rest. There are a few
    items there, but it leads to a dead end. The exit to the northwest, however,
    leads to the remainder of EndSector 1. Head down, and follow the path until you
    reach a room full fo Rustphages. Kill them while grabbing items and continuing
    south until you reach a bend leading east. Eventually, you will reach a room
    with tracks in it, and in the next room, do a U-Turn back into the track room.
    Here, there will be a large group of Lantern and Lil lantern bats. Kill them
    all to recieve the key. The path up ahead (it leads west) has a few items in
    it, but ultimately leads back to an area of the EndSector Borough. Don't
    bother going there. Instead, head back out of the track room, taking the path
    forward to a room with a Deathcow and a miniature-deathcow. The small one is
    actually a new enemy called a 'Beak,' that can use a skill called Howling which
    puts the bind status on your party. Kill those enemies, and the Blue Treasure
    chest is behind them. It contains the Skill Joltball. Now head back the way you
    originally came, back up to LowSector 1. From here, take the southeast door,
    which leads to the next floor.
    Lift: LowSector 2 (-1130.0M)
    Items: Blow up! (Skill)
    Enemies: Duke lancer, Duke magi, Duke hunter, Duke battler, Trickster
    The first room you enter (after a hall) is fairly large. Across the room there
    are several types of dukes on a platform, and they can't get down to reach you.
    Kill them all using Lin's guns, and Nina's magic. After the battle, the Key
    will appear, but you can't get it yet. The Blue Treasure Chest is on the same
    platform, so you'll have to find a different way to it. Go south, into the next
    room. It's got more Dukes which you should dispose of. Head East into another
    room, battling Tricksters along the way. There is a Huge Duke Battler in this
    room, he's very powerful, and can counter-attack, so defeat him with care.
    From this room, follow the corridor north until you enter the room on the
    platform the dukes were on. Pick up the key, and take 'Blow up!' from the
    chest. Head back to the room where the Duke Battler was, and take the East door
    Lift: LowSector 3 (-1120.0M)
    Items: Rust Armor (Skill)
    Enemies: Bind Spider, black Widow, Goo element
    This Floor is pretty small. Follow the first hall to a room filled with Bind
    Spiders. They'll either be crawing around, or on the ceiling so watch for them.
    There is a Goo element running around in this room too. Kill it to get the key.
    Looking at the map, notice there are two doors leading south. Take the one on
    the right, as it leads to the Blue Treasure Chest with the Rust Armor skill for
    Ryu. The one on the left leads to an area with Black Widows on the ceiling.
    Continue on south, to the next area.
    Lift: LowSector 4 (-1130.0M)
    Items: Backpack, Save token
    Enemies: Duke Lancer, Duke Magi, Duke Battler, Hychee, Odd Hychee
    This entire floor is just one linear tunnel, basically. Along the way watch out
    for Hychees, items, and a sleeping Duke Battler, who you can avoid, and an odd
    Hychee on the ceiling. At the end, you'll come to a danger room, though. There
    are some of the different duke types here, including 2 Duke Battlers. It's
    best to seperate them and fight them 1 at a time. After you defeat them all,
    the Key will appear, allowing you to open the Blue Treasure Chest containing
    a Backpack item. Search this room through, as there is a SAVE TOKEN, in here
    as well. Between here and the next place, there are a couple cut scenes too.
    LowSector Borough (-1000.0M)
    Items: -
    Enemies: Gunner Lieut., Battler Lieut., Mage Lieut. (Boss battle)
    Wait a minute...weren't we here before? After exiting the Lift LowSector areas,
    you are right back where you started this game. Identify some items, buying
    healing items is advised, and save if you wish. There is a boss fight coming up
    soon. There is a door near where the Item shop girl is sitting, so go down
    there. It leads to the next area: CorpLab Entrance. From where you first are,
    there is a door to the left. Ignore it, and go south to an area with two rooms.
    One contains items, the other has a fairy who is trapped. Free her, and she
    will take you to the fairy/ant colony. There isn't too much you can do here
    now, but do what you can, and then leave by talking to the fairy. Afterward,
    she will give you the 'Fairy drops' to come and go as you please. Now head back
    to the door you passed earlier, and follow the hall to a locked door. Examine
    the locking mechanism next to the door, and then exit back to the Borough.
    There'll be a scene here, and then a boss battle.
    Boss - Gunner Lieut., Battler Lieut., Mage Lieut.(Gunner HP-500/Exp:370)
    (Battler HP-600/Exp:330)(Mage HP-520/Exp:350)
    This battle starts by all of your characters being poisoned, and don't even
    bother wasting antidotes, or similar items on them, because they will be re-
    poisoned every turn. The Mage can cast mid-level spells like Iceblast, and
    Hundredgears, so he alone can take your characters out if you aren't careful.
    Kill the Battler first, by having Ryu use combos on him, then use Nina and Lin
    for long-distance support. These enemies can use items to heal themselves, if
    the get too weak, so make note of that. This isn't a difficult battle, so don't
    even bother using your dragon form here. It isn't worth it, and there still is
    quite a bit of the game to go yet.
    After the battle, there will be some scenes. If your characters are still
    poisoned, take care of that now. Afterwards, head back near the CorpLab
    Entrance, and you'll see something sparkling near the door. This is the ID card
    needed to open the door that is locked. Pick it up, and go down.
    CorpLab Entrance (-1010.0M)
    Items: Fairy Drop
    Enemies: -
    The entrance is basically just a hallway, so follow it to an open area where
    you will see the Item, Weapon, and Identifier shop girls. There is a Telecorder
    here, too, so save if you haven't for awhile. When you're ready, head through
    the double doors that lead south.
    CorpLab 1F (-1010.0M)
    Items: -
    Enemies: Goo Plasma
    In the first room on this floor, you can either go East or West. East leads to
    a couple rooms with items, and a D-Ratio door. If you don't have a high enough
    D-Ratio, grab the items an head back to the previous area, and take the path
    D-Ratio door (1/4096)
    From the D-Ratio door, get in the elevator and head down to the CorpLab
    CorpLab 1B (-1020.0M)
    Items: G-Inferno (Skill)
    Enemies: Goo Sapphire, Goo Plasma, Goo Ruby, Bon Appetit, Odd Hychee.
    The first hall you exit into from the elevator room is full of different Goos
    hanging from the ceiling. Defeat all of them, then go into the room that leads
    west. Usually, there is some combo of Bon Appetits (similar to Hychees) and
    a Goo Sapphire. Kill them, then continue West to a room with no exits, but
    several Bon Appetits and Odd Hychees. Collect the items, then head back to the
    previous room, and go South. There will be some goos in this room too, usually
    6 or 9 of them, defeat them, and go into the door to the right. There are yet
    more goos in this room, so kill them. (Note that the Blue Treasure Chest is in
    this room) If you've defeated all of the goos on this floor, the treasure key
    will appear in the room right before the Hychee room. Go back, get it, and come
    back to the room with the Blue Chest. The G-Inferno skill is in this chest. Not
    bad. Head back to the upper hallway, head West until you come to a dead end.
    Take the door, and follow the rooms south to get to the 2nd floor in this D-
    Ratio area.
    CorpLab B2 (-1030.0M)
    Items: Buki+2
    Enemies: Kanaphange, Rafflessia, Armstrong
    Follow the first hall to a large room with Kanaphanges and Rafflessias. The
    Kanaphanges are relatively harmless, (though, they can cast flare) but if you
    can kill them in one hit, you get 10,000 Zenny. Rafflessias are in a corner of
    the room, and can be ignored totally, but, if you choose to fight them, be
    warned that you pretty much have to fight them in a group of 4. Magic heals
    them, and actually makes them get stronger, so be careful not to do that. From
    this room, head into a corridor that leads south. There is a door to the right,
    but you can't enter it no matter what for some reason, so head forward into a
    room with two Armstrongs in it. These enemies are dangerously powerful, if you
    are not prepared, but they're also sleeping right now so you can pass them and
    go into the room on the right. Keep going until you get to a room with a door
    that leads West, and one that leads south. Go West for some items, and then go
    into the Southern room. Examine the object on the table for an SOL scene. After
    the scene, examine the object again to obtain the Buki+2, a new weapon for
    Nina. There is no Blue Treasure Chest on this floor, so head the way you came,
    back up to CorpLab 1F.
    Just as a side note, when you get back to CorpLab 1F, you might want to go back
    out to the enterance area to get some of the '??????????' items identified so
    your inventory isn't full.
    If you can't go into the D-Ratio door, take the Western door from this first
    hallway to end up in a new hall. At the end, there are doors that lead to the
    left, and straight. The door straight ahead (leads South) goes to the next
    floor. The door to the Left leads to a room with some items and a Goo Plasma.
    There is another door in this room, but you can't enter it no matter what. (It
    isn't even a D-Ratio door.) When you're done, head to the next floor.
    CorpLab 2F (-1000.0M)
    Items: Roundsabre (Skill) Blunt (Skill)
    Enemies: Rafflessia, Patroller, Bouncer, Goo Plasma, Goo Ruby, Armstrong, Buzz,
             Hychee, Odd Hychee.
    On this floor, follow the halls until you can take a right. If you follow the
    halls straight ahead, you can bypass this floor entirely, but you'll miss some
    items. But, if you want the items, take that first right, until you come to a
    large room where you are on a rail bridge. The room after this one has two of
    the Rafflessia enemies in it, and defeating them will get you the key. Head
    into the room to the east, ignore the North door (for now) and go south. You'll
    be in another hallway. To the right are two patroller enemies, and defeating
    them will prompt 8 Bouncer enemies to appear in the next room. Weither or not
    you decide to kill the Patrollers, head out the left side of this hall (to the
    East, which is the room the Bouncers will appear in) take this hall to a bend,
    where it leads back down to a small portion of CorpLab 1F that you couldn't get
    to previously. This small chunk of the 1F is very straight forward. Follow the
    first hall until you get into a Danger room full of various Goo types. Kill
    them all to get the key. The room to the West of this one contains the Blue
    Treasure Chest with Nina's 'Blunt' skill in it. There is an Armstrong in here,
    but he's facing a wall, and will probably ignore you. Get the skill, and head
    back up to the previous floor. From the elevator room, head back to the room
    just to the East of where you fought the Rafflessias and got the key. Take the
    North door now, and you will be back in the rail bridge room you were in
    earlier. There is a huge group of Buzz enemies in here. They aren't especially
    powerful, but they can poison you so watch out. Move forward to a new room with
    doors to the left and right. Go through the door to the left first to enter a
    Hychee room. Kill them all, and you'll notice the Blue Treasure Chest is in
    this room. You have the key, so unlock the chest for the 'Roundsabre' skill
    for Ryu. This will more than likely be one of your first level 3 skills, so
    learn it now. Exit this room, and continue moving East until you reach the
    original hall. Go South to an elevator which will take you to the next floor.
    CorpLab 3F North (-990.0M)
    Items: -
    Enemies: Goo Plasma, Goo Ruby, Goo Sapphire, Kanaphange
    The 3rd floor of CorpLab is divided into two halves, for some reason, and the
    North half is a very small area. From the elevator room, follow the hall to a
    big room. Making your way to the West wall, defeating different Goos, and
    Kanaphanges along the way. The room to the west of the big room is the exit to
    the South area of this floor.
    CorpLab 3F South (-990.0M)
    Items: -
    Enemies: Buzz, Queen Buzz
    The hall you enter into from 3F North is a dead end, so take the door to the
    left. You'll be in another Rail Bridge room, with either Buzz or Queen Buzz
    enemies ahead of you. Kill them, and head forward until you reach a hall. Go
    South until you come to a door that leads straight ahead, and a door to the
    right. The one to the right leads back into the Rail bridge room, and to a
    small area with some boxes. Get the items, then head into the door that leads
    straight ahead. In this small room, go through the door on the right, that goes
    into another small hall. Take the door on the South wall, into a room where a
    couple cutscenes occur.
    SOL Scene - There is an SOL scene thrown in with the ones above.
    After all of the scenes, head out the door to the right (East), as the one to
    the left contains literally nothing of interest. Follow this hall to the next
    CorpLab 4F (-980.0M)
    Items: Backpack
    Enemies: Patroller, Bouncer, Goo Prism
    This floor is more or less just one big hallway. It'll look like the letter 'C'
    when you finish it. Fight your way through patrollers, who will summon Bouncers
    that will appear in the next room. There is a Blue Treasure Chest that is in a
    room to the North of the second screen from the entrance elevator. You'll need
    to find an evasive little enemy called a Goo Prism for the Key. He usually
    appears around the 3rd bend in the hall, or the room you can enter from the
    3rd bend. Defeat the goo, get the key, and return to the room with the Blue
    Chest. Open it for another Backpack. Now follow the rest of the hall to the
    end, and to up to the next floor.
    CorpLab 5F (-970.0M)
    Items: Save Token
    Enemies: -
    There are no enemies on this floor at all, thankfully. From the elevator, 
    follow the first hall until it bends, and take the door on the left. There are
    some items in here, including a SAVE TOKEN. Exit back into the hall, and follow
    it, ignoring the double doors you eventually come to to the right. Instead,
    continue down the hall until it bends southward and eventually leads to a room
    with the shop girls, and a telecorder. Finally. Identify your items, buy
    healing items if you need to stock up, check out some weapons. The next area
    is an entirely ice-based area, and the weapon shop girl sells electric-based
    equipment, which, the enemies in the next area are weak to. Buy some if you
    can, then save if you want. After you are through here, go back to the double
    doors that lead north that you passed earlier. Follow the path as it goes to
    the left, which will take you to the 'Frozen Road' dungeon.
    Frozen Road 1F (-960.0M)
    Items: Greetings (Skill)
    Enemies: Garsniper, Garpike, Drillbug, Goo Sapphire, Agrossa, Agrosser
    The first room you enter from the ladder room leads both straight (West) and
    right (North). The western room has 4 Gar enemies in it, and some items. After
    you deal with them, head North into another large room. This room has several
    Drillbugs and some Goo Sapphires in it. So kill them. You can actually keep
    heading North, right into the next room which is the exit to the next floor,
    but you'd miss the Blue Treasure Chest on this one. To get it, head right, to
    the east, into a room full of Agrossa and Agrosser enemies. They're easy to
    defeat, and doing so will get you the Key to the Blue Treasure Chest, which is
    in the same room. The Chest contains Lin's 'Greetings' Skill in it. The room
    to the South is usually empty, but check it, and head back to the area where
    you killed the Drillbugs and Goo Sapphires and take that north room that leads
    to the next floor.
    Frozen Road 2F (-950.0M)
    Items: Feint (Skill) Save Token
    Enemies: Jack Box, Big Jack Box, Garsniper, Garpike, Beak, Deathcow
    From the ladder room, follow the first room until you see several boxes. Some
    have items, others are a new type of enemy called 'Jack Box.' They are very
    weak enemies, but they drop huge amounts of Zenny. To get the zenny, you have
    to attack them an odd number of times in a round. Then in the next round, kill
    them for good after you see the message 'Jack pod jumps up!'. The big box
    in this area is also one of these enemies (Called a 'Big Jack Box,' incidently)
    and he will drop the key to this floor upon defeat. Continue east to the next
    room. When you enter this room, you will see a big group of enemies to the
    right. There is a door to the left of where you entered, and it leads to the
    next floor, but if you defeat all of those enemies in front of you (Usually 4
    gars, a beak, and 2 deathcows) you will have access to the Blue Treasure Chest,
    which contains the highly useful 'Feint' shield skill. Don't forget to check
    the other boxes, as one contains a SAVE TOKEN. When you're done, take that
    door to the north, to get to the next floor.
    Frozen Road 3F (-940.0M)
    Items: Leech Power (Skill) Cleaner
    Enemies: Ice Goo, Goo Sapphire, Drillbug, BugLeader, Agrossa, Beak
    Follow the first room after the ladder room as it bends to the East, until you
    come to a room with Several Goo Sapphires and a single Ice Goo. Despite the
    size of the Ice Goo, it is pretty easy to defeat. Just keep hammering it with
    Electric magic to take it down. After you kill it, the Key will appear. Grab
    any boxes that might be in this room, and head out the door to the North. In
    this next room, there will be several Drillbugs and a BugLeader. Defeat the
    Drillbugs, and when you kill the BugLeader it will almost always drop the
    'Leech Power' shield skill. Pick it up, and then get the Blue Treasure Chest
    that is in the northwest corner of this room. It has the 'Cleaner,' a new gun
    for Lin that must be identified. From here, head out the door that leads to
    the East. The next room is a danger room with Agrossas and a couple Beaks. The
    Agrossas are on the ceiling, so don't let them surprise you by landing on you.
    After this, there will be a cut-scene. After the scene, head forward and take
    the ladder in the next room to the next floor.
    Frozen Road 4F (-930.0M)
    Items: Fragball (Skill)
    Enemies: Garsniper, Garpike, Jack Box, Hychee, Odd Hychee, Beak
    In the first room after you exit the ladder room, curve your way North,
    fighting various gars and Jack Boxes. In the next small room, look to your
    right to find a small pocket with Hychees and Odd Hychees in it. There are a
    couple Odd Hychees on the ceiling, so watch out. Now, head out the West door.
    In the next room, you will see several several Beaks (Around 5) on a bridge
    across the room. Great. Make your way to the bridge, ignoring a door you will
    see to the right on the way (It's on the East wall). Kill all of the Beaks to
    get the key to this floor. Now, while still on the bridge, notice that there
    are rooms to the North and South. The room to the North contains the Blue
    Treasure Chest with Nina's Fragball skill in it, and the room to the South has
    a box with an item in it. Head back to the east wall and enter the door you
    passed earlier. Follow the first hall to a second hall that bends North. At
    the end you will see a Telecorder and the identifier and Item shop girls. Let
    me first say that it is imperative that you save here, becuase there is a
    string of THREE boss battles ahead, making it the longest boss battle sequence
    throughout the entire game. Before you head out that next door to the North,
    check out all of your items, get your unidentified items identified, and buy
    several healing items. Those heal kits the Hychees gave you are nice, but
    they won't be enough in the upcomming battles. Buy Aid kits and some Med kits,
    as well as Tonics. Dedicate at least one page in you inventory to healing and
    reviving items. For equipment, switch back to whatever weapons you had before
    the Frozen Road dungeon. You should equip shields with high defensive ratings,
    and if you have them, equip shields that give you +25% Defense ups. Feint,
    as good of a skill as it is, isn't all that useful here, since the bosses will
    attack multiple times in one turn, and nullifying only one attack just won't
    be that useful. One last thing. There are LOTS of good skills and items you
    can steal in the upcoming battles, so having either Ryu or Lin equipped with a
    shield threaded with steal is a must. When you are prepared, head out that
    door to the North, which leads to the next area.
    Storage (-900.0M)
    Items: Save Token x2
    Enemies: (Boss battle 1) Lead Battler, Battler Capn, Gunner Capn, Lead Gunner.
             (Boss battle 2) Asimov, Annex
             (Boss battle 3) Captain Zeno, Mage Capt
    From the ladder room, go straight until you can take a left (if you keep going
    straight, it leads to a dead end). Take the left, and head to the door. When
    you reach it, there will be a Cut-scene, then this string of battles will
    Boss - Lead Battler, Battle Capn, Gunner Capn, Lead Gunner
    (Lead Battler HP-750/Exp:640)(Battler Capn HP-620/Exp:480)
    (Gunner Capn HP-520/Exp:420)(Lead Gunner HP-720/Exp:640)
    Steal: Third Eye (Lead Gunner) Dent Weapon (Gunner Capn)
    None of these enemies are that strong by themselves, it's the fact that there
    are SO MANY of them that makes this fight difficult. There are 8 enemies in
    all, and only 3 of you. The best thing to do is concentrate all of your attacks
    on one or two at a time, and heal when necessary. I usually start by attacking
    the enemies immediately in front of Ryu, as they're sort of bunched together
    so he can use spread attacks like Side Slash and Roundsabre, and Nina can use
    spells on them. The Battler Captains have shields, making it annoying to
    attack them, since most of your attacks will only do half their potential
    damage. The battlers will of course, rush to attack your characters right away
    and the gunners stay away and continually shoot at your party. Like I said,
    start with the small group in front of Ryu, and work your way over to the two
    by themselves, and finish up with the three that are behind the party. These
    enemies can use healing items if they get too hurt, so if you do a lot of
    damage to an enemy, be sure to finish them off first or they will simply undo
    all the damage you gave them. You really don't need to D-Dive in this battle.
    It's not that difficult.
    After the first fight, there is another scene, and then you go directly to the
    second fight.
    Boss - Asimov, Annex
    (Asimov HP-1400/Exp:1024)(Annex HP-200/Exp:64)
    Asimov is a giant-drilling machine, and from what you can see, it has a lot of
    HP and will be tough to take down. It almost always summons Annexs at the
    beginning of each of it's turns. Have Nina cast Ice magic on any enemies that
    are currently in the vicinity of Asimov, because machine-type enemies are weak
    against Ice in this game. Lin can focus on taking out any Annexs that Nina
    didn't finish off, while Ryu continues to pummel the large machine itself. The
    Asimov has attacks that it uses to push your characters back, and it deals a
    fair amount of damage, so heal up after you get hit. This shouldn't be TOO
    tough of a battle, but if you just find yourself getting nowhere in this fight
    you do still have D-Dive to rely on...Also, once you get the Asimov's HP down
    to 0, it will explode in 3 turns. For those 3 turns, just get your characters
    away from it. It will continue to summon Annexs during these 3 turns, but they
    won't even come after you if you continue running. After the 3 turns are up,
    Asimov explodes, and all remaining Annexs are destroyed.
    After this fight there is a Cut-scene too. Then, the final boss battle in this
    string of fights will begin.
    Boss - Captain Zeno, Mage Capt.
    (Captain Zeno HP-1600/Exp:2800)(Mage Capt HP-580/Exp:520)
    Steal: Valor (Skill) V
    Items: Violet Blade
    This battle is obviously the hardest of the three. You are up against Captain
    Zeno, herself, and two Mage Captains. The Mage Captains can use spells like
    Iceblast, and Hundredgears, so, with two of these guys in this battle, you'll
    be recieving quite a bit of damage unless you can take them out fast. Captain
    Zeno uses two attacks, a fairly weak attack called 'Twin Scratch' and the
    powerful 'Violet Death.' You should start this battle by taking out one of the
    Mages first. Then get Zeno down to slightly over half of her HP and take the
    second Mage out. At this point, Captain Zeno gets desperate, and uses 'Last
    Resort,' a little ability that raises her speed, attack, defense, and just
    makes her overall, more powerful. Twin Scratch will still be pretty weak, but
    Violet death will now probably be able to kill at least Nina in one turn.
    As long as you keep Ryu healthy, and revive the others as needed, you shouldn't
    have to resort to using D-Dive. Also, make sure you have a shield equipped with
    steal, so you can get the 'Valor' shield skill from Zeno. You can also steal a
    'V' item from her, but it's just a sellable item, worth 1300 Zenny.
    There is another cut-scene, and this string of battles can officially be
    considered over. After the battle, be sure to pick up the 'Violet Blade' at
    Ryu's feet. You will have to identify it first, but this is an extremly
    powerful weapon that you may not even replace until you beat the game. From
    where you are after the boss battles, press the circle button to bring up the
    floor map. There are doors to the North, South, and three exits to the West.
    The rooms to the North and South usually contain nothing, but still count
    toward your overall percentage, so check them anyways. The door in the south-
    western corner may contain items as well, but the door in the northeastern
    corner has usually 5 or 6 yellow boxes in it. Two of them contain SAVE TOKENS.
    Now, with all of these new items, you should return to the previous floor (the
    last floor of the Frozen Road dungeon) and re-stock items if needed, sell some
    items you stole, and get that Violet Blade identified immediately so you can
    begin using it. Whatever you decide to do, ultimately exit through the door
    in the middle on the West wall of the boss room. It leads to a hallway. If you
    go Left you can use a lonely Telecorder, and if you go right, you will get to
    the ladder room that leads up to the next dungeon area.
    SOL Scene - There is an SOL Scene here involving one of the Regents.
    IndustOne 1F (-890.0M)
    Items: -
    Enemies: Bandit, Highwaystar, Odd Hychee, Ebonfire, Baphomet
    From the ladder room, follow the first small hallway to a room that, upon 
    enterance, you will probably spot a bandit enemy on the other side of a window.
    If you don't see him, there are still enemies there, they're just smaller. Take
    that door in front of you and fight through Bandits and Highwaystars. The
    bandits can stun you and steal from you, and the Highwaystars can pick up items
    that have been dropped by enemies you have already defeated. In this room you
    can go up a small bridge (along the North wall of the room) that leads to a
    room with 3 or 4 Odd Hychees in it. Afterwards, follow the lower path to a room
    with another small path leading to the West wall. When you enter the next room,
    you will see a huge Baphomet enemy, and some small Ebonfires. If you engage in
    battle with the Baphomet alone (or kill the Ebonfires before him) he will use
    weak attacks against you. If you let the Ebonfires live, Baphomet will cast
    mid-level fire spells like Fireblast at you. This is also an opportunity to
    steal this spell, if you don't have it yet. Clear this room of enemies, and
    follow the path to the West wall, to a small room with an elevator that leads
    to the next floor.
    IndustOne 2F West (-880.0M)
    Items: -
    Enemies: Capek, Wonder Box, Bandit, Fire Goo, Highwaystar, Petrophage, Goo
    SOL Scene - As you enter this area, there is a fairly neat SOL scene.
    Weither or not you get to see the SOL Scene, this area opens with another
    scene anyways, so watch it. From the elevator room head straight until you come
    to a door. There are Capeks (Machine-type enemies, defeat them with Ice spells)
    and what appears to be a blue treasure chest. This blue chest is actually a
    new enemy called a 'Wonder Box.' It'll drop an item based on how close you get
    it to 0 HP without going over. Basically, the closer to 0, the better the item.
    From this room, you can either head straight ahead (East) and end up in the
    East half of IndustOne 2F, or, if you have a high enough D-Ratio, you can go
    through a D-Ratio door, to the South, and you'll stay in the West half of
    IndustOne 2F, bypassing the East half entirely.
    D-Ratio door (1/1024)
    Items: Reflect (Skill)
    Enemies: Capek, Petrophage
    The first room in this D-Ratio area is a Danger room, and the enemies will
    either be all Petrophages, or a mixture of Petrophages and Capeks. Kill them
    all for the key, and then head out the South exit in this room. In the next
    room, look to your right and you will see various boxes, and to the back of
    the room, the Blue treasure Chest, which has the Shield Skill 'Reflect' in it.
    This is a 20 AP skill that's more of a counter attack than a reflect. Exit the
    room to the South, and you'll be in a new room with an exit to the East, and
    one that leads West. This room is basically the converging point for the two
    paths. (both the D-Ratio path, and the path you took if you went through the
    East part of this floor)
    If you don't have a high enough D-Ratio to get through this door, keep heading
    east until you enter the East half of IndustOne 2F
    IndustOne 2F East (-880.0M)
    Items: Let's Dance! (Skill) Save Token
    Enemies: Capek, Bandit, Highwaystar, Petrophage, Fire Goo, Ruby Goo
    After you exit the hallway from the West portion of this floor, you will be in
    a large room, and there will probably be Capeks to your right. Kill them, then
    head down to the lower area where several Petrophages wait for you. You can run
    past them, which prompts them to scurry across the room, and when they hit
    something, they'll flip over. If you hit them when they're like this, you can
    kill them on the field without a battle. After they all die, the key will
    appear, so grab it and head out the door the in northeast corner of the room.
    Follow the small hall to a large room, and go straight ahead into a small
    'Office' room. There will be a Fire Goo and some Ruby Goos in here, kill them
    and open the Blue Treasure Chest in the same room. It containes Lin's 'Let's
    Dance!' skill. Exit the office-like room, and follow the railing around the
    perimeter of the office to a dead end with a random item, if you like. Then,
    follow the railing to the West. When you get to the Southwest corner of the
    railing, you can go down for some items and enemies, or continue along the
    South wall to the southeast corner to the door. Follow the small hall to the
    next room. Once you enter, a Bandit may charge at you right away, so be quick
    on the 'X' button. From the enterance, go straight forward for an item, and
    then head back around and follow the railing to the West wall, and enter the
    door you find there. Follow the short halls until you end up back in the West
    portion of IndustOne 2F. This first small room you enter is the convirging
    point, so if you either went to the east section, or took the D-Ratio door,
    both paths lead to this room. From here, head out the West door, and follow the
    railing again until you get to the Southwest corner. You can go down a small
    set of stairs to fight some enemies, and get some items, one of which is a
    SAVE TOKEN. Then, head out the Door in the southwest corner and take the
    elevator up to the next floor.
    IndustOne 3F (-870.0M)
    Items: Fireball (Skill)
    Enemies: Baphomet, Ebonfire, Capek
    The first room you enter into after the elevator room is a danger room. But you
    won't see the enemies until you try to head out the door to the left (North).
    When you do, a Baphomet and several Ebonfires will be there to meet you. Once
    the door opens, quickly throw some meat out to distract them or they will get
    the jump on you, easily. After defeating them, there is a scene. After that
    scene, you are automatically in the next room. The platform you're on bends to
    the South, but there is nothing there, so head out the door that leads East
    instead. You will be in a small hallway, so follow it east until you see a door
    ahead. (There is also one to the right, but that just leads back into the
    previous room.) Take that door you see ahead, and you will end up in a room
    with 4 or 5 Capeks. Defeat them, and the key will appear in the small room in
    the northeast. There are actually 4 exits on the East wall of this room. The
    one to the northeast leads to the key, and the Blue Treasure Chest which has
    Nina's Fireball skill in it. The room below that just has some items. The room
    below that leads further to the East, to the elevator to the next floor, while
    the room in the southeast corner has yet more items. After you've collected
    what you want, take the path that leads to the next floor.
    SOL Scene - Between these two floors, you'll see a rather surprising scene
    about Bosch...
    IndustTwo 1F (-860.0M)
    Items: -
    Enemies: Tantra (Boss)
    The first room you enter into after the elevator room is big, and if you look
    around it you will see that someone has been here befor you...From the door
    you enter, go left (North) until you can take a right leading East, where you
    can enter a small office area. Examine the two Ranger's bodies on the ground,
    and then exit back out. Head past the door you came in, and follow the plat-
    form until you can go down onto the actual ground. Tantra is standing right
    ahead of you, so walk up to him and initiate this boss battle.
    Boss - Tantra (HP-1300/Exp:2000)
    This boss fight isn't overly difficult, but it can become that way if you're
    not carful. Tantra is pretty quick, so he'll usually go first and can attack
    2 or 3 times in one turn. He usually starts by casting 'Sleep' on the entire
    party, so make sure you have stat-protection armor equipped if at all possible.
    He also uses confuse on the entire party, which can be disasterous if it hits
    all of them, but he doesn't use this attack that often. He'll use something
    called 'Forcacion' which lowers all the stats of one of your characters and
    ups all of his. He'll use drain, which steals HP from one of your characters,
    and Depress, which can steal AP from one of your characters as well. I find it
    best to just skip everyone's first turn, so you can build up their AP to max
    by the second turn, and unleash longer combos. Tantra has a fair amount of HP
    and has a lot of speed, but he seems to lack a strong defense, so physical
    attacks work pretty well against him. If you work at it, you can take him down
    in as little as 3 or 4 turns. Remember to heal when necessary, of course.
    After the battle, there'll be a scene, and then you can pick up the 'IndZone2
    ID' card near Tantra's body. Now, press the Circle button to bring up the
    floor map. Looking at the map, you will notice that there are doors that lead
    both North and South, they're locked, but you now have the IndZone2 ID which
    will unlock either one. Both doors lead to the second floor, but they're cut
    off from eachother, and each contains a mid-level boss. If you go North, you'll
    have to fight the mid-level boss, Deegon, while if you go South you fight
    Geegagis. Both areas contain seperate Blue Treasure Chests, and you only HAVE
    to do one, but once you kill one of the mid-level bosses, you can return to
    IndustTwo 1F and take the route you didn't take first, thereby doing both
    areas and getting both Blue Chests. However, both routes take you up to
    IndustTwo 3F, where you will fight Tantra again, and he will power-up depend-
    ing on which mid-level boss you defeated. If you defeat both, he will power-
    up greatly. If this is your first time through, you may only want to defeat
    one of the mid bosses. Defeating both, as I said, powers Tantara up greatly,
    and you will be in for quite a difficult fight, and the only real advantages
    to doing this is that you can steal Ryu's Crimson Raid skill, and you will get
    a slightly higher amount of experience. When you try to enter either door,
    (You'll have to use the IndZone2 ID card on the lock mechanism, though.)
    however, there will be a couple scenes. After them, follow the hall to the
    elevator room to the second floor.
    SOL Scene - There is an SOL scene in with the Scenes you see above.
    IndustTwo 2F North (-850.0M)
    Items: Too Slow!! (Skill)
    Enemies: Deegon (Sub-boss)
    Follow the path in the first room after the elevator room, to the East. In the
    next room, follow the path until you can either do a U-turn back into the room
    you were just in, (It may contain some items, I think) or just keep following
    the path as it leads East. The next room is a danger room, and your only enemy
    is the Sub-boss, Deegon. Go up to him while he is on the bridge, and use the
    'X' button to get an extra turn on him.
    Sub-Boss - Deegon - (HP-1600/Exp:1200)
    Deegon lacks good defense, but has plenty of skills that can make this fight
    a headache. First off, using attacks up close to him makes him counter with
    his 'Sledgehammer' attack, it usually criticals, and can cause well over 100
    damage. He can cast some mid-level fire based magic, like Fireblast. He can
    also use an attack called 'Viral touch' which affects the attacked person with
    the Virus status effect. Virus makes a character only gain half their AP back
    every round. Like I said, he's got a fairly low defense, and he's also weak
    against Ice magic, so use spells like Iceblast against him, if you have them.
    Have Lin do whatever you can to cover attacks in the long-distance range
    catagory. There isn't really anything worth stealing from Deegon, as the only
    item he has is a sellable item worth 2000 zenny. Steal it if you need the
    cash, I guess.
    After the battle, there is a scene, and then the treasure key appears in front
    of you. Get it, and keep following the path as it goes to the South wall,
    until you see the Blue Treasure Chest, which has Lin's 'Too Slow!!' skill in
    it. Head back toward the North wall, and through either door into a small
    hallway that leads East to the elevator room up to IndustTwo 3F. If you want
    to clear the IndustTwo 2F South, however, head all the back you came, back
    down to IndustTwo 1F, and from the room where you fought Tantra, take the
    South path to get to IndustTwo 2F South.
    IndustTwo 2F South (-850.0M)
    Items: Spiritcharge (Skill)
    Enemies: Geegagis (Sub-boss)
    In the first room you enter into after the elevator room, you will hear the
    Danger room music, although Geegagis is in the next room, actually. Go East
    into the next room, and you will see Geegagis standing on a lower area of the
    path you are on. He's big, and slow, so getting the extra turn is easy.
    Sub-Boss - Geegagis - (HP-1300/Exp:1200)
    Geegagis is a pathetic boss, really, as the only thing he has working for him
    is a high defense...but it's very high, at that. You should obviously use
    combos, and skills that ignore defenses. Like Deegon, Geegagis is weak against
    Ice, so exploit that weakness with Nina's magic. Every so often you'll see
    a message: 'Geegagis is gathering fury!' and in the next turn it'll say some-
    thing like, 'Geegagis slams his fury into the earth!' this'll cause damage
    to your characters according to how close they are to him. The closer they
    are, the more damage they recieve. Otherwise, he's big, and slow, and doesn't
    have much of a movement radus, so defeating him shouldn't be too difficult.
    After defeating him, there'll be a scene, and you get the Key. Continuing
    along the path, you'll eventually reach a door and the Blue Treasure Chest to
    the Right of the door. The chest contains Ryu's Spiritcharge skill, so take it
    and go though the door. In the next room, keep heading East until you can take
    a door South into a small hallway. Follow it East, as it leads to the elevator
    room to the next floor. If you haven't already done IndustTwo 2F North yet,
    and you want to, go all the way back the way you came, back to IndustTwo 1F
    and to the room where you fought Tantra. This time, Take the door that leads
    IndustTwo 3F (-840.0)
    Items: -
    Enemies: Tantra (Boss)
    (If you're coming from IndustTwo 2F North)
    If you came from the North, follow the first hall until you come to a small
    room with a door that leads South. Take it, and you will be in a room that
    will probably have some items. Grab them, and continue out the door to the
    South in this room as well, which leads to the battle with Tantra.
    (If you're coming from IndustTwo 2F South)
    If you came from the South, go straight ahead for some items, then follow the
    path going left of the door you came in as it heads to the East. In the small
    room it leads to, go out the North door, and into the room where you will now
    fight Tantra.
    Regardless of which path you took, you will see a scene here, and then the
    boss battle will begin.
    Boss - Tantra (With Deegon) HP-2000/Exp:2800 
    Along with the attacks he used before, Tantra will also have the attacks that
    Deegon used. He can now counter-attack you, and drain your HP in his counter-
    attack. He's pretty fast, but he still has a lower defense, which is one of
    the only advantages you have. Basically, use whatever you used against both
    of these bosses to begin with. Have Ryu do powerful physical attacks, have
    Nina combo her magic up as far as you can, and have Lin ready with support
    fire. Heal when neccessary, of course.
    Boss - Tantra (With Geegagis) HP-1600/Exp:3000
    Since Geegagis wasn't that great of a boss to begin with, you may find that
    this version of Tantra is the easiest. His HP is the lowest of the three
    versons, he's slower, but he's got a high defense like Geegagis had. He'll use
    the 'Slam fury into the ground' trick, along with the other attacks he had by
    himself, so look out for those. Again, Ryu comboing his attacks and Nina her
    magic, and Lin doing what she does best should get you through this battle
    fairly easily.
    Boss - Tantra (With Deegon and Geegagis) HP-2400/Exp:3600
    Steal: Crimson Raid (Skill) 7th Sense
    You're in for a tough fight if you decided to fight this verson of Tantra.
    He's got the powers of both of the Sub-bosses, and his own. He uses all of his
    old attacks like, Multi attack, Forcacion, and drain. He'll use Geegagis's
    'Slams fury into the Earth' still, but this time, it does HUGE amounts of
    damage. If all of your characters are next to Tantra when he executes this
    attack, they may all die, that's how powerful it is. He can use Viral Touch,
    so clear that up quick, and heal when he uses his drain/counter combo as well.
    Also, he can attack a good 3 or 4 times in one turn. He really has no weakness
    since he has the speed and strength of deegon, and the defense of Geegagis, so
    your best combos with Ryu are probably just things like 'Side slash + Slice...'
    and continuing to use slice until his AP run out. Have Nina do what magic she
    can, and Lin throw out things like, 'Outta my way!' if you have them. Be sure
    to have a shield threaded with steal during this battle to get Crimson Raid,
    which is one of the only reasons to fight this powered-up verson of Tantra to
    begin with. You can also steal a '7th sense' from him as well. An item that
    ups most of a characters stats of a battle. If you get it early, you may want
    to even use it on Ryu in this battle.
    After whichever battle you face, Tantra is dead for good, dispite the lack of
    a cut-scene. You can either explore this floor a little more, or from the room
    you fought Tantra, go out the East door (Using the IndZone2 ID card on the
    lock) follow the hall until you come to the exit to the next area. After you
    exit however, there will be a cut-scene involving Bosch
    SOL Scene - There is a SOL scene here about Bosch that precedes the above one.
    MidSector Mall (-840.0M)
    Items: -
    Enemies: -
    Finally! A town. Follow the path as it goes down the stairs. There is a Tele-
    corder at the bottom of the stairs and you should probably save here, since
    there really hasn't been a save point since before you fought the string of
    battles in the Storage area. Head out the door way to the left of the Tele-
    corder to enter the actually shoping area. This area is really just a big
    hallway. As you enter, the Item shop is to the right. As you head down farther
    there is a child surrounded by some nuggets, but they aren't enemies. Next
    to him there is very well hidden path that leads to the identifier girl.
    Continue down the original hallway until you come to a bend where the Fairy is
    if you saved her earlier. Check your fairy colony if you want to, and I suggest
    you do. If you have a Nina shop in you village, and can purchase the 'Holy
    heart' rod for her, do so, even at the steep price of 20,000 zenny. It has the
    skill 'Kyrie' threaded to it, which destroys all undead in one hit, and since
    the next area is full of Zombie enemies, this skill is virtually a staple.
    From the fairy, keep heading forward until you get to the Weapon shop. Head
    forward from there, and follow the stairs to the next area.
    SOL Scene - there is an SOL here between the Midsector Mall and the MidSector
    MidSector Borough (-830.0M)
    Items: -
    Enemies: -
    There's nothing here, so just follow the path straight ahead to the next area.
    ::Coming Soon::
    Fairy Village
    From the first time you encounter the fairy and save her from the room she is
    trapped in, (in 'CorpLab Entrance') you will open up a plethora of side/mini
    games. When you first encounter the fairy, you will automaticaly transport to
    the fairy/ant colony. There isn't much you can do here the first time besides
    hire some ants, and talk to the fairy about how the colony will work, but you
    definitely should find out what you can. When you leave, the fairy will give
    you an item called the 'Fairy Drops' which allow you to come and go from the
    colony as you please. You should check often, as things will change quickly
    around the colony. (about every 20 battles or so)
    Dispite the fact that this is a 'fairy' colony, you will be hiring ants to do
    everything around the colony. It costs so much to hire an ant, and every so
    often, zenny is deducted from the 'funds' section, to pay the ants. Ants have
    three stats. 'HP, SMT, TST' They stand for HP, Smart, and Taste. HP is like
    the ant's strength and endurance. The higher the better. Have them do physical
    jobs, like, excavation, and similar things. 'Smart' is basically the ant's
    intelligence. Use ants with a high smart stat for jobs that involve creating
    new jobs, and the like. 'Taste' is how 'creative' the ant is. You'll want ants
    with higher tastes in your cafeteria, and music shop.
    When you talk to the fairy in the colony, a menu comes up with the following
    Orders allow you to move ants around to do various jobs that you desire them
    to do. First off, the only thing you can really do is excavate. But once you
    open up more jobs, you can make the ants do anything you want them to, really.
    This option allows Ryu's party to move to the various rooms (When you open
    them up, of course) you won't really be able to move very much in the early
    stages of the colony.
    Funds is pretty easy to understand. Basically, you donate money to the colony
    to keep your ants paid. You can donate as much zenny as you want at any given
    time. You can also withdrawl zenny, if you feel there is too much there.
    When you select this option, another menu will open, and you select which
    subject you want to find out more about from there.
    Leave the fairy colony altogether.
    Exit out of the menu, but remain in the colony.
    At first, this is the ONLY job  you can do. Basically, when you first hire
    ants, put them up in the top 'bracket' to put them in an excavation party. As
    you come and go from the colony, you will be notified when an excavation party
    is about to leave. You can then select where you want the ants to begin
    digging. They won't always go where you want them to, but they'll often find
    useful things like new rooms, and Zenny. Ants will run into several things
    as they excavate the colony. These things include: Rooms, which will allow you
    to open up more shops; Dead-ends, but there is usually a small amount of zenny
    to be found in dead ends; Antlions, which are foes that the ants must defeat
    to move on. If you have ants with too low of an HP, they will probably be
    wipped out by the antlions, it usually takes about 4 or 5 hits from the ants
    to defeat them; A Water-trap, this comes later near the bottom. If your ants
    don't have enough HP, they will drown; Rocks, once in a while, your ants will
    pass under a rock. If they aren't fast enough, the rock will crush them; Kokon
    Horay, this is basically your reward for getting to the bottom of the colony.
    Kokon Horay is a 50 floor dungeon that your characters can explore, and get
    items from. After you find all 10 rooms, you don't need to have excavators
    Put ants with a high 'smart' stat in this position. The ants working here will
    research and eventually come up with new jobs for you to add to your colony.
    This is the single most important skill you will need to use after you have
    excavated your colony.
    Market (Shops)
    There are four types of shops you can have; a skill shop, a Ryu shop, a Nina
    shop, and a Lin Shop. The default shop is the skill shop, but you can go into
    the shop, and talk to the fairy to change what type of shop it is. I've done
    all of them (Except for the Lin shop, but I'm working on that now) Here are
    lists of items you can buy at the shops, and how much they cost. (NOTE: I've
    heard that when you beat the game, the items get power-ups. I can neither
    confirm, nor deny this, so if anybody can tell me if it is true, that'd be
    Skill Shop                           Ryu Shop
    .........                            ........
    Hex             240z                 Impact Gear+3       4800z
    Fireblast       240z                 Bari Shell          5000z
    Iceblast        240z                 Ruby Maser+2        3600z
    Lightning       240z                 Plasma Maser+3      3900z
    Weapon Boost    240z                 Bari Guard         15000z
    Shield Boost    240z                 Sapph. Maser+4      4200z
    Cutspace        240z                 Protect Suit+1     66000z
    Divine          240z                 Strong Sword+8      2700z
    Slow            240z                 ChobhamPlate       36000z
    Skullsplit      240z                 Legend Blade+1     88000z
    Nina Shop                            Lin Shop
    .........                            ........
    Antenna+5          1800z             
    Impact Check+3     3900z             ::Coming Soon::
    Bari Ring          5000z             
    Holy Heart        20000z
    DeluxAntenna       6800z
    Bari Loop         15000z
    Divine Coat+1     52800z
    Demonscythe       20000z
    Platinum Arc       9000z
    Wizard Wand+1     88000z
    Basically, it's just there to keep your ants happy. You won't make much of a
    profit off if the cafeteria, but you shoule have one, though. Put ants with a
    high 'Taste' statistic in this job.
    You can send ants out to find various items for you. The farther away you send
    an ant, the higher chance of failure. Only send older ants with a high HP
    count for this job. You really don't gain a profit off of this job, though.
    Concert Hall
    I've never really used this, but I do know that you have to use ants with high
    'taste' statistics, similar to the cafeteria.
    I've never really used the bank either, but I know that you can store money
    here, as well as gain interest off of it. Supposedly, you can make quite a
    killing in zenny this way.
    You can send ants here basically to train themselves in the HP, Smart, or
    Taste department. There's no profit to be made here, obviously, but it will
    probably help you in the long-run.
    Review Board
    I've never done any of this, but I think you can preform certain actions to
    get various items, or something here.
    You can raise a 'Nugget' to sell it. Probably pretty profitable, but it's just
    another thing I haven't gotten to yet.
    Optional Dungeon: Kokon Horay
    I haven't personally attempted Kokon Horay yet, but what I do know is that it
    is a 50-floor dungeon, where you can only find certain items, weapons, and
    skills. I'll have more on this area in a later update.
    Item Lists
    Healing items
    Heal Kit        Heals 50 HP to one person
    Aid Kit         Heals 100 HP to one person
    Med Kit         Heals 200 HP to one person
    Life Kit        Heals ALL HP to one person
    Mega Aid Kit    Heals 100 HP to all members of your group
    Trauma Kit      Heals 200 HP to all members of your group
    Panacea         Heals ALL HP and status anomalies (Except KO) To one person
    Mega Panacea    Heals ALL HP and status anomolies (Except KO) To all members
    Tonic           Cures Unconscious and restores 1/2 of Max HP
    Antidote        Cures Poison Status
    Wake Up         Cures Curse, Confusion, and Sleep status ailments
    FootLoose       Cures Bind status ailment
    Vaccine         Cures Virus status ailment
    Multimeds       Cures any status ailment except unconcious
    AP Charge       Restores 1 AP bar
    Full AP         Restores 2 AP bars
    Trap items
    Fresh Meat
    Rotten meat
    Bind Bomb
    Prox Bomb
    Fire Bomb
    Expendable Stat-increasing items
    ::Coming Soon::
    'Other' Items
    ::Coming Soon::
    Equipment Lists
    ::Coming Soon::
    Enemy List
    ::Coming Soon::
    ::Coming Soon::
    To Capcom, for producing such a unique, innovative, and excellent game.
    To GameFAQs, for putting up Walkthroughs, and being the best videogame site I
    can find on the web. (Seriously)
    Legal Stuffs
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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