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    Jin by Bantam13

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    Version 2.0
    Created 4/3/2000
    Submitted 4/4/2000
    Resubmitted 4/29/2000
    Revision made 4/9/2000 (sp corrections, etc.)
    2nd revision made 4/17/00 Combos added; Strategies extended; etc.
    3rd revision made 4/20/00 More Combos/Strats
    BY: Bantam13
    Jason <khaotika@earthlink.net>
    Unpublished work Copyright 2000 Bantam13
    This FAQ can be found at:
    The Street Fighter Grand Archive
    The Universal Marvel vs. Capcom 2 FAQ by Ug the Caveman
    Jin Saotome, Princess Devilotte, Gawaine Murdock, and Blodia (BX-02) are 
    Copyright 2000 Capcom Japan
    This FAQ was written by myself, for all the Capcom game fanatics out 
    there who are enthralled by the vs. series and their ilk.  This FAQ 
    shall not be copied, reproduced, or borrowed from without express 
    written permission from me.  This also includes all the "Expert Gaming 
    Magazines" out there (and in some cases, I use the term loosely) or any 
    website or any other medium, for that matter.  This includes ANY excerpt 
    or piece of information contained herein.  Plagarism is ILLEGAL, 
    Give credit where it's due, and I will have no beef with you.
    1.  LEGEND
    5.  ASSISTS
    7.  THROWS
    15. NOTES
    17. COMBOS
    18. VS ABYSS
    20. OTHER
    1. LEGEND
    QCF--(down, down-forward, forward)
    QCB--(down, down-back, back)
    HCB--(forward, down-forward, down, down-back, back)
    A1---Assist 1
    A2---Assist 2
    The new button setup allows Strong and Forward commands by first 
    pressing Jab and Short, respectively.  You can only obtain medium  
    attacks by connecting with either weak attack command.  However, for 
    some medium strength launchers, the command is DF + P or K depending on 
    the character.
    Also, you can now call in both of your partners to assist you in battle 
    by pressing Assist 1 or Assist 2.  The call-in character performs a 
    specific move, taunts, then leaves.  Be careful not to overuse your 
    Assists or you'll end up eating a Hyper Combo or two.
    CHARACTER NAME:  Jin Saotome
    MECH NAME:  Variant Armor Suit Blodia (BX-02)(Fighting Type)
    HISTORY:  In a future where machines take up the fight in man's eternal 
    struggle for survival, Jin Saotome is on a mission to find Shade, the 
    man who killed his father.  He met and fought many strange foes along 
    the way, including the wacky Princess Devilotte and Gawaine Murdock, the 
    mech driving heroic knight.  After the completion of his quest, he has 
    now taken up the fight on Capcom's side in order to stop the evil Abyss 
    and his dark designs.
    OPENING ANIMATION:  Jin appears atop his mech Blodia's hand; he shouts 
    "Ikuze!" while jumping off the hand and the battle begins.
    ENDING ANIMATION #1:  Jin walks over to the opponent and places his foot 
    on top of his fallen foe.  He then crosses his arms and glances skyward 
    in triumph.
    ENDING ANIMATION #2:  Jin looks at his opponent with disdain, then 
    proceeds to draw his katana.  A sadistic smile appears on his face, and 
    Jin jumps at his opponent, katana high in the air as if he's about to 
    deliver the final strike.
    ENDING ANIMATION #3:  Jin adopts a casual stance, holds his fingers in 
    the air, and speaks a quote while making a peace sign.
    JIN's TAUNT:  Jin suddenly appears sans clothing, save his jockstrap and 
    headband.  He then takes a towel and proceeds to scrub his back, 
    taunting his opponent while doing so.
    Read Across as such:
    X---Y---A1 (X=Jab Y=Fierce A1=Assist 1)
    A---B---A2 (A=Short B=Roundhouse A2=Assist 2)
    X--White Jumpsuit//Red Blodia
    Y--Red Jumpsuit w/Blue Trim//Black Blodia
    A1--Pink Jumpsuit w/White Trim//Pink Blodia
    A--Black Jumpsuit w/Gold Trim//Blue Blodia
    B--Green Jumpsuit w/Grey Trim//Green Blodia
    A2--Blue Jumpsuit w/Gold Trim//Gold Blodia
    5. ASSISTS
    Alpha:  Saotome Typhoon
    Beta:   Saotome Dynamite
    Gamma:  Standing Strong (launcher)
    Alpha:  Saotome Cyclone
    Beta:   Blodia Punch
    Gamma:  Blodia Punch
    7. THROWS
    BLODIA SMASH---F + Fierce (can be performed in mid-air)
    Jin grabs the opponent by the head and smashes them into Blodia's fist.
    SAOTOME PUMMEL---F + Roundhouse
    Jin grabs and knocks down the opponent, then proceeds to deliver several 
    blows to the gut.
    (tap button for more hits)
    Standing Strong
    ---Jab to Strong
    ---DF + Fierce
    ---QCF + A1 or A2
    ---(crouching Fierce animation)
    Variable Counter
    ---Start by blocking opponent's attack/then quickly perform command
    ---Utilized by first character to counter opp. w/2nd or 3rd character
    ---B, BD, D + A1 or A2 depending on char. order
    ---Uses 1 Hyper Combo Bar
    VC Alpha---Saotome Typhoon
    VC Beta----Saotome Dynamite
    VC Gamma---Standing Strong (launcher)
    Standing Jab-----Normal Straight Jab
    Crouching Jab----Normal Crouching Jab
    Jumping Jab------Normal Jumping Jab
    Standing Strong---Flaming Skyward Fist
    Crouching Strong--Flaming Slamming Fist
    Jumping Strong----Flaming Fist Strike
    Standing Fierce---Quick Flaming Straight Lunge
    Crouching Fierce--Quick Flaming Backfist
    Jumping Fierce----Crashing Slam Punch
    Standing Short----Lunging Straight Kick
    Crouching Short---Lunging Low Kick
    Jumping Short-----Piercing Sky Kick
    Standing Forward---Flaming Double Kick
    Crouching Forward--Double Upwards Flaming Kick
    Jumping Forward----Single Upwards Flaming Kick
    Standing Roundhouse---Single Piercing Lunging Drill
    Crouching Roundhouse--Single Piercing Ground Drill
    Jumping Roundhouse----Flying Double Flaming Arc Kick
    (in air) Down + Roundhouse--Triple Piercing Drill
    Jin can go from Weak attacks to Stronger attacks, but he cannot chain 
    all 3 punches or kicks in a row.
    E.G.---Jab to Strong
    -------Jab to Forward
    -------Short to Fierce
    -------Short to Roundhouse
    However, Jin CAN chain all of his attacks in an air combo, save the 
    Fierce or Roundhouse attacks. (see below)
    Jumping Fierce
    Jumping Roundhouse
    Jumping Down + Roundhouse (Air Piercing Drill)
    BLODIA SMASH (Air Throw)
    SPECIAL TAUNT/SAOTOME FIRE----Shameless Flaming Taunt
    Hold Short + Start then vigorously scrub atk. buttons
    Jin takes his taunt to the extreme by scrubbing himself so hard, he 
    catches fire!!!!  This move will cause considerable damage if the 
    opponent lands on you while you perform it!!  However, the start up and 
    lag time the move takes is not worth the effort unless you are winning 
    the match, otherwise you may end up eating a Triple-Delay Hyper Combo.
    SAOTOME DYNAMITE----Flaming Naked Energy Burst
    Charge DOWN 2 sec. then UP + P
    Jin crouches down on the ground, then in a burst of flashing light, 
    Jin's jumpsuit explodes off his body causing the enemy to be knocked 
    skyward while shouting "DY-NA-MI-TO!!"  Usually used as a defensive 
    manuever, it can also be comboed.  Can interrupt most incoming combos 
    and even some Hyper Combos!!!
    NOTE:  Additionally, you can continue using the Dynamite if you hold 
    down the punch button while whipping the joystick up and down quickly.  
    Using this method gives you a half-second delay between each Dynamite, 
    thereby giving you safe haven if the first one misses and your opponent 
    gets eager to attack.  Trust in the Dynamite....it is your friend.
    SAOTOME TYPHOON----Advancing Whirlwind Of Fury
    Charge BACK 2 sec. then FORWARD + P
    Jin rears back, then suddenly dashes across the screen twisting his body 
    in a whirlwind of energy yelling "TYPHOON" as he finishes his assault.  
    Use this as a counter to an opponent's missed or blocked air combo.  
    Proceed with caution as this move has an ending delay that most your 
    opponents WILL capitalize on if you miss.  Can also be used in a combo.
    SAOTOME CRUSH----Rolling Scrub Throw
    HCB + K
    Jin lunges forward, trying to grab your legs.  If successful, Jin will 
    proceed to "scrub" the opponent across all sides of the screen while 
    yelling and setting them aflame.  Damage, as well as recovery time from 
    a miss have dramatically improved since the first Marvel vs. Capcom.  
    Use with caution, as a smart opponent WILL counter aggressively if you 
    BLODIA PUNCH---Blodia Fist Punching Thrust
    QCF + 2P
    Jin calls in his mech, Blodia to assist with a ground running punch 
    equal to the force of a battering ram or runaway freight train!!  Does 
    considerable damage if it fully connects.  Use it as a wake-up move as 
    it seems to combo slower in this game.
    BLODIA VULCAN--Blodia Gatling Artillery Burst
    QCB + 2P
    Once again, Jin calls for Blodia, only this attack causes a surgical 
    strike starting with Blodia's surpressing fire, then finishing with Jin 
    climbing into the mech and rattling off the last few rounds himself in 
    the cockpit!!  Also use as a wake-up or in a Triple-Delay Hyper Combo.
    SAOTOME CYCLONE--Disastrous Raging Whirlwind
    QCF + 2K
    Jin summons up his rage and creates a giant cyclone of power using his 
    body.  It travels a short distance but has great height and power and 
    enemies should steer clear lest they find themselves with half a life 
    bar evaporated like so much air......  This is Jin's most damaging 
    super, now with better recovery time if you miss.  Use on jumping and 
    superjumping opponents or in a Triple Delay.  Now you can combo this 
    Hyper Combo off of his launcher!!
    15. NOTES
    When both of his partners have been knocked out, and his own life bar is 
    at about 20%, Jin will activate a "rage mode".  In this mode, he gains a 
    significant increase in power and he cannot be launched unless the 
    launch is started with a combo first.
    Jin's medium and hard punches and kicks add fire to the attack, while 
    giving a momentary stun to the enemy.  The fire does extra damage if not 
    comboed, and the stun adds to the combo possibilities Jin can inflict.
    Also, unlike the original Marvel vs. Capcom, Jin's medium aerial attacks 
    no longer throw the enemy to the curb like they used to.  So now he can 
    utilize a full air combo w/out having to restrict his options to corner 
    tactics!!!  ^_^
    Jin is not a dialer character by any means.  Your best strategy should 
    be a hit and run or you can opt for a counterstriking method.  One of 
    Jin's quickest attacks is his Standing Fierce, believe it or not.  When 
    an opponent whiffs a special or super, it's up to you to counter with 
    this, the S. Typhoon, or a Hyper Combo.  His Jumping Roundhouse and 
    Jumping Down + Roundhouse both have insane priority and you can combo 
    many things off them both when you land.  You can also use his now  
    "classic" down + Roundhouse, then Dynamite to keep the enemy on their 
    toes.  At close range, Jin's standing Roundhouse will travel over some 
    projectiles, while hitting his opponent.  His different Jab attacks are 
    great for your poking game; He can rifle off several crouching Jab + 
    Strong combinations in a row fairly quickly!!  You can use Saotome 
    Dynamite as a counter against opponents who jump in too frequently.  The 
    following combos take advantage of what little attacking options Jin can 
    muster.  Remember though, the lower the combo meter, the higher the 
    damage!!!  Since Jin has thankfully been sped up since his previous 
    incarnation, you can now get in the opponents face, get your combos, and 
    get out of there with plenty of time to spare!  Experiment w/him to find 
    your best strategy!!  Jin is one the more enjoyable characters to come 
    out the CAPCOM fighting scene in a long time!!!  Most 
    importantly.......HAVE FUN!!!
    17. COMBOS
    ALL of these combos were tested out multiple times against the practice, 
    arcade, and versus modes, so they ALL will work.  Don't email me saying 
    they will not, because I'll know you haven't tried your best and just 
    gave up.  -_-  
    Remember that pressing Jab twice yields Jab then Strong and pressing 
    Short twice gives you Short then Forward!!!  I use the old school method 
    because the whole "jab, short, jab, short" thing just confuses the hell 
    out of me.  ^_^
    ji---jumping in
    sj---super jump
    1) ji Fierce, cr Jab, cr Fierce (3 hits)
    2) ji Short, ji Strong, (dash) st Short XX (quickly) into Saotome Crush 
    (4 hits)
    3) ji Roundhouse(2 hits), cr Jab, cr Strong XX Saotome Dynamite (6-7 
    4) cr Jab, cr Strong XX (very quickly) Blodia Punch (11 hits)
    5) ji Jab, ji Strong, st Short, st Forward (5 hits)
    6) ji Jab, ji Forward,(dash) cr Jab, cr Forward (5 hits)
    7) ji Jab, ji Forward, st Short, st Fierce (4 hits)
    8) ji Short, ji Forward, st Short, st Roundhouse (4 hits)
    9) (holding back) ji Short, Strong, (land) XX Jab Saotome Typhoon (5 
    10) ji Short, ji Down + Roundhouse, cr Short, cr Roundhouse XX Saotome 
    Dynamite (7-11 hits)
    11) ji Short, ji Down + Roundhouse, cr Short, cr Roundhouse XX (quickly) 
    Blodia Punch (7-11 hits)
    12) ji Short, ji Strong,(dash) st Short, st Strong, (launch) sj Jab, sj 
    Short, sj Strong, sj Forward, Roundhouse (9-10 hits)
    13) ji D + Roundhouse, st Jab, st Strong, sj Jab, Short, Strong, 
    Forward, Blodia Smash (F + Fierce)
    14) ji Jab, ji Strong, st Jab, st Strong, XX (quickly) Saotome Cyclone, 
    hold down (opp. lands) XX Saotome Dynamite (5 hits w/o Dynamite, 11-12 
    ----Large Character Variation Combo----
    15) ji Short, ji Roundhouse(2 hits),(dash) st Short, st Strong,(launch) 
    sj Jab, sj Short, sj Strong, sj Forward, Down + Roundhouse (12 hits)
    ----Opponent in Corner Combos----
    16) ji Short, ji Strong, cr Jab, cr Fierce XX Saotome Typhoon (1 hit) XX 
    (quickly) into Blodia Punch, OTG Down + Roundhouse XX Saotome Dynamite 
    (11-13 hits)
    17) ji Short, ji Strong, cr Jab, cr Fierce XX Saotome Typhoon (1 hit) XX 
    (quickly) into Saotome Cyclone, hold down (opp. lands) XX Saotome 
    Dynamite (6 hits w/o Dynamite, 11-12 w/Dynamite)  --VERY DIFFICULT--
    HINT:  To cancel the Saotome Cyclone into the Blodia Punch or Saotome 
    Typhoon, you MUST cancel when you hear Jin say "TY..."....anytime after 
    that, then it will NOT connect unless you are hitting a BIG character.
    ----Jin's Triple Option----MASTER COMBOS----
    The opponent MUST be in the corner for Jin's triple option to work.  
    Timing is crucial for ALL 3 combos, otherwise it will not register as a 
    full combo on the meter.
    18) dash ji Jab, ji Strong, (quick dash) cr Jab, cr Strong XX Blodia 
    Punch.....OTG cr Roundhouse XX Jab Typhoon (11 hits)
    19) dash ji Jab, ji Strong, (quick dash) cr Jab, cr Strong XX Blodia 
    Punch.....OTG cr Roundhouse XX Jab Typhoon (for 2 hits) XX Blodia Punch 
    (11 hits)
    20) dash ji Jab, ji Strong, (quick dash) cr Jab, cr Strong XX Blodia 
    Punch.....OTG cr Roundhouse XX Jab Typhoon (for 2 hits) XX Saotome 
    Cyclone (11 hits)  
    These combos deal MAJOR damage, but the timing is so tricky that it only 
    seems fair to balance the combo out.  If you can consistently pull off 
    Jin's Triple Options, consider yourself a Jin master and pat yourself on 
    the back.....you deserve it!!!  ^_^
    ----Old School MvsC1 Jin Combos----
    21) ji Short, ji Strong, cr Jab, cr Fierce XX Blodia Punch (6-9hits)
    22) ji Short, ji Forward, cr Fierce XX Blodia Vulcan (25-27 hits)
    Unfortunately, these two combos are no longer effective, since Capcom 
    Japan decided that Jin apparently didn't need his two coolest Hyper 
    Combo links from the first game.  They increased the difficulty in 
    landing the BP in a combo, plus comboing the BV is next to impossible 
    now....  If I find a link, I'll update this section.  Until then, I can 
    only dream of what once was.....  Hey, I found a link to his Saotome 
    Crush.....maybe it IS possible!!!
    18. VS ABYSS
    1ST FORM:
    This is the form where Jin's attacks truly shine!!  Crouch next to Abyss 
    and use Jab, Strong over and over.  When Abyss breaks into a lengthy 
    animation, a super is headed your way!!  Block and counter with Blodia 
    Punch when safe.  Use air downward drills, Saotome Dynamite and Typhoon 
    sparingly, as they all have lag time that Abyss can capitalize upon.  
    Super jump over him when he telegraphs his charges and his beam super, 
    and then work him over with jumping Roundhouse w/cr Jab, Strong, XX 
    Dynamite combos.
    2ND FORM:
    Uh Oh.  Jin has trouble with this one.  Best advice I can give is to use 
    Blodia Punch when available.  For some reason, Abyss will advance on you 
    during the animation and take more hits from the punch.  He just has a 
    death wish, I guess.  Otherwise, wait until his flame animation cycle 
    ends and hit him with an aerial piercing drill (Down + Roundhouse) 
    followed up by as many crouch  Jabs as he'll let you get away with.  
    Dynamite also works reasonably well here.  Also, try to get over him 
    with a super jump when he's in his flame animation.  You can strike him 
    many times if successful.
    3RD FORM:
    What a cowardly SOB he turns out to be!!  This form will be constantly 
    avoiding your attacks and countering too far away for you to do anything 
    about it!!  My advice here is to wait for a clear shot, get underneath 
    him, and use jumping Roundhouse or Fierce.  You can also jump just above 
    him and use the downward piercing drill (Down + Roundhouse) to inflict 
    considerable damage.  Use the Saotome Dynamite next to the back of the 
    creature's neck.  Be cautious of the flames rising out of the lava.  
    They can and WILL juggle you right out of the fight if you make too many 
    mistakes.  Blodia Punch works wonders if used in the mid-section or back 
    of this form.
    Well, that's about it!!  I would like to thank the good people on the 
    Fighters. Net forums for encouraging me to write this FAQ!!  I will be 
    submitting this FAQ to the FN boards as part of a universal MvsC2 FAQ 
    put together by Ug the Caveman.  My thanks also go to CJayC at 
    GameFaqs.com for letting me speak my piece, and for the wonderful VMU 
    save.  Thanks to Ken from the Street Fighter Grand Archive for his 
    support in my FAQs.  Additionally, thanks go to Kao Megura, the master 
    of fighting game FAQs, in my honest opinion. ^_^
    20. OTHER
    As a long time Street Fighter fan, I've grown accustomed to playing the 
    underdog characters or the "throwaways" as they're oft called, and I'd 
    like to think this FAQ will encourage people to try out a character that 
    strays from the normal dial-a-combo or fireball/uppercut mold.
    So, ENJOY!!!  BLODIA!!!
    Unpublished Work Copyrighted 4/4/2000 By Bantam13
    First Major Revision On 4/9/2000 
    Second Major Revision On 4/17/2000
    Third Major Revision On 4/20/2000

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