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    Dhalsim by SBAllen

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    Marvel vs Capcom 2: Dhalsim FAQ
    v.1.0 by Sailor Bacon <sailor_bacon@hotmail.com>
    12 May 2000
    Warning: Please do not post this FAQ without my permission. Please do not
    email me asking me to send you updates because I've got better things to do
    with my life. Do NOT use this FAQ for any profit making use at all, this is
    MY work, not yours. Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes is copyright
    2000 by Capcom and I do not in any way claim rights to any of the
    characters contained within the game. This FAQ is copyright 2000 by Allen
    "Sailor Bacon" Tyner.
    The newest version of this FAQ can always be found at:
    Revision History
    v.1.0  Um... everything.
    Table of Contents
    -Character History
    -Opening Animation
    -Winning Poses
    -Assist Types
    -Normal Moves
    -Moves Legend
    -Special Moves
    -Super Moves
    -Abyss Strategy
    -Final Words
    Dhalsim Character History
    Dhalsim has been around since the first Street Fighter 2 game and it seems
    has always had a cultlike following. He is a Yoga master from India who
    loves to eat a good curry meal before a match to spit out his fire attacks
    at the hapless opponents. His devotion to Yoga has given him the ability
    to stretch his limbs to an insane degree to where he can punch at people
    from very long distances. He likes elephants and has a wife back home in
    Dhalsim Colors
    To get Dhalsim's different colors, select him with the following buttons:
    A Button: Light blue body, red head stripes, light megenta clothes, tan
              skulls and bracelets
    B Button: Neon purple body, red head stripes, brownish-orange clothes,
              tan skulls and bracelets
    X Button: Brown body, red head stripes, yellow clothes, white skulls
              and bracelets
    Y Button: Orange body, red head stripes, light blue clothes, white skulls
              and bracelets
    L Button: Dark brown body, tan head stripes, light blue clothes, very
              light blue skulls and bracelets
    R Button: Dark blue body, red head stripes, pinkish clothes, tan skulls
              and bracelets
    Dhalsim Opening Animation
    Dhalsim meditates with a turban on his head, pulls it off, then gets
    ready to fight.
    Dhalsim Winning Poses
    -The classic from SF2 original still remains. Dhalsim sways back and
    forth while raising his arms and moving his head.
    -Dhalsim floats in the air and meditates while mumbling.
    -Dhalsim stands and meditates while mumbling.
    Dhalsim Assist Types
    Alpha: Assist Move: Yoga Fire
           Tag Team Super: Yoga Inferno
    Your standard fireball assist type. You know the drill here.
    Beta:  Assist Move: Yoga Flame
           Tag Team Super: Yoga Inferno
    My personal favorite assist type to use with Dhalsim, you can do all sorts
    of fun combos with this one. Plus, Yoga Flame has great distance making it
    an all around useful attack to have at your disposal.
    Gamma: Assist Move: Yoga Blast
           Tag Team Super: Yoga Inferno
    This Super is good for anti-air loving people, but it's probably in your
    better interest to stick to the above two assist types.
    Dhalsim Normal Moves
    (Note: To do the medium power attacks, hit the weak button equivalent for
    the second hit in a combo)
    Standing Jab Punch: From a distance Dhalsim does a little poke right in
    front of him. Up close he does a mini-chop to the head.
    Standing Strong Punch: From a distance Dhalsim does a stretchy punch to the
    gut. Up close, this is his launcher.
    Standing Fierce Punch: From a distance Dhalsim does a two armed low double
    punch with damn near full screen range. Up close he does a headbutt that
    should always be followed up by Yoga Fire for an extra hit.
    Standing Short Kick: From a distance Dhalsim does a kick to the shins with
    about a half screen range. Up close he does a small normal kick.
    Standing Forward Kick: From a distance Dhalsim does a kick to the head with
    about the same range as the far short kick. Up close he does a follow up
    to the close short kick.
    Standing Roundhouse Kick: From a distance Dhalsim does a knockdown kick
    with about 2/3 screen range. This is a good anti-air move with far less
    recovery time than the Yoga Blast. Up close he does a knee attack that
    knocks the opponent across the screen.
    Ducking Jab Punch: From a distance Dhalsim does a low punch that hits from
    about half screen. Up close he does a punch to the tummy.
    Ducking Strong Punch: See above. I guess the Capcom people got tired of
    trying to think of creative ways to extend limbs....
    Ducking Fierce Punch: Once again, see above. All three of Dhalsim's ducking
    punches look the exact same. Isn't that just silly?
    Ducking Short Kick: From a distance Dhalsim slides towards the opponent.
    Up close he meditates and does a little kick.
    Ducking Forward Kick: See above. Gosh, what is it with Dhalsim and ducking?
    Ducking Roundhouse Kick: See above one more time. I think the programmers
    forgot to finish with Dhalsim...
    Jumping Jab Punch: A punch that goes almost straight down.
    Jumping Strong Punch: Just a straight little punch.
    Jumping Fierce Punch: A ferocious punch at a 45 degree downward angle.
    Jumping Short Kick: A kick at a slightly downward angle that has good range.
    Jumping Forward Kick: Just a straight little kick.
    Jumping Roundhouse Kick: A jumping version of the standing RK (minus the
    grunting). Pretty darn worthless unless the opponent's also in the air.
    (F or B) + FP: Dhalsim tosses the opponent over his shoulders.
    (F or B) + RK: Dhalsim.... er... bounces the opponent away with his
                   stretchy stomach...
    F, DF, D, DB, B + P: Yoga Noogie! The classic throw returns once more!
                         Dhalsim bonks the opponent on the head several times
                         then tosses them away.
    Snapback: D, DF, F + (Assist 1 or Assist 2)
    Dhalsim's Snapback is the same as his up close Roundhouse Kick.
    Moves Legend
    D = Down
    DF = Down-Forward
    F = Forward
    DB = Down-Back
    B = Back
    P = Any Punch
    JP = Jab (weak) Punch
    FP = Fierce (strong) Punch
    PP = Both Punches
    K = Any Kick
    SK = Short (weak) Kick
    RK = Roundhouse (strong) Kick
    KK = Both Kicks
    Dhalsim Special Moves
    Yoga Fire: D, DF, F + P (can be done in air)
    Everyone's favorite fireball move is back once more. Dhalsim shoots out a
    fireball from his maw (where does he buy his curry, I want some!!). It's a
    fireball so I won't say much here other than be sure to follow up all your
    headbutt attacks with a Yoga Fire.
    Yoga Flame: F, DF, D, DB, B + P
    A monster fireball shot right at the opponent. This move has insane reach
    and does nice damage if it hits up close. You can combo the Yoga Inferno
    from this move if timed correctly.
    Yoga Blast: F, DF, D, DB, B + K
    A monstert fireball shot at a more than 45 degree angle into the air. This
    move's good for anti-air defensive tactics and you can also combo the Yoga
    Inferno into this if you hold Up while using it.
    Yoga Teleport: F, D, DF or B, D, DB + PP or KK (can be done in air)
    As the name implies, Dhalsim teleports. If done with with the F combination
    then Dhalsim appears on the opposite side of the opponent. If done with the
    B combination then Dhalsim appears on the same side of the opponent. If
    done with PP then Dhalsim is close to the opponent and with KK he is far
    from the opponent. This move is good to add to the already confusing man
    that is Dhalsim. You can do this repeatedly just to be annoying or for
    other reasons (i.e. avoiding a beam Super).
    (Note: Dhalsim will sometimes teleport back to the ground when knocked
    into the air)
    Drill Kick: D + K
    Dhalsim spirals downward feet first at an angle increasingly sharp as you
    use stronger K's to activate it. The SK variety is perfect for eating up
    the distance between you and an opponent.
    Drill Headbutt: D + FP
    Dhalsim spirals downward at a 45 degree angle headfirst. This is almost
    exactly the same as the SK Drill Kick. The Drill Headbutt is best used
    immediately after a Drill Kick for extra damage.
    Flight: D, DB, B + KK
    Dhalsim floats around in quiet meditation... I for one hate flight
    moves and I don't recommend you use this one either. If you accidently
    use it, just repeat the motions or do a Drill Kick or Headbutt or even
    Teleport to end this foolishness.
    Air Dash: Any direction + PP
    Dhalsim has one of the best air dashes in that he can dash in any
    direction that he chooses. Confuse the heck out of the opponent by
    jumping backwards then dashing right back into their face for a combo.
    Taunt: SK + Start
    Dhalsim stops and meditates, mumbling a much of stuff.
    Launcher: SP (up close) or DF + FP
    Dhalsim Super Moves
    Yoga Inferno: D, DF, F + PP
    This has to be one of the greatest Supers ever.  It has almost full screen
    range and can be used in any number of ways. By holding U or D you can
    cause the fire assault to go either up or down at an angle. By wiggling
    the d-pad you can shoot fire all over the bloody place. Very versatile
    indeed... of course, this does little block damage...
    Yoga Strike: D, DF, F + KK
    Of course, to make up for having such a great Super Capcom decided to
    punish Dhalsim by giving him this silly thing. You can only hit an
    opponent who is in the air with this move. Granted, it does decent damage
    but it's easy to knock Dhalsim out of this slow as molasses move and
    you're most likely only going to waste your bar using it.. it's possible
    to launch the opponent and then hit them with this if you time it right
    but you can still be hit out of it.
    Dhalsim Combos
    (Note: To make things easier, I only use the weak punch and kick buttons
    even when the actual attack is medium strength....)
    Aerial Rave Combos:
    JP, SK, JP, SK, FP
    JP, SK, JP, SK, RK
    JP, SK, JP, Drill Kick (SK), Drill Headbutt
    Regular Combos:
    D + JP, D + JP, D + FP (looks really silly)
    Yoga Blast, Yoga Inferno (hold U)
    Yoga Flame (close), (immediately after 2nd bounce) Yoga Inferno (hold D)
    (jump in) JP (in air), JP (in air), JP, SK, RK
    (jump in) JP (in air), JP (in air), JP, JP, U, JP, SK, JP,
       Drill Kick (SK), Drill Headbutt
    Dhalsim Strategy
    -Dhalsim isn't a huge combo guy, so try to use your goofiness to your
    advantage to keep the opponent guessing. Throw in lots of random Drill
    Kicks and Teleports so the opponent can't come up with any real way to
    hurt you.
    -You're the king of long reach. If the opponent's got good inside moves
    then by all means keep him/her the heck away from you! Your standing RK
    can keep them from jumping in and the standing FP does the job on those
    foolish enough to try to dash in. Add the Yoga Flame/Blast/Inferno moves
    and the opponent can't touch you!
    -Play keep away when you're weakened. If you see a beam Super coming to
    try to finish you off, jump and air dash upwards then teleport over and
    over until the move is done.
    Abyss Strategies
    Form One: There isn't much Dhalsim can do here expect pound on him
    between his attacks and make sure you block them all. Use the Yoga
    Inferno every chance you get and push block as often as you can to try
    to keep the damage taken to a minimum.
    Form Two: Don't try to do anything with your limbs or you'll just take
    unnecessary damage. Stick to Yoga Fire's and be patient. Use the Yoga
    Inferno whenever you can.
    Form Three: You can probably guess what you'll be doing here. Do nice
    jumping attacks on the core and introduce his solid form to your Yoga
    Inferno. This isn't too bad really.
    Final Words
    First, I'd like to thank CJayC from GameFAQs for not only hosting all of
    my FAQs, but also for hacking the game and getting out all the hidden
    characters. You rule! I'd also like to thank myself for spending the
    time it took to write this FAQ. ^_^ I'd also like to thank Capcom for
    making such an awesome game and Marvel for allowing their characters
    to be in the game. Any comments, suggestions, flames, potato chips, etc
    can be emailed to me at sailor_bacon@hotmail.com.

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