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    Morrigan by Z-Force

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/06/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Morrigan FAQ for Marvel Vs Capcom 2 V1.1
    FAQ Written by Z-Force (z-force@execpc.com
    Table of contents
    I.	Introduction, thanks, and disclaimer
    II. Version History
    III. Places to Get this FAQ
    IV. Character Introduction
    V. Legend
    VI. Colors
    VII. Assist Types
    VIII. Basic Moves
    IX. Special Attacks
    X. Super Combos
    XI. Strategies
    This FAQ is copyrighted by me, Z-Force.  I don't mind if you want to take this 
    FAQ and put it on your website, as long as you e-mail me first, mainly so I can 
    list you under my list of places to get the FAQ.  Do not try selling it or 
    otherwise using it to make a profit.  Also, I want to thank all of the people 
    who e-mail me with info and stuff, for this and my other FAQs as well.
    Version History
    V1.0  The Very first version
    V1.1  (6-6-2000)  Added some combos to the strategy section, sent in by ONI2731
    Places to get this FAQ
    www.geocities.com/~z-force (my homepage)
    (Character) Introduction
    Morrigan is of course, everyone's favorite succubus from the 
    Darkstalkers/Vampire Hunter Series.  She also has made appearances in both 
    Marvel vs Capcom games.  She's a pretty powerful character, who plays sort of 
    like Ryu or Ken, but with several differences.  
    Legend (all moves assume character is facing right)  Throughout this FAQ, I'm 
    going to assume that you are at least somewhat familiar with this game and that 
    you now the basics.  If not, I recommend Kmegura's FAQ at gamefaqs.com, as it 
    will tell you everything that you would want to know.
    f = Forward
    b = Back
    u = up
    d = down
    df = Down forward
    db = Down Back
    uf = Up forward
    ub = Up Back
    P = Punch
    LP = Light Punch
    HP = Hard Punch
    K = Kick
    LK = Light Kick
    HK = Heavy Kick
    PP = 2 Punches
    KK = 2 Kicks
    A1 = Assist 1
    A2 = Assist 2
    LP =  Black outfit with Green Hair
    HP = Purple Outfit with light pink hair
    A1 =  Red Outfit with pink hair 
    LK =  Red outfit with yellow hair
    HK =  Dark Purple outfit, yellow hair
    A2 =  Red outfit with blonde hair
    Assist Types
    Alpha:  Her assist is to leap in and perform a Shadow Blade Attack  Her super 
    assist is the Silhoutte Blade.  Her variable Counter is the Shadow Blade
    Beta:  Her assist and variable counter are both a Soul Fist.  Her super assist 
    is the Soul eraser
    Gamma:  Her assist is the Soul Fist.  Variable Counter is the Shadow Blade.  
    Super assist is the Silhoutte Blade.
    Out of the 3, I recommend Beta.  Mainly because the fireball style assist is 
    always useful, and her Soul Eraser is her most versatile attack, and combos well 
    with other super moves, especially beam supers.
    Basic Moves  I'm not going to cover the medium moves, because they are only used 
    in combos for this game.
    LP Standing  Morrigan whips her opponent with her hair.  A pretty standard jab 
    attack, you can rifle them off pretty quickly which is a plus.
    LP Ducking  A short poke attacks.  Up close, it hits twice
    LP Jumping  Morrigan takes a stab with one of her wings (I think)  You have to 
    be pretty deep to hit with it.  Not very useful IMO
    HP Standing  Several spears shoot out.  This is a good move to use in many 
    instances.  It also has the advantage of being able to hit short opponents 
    (mainly Roll and Kobun)
    HP Ducking  A large blade will come out of the ground.  This move is her 
    launcher, and also a decent ground to air attack
    HP Jumping  Several Tentacles (for lack of a better term) appear to strike the 
    foe  a pretty solid attack, but nothing really special
    LK Standing  A low kick to the shins (or maybe the head, depending on who you're 
    fighting)  Pretty standard light kick attack.  Can be executed rapidly
    LK Ducking   A quick low kick.  Not as fast as other moves, and should be used 
    LK Jumping   A knee attack.  It's slightly more effective than her flying LP.
    HK Standing  A powerful upwards kick.  Can hit aerial opponents if time right.
    HK Ducking  A basic sweep kick.  Useful for taking the opponent down and such
    HK Jumping   A standard flying kick.  Pretty good range, and a good combo 
    Special Attacks  (The list of Special Attacks was taken from Kmegura's FAQ, 
    although the strategies/comments are my own)
    Soul Fist:  d,  df, f, P
    A basic fireball.  It has advantages though.  It's pretty fast, does good 
    damage, and has a wide range.  You can do this move in the air, and it will 
    travel down at a 45 degree angle, making it useful for keep away, and poking 
    Shadow Blade f, d ,df, P
    Similar to the infamous Shoryuken attack.  With LP, it has short range, and hits 
    once, making it better suited as an air defense.  With HP, it has a wider arc, 
    does up to 5 hits, and does more damage, making it a useful combo ender.
    Vector Drain:  f, df, d, db. b, P
    A grab and throw move.  It does good damage, but you have to be very close to 
    hit with it, otherwise, you leave yourself wide open.
    Shell Kick d, db, b, K in mid air
    Morrigan floats down with a drill as a kick.  She floats in the direction you 
    were jumping.  This move can be used as a combo starter if you are good, or an 
    escape move.
    Shell Pierce d + HK in midair
    Morrigan drops straight down with a drill kick.  This move is hard to connect 
    with, but if you hit, she floats away, making it a good escape move.
    Vernier Dash  In midair, tap f, f, plus PP, to go straight, u + PP to go up, or 
    d + PP to swoop down
    This move is pretty useful to know, because it changes her jump trajectory, 
    which can throw off the enemy's timing.
    Necro Desire f + HK
    A somersault type kick.  Can get up to 4 hits.
    Mysterious Arc db + HP
    A powerful sweeping blade attack.  Does good damage, and is a useful alternative 
    to her normal HP
    Super Combos
    Soul Eraser d,  df, f, PP
    A standard beam super.  It has wide range though, and does good damage.  If you 
    mash the buttons, you can get more hits.
    Darkness Illusion d,  df, f, KK
    Morrigan floats toward her opponent.  If she hits, another Morrigan appears, and 
    she beats the living hell out of her foe, for 30+ hits and a lot of damage.  
    This move can also be done in the air.  The problem with this move is that it's 
    very easy to see coming and you can block or counter.  Only use this move if you 
    are confident you will connect
    Silhoutte Blade f, d, df, PP
    Lilith appears from out of the ground and does a series of uppercuts.  This move 
    is not too useful IMO, except maybe as an air counter.  The opponent has to be 
    close to get all of the hits in.  Stick with the soul eraser.
    Strategies and combos
    These combos were sent in by ONI2731
    jump in LP,LK,LP, standing LP, LK, LP, LK, ducking HK, Silhoutte Blade
    jump in LP, LK, LP, standing LP, LK, LP, ducking HP, S. jump LP, LK, LP, down 
    HK, shell kick 
    (d, db, b, HK) , cancel for Darkness illusion
    infinite: jump in HP, standing LP, ducking HP,S. jump LK, LP, down HK, shell 
    kick HK .........standing LP, ducking HP, well you get the point
    dash in LP,HP,(beam/capture assist)soul fist HP, soul eraser

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