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    Magneto by 3pwood

    Version: 1.52 | Updated: 04/10/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

           \\\..#.....#.#....#..####..#....#.######...#....#### /// 
                                    for MvC2
    Current Version: 1.52
    Last updated: 2/18/01 -Just a minor update this time. I learned a much
                           more reliable way to wavedash. 
                          -Also added some info on the mechanics of Mags' 
                           throws. Look for a Throwing Tricks section 
                           sometime soon.
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    This FAQ is written by, copyright 2000, and owned by, John Mayfield
    E-mail: mayfield_john@hotmail.com
    ICQ: 69395922 (3pwood)
    This FAQ and everything in it is protected by International Copyright Law.
    Don't sell it, don't edit it, and don't take my name off it. 
    If you do decide to use this FAQ on your web page, I would appreciate it 
    if you would let me know (just so that I know where my FAQ is being used).
    And be sure to keep up with the updates.
    All Capcom characters and series are (c) Capcom Co., Ltd.  Strider is
    (c) Moto Kikaku.  All Marvel characters are (c) Marvel Characters, Inc.
    (I yoinked that bit from Kao's FAQ. I figure the guy must know how not 
     to get in trouble. I hope you don't mind, Kao.)
    1. Key and conventions.
    2. Move Descriptions
      2.1 Normal Move Descriptions
      2.2 Special Move Descriptions
      2.3 Super Move Descriptions
      2.4 Throws
      2.5 Assists, Counters, Team supers, and Snapback
    3. Combos
      3.1 Combo Conventions
      3.2 Magic Series
      3.3 Superless Combos
      3.4 Super Combos
      3.5 Combo Segment Explanations
      3.6 Combo Chart
      3.7 Helpers in Combos
      3.8 Infinite Combos
    4. Strategy
      4.1 Fighting People
      4.2 Advanced Techniques
      4.3 Best Partners
      4.4 Best Teams
      4.5 Fighting Abyss
    5. Appendix
      5.1 Condensed Move List
      5.2 Move Damage and Hit Table
    6. Thanks and Stuff
    7. Update History
    8. Contact Information
    1. Key and Conventions
    F = Joystick pushing toward your opponent
    B = Joystick pushing away from your opponent
    U = Joystick pushing up
    D = Joystick pushing down
    (Diagonals will be specified as combinations. For example DB = Joystick
     pushing diagonally down and away from your opponent)
    qcf = Quarter circle forward (d,df,f)
    qcb = Quarter circle back    (d,db,b)
    hcf = Half circle forward    (b,db,d,df,f)
    hcb = Half circle back       (f,df,d,db,b)
    Button layout:
    (Jab)   (Fierce)  (Assist 1)
      O         O         O   
      O         O         O
    (Short) (Roundhouse) (Assist 2)
    (Strong, and Forward (medium punch and kick respectively) are used by
    tapping the jab or short button, at the appropriate point in a combo.)
    P = Tap any punch button
    PP = Tap both punch buttons
    K = Tap any kick button
    KK = Tap both kick buttons
    A1 = Tap the Assist 1 button
    A2 = Tap the Assist 2 button
    c.* = Specifies Crouching state during a button press (For example: c.fierce)
    s.* = Specifies Standing state during a button press
    j.* = Specifies Jumping state during a button press
    sj.* = Specifies Super Jumping state during a button press
    / = or
    + = and 
    , = then
    2. Move Descriptions
    2.1 Normal Move Descriptions
    This is just a basic description of the moves. For information
    regarding unusual comboing properties of these moves, please see 
    the combo segment explanations (section 3.5).
    s.jab: Magneto thrusts his palm forward and a small blast of energy 
           extends from it.  Fast, decent priority, the energy blast gives 
           it more range than most jabs, but it hits rather high, missing 
           ducking opponents. Use sparingly.
    c.jab: Almost identical to the standing jab, but this one hits lower.
           It can still be blocked high, however. This means that except 
           for having slightly more range than it's kick counterpart, 
           anything the c.jab can do, the c.short can do better.
    j.jab: Magneto quickly swipes in front of himself with his hands, 
           leaving behind some sort of blue energy. Quick, decent priority.
           The hit area is poorly placed for attacking someone on the ground,
           But this move might be useful for air to air combat.
    s.short: Magneto lets loose with a very awkward looking low kick. 
             The range isn't that great, but it is fast, and it will OTG
             (Hit an opponent that is laying on the ground). Better than 
             the s.jab in that it will hit ducking opponents.
    c.short: The standard ducking short. Magneto shifts his weight to his
             rear leg and slides his front foot out in a fast, short range
             kick. Quick, decent range, hits low. This is probably your 
             weak attack of choice.
    j.short: Magneto sticks his leg straight out at a right angle. The only 
             Time you might want to use this is for starting multi-hit 
             jump-ins. You can also get what is essentially his c.short, 
             while in the air by pressing df+short, but there doesn't seem 
             to be much point to it.
    s.strong: Magneto turns sideways and lets loose an energy-encased 
              uppercut. Launches. Range isn't that great. Seeing as It 
              can't be used outside of combos, you can't use this as an 
              anti air. Misses some ducking opponents. Use sparingly
    c.strong: Magneto sends a little globe of energy sliding along the 
              ground. Knocks your opponent off his feet, effectively 
              ending any opportunity that might have existed to land 
              some longer combo. Can be blocked high. Not-so-good recovery
              Use sparingly.
    j.strong: Magneto extends his fists, and a small spike of energy 
              emerges. Good speed, and priority. Excellent recovery. Combos 
              well. Only usable within combos, but it does its job there 
    s.forward: Magneto brings his leg, trailing energy, in an arc up to 
               where he could lick his knee (agile old bastard isn't he?).
               Not a bad move in and of itself, it has good range, speed, 
               priority, and recovery, but there is almost always a better 
               move to use. Use primarily in blocked combos, try following 
               it up with an EM Disruptor.
    c.forward: A slightly extended version of his c.short. Quick coming out.
               Takes longer to recover than it looks like. There is almost 
               always a better move to use than this one.
    j.forward: Magneto brings one leg up, trailing energy, in an upward 
               kick. Not a bad move, but it doesn't have any 
               characteristics that make it particularly useful either.
    s.fierce: Magneto whips his arm across in front of himself. An energy 
              field extends from, and trails, his arm. Excellent range, 
              excellent priority, excellent speed and decent recovery.
              This move is still rarely used because it can't set up any 
              combos, and it misses many ducking opponents. If you run into 
              someone who's particularly dash-happy, though, let 'em have it. 
              (this is the move animation used for Magneto's snapback)
    c.fierce: Magneto gestures upward with his hands and two trails of energy 
              spiral upward. Decent priority, not the greatest. Has less 
              range than it might look like. Launches. This is magneto's main 
              launcher. You might be tempted to try to use this as an anti-air 
              move, but seeing as it has only decent priority, and doesn't hit
              quite where it looks like it should, I'd advise against it.
              Curiously, df+fierce is slightly more damaging than a regular 
    j.fierce: Magneto whips his fists together at a 45 degree angle downward,
              and when they connect, a substantial burst of energy emerges.
              Fast, good priority, decent range. A good move, but not as good 
              as j.roundhouse.
    s.roundhouse: Magneto lets loose with two upward-arcing kicks. The first 
                  kick lifts the opponent off the ground slightly and the 
                  second one launches them into the air. Quick, OK recovery. 
                  Blocked attempts are easily covered with an EM Disruptor.
                  Not a bad move, but the sharply horizontal angle at which 
                  it launches your opponent makes it undesirable as a 
    c.roundhouse: Magneto slides forward with one energy encased foot 
                  extended. Excellent priority, hits low, and has a quick 
                  startup, but has some pretty bad recovery time. Be sure to 
                  cancel this move into something safe, or cover yourself 
                  with an assist, if it is blocked
    j.roundhouse: Magneto extends his leg downward at a 45 degree angle, with 
                  an accompanying blast of energy. Possibly Magneto's single 
                  best normal move. It has just the right angle that makes it 
                  perfect for jump-ins. It is fast, has wonderful priority, is 
                  easy to combo off of, and can even be used as a cross-up.
    2.2 Special Move Descriptions
    EM Disruptor  hcf+p [b,db,d,df,f+p] (air or ground)
     Magneto fires a quick, wide, single-hit beam from one palm. This beam 
     has some recovery time. It is quick enough that your opponent won't be 
     able to dash over and hit you if it is blocked at a relatively long 
     range, but if you do it up close and it is blocked, you might have a 
     problem. Seeing as it is only one hit, if there is any sort of projectile 
     in the air between you and your opponent, your beam will just destroy the 
     projectile, doing absolutely nothing to your opponent.
     Also, the EM disruptor can not be super canceled during a normal jump.
    Hyper Grav  hcb+k [f,df,d,db,b+k] (air or ground)
     Magneto poses and four energy spheres form, flying out towards the enemy
     (that's right, not just straight forward, they track your opponent).
     If these spheres hit, your opponent will be carried by the spheres, to 
     hover helpless in front of you. Slow startup but there's a big payoff 
     if it connects.  I'd advise using this primarily to cover your helpers 
     from across the screen, or, sparingly, as an anti-air move.
     Also, Hyper Grav can not be super canceled during a normal jump.
    Magnetic Blast  [u,uf,f+p] (air only)
     Magneto does what's essentially his j.jab, but this time, the energy
     arc's are pink, and they fly downward at a 45 degree angle. Magneto's 
     air fireball. This move isn't particularly fast, or damaging, but 
     neither is it lacking in any particular area. I only use it for a bit
     of a mix-up now and then. Use it as you see fit.
     Also, the Magnetic Blast can not be super canceled during a normal jump.
    Forcefield  hcf+k [b,db,d,df,f+k] (ground only)
     Magneto poses and, for a split second, erects a forcefield around 
     himself. If your enemy attempts a physical attack (not a projectile) 
     during the time the forcefield is up, Magneto will counter. How he 
     counters depends on what button you use. If you use short, the 
     forcefield will briefly become charged with energy, and will knock your 
     opponent away. If you use roundhouse, magneto will counter with a 
     single Magnetic Shockwave blast. The counter is faster if you use short,
     it is also more likely to hit, because it basically encases magneto. 
     The roundhouse version does more damage, and can be used to start combos.
    Flight  qcb+kk [d,db,b+kk] (air or ground)
     Magneto lifts off into the air and flies for a limited amount of time.
     You control his movement with the joystick. You cannot block while 
     flying. You can call in assists while flying. To cancel your flight,
     prematurely just repeat the qcb+kk motion.
    Air dash [hold a direction, and press pp] (air only...obviously)
     Magneto will dash quickly in the direction you hold. Can be used to
     interrupt normal moves. This is basically just used to be tricky 
     (jumping, then immediately air dashing down towards a ducking opponent 
     and attacking, and other such things), or in combos (which will be 
     explained in the combo section)
    2.3 Super Move Descriptions
    Magnetic Shockwave  qcf+pp [d,df,f+pp] (ground only)
     Magneto slams one fist into the ground and a giant...uh...Magnetic 
     Shockwave...emerges. If it connects, it bounces the opponent along in a 
     somewhat comical fashion, hitting multiple times along the way. The 
     shockwave is quite high, extending to not quite maximum super jump height 
     (meaning it can be jumped over. Watch out). It is fairly easy to combo, 
     and does decent damage. It's drawbacks are that if it is done in a 
     corner, it will only do a couple hits, and if it is blocked in a corner, 
     or pushblocked up close, it is easily punishable.
    Magnetic Tempest  qcf+kk [d,df,f+kk] (air or ground)
     Magneto takes the same stance he does for a Hyper Grav. Chunks of metal
     begin forming around him and flying away. Almost the entire screen is 
     covered, the only safe place being behind Magneto. The Magnetic Tempest 
     has a slow startup. But it also does great damage, is nearly impossible 
     to counter if blocked, and can be comboed into and out of.
    2.4 Throws
    b/f + fierce: Magneto grabs his opponent, and several chunks of metal
    (air/ground)  form on him. Magneto then flings his opponent away. The 
                  enemy is temporarily immobilized by the metal chunks. 
                  Human opponents usually free themselves quickly by moving 
                  the joystick and pressing the buttons, but against the 
                  computer this throw will give you a free combo.
                  Also note that when you throw someone in the air, they 
                  can't shake out until they've stopped bouncing. Best
                  used by throwing your opponent into a corner..
    b/f + roundhouse: Magneto grabs his opponent (by the groin, on many 
    (air/ground)      characters) and charges them with some sort of energy,
                      which I assume is magnetic, before flinging them away.
                      This throw will leave your opponent lying on the 
                      ground. Try to dash over and kick him. If you throw 
                      your opponent into a corner, you can hit him with a 
                      c.fierce before he even touches the ground. 
                      This throw can be directed downward on the ground, and
                      up or down, in the air. Hold the joystick to determine 
                      the direction. The default throws your opponent 
    2.5 Assists, Counters, Team Supers, and Snapback
    Alpha- EM disruptor
    Beta - Short Hyper Grav
    Gamma- c.fierce
    I personally prefer Alpha type. It's quick and has good priority. So 
    much so that it can often be used like an anti-air assist, to get 
    some room when your opponent is up close.
    There are some merrits to Beta type, like the ability to counter into 
    Hyper Grav XX Tempest, but it's generally not used.
    And you can forget about Gamma type...it's just altogether pooty.
    Alpha- EM disruptor
    Beta - Short Hyper Grav
    Gamma- c.fierce
    Team Supers:
    Alpha- Magnetic Shockwave
    Beta - Magnetic Tempest
    Gamma- Magnetic Tempest
    Snapback: Magneto's snapback uses his s.fierce animation, which means 
              it can miss ducking opponents. My advice is to combo into it
              off the first hit of a s.roundhouse. It'll pop them up to the 
              proper height.
    3. Combos
    3.1 Combo Conventions
    In this FAQ, I will be using what has come to be known as James Chen 
    combo notation, after it's inventor:
    -> signifies a chain combo. It says that to get from one hit to the next,
       you should be making use of your character's magic series.
    XX Buffering. Signifies a special or super cancel. It says that you 
       should be interrupting the animation of one move with that of the 
       following special or super move.
    ,  Linking. Signifies a pause. This means that you should wait until
       the current move is completed, and the next move will be fast enough
       to combo on it's own.
    \/ Landing. You should have been in the air before this, and should be
       on the ground after this. 
    /\ Super jumping. Just super jump when you see this mark.
    OTG Just means that you will be hitting your opponent while he or she is 
        laying on the floor. It stands for "Off The Ground."
    () Other things I think are important, like dashing and such, will appear 
       inside parentheses.
    Example: j.roundhouse \/ c.short -> c.fierce /\ sj.jab -> sj.short ->
             sj.strong, sj.short -> sj.forward XX EM Disruptor
    Translation: Jump in with roundhouse. Land. Hit with a crouching short, 
                 chained into a crouching fierce. Super jump up after your 
                 opponent and hit with a super jumping jab, chained into 
                 a super jumping short, chained into a super jumping strong.
                 now wait until the strong finishes, and hit with another 
                 super jumping short. Chain that into a super jumping forward,
                 and cancel that into an EM Disruptor.
    Got it?
    3.2 Magic Series
    If you don't know what a magic series is, it's the extremely goofy and 
    annoying term for the sequence in which chain combos (combos using normal 
    attacks, chained together in a sequence) can be done.
    Each character has three different magic series. Which one is used is 
    determined by whether the character is on the ground, jumping, or super
    The button layout has changed in MvC2 (which you probably knew..heh heh), 
    but I will still be drawing the magic series diagrams as if it hadn't:
    (jab)  (strong)  (fierce)
      O        O         O
      O        O         O
    (short) (forward)(Roundhouse)
    The magic series diagrams will be numbered button layouts. You can press 
    the buttons in the order shown, to get a chain combo. You can skip 
    forward, but not back.
    So, finally:
     (Ground)  (Jumping)  (Super Jumping)
      1 2 2      1 3 5        1 3 5
      1 2 2      2 4 6        2 4 6
    3.3 Superless Combos
    For explanations of how to do the trickier parts of these combos, refer 
    to section 3.5, Combo Segments.
    -All damages given are vs Cable (average damage tier), on damage setting 2.
    -A full life bar is 143 points long, so to find the % damage done by each 
     combo, just divide the number given by 143.
    - '~' signifies an aproximate damage when variable damage moves are used.
    1) j.roundhouse \/ c.short-> c.fierce /\ sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong-> 
       sj.forward XX EM Disruptor
       [53 damage]
    2) j.roundhouse \/ c.short-> c.fierce /\ sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong-> 
       sj.forward XX air dash (diagonally up and forward) sj.jab-> sj.short-> 
       sj.strong-> sj.forward XX EM Disruptor
       [56 damage]   
    3) j.roundhouse \/ c.short-> c.fierce /\ sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong, 
       sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong-> sj.forward XX air dash (diagonally up 
       and forward) sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong-> sj.forward XX EM Disruptor
       [56 damage]
    4) j.roundhouse \/ c.short-> c.fierce /\ sj.roundhouse XX air dash 
       (diagonally down and forward) sj.short-> sj.forward \/ c.fierce /\ 
       sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong, sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong-> 
       sj.forward XX air dash (up) sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong-> sj.forward 
       XX EM Disruptor
       [74 damage]
    5) Throw with roundhouse, (dash), OTG c.short-> c.roundhouse XX Hyper 
       Grav, c.fierce /\ sj.roundhouse XX air dash (diagonally down and 
       forward) sj.short-> sj.forward \/ c.fierce /\ sj.jab-> sj.short-> 
       sj.strong, sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong-> sj.forward XX air dash (up),
       sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong-> sj.forward XX EM Disruptor
       [81 damage]  
    6) Throw with roundhouse, (dash), OTG c.short-> c.roundhouse XX Hyper 
       Grav, c.fierce /\ sj.roundhouse XX air dash (diagonally down and 
       forward) sj.short-> sj.forward \/ c.fierce /\ sj.jab-> sj.short-> 
       sj.strong, sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong-> sj.forward XX air dash (up),
       sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong, sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong-> 
    3.4 Super combos
    For explanations of how to do the trickier parts of these combos, refer 
    to section 3.5, Combo Segments.
    -All damages given are vs Cable (average damage tier), on damage setting 2.
    -A full life bar is 143 points long, so to find the % damage done by each 
     combo, just divide the number given by 143.
    - '~' signifies an aproximate damage when variable damage moves are used.
    1) j.roundhouse \/ c.short-> c.fierce XX Magnetic Shockwave
       [80 damage]
    2) j.roundhouse \/ c.short-> c.fierce /\ sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong-> 
       sj.forward XX Hyper Grav XX Magnetic Tempest, sj.short-> sj.forward XX 
       EM Disruptor
       [~89 damage]
    3) j.roundhouse \/ s.short-> s.roundhouse (first hit only) XX 
       hyper grav XX Magnetic Tempest, OTG c.short-> c.roundhouse XX Hyper Grav 
       XX Magnetic Tempest
       [~110 damage]
    4) j.roundhouse \/ c.short-> c.fierce /\ sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong-> 
       sj.forward XX air dash (diagonally up and forward), sj.jab-> sj.short-> 
       sj.strong-> sj.forward XX Hyper Grav XX Magnetic Tempest, sj.short-> 
       sj.forward XX Hyper Grav XX Magnetic Tempest, sj.short-> sj.forward XX 
       EM disruptor
       [~112 damage]
    5) j.roundhouse \/ c.short-> c.fierce /\ sj.roundhouse XX air dash 
       (diagonally down and forward), sj.short-> sj.forward \/ s.roundhouse 
       (first hit only) XX Magnetic Shockwave.
       [90 damage]
    6) j.roundhouse \/ c.short-> c.fierce /\ sj.roundhouse XX air dash 
       (diagonally down and forward), sj.short-> sj.forward \/ c.fierce
       /\ sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong, sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong XX
       Hyper Grav XX Magnetic Tempest, OTG sj.roundhouse \/ c.roundhouse XX
       Hyper Grav, s.roundhouse (first hit only) XX Hyper Grav XX 
       Magnetic Tempest
       [~134 damage]
    7) j.roundhouse \/ c.short-> c.fierce /\ sj.roundhouse XX air dash 
       (diagonally down and forward), sj.short-> sj.forward \/ s.roundhouse 
       (first hit only) XX Hyper Grav XX Magnetic Tempest, OTG c.short-> 
       c.roundhouse XX Hyper Grav, c.fierce /\ sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong-> 
       sj.forward XX Hyper Grav XX Magnetic Tempest
       [~130 damage]
    8) j.roundhouse \/ c.short-> c.fierce /\ sj.roundhouse XX air dash 
       (diagonally down and forward), sj.short-> sj.forward \/ s.roundhouse 
       (first hit only) XX Hyper Grav XX Magnetic Tempest, OTG c.short-> 
       c.roundhouse XX Hyper Grav, c.fierce /\ sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong-> 
       sj.forward XX Hyper Grav XX Magnetic Tempest, sj.jab-> sj.short-> 
       sj.strong-> sj.forward XX air dash (up or diagonally up and forward), 
       sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong, sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong-> 
       sj.forward XX Hyper Grav XX Magnetic Tempest, sj.short-> sj.forward XX 
       Hyper Grav XX Magnetic Tempest, sj.short-> sj.forward XX EM Disruptor
       [143+ damage, fatal]
    3.5 Combo Segment Explanations
    1) [...sj.forward XX air dash (diagonally up and forward) sj.jab->...]
       As I said earlier, you can cancel normal moves into magneto's air 
       dash. You can also do normal moves during the air dash. This is simply 
       making use of those two properties to "reset" Magneto's magic series, 
       As with allot of Magneto's more advanced combos, it's recommended that 
       you have quick fingers.
    2) [...c.fierce /\ sj.roundhouse XX air dash (diagonally down and forward)
       sj.short-> sj.forward \/ c.fierce]
       OK, the reason this one works is a bit technical. There's a property
       of the flying screen effect (where you hit your opponent away, they go 
       flying, and the screen follows them, not you) that makes moves that 
       normally would cause the flying screen, like that sj.roundhouse, not 
       cause the flying screen if it's the first jumping hit that has 
       connected after the first hit in a given combo. Note that none of the 
       combos that use this technique can  be started from a multi-hit jump-in. 
       The reason that is important, is that during the flying screen effect, 
       some moves (all specials and supers, I believe) are not allowed. This 
       includes the air dash. 
       For the same reason, the properties of the flying screen, this sequence 
       cannot be used as an infinite. The second time you attempted the 
       sj.roundhouse, it would cause the flying screen and end the combo.
       As for the execution of this maneuver, it'll take some practice. Try to 
       hit your opponent with the sj.roundhouse as soon as possible, so as to 
       Keep your opponent low to the ground. Also, press short and forward 
       *slowly* to make your opponent lose enough altitude for the c.fierce to 
    3) [...c.fierce /\ sj.roundhouse XX air dash (diagonally down and forward)
       sj.short-> sj.forward \/ s.roundhouse...]
       This uses the same principle as #2. The only differences are that you 
       don't need to get your opponent quite as low for the s.roundhouse to 
       connect, and that you usually want to cancel the roundhouse after the 
       first hit. The second hit, is a somewhat undesirable launcher.
    4) [...OTG c.short-> c.roundhouse XX Hyper Grav...]
       For some odd reason, if you use the c.roundhouse as the second hit 
       after an OTG, your opponent will be launched in a high arc over your 
       head. This allows for the Hyper Grav, with it's slow execution, to 
       connect cleanly. The only real hang-up people seem to have with this 
       one is that the Hyper Grav is a half circle motion (f,df,d,db,b + K). 
       This means that you can't just roll the stick from down (it's position 
       from doing the c.roundhouse) to back, but you have to go from down to 
       forward, and then roll to back.
    5) [sj.forward->sj.fierce->sj.roundhouse]
       This is pretty straightforward. Due to their similar angles, and the 
       sj.roundhouse's speed, this will combo if you do it quickly. I find 
       that it is easier to connect the higher your opponent is in relation
       to you. But be careful, the sj.fierce hits at a downward angle, if 
       your opponent is too high, it will miss.
       This combo segment does more damage than the standard EM Disruptor
       combo ender.  
    6) [...XX Hyper Grav XX Magnetic Tempest...]
       You know how when you do a super, the screen freezes for an instant? 
       Well as it turns out, not everything freezes in that instant. Hyper 
       Gravs move some. So, if you do a hyper grav, and cancel it almost 
       immediately into the Tempest, the "super charge freeze" of the Tempest 
       will allow the Hyper Gravs to combo after many things. Your opponent 
       will then be pulled into the tempest.
       This maneuver must be done quickly, but it is possible to do it *too*
       quickly. If you are doing it too slowly, the hyper gravs won't combo. 
       If you are doing it too quickly, the hyper gravs will not even form, 
       but you will hear Magneto say "Hyper Grav."
       Either strength Hyper Grav will work, though I personally use 
       roundhouse for the added range.
       NOTE: This combo can be "shaken out of." If someone mashes the 
       buttons and shakes the joystick quickly enough after being hit with 
       the Hyper Grav, he will be released before the Magnetic Tempest hits. 
       :(  This escape is actualy not so easy as it sounds. 
    7) [...sj.strong, sj.jab...]
       The strong has a fast enough recovery, and the jab has a quick enough 
       start up, that this will combo. The timing takes a bit of practice.
       In my opinion, this is just to show off, unless you need the extra 
       hits to build your super meter for a tempest at the end of the air 
    8) [...magnetic tempest, OTG c.short...] and
       [...magnetic tempest, sj.short...] or [...magnetic tempest, sj.jab...]
       The magnetic tempest has a quick enough recovery that you can usually
       just combo off of it.  Be warned that the magnetic tempest is somewhat 
       random. Consequently, the opportunity for comboing after it is 
       somewhat varied in each instance. It is sometimes possible to connect 
       with a c.fierce before the enemy even hits the ground, and it is 
       sometimes difficult to  combo much of anything from the tempest in the 
       air, but *usually* these options are fairly reliable.
    9) [...sj.strong/forward XX Hyper Grav XX Magnetic Tempest, 
       OTG sj.roundhouse \/ c.roundhouse XX Hyper Grav]
       One of the odd properties of the Magnetic Tempest is that though you 
       stay still during the super, you actually retain whatever momentum you 
       had when the Tempest begun. So, for example, if you were to do a 
       "tiger knee" Magnetic tempest (rolling the joystick from d to uf and 
       pressing both kicks immediately after the motion makes you super jump) 
       you would stop a little bit off the ground, do your magnetic tempest, 
       and then after the tempest was finished, you would shoot straight up 
       into the air to continue your super jump.   
       I suppose you're wondering what bearing any of this has on this 
       particualr combo segment, so I'll tell you.  The object is to have 
       a decent ammount of downward monentum when you combo the tempest, so 
       that after the tempest is over, and your opponent falls, you can fall 
       fast enough to keep up with him and combo him some more.  this can be 
       accomplished by either doing the normal four-hit super jumping chain 
       (sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong-> sj.forward) slowly, or by doing the 
       extended super jumping combo (sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong, sj.jab-> 
       sj.short-> sj.strong).
       The rest of the combo is pretty simple, you just kick your grounded 
       opponent as you are falling, and then do a c.roundhouse once you land.
       The c.roundhouse will pop your opponent up just like in combo segment
       (The combo this segment is based on was dontated by Caliber X to 
        The KiD's MvC2 combo faq, which is where I saw it. Permission to use 
        it was asked and recieved from Caliber X)
    3.6 Combo Chart
    Something I'm trying out. It's always bugged me that most combos are given 
    in list form, when the structure of the combo system is actually more akin 
    to a chart or tree, with various combo options branching off at various 
    I thought that this might be a good way to display some of that form.
    Just follow along the chart, moving in the directions that the arrows 
    indicate, branching in whatever directions you choose, and you should come 
    up with a legitimate combo.
    Please keep in mind that this chart does not display all combo options. 
    Far from it, actually.
     (start)        (start)               (start)           (start)          
     c.short->      s.short->        | j.roundhouse        j.fierce->         
     c.fierce       s.roundhouse     |       |             j.roundhouse       
        |           (1st hit only)   |       |                  |                
        |                |           |       |                  |            
        V                V           |       V                  V            
     ----->-V-<-------------         ----------------------------
     |      |              |                           |                     
     |  Magnetic           |                           V
     |   Shockwave         |                   ---------------------
     V                     |                   |                   |
     --------V             V                   |                   |
     |  sj.roundhouse   Hyper Grav XX          |                   V
     |  air dash (DF)   Magnetic Tempest       |                s.short->
     |  sj.short ->           |                |                s.forward XX
     |  sj.forward            V                |                EM Disruptor
     |      |           OTG c.short->          V
     |      |           c.roundhouse        c.fierce     
     |      |                 |                |
     |      |                 V                |
     |      |            Hyper Grav            |
     |      |                 |                |
     |      |   -------------------            | 
     |      |   |        |        |            |
     |      V   V        V        V            |
     |     c.fierce   Magnetic    Magnetic     |
     |        |        Shockwave   Tempest     |
     |        |                                |
     |        |                                |
     V        V                                V
         |           |                 |               |             |
         V           V                 V               V             V
     Magnetic    sj.jab->        sj.jab->        sj.jab->        sj.jab->
     Shockwave   sj.short->      sj.short->      sj.short->      sj.short->
                 sj.strong->     sj.strong->     sj.strong->     sj.strong,
                 sj.forward XX   sj.forward XX   sj.forward XX   sj.jab->
                 EM Disruptor    Hyper Grav XX   Air dash (UF)   sj.short->
                                 Magnetic              |         sj.strong->
                                  Tempest              |         sj.forward->
                                      |                |         Air dash (u/uf)
                                      |                |              |
                                      V                |              |
                ------------------------               |              |
                |                 |                    |              |
                V                 V                    |              |
            sj.jab->           sj.short->              |              |
            sj.strong XX       sj.forward XX           |              |
            Air dash (UF)      EM Disruptor            |              |
                |                                      |              |
                V                                      V              V
            |                  |                  |                  |
            V                  V                  V                  V
         sj.jab->           sj.jab             sj.jab->           sj.jab->
         sj.short->         sj.short           sj.short->         sj.short->
         sj.strong->        sj.strong          sj.strong->        sj.strong->
         sj.forward XX      sj.jab             sj.forward XX      sj.jab->
         Hyper Grav XX      sj.short           EM Disruptor       sj.short->
         Magnetic Tempest   sj.strong                             sj.strong->
                |           sj.forward XX                         sj.forward XX
                |           Magnetic Tempest                      EM Disruptor        
                |               |
                |               |
                |               |                       
                V               V
                             |                      |
                    ---->----|               --->---|
                    |        V               |      V
    (After too many |     sj.short->         |   sj.short->
     repetitions,   |     sj.forward XX      |   sj.forward XX
     your           |     Hyper Grav XX      |   EM disruptor
     positioning or |     Magnetic Tempest   |
     momentum may   |        |               |     
     go awry)       |        V               |
    3.7 Helpers in Combos
    The general rule is one helper per-combo.  That is, if a helper has 
    already connected as part of a given combo, you cannot call any more
    helpers until that combo is over.  
    Here are a few ways to stick some helpers into combos:
    1) j.roundhouse \/ c.short-> c.fierce /\ sj.roundhouse XX Air Dash (DF)
       sj.d+short-> sj.forward \/ c.fierce (call cyclops beta assist) /\
       (quickly) sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong-> sj.forward XX Hyper Grav
       (cyclops assist hits) (hyper grav hits) \/ c.fierce, (air combo)
    NOTE: The hyper grav can be shaken out of.
    2) j.ronudhouse \/ c.short-> c.fierce /\ sj.roundhouse XX Air Dash (DF)
       sj.d+short-> sj.forward \/ (call Akuma gamma assist) s.roundhouse 
       (first hit only) XX Hyper Grav, s.roundhouse (first hit only) XX
       Hyper Grav XX Magnetic Tempest, OTG c.short-> c.roundhouse XX 
       Hyper Grav, c.fierce /\ (air combo)
    3) c.short-> c.roundhouse (call OTG capable DP assist [cable, ken,
       Captain America, etc.]) XX Hyper Grav, c.fierce /\ (air combo)
    4) (Team of cable/beta-sabretooth/magneto) Starting with cable, jump, 
       (call sabretooth assist in the air), j.roundhouse \/ (dash) 
       s.short-> s.forward-> s.roundhouse XX Time Flip, (assist hits),
       (Time Flip hits), (Dash backwards), Short Electrap (hold the button 
       down until it hits, and it should hit IMMEDIATELY after the time 
       flip finishes), s.fiercex4 XX (switch to Magneto), (dash), c.fierce
       /\ sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong, sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong XX
       Hyper Grav XX Magnetic Tempest, (let your opponent fall to the floor)
       OTG sj.roundhouse \/ c.roundhouse XX Hyper Grav XX Magnetic Tempest
       (Immediately DHC the tempest into Sabretooth's Weapon X. With any 
       luck, the Tempest shouldn't hit at all), (DHC to time flip), 
       (dash backwards), short electrap (same as above), s.fiercex4 XX
       (switch to Magneto), (dash), c.fierce /\ sj.jab-> sj.short-> 
       sj.strong, sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong-> sj.forward XX air dash up
       sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong-> sj.forward XX Hyper Grav XX 
       Magnetic Tempest
    3.8 Infinite Combos
    I will not be held responsible for any damages or injuries that result 
    from doing these combos on 7' 300lb ex-wrestlers named Mungo.
    Repeat the bracketed [] section.
    1) c.fierce /\ sj.roundhouse XX air dash (diagonally down and forward), 
       sj.short-> sj.forward \/, [(jump) j.jab-> j.df+short-> j.strong]
    2) (opponent in a corner) [Super Jump and hit your opponent on the way up 
       with a sj.df+short XX air dash (diagonally down and forward), 
       sj.df+short-> sj.forward \/]
    3) (highly character specific. confirmed so far: Blackheart) 
       (opponent in corner) Hyper Grav, [dash forward, s.fierce XX 
       Hyper Grav]
    4) Throw with roundhouse, dash forward, OTG [c.short-> c.roundhouse XX 
       Super Jump, Immediately air dash down, sj.jab (whiffs), \/ ]
    5) s.jab-> s.strong [/\ sj.jab-> sj.short-> sj.strong, sj.df+short-> 
       sj.strong-> sj.forward \/]
    6) (highly character specific. confirmed so far: Kobun[Servbot])
       c.fierce /\ sj.roundhouse XX air dash (df) sj.df+short-> 
       sj.roundhouse \/ [OTG c.short-> c.roundhouse]
    For movies of these infinites, and many more, I reccomend visiting:
    That's where I got these.
    4. Strategy
    4.1 Fighting People 
    I don't feel that it would work well for me to detail my playing style, 
    because it's just that. *My* playing style. And it may or may not work 
    for you. What I will do is detail some tips and tricks that will, 
    hopefully, help you.
    -You can often use Hyper Gravs to catch people coming down from super 
     jumps.  If you need it to come out faster, and are pretty confiident that
     you can predict the timing of your opponent's attacks, just do the 
     Hyper Grav XX Magnetic tempest, cancel as if you were trying to combo it.
    -After a roundhouse throw, you can dash over and hit your opponent off the
     ground. If you throw your opponent into a corner, however, you can simply
     connect with a c.fierce, without giving your opponent a chance to roll.
     (also check "unrollable OTGs" in the Advanced Techniques section)
    -A good way to break through your opponent's defense is to jump and 
     quickly air dash down and forward at them.  Hopefully they will not have 
     had enough time to switch to standing block.
    -Use an EM disruptor occasionally (from a safe distance) to keep your 
     opponent on his guard.
    -If you manage to get close enough to a helper, launch them with a 
     c.fierce, cancel to Hyper Grav, and then cancel to Magnetic Tempest. What 
     will happen is this: If your opponent sees you launch his helper, and tries 
     to retaliate, the Hyper Grav will hit him and pull him into the Tempest. If 
     he doesn't try to retaliate, he will block the Hyper grav and the Tempest, 
     leaving you safe. The helper will fall (Unable to block) into the Tempest 
     regardless. When the Tempest is over, OTG the helper with c.short-> 
     c.fierce, and repeat, for one severely messed up helper.  
     It's quite a bit easier to do this without the Hyper Grav, but riskier too.
    -Against many characters, it is much safer to hit their helpers with a 
     Magnetic Shockwave rather than a Tempset. Once the shockwave starts, it 
     doesn't stop for anything, so their only real course of action is to super 
     jump, or block...and neither option generally presents much oppourtunity for
     your opponent to  kill you.
     NOTE: I recently saw some of the matches posted on shoryuken, between Duc 
     and Valle, and it looked like they were able to get through the shockwave by
     simply staying above the level of their helper.  I'll have to mess around 
     with this a bit, but it seems very possible that each magnetic shockwave 
     blast counts as a one hit non-penetrating beam, hitting upward.  In that 
     case, this could be a bit riskier than I had thought...still not many people 
     are going to want to try to jump through a magnetic shockwave on faith.
    -Try using a roundhouse forcefield after a blocked c.roundhouse. Because of
     the long recovery on the roundhouse, your opponent will often try to 
     retaliate, and will be hit by the counter. Dash over and hit him with 
     c.short->c.roundhouse XX Hyper Grav, and do whatever you want to him.
    -Throw. Throw alot. Magneto is capable of being absolutely overwhelming 
     up-close, and one of the ways people deal with that is to turtle and send
     out anti-air assists.  By throwing you can break through their defense 
     (possibly setting up a combo), make yourself invulnerable in case an 
     assist is on the way, and give them some incentive not to turtle, which 
     means more tempest combos for you.
    -Magneto, with his quick dash, and vertical launcher (c.fierce), is perhaps 
     the best character to use for what I call "helper bouncing."  Helper 
     bouncing just involves repeatedly launching a helper, who is, of course, 
     unable to block, for an easy sort of infinite combo.  For this to work 
     though, you can't have your opponent's active character on the screen, or 
     he'd just come up and hit you. There are two major ways of creating this 
     scenario. The first is simply to kill his active character while his 
     helper is out, then go start launching the helper.  The second is to 
     snap your opponent back and launch his helper.  Note that it is possible 
     to hit both the assist and the active character with a snapback, then 
     dash in, OTG the helper and begin launching. So if you ever happen to 
     connect hit both an assist and a point character with Magneto, combo a 
     snapback off the first hit of a s.roundhouse and kill that assister...
     then guardbreak, if you can.
     A new active character will not be sent in until all helpers leave the 
     screen, and the helper won't leave the screen unless you let him hit the 
     I'm not one to preach about cheapness, but if you're just playing for 
     fun, your opponent might find this...upsetting.
    -This one is...tricky.  You remember the combos where you launch, then 
     hit with a sj.roundhouse, dash DF, and are able to land again mid-combo?
     If you don't, go and read about them.  If you do, you can try this. 
     Do the launch, the sj.roundhouse, the dash, and the two kicks, then, 
     as soon as you land, do a c.roundhouse, canceled into a Hyper Grav. You 
     will slide under your opponent and the hyper grav will hit him from 
     behind. Chances are that as long as you use this technique sparingly, 
     your opponent will not block correctly, and will be at your mercy.
     While this is a very difficult, risky, and therefore impractical 
     technique, I decided to include it because if someone were to get 
     really good at this, it could make a nasty mix up.
    -This is more general strategy than Magneto-specific strategy, but
     when you're fighting someone who can punnish helpers well (cable, 
     sentinel, etc...) try never to be near your helper.  Either call 
     out the helper and super jump forward so that any attempt at 
     supering your helper will get them hit with a tempest combo, or call 
     out your helper while jumping over your opponent.  If, at any time, 
     your helper seems vulnerable, super jump.
    -Alot of people have the tendancy to stand up twords the end of a 
     multi-hit anti-air assist, especially if their opponent is on the 
     other side of the screen. Of course, with Magneto's dash, it hardly 
     matters if you're on the other side of the screen. Stick the low short
    4.2 Advanced Techniques
    Wavedashing: Basically wavedashing is just canceling your dash with 
                 a crouch, and then dashing again.  There are three main 
                 advantages to this: 
                 -As the beginning of most people's is faster than the end 
                  and you're canceling out the slow part, you dash faster.
                 -Because you are going almost seemlessly from one dash into 
                  the next, you can dash as far as you want.  This is really 
                  alot more useful for other characters than it is for 
                  Magneto, because he already has a full screen dash...I mean
                  imagine Sentinel dashing under Doom's photons from full 
                  screen on reaction, then going up for an air combo.
                 -You stay lower.  With all those crouches in there you are 
                  generally lower to the ground, which can let you get under 
                  certain stuff like Doom's j.fierce, or a Megabuster.
                 The motion for a wavedash is just 2P, d, 2P, d 2P...
                 The trick to it is to press 2P before your character is 
                 in a full crouch.  I'm not positive of the game mechanics 
                 but it seems as though during a transition state (standing
                 up, crouching down, taking off from a jump, etc...) you
                 are considered to be in the state you are leaving, and while
                 you can not dash with 2P during a crouch, if you hit 2P  
                 quickly after d, you will still be considered standing.
    Guard Break: Well, first let me direct you to the excelent Guard breaking 
                 article on shoryuken.com 
                 They explain this in far more detail than I'm going to bother 
                 with, but the gist of it is this:
                 Excepting special moves, super moves, air dashes, and double 
                 jumps, you only get one action per normal jump.  There are 
                 several things that count as actions, such as chain combos, 
                 supers, etc... but the important one is blocking.  So in other
                 words, you can only block once on a normal jump.
                 The times during hich you count as being in a normal jump are
                 as follows:
                 -when you simply do a normal jump
                 -after canceling flight
                 -and most importantly, when your previous point character has 
                  been killed, and a new point character is jumping onto the 
                 Basically you take advantage of these situations to get your 
                 opponent to block something, and then after he stops blocking, 
                 hit him with simething before he hits the ground and regains 
                 his ability to block.
                 Check the article on shoryuken.com for some specifics
    Unrollable OTGs: Most every knockdown move, there is a very short period  
                     when your opponent is just hitting the ground, that he 
                     cannot roll, but he can be hit off the ground.  You can 
                     tell whether or not you have successfully hit with an 
                     unrollable OTG depending on whether or not that tiny 
                     set of rings from the impact of your opponent hitting the 
                     floor comes out.  If you OTG your opponent before they come
                     out, it is impossible to roll.
                     Some good times to use this are after a Pylocke AAA, and 
                     a roundhouse throw into a corner (it is possible to get an 
                     unrollable OTG off a roundhouse throw midscreen, but it's 
                     way too hard to be reliable.
    4.3 Best Partners
    Cyclops: His AAA (that's anti-air assist, for those of you who aren't 
             up on your lingo) is absolutely wonderful for setting up 
             Magneto's Tempest combos.  Just call Cyclops out, and if he 
             hits, dash over, super jump and hit your opponent with a 
             nasy combo.  Also his AAA can be used to extend Magneto's 
             combos as in helper combo #1.
    Sentinel: His ground assist is also a great setup, and it keeps your 
              opponnet pretty well pinned when used correctly along with a
              Magneto's j.roundhouse. Also, sentinel takes damage so well
              that you can call him out with out worrying too much about 
              his safety.
    Cable: Magneto is primarily an up close fighter, Cable is...not.  so they 
           balance eachother out well.  Also, if you manage to catch an assist 
           with Cable's AAA, they are launched high. so if you can mannage to 
           pin or kill your opponent in that time, you can punnish the assist 
           severely when he comes down.  And of course, while their assist is 
           being hit by cable, they are deprived of the use of their assists, 
           so it's much easier to apply some pressure.
           Also, alpha-assist cable isn't too shabby either.  His beam will 
           quickly and easily cut through any grounded players or assists, I
           Have found it especially useful for dealing with those who utilize 
           Doom's AAA to keep Magneto at a distance.  It is also possible to 
           dash in quickly behind this assist, and combo off it.  
           So if you don't have an AAA already, it might be wise to pick 
           b-Cable...really it's just a matter of personal preferance. If you 
           do have an AAA, as in the clasic a-mag/a-cable/b-cyclops team, go 
           with a-cable.
    Storm: Like Sentinel, Storm's assist can Be used to clear the way for 
           Magneto to get close, to aid in mixups, and to set up your combos.
           Something to keep in mind, is that Storm's projectile assist is 
           actually more like a wave than a projectile.  It's like each swirl 
           appearing succesively in front of the other whithout any of them 
           really having anything to do with one another.  This means that it 
           doesn't matter if some of the previous swirls have encountered 
           Spiral's knives, Doom's rocks, a Proton Cannon, or an AHVB, the 
           winds will continue.  So basically you can think of Storm's 
           alpha assist as a completely unstoppable, multi-hit projectile.
           Also the ability to DHC from a magnetic tempest to a Hail Storm 
           helps Magneto out greatly.  You can use it in a combo to get around
           115 points of damage from a the most basic of Tempest air combos, 
           and fatal results from multi-tempest combos.  You can DHC 
           into Hail Storm early to prevent your opponent from being able to 
           mash out, or cancel on reacion if you see that you didn't get your
           Hyper Grav off (the Hail Storm will combo off the sj.forward).
           You can also use the Tempest XX Hail storm to, in effect, have 
           nearly instant full screen coverage.  If your opponent, is for 
           instance, trying to keep you away with Cable/Doom, and he calls 
           out a Doom assist, super jumps, does sj.fierce XX electrap, there
           normally isn't much Mags can do about it, but with storm as his 
           second, wherever he is on the screen he can do a Magnetic Tempest, 
           canceled immeditely to Hail storm and catch both Cable and Doom.
    Psylocke: Well she's all the rage nowadays.  It's all about her assist.
              Psylocke assist works perfectly to give Magneto controll of 
              a short pillar shaped area, half in front of him.  Any time 
              it hits, Magneto gets an unrollable OTG (see advanced 
              techniques section), and basically just does whatever he wants 
              to you.  
              She also works as a good DHC for Magneto. When you get a combo 
              with Psylocke and AC to Butterflies, you can then DHC to 
              Magnetic Tempest, then often get a launch off before your 
              opponent hits the ground.
              Oh, she does allow for a rather nice guard break though (j.jab, 
              Psylocke-a assist, OTG c.short-> c.roundhouse XX Hyper Grav...)
    4.4 Best Teams
    Basically, in this team, you have Cyclops in the back with his AAA, and 
    you use him to set up Magneto's air combos and Cable's AHVB. Cyclops AAA 
    can also bring down many fliers with that little optic bullet he shoots 
    out at the end.  Magneto comes out first in order to act as a battery 
    (someone who builds super energy well) for Cable, and while Mags isn't the 
    best battery in the world he usually does well enough that Cable will have 
    a few levels by the time he comes in.  The best way to build extra supers 
    with Magneto seems to be to just be repeatedly pressing roundhouse whenever 
    you're super jumping, cancel with an airdash when nescessary. He'll look a 
    bit like a meter-building Storm, but shouldn't be so defensive.  Magneto is 
    more of a close-in offensive character, so airdash twords your enemy and 
    come down on him with a roundhouse at the end of most every jump.  Remember 
    that a good long combo can build more than a full level.  Of course you 
    shouldn't go throwing out random roundhouses when you're fighting someone 
    who can punish them easily, like Storm or Blackheart.
    Like the the previous team, this team makes Cyclops' AAA scary.  If you 
    get hit with it, you're going to be hit with either a Tempset combo, an
    Inferno XX Heart of Darkness, or Blackheart's infinite.  All good reasons 
    to be frightened.  
    Basically with Magneto, you should be using Cyclops' AAA to set up your 
    combos and to cut through the defensive assists of your enemy.  Keep on 
    top of your opponent; if they start super jumping, bring them down with an
    AAA from Blackheart, but watch out for helper punishing attempts (AHVB).
    I'm not completely sure of the game mechanics of it--probably something
    having to do with resetting the damage scaling on DHCs so that the damage
    on the next super isn't pathetic--but when you DHC from a magnetic tempest 
    the few bits of metal shrapnel leftover from the tempest do a bunch of 
    damage as the next super starts.  So if you say...DHC from a Tempest air 
    combo, into a Heart of Darkness, you get an extra little chunk of damage 
    out of it.
    With Blackheart...well, I don't want to outline his entire strategy, but 
    annoy your enemy with super jumping roundhouse demons, use the Inferno XX 
    HOD as much as you want on everybody but cable and spiral, be sure to 
    cancel any super jumping demons with an air dash in order to speed up your 
    recovery.  Jumping back Fierce can be used to get some room.  c.short->
    c.forward, is fast and has great priority; same with all of Blackheart's 
    shorts.  Use cyclops AAA as a setup for Inferno XX HOD, and for BH's 
    infinite.  Also you can use Cyclops AAA to pressure your opponent 
    (sj.roundhouse XX air dash forward over your opponnet, sj.short \/ 
    c.short+call cyclops-> c.forward, super jump, sj.roundhouse).  And don't 
    hit a good Cable with a HOD midscreen. He can AHVB you during your forced 
    dash after flying screen.
    Cyclops is your cleanup crew.  Following every Cyclops assist with a 
    sj.roundhouse should have kept him relatively safe and given him some time 
    to heal.  Do alot of sj.roundhouses to build meter, and try to connect the 
    j.d+roundhouse \/ s.short-> s.forward-> s.roundhouse XX Cyclone Kick (both 
    hits) XX Super Optic Blast (QCF+KK) combo, and be sure to mash the buttons 
    for extra damage on the super.
    Magneto-a/Storm-a/(Cyclops or Psylocke, anti-air)
    Well, most of the strategy involved in this team is detailed in the Best 
    Partners section, but basically... you rush that shit down.  Use Storm to 
    clear a path for Magneto, and get in their face.  Mix up your attacks with 
    low hits, assists, downward air dashing attacks and throws.  When you land 
    a hit, kill them. Do a big Tempest combo and DHC into Hail storm.  At that
    point, you can go a couple different ways; you can continue the rushdown, 
    and when you land a hit, do a Lightining Storm air combo, and DHC to 
    Psylocke (butterflies), and back into tempest, or you can run away with 
    Storm.  Chances are that first DHC you landed got you ahead for life, so 
    now your opponent has to come to you.
    4.5 Fighting Abyss
    Form 1: 
     Just do Magneto's six hit jumping magic series to him. Whenever Abyss 
     is about to attack, just air dash up and forward, to land safely behind 
     him. The only real exception to this is when he does his little "rain of 
     spikes". It's tracking, so you can't escape by dashing over him. If you 
     see him raise one hand straight up in the air, just block, then continue 
     with the pattern.
    Form 2:
    (the easy way) Just stay back and shoot him with EM Disruptors. Watch
     out for his beams. When he submerges and sends out bubbles, you can 
     either super jump and shoot them down with his Magnetic Blast (u,uf,f+P), 
     try to Shoot them with EM Disruptors, and kick them with jumping and 
     standing roundhouse if they get too close, or just use a Magnetic Tempest.
    (the funny way) Move in until you are almost touching him, then as time 
     starts, jump forward over him, kicking him with j.roundhouse. He will 
     shoot the other way and start to turn. As soon as he starts to turn, jump 
     over him again, and repeat. If he does a beam during this, be careful not 
     to use any attacks that might extend far enough through him to get you hit 
     by the beam. If he does his super, though, you'll be screwed. Use the same 
     strategy against the bubbles as is detailed in "the easy way."
    Form 3:
     If you have super energy (and you should after the first two forms), just 
     jump up and Magnetic Tempest the ball (preferably while the monster is 
     formed). If you don't have super energy, just jump up and hit the ball 
     with a jumping magic series, until you do have super energy.  The Magnetic 
     Tempest really tears this guy up.
    5. Appendix (useful, or not so useful, information)
    5.1 Condensed Move List
    Angled Kick           (air)          df+short
    EM Disruptor          (air/ground)   hcf+p  [b,db,d,df,f+p]
    Hyper Grav            (air/ground)   hcb+k  [f,df,d,db,b+k]
    Force Field           (ground)       hcf+k  [b,db,d,df,f+k]
    Magnetic Blast        (air)                 [u,uf,f+p]
    Flight                (air/ground)   qcb+kk [d,db,b+KK]
    Air Dash              (air)          Hold any direction + pp
    Magnetic Shockwave    (ground)       qcf+pp [d,df,f+pp]
    Magnetic Tempest      (air/ground)   qcf+kk [d,df,f+kk]
    s.roundhouse (second hit)
    a - EM Disruptor
    b - short Hyper Grav
    g - c.fierce
    Team counters:
    a - EM Disruptor
    b - short Hyper Grav
    g - c.fierce
    Team supers:
    a - Magnetic Shockwave
    b - Magnetic Tempest
    g - Magnetic Tempest
    Snapback - s.fierce
    5.2 Move Damage and Hit Table
    -Moves are listed on the left.
    -The damages listed were obtained by hitting Cable (average damage bracket)
     on damage setting 2. "~" will be used to indicate that a move has variable 
     damage. The number given will be an approximate average.
    -Hits refers to how the move can be blocked. "H" means the move must be 
     blocked high, "L" means the move must be blocked low, and "M" means the 
     move can be blocked either high, or low.
    -OTG refers to whether or not the move can be used to hit an opponent off 
     the ground. The value given will either be a yes or a no. "N/A" stands 
     for "Not Aplicable", and will be used for attacks that seem impossible 
     to even attempt on a grounded opponent.
    Move                                 Damage      Hits(H/L/M)     OTG(Y/N)
    s.roundhouse (hit 1)..................9..............M..............N
    s.roundhouse (hit 2)..................4..............M..............N
    s.roundhouse (both hits)..............13.............M..............N
    EM Disruptor (jab)....................14.............M..............N
    EM Disruptor (fierce).................18.............M..............N
    Hyper Grav (short)(capture)...........4..............M..............N
    Hyper Grav (short)(release)...........8..............M..............N
    Hyper Grav (short)(total).............12.............M..............N
    Hyper Grav (roundhouse)(capture)......4..............M..............N
    Hyper Grav (roundhouse)(release)......8..............M..............N
    Hyper Grav (roundhouse)(total)........12.............M..............N
    Magnetic blast (jab)..................14.............M..............Y
    Magnetic Blast (fierce)...............14.............M..............Y
    Forcefield (short)....................12.............M..............Y
    Forcefield (roundhouse)...............15.............M..............Y
    Magnetic Shockwave....................~55............M..............Y
    Magnetic Tempest......................~72............M..............Y
    Fierce Throw..........................8..............(unblockable)..N/A
    Roundhouse Throw......................16.............(unblockable)..N/A
    Assist A..............................18.............M..............N
    Assist B (capture)....................4..............M..............N
    Assist B (release)....................8..............M..............N
    Assist B (total)......................12.............M..............N
    Assist G..............................15.............M..............N
    6. Thanks and Stuff
    I think I'll thank some people...
    Gamefaqs and CJayC (Jeff Veasey)- for being Gamefaqs, and for hosting this. 
             I never cease to be amazed at how much info there is on your site,
             and by how fast it runs.      
    Kao Megura (Chris MacDonald) - for having a very nice MvC2 FAQ to check 
                                   myself against, and for just generally being 
                                   the God of FAQs
    Mike-Z - for inspiring many of these combos
    Warganic - for all the infinites, and for inspiring many of these combos.
    James Chen - for teaching me about the vs. game combo system.
    Gambit - for giving me the damage chart idea
    Everyone at the Kitsap Mall Silvercoin, including but not limited to...
    Oscar: Gone but not forgotten. 
    Lee and Francis: For providing good competition, and a good sense of 
    Brian: Crazy Taxi got boring, did it?  Well that's good. Now you can show 
           people the power of Dhalsim and 'Gief.
    Richard: hmmm...I suppose now that I'm done with this, I can play suikoden.
    Sherwin: For playing all those weird people, *well* too!
    Steve: Block low damnit, you aren't playing Tekken anymore. :)
    T.J. : If I ever become ruler of the world, you can count on me for that 
           island full of beautiful women and those thousands of gallons of 
           grape soda.
    Patrick: For being annoying and effective. And for giving me your game that 
             one time.
    Derrick: You're there when I buy eggs. It's creepy...whiner. :)
    Marill (mza): For being a nice guy, and for being "on the inside", and 
                  willing to share.
    Johnny: Once managed to take down my Magneto with Dan...ouch.
    Whitey: I don't know your name, you tall, goofy, comic shop wierdo.
    Leon: You're an asshole, and you look like the lost Beastie Boy, but you can 
          play. Can't argue that.
    And of course, Ed! For being the coolest manager the world has ever known.
    Everyone at the University of Washington gameroom including, but not 
    limited to: 
    Nolan: For forcing me to play serious characters, and for capitalizing on 
           every mistake I make.  You've improved my game more than you know.
    Joe: Your strider scares the shit out of me...I just thought you might like 
         to know.
    Jon: For kicking my ass with up-close lower-tier characters.  That just 
         about proved that I need to keep a strong AAA on my team.
    Fernando: ...damn you sweaty.
    Andy Gun: With a name like Andy Gun, you ought to be in westerns or pornos
              instead, you play MvC2 with Dhalsim and Tron Bone.
    Everybody who's names I don't know yet, I apologize: Topknot(Filo?), 
    new-sherwin, magneto-cyclops prodigy, jolly-squint, and everybody else.
    The guys who come to the fri/sat night gaming sessions at Sean's: Sean, 
    Cody, Nolan, Rat, Trinh, Thong and sometimes Quan and Jon.  It's always 
    great hanging out with you guys.
    Everyone who comes to Rattana's Southcenter tournaments, including, 
    but not limited to:
    Rattana: You host the damn things, and set the standard by which everyone 
    else in the northwest is judged.
    The other top WA players that I don't personally know (Scott, 
    Rodolpho, Vannak, and anyone I've forgotten)
    The Portland guys: Jackson, Brian, Eric, Frank, Karl, and anyone I've 
    WA SRK.com forumers: JimmyJames, Stilt Man, PsiANyd, Jin_Saotome, Super Joe,
    FlipBonne, SSJDudley, Dan_is_my_hero, Yangsing, Heh heh...BATMAN, SUPERMAN, 
    and even Hustleman...
    All the SHGL players I met during the brief time I was down there: 
    Duc, Alex, Viscant, Clockw0rk, Nyte...(I know I'm forgetting a 
    hell of alot of people but I was only able to catch about half the names 
    when Duc introduced you guys at Norms and I've since forgotten most of them.)
    I saw your tricks and am a better player for it
    Fighters.net - Budro's commin' for ya!
    #capcom (and all the regulars there) - for putting up with my preiodic 
    Shoryuken.com - All kinds of spiffy. 
    7. Update History
    1.0 First version
    ???some other versions???
    1.15 -notes on canceling specials during normal jumps
         -corrected typos
         -added sj.fierce-> sj.roundhouse combo ender
         -added three new infinites (thanks to Warganic)
         -Slight combo extention (makes it easier too. 
          Thanks to Lee/Mastermind)
         -Other minor changes to combos
         -Added to strategy section
         -Started an update history (after ~6 updates :p )
         -Tried my hand at ASCII art. I hope it's not *too* 
         -Added to/corrected infinites section
          (Once again, all the credit here goes to Warganic)
         -Added Johnny, and #capcom to thanks section
         -Spelled Marill's name correctly, added his nick
         -Started on damage stats for combos. Got tired. I'll 
          finish later this week.
         -Misc error/ease of reading corrections
    1.33 -Finished damage stats for combos
         -Added Brian to thanks section (now that he's 
         -Next update I plan to add some helper combos, 
          and *perhaps* some strategies to use against 
          various teams and fighting styles.
         -Expanded the strategy section to include some 
          minor info on good partners and teams.
         -Added a few more tips, and removed some I consider 
         -Added a new combo and a new combo segment.  Segment 
          courtesey of Caliber X.
         -Added info on putting helpers in combos
         -Added some people from the UW, Southcenter, SRK and 
          Portland crews to the thanks section
         -My combo chart idea is spreading...Muahahahaha!
    1.45 -I'm still not done, but I added more info on 
          good helpers and teams for Magneto
    1.5  -Realized I really needed to update this
         -Expanded the Best Partners and Teams sections
         -Added the advanced techniques section (stuff like
          wavedashing, guard breaking, And unrollable OTGs)
         -Added to/edited the various combo sections
         -Added a bit to the "People" strategy section
         -changed my state notation from "d." for ducking
          to the more universal "c." for crouching.
          (probably should have been done a while back, but 
           I'm lazy)
         -Added some stuff to the thanks section
    1.52 -Just a minor update this time. I learned a much
          more reliable way to wavedash. 
         -Also added some info on the mechanics of Mags' 
          throws. Look for a Throwing Tricks section 
          sometime soon.
    8. Contact Information
    If you have any information that might benefit this FAQ, whether it is 
    about corrections, typos, or suggestions, or if you just have a question
    about something, don't hesitate to contact me.
    E-mail: mayfield_john@hotmail.com
    ICQ: 69395922 (3pwood)
    I also frequent the shoryuken.com forums, if you'd care to contact me there.

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