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    Colossus by Just One Fix

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    | Just One Fix's Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Colossus Character Guide |
    | For Arcade and Sega Dreamcast                               |
    | Current Version: v1.4                                       |
    | Last Updated: 02/23/02                                      |
    | Version History |
    v1.0 - Initial release
    v1.1 - Not much change in content, just fixed some spelling/grammar 
    errors and spacing problems, and changed the wording here and there.
    v1.2 - Added the Bio info, and fixed yet more spacing problems... :P
    v1.3 - More Bio info
    v1.4 - Changed my contributor name, my contact info, and a few other 
    things here and there
    | I.   | Introduction                                      |
    | II.  | Bio                                               |
    | III. | Pros & Cons                                       |
    | IV.  | Standard Moves                                    |
    | V.   | Special Moves                                     |
    | VI.  | Hyper Combos                                      |
    | VII. | Combos                                            |
    | VIII.| Assists                                           |
    | IX.  | Stylin' and Profilin'                             |
    | X.   | How to contact me, credits, and legal mumbo-jumbo |
    Oh, woe are the overly-neglected, much criticized power/grappler 
    characters in fighting games.  So what if they're big and slow?  Being 
    able to take out that annoying pixie in only a scant few moves is it's 
    own reward. :) And that's what this guide is all about - kickin' ass and 
    takin' names with everyone's favorite metal-skinned communist mutant, 
    Colossus. :)
    | II. BIO |
    Huge thanks to Matt McDaniel for this info:
    "Piotyr "Peter" Rasputin grew up with his family on a collective farm in 
    Russia with his younger sister Illanya and brother Mikhail.  Peter was a 
    hard worker, but soft spoken.  He loves drawing, and has for as long as 
    he has known.  He is peaceful by nature, preferring non-violence 
    whenever possible.  His mutant gene showed itself around 15, but he kept 
    it out of view from his government.  Anyways, when the original X-Men 
    get abducted by a living island, Xavier calls for a new team, which has 
    Storm, Wolverine, Banshee, Thunderbird, Nightcrawler, Sunfire, and 
    Colossus.  This begins Pete's long association with the X-Men.  He 
    fights with bravery, and skill, but does not kill.... except for one.  
    When Proteus, a mutant with more power than Magneto at first glance, 
    runs amok and defeats the entire team, Colossus crosses the line and 
    takes his life to prevent the brash young mutant from killing countless 
    others.  He is deeply affected by this, but does not quit the team.  His 
    sister and brother both developed powers as well, but Mikhail used his 
    for evil.  Illanya was taken captive by Belasco for a number of years.  
    For some odd reason, a few years ago he had a brief stint in Magneto's 
    Alcolytes. (If I find out why, I'll write again.) But now he's back on 
    the X-Men, sort of in reserve status.  Heck, since Claremont came back 
    I'm having a hard time following it."
    And many thanks to Jorge Hernandez for the story behind Colossus joining 
    "It happened in the X-Books Fatal Attractions crossover, a few issues 
    before his sister Illiyana dies because of the Legacy virus and that 
    affected Peter a lot.  When the X-Men Blue and Gold Team decided to make 
    an assault on Avalon (Magneto's Asteroid) Colossus gets angry because 
    some of the words that Magnetro told him.  Angry, Colossus hits Bishop 
    who's attacking Magneto and yelled to Xavier "I didn't fail to your 
    dream Charles, but your dream failed me" he takes Magneto who's been 
    seriously damaged and leave the X-Men for a long lonong 2 to 3 years.  
    Then he decides to return tuo the X-Team known as Excalibur whose 
    members are Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Meggan, Sersi, and Captain Britain 
    and then he returns to the X-Men Gold Team."
    | III. PROS & CONS |
    | PROS |
    + Incredible strength - Colossus can do some nasty damage in a short 
    amount of time.
    + Incredible defense - Colossus takes only 80% damage from attacks, the 
    second highest defense rating in the entire game (next to Sentinel's 
    + Most of his moves have high priority.
    + His Super Armor Hyper Combo makes him almost friggin' unstoppable if 
    used correctly.
    | CONS |
    - He's big, which makes him easier to combo.
    - His movement speed is nothing to write home about.
    - Nasty lag on whiffed specials and his Hyper Combos.
    - The Power Dive, his only offensive Hyper Combo, is hard to connect 
    except in a few situations and combos, due to it's awkward angle and 
    long startup.
    NOTE:  All damage values in the following sections are from beating up 
    on Cable (since he takes 100% even damage) in Training Mode.
    | JAB |
    STANDING - Not much to say about this one, other than it's fast and has 
    DAMAGE: 6
    CROUCHING - Almost the same as Standing, but Colossus punches with his 
    other arm, and it has even more range.
    DAMAGE: 6
    JUMPING - Basically an aerial version of his standing Jab.
    DAMAGE: 6
    | SHORT |
    STANDING - A quick knee with almost zero range.
    DAMAGE: 6
    CROUCHING - Standard issue toe kick with his outside leg.
    DAMAGE: 6
    JUMPING - Knee thrust.
    DAMAGE: 6
    | STRONG |
    STANDING - An elbow to the gut.
    DAMAGE: 9
    CROUCHING - An uppercut not unlike Zangief's crouching Strong (it won't 
    launch, though).
    DAMAGE: 9
    JUMPING - A downward elbow thrust.
    DAMAGE: 9
    | FORWARD |
    STANDING - Straight forward side kick.
    DAMAGE: 9
    CROUCHING - Toe kick done with his inside leg.
    DAMAGE: 9
    JUMPING - The jump kick he does during a tag in.
    DAMAGE: 9
    | FIERCE |
    STANDING - Colossus thrusts both arms forward and creates a big spark of 
    energy.  Great range, plus it knocks your opponent across the screen on 
    a successful hit, but it's has bad lag.  Oh, and it penetrates Super 
    Armor. :)
    DAMAGE: 16
    CROUCHING - A sideways axehandle blow that penetrates Super Armor.
    DAMAGE: 19 (!)
    JUMPING - A downward axehandle blow, and his jump-in attack of choice.
    DAMAGE: 16
    JUMPING (F + FP) - This one's hard to describe... :) Colossus turns 
    sideways horizontally, and thrusts both his arms out.  Weird lookin'...
    DAMAGE: 16
    THROW (F + FP when close) - Colossus grabs his opponent and tosses him 
    over his head and behind him across the screen.  You can OTG after this 
    in the corner.
    DAMAGE: 16
    AIR THROW (any direction but U + FP when close in the air) - An airborne 
    piledriver, with all the properties of the Roundhouse ground throw.
    DAMAGE: 16
    STANDING - Field goal kick, which penetrates Super Armor and is also his 
    primary launcher.
    DAMAGE:  16
    CROUCHING - Colossus does a 180 turn and sweeps.
    DAMAGE: 16
    CROUCHING (DF + RK) - His standing Roundhouse launcher.
    DAMAGE: 15 (?)
    JUMPING - A fast 360 spin kick - this is best used as an air-to-air 
    DAMAGE: 16
    THROW (F + RK when close) - A rather cool looking piledriver (in my 
    opinion, anyway :) ).  Colossus crouches afterwards until your opponent 
    starts to get up, making it impossible to follow up.
    DAMAGE: 16
    Legend for this section:
    QCF = Quarter circle forward
    QCB = Quarter circle back
    P = Any punch
    K = Any kick
    PP = Both punches
    | GIANT SWING - QCF + P (can be done while airborne) |
    DESCRIPTION - Colossus rushes forward, arm extended.  If it connects, 
    Colossus swings his opponent around by his legs, creating a giant 
    whirlwind as he rises into the air, then violently tosses the opponent 
    across the screen.
    Jab makes it go a short distance and recover quickly; Fierce goes a long 
    way but has horrible recovery if blocked.  Which brings me to my next 
    point - don't let the fact that the Giant Swing is a command throw make 
    you think it's unblockable, because it isn't! :) Never fear, though - 
    it's still quick enough to use as punishment or for the occasional 
    surprise attack, and it can even be comboed into and off of in a few 
    situations!  How many command throws can you say *that* about? :) Oh, 
    don't forget to frantically spin the joystick 360 degrees if it 
    connects, because it makes Colossus spin your opponent faster and adds 
    extra damage.
    DAMAGE (w/o joystick spinning): 24
    DAMAGE (w/ joystick spinning): 36
    | POWER TACKLE - QCF + K (can be done while airborne) |
    DESCRIPTION - Colossus glows and rushes shoulder-first into his 
    Short goes forward both in the air and on the ground, Roundhouse goes 
    upward diagonally on the ground and downward diagonally in the air.
    Wow, this is a great move. :) It's fast, goes a long way, highly 
    damaging, high priority, easily comboable, can be cancelled into the 
    Power Dive, and snuffs single hit projectiles (he stops after this, 
    though, unlike the Charging Star)... *takes a deep breath* whoa, that 
    was a mouthful. :) Anyway, use this as often as you can get away with 
    it, but be careful, because if it's blocked or the ground to air version 
    whiffs, Colossus somersaults away wearing a huge sign that says "Please 
    punish me with a nasty super!" :)
    DAMAGE: 25
    | SUPER ARMOR - QCB + PP |
    DESCRIPTION - Colossus poses and lets out a yell, then he begins 
    flashing, and gains a modified version of Hyper Armor.
    Move over Juggernaut - who's unstoppable now? :) This move gives you 
    Hyper Armor for a short time, with it's most significant limitations 
    removed - it doesn't hamper your mobility, and you can still block!  
    Needless to say, go nuts on the pixies with Giant Swings and Power 
    Tackles.  Be careful against powerful opponents or those with beam 
    supers, though (beam supers still do added damage :( ).
    | POWER DIVE - QCF + PP (can be done while airborne) |
    DESCRIPTION - Colossus rises straight up, then comes down at an angle 
    head-first like a human torpedo.
    Ok, I'll be the first to admit that this isn't the most useful super in 
    the world.  However, it has some quirks you can use to your advantage.  
    It hits on the way up, but it's difficult to do so unless your opponent 
    is right above you.  You can also make Colossus dive early by hitting D 
    + P or K, which is not only useful as a surprise tactic, it's necessary 
    to get the Power Dive to connect in combos.
    DAMAGE (going up): 10
    DAMAGE (coming down): 40
    | VII. COMBOS |
    Legend for this section:
    JP = Jab punch
    SK = Short kick
    SP = Strong punch
    FK = Forward kick
    FP = Fierce punch
    RK = Roundhouse kick
    C. = Crouching
    J. = Jumping
    -> = Cancel into...
    Due to Marvel vs. Capcom 2's open-ended combo system, I won't list every 
    single combo variation Colossus can do, just the easiest and most useful 
    ones.  Feel free to put your own spin on my examples. :)
    | Combos you can do anywhere |
    1) SK->FK->SK Power Tackle
    2) C.RK->SK Power Tackle
    3) C.FP->Giant Swing
    You have to be close and cancel the C.FP super fast.
    4) J.FP/J.RK->Giant Swing/Power Tackle
    5) RK, J.JP->J.SK->J.SP->J.FK->SK Power Tackle/Power Dive
    If you end with the Power Dive, wait a split second before diving so 
    that both the upward and downward hits connect.
    NOTE:  You can stick a J.FP or J.RK in at the beginning of all of these 
    except 3 and 4 to increase the number of hits and damage done.
    | Corner Combos |
    1) J.FP/J.RK->Giant Swing, C.RK->SK Power Tackle->Power Dive
    Massive damage! O_o Dive immediately to be sure the Power Dive connects.  
    You can also start this with his FP throw, then C.RK->etc., etc....
    2) RK, J.JP->J.SK->J.SP->J.FK->SK Power Tackle->Power Dive
    Crazy damage here, too. :) Stick a J.FP or J.RK in at the beginning for 
    more hits and damage.  Also, you can be more lenient on your dive timing 
    because your opponent is falling.
    | ALPHA |
    Assist - Short Power Tackle
    Counter - Short Power Tackle
    Team Hyper Combo - Power Dive
    This might as well be Colossus' only assist, as it's far better than his 
    other two.  Gettin' pressured?  Shoot Colossus' out for some breathing 
    room.  Opponent throwing projectiles endlessly?  Fire off Colossus and 
    use him as a human shield. :) Or you can use him to set up a super... 
    the possibilities are endless.
    | BETA |
    Assist - Roundhouse Power Tackle
    Counter - Roundhouse Power Tackle
    Team Hyper Combo - Power Dive
    I can't really think of any reason why you'd wanna use this assist, 
    unless you're fighting an opponent who likes to stay airborne the entire 
    match (either through a flight ability or constant super jumping).  Even 
    if that's the case, the Alpha assist still outweighs it in sheer 
    | GAMMA |
    Assist - Standing Roundhouse
    Counter - Standing Roundhouse
    Team Hyper Combo - Power Dive
    Um, this blows. :) It has almost no range, 'cause it's a short range 
    attack to begin with, and Colossus appears where you're standing when 
    you call him.  And even if it connects, you can't follow it with an auto 
    super jump, you have to manually super jump after your opponent.  The 
    only positive I can see in this assist is that it could set up some 
    supers, but you can do that and about a hundred other things with the 
    Alpha assist.
    Here are descriptions of Colossus' various poses:
    | INTRO         | Drops from the sky, then throws his arms and head  |
    |               | back and yells.                                    |
    | TAUNT         | Thumbs his nose and grunts.                        |
    | TAGGED IN     | Throws his arms and head back and yells.           |
    | TAGGING OUT   | Hunches over and growls.                           |
    | ASSIST CALL   | Thumbs his nose and growls.                        |
    | WIN           | Throws his arms and head back and laughs.          |
    |               | Turns his back to the screen, flexes his arms, and |
    |               | says "Goodbye!" in Russian.                        |
    | TIME OUT LOSS | Slumps over and hangs his head in shame.           |
    And here are his available colors:
    | Button     | Costume / Skin                        |
    | JAB        | Red & Yellow / Silver                 |
    | SHORT      | Orange & Light Yellow / Light Purple  |
    | FIERCE     | Dark Red & Yellow / Dull Silver       |
    | ROUNDHOUSE | Light Red & Orange / Gray             |
    | ASSIST 1   | Light Pink & Dark Yellow / Light Pink |
    | ASSIST 2   | Dark Pink & Olive / Light Olive       |
    If you have any questions, contributions to make, error/typo corrections 
    to inform me of, or positive/negative feedback, you can contact me via 
    either of these means:
    E-mail - milleret@flash.net
    GameFAQs Message Boards - Ryuji Yamazaki
    Thanks to:
    Capcom - for making Marvel vs. Capcom 2
    Marvel - for creating Colossus and lending their license to Capcom
    GameFAQs.com - for hosting my FAQ
    Just One Fix - for his superlative FAQ writing skills :)
    Shannon Talbott - My kitten :)
    Matt McDaniel (daslapstick@hotmail.com) - For the Bio info
    Jorge Hernandez (carnagespider@hotmail.com) - For more Bio info
    Your name here - for helping me out
    | Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Colossus Character Guide by Just One Fix (C)    |
    | 2000 - 2002                                                         |
    I don't mind what you do with it, just don't alter it and try to pass it 
    off as your own, and don't sell it.  If you plan to put it on your site, 
    just let me know, and give me the URL.

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