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    Storm by Shinkuu_r

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/18/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Marvel VS Capcom 2: Storm Faq, Verson 1.0, July 18, 2000
    By Shinkuu_r  (Rashid Reddy) (shinkuu_r@hotmail.com)
    This Faq is Copyrighted 2000 by Rashid Reddy
    All Capcom Characters were created by Capcom, all Marvel Characters were 
    created by Marvel and they both have the copyrights to these characters so 
    please don’t sue me!!! And the game Marvel VS Capcom is made by Capcom in 
    2000. Don’t sue because I am POOR!!!
    I just made this because I wanted to do my part to help the many fighters 
    out there who are either learning to play, or who are trying to increase 
    their skill (like myself). This is my first faq so if I screwed up somehow, 
    let me know and I’ll try to make it better. Every thing was hand written by 
    me (It took forever…), so if you have questions or comments or want to use 
    any info in this guide, please ask me and as long as you don’t use it to 
    blow up the earth or something stupid, I’ll help you out, or give me credit 
    because my hands hurt from typing and I deserve it. Other wise, I’ll get ya…
    Table of Contents
    1: Button Layout/FAQ guide
    2: Why Storm?
    3: Storm’s Story
    4: Move Guide
    5: Assist Guide
    6: Combos and Uses
    7: Ground Strategy
    8: Air Strategy
    9: Other Stuff
    10: Credits
    1:Button Layout
    I hope you know the button setups are on MvsC2(4 attack buttons instead of 
    6, 2 assists buttons, have to push jab twice to get a strong punch inside of 
    a combo, blah blah.) If you don’t…read a general info faq with all that 
    stuff and come back( or read the one that I made if I can ever find the 
    freakin’ disc!!!!!) There’s plenty of them at Gamefaqs(www.gamefaq.com). 
    Good ones too. If you know about the changes, keep reading.
    Wp=weak punch(jab)   Mp=medium punch(strong)  Fp=fierce punch(fierce)
    Wk=weak kick(short)  Mk=medium kick(forward)  Fk=fiercekick(roundhouse)
    A1=assist one        A2=assist two            Start=Taunt
    2:Why Storm?
    Now, for the people who are not knowledgeable about the goddess, you might 
    ask yourself, “Why should I play with her, especially when she was so sorry 
    in X-Men vs Street Fighter?? She is soo old and boring.” Well, for the less 
    fortunate, here are my reasons…
    1: She’s a member of the X-Men. How many of you wish you were one? That’s 
    what I thought.
    2: She’s a weather goddess. How many people you know like to piss off 
    divinity? Instant intimidation factor. And if they do try to mess with the 
    goddess, she’ll fry them faster than a burger on the forth of July.
    3: She’s quite fast. She’s no Marrow, but she’s more than able to surprise 
    your opponent if you are unpredictable.
    4: Good ground game. Her Fierce and Roundhouse attacks have pretty good 
    priority and her jab and short are pretty quick. All of her attacks have 
    more range than you think due to the little lighting and wind attachments. 
    You should have no problem attacking your opponent.
    5: She is one of the few characters that have a full dash!( can dash in any 
    direction). All kinds of positioning possibilities.
    6: She rules the air like a goddess should. She can fly, air dash, use all 
    her projectiles, her lighting attack, lighting storm, and so many other 
    things that if you are good enough you can stay up there all day and beat 
    your opponent senseless!!!
    7:She can chip Iceman!!!(I knew that would get your attention). Her Hyper 
    Combos can and will chip that sorry bastard to death. Just think about that.
    Actually, the only bad thing is that she doesn’t take damage all that 
    well(goddess aren’t used to fighting) and her special moves have bad 
    recovery time. But you can easily get around all that.
    3:Storm’s Story
    She’s a X-man. Was a Thief. Now a Goddess. Sub commander of the group. Has 
    claustrophobia. We all know that, but since MvsC2 has such a bootleg story, 
    I decided to make one of my own. So this is the reason why Storm is in the 
    “Ah…It’s nice to be home.”
    Storm and Rogue walked into the mansion with bags in her hand and smiles on 
    their faces. It’s been such a long time since they had time to relax and 
    hang out together like ordinary women. Things have been pretty quiet after 
    the whole Bastion, Killer Sentinel thing died down, so it was vacation time 
    for all the X-Men. Heaven knows they needed it.
    “Storm, I’m gonna check on the professor. Put my bags in da’ room, will ya, 
    darlin’?” Rogue said with the sweetest southern accent.
    “Of course.” Storm replied as they both flew off to their respected places. 
    As she approached her room, she noticed something was wrong. Namely the 
    piece of human bone sticking out from her door.
    Chaos greeted her as she opened her door. Bone arrows and knifes were 
    everywhere, decorating the walls like little ornaments. On her bed was a 
    very professionally done body outline, made of bone of course. And for the 
    coup de grace, a scratched in super deformed picture of her with the words 
    ‘Die Storm Die’ on the side. All in all, quite artistic.
    “THAT B***H!!!!!!! SHE’S MINE”
    “Uh…Oh.” Professor Xavier and Rogue stated in unison as the pissed off 
    goddess boomed in front of them, lighting surrounding her and all.
    “Marrow went with the others to find out what the cause of the natural 
    disasters were. Apparently, it’s somewhere near the North Pole but we can’t 
    get to it because of the winds…”
    “I’LL KILL HER!!!” Xavier was cut off as Storm blew a hole in the ceiling 
    and headed to the north pole.”
    “Rogue, please follow her and make sure she controls herself”
    “Sure thang, Professor.” As Xavier watched his student leave, only one 
    thought appeared in his head…
    “I wish Colossus was here to fix the ceiling.”
    Bastion comes from the X-Men-Zero Tolerance novel (made from Marvel, of 
    course). You might want to read it sometime as it is pretty good.
    4:Move Guide
    Now we are getting into the reason I made this faq…how to fight with Storm 
    and help her get revenge on Marrow. Everything is from memory, so please 
    forgive me if I get something wrong. She can chain six attacks in one ground 
    combo, but you’re only gonna get five to connect (wp, wk, mp, mk, and either 
    fp or fk). Ditto for air chains.
    Standing-just a standard, straight forward jab. Decent range due to the 
    lighting fingertips. Really fast though. Of course short kick is better.
    Crouching-could have a pretty good use in ground games due to the extra 
    lighting that comes out. This, combined with the standing and crouching 
    shorts, should be your main pokes.
    Jumping-a basic air jab with short range. Only use this in air combos.
    Standing-A shin kick with a little whirlwind action on the bottom. It 
    doesn’t have the priority of Ryu’s and Sakura’s, but it’s still good for 
    counterattacking dashing attacks. My personal combo starter of choice.
    Crouching-a ducking kick with great range and good speed. Use often.
    Jumping-just the crouching kick done in the air. Good for air to air 
    fighting due to the long range.
    (remember the medium attacks can only be done inside of a combo, so I’ll 
    just tell you any drawbacks)
    Standing-decent combo linker.
    Crouching-has better range than standing strong.
    Jumping-Remember her old lighting sphere from X-Men vs Street Fighter where 
    you could just push Mp in the air and that little ball of lighting would 
    come out? Well she still has her animation for it, but the lighting ball is 
    now a command move which is separate. Also you can direct the attack up and 
    down like the old days. But this attack sucks. Why? First of all you have to 
    direct the attack in the direction of the opponent, something that you might 
    forget in the heat of battle. Second, it can miss on small opponents, and 
    even medium sized opponents if your angle is off. So it’s more trouble than 
    it’s worth to use. But feel free…
    Standing-good range. Make it the last hit before any launchers you try to 
    Crouching-Storm’s sweep attack. It takes a long time to recover, so you 
    can’t OTG with a short. I really wouldn’t recommend it because you can do 
    more damage from a air combo. But if you have a level three or more meter…
    Jumping-an upwards kick attack. I recommend that you skip the Mp and use 
    this. Good coverage area, it makes you wish the game had the six attack 
    buttons again.
    Standing-overall great attack. Good range, great priority, knocks down,  
    fast, good foot game move since it covers a large area. You just can’t combo 
    from it.(that’s what the Fk is for!)
    Crouching-uppercut move with a lighting edge. Decent priority, but nowhere 
    as useful as Guile’s uppercut. Doesn’t have quite the range either. Also one 
    of her launchers(not her best one)
    Jumping-a down forward lighting palm attack. GREAT priority and should be 
    your jumping in attack opener.
    Standing-The goddess’s trademark basic attack. Not only is it her main 
    launcher, it has great priority, great range, the extra whirlwind is taller 
    than her whole body, great recovery time, and kicks butt in foot games. You 
    will love this attack.
    Crouching-imagine the jumping Wk with a BIG whirlwind on the bottom. 
    Incredible range and priority, and is a mini launcher of sorts. Wolverine 
    killer for sure.
    Jumping-Upwards kick like the medium kick, but ten times better.  Great for 
    meeting someone in the air. Abuse this.
    Special Moves(The ones that cause chip damage).
    Whirlwind-quarter circle forward(qcf)+ any kick. Can be done in the air.
    Storm throws a couple of deadly whirlwinds towards her poor foe. It’s a 
    pretty big size projectile but not impossible to jump over. Comes out pretty 
    quick and does decent chip damage, but bad recovery time. Fk version seems 
    to be stronger and faster than the Wp version.
    First of all to use this move don’t do it on the ground. There is too much 
    risk that someone will jump over it and get ya. Jump first before you do it 
    and let it go when you almost touch the ground(what I like to call the 
    projectile zone) This way it will be harder to get around, get under, and 
    super jump over due to the speed. Secondly only use it when you are across 
    the screen from the opponent. Do it up close and you will pay for it big 
    time. And third, don’t do it that much. Only as a annoyance move.
    Typhoon-Quarter circle back (qcb)+any kick. Can be done in the air.
    Storm raises up her hand (for quite a while) and then up comes two long 
    typhoons from the ground. They come up directly under the opponent. It takes 
    all day to come out, but once it does you can move again while it’s hitting 
    the opponent. Fk Typhoon takes a little longer to come out than the Wk one 
    but it lifts them higher in the air.
    Don’t use this move. It really has no benefits and you will easily get 
    nailed before it comes out. You could use it for a deterrent move during an 
    assist blitz if you like. ONLY do it during a super jump and if by chance 
    you do hit with it, cancel into a Lighting Storm!!!
    Lighting Ball-qcb+any punch. Only in the air.
    Storm’s old school lighting ball has a command motion now. Wp makes the ball 
    go downwards, while Fp makes it go straight. It actually has decent recovery 
    time compared to her other moves. Throw them out once in a while to keep 
    them on their toes, but since Storm doesn’t move during the move like she 
    used to, it’s usefulness is greatly reduced.
    Lighting Attack-any direction +Wk and Fp. Can be done in the air.
    Storm takes off with a ball of lighting in front of her. It can be done up 
    to three times in the air and can be redirected in any direction each time. 
    Recovery time is bad if you don’t make contact, but you can block 
    afterwards. If you make contact and they block, you can get hit (but you can 
    still air dash away to avoid it).
    I cannot stress how important the Lighting Attack is to Storm. Offense, 
    Defense, Evasion, Confusion, Combos, you name it, the Lighting Attack can do 
    it. I have to delicate a whole section to it in the Air Strategy section.
    Flight-quarter circle back + both kicks. Can be done in the air
    Storm goes for a nice little fight in the air. She stays up there for a 
    while, until you get hit or input the command again to go down, or do a 
    lighting attack. People don’t like to use this because she can’t block while 
    flying, but this is her most powerful attack position to me. (depending on 
    what character I’m fighting.) For further notes look at the Air Strategy 
    Air Dash-any direction+ both punches.
    You see that part that says ‘any direction’? You MUST master this to get the 
    most out of the Goddess. Air Strategy section, of course
    Hyper Combos(the one’s that need super energy)
    Lighting Storm-Half Circle Forward+ both punches. Can be done in the air
    Storm gets pissed off and releases lighting all across the screen. Takes a 
    small moment to start up. Really hard to avoid, good assist defense when you 
    do it in the air(so the active opponent will have a harder time to protect 
    his assist). Decent chip damage also.
    This is the super you always want to use, but not so close because it does 
    have recovery time. Comboable from the Lighting Attack and from Crouching 
    Mk. Make sure you do a HALF circle motion for it to come out, not a quarter 
    circle. Good defense move, might have some invincibility properties at it’s 
    start. (gotta check on that.)
    Hail Storm-qcb+ both punches
    Storm floats off to the top corner of the screen and drops an hail storm on 
    ya. This is the only super in the game that you can’t escape from at 
    all(unless you have a teleport). The only drawback is it’s kind of easy to 
    see coming, and it takes a moment to start, But it’s a great assist killer 
    and good chipper(can chip Iceman), and has no recovery time. To bad you 
    can’t do it in the air…booo…
    Assist Guide(I hope you know that when you do Crossover Counters you can 
    cancel them into Hyper Combos.)
    Alpha-Projectile-Assist Move-Whirlwind
                     Crossover Counter-Whirlwind
                     Team Attack-Lighting Storm
    Really not a bad choice for an assist. The Whirlwinds hit multiple times so 
    it’s good for chipping and pressure. Remember to protect Storm from attacks. 
    Cancelable too.
    Beta-Expansion-Assist Move-Lighting Attack
                   Crossover Counter-Lighting Attack
                   Team Attack-Lighting Storm
    This is the one I find myself using the most, usually if I already have 
    someone on my team with a projectile assist. If she hits with this, the 
    opponent will be launched in the air, but will be able to block on the way 
    down. If they block, then she will land right next to them for some good 
    lovin’, so protect her at all costs. Good if you surprise people with this. 
    Can also use for setups.
    Gamma-Variety-Assist Move-Typhoon
                  Crossover Counter-Typhoon
    	        Team Attack-Hail Storm
    This assist sucks because it takes too long to come out.  Also you can’t do 
    a team combo starting with Storm because she goes flying off somewhere 
    first. Not recommended.
    Delayed Hyper Combo Notes-The Hail Storm is the best switch out move ever 
    because no one can escape it during a DHC. The perfect switch out move…but 
    it sucks when you want to cancel from the Hail Storm because you end up 
    under Storm who has moved away from the opponent. Stick to the Lighting 
    Storm in that case.
    I am not going to list every little combo I know with Storm(to tell you the 
    truth, I almost forgot this section). I will only list the three reliable 
    combos you need to dominate. Isn’t that the whole point? Note that you can 
    always start combos with a jump in Fp or another chain(Wk,Mk).
    1: Crouching Wk, Crouching Mk, Lighting Storm or Team Attack
    A pretty good, easy combo that has the potential to do major damage. It’s 
    strength is that the opponent will be right next to you and will soak up the 
    max hits that the Lighting Storm can deliver. It’s also very quick, so if 
    you’re running low on time this is a good combo to use. It’s weakness that 
    it’s possible to roll out of the Mk sweep, so your combo has a chance of not 
    hitting(not a good thing at all), but they still will have to block it. If 
    they end up close to you after the roll, however, you’re in trouble, 
    especially if you decided to do a Team Attack, where the recovery could be 
    longer. Take the risk/reward factor into account. If you’re doing a team 
    attack, make sure that you have good partners to complement it. Beam Supers 
    work best.
    2: Crouching Wp, Crouching Wk, Crouching Mp, Lighting Attack(Forward), 
    Lighting Storm
    Great combo because the opponent can’t escape it once you start, but you 
    must practice canceling the Lighting Attack in order to be useful. It’s also 
    puts the opponent in a good position for DHC’s.
    3: Wp, Wk, Standing Fk (Launcher), Wp, Wk, Mk, Lighting Attack(Forward), 
    Lighting Attack(Up), Lighting Storm.
    ANY time you launch an opponent with ANY launcher, do this combo!!! I just 
    put the Standing FK launcher because it works the best. You can also cancel 
    from the first Lighting Attack instead of the second one, but if you get 
    greedy and try for three, the opponent will be able to block the Lighting 
    I might put more combos in later.
    Ground Strategy
    There are two ways to play with the Goddess…On the ground(aggressive yet 
    defensive), and in the air(evasive and sneaky). Ground fighting is very 
    basic for her, but still necessary for her to reign supreme. She has really 
    good speed and decent pokes, so offense is a good position for her. If you 
    are up close, put on the pressure by using your jab and short pokes. Sooner 
    or later they will get pissed off and try to counter, and this is when you 
    bust out with the Roundhouse of Doom!!!(standing Fk). With that much 
    priority they will get hit in the air and into that combo of lovin’ you been 
    waiting for.  Don’t try for jumpins that much, unless you perfect her 
    strange jumping style (see Air Strategy).
    She plays a great defense game with her Fierce Attacks. If you’re in the 
    lead, stay about half the screen away from them and counter with the 
    couching and standing Roundhouse attacks. If they jump in, counter with a 
    jumping Roundhouse. Every once in a while throw a jab Whirlwind to throw 
    them off balance.  If you know an assist is coming, please use a Hail Storm 
    to tell them to go away. Other wise stick to using basic moves and your 
    speed and priority and you should be fine and dandy.
    Air Strategy
    This is the real way to fight with Storm. While flying she is very annoying 
    and can easily screw with people’s minds…even though she can’t block!!
    !: Lighting Attack-You best friend. Since you can’t block, opponents will 
    either have to jump up to get you, or shoot something at you to get you 
    down. That’s there this baby comes in. use this to counter the opponent if 
    they are coming to get ya. If you get the hit or not, you can’t block after 
    contact, but you can still dash, start flying again, or use the Lighting 
    Storm. Also you will automatically float down from the sky.  You can also 
    use it to move out of the way, since this is the ONLY move in the game that 
    can actually put someone above the playing field!!! I need to test it out on 
    the Captain Sword though…remember you can do this three times, and change 
    the direction of the attack and how fast she does it…like a mini version of 
    Ruby Heart, if you will…
    2: Air Dash- your other best friend, Storm’s air dash can be use to go any 
    direction. You can use it to move around and under attackers and reroute 
    your attack. Also, since the Air Dash is a command attack (any direction + 
    both punches) you can cancel it from a attack!!! If the opponent stays on 
    the ground, dash in for a combo to throw them off. It takes practice though.
    3: Jumping-Storm has complete control of her jump. Holding up while 
    descending makes her float down, holding forward make her take a big leap 
    forward, Holding back makes her go backwards, and Holding down brings her 
    down very quickly. This makes jumpins very fun because you can throw off 
    their timing, so their attacks can miss, or you can catch them off guard 
    with a fast jumping Fierce. Or air dash, or Lighting Attack, or…
    4: Lighting Storm!!!-your all purpose defense move, if a opponent tries to 
    jump in with those beam supers(Shinkuu Hadoken, Temna Gou Zankuu, etc,) just 
    air dash or Lighting Attack around them and fry them up good and crispy.  It 
    might have some frames of invincibility in it, I have to see if it can be 
    5: Assists-not many people know that while you are flying in the air, you 
    can do assist because you are not in a middle of a super jump(even if you 
    did a super jump before flying). Use these to surprise your opponent while 
    attacking yourself to pressure the hell out of them.  One beam assist is 
    good to stop someone from a super that can be dangerous to you (Captain 
    Other stuff
    Good Partners
    Cyclops=Well, he’s an X-Men too, but his Optic blast assist will be great 
    help while you’re flying about. Also his supers are good complements to any 
    DHC’s you might wanna try.
    Cammy=She’s faster than Storm and can make comebacks if you need to, and the 
    CCS(Covert Cannon Spike) assist will protect her in the air and the ground. 
    Start a DHC with the Spin Drive Smasher and end with the Hail Storm.
    Jin=Saotome Typhoon. Nuff said. Saotome Dynamite is a great shield type 
    assist to stop other assists and jump ins. Also he can do heavy damage 
    without depending on his Hyper Combos as much as Storm does, so you can save 
    most of the levels for her.
    My Teams
    Storm(A), Ruby Heart(A), Anakaris(A)
    When I started playing with Storm, I started playing with the other two 
    also.(Probably because my sparring partner and I were left with mad credits 
    in the machine because it was a 1 token to play that weekend and no one 
    knew…) and know all three of them kick butt. Make sure Anakaris goes first 
    because he tends to get overwhelmed easily, but with him you should be able 
    to kill a person and a half. If you play defense and leave Ruby Heart last, 
    you should win pretty easily.
    Sakura(A), Thanos(A), Storm(B)
    Unless you are really good with Thanos, stay away from this team. Sakura 
    doesn’t have enough staying power, and it’s not easy to kill three people 
    with Storm. Use Storm’s assist to set up for the Soul Gem and Shinkuu 
    Hadoken. Even though I have Thanos’s bubble assist, use it a lot when you’re 
    playing Sakura.But if you have five levels…you can do this combo to scare 
    the piss out of them!!!
    Sakura-jumping Wk,  jumping Mk, (ground), Wk, Mp, Jab Shouoken, Shinkuu 
    Hadoken, (Thanos) Power, Soul, (Storm) Lighting Storm, (Sakura), Shinkuu 
    Hadoken or Haru Ichiban.
    Rogue(G), Storm(B), Psylocke(A)
    The X-Girl team!!! Either play extreme offense or extreme defense and you 
    should mop the floor with anyone. Save most of the super levels for Storm, 
    the other two don’t really need them as much. Start any DHC’s with Rogue.
    Other Storm notes
    -Her snapback is a standing Fierce. Decent range(a lot better than Cammy’s 
    -Due to her Claustrophobia, Storm doesn’t like when a whole lot of people 
    gang up on her. So make sure you push block them out of the way, and either 
    jump out of the way of assist characters, or freeze them to death.
    -The Hail Storm is not your ordinary super. Yes, it covers the entire screen 
    and does good damage, but the hail isn’t really considered a projectile. 
    This means that if your opponent throws a projectile (Hadoken, Psyblast), 
    the Hail Storm won’t cancel it out and you might get hit with the attack!!! 
    So make sure you are not predictable with it!!!
    -If you float down from the sky and plan on attacking your opponent, 
    remember you can add more hits because you descend slower. Use a Wp, Wk, Mk 
    chain on the way down and rush in for a combo when you land.
    -If you want to use the Lighting Attack to it’s full potential, play with 
    Wolverine and Ruby Heart more. Use the Drill Claw to train yourself how to 
    trick opponents and throw them off guard, while using the Schwazelle to 
    train yourself how to redirect yourself and evade attacks. You will be 
    surprised how much your training will pay off.  
    I’M DONE!!! Boy, that took a long time. Anyway I hope this Faq helps people 
    out there. Now I have some people to thank
    Every one at Gamefaqs and the people who wrote faq for any game. All of you 
    people inspired me to do this. Just know that your hard work is being 
    Aya Brea for giving me advice and helping me organize and sending this Faq 
    off. Great Jill Faq at Gamefaq. Read it now!
    James Chen and Mike Z. for making insane combos movies and posting them up 
    on Shoryuken.com(www.shoryuken.com)  and Fighters.net.(www.fighters.net)  
    Those examples inspired me to try out different possibilities for my own 
    insane stuff( the Sakura, Thanos, and Storm combo for example.)
    Shoryuken.com and Fighters.net for having the above videos available for 
    little ol’ people like me to view. I would also like to thank Fighters.Net 
    for having those Capcom editorials and personal views out there. Any 
    hardcore Street Fighter player must read those.
    My friend Rich for letting me spend countless hours at his house practicing 
    on MvsC2, Second Impact, and Alpha 3.
    Every body at both Tilts in Savannah for being my victims…er…competition and 
    helping me to learn how to avoid cheap assists
    The people who keep picking Iceman for letting me kill him over and over 
    again. Hate that bastard.
    Anyone out there who plays with skill and intelligence instead of 
    scrubbiness and seek to be great fighters. To meet some of you one day and 
    challenge you is the reason I play fighting games.
    Capcom for making the game and putting Jill, Tron, and my girl Psylocke back 
    in it!!! But where’s Zero? Mega Man X, Ryu from Breath of Fire? Demitri? 
    Ghost Rider? Bionic Commando? NightCrawler?

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