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    Spiral by Lazuli

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 08/01/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Marvel vs Capcom 2: New age of Heroes
    Version 1.1
    e-mail: lockheart@evil.co.uk
    This document Copyright 2000 Jun Lockheart (Lazuli)
    01 - Introduction
    02 - Version Info
    03 - Legend
    04 - Character Info
    05 - Special Moves
    06 - Hyper Combos
    07 - Spiral Strategies
    08 - Specific Character Strategies
    09 - Partners
    10 - Special Thanks
    When I first tried to play with Spiral, I lost bad! She couldn't even
    damage my opponent a little... But she is so cool that I decided to
    practice a lot. I made this FAQ because there isn't much info about
    Spiral around there. I never saw anyone playing with her, but I bet
    that there is a lot of people that do. This is my first FAQ. My english
    isn't that good to please forgive any mistakes. Feel free to submit
    combos, questions, corrections, anything.
    1.0 - First release. It was packed with mistakes, errors and everything
    that a first release demands :)
    1.1 - Second and current release. I fixed most of errors (I think),
    and a changed/added some sections.
    U    up
    D    down
    F    forward
    B    back
    QCF  down, down-forward, forward
    QCB  down, down-back, back
    HCB  forward, down-forward, down, down-back, back
    LK   light kick
    MK   medium kick
    HK   heavy kick
    LP   light punch
    MP   medium punch
    HP   heavy punch
    A1   assist 1
    A2   assist 2
    PP   light + heavy punch
    KK   light + heavy kick
    XX   cancel into
    Spiral, Witch from Strange Dimension
    I don't know about her history or profile... all I know is that she is
    a witch from Strange Dimension :)
    1. Teleport alone is a reason, but there is more.
    2. Speed Dance and Power Dance gives her great power/speed (her speed
    and power are already good).
    3. Dancing Swords are great for chiping and keep away!
    4. Her Metamorphose is damn good and you can trap your opponent to be
    sure that it will connect.
    5. Spiral is very versatile.
    1. She isn't that good at close range.
    2. The teleport is hard to learn with 9 variations.
    3. With Spiral you can't just charge or throws swords and expect to win.
    You must think, she demands a lot.
    4. Her assists aren't the better ones.
    5. Some people don't realize that she takes skill and will call you
    cheap because they can't get near or leave the corner.
    Six-Hand Grapple -> f, d, df + P, then d/u (air)
    It's a good anti-air and can be used in air combos with the correct
    timing (your opponent must be above you).
    Dancing Sword -> hcb + P, throw swords with LP/MP (air)
    Always have swords around you! It's good for close-range and great at
    keep-away and chiping.
    Tsurugi Tobashi: Forward -> qcf + LP after Dancing Sword (air)
    Good for combos (Air Tsurigi Tobashi: Circular XX Dancing Sword -
    Tsurugi Tobashi: Forward and combo away). Chips good... If you are far
    away from you opponent you can try to use this, teleport behind him and
    grab after he blocks.
    Tsurugi Tobashi: Upward -> qcf + HP after Dancing Sword (air)
    You can use this in air combos and then use Six-Hand Grapple, I think.
    It isn't a good anti-air move.
    Tsurugi Tobashi: Circular -> qcf + LK after Dancing Sword (air)
    Chips good, and can be used for cover sometimes. This move is used for
    the Metamorphose trap.
    Tsurugi Tobashi: Six-Way -> qcf + HK after Dancing Sword (air)
    I don't even bother...
    Teleport Dance -> qcb + LK, then hold (d+) P/K (air)
    qcb + LK             Spiral appears over her opponent's head.
    qcb + hold LK        Spiral appears in the lower-left corner.
    qcb + hold LP        Spiral appears in the center of the playfield.
    qcb + hold HK        Spiral appears in the lower-right corner.
    qcb + hold HP        Spiral appears in the upper-right corner.
    qcb + hold d + LK    Like (hold LK), but she's closer to her enemy.
    qcb + hold d + HK    Like (hold HK), but she's closer to her enemy.
    qcb + hold d + LP    Like (hold LP), but she's closer to her enemy.
    qcb + hold d + HP    Like (hold HP), but she's closer to her enemy.
    When you master this move, your Spiral will be the nightmare of your
    opponents. It can be used at her keep-away, to evade attacks and to
    confuse your opponents.
    Kyuukouka Dance -> In air, qcb + HK
    Use this if you are in the air and want to land quickly. Good after
    Stamped Sword -> qcf + PP
    Not that good but chips nice.
    Power Dance -> qcf + KK (air)
    People fear Power Dance, usually they will try to keep you away while
    it it active. So use it when you are sure that you can hit something.
    Good when you teleport behind a beam super (Proton Cannon!!!)
    and don't have 3 Levels for Metamorphose.
    Speed Dance -> qcb + PP (air)
    I don't use it that much. Use it when you want to go fight at
    close-range. With this speed up she have a semi-infinite (LK, HK,
    dash - repeat).
    Metamorphose -> qcb + PP, grab w/ P (air) (Level 3)
    The best one, but it costs 3 Levels. Use it when you are sure that it
    will work. See Metamorphose trap below.
    Hyper Metamorphose -> A1 + A2 (gamma variatiable combination)
    Like metamorphose (but Level 1 and weaker), and can be comboed
    (crouching LK, MK XX Hyper Metamorphose). The chiping is good too.
    Alpha - Projectile Type: Tsurugi Tobashi: Forward / Stampede Swords
    Beta - Variety Type: Tsurugi Tobashi: Upward / Stampede Swords
    Gamma - Ground Type: Standing HP / Hyper Metamorphosis
    Always use Gamma. Her assists aren't good at all, but with Gamma you
    will get Hyper Metamorphose (comboable). Her Gamma assist also can be
    used to add some extra hits at your combos, to start some combos and
    Hyper Combos.
    This section will be very short.
    1. LK, HK - Super Jumping LK, LP, MK, MP, HK/HP/Six-Hand Grapple.
    2. Activate Speed Dance - Dash LK, HK, Dash LK, HK, repeat...
    3. Crouching LK, MK XX Hyper Metamorphose.
    4. Air Tsurigi Tobashi: Circular XX Dancing Sword - Tsurugi Tobashi:
    Forward and combo away.
    Her keep-away game is very mean. Jump and throws swords (fast as you
    can). If you are fast enough, you can re-activate Dancing Sword while
    your opponent are still blocking the last salvo. If not, have a nice
    assist to cover you (projectile or dashing) while you re-activate
    Dancing Swords. Teleport if your opponent comes close or you predict
    a super. Just be careful with his assists.
    To win with Spiral, you must learn to teleport. When you are playing
    keep-away and your opponent comes close, teleport to the other side of
    the screen. Teleport when you predict a super or beam coming, you are
    cornered, your opponent jumps-in, dashes, teleport all the time to
    confuse your opponent, just don't get predictable.
    Close Range
    Her combos does solid damage (with Speed Dance she will be a combo
    machine, and her Power Dance will boost her strength). You can try
    jump-ins and dash, but the best time to start combos is after
    your opponent mess things up. When you teleport behind him while
    he is in the middle of a move with some lag time, when you use
    the teleport + assist and he blocks to the wrong side. Dancing Swords
    can be used for extra damage, or chiping if he blocks the combo start
    Confusion Tactics
    Teleport is great to confuse your opponent. Throw swords, call assist
    and teleport to the other side. Make your opponent blocks to the wrong
    side. If he does blocks, throw. You can try an unblockable assist for
    extra cheeziness ;)
    Metamorphose Trap
    Metamorphose is cool, and gives a lot of damage. But what happens if
    you couldn't connect this? You can't aford to lose 3 Levels without
    even chip. When you use this, be sure that it will connect. The best
    way that I know for this to connect is to make the opponent block or
    get hit by an Air Tsurugi Tobashi: Circular XX Metamorphose and grab
    him quickly after the last knife block or hit (you can't grab while
    they are blocking or geting hit). You can also use assists to keep your
    opponent blocking. The best time to use the Metamorphose trap is after
    a snap back or your opponent character dies and the next is coming.
    Your opponent will be caught if he isn't expecting this. If he is, he
    may jab you, so don't get predictable.
    Not so specific...
    Against Fireball Happy People
    Fireball Happy People have trouble dealing with Spiral because each
    sword cancels one fireball. If your swords are fast enough, they will
    not have time to fireball you. Spiral's keep-away is enough to handle
    them. Be careful at close-range fighting because some fireballers
    (shotos for example) can be deadly at close range. And when you feel a
    Shinkuu Hadouken or Hyper Mega Man, teleport behind them.
    Against Beamers
    Beamers are harder than fireballers because beams are a lot faster and
    usually eats Spiral's swords. If you are fast enough to keep them from
    beaming, fine. If not, use assists for cover and remember that beamers
    have more recovery lag time (not Cyclops), so teleport when you predict
    a beam. If your keep-away doesn't work, you can go close fighting since
    some beamers (and every beamer in scrub hands) aren't that good at
    close range.
    Against Dialers
    Keep away! Keep away! If you have to go close range, don't forget to
    use Speed Dance first. Don't try to go toe to toe with these guys,
    you just don't have the priority.
    Against Really Big Guys
    Keep away and you will be fine. You can also go close range, but be
    careful since big guys are *really* strong. With Speed Dance you won't
    have problem.
    Against Assist Happy People
    You will face assists in every fight, be it agains beamers, big guys
    or dialers. Some assists can really mess your keep-away game (like
    Sentinel, Captain America) or mess everything (JUGGERNAUT PUNCH!!).
    If that happens, don't worry. Snap back is the key. Wait for the
    opportunity to snap back to this assist and try the metamorphose trap.
    And don't forget that you can always teleport...
    Against "Death from above" People
    For me this is the hardest kind of opponents. Characters like Iron-Man,
    Doctor Doom, Storm that just stay in the air chiping you from above.
    Your best hope of survival is throw swords very fast to keep them from
    super-jumping. If this don't work, it will be a lot harder. The scrub
    will just super-jump and throw smart bombs and photon shots until you
    teleport behind them and grab. The skilled player will keep moving a
    lot to make you teleport into a photon shot. You must watch for some
    pattern and use your teleports wisely. At airborne fighting you should
    use HK.
    To win with the keep-away alone you will need a projectile assist that
    chips good and give some cover (Cable, Ice Man, Doctor Doom, Silver
    Samurai) or a dashing one that gives great cover (Juggernaut, Sakura,
    Captain America). Maybe both? For confusion tatics you can use a fast
    dashing assist (Juggernaut anyone?), an unblockable one (Zangief,
    Rogue) or anyone that keeps your opponent blocking for long time
    (Doctor Doom). Spiral is so versatile that any assist will do. You can
    put her in your current team and have good results. Your team must work
    as a whole, but each member must be able to fight for himself. If you
    depend to much on a assist and he dies, you will have trouble. I will
    list few:
    Juggernaut (Dash assist)
    All around assist, good to cover you and keep the pressure in your
    keep-away game, to keep your opponent from dashing and jumping a lot,
    to confuse him while you teleport to the other side and grab.
    Sakura (Dash assist)
    Works like Juggernaut. Not so strong but she is great at stoping
    Doctor Doom (Anti-Air assist)
    It doesn't offer a lot of cover, but it's great at confusion and close
    range fighting.
    T. Bonne (Throw assist)
    Call her (you must be close to your opponent) and teleport to the other
    side. Follow with OTG Crouching LK...
    Sentinel (Ground assist)
    Great for cover while you are chiping!
    1. Kao Megura for his great Marvel vs. Capcom 2 faq (where I found
    Spiral's Moves and "profile").
    2. Gamefaqs.com for hosting this FAQ.
    3. You people that play with Spiral.

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