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    Magneto by xjoker

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    Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes
    Magneto FAQ v2.01
    Written by: Phillip "xjoker" M.
    Last Updated: 12:49 PM 10/30/2003
    =               D i s t r u b i t i n g   t h i s   G u i d e                 =
    Feel free to put this FAQ on your site. Only thing I ask from you before doing
    so is to contact me some way (check section 11 of this FAQ) so that I know
    where my FAQ is being posted. And please give credit where it is due. Thanks.
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    =Table of Contents=
    1. Magneto's Pros/Cons
    2. Legend
    3. Normal Moves
    4. Special Moves
    5. Hyper Combos
    6. Throws
    7. Tips and Tricks
    8. Throws
    9. Recommended Partners
    10. Credits
    11. Contact Information
    =1. Magneto's Pros/Cons=
    -He is very fast
    -He has fastest dash in game
    -He can do a triangular jump
    -He is a combo master
    -Both his supers are comboable
    -He doesnt take damage too well
    -He doesnt have much of a keep away game
    -He requires someone with fast fingers to play with him correctly
    =2. Legend=
    f - forward
    b - backwards
    u - up
    d - down
    uf - upforward
    ub - upbackwards
    df - downforward
    db - downbackwards
    qcf - quarter circle forward (d,df,f)
    qcb - quarter circle back (d,db,b)
    hcf - half circle forward (b,db,d,df,f)
    hcb - half circle back (f,df,d,db,b)
    p - any punch
    k - any kick 
    lp - light punch
    lk - light kick
    fp - fierce punch
    rk - roundhouse kick
    2p - both punch buttons
    2k - both kick buttons
    a1 - assist 1 button
    a2 - assist 2 button
    xx - cancel into...
    dhc - delayed hyper combo
    thc - team hyper combo
    > - continue to this move...
    /\ - jump up
    \/ - land on ground
    d. - dashing
    s. - standing
    c. - crouching
    j.- jumping
    sj - superjump
    otg - off the ground
    ( ) - parenthesis, other things i think are worth mentioning
    =3. Normal Moves=
    -- Punches --
    - Jab Punch -
    -Standing: a quick punch to the face on the average size character (cable)
    -Crouching: another quick punch, seems to have better range than the standing
    -Jumping: another quick punch, i dont use it much because it doesnt have very
              good range
    - Strong Punch -
    -Standing: this can be used as a launcher, has pretty good recovery time, use
    -Crouching: has decent range. i never use it though
    -Jumping: another move, nothing special about it. i never or hardly use this at
    - Fierce Punch -
    -Standing: Magneto pimp slaps all average sized characters and taller across 
               the screen. has excellent range, a little lag if blocked but unless
               your fightning another Magneto or someone who dashes real fast, you 
               shouldn't have to worry about getting countered if this was blocked
    -Crouching: Magneto's launcher of choice. has good height and range, high
    -Jumping: good range and priority, fast and effective. i still prefer the
              jumping roundhouse kick though
    -- Kicks --
    - Short Kick - 
    -Standing: its exactly what it says, a short kick to the lower legs of target
    -Crouching: this is what i use to get a combo started. has very good range, is 
                quick and has excellent recovery time if blocked
    -Jumping: has decent range. i prefer the jumping roundhouse kick, but this one
              makes a decent backup
    - Forward Kick -
    -Standing: he extends his leg a little bit farther if used after a standing
               light punch or kick. no priortity at all really, imo
    -Crouching: has like no priority at all because when u connect this, you get
                pushed back from the enemy. you cant continue to do nothing else
    -Jumping: i use this almost as much as jumping roundhouse because it has good
              range and you can dash in once you land and do a c. hp
    - Roundhouse Kick -
    -Standing: Magneto kicks twice. i guess its good to use if you have a opponent
               right on you and you just want some space. i also think you can
               cancel into a hyper grav after this move
    -Crouching: this is Magneto's slide. has very good range, but not otgable or
                anything so use this sparingly. if blocked, use a force shield just
                incase ur opponent trys to counter the sweep they blocked
    -Jumping: this is an excellent move. i use this all the time to start up a
              combo. so i say this has excellent priority and no recovery time
    =4. Special Moves=
    -- EM Disruptor -- [hcf + p] (can also be done in air)
    Magneto throws out of his hand a purple, oval shaped, long peice of energy,
    just about extends the whole width of the screen. its comboable, has good
    priority. if you cant finish a air combo with a magnetic tempest, (because you
    dont have a super meter available) add this to the end of the magic series
    instead of a fierce punch or roundhouse kick
    -- Hyper Gravitation -- [hcb + k] (can also be done in air)
    Magneto forms four energy compacted balls that go straight after the opponent.
    Has good priority. Great to use if your enemy is above you can you cannot see
    them. Has a little lag if it is blocked, so dont throw it close to your enemy,
    throw it far, it travels just about across the whole screen wherever the enemy
    is. Once your enemy is caught in this, they are at your mercy
    -- Magnetic Force Field -- [hcf + k] (ground only)
    Magneto extends his arms and forms the outer layer of a circle all around him.
    if someone where to hit you for the time that ball is out, (about one second)
    they will get shot away from you. Only time is use this is when I miss a 
    crouching roundhouse kick (sweep) Be prepared to be attacked if someone where
    to stay away from this move
    -- Magnetic Blast -- [u, uf, f + p] (only in air)
    Magneto forms a u-shaped peice of energy and shoots it diagonally down to the
    ground. I never use this move, its pretty useless, imo
    -- Air Magneto -- [b, db, b]
    Yes, Magneto can fly, but not very well. Leave flying for characters like
    Sentinel. I never fly with Magneto, just not a good choice since he doesn't
    move very fast and you cannot block while u are flying
    =5. Hyper Combos=
    -- Magnetic Shockwave -- [qcf + 2p] (ground only)
    Magneto turns a little and slams his fist into the ground, forming walls of
    thick to thin, tall energy bars across the screen. Its kind of like  Hulk's
    Gamma Wave in the way that the bars hit one at a time and go across the entire
    screen and even past that. This is comboable, do this immediately after
    launching your opponent with crouching fierce punch for easy and good damage
    -- Magnetic Tempest --  [qcf + 2k] (can also be done in air)
    Magneto pauses for a second before about 30 energy shards start shooting out
    from him in all directions ahead of him. This does extreme damage if all the
    shards connect (as if it were comboed) Do this hyper combo to finish off a air
    combo by cancelling hyper gravitation to magnetic tempest. it does alot of
    damage but takes practice to master comboing this into a air combo
    =6. Throws=
    -- Throw with fierce punch --
    Magneto grabs and holds the opponent with one hand while turning their body
    into energy chips and tosses them away from him. The opponent will be frozen
    and helpless for about 3 seconds if you were playing against the computer, but
    against human players they usually mash out of the throw before you can even
    get to them
    -- Throw with roundhouse kick --
    Magneto grabs the opponent by the lower mid section, charges them with some
    kind of purple energy, then throws them away from him. You can choose where you
    want the opponent throw by moving the directional pad or joystick in that
    direction while he still is holding the opponent
    =7. Tips and Tricks=
    -Cross up your opponent by calling out an assist while you are jumping over the
    opponent, that way, your assist hits the opponent from the one side and you try
    to get in a crouching short kick > crouching fierce punch then start your air
    combo. It usually tricks alot of people to have to block two different ways so
    they do not get hit. i like to cross up my opponent with either storm
    (projectile) assist or cable (projectile) assist
    -Air dash your way out of hyper combos
    -Combo alot. you are not going to win by throwing EM Disruptors the whole game.
    Magneto is strictly a combo maniac so you need some quick fingers to be able to
    do most of his combos.
    -When you throw ur opponent with the roundhouse kick, try to otg them up into
    a air combo
    -Always try to finish a air combo with hyper gravitation cancelled into a
    magnetic tempest. 
    -If you do not have a super meter available to use a magnetic tempest while in
    the air, just do (launch) sj. lp > lk > lp > lk > EM Disruptor (the fierce
    punch version for more damage)
    -Magneto has a few infinites, try to learn them and take advantage of them.
    Something i need to learn also haha.
    -Abuse Magneto's quick dashes. On the ground, if you blocked something from the
    opponent, and know that move has alot of recovery time, you can usually get to
    them by dashing forward, do a crouching light kick and then launch the opponent
    for a deadly air combo
    -Since Magneto doesn't take damage too well, just keep an eye on his health and
    let him recover every once in a while if he has alot of red damage that can
    turn back to yellow (actual life)
    -Use a roundhouse kick hyper gravitation if the opponent is hovering over you
    or is trying to play a keep away game from you. once you get them trapped in a
    hyper gravitation, they are at your mercy for whatever you decide to do to
    -Abuse Magneto's tri-jump. this is really advanced, even i dont do this well at
    all but if you have ever seen storm or rogue go crazy on you while playing
    against the computer, and you see how hard it is to fight against them, well
    thats what they are doing. I need to learn this also hehe.
    =8. Combos=
    -The following combos were tested on Cable, an average damage receiver
    -The following combos were tested on the level 2 damage setting
    -The following combos are in order from least to most damaging
    -Understand that 143 points of damage = fatal
    - 1. j. rk \/ d.c. lk > c. fp /\ lp > lk > lp > lk > fp or rk
         [8 hits, 53 damage]
    - 2. j. rk \/ d.c. lk > c. fp /\ lp > lk > lp > lk > EM Disruptor
         [8 hits, 53 damage]
    - 3. j. rk \/ d.c. lk > c. fp xx magnetic shockwave
         [13 hits, 80 damage]
    - 4. j. rk \/ d.c. lk > c. fp /\ lp > lk > lp > lk > hyper grav xx magnetic
         [30 hits, 81 damage]
    - 5. j. rk \/ d.c. lk > c. fp /\ lp > lk > lp > lk > hyper grav xx magnetic
         tempest > lk > lk > EM Disruptor
         [38 hits, 92 damage]
    - 6. j. rk \/ d.c. lk > c. fp /\ lp > lk > lp > lk > hyper grav xx magnetic
         tempest > lk > lk > hyper grav xx tempest
         [48 hits, 98 damage]
    - 7. j. rk \/ d.c. lk > c. fp /\ lp > lk > lp > lk > hyper grav xx magnetic 
         tempest > lp > lk > lp > lk (air-dash up and forward) lp > lk > lp > lk >
         hyper grav xx magnetic tempest
         [65 hits, 114 damage]    
    - 8. j. rk \/ d.c. lk > c. fp /\ lp > lk > lp > lk > hyper grav xx magnetic
         tempest > lk > lk > hyper grav xx magnetic tempest (fall with opponent)
         (then otg them with..) c. lk > c. fp /\ lp > lk > lp > lk > hyper grav xx
         magnetic tempest
         [96 hits, fatal, semi-infinite]
    =9. Recommended Partners=
    -- Psylocke -- 
    Psylocke's anti air assist provides Magneto with a excellent and easy way to
    set up huge combos. Her anti air assist (alpha) is when she does the psy-blade
    move which is OTGable. If this connects, have Magneto do a crouching short kick
    > crouching fierce punch > combo. Psylocke is also a rusher, she has a very
    fast dash, just about almost as fast as Magneto's. All her supers are easily
    comboable. Only downfall I can think of her at the moment is, just like
    Magneto, she takes a little more damage the average tier character does. But if
    you just play smart with her, throwing a light punch psy-shot after her
    delaying crouching fierce launcher if it was blocked is always a good idea to
    keep you safe. Make sure you combo those hyper combos at the end of air combos
    to take some damage away from your opponent.
    -- Cable -- 
    I like Cable's projectile assist. It allows Magneto to cross up his opponent by
    air dashing up and over the opponent while calling out Cable projectile assist
    (alpha) then continuing to try to get in a crouching short kick > crouching
    fierce punch > combo. With this, you have cable using viper beam on one side
    of the opponent and you trying to get in a combo from the other side. Cable is
    the average damage taker so you dont have to worry about him too much. I like
    to use Cable in my lineup because Magneto and Storm charge up the super meter
    very fast and once you get Cable in there, he is a character that has to abuse
    those super meters to be extremely effective. Magneto is a up-close fighter,
    and Cable is not, so they balance eachother out quite nicely. 
    -- Storm --
    Storm is another speed demon and can charge up the super meter very fast also.
    Storm's projectile assist (alpha) is one of the best assists in the game in my
    opinion because it goes through just about everything. I think it goes through
    most beams also. Storm's projectile assist also provides Magneto to attack from
    one side and Storm throwing horizontal typhoons across the screen from the
    other side of the opponent. Storm's Lightning Attack hyper combo is comboable
    after a regular lightning attack special move. Storm is very fast and also has
    tri-jump ability. Making her a fast, hard to block foe. If you use Storm with
    Magneto, take advantage of getting your opponent in a nasty air combo with
    Magneto, ending it with a Magnetic Tempest hyper combo, then about half way
    through it, do a delayed hyper combo into Storm's Hail Storm hyper combo. Both
    of these supers combined do more than half of the opponent's health, and it
    does about 55 hits. So if your are going to use Storm, make sure you have your
    character lineup similar to Magneto, Storm, <character of your choice> That way
    the delayed hyper combo works correctly. 
    -- Sentinel --
    Sentinel takes damage very well, meaning that it takes alot of hits and combos
    to actually hurt him. He's also very big character with very powerful moves. All
    his moves to chip damage. He is the fastest flyer in the game, yes he can fly.
    His rocketpunch special move dishes out a lot of damage. And the reason I use
    him from time to time in my lineup is because of his Ground Assist (gamma). He
    performs his drone swarm special move. Reason i like this assist is because,
    just as I stated with Storm and Cable, you can cross up your opponent having
    Sentinel attacking from one side while you are on the other side trying to
    launch your opponent for a huge combo. It also takes Sentinel two hits in a
    row from other characters to be launched in the air before anyone can perform
    an air combo on him. His moves extreme range. And you can control where you
    want his drone swarm's to go by moving your directional pad, or joystick in the
    direction desired.
    -- Cyclops --
    Cyclop's Anti Air Assist is another assist that provides Magneto to easily
    combo the opponent if they were caught in it. Cyclops is also a strong, solid
    character with good supers and combos. I dont use Cyclops much but I know his
    Anti Air Assist sets up for some nice combos.
    =10. Credits=
    Myself - for making this
    GameFAQs - for hosting this
    IGN - for hosting this
    Shoryuken - for having a mvc2 multimedia section and forums
    My Friends - for playing this game with me and helping me get better
    Capcom - for making this game
    =11. Contact Info=
    Did you like the FAQ? Did I mispell something? Have a question?
    Please contact me:
    Email: lodjoker@hotmail.com
    Mirc: #x-clan on irc.enterthegame.com
    Aim: ackritebia
    Copyright © 2003 Phillip "xjoker" M. All rights reserved.

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