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A 3-on-3 affair delivers, but there are a few drawbacks...03/14/05100-C-A-P
3-on-3 insanity hits the PS2!!!01/28/03Allyourbase
The new age of fighting wha?05/14/06Azurel_Tidal
A great arcade game goes for ps2!01/22/03Dnot
One of the best fighting games comes to the Ps201/01/03Flamin Homer
2-D Fighting Perfection11/24/02Fraggy Poo
What would have been pretty good on the SNES is not great on PS201/03/03ghosthunter1
Same old game, new system.02/05/03Hagakure626
One of the best fighting games out ever, but just has major setbacks01/30/06idiotman7
Long Awaited 2D Battles!11/24/02Kaiser Joel
Hmm, Anti-Aliasing would be nice02/09/03Koray00
Horrendous Port - A Great Game Put to Shame09/29/04m1x4h
Something got lost in the translation here.11/09/04mrbiggs7
Thank you, Capcom.04/14/04political rise
Great in the arcades, limited gameplay at home.09/10/03Rashidi
Glad they decided to join for this one07/03/07Seung2
Is $40 worth it?11/24/02sh0x48
Is this game worth the money?11/30/02shadow284
The next step in the Vs. series.11/22/02Spidee
Ryu vs. Spiderman!? Can that happen!02/25/03spyguy14
Only serves to show Dreamcast's strengths over the PS201/16/03StarSoldier Spiff
Something tells me, I think I've found what I've been looking for.05/06/06Syxx_Pac
A perfect port but not a perfect game.01/25/03THAguyINgta3
2D fighting has never reached such perfection!03/29/03TheGamer87
The Best Fighting Game of All Time05/10/06trodahawk
Classic Clash hits the PS2!12/24/02Typh
Let me Take You for a New Age Crossover07/13/06Virus919
Just because a game is old, doesnt mean it isnt fun07/23/03XSoulFulGaMeRX

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