How do I get past Party Animals?

  1. Does anyone have any sure fire ideas for throwing the raging party? I cant seem to get the pluses to fly.

    User Info: bluesmokebass

    bluesmokebass - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Make Dudley/Mimi order pizza,take the pizza, then cook yourself some breakfast, go to the toilet, shower, then make Dudley/Mimi grill burgers. While Dudley/Mimi is grilling burgers, go to your telephone and select 'Throw Party'. First thing you should do is greet just ONE GUEST. You Should also have a hot tub. the guests will eat the pizza, some of them will also eat burgers. You should get in the hot tub to get it running. After a while, get out and play the instrument of your choice(I preferred the guitar). Then talk with the roommate of your choice and make sure your mood is still high. After some talking, ask him/her to be your roommate.

    1)I recommend you to wake up at about 2-3am
    2)Make sure that before the party you have around 50-75 relationship with a ROOMIES
    3)You must complete all other goals before you do this or else you cannot move out.
    4)Have fun in the party
    5)Make sure you and Dudley's/Mimi's moods are high(I recommend 2-3 green pulses)
    6)MEH Who needs a sixth note?

    User Info: FlightCJ101

    FlightCJ101 - 8 years ago 2 2

Other Answers

  1. same as above just make Dudley/ Mimi get in the hot tub just keep the roomie you ant to move out with out of the bhot tub & with you this will display the message this party rocks i know i complted the last simolin & unlocked everything in buy mode

    User Info: vvtlcs

    vvtlcs - 8 years ago 0 2

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