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"The Sims on PS2!"

Well, we PS2 gamers have finally gotten something I'm sure most longed for: a version of this Sims made for us. The ever-popular PC game has finally been converted over to one of the greatest new PS2 game available. All of the features of the Sims are included, and boy does it deliver. The Sims is a game to please every kind of gamer around.

The Sims was originally an idea that was thought of as ''silly'', and was expected to fail. To the developers surprise, the Sims became a HUGE success. Everyone was playing it, and it was selling like crazy. Everyone wanted more, and their wish was soon granted. An expansion pack was released and players were again at their PCs creating new Sim and going through their lives with many new features. More expansions soon followed, and console gamers
wish for their own Sims game. Well, our wishes finally came true.

The Sims have been unleashed on the PS2, and gamers have a new obsession. The Sims is basically a game which allows you to create your own Sim person or Sim family and control their lives. You can tell them what to do and when to do, or you can just let thim live on their own and see what happens. You can build their houses, and buy and sell what they have inside of them. You have the ability to choose a career and make money, or you can just stay at home and do nothing. You have total control over their world.


The graphics in the Sims are nothing short of great. The character models and other models are very smooth and have fine details. You will be able to see small things such as dirt building up in the bath, or flies gathering around the month old trash. The environment and houses are very rich and detailed, and give you a sense of being in the house with your Sim.

Although it is very small and barely noticable, there is some slight slowdown. It occurs only when certain things happen, such as lights coming on after you have been doing things, or at times like this. To run the Sims smoothly without slowdown on the PC, you needed a powerful computer. The Playstation2 version has a tiny bit of slowdown that does not affect how you are playing, and only lasts for a few short seconds.


The sound in the Sims is aslo great. You can hear the Sims talk in their Sim language clearly, but you still won't know what they're saying :) The sound effects like the horn of the carpool car blowing are great. You can tell what each thing is and what its doing.


The gameplay in the Sims is incredibly fun and addictive. There is a high chance that you will be stuck to your television for weeks playing this game non-stop. The games options sometimes seem to be unlimited, and the possibilities are endless. There is so many different things for you to do with your Sims, that this game will most likely never get old.

You start off with one game mode available to you, which is the ''Get a Life'' mode. In ''Get a Life'', you must guide your Sim through six different levels by meeting certain objectives in each. The objectives range from fixing televisions to moving out with roommates to throwing the ultimate party. How you achieve these goals are up to you, as is everything else.

After you complete the first level of ''Get a Life'' mode, you unlock ''Play the Sims'' mode. In ''Play the Sims'' mode, you can freely play as a pre-created Sim or create your own Sim family without having to do certain objectives. You can do whatever you want in this mode, without anyone telling you what to do. You can make multiple families and have them all live in the same neighborhood, and have them interact with each other differently. You can have two families hating each other, or being best of friends. Its entirely up to you.

You also have the option to build your own dream house and move in your family. There are tons of ways to customize your own house, and everything is again up to you. You can make it as big as you want, have whatever rooms you want, or choose what kinds of things you want in the house, as long as your family can afford it. You can put in whatever you want, and you decide wher you want to put it.


Overall, the Sims is an incredible game that gives the player total control over everything in the Sims' virtual world. The game is very addicting and will keep you entertained for weeks. Luckily, it will be fun. The Sims is a perfect conversion from the PC version, and it deserves a perfect 10/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/02/03, Updated 02/28/03

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