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    Raiden Sneaking Mode FAQ by Version 2

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 12/02/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    FAQ version 1.5             __  __      _        _
                               |  \/  | ___| |_ __ _| |
                               | |\/| |/ _ \ __/ _` | |
                               | |  | |  __/ || (_| | |
                                 / ___| ___  __ _ _ __
                                | |  _ / _ \/ _` | '__|
                                | |_| |  __/ (_| | |
                             / ___|  ___ | (_) __| |___ \
                             \___ \ / _ \| | |/ _` | __) |
                              ___) | (_) | | | (_| |/ __/
                             |____/ \___/|_|_|\__,_|_____|
                     _____       _         _
                    / ____|     | |       | |
                   | (___  _   _| |__  ___| |_ __ _ _ __   ___ ___
                    \___ \| | | | '_ \/ __| __/ _` | '_ \ / __/ _ \
                    ____) | |_| | |_) \__ \ || (_| | | | | (_|  __/
                   |_____/ \__,_|_.__/|___/\__\__,_|_| |_|\___\___|
              R  a  i  d  e  n  :   S  n  e  a  k  i  n  g     M  o  d  e,
                                 *Written by Version 2*
     / \
    ( + ) This FAQ is intended to cover Raiden's Sneaking VR missions; the purpose
     \_/  of sneaking mode is to sneak, and thus, being spotted is an
          instant game-over. The following FAQ is one that ensures you make it
          through each level with ease, and occasionally net the high score.
     / \
    ( + ) Sneaking VR - Sneaking FAQ
    Level 01:
    Go north, stopping before the intersection, and wait for the guard to move
    east and stop. Run behind him and to the goal
    Level 02: *Map note: #=Goal, S=Starting point*
    |   ________________    _# |
    |  |_________E______|  | D |
    |  _        _____      |_| |
    | | |      |     |      _  |
    | | |      |  B  |     |C| |
    | |F|      |_____|     |_| |
    | | |               1      |
    | |_|  _______________     |
    |S    |______A________|    |
    When the guard east of Raidin turns and walks east, shadow him to point 1.
    Pressing against the east side of point B, wait for the next guard to pass you
    to the east. Run to the target to complete the mission.
    Level 03: 
    Run east and turn north at the second corner (the last one). Behind the guard
    is an area for you to press up against. When he passes by you, go north and
    take the first turn to the east. If you're quick enough, you'll be able to
    make it into the ventalation shaft and to the goal.
    Level 04:
    On the southeast block you start by, knock to attract the guard's attention.
    Circle back around the block (go west) and run past the first intersection
    and wait by the next square block. When the guard to the east looks south
    again, run behind him to the goal.
    Level 05:
    Go north and immediately hang from the railing to your left. Shimmy your way
    north behind the guard and pull yourself back up. Go north and hang from that
    rail, and once again shimmy yourself to the otherside. When you jump up,
    you'll probably knock over the guard, so time that the guard on the lower
    level is turning away when you do it. Once up, hang from the railing opposite
    you and fall onto the goal.
    Level 06:
    Climb onto the obstruction to your right, then climb up again to get to the
    "Second" floor. Summersault from platform to platform along with the guard,
    going east. On the 2nd platform, 3rd if you count the first, summersault to
    the next platform to the north; you don't need to wait for the guard to turn a
    round. Immediately summersault to the next platform to your east, drop down,
    flip over the trap floor, and get to the goal. Easy as pie if you know what
    to do.
    Level 07:
    The only time you'll use the lockers is to hide the unconscious guard. After
    doing so, run back to where you start and wait for the patrolling guard to
    turn back around. Shadow him, and summersault over the wet floor; give the
    guard some distance so you don't hit him. When he crosses into the
    intersection, stay put. He'll turn east and another guard will come close.
    When the new guard turns around, shadow him and wait for him to stop going
    south. When he does, move towards the west since the guard will turn to the
    east before returning. Continue on your way and when the next guard stops,
    run behind him and you're home free.
    Level 08:
    Go east past the stairs and turn north once clear of them. Staying against the
    west wall, run beneath the camera and move to the east wall, going parallel
    with the camera's cone of vision. Hold up the guard once he passes you and
    stops, then tranquilize him. Another guard will come close from the west going
    south; hold him up and tranquilize. When the last guard on the northern most
    part of the screen stops, run beneath the camera and pause behind the pillar.
    Wait for the guard to resume his patrol and run up the stairs behind him,
    turning left to get to the goal.
    Level 09:
    Grab the cardboard box and wait for the nearby guard to turn away. Run behind
    him, hugging the western wall, close enough to smell what he had for dinner.
    When he turns around, run past him and the second guard, stopping at the
    geometric shape in the middle of the floor and equip your cardboard box. The
    second guard will turn towards you and turn away, and when the third and last
    guard turns away make towards the goal.
    Level 10:
    Head east and run up the stairs. Press against the northside of the left cubby
    hole and wait for the guard to pass. Run down the stairs and continue to take
    the eastern path until a guard and crates bar your path. Hop up the crates and
    jump to the eastern crates, planting you between two guards. When the left
    guard heads north after coming south, jump down and shadow him. When he faces
    to the left, head for the goal to complete Sneaking Mode.
     / \
    ( + ) Sneaking VR - Eliminate All FAQ
    Level 01:
    Grab the M9 to your left and hold up the guard when he stops walking east.
    Tranquilize him and head to the goal.
    Level 02:
    As soon as the 1st guard turns around, grab and equip the M9 and tranquilize
    him. The 2nd guard will be coming east now also, and when he stops tranquilize
    him too. The 3rd guard will come east, and hold him up from the south when he
    Level 03:
    Go to the right and grab the M9, holding up the guard north of you and
    tranquilizing. The next guard, to the left, will be turning and heading north
    now. Hold him up and tranquilize, then intercept the 3rd and final guard as
    he stops walking south. Head to the north-east goal to complete the level.
    Level 04:
    Knock on the wall you start by to lure the guard to your position. Run behind
    him and grab the M9 to the north, then tranquilize him. Taking the lower route
    wait for the western guard to look north before holding him up and
    tranquilizing. Wait for the last guard to look away, hold him up and
    tranquilize, or tranquilize from a distance, and head for the goal.
    Level 05:
    Run right outside of the northern guard's field of vision and grab the M9 to
    your right. When the guard walks by, tranquilize him and move north.
    Tranquilize the next guard from a distance and head back to where you started.
    You can either tranquilize the below guard or fall down on him from hanging;
    it depends on where he's located. Knock on the south side of the geometric
    shape to attract the guard patrolling north to south, and wait on the west
    side. When he turns to leave, tranquilize him. When the last guard pauses
    after patrolling to the east, WALK across the floor and to him; he'll turn to
    resume patrolling, but he'll turn in the other direction. Tranquilize him and
    head to the goal.
    Level 06:
    Climb up and grab the M9, then summersault to the last cube and hop down the
    southern side. When the patrolling guard nears, knock on the wall, flip over
    the floor (the one that falls away), and tranquilize the guard from behind.
    Head north, avoiding the trap floor, and tranquilize the snoozing guard
    roughly in the middle of the northern part of the level. Head west, taking the
    northern route and tranquilize the guard when he faces away from you. Finally,
    take out the last guard via whichever path you want, and claim the goal.
    Level 07:
    Quickly open the western locker and grab the M9. Head back to your starting
    position and tranquilize the patrolling guard when he comes near. When the
    next guard finishes his patrol and heads back, tranquilize him and continue;
    there's really no need to avoid the wet floor. A guard should be patrolling
    around a cube and stop after the corner, heading north. Quickly tranquilize
    him before he turns and sees you, then wait for the last guard (southeast of
    you) to resume his patrol and tranquilize him.
    Level 08:
    Head east and grab the M9, heading up the stairs. After the block, there'll be
    a guard patrolling. You can wait for him to pass you, by pressing against the
    slab northeast of the block, or run and tranquilize him before he heads south,
    while he's facing west. Tranquilize the guard below you from above, or drop
    down on him. Pressing against the geometric shape, wait for the guard west of
    you to patrol southward and tranquilize him when he pauses. Run north beneath
    the camera and up the stairs when the next guard resumes walking east, and
    take him out. Head around the block to reach the goal.
    Level 09:
    Grab the M9 and wait for the guard to turn around, then shoot him in the back
    of the head. Press against the west side of the wall near where the guard
    "died", and wait for the next closest guard to stop after moving west. Hold
    him up and tranquilize him before moving onto the next guard when he turns to
    complete the level.
    Level 10:
    Head east, grabbing the M9 and jumping over the obstruction. Run up the stairs
    and into the cubby-hole, tranquilizing the guard after he passes you by. Go
    to the foot of the stairs to your north and wait for the next guard to walk
    by and tranquilize him also. Head back up the stairs and aim over the railing
    to the northeast, at the platform across from you, and when the guard comes
    into your line of sight tranquilize him and head back down the stairs. Staying
    against the southern wall at the foot of the stairs, make your way east but
    don't go down the stairs. Aim for the guard across from you and tranquilize
    him, then head across. Lure the last gaurd towards you by knocking, and
    tranquilize him to finish the Eliminate All levels.
                                                         End of Document

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