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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Yushiro

    Version: 1.30 | Updated: 03/12/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                  FAQ / Walkthrough
                         M E T A L   G E A R   S O L I D    2  :
                                  S u b s t a n c e
                                   Version : 1.30
                           Last Updated : March 11, 2002
                          Written by Eric "Yushiro" Lamphear
                           Contact : yushiro@animedream.org
                       www.animedream.org // kaneko.yuudachi.net
           I.    Introduction
           II.   Game Mechanics
           III.  Walkthrough
              a.  Introduction to Walkthrough
              A.  Tanker Chapter
              B.  Plant Chapter
           IV.   Extras / Secrets
              A.  Beating the Game
              B.  Extra Items
           V.    Missions
              a.  Introduction to Missions
              A.  Raiden
              B.  Raiden (Ninja)
              C.  X Raiden
           VI.   Snake's Tales
              a.  Introduction to Tales
              A.  A Wrongdoing
              B.  Big Shell Evil
              C.  Confidential Legacy
              D.  Dead Man Whispers
              E.  External Gazer
           VII.  Appendices
              A.  Weapons
              B.  Items
              C.  Dog Tags
              D.  Miscellaneous
           VIII. Conclusion
              A.  Closing Notes, Policies
              B.  Version History
              C.  Credits
              D.  Disclaimer
    I.   I n t r o d u c t i o n
    This is a walkthrough for the Xbox game Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance,
    developed and released by Konami. I intend this guide to be a straight-forward
    walkthrough that focuses on gameplay and taking you through the game in as much
    detail as needed.
    Remember to use whatever search option is available in the program you are
    using to view this (usually "CTRL + F") to find or skip to whatever you are
    looking for.
       << Notes about the guide >>
    This guide is largely taken from my walkthrough for the Playstation 2 version
    of the game. The PS2 walkthrugh was incorporated into this guide, and has been
    re-worked and updated to work primarily for the Xbox version.  I have
    thoroughly checked the walkthrough for consistency with the Xbox version and
    am satisfied with it. Unlike my former PS2 guide, though, I have delved into
    the extras far more, as this is the main draw of Substance over SoL (and the
    fact that I prefer the Xbox Controller-S to the PS2 Dual Shock 2, but that's
    just my preference).
       << Notes about the game >>
    This game acts largely on the assumption that you have already played Metal
    Gear Solid. The game controls are very similar and though all the games in the
    series are sequels to the previous game, Substance is a direct sequel to
    its predecessor. It is highly suggested that you have played Metal Gear Solid
    already so that you are readily familiar with the story, characters, and game
    mechanics. It isn't required, but it will make the experience more memorable
    and most likely more enjoyable. The game does include some brief synopsizes of
    the previous games (Metal Gear Solid in particular) in the game manual and in
    the 'Special' section at the Start Menu. There are three documents available in
    the Special section - all of which you should read at some point. Obviously,
    these documents and the game itself are riddled with spoilers for MGS.
    II.   G a m e  M e c h a n i c s
    The basic mechanics of gameplay will not be described in this guide.
    The manual that comes with the game explains it far better than I ever could
    and includes detailed drawings and screenshots of the mechanic in question.
    I cannot stress enough how well this manual explains the basic movements. Read
    it thoroughly and then read it again. (If you are renting the game and do not
    have the manual, I apologize, but I am sure that after you play the game you
    will want to buy it. If you only have the game disc for the game, you are more
    than likely playing a burnt copy and I have no pity for you in the least.)
    There is also a small tutorial feature in Substance to demonstrate how to
    execute various moves - it is found in the 'Special' section from the main
    And aside from the manual, the mechanics are nearly identical as they were
    in Metal Gear Solid. There are some moves and features that were added from the 
    first, which I shall go over below, but by and large, what you know from the 
    first will get you very far in the second. That said, I will explain a few of 
    the mechanics that the manual doesn't go over or doesn't explain to my 
    ---New features from MGS---------
    This is just a quick reminder for veterans of Metal Gear Solid about the new
    features in the game that the manual only casually mentions.
    - You can climb waist high objects by flattening your back against one side of
      the surface and pushing the 'Action Button'.
    - You can hang from railings and bridges by flattening your back against the
      railing and pushing the 'Action Button'. This will also bring up the Grip
      Gauge which will slowly deplete - the character will fall when it reaches
      the end.
    - You can now hold up enemies. (See the Hold-ups section below.)
    - When in First Person View (FPV), you can not only quickly look to the left
      and right by holding the shoulder buttons, but you can also boost up a bit
      by holding both triggers.
    - There are now two speeds when crawling. Hold the directional pad or stick
      lightly to move slowly and hard to move quickly.
    - Finally, one of the most important features is that when using the M9, USP,
      and SOCOM and holding down the Weapon Button to fire (and the laser sight
      comes up), you can release the weapon _without_ firing by slowly releasing
      the button, instead of just quickly letting go of it to fire. Very useful.
    One of the new features in Metal Gear Solid 2 is the hold-up. If you can manage
    to get close enough to an enemy sentry without him seeing, you can equip
    any weapon that allows you to aim without firing (either by requiring that you
    release the button or press it hard) and push the Weapon Button to draw the
    weapon. The character will say 'Freeze!' and the guard will put his hands up.
    He will stay this way until one of two things happen - you either manage to
    maneuver the character so that he is face to face with the soldier and then
    point the gun (using First Person View) at his head or his crotch and he will
    shake himself out of fear, releasing an item that he is carrying or the guard
    will reach or grab for his weapon and attack the character. Most often, the
    first item that an enemy will drop will be his dog tag, the main reason for
    doing a hold-up.(For more on dog-tags, see the appendix on tags.) 
    It isn't always that cut and dry, though, as there can be complications.
    First off all, the enemy can only be held-up when they have not seen you or
    been notified of your presence. They can only be held up when their cone is
    white or yellow. (Attempting to hold up a soldier while they are cautious can
    be dangerous, but it allows automatic hold-ups when they are recovering from
    being asleep, knocked out, or dragged. During the time they are standing up
    from one of those positions, draw your weapon (so the laser is turned on) and
    when the soldier has reached an upright position, the character will
    automatically say 'Freeze!) Also, enemies have a tendency to leave themselves
    open when they are located in inopportune places, where you may not be able
    to maneuver in front of them. Always be sure you have room to be face to face
    with him, or the hold up will be for nothing. Try sneaking up behind them
    while they are still moving down a hallway with their back to you. Then,
    lower your weapon (by slowly releasing the weapon button) and run around to
    the soldier's front. Draw your weapon again and point it at his head
    (or crotch if you are feeling particularly cruel) and he will shake himself
    out, unless he is a 'Tough Guy' to use the common expression.
    'Tough Guys' refuse to give up their items when you point your gun at their
    head and taunt you by saying things like 'If you're going to shoot, then
    shoot.' When this happens, you have to shoot them. Using the M9 won't work
    as it won't cause bodily damage; it'll just knock him out. You have to use the
    SOCOM or USP and shoot some part of their body that is non-lethal, such as
    the hand, arm, or leg. He'll then submit and shake himself out. Be careful
    when doing this, if you don't have a suppressor equipped on the gun, that
    nearby enemies in the area won't hear you. Later in the game, they aren't
    such a problem - you'll get a grenade launcher and a missile launcher. Point
    those things at them and they will quake in their boots like all the rest. Heh.
    Hold-ups are quite useful, not only for getting items, but for stopping
    enemies who are blocking your path. Even if there are other patrols in the
    area, running up and holding them up and disposing of them will open up a path.
    Or, if it is possible that another sentry will come by and find the body, hold
    them up, and grab them from behind. Drag them to a place where you and the body
    won't be seen and break their neck. As mentioned above, draw your weapon and
    when he straightens up, he will be held up automatically. Keep that in mind
    when trying to get by a tight spot.
    One final note : never, under any circumstances, unequip your weapon while
    within the enemy's field of vision, or he will immediately grab his and
    shoot you. And call in his buddies. (If you are going to have a prolonged
    hold-up, you might want to shoot out the enemy's radio, located on their
    right back hip, so they cannot call in reinforcements.)
    Lockers are very useful things. They have four purposes. 
    One - housing items. Always open lockers to check if there is anything in
    Two - hiding enemies in. If you knock out or kill an enemy in an area with
    enemies still in it, particularly if they patrol the room/area you are in,
    hide the man/body in the locker. Just grab the body by hitting the Weapon
    Button, without a weapon equipped, and drag them inside the locker. It seems
    that soldiers who are asleep or knocked out never wake up when in a locker,
    but if they have been in there long enough, they will automatically wake up
    when you open the door.
    Three - hiding yourself in. If you are spotted by an enemy and there are
    lockers nearby, run for it! Don't let them see you get in, obviously, and
    it doesn't always work during a clearing, but oftentimes, you will be able to
    wait it out until the assault teams leaves and the area returns to normal.
    You can also look through the vents of a locker while inside. You can pull on
    the triggers to look around a bit. Be careful when leaning forward when there
    are enemies around, though.
    Four - they have girly posters in them. No, I'm not being a pervert - they
    are useful for distracting soldiers who are performing a clearing. If there
    is a locker with a poster in it, always leave it open just in case you need
    to hide in a nearby locker. If the searching guards see it, they will go and
    look at until the 'Caution' mode ends, rather than searching for you.
    There are a few other quirks to lockers. You can break down the door by using
    the 'Punch' button. This is useless for most lockers, even locked ones. Most
    of the time, locked lockers will fall inward, so you still cannot see if there
    is an item in them. However, a few locked lockers in the game will fall
    outward and reveal an item. If you find a locked one, always try to break it
    down, just in case it does fall outward. Be careful about busting them down,
    though. Nearby enemies will hear you punching it and come investigate.
    III.   W a l k t h r o u g h
    a.   I n t r o d u c t i o n   t o   W a l k t h r o u g h
    The walkthrough is based mostly upon Hard Mode, so variances may appear in the 
    number enemies and items that appear in the text of the walkthrough, as well
    various other matters. However, I will list the differences, if there are any,
    between the different difficulty modes for each area and try to explain ways of
    getting by for each difficulty if needed - it's just that greater emphasis is
    places on strategies for Hard.
    The walkthrough is broken into sections based upon the area you are working in.
    Mostly you will only see each area described once as you should already be
    familiar with it, should you need to re-enter it. If there is some significant
    change, I will list it again, but for the greater part, you will simply be told
    to backtrack through the area.
    The writing style of the walkthrough lends to basic lack of story spoilers as
    they happen. I may make mention of important events as they occur or after
    the fact. Therefore, be aware of possible SPOILERS - this is your one and only
    Writing directions for the game can be confusing as the game mostly takes
    place from fixed cameras that change position to make it easier to see.
    Most of the time, I will base my directions upon the radar. (And even if
    the direction up isn't really north in the game, for sake of ease, just know
    that I will refer to it as north.)
    ---Starting a New Game-----------
    Upon first starting a new game, there are a number choices you must first make.
    Select the difficulty, the radar type, and if you wish to enable the game over
    condition. The radar type and game over condition selections are fairly self
    explanatory. Radar Type 1 will enable the radar and allow it to be displayed
    during Intrusion View. Type 2 will enable the radar, but it will not be 
    displayed in Intrusion View. Radar Off will disable the radar. As for the
    game over condition, simply stated, if you are spotted, it is game over. This
    game places a higher emphasis on stealth and non-violence than most games of
    this nature.... other than the fact that you really CAN murder people if you
    are so inclined. (Details, details...) (The last option is only offered in Hard
    and the two Extreme modes.)
    Lastly, as an added bonus over the PS2's Sons of Liberty, you may choose
    to do only one chapter at a time, or the whole storyline, from the outset,
    whereas you are required to complete the game once in Sons of Liberty.
    ---Difficulty Overview-----------
    For my convenience, I have set abbreviations for the various difficulties
    and I will refer them as such from here on :
    Very Easy         [VE]   Hard              [Ha]
    Easy              [Ea]   Extreme           [Ex]
    Normal            [No]   European Extreme  [EE]
    All Difficulties  [AD]
    [Ex] and [EE] modes unlock after beating the game once. (And to be clear,
    [AD] isn't a difficulty. Just an abbreviation I'll be using.)
    There are several things that change depending upon the difficulty. Some of
    these things are a bit more tangible, like the fact that the character's
    carrying capacity for items and weapon rounds decrease as you increase in
    difficulty, the numbers for which are listed in the Weapon and Item lists.
    Others are a bit more vague, such as : 
    - the overall number of enemies and the amount of damage it takes to kill or
      knock them out.
    - the amount of damage the character takes from enemy attacks.
    - the amount of items enemies carry.
    - the amount of time it takes enemies to wake up from sleeping and stunned
    - the easier it is for the character to catch cold and the frequency of
      the sneezing.
    - how sensitive sentries are to noises from a greater distance.
    - how often enemies try to reach for their weapon when held up.
    - how often clearings are performed.
    - the number of soldiers in an assault team.
    - the time it takes a tranquilizer dart to take effect on an enemy.
    [Ex] and [EE] modes also has a couple of added 'features'. For one, Rations are 
    _never_ found lying on the floor or in 'chests' like normal items. The only
    way to obtain them is from holding up and shaking out enemies. Also, when held
    up, enemies will _always_ try to reach for their gun and the chances of them
    ducking or hitting you increase quite a bit. The Extreme difficulties are not
    for the uninitiated or careless.
    In [VE], during the Plant Chapter, you don't have to log into a node to
    download a map for the radar - it is already present upon entering a new area.
    Also, when using the M9, it is not required to hit someone in any specific
    place to knock them out instantly - any shot that hits the target will send
    them to sleep right away. Last, items almost always regenerate when you leave
    an area and return.
    A.   T a n k e r   C h a p t e r
    ===Aft Deck======================
    Enemies     : 3 [AD]
    Items       : Bandage [x2] [VE - Ha]
                  Chaff        [AD]
                  Medicine     [Ex]
                  Pentazemin   [AD]
                  Ration       [VE - Ha]
    After the dramatic opening, you start the game on the Aft Deck of the Tanker.
    You may want to take a moment to become aquatinted with controls. There are no
    enemies that can spot you if you stay behind the four large coils of chain.
    When you are ready to go, first head over to the left and pause at the left
    most coil. In a moment you will see a white cone appear on the tip of your
    radar - there is a single solider over there. Depending upon whether you want
    to get his dog tags or not, you could just go into First Person View and shoot
    him in the head from here with the M9 (you'll be doing a lot of this). If you
    want his tags, run to the staircase and hide against the wall (be sure to stay
    behind the shadow that is cast on the ground). Watch his patrol pattern on the
    radar and take your opportunity. As you should have noticed there is a Bandage
    under the staircase.
    Once the guard is down, head around the back, past his patrol area. Go down
    the enclosed area on the left - there is a ration in the back, on the left
    (there is an ledge off-camera that you can walk onto, on the left). Return and
    go up the stairs. If you get close to the door (don't go in right now), Otacon
    will call you on the Codec (green - optional) and tell you that you can open
    it by pushing and holding the 'Action Button'. Pressing it repeatedly will
    cause the character to open the door much faster. Go up the stairs and down
    this enclosed area to another staircase. Be careful going up - there is a guard
    that patrols the entire front portion of the upper catwalk. Make sure he isn't
    there and go on up.
    If you are trying to get his tags, I suggest waiting until he has already
    patrolled the left side and has started heading back to the right. At the
    bottom left corner, he will take a moment to look through his scope. The
    second he puts them away and starts heading right, run forward, get as close to
    him as you can and draw your weapon. You should have enough room on this front
    portion to maneuver around to his front. On [Ex], you can find some Medicine
    in the recessed portion of the upper wall, at the halfway point.
    Head right along with catwalk until you come to the set of stairs going down
    comparable to the previous set going up. Look on the radar for a guard just
    below you one deck. The best opportunity to go down is when right after he
    comes up a little, checks around, then starts heading back down to check the
    bay with his scope. If you want to get his tags, though, try to get to him
    before he reaches the railing, as it can be difficult to get yourself in front
    of him that close to the railing. Once he is out, head back into the enclosed
    area on this level for a Bandage. Come forward and go down the stairs. Go 
    right and back into another enclosed area. Head all the way to the back and
    go to the ledge on the right for a box of Pentazemin.
    Come forward further, past the raised area that is similar to the wall you hid
    behind for the first guard. On the southern side of the wall, there is a
    staircase - go up it. There is a waist-high box in the middle of the platform.
    Back up against it and push the 'Action Button' to jump over it and get the
    Chaff grenades on the other side. Once you have those, you are done here.
    Head back to the starting area and towards the first guard. Depending upon how
    long you took to do all this and your difficulty setting, he may or may not
    be awake again. Get past him and go into the very first hatch you saw to enter
    On a side note, if you skip one of the opening scenes (the one where Otacon
    goes over the controls), you can save a single round on the M9.
    ===Deck-A, crew's quarters=======
    Enemies     : 1 [AD]
    Items       : M-9 Bullets [AD]
                  Ration      [VE - Ha]
    As you will notice, you enter the interior of the Tanker soaking wet, and 
    most likely with a cold. Be careful about leaving footprints and that a
    guard isn't close enough to hear you sneeze (it'll still happen at the worst
    times, of course).
    To the north, you'll notice that there is a door on the radar. Don't bother
    with it - it is a one way door and the handle will come off in your hands.
    Head down the hall to the right. There is a locker room on the northern wall
    of the lower hallway - go in. Open the lockers by pushing the action button
    in front of them. On the left most set, the bottom one contains a Ration.
    (The one above contains a rather... nice... poster.) The four lockers in the
    middle are either locked or empty. Of the set on the right, the top one is
    empty and the bottom contains some M9 bullets and another... gorgeous...
    When you are done here, you need to get past the guard patrolling the eastern
    hallway. Wait until he pauses at the bottom and starts heading back. Quickly
    run out the room behind him and hold him up. When you are done with him, 
    head up to the door to the next area
    By the way, in [Ex], the guard patrols the whole section, not just the eastern
    hallway - take the Medicine as soon as you enter and just start running down
    the hall on your right - he should be heading right down the southern hall,
    giving you ample time to sneak up on him.
    ===Deck-A, crew's lounge=========
    Enemies     : 2 [VE], 3 [Ea - Ex]
    Items       : M-9 Bullets     [AD]
                  Ration          [VE - No]
                  Stun Grenade    [VE - Ha]
                  USP Bullets     [AD]
    Points of
    Interest : The large glass window in the middle of room can be shot out. 
               However, when you shoot at it, it will leave a large mark on the 
               glass. If a guard sees it, they will investigate it. Also, the TV on 
               the right side of the lounge (showing a large machine...) can be 
               shot out.
    Alright, now it gets a bit more complex. You will most likely have three guards
    in here - two patrolling the lounge and one in the stair well on the far left
    (similar to the one you start enter in). First, run to the back of the
    stairwell and go down the stairs. You'll find a box of Stun Grenades. Do not, I
    repeat, DO NOT enter the door down there yet. It won't kill you, but if you are
    collecting dog tags, I suggest you wait before entering this room. Head back up
    the stairs.
    What I suggest you do here, whether you are collecting dog tags or not, is to
    wait until the guard who is patrolling the area in the back enters the main
    hallway (south of the large glass window in the middle of the room) and shoot
    him in the head. Enter the lounge and wait until the other guard patrolling the
    left side of the main hallway turns his back and run up and hold him up. If
    you are getting dog tags, you will be returning to this room later - when you
    do, just knockout the one on the left, and hold up the one on the right.
    When you are done with those two, head into the back area of the lounge. In the
    back right corner, you'll notice a bar. Head into the back area through the
    swinging doors and grab the M9 bullets. Next, head left and you will see a 
    small TV lounge. Inside, there is a Ration in [No] and below.
    Next, head over to the stairwell on the far left. You should notice on the
    radar that there is guard at the bottom of the stairs. (In [Ex] he patrols
    up and down the stairs, making your job a bit harder.) Just go down the stairs
    and wait until he opens his eyes for a second (you will see a white cone
    facing down on the map), then quickly run around to his front and pull your
    weapon to hold him up. (And don't ask me why he is surrounded by flies... just
    get away from him before they start following you...) The door at the bottom
    of this stairwell is broken, so you cannot go in. Head back up the stairs and
    go to the middle of the main hallway. You should have noticed the large
    staircase. Head up it and go into the door on the right side. (The door on the
    left is also broken.)
    Remember to drag around knocked-out enemies for items.
    ===Deck-B, crew's quarters=======
    Enemies     : 1 [VE - No], 2 [Ha - Ex]
    Items       : M-9 Bullets [VE - Ha]
                  USP Bullets [AD]
    This area is essentially a large circle. You want to head around to a set of
    stairs going up on the opposite end of the circle. There are one or two guards
    in your way, though. First, head up and there will be a quick in-game cutscene
    where Snake notices a guard's shadow on the ground. What you want to do is
    quickly run into the hallway (but stay out of the guard's field of vision) and
    hold him up. It should be fairly easy to maneuver yourself in front of him from
    his position. Once he is out, head back down the corridor to the stairwell on
    the right you passed. There are some M9 bullets in the back of the room which
    you cannot see due to the stairs blocking your field of vision. Use First
    Person. The stairs, however, are blocked and the hatches lead to the Aft Deck.
    So return to the 'circle' and head down, past the door you came in from.
    In [Ha] and [Ex], there will be another guard patrolling the hallway at the
    very bottom of the 'circle'. Just wait until he reaches the right side and
    starts to go left again. Run behind him and hold him up. Unfortunately, you
    probably won't have room to maneuver around him here. What you want to do is
    run through him, which knock him off balance, then quickly turn around and
    point your weapon at him again. Anyway, if you'll look at the map, you will see
    that there is a very small niche in the wall in the southeast corner. Inside
    there is a Ration. Proceed to the bottom most hallway and there is another,
    larger, niche in its northern wall. There is a locker here that contains some
    USP bullets, which you cannot get quite yet. Just remember the location.
    Continue following the circle until you come to the stairwell on the left side.
    Proceed up.
    ===Deck-C, crew's quarters=======
    Enemies     : None
    Items       : Chaff  [AD]
                  Ration [VE - Ea]
    Deck-C consists of a long horizontal hallway with a set of stairs leading up
    (your goal) and a single security camera. In [VE - No] the camera is
    stationary and it is a simple matter to just hug the wall and go beneath its
    blind spot. However, in [Ha - EE], it is moving back and forth across the hall.
    In this case, it is in your best interest to just throw a Chaff grenade and
    knock it out, rather than risking being spotted. If you are spotted _quickly_
    run right To the left of the staircase that you are supposed to go up, there is
    a locker. Open it and get inside. (Don't go up the stairs, as there isn't a
    good place to hide when you first get there.) Wait until the attack team is
    recalled and exit. There is a box of Chaff grenades in the locker, by the way.
    In [VE - Ea], there is a ration on the right hand side. Go into the stairwell
    and face north. Drop down to your stomach and pull the right trigger. You
    should notice that there is a very small air duct in the northwest corner of
    the room. In the other difficulties, it is simply empty.
    When you are done here, just head up the stairs in the middle room.
    ===Deck-D, crew's quarters=======
    Enemies     : 1 [VE, Ea], 2 [No], 3 [Ha, Ex] + 1 Temporary [AD]
    Items       : Box 1           [AD]
                  M9 Bullets [x2] [AD]
                  Ration          [VE - Ha]
                  USP Bullets     [AD]
    There is quite a bit to deal with on this floor. There should be two or three
    sentries on the deck, depending upon your difficulty. When you first come up
    the stairs you may see one go left into a room. Follow him first. Do it quickly
    too, as he will have his back to you for a short while. You can follow him
    between the tables and hold up if you do it quickly. Once he is down, check
    around the kitchen for some items. In the back through the swinging doors,
    there is a Ration. If you crawl under the tables, you can find some ammo - 
    USP on the left and M9 on the right. As you should have seen from the in-game
    cutscene as you walked into the room, there is a security camera watching the
    southern door out of here, where you want to go. You could use some Chaff if
    you want, but you can just hug the southern wall to avoid it. (Plus you'll be
    able to use your radar to tell where the guard on the other side of the door
    is.) The camera is stationary in [VE - Ea], but moves back and forth in [No]
    and up. Unlike the camera on Deck-C, you should be able to get it without
    After watching the other guard(s) on the floor, just use the best opportunity
    you see based upon their patrol patterns to take them out. When you are done
    with them, there are two other points of interest - the Semtex and the 'remote
    room'. On the right side, near the hallway that leads to a room in the
    northeast corner (dubbed the remote room), there are two panels of IR sensors
    connected to enough Semtex to blow Snake to bits. In all practicality, you
    should just avoid these, but if you need to know, you can crawl underneath them
    (not very wise if there are guards patrolling the adjacent halls). You can
    tell where the beams are by equipping the Cigs and standing close the panels.
    In the remote room, there is some ammo and a cardboard box - neither of which
    you should really need, but if you want to get all the dog tags, you'll have
    to go in and trigger the 'temporary man'.
    The 'temporary man' here can be a bit of a pain to deal with if you want to
    go into the remote room, and even more so if you are trying to get his tag.
    And worse yet, I have had problems getting him to come back more than once
    on the higher difficulties, so you really need to try and do this right the
    first attempt. What I suggest you do is first clear out the entire Deck - knock
    everyone out and do whatever else you have to do before entering the remote
    room. This is just in case he is one of the 'tough' hold ups (which he is on
    some difficulties) and it is just a good precaution. If you are on [Ha] or
    [Ex] you'll have to deal with the extra man in the main hall, though. Knock
    him out and drag him with you into remote room - just be aware that the second
    you step foot inside, the other guard is coming up the stairs. Drag the body in
    back and stay in the bottom half of the room until the guard enters (if you
    stay on the top half, he won't enter the room, but patrol the hall and leave
    again). The second the game starts to do the in-game cutscene, push X to cancel
    it and run forward to the crates on the left side of the room. Duck into Box 1,
    which you can grab in the remote room, right below the boxes. The guard will
    walk over to the shelves in the middle of the room, and providing he doesn't
    see the knocked out guard in the back, he will make like he is going to sleep
    on his feet for a minute or two. As soon as he starts to nod off/the white
    cone on the radar disappears, drop the box and draw your weapon.
    When you are done here, head up the narrow stairs on the northern wall of the
    bottom most corridor to the Bridge.
    ===Deck-E, the bridge============
    Enemies     : None [AD]
    Items       : Ration          [VE - Ea]
                  USP Bullets     [AD]
    After a few cutscenes and a chat with Otacon on the Codec, which start as soon
    as you enter, you're pretty much done here. There are some USP bullets on the
    right, but you can't get them yet. Head left to the door to the Navigational
    Deck, where you will have your first boss fight. There is a Ration in front of
    the door out on [VE - Ea].
    ===Navigational Deck, Wing=======
    ---Boss Fight : Olga-------------
    Enemies     : Olga
    Items       : M9 Bullets [AD][Regenerates]
                  Ration     [VE - Ha]
    In [VE - Ha] this battle is fairly simple, once you understand how it works.
    Basically, you have to hide behind the crates while Olga fires a seemingly
    endless stream of bullets at you, while avoiding her grenades, when she throws
    them. Not as hard as it sounds.
    Before you do anything, shoot the spotlight in the back-left. If you don't,
    this battle will be ridiculously hard. (In [Ex] you cannot shoot out the
    light... see below for details on what to do if you don't. But in any other
    mode, you have no reason not to shoot the light... unless you are one of the
    sickest kinds of masochists there are.)
    She continuously moves around while firing at the position where she last saw
    you. What you need to do is move from one side to the other without her
    knowing. To do this, use the running roll. When her field of vision cone can't
    see you or when she ducks behind an object to hide or reload, push the stick
    as fast as you can and hit the A button almost immediately after. With some
    skill, you can seamlessly switch sides without her knowing. The point of all
    of this? She leaves herself wide open to direct shots in most every direction 
    except for the one where she thinks you are. However, don't think you can take
    your time to line up a shot - after a little while of firing in one direction 
    (and not seeing you fire), she will wonder if you are really there and start to 
    search around. Also, she randomly will take a miniscule amount of damage and 
    become alerted (red cone) and wildly look around. And if you have left yourself 
    out in the open, she WILL spot you.
    When shooting at Olga, always, and I mean, always do a face shot. Not a head
    shot, a face shot. If you shoot her anywhere else, it does a negligible amount
    of damage. (Well, if you shoot her in the heart, it can do a good deal, but
    that is a bit too hard to hit most of the time.) And when I say face, I mean
    the front lower part of her head - not the back or middle of the head, or the
    forehead. Shooting her anywhere but her front 1/3 of the face will do no damage
    and alert her to your location.
    This battle has three parts - Olga hiding behind obstacles, Olga shooting out
    the tarp and hiding behind it, and then a branching path - if you shoot out
    the light, the last part will be more of her hiding behind obstacles; if you
    don't, it will be her shining the light in your face. For the first part, just
    use the confusion method described above.
    For the second part, she will shoot out part of the tarp and hid behind it so
    that you cannot see her. (Why in the hell she can still see Snake and shoot
    with perfect accuracy is beyond me.) This occurs when you've knocked her down
    to about one half of her total stun meter. (You cannot kill Olga, since you
    only have the M9's tranqs.) What you need to do hit her directly once and she
    will shoot the tarp again, making it fly away and starting the third part of
    the battle. Hide behind the waist high crates in the middle of the field and
    go into First Person View. Draw your weapon and quickly hit the A button to
    jump up, shoot, and then hit A to drop down again. You won't hit her the first
    time, but keep adjusting yourself slightly until you manage to hit her. Align
    yourself directly in the middle of her field of vision cone on the map and
    make the camera go slightly upward from the default view. With some luck,
    you'll hit her eventually.
    If you've taken out the light, she will again start doing her duck and shoot
    routine and the battle should be in bag for you. Just use the confusion
    tactics detailed above. Avoid her grenades, though - if she starts throwing
    one, move as fast as you can.
    Fighting her in the Extreme levels is an entirely different beast. You cannot 
    take out the light. Two shots from her will kill you. One grenade blast will 
    kill you. The battle is same up until the third part. Use confusion tactics and 
    then hide behind the waist high boxes. For the third part, she will shine the 
    light in your face so you cannot see her in First Person View (similar to the 
    tarp, but much more of a pain). You could hide behind the crates and keeping 
    popping up and down trying to hit her, but because she keeps throwing grenades, 
    you'll have to keep moving, and losing the position of the camera.
    What I suggest you start doing is to hide on one side of the area and wait for 
    her to throw a bomb. Wait for her to start to say 'Take this!' - as soon as she 
    begins saying it (the approximate time she throws the grenade) run clear across 
    to the other side. Don't do it before then - she can change which direction she 
    throw the bomb if you start running as soon as she pulls it out of her belt. 
    Starting on the right and moving to the left when she throws is the best way to 
    do it, in my opinion, since there is no obstruction on the left side of the 
    left most stack of crates. In the time it takes her to recover from the throw 
    and turn around to shoot the light (she shoots the light back and forth across 
    the field so it always shine in your direction) you should have a window of 
    opportunity where you have a clear shot of her face and you aren't bothered by 
    the spotlight. Keep doing this until you get your shots in.
    If you happen to face her on [Ex - EE], you have my sympathy for the 
    frustration you will indeed feel.
    ===Navigational deck, wing=======
    Enemies     : 1 [AD]
    Items       : Ration          [VE - Ha]
                  Thermal Goggles [AD]
                  USP Supressor   [AD]
                  Wet Box         [AD]
    After the fight with Olga, you'll have a new weapon - the USP. Unlike the M9,
    it can kill and it doesn't have a suppressor, so exercise caution when using.
    Be sure that you drag Olga around to get her dog tags and a couple of items
    (M9 bullets and a Ration). There is another ration in the crates - it's on
    what used the be right side of the screen (during the boss fight). Drop down
    off of the plank you start off on. When you are done here, go right towards
    the exit. (Be sure you have Olga's tags now, though - she will disappear when
    you move too far from her.)
    Instead of going back on the bridge, go down and you will find a path right
    and a staircase. First, go up the stairs to find a ladder leading up the
    ship's crow's nest. At the top, you will find a pair of Thermal Goggles. Very
    useful later on. Go back down the ladder and the stairs and take the path to
    the right side of the deck. (If you are playing on [VE - Ha], you can also find
    the USP Supressor in the middle crow's nest.)
    As soon as you approach the end of the wall, a solider will come onto the deck
    from the bridge. I highly suggest that you go run out and hold him up
    immediately - his back is to you and when he gets in his patrol position, it'll
    take some good timing and fast legs to hold him up again without being spotted.
    Once he is out, run to the right and grab the Wet Box (which has no discernable
    purpose to me...).
    Now you need to backtrack a bit. Head back to the bridge and pick up the USP
    bullets. Head down to Deck-D and take out the guards as necessary to get down
    to Deck-C. (You might want to try and grab the USP bullets under the right
    table in the kitchen, but it's not that big of a deal - there will be more
    In [No - Ex], a man is added patrolling the hallway on Deck-C after the fight
    with Olga. Taking him out or holding him up is a simple matter on [No - Ha].
    When you first come down, he will be going left; flatten yourself against the
    left wall and wait for him to return right. Run after him and hold him up.
    [Ex] is a bit tougher as he only patrols from the camera to the small room
    where you start and he also looks into the room, as opposed to just walking
    past it. Hide in the locker that is to the left of the staircase until he looks
    in the room and turns around. When he starts heading back to the small room,
    you'll have an instant before he turns left to face the small room - hold him
    up in that instant and you should be fine. Go past the camera (again, use a
    Chaff if it is moving) and down to Deck-B
    Go around the bottom of the 'circle' and pick up the USP bullets in the locker. 
    Enter the door to the Deck-A lounge. On Deck-A, you should start at a prime 
    location to takeout one guard and then quickly run and hold up the other (if 
    you did what I suggested when you first came here). Proceed right to the 
    stairwell and down the stairs to the door to the Engine Room.
    ===Engine Room===================
    Enemies     : 5 [VE], 6 [Ea], 7 [No - Ex]
    Items       : Grenades         [AD]
                  M9 Bullets       [AD]
                  Ration           [VE - Ha]
                  USP Bullets [x2] [AD]
    Go down the hallway you find yourself in. As you approach the back room,
    Snake will notice a suspicious shadow on the wall... Enter the back room and 
    head for the lockers. The first one opens to reveal a dead body. Ick. The
    others are empty. Hop on top of the block and grab the USP bullets.
    Head back into the hallway and toward the door on the left wall. As you
    should see on the radar, there is a man just on the other side. Taking him
    out is not a problem, but holding him up is - there is barely enough room to
    get on the other side of him. The best way I have found to hold him up is to
    get on the other side of him, then run through him - it will knock him back
    a few feet, but then you need to get on the other side of him again and
    make sure he doesn't grab his weapon. You can also try dragging him, if you
    feel you are comfortable enough with it. By the way, this guard only appears 
    the first time you enter the room and never again afterwards. (Hence my warning
    about entering here too early.)
    Once he is out, head down the stairs. There is another guard below who is
    fairly simple to take out. Just hide in the niche just right of the bottom of
    the stairs until he turns around and then run up behind him. Go down the stairs
    to the bottom floor where another guard is standing stationary in front of a
    pillar. Wait until he turns right and run out and hold him up. Go down the path 
    that runs next to the stairs you just came down and you'll find some M9 bullets 
    in the back. Come forward to walkway that connects left. Run to the back on 
    this catwalk to find a Ration in the back. Go down and around left to find a 
    set of stairs.
    There are two ways you can go here - straight back a path right of the stairs
    or up the stairs. I suggest going up to take out the guard up there and to
    make getting at the guard in the back (at the end of the catwalk lined with
    red lights) easier. First watch the guard's patrol route on the radar, then
    run up and grab him when you see it fit. Run to the back of the long catwalk
    and go left onto a larger platform. There are two large, lighted niches
    here - the second one down has some USP bullets in it. Be careful about coming
    on here, though - in the higher difficulties a guard patrols the bottom of this
    platform. Hide in the niches until he turns his back.
    Run down the stairs to the bottom platform with two large blocks in the middle
    of it. In the southwest corner of the area, there is a box of Grenades. Then
    head to the northeastern corner to the red-lighted walkway. If the guard is
    still there, the best time to run up and hit him is when he comes slightly down
    the red walkway. The second he turns his back, run forward and hold him up.
    There are some USP bullets in the back corner of the walkway. Go back up the
    flight of stairs. There is one more guard up there - his pattern is fairly
    easy to follow, but watch for the quick turn around he does down a couple of
    steps. When he is taken out, head back and in the door on the left.
    To the south is a door which is currently jammed. Head north and right before
    you enter the small room, there will be a in-game cutscene showing a guard
    coming in the door and radioing in his report. He will start making his way
    to the back room. What you should do is wait inside the room, just left of the
    entrance to the hallway. As soon as he comes up into the room, hold him up.
    There is a box of USP bullets on top of one of the waist high structures.
    (Two on [Ex].) There are also some lockers on the left wall, but there isn't
    anything in them (except for a couple of posters). As soon as you try go down
    the hall, Otacon will call you up (red - mandatory) and warn you about more
    Semtex and IR.
    For these, you can't get around them - you'll have to disable them. For the
    first set, jump on top of the waist high structure that the ammo was on.
    Put on your Thermal Goggles and go into First Person View. You'll notice a
    brightly tinted box above some blinking lights. The bright box (has a green
    light without the goggles) is the control box and the boxes with the blinking
    lights is the Semtex. Don't hit the Semtex, obviously. As Otacon said you'll
    have to use the USP. As you hold the gun in FPV, you should see a small slit
    on the top where the laser sight is pointing - put the box in the sight and
    fire. You should see the IR lines that were formerly there disappear with the
    goggles on.
    On most difficulties, the control box for the first set of sensor is on top of
    the right side of the hall, by all of the Semtex. Just stand on the waist-high
    box directly south of the hall and you will have a clear shot. On [Ha], though,
    it is on top of the computer-like cabinents in the room south of the hall. On
    [Ex], it is back in the hallway on the right side, but you can't reach it even
    while standing on the box. What you need to do is pull both triggers while in
    FPV to have Snake stand up slightly higher, which will then give you a clear
    shot. For the next set, move into the narrow hallway and move as close to the
    red lines as close as you feel you can safely get. Stick to the left side of
    the hall, look in FPV, aim and fire. (Be sure not to send your bullet through
    one of the lines, though - it will set it off.) The next one is just a bit
    harder. Get as close as you can and stay on the right side of the hall. Look,
    aim, fire.
    When you're done, open the hatch to Deck 2.
    ===Deck 2, port==================
    Enemies     : 3 [VE - Ha], 4 [Ex]
    Items       : M9 Bullets       [AD]
                  Ration           [VE - Ha]
                  USP Bullets [x2] [AD]
    This area consists mostly of long hallways and small side rooms. Head down the
    hall to the first small room on the right - there will be a Ration inside.
    Shoot out the light on the right wall. Why? Because there will be a guard
    heading down the hall towards you. You need to try and take out as many lights
    as you can going down to prevent him from seeing you. (He can see further down,
    far outside his cone of vision, when there are lights present.) Put on your
    Thermal Goggles and slowly head down, taking out lights with the M9 as you
    go. You will come to another small room on the right with a dead body lying
    partially in the hall. (You can drag him to get a Ration, if you need it, and
    there are some USP bullets in the room.) Take out the light and start slowly
    moving down the hall watching the far end. You'll soon see the red glow of
    the solider - he'll start walking down the hall. RUN back to the small room and
    wait for him to come. Do the same thing you did in the small room in the Engine
    Room - wait for him to come past you, run out, and hold him up.
    Keep going back and you will come to another room. Nothing in there, but stop 
    there to take out the lights at the end of this leg of the hall (you should see 
    the back wall of the corridor here). Slowly move down the hallway until you see
    yet another red outline approaching from the right. In the higher difficulties
    he will start to come down the hall a bit, but only a little. Wait until he
    turns around and run forward to hold him up. There is another box of USP ammo
    at the end of this leg of the hall.
    Note that on [Ex], once you start heading west down the hall, a guard will
    enter at the south end of the vertical hall, where entered. (No tag, though.)
    So be sure you hide any bodies you have amassed in the small rooms.
    As soon as you enter the horizontal leg of the hall, you'll hear a sentry
    saying 'Nothing to report.' and snoring. If you look straight right down the
    hall, you'll see a guard standing still and nodding off. You don't need to
    take out the lights here, as he just stands still. Make your way towards him,
    hiding behind walls when he wakes up (watch him for his pattern). Wait for
    him to wake up, go to sleep for a second, then wake for a half a second - 
    that is the point where you have the most time to run up in front of him and
    draw your weapon. You will pass a box of USP ammo and there is another at the
    end of the hall at the hatch.
    When you are ready, enter the hatch that is to the right of the final sentry.
    ===Deck 2, starboard=============
    Enemies     : None
    Items       : Ration           [VE - Ha]
                  USP Bullets [x2] [AD]
    There are no enemies in this side of the deck (yet), so use the USP and
    start taking out lights as you go right to the end of the horizontal portion
    and start making your way down another vertical portion. You'll come to yet
    another small room, sticking out left. STOP HERE. As soon as you move down,
    you'll be brought into a fight. You want to take out the lights to one past
    the block you should seen down the hall. Go in the room and grab the USP ammo
    and Ration if you need them. Equip the Thermal goggles When you are prepared,
    head down the hall and there will be a cutscene that begins an intense fire
    First off, you can do this fight with the M9 if you want, but it is much
    tougher to knock them out and the M9 will only shoot one at a time, unlike
    the USP. It's tougher, but if you want to try for zero kills, you'll have to
    do it.
    Quickly stand up, run to the box on the right closest to you, and duck back
    down. Lean against the box, so that you only have to push the weapon button to
    duck out left and shoot. With the Thermal Goggles equipped, you should be
    able to watch their movements quite well. Just keep swinging out, firing, and
    pulling back in when the move through the hall. Keep an eye on how many
    rounds are in your gun! You do NOT want to be caught out there while Snake
    decides to reload - you _will_ get hit. When you run out of ammo, quickly stand
    up and run to the back where there are two boxes of USP rounds and a ration
    back there. Run forward and kneel down again. Fairly soon, they will start
    throwing grenades at you. Watch the man on the right side of hall - you will
    clearly see his outline stand up, and throw his arm back like he is throwing
    something towards you. Stand up and move! You do NOT want to be near a 
    grenade when it goes off - just like the fight with Olga, you will die in one
    hit. (Thankfully, these guys don't have Olga's aim.) He usually throws two -
    one behind the box (or wherever you happen to be) and another when you stand up
    and run to the back. Use the rolling dive if you need to. Just stay behind the
    box, watch them with the goggles and use Rations if needed. Eventually, there
    will only be the guy throwing grenades left. You'll have a hard time hitting
    him just ducking out, so you should just stand up and aim your gun at his
    position using FPV - hide behind the box, crouched, and pull the triggers to
    quickly jump up. When he rises to throw a bomb at you, fire away. Once that guy
    is down, a small squad of three to four men will come out and start running
    towards you. You will clearly see them with the goggles - swing out and mow
    them down. When they are taken out, the fight ends.
    ===Hold No.1=====================
    Enemies     : None [AD]
    Items       : M9 Bullets [AD]
    After the fight, there will be a couple of scenes and a chat with Otacon, who
    will once again explain what you are to do - get four photos of Metal Gear RAY,
    within seven minutes, without being spotted by the marines. Not that hard,
    really. A few ground rules first. First, don't make any noise. That means don't
    fire the USP in here, or you will be spotted. Second, don't kill the marines.
    As in going up behind one and snapping their neck - Otacon will berate you and
    the game will end. Third, you can tranq the marines, though. (It's actually
    pretty humorous - they sleep standing on their feet.) You can also hold them
    up, if you want. You won't get any items, though. (Just don't kill them.) Next,
    the clock will stop when the commandant randomly decides to throw in some
    stretching or having the men stand at ease. When they do this, hide! They will
    look in every conceivable direction, and most likely at you.
    (By the way, if says during his speech 'We have intelligence that there are
    anti-Metal Gear terrorists...' he is going to falsely alert his troops. He'll
    say 'Intruder to the right!' and everyone will turn. Stay hidden and don't
    get too startled.)
    That said, Hold No.1 is easy. Head right and down the ladder. The ladder will
    end and there will be another one down. When you reach the ground, you'll see
    that they are looking to the screen, which is positioned on the right side of
    the room. So, head left. When you reach the projector, duck down and crawl
    beneath it so Snake doesn't cast a shadow on the screen. As you reach the left
    wall you will see another ladder up - it leads to some M9 bullets. You
    shouldn't need them, but if you are low, they can be useful for tranqing
    guards that are in your way. Head towards the back wall. Careful about walking
    on the metal plating - walking across them will make a noise and everyone will
    see you. Crawl across them. And make your way back. You'll find a door on the
    north wall.
    (There is another way across the metal plates - running roll. It is a bit
    riskier, but it is much quicker. You'll have to hit X the second before Snake
    is about to walk on the plate.)
    ===Hold No.2=====================
    Enemies     : None [AD]
    Items       : None [AD]
    Hold No.2 throws in two projectors that switch off. The path back on the left
    is blocked, so you'll have to go back right. Crawl under the projectors and go
    into the lower right hand corner. Wait until they are facing left and crawl
    across the floor as fast as you can. (Or, if you are feeling adventurous,
    running roll across them.) Once you are in the back, head around the other
    side of the screen and through the door.
    ===Hold No.3=====================
    Enemies     : None [AD]
    Items       : None [AD]
    All you need to do here is grab four photos : Front Left, Front, Front Right,
    and the MARINES lettering. From where you walk in, just take out the camera and
    shoot the Metal Gear. The lettering is only seen on the sides of the machine.
    To see it, you'll have to head straight back from the door to a niche. There
    is a guard sleeping in front of it on the right side (in most difficulties),
    but if you back against the wall and slowly walk behind him, it should be fine.
    (Or you could tranq him.) Snap the picture and head back down. To get the other
    two, you'll have to pass below the camera men and behind the marines. So long
    as you stay close to the walls, you'll be fine. Snap the pictures and run back
    the corner by the entrance. You should have seen the computer Otacon was
    talking about when you entered. Press the Action Button to being uploading the
    photos and you are done.
    By the way, there are two other ways through the holds other than the path
    described above. One is the underground tunnels. It takes longer, but it is
    with minimal risk of being spotted (except when a Marine drops his clip through
    a grate in Hold 2...). When you enter Hold 1, take a look at the floor by the 
    one of the southern corners. You'll see a hatch leading to a series of very 
    linear underground tunnels which lead right straight to the back of the holds. 
    Quite interesting, really, but nothing too monumental. Though, if you position 
    yourself well and look at one of RAY's arms in FPV (after you've climbed to the 
    upper walkways), you can catch a glimpse of... a certain person.  He's only 
    there the first time you look and won't appear if the first time you look is 
    while a weapon is equipped...
    Another way is to hang over the railing on the upper walkways and hand-over-
    hand your way across. Remember that ladder up in Hold 1 to the useless ammo?
    Flip over the railing and make your way north. You'll have to move quickly,
    though, and waste as little time as possible, but it is quite possible. Just
    don't fall... As a matter of fact, if you move quickly enough, you can make
    your way all the way around the walkway (down to Hold 3 and back to 1) and
    find a pair of Night Vision Goggles... not that you NEED them this close to
    the end of the chapter...
    Regardless of which way you take, once you upload all of the photos, there will 
    be a number of excellent cutscenes and the Tanker Chapter will end.
                 to the Plant walkthrough. Spoilers to follow.
    B.   P l a n t   C h a p t e r
    ===Strut A Deep Sea Dock=========
    Enemies     : 2 [VE - No], 3 [Ha - Ex]
    Items       : M9              [VE - Ea]
                  M9 Bullets [x2] [VE - Ea]
                  Ration [x3]     [VE - Ha]
                  Shaver          [Ha - Ex]
    Starting Conditions : Weapons - [None]
                          Items   - AP Sensor, Scope
    After the introduction to the new playable character, Raiden, and his
    insertion into the Big Shell cleanup facility, you begin the Plant Chapter.
    You are currently in the lower portion of the dock. First of all, there are a
    few items to pick up in here. If you playing on [VE - Ea], then you can get
    the first weapon - the M9. (The weapon will be found later on in [No - EE].)
    On [VE], the gun is underneath the shelf just north of Raiden's starting
    position. On [Ea], it is next to the right-most diving suit, in fenced-off
    area (where the Shaver was in SoL on the PS2). To get to it, you need to hang
    off the platform above the water. Go right of the staircase that leads up to
    the raised area, past the bugs by the broken ventilation duct cover, and
    flatten yourself against the railing that is over the water. Hit the Action
    button to flip down and then make your way right. Flip up, and grab the gun.
    Providing you are playing on a difficulty where you can get the gun here, you 
    can find some ammo for the gun. One is on top of the crates in the northeast 
    corner and the other is underneath the shelf that is left of the stairs leading 
    up to the raised area of the room.
    There are two rations to be found in this room as well. One is on the right 
    side of the room, on the other side of the computers on the raised area. It is 
    only accessible via the ducts or crawling underneath a large tank on the south 
    side of the room. The second ration is in the middle locker that lines the
    northern wall of the room.
    You can also find the Thermal Goggles here as well. They are in the southwest
    corner of the pool, underwater. Get in the water and from the surface, take
    a look in the corner. If you look closely enough, you should see the box
    spinning. Dive down as far as it will let you go and grab the box. If you
    don't get them here, there will be two other points in the game that they will
    also appear at.
    Speaking of the bugs, try not to touch them, let alone lay down on top of them.
    If you do, they will infect your Rations and they will not heal for the full
    amount. If you do suspect you have bugs, you'll have to shake them out. Select
    you rations and equip them. Now hit the right trigger to constantly unequip and 
    equip it. (I believe this is how you shake out items, but I have also heard 
    that you are supposed to scroll through your inventory over and over. I think 
    the unequipping works, but you might want to try both.)
    One last item to get on [Ha - Ex] - the Shaver. Note that it ONLY appears on
    these difficulties and will have no discernable purpose until a little later
    in the chapter. It is inside the fenced-in area near the deep sea diving suits.
    To get it at it, you need to go to the north side of the pool and lean against
    the railing. Then flip over and hand-over-hand your way right and flip up
    again when you are inside the cage.
    When you are done here head for the hatch on the north wall and open it. There
    will be a quick cutscene and you will have access to a hallway that leads to
    the upper portion of the dock and another cutscene.
    To continue on, all you have to do is go to the node in the northeast corner
    of the room and hit the Action Button to activate the radar map for this area.
    When you activate the node, you will be asked to fill in some data such as
    your name, sex, DOB, blood type, and nationality. Then the map will
    download and the Options screen will come up. To access the Options screen
    again, go to any node and hit the Action Button. You will now be able to
    access the overview map of the Big Shell by pushing the Start button.
    However, once you activate the node, the guards will start to wake up. You may
    want to try to shake them out for items before you use the node. Hit the
    terminal and there will be a couple of more Codec conversations, including the
    introduction of Rose... the new save girl and Jack's girlfriend.
    When those are  done, the guards will begin to wake up. Find somewhere to hide 
    until the lift returns and you can make your way up. I suggest the crates on 
    the left side of  the room - flatten against them and hit the Action Button to 
    jump up (and find a Ration). Hide behind the upper box.
    If you are on [VE - Ea] you have to hold them up and get their dog tags - once
    you leave this room, you won't be back for a while. And when you do come back,
    they won't be here. On [No - EE], you don't collect their tags, since you
    don't have a weapon to hold them up with.
    As usual, watch their patrol patterns and seize your opportunity to make a
    move for the elevator. If there are three sentries, you will most likely have
    to take one out. Wait until he turns his back, grab him, and drag him away
    from the other two (then let him go, and pull out the M9 if you have it, or
    choke him). When you can, run for the lift up to the roof.
    ===Strut A Roof==================
    Enemies     : None [AD]
    Items       : Bandage        [AD]
                  Chaff Grenades [AD](Inaccessible at the moment)
                  M9 Bullets     [AD](x2 on [VE])
    From your starting position, you should see a Bandage on top of a pallet of
    boxes, south of the newly mask-less Raiden. Flatten against the crates and
    jump up to grab it. Next, head down to the southwestern corner of the roof,
    avoiding bird droppings as you go, to find some M9 ammo below the structure.
    Grab it (if you have the M9, that is).
    When you are done collecting items, head over to the structure on the left.
    Both of the fences into the structures are locked, but there is a hole in the
    fence by the left one. Go to where the flock of birds are gathered on the
    floor. They'll fly away and you should see it. (The Colonel will call you on
    the Codec about it as well.) Crawl through and enter the structure (after the
    Colonel calls you again to tell you about the SEALs.)
    ===Strut A Pump Room=============
    Enemies     : 1 [AD]
    Items       : Ration        [VE - Ha]
                  M9 Bullets    [AD]
                  SOCOM Bullets [AD]
    Head down the stairs and Raiden will watch as a single guard leaves the floor
    to go to the roof. Raiden will spot the node and call the Colonel. He tells you
    to make a noise to distract the enemy, but it really isn't necessary. Just
    watch the sentry's patrol and run in one of the sides when he is at the far
    end of the cubical-type area. Download the map and you are pretty much done
    in the area. 
    There are a couple of items to grab, though. There are a pair of lockers on
    the sides of both sets of staircases that lead to the roof. The left set has
    box of SOCOM ammo in it (which you obviously don't have yet) and the other
    has a Ration. You can also find some M9 bullets in the small area in the 
    structure at the top of the right set of stairs. Use FPV if you cannot find it.
    When you are done, go down the back hall on the left side of the cubical-area
    that the guard is patrolling to the AB Connecting Bridge. If you are on [VE -
    Ea], you can hold up the sentry on the ground floor and the one on the roof if
    you wish, but you'll have to hold off in the other difficulties. You can grab
    the box of Chaff up there, though, that is inside the fenced-in area on the
    If you are on the higher difficulties, where you don't yet have the M9, you
    can head over to Strut F right now and grab it, if you like. But as that is
    pretty much the only thing you can get while over there, I'd suggest waiting
    until you have a door key and just proceed with the sequence as follows.
    ===AB Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : 2 [AD]
    Items       : None [AD]
    As soon as you enter, there will be a cutscene and a Codec conversation with
    the Colonel, who will mention hanging. Since you most likely cannot hold up
    the guards, you'll have to hang over the railing and come back to these guys
    to get their tags. (Which is unfortunate since the guy on the right disappears
    after you leave the area and won't return for a little while.) The guy on the
    right is stationary, so it wouldn't be best to try to get past him. Wait until
    the sentry on the left comes to Strut A's end of the bridge, then run out
    and flip over the railing as soon as he turns around. Be careful about the
    floor, though! As you will notice, certain areas of the floor will make noise
    when you walk across them (similar to the areas discussed earlier in the holds
    of the Tanker), alerting the guard to Raiden's presence if the guard is too
    close. You'll have to learn to recognize these areas and avoid them or be
    careful upon them.
    By the way, also be careful of the sentries' fields of vision while in the
    daylight - they can see much farther than their cone. And if possible, don't
    move while hanging in an enemy's field of vision. It is entirely possible that
    they could spot you.
    Hand your way over to the other side, past the guard, and enter Strut B.
    ===Strut B Transformer Room======
    Enemies     : None [AD]
    Items       : M9 Bullets         [AD]
                  Ration             [VE - Ha]
                  SOCOM Bullets [x2] [AD]
                  SOCOM Suppressor   [VE]
    As soon as you start to move into the area, Raiden will notice the wall... and
    a number of cutscenes will take place.
    You'll meet your newest ally, Lt. Pliskin, the master of subtlety. If you 
    grabbed the Shaver in the dock, Raiden will had it over, while Pliskin gives
    you his pack of Cigs and a SOCOM (without a silencer, by the way - be careful
    with it). Raiden will play around the gun when you first get it - you can skip
    the scene and save a bullet, if you wish.
    On [VE] you will find the SOCOM Suppressor just south/southwest of Raiden.
    When the scenes are all done, head done the steps, by the now sleeping
    Pliskin and grab the SOCOM ammo. You should notice the node station tucked
    into a niche next the stairs - download the map. (Don't attack Pliskin, by the
    way - he'll shoot you with his rifle, bringing down your life.) There is a box
    of M9 ammo on the walkway on the raised portion of the room. When you grab it,
    head out the northern door and Rose will contact you via Codec, prompting you
    to save. Do so if you wish (not critical at the moment). Go to the lockers in
    the northeast corner of the hall. The left one has a box of SOCOM ammo and
    the second has another Ration. The last is locked and falls inward when
    punched. When you are done, head out the door on the north wall to the BC
    Connecting Bridge. As soon as you try to leave, cutscenes will begin.
    One last note - Pliskin can't be added to your Codec list until he wakes up. Be
    sure to contact him while he is asleep, though... His subtlety shows through
    again in one of the 'conversations'. (They didn't even to TRY to hide his
    identity, did he?) Though, be sure to talk to him throughout the game to
    learn more about Dead Cell and the events going on around you. He also
    dispenses some useful advice.
    ===BC Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : None [AD]
    Items       : Chaff Grenades [AD]
    Once the scenes are done and you have met the most over-dramatic character in
    the game, you'll be free to cross the bridge. There are no enemies here, so
    just run across. Be sure to pick up the box of Chaff that is on the edge of
    the now non-existent bridge that led to the Shell 1 Core.
    ===Strut C Dining Hall===========
    Enemies     : None [AD]
    Items       : M9 Bullets    [AD]
                  Pentazemin    [AD]
                  Ration        [VE - Ha]
                  SOCOM Bullets [AD]
    There are no enemies in here at the moment, so you may move around freely.
    Head into the bathrooms on both sides of the room and grab the items from the
    stalls. Then, head down the center hall. The door on the left wall will be
    locked, so keep going. When you reach the bend, another series of cutscenes
    will start.
    As the Colonel told you after the events on the BC Bridge, your new mission is
    disposing of the bombs, using Stillman's spray and sensor. He'll also give you
    a Level 1 Card. What I'm going to do with the walkthrough is have you start in
    Strut C and back track to B, A, F, E, then D lastly. In [VE - No], there are no
    sentries here, so just hit the node in the cafeteria (to the left of the
    kitchen, which you start in after the cutscenes) and move on to freezing the
    bomb (see the paragraph after the next one). There is a ration under the
    northern table that runs horizontally, by the way. Crawl beneath it. Be sure to
    come back here at a later point and get the guards' tags, when they appear.
    However, in [Ha - Ex], there are two enemies in here now. Stay in the kitchen,
    but duck below the table on the right and stay on the right side. There is a
    single sentry in the cafeteria and another patrolling the bathrooms and the
    corridor outside the cafeteria. Use the stretch up view in FPV (pull both 
    triggers) and watch the sentry in the cafeteria. Wait until goes to the
    northern end of the cafeteria and then duck down - he will look into the
    kitchen and see you if you aren't completely hiding behind the table. He will
    enter the kitchen and move around the table on the left. Get out of FPV, if you
    are, and you will see him on the overhead view. Wait until he starts moving
    away from your table and then jump up and hold him up with the SOCOM. Get his
    dog tag, and then either knock him out by punching him or go around behind him
    (do NOT let him see you unequip your weapon or he WILL grab his) and unequip
    your weapon and grab him from behind. Either break his neck or drag him and hit
    the Weapon Button when he struggles. After a few times, he will fall down
    knocked out. Killing him is easier, but it's also rather cruel. Anyway, you do
    NOT want to fire your weapon in here without the silencer - the other guard
    will hear it and call for backup. And you will die. Hit the node and wait for
    the other guard to patrol the hallway and then return to the bathrooms. You
    will have plenty of chances to hold him up will he is entering the bathrooms
    (he pauses with his back to you at every corner) or while he is walking down
    the hall. Just be sure to watch him once, though, to get a feel for his
    Once you are able to move around freely, head to the restroom on the right
    (women's). Equip the Sensor A and you should see the green blob on the map
    around the sinks. Go over there and look in the mirror on the right, at the
    top. There is the bomb for this strut. Pull out the coolant and spray the box
    on the wall across from the mirror.
    A useful trick for the bombs : If you are have problems completing the bomb
    disposal mission or don't know which struts you have disposed of its bomb(s)
    already, you can check it on the map. Hit the start button to bring up the
    map of the Big Shell. As you'll notice, any strut that has a bomb on it will
    have a small box with a 'B' inside of it. So if you're having problems, try
    checking the map and heading to whichever strut still has a 'B' on it.
    A useful trick for the coolant : Coolant can be used to awaken guards that
    have been knocked out by your M9. Makes getting their tags far easier, as you
    don't necessarily need to sneak up on them anymore - take out all of the guards
    in a room from a  distance with headshots with the M9, then wake them up one
    by one, switching weapons as they begin to wake up, and holding X as they
    rise (Raiden will automatically yell 'Freeze!'). Useful.
    When you are done here, head south the way and go out the way you originally
    entered this strut.
    ===BC Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : None [AD]
    Items       : None [AD]
    A cypher has now been placed watching the bridge. Cyphers come in two
    varieties : unarmed and armed. The one here is unarmed. (It actually appears to
    be the same model that Snake spotted on the Tanker.) The armed one is gray,
    sleeker looking, and happens to have a gun turret on the bottom of it. The
    unarmed ones can't attack you, but they will notify the sentries and they
    will come running. And you will die. So, you need to either run past it and
    hope you can make it, or disable it. I suggest shooting it down. Watch its
    pattern of movement and when it is turned away from you (it has a cone of
    vision on the map like humans), go into FPV and shoot it down. You can use
    Chaff Grenades, if you wish, but I find it easier to just take the thing down
    using the SOCOM. A few direct hits to the base will send it out of control and
    then it will explode.
    As a side note, if you aren't sure if there are cyphers in the area, or think
    there may be more than the one(s) you have taken out, go into FPV and listen
    closely. If there is one in the area, you will hear the whirring sound you
    should become familiar with.
    Take it out and head down to Strut B.
    ===Strut B Transformer Room=====
    Enemies     : 2 [AD]
    Items       : M9 Bullets         [AD]
                  Ration             [VE - Ha]
                  SOCOM Bullets [x2] [AD]
    Upon re-entering, you will find that guards are now patrolling the area. On
    [VE - No], there is one in the hallway on the left and another in the room on
    the right. It is a fairly simple matter to sneak up behind them and hold them
    up (and then go behind them and grab them to take them out). Just be aware of
    making noise on certain types of flooring. Get their tags, any items that may
    have regenerated and head out the door to the AB Bridge.
    [Ha - Ex] is a different matter, of course. Both guards are in the room on the
    right and there are now two security cameras watching the hall on the left.
    There is no easy way to hold up one guard without the other seeing, so what
    I highly suggest is that you hold off getting their tags for now, until you
    have the M9. Throw a Chaff Grenade and run like hell down the hallway. Avoid
    stepping on the grates to make noises, to prevent the guards in the room from
    getting suspicious. Use the running roll.
    When you've got the M9 or the SOCOM suppressor, head back here. It is easier to
    come in from the south, but if you come in from the north, just take out the
    cameras with the SOCOM and then crawl across the hallway to the door on the
    southern side. The guards inside have patrols that coincide with each other.
    The inside guy's takes one half as long as the outside guy's. Wait until
    the outside guy comes close to the door, pauses for a moment, then heads
    east to continue his patrol. Get close enough to the door so that it opens and
    then go in FPV and wait. The inside guy will soon appear - tranq him in the
    head. (In_the_head. You only get one shot or he will turn around and see
    you.) Pull away so the door closes and wait for the outside guy to come back
    around to the door. He won't be able to see the inside guy from his route, so
    you don't have to worry about that. Once he pauses by the door, rush out and
    hold him up. Getting the inside guy's tag is a bit of a pain, though. Find 
    a way to take out the outside guy (I found grabbing him and dragging him into
    the hallway worked) and then you'll have to grab the inside guy and drag him
    away from the railing - there isn't enough room to get Raiden between the
    railing and the guard.
    Once the guards are out, find the C4. It is located in the northwestern corner
    of the transformer room, behind an open door. Close the door to reveal the
    bomb. Spray it and continue on.
    ===AB Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : 1 [Ea]
    Items       : None [AD]
    A single guard is present and now patrolling up and down the bridge. Getting 
    past him and/or holding them up is a fairly simple matter, though. He moves in
    circle around the entire middle portion of the bridge. Hide either in the small
    area of the bridge connecting to the middle portion, or the small niche
    opposite it, and run out behind him. Mind you don't let him get too far, as you
    don't want to run across the metal portions (which make noise).
    (When you come back to get tags on [Ha - EE], there will be two guards, but on
    [Ha] do the one on the right first, as the one on the left is a Tough Guy and
    you'll have to shoot him.)
    Get past him/them and head into Strut A.
    ===Strut A Pump Room=============
    Enemies     : 1 [VE - Ea], 2 [No - Ex]
    Items       : Bandage       [VE - Ea]
                  Box 1         [AD]
                  Ration [x2]   [VE - Ha]
                  SOCOM Bullets [AD]
    This room is actually a fairly simple matter. First hold up the guard in the
    cubicle area and take him down; killing him would be for the best, so he
    doesn't wake up while you are working in the southern room. Next, if there is
    an additional guard in the room to the south (which is your goal for this strut
    and now accessible due to the Level 1 Card you got from Stillman), wait for him
    to come all the way right and stop and turn at the door. Rush in (his back will
    be to you) and hold him up. There is also a security camera in here, in the
    northwestern corner of the southern room. Just shoot it with the SOCOM.
    Now you'll have to do quite a bit of crawling through these pipes. On the
    south side of the mass of pipes, there are two short staircases. Go across the
    one on the right and hit X to get down and crawl. Crawl north under the first
    pipe, then west under the second. Keep moving west until you reach the red
    pipe. As you should see, there is a Bandage on the other side and a ration
    under the red pipe. Head south underneath the red pipe. You'll see the C4 on
    the water tank in the middle of the room. Spray it and backtrack out of the
    pipe area.
    Next, head over to the left side and go over the stairs on that side. Get down
    to the crawl position and head east. (Don't go under the pipe to the north -
    just go straight east, just past the stairs.)  You'll be in a small enclave
    with a large gray box to the south. Flatten yourself against it and hit the
    Action Button to jump over it. You'll find Box 1, useful for hiding from
    enemies. (Just don't let sentries see you move with it. And it is ineffective
    against assault troops, as they are actively searching for you. Sentries are
    tired and bored and won't search some innocuous box... even if it IS constantly
    changing positions...)
    When you are done here, head up the to the northern section and, if you haven't
    already, go up to the roof and hold up the guard there to get his tag and
    a box of Chaff Grenades, which should be inside of the fenced area on the
    right. On [Ha - EE] there is an additional bomb on the roof. Get up there and
    go to the fence on the south side of the area. In the eastern corner, go into
    FPV and you should see the bomb on a tank on the other side. Just spray and
    you're done. After that, head back into the hallway on the first floor that
    leads to the FA Bridge. (Just left of the staircases on the right side of the
    ===FA Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : 1 [AD]
    Items       : Chaff [AD]
    There is a single cypher and a single guard here. Watch the cypher's pattern
    and take it out. You don't have to worry about the guard hearing the gunshot,
    though, so long as he is at the other end of the bridge.
    If you want, you can just run across the bridge when the guard is down on
    the lower level of the bridge, but holding him up is a bit trickier. I suggest
    that you first get down on the lower level. (And grab the box of Chaff that is
    at the end of the lower part, on the A side.) Now, watch his pattern with FPV.
    Wait until he is making his way up the stairs and then move yourself into the
    stairwell that is closet to the A side. Duck down, as he may see you. Now,
    when he comes down, he will look for a second, spin around, then move into
    his stairwell, pause for a second (with his back to the walkway) and then start
    moving up. You can run over there and hold him up before or as he starts going
    up the stairs, if you move quickly.
    Once you've got his tag, enter Strut F. I suggest going in the upper door.
    ===Strut F Warehouse=============
    Enemies     : 2 [VE], 3 [Ea - No], 4 [Ha - Ex]
    Items       : Book [x2]        [AD]
                  Box 2            [AD]
                  Chaff            [AD]
                  M9               [No - Ex]
                  M9 Bullets [x3]  [AD]
                  Mine Detector    [AD]
                  Pentazemin       [AD]
                  Ration           [VE - Ha]
                  SOCOM Bullets    [AD]
                  SOCOM Suppressor [Ea - Ex]
                  Stun Grenade     [AD]
    This is an... interesting room. It is chock full of items, but it is also
    swarming with guards; including one guard who reports his progress. If he
    doesn't use the radio to report that everything is clear regularly, command
    will start to wonder why he hasn't filed his status report and send an
    assault team to investigate. If they find him tranqed, they'll just assume
    he fell asleep, kick him to wake him up, and then leave. If they can't find
    the guard, they will stay in the area for a little while and may send a
    replacement. If they find a dead body, they will search there area. (Always
    hide dead bodies if you are going to be in the area for a while.) So, try to
    keep him active. As you enter, you will see the guard moving down the hallway
    and turning around. He'll file his report and then move around the catwalk and
    down a staircase located in the back of the room. There should be one other
    guard on the top level, and one more on the bottom (two on [Ha - Ex]).
    First of all, head over to the door on the right, in the horizontal hallway
    that you start in. (The door on the left requires Card 3.) Inside, you will
    find (finally!) the M9 and two boxes of ammo, if you are on [No - EE], that is.
    There is also a Ration outside the door, right of the crates. Head back to the
    FA bridge and go down to the door on the lower level.
    As soon as you enter, run over to the crates on the left. There should be a
    guard just left of you. Watch his pattern, and as soon as he turn north after
    facing south, run south and go into the room on the left that you will come
    to. QUICKLY. There is a guard in this small hallway facing south (falling
    asleep) who will turn around in a few seconds. (The guard isn't there below
    [Ha].) Inside the room, get Box 2 and download the map from the node. Inside
    the lockers, you can find a Ration and a Pentazemin (both of which should be
    full...). One of the lockers is locked, though... Inside is a Book (of girly
    pictures) which you can use to distract the guard. If you can, punch it down
    and grab it. If the guard is in the hall, though, you'll have to take him out
    Next, use FPV to look in the southwestern corner of the room. You should see
    a duct opening on the floor. Crawl in and follow the path to the room on the
    right. Inside you'll find an area that is enclosed by crates, only accessible
    via the duct you just came out. There will be a SOCOM suppressor and a box of
    ammo inside the enclosed area. Hop on top of the waist-high crate, jump on
    the next highest one, and then fall down into the area with the door, where you
    will find a Mine Detector. You can also crawl underneath the cabinet right
    of the Mine Detector to find some M9 ammo underneath. Once you've obtained all
    of these items, you need to get back out of the room.
    I suggest that you wait until the guard who is patrolling the middle area of
    the room goes north, then run out and grab the guard in the hall while he is
    asleep, then drag him into the room on the left. Release him and get behind
    him. As he is recovering, draw your weapon and when he stands up, he will be
    alerted, but Raiden will say "Freeze!" and he'll put his hands up. Stuff him
    in a locker, just in case you need to hide in another locker in here and then
    break down the locked locker (while the guard in the main room isn't close by)
    to get the Book.
    Next get the guy patrolling the bottom floor. You'll have to wait until the
    guy who reports (who patrols both the upper and lower floors) just left the
    floor and then wait for a good opportunity to hold up the other guy. Grab him
    and drag him into the room with the node to get his tag and stuff him in
    another locker. Killing him would be the best thing to do, because you
    are going to be in the room for a bit longer and you don't want him to wake
    up in the middle of it all and have another guard to worry about.
    The other two are a bit harder as they often cross paths and are on the top
    floor. What I suggest you do is to tranq the guard who doesn't come down to
    the lower level by using FPV and watching him as he walks - just make sure you
    do it while is moving down the walkway south, so that the other guard, who will
    be coming down the stairs soon, doesn't see him. This way, he won't spot you
    and you can move about the bottom floor freely to take care of the other one.
    Wait until the other guard comes downstairs and hide behind the boxes that are
    in the middle of the room. As soon as he comes down, he'll stop for a second
    and stretch. Take that time to run out and hold him up. Get his tags and tranq
    him. Now, RUN up to the top floor, using the staircase on the northeast side of
    the room (don't worry about any other doors - they require higher security card
    clearance to enter). Now, drag the guard who is on the top floor over to the
    hallway you just came up, so that he is in the other guard's patrol route. (And
    will be found when the other guard resumes patrolling and be woken up so you
    can hold him up.) Now, make your way to the east side of the railing on the top
    floor. You should see a big crane sticking out of the railing. Flatten yourself
    against the railing just north of it and swing down. Push the A button to drop
    down, and you will find yourself on top of some boxes that enclose a small area
    where the C4 for this section is. Drop off the boxes into the enclosed area,
    spray the bomb, and wait. Eventually, the command post will wonder why the
    guard hasn't checked in and send an assault team. They enter from the door on
    the bottom floor, but they can't see you behind the boxes. (Just don't make any
    noise or jump out of the boxes yet.) They will quickly find the guard asleep
    and kick him to wake him up. He'll wake up and then continue with his patrol.
    When he goes up the stairs, he will find the other guard and wake him up. Now,
    jump on top of the waist high box in the pit and crouch down, so you aren't
    seen. Wait until the guard comes back down the stairs and starts his yawning
    and stretching bit. Quickly stand up and shoot him in the head with the M9.
    Now, run up stairs and sneak up behind the other guy as he is walking south
    down his walkway. If you are quick enough you can get his tags and be out of
    here before the assault team arrives. That was quite complicated, yes, but also
    quite effective.
    There is some ammo and a box of Stun Grenades on the bottom floor which you
    should notice and pick up while you are doing all of this running around. When
    you are done here, head out the door on the back wall, top floor to the EF
    ===EF Connecting Bridge========
    Enemies     : None + sniper [AD]
    Items       : 7 Claymores [AD](Laid as traps)
    As you enter, there will be a quick cutscene showing that there is a sniper
    on the roof opposite the starting position. So, take him out. Use the Scope
    to locate his exact location if you need to, and hit him with the M9 (if you
    use the SOCOM, the guard won't appear on the strut at all... but you won't be
    able to get his tag). It really isn't too hard to incapacitate him, if you just
    aim at his body. On [Ex], you'll have three gun cyphers as company, which are
    easily taken care of using the now silenced SOCOM. Three quick shots to the
    main part of the robot will blow it to bits.
    Once you leave the structure of Strut F, and start heading up the bridge, you
    will be contacted over Codec. A familiar scene will play out and you will be
    warned about Claymore mines which are planted on the ground. After the Codec
    conversations are done, equip the Mine Detector you just got and start
    crawling. If you crawl over a mine (the red dot on the radar), you will pick it
    up - removing it as a threat and adding it as a weapon to you inventory.
    Grab them all and head north into Strut E. (Don't bother trying to cross the
    bridge into the Shell 1 Core, as the plates of the bridge will fall away,
    making it difficult for you to get back. And you don't have the security
    clearance to enter anyway.)
    ===Strut E Parcel Room===========
    Enemies     : 1 [VE - Ea], 2 [No], 3 [Ha], 4 [Ex]
    Items       : Box 5        [AD]
                  M4 Bullets   [AD]
                  Ration       [VE - Ha]
                  Stun Grenade [AD]
    This room is loads of fun. </sarcasm> If there are only one or two guards,
    it is fairly easy to evade them using one of the Boxes and slowly making your
    way through it. Just be careful of the guard who moves through the bottom
    portion of the room - he can see into the small enclosure that you start in -
    flatten yourself against the bottom wall in there. In [Ha - Ex], there are
    three security cameras in the room - both high up and on the black lattices
    around the room. Use the Scope to find their green lights, then take them out
    with the SOCOM, all while making sure you aren't seen. Two on the ones on the
    bottom and the other is on the one in the northwest corner of the room.
    Your best bet for this room is to take out all of the guard except one and 
    hold that guy up. Lather, rinse, repeat as many times you need to get all of
    the dog tags. Just be aware of the guy who sends in status reports in the
    northwest corner of the room.
    On [Ha - EE], there is an extra bomb in this room - it is attached to one of 
    the packages. Whee. Fun. </sarcasm> What you should do is stand at the eastern
    end of the long horizontal belt, near where you entered from the EF Bridge.
    Equip the Coolant and wait until you see it, then spray away. (It will be on
    the side of the package that faces east on [Ha], and the side that faces north
    on [Ex].) It really helps if you take out the two guards who don't send in
    status reports and leave the third guy, who cannot see you if you are down in
    the southeast corner of the room.
    There is also a staircase down on the left side of the room, but it only
    leads to a small room with two Level 5 doors. You'll be back - don't worry.
    There is a Ration down there, though. It's in a vent that is on the floor in
    the southwestern corner of the room.
    When you've completed everything you want to in this room, go up the staircase
    that is on the eastern wall of the room up to the heliport.
    ===Strut E Heliport==============
    Enemies     : 2 [VE - Ea], 3 [No - Ex]
    Items       : Box 3        [AD]
                  Claymore     [AD]
                  Stun Grenade [AD]
    As you start walking along the catwalk, a quick cutscene will take place.
    Go back down the stairs and keep moving left slowly. Eventually, the camera
    will turn so you can see a solider nodding off at the end of the catwalk. Wait
    until his eyes are shut and then rush in and hold him up. Grab the Claymore
    behind him as well and head back to the staircase.
    Wait on the staircase until a soldier walks past you. Quickly run up, following
    him, avoiding the metal planks that make noise, and hold him up. Knock him
    out and hide him, or toss him off the roof. Next, go up to the first large
    green box on the right. Flatten yourself against the box and wait, watching
    the lane to the right of the row of boxes. Eventually a guard will come walking
    down. As soon as he stops and starts heading into the row of boxes, run out
    after him and hold him up. (Note that unlike in the PS2 version of the game,
    the metal floor here is not considered noise-making.)
    Once that is done, pick up the items scattered across the place and head for
    the Harrier in the back. Equip the sensor and you'll notice a the green blob.
    Go around to the north side of the cockpit of the plane and look at the ground
    in front of the back tires using FPV. You'll see a small C4 package. Spray
    it and head out of here back downstairs. Take the door in the northwest corner
    of the Parcel Room to the DE Bridge.
    ===DE Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : 1 [AD] + a sniper
    Items       : SOCOM Bullets [AD]
                  Stun Grenade  [AD]
    This time the sniper is above you, which means you cannot take him out, unless
    you left him tranqed up there, and haven't gone more than a couple areas away
    since doing so. There is also another guard patrolling the top and bottom of 
    this bridge. What I want you to do is go out of the structure and in the small 
    upside-down "T" area, flatten against the railing on the left and swing down 
    and let go to drop down to the bottom part of the bridge. The sniper shouldn't 
    be able to see you down here. Now you just have to deal with the patrolling 
    guard. (There are a couple of boxes of ammo where you drop down, by the way.) 
    It should be fairly easy for you to just duck below the various waist high 
    railings and sneak close enough for you to jump out and hold him up.
    Enter Strut D using the entrance on the bottom part of the bridge.
    ===Strut D Sediment Pool========
    Enemies     : 2 [VE], 3 [Ea - No], 4 [Ha - Ex]
    Items       : M9 Bullets    [AD]
                  Ration        [VE - Ha]
                  SOCOM Bullets [AD]
    I really loathe coming into this room. For one, the cone of vision for each
    of these guys is twice what it appears on the map due to the open nature of the
    place. Second, walking on the levels above and below an enemy inevitably
    lead to them seeing you. Third, there is a guard who reports in, which means
    even if you do manage to take out all of the guards, the command post will
    send an assault team if you don't keep that guy ticking. Blargh.
    If there are only two guards, possibly even three, it is fairly simply to
    just tranq all but one of them, hold that guy up, and get out of there. But
    four is ridiculous. On top of that, you have to find the bombs. They are in
    maintenance panels built into the floor. For [VE - No], it is the one on the
    far left, bottom level. For [Ha] it is the two on the far left, bottom level.
    Lastly, on [Ex], it is the one on the far left, and the one on the north side,
    directly underneath the door that leads to the 1-2 Bridge, where Pliskin went
    to, and a third just above the door on the lower level that leads to the DE
    Bridge (look for the flies). My suggestion : tranq the guys, and move quickly 
    over there and spray the bombs. A squad will more than likely sent in (from the 
    eastern door), but if you move yourself over to the other side, they should 
    find the sentries before they find you. If you have to, just tranq them again 
    and get out. Worry about getting tags later, if you want to. Like the last 
    room, doing one at a time and disabling the rest is in your best interest.
    There's not much else I can say. I detest the layout of this room.
    When you have put out the last C4, Stillman will contact you over the radio
    and tell you to head to Strut C and pick up Sensor B from the pantry he was in.
    To recap, a list of the C4 locations.
    ---C4 Locations------------------
    Strut A - Pump Room, in the middle of the pipes                [AD]
    Strut A - Roof, on a tank outside of the southern fence        [Ha - Ex]
    Strut B - Transformer Room, behind an open electrical door     [AD]
    Strut C - Women's Bathroom, on an outcropping above the sink   [AD]
    Strut D - Maintenance hatch, lower level, last on the right    [AD]
    Strut D - Maintenance hatch, lower level, second to last       [Ha only]
    Strut D - Maintenance hatch, lower level, northernmost         [Ex only]
    Strut D - On celing above door to DE Bridge on lower level     [Ex only]
    Strut E - Heliport, by the back wheels of the Harrier          [AD]
    Strut E - Attached to a package that is on the conveyer belt   [Ha - Ex]
    Strut F - Lower level, encircled by boxes (must drop down)     [AD]
    ===CD Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : 1 [AD]
    Items       : None [AD]
    This is an easy one. First take out the security camera that is right above
    the door Raiden enters from. So long as you stay south of it, you'll be find.
    Next, hit the single cypher with the SOCOM (if it is there - it's not present
    on [VE - Ea]), then watch the guard's patrol and run up behind him. Quick and 
    dirty. Be careful of going down on the lower level, though - the panels fall 
    ===Strut C Dining Hall===========
    Enemies     : None [AD]
    Items       : Sensor B [AD]
    Go into the kitchen and look in the pantry Stillman was hiding in. Grab the
    Sensor B and there will be a quick Codec conversation.
    You now have a few hundred seconds to rush to the bottom of Strut A and find
    the final bomb. Well? Run. Now. The amount of time varies by difficulty.
    [VE] - 400 seconds
    [Ea] - 400 seconds
    [No] - 400 seconds
    [Ha] - 300 seconds
    [Ex] - 200 seconds
    [EE] - <n/a yet>
    Strut C is empty, throw a Chaff on the BC, run through Strut B (forget being
    quite, and assuming you've already taken out the security cameras), use the M9
    on AB to put one of the two guards to sleep, run to the roof of Strut A and go
    down the lift.
    Run down to the lower section of the dock and go around the bottom catwalk,
    south of the water. See that big submersible hanging from the ceiling? Look
    on the bottom. There's the final C4. Spray it. (That'll work for [VE - No]
    only, by the way. On [Ha], it is still on the sub, but to get at it, you need
    to go back into the fenced-in area (where you got the Shaver) and go over to
    the steps between the two deep-sea suits. Look south at the sub and you'll
    see it attached to the side. On [Ex], it should be attached to the wall on
    the western side of the area, just opposite the sub.)
    Head down the corridor and as soon as you try to enter the upper section,
    a quick cutscene will take place and a boss 'fight' will commence.
    ===Strut A Deep Sea Dock=========
    ---Boss :  Fortune---------------
    Enemies     : Fortune
    Items       : Ration            [VE - Ha]
                  SOCOM Bullets [x2][AD]
    This is less of a boss fight and more of a hide-and-don't-get-hit event.
    Just hide behind the crates and don't get hit by Fortune's electric pulses.
    She'll pulverize the crates, so you'll have to move around a lot. Oh, and
    at the beginning of the battle - MOVE! Look at the floor and you'll see a 
    large dark spot growing bigger - a fire is about to break out in your position.
    Move to the other side.
    Just wait it out. Don't even bother shooting at her and wasting your ammo.
    Eventually, you'll get a call on the Codec and then someone else will come down
    the lift and there will be a couple of (somewhat over the top) cutscenes.
    The pulse packs, uh, quite a punch on [Ha] and even more on [Ex] (I'm talking
    9/10 of the life meter). Try to running back and forth along the back wall and
    doing running rolls. Once you've got the timing of the double blasts down,
    you should be able to stay ahead of them... Just be sure not to end up in the
    corner while she is shooting - try to turn around and run the other way right
    after she fires. Use the crouching position to have her alternately fire at
    the top and bottom quarters of the two large blocks, which will give you a bit
    more time. Anyway... this *should* be fairly easy.
    You now have precious few seconds to run to roof of Strut E. Well? Run! Again,
    it varies by difficulty.
    [VE] - 500 seconds
    [Ea] - 400 seconds
    [No] - 400 seconds
    [Ha] - 300 seconds
    [Ex] - 200 seconds
    [EE] - <n/a yet>
    On the roof of Strut A, equip the Mine Detector and you will see that there
    are a couple of mines in front of the doors. Crawl over them and run down to
    the first floor. On [VE - Ea] the guard is in the same place - just rush
    past him. In [No - Ex], though, he is in the hall that leads to the FA bridge.
    You'll have to wait until he turns his back and rush him. Take out the guard
    on the FA bridge by using FPV and run into Strut F. In F, wait for the guard
    who makes status reports to head down the stairs and when the other guard who
    is on the top level isn't looking, run to the back wall and the EF bridge.
    On the bridge, use FPV to snipe the sniper and cross into Strut E. In the
    Parcel Room, use the M9 or SOCOM to take out the guard to the left and the
    one who patrols the staircase and head up. Go to the middle of the catwalk
    and head up to the heliport. As you should notice, there is a single bomb
    placed on the floor directly north of Raiden's position. Run up and use the
    Coolant on it. A couple of cutscenes will then take place and the first real
    boss fight of the Big Shell takes place.
    ===Strut E Heliport==============
    ---Boss : Fatman-----------------
    Enemies     : Fatman
    Items       : M9 Bullets         [AD]
                  Ration             [VE - Ha]
                  SOCOM Bullets [x2] [AD]
    This battle can actually be quite simple once you get it down. Basically, he's
    going to run around the roof planting C4s and you need to disable them with
    the Coolant and still try to kill or stun him while you are doing that. You
    cannot let even one of the bombs go off, or the game will end. Stick close to
    him and when he plants one run up and spray it. He plants a series of bombs
    (2-4, depending on the difficulty) and when the last in the series is planted
    a countdown will begin. Usually, you should be able to take out all but one or
    two of the bombs before the countdown starts, giving you plenty of time to
    get the last one(s). Just be sure follow him closely so you can quickly get
    to where the bombs are. 
    Equip the Sensor A and you will be able to see which of the large boxes the
    bombs are planted on. It can be difficult to determine their location, though.
    They are usually on the sides of the crate, but they can also be on the top
    and underneath it. For the top ones, you should see them, as the camera's
    default position is overhead. For the ones underneath, just crouch down and
    go into FPV. If you can't tell where he put it, look for tracks that his
    rollerblades left on the ground. His bomb should be where there are circles or
    lots of tracks.
    Disabling the bombs is only half of it. You also need to take him down. He'll
    leave you plenty of opportunities when he leaves himself open or pauses for
    a minute to look at you. Shoot him with the SOCOM (use FPV for this - don't
    rely on auto-targeting) or punch-punch-kick him. It won't do any (or little)
    damage, but it should knock him onto the ground. He'll take about five seconds
    to get back up again. During that time, get out your SOCOM or M9 (depending on
    whether you want to kill him or not - it doesn't make a difference unless you
    trying for zero kills) and shoot him in his big bald head. This is the ONLY
    spot that will cause him a significant amount of damage. One of the best times
    for knocking him down is when he is planting a bomb, but hasn't yet started
    the countdown and place the final bomb. You'll have to follow him quickly, but
    it is quite possible. He'll also randomly stop in the large open areas on the
    north and south sides of the heliport. Last, he'll sometimes come close to
    you while you are spraying a bomb and just pause there looking at you
    (presumably to shoot you, but he delays for a number of seconds).
    Most of the time, he'll run around planting bombs, giving you plenty of
    chances to knock him down, but he does sometimes 'take a break from the bombs'
    and move around the area very quickly shooting his gun at you. Your best bet
    during this time is to either move around VERY quickly or hide. I suggest
    crawling underneath one of the crates. On [Ha], he'll return to placing bombs
    when you crawl underneath, so just go back to following him, spraying the
    bombs, and taking every chance you get to knock him down. On [VE - No], though,
    he'll run down the shelves on the south side of the heliport. For these
    difficulties, when he is done planting bombs, I suggest you run down to the
    bottom row of boxes and get underneath the second on from the right. It will
    give you an excellent view of the area he skates across to go hide behind the
    boxes. In FPV, have you gun drawn and aimed slightly above the default
    position. When he comes into your field of vision, plug away at him. With some
    skill, he'll go tumbling down. Quickly crawl out, run over, and shoot him in
    the head. When you do shoot him, he quickly straightens out and will begin
    firing at you and skating away. Run back to the box, crawl under and position
    yourself to repeat the process.
    Again, once you get his movement patterns and the actions he takes down, it
    should be fairly simple for you to take him out. Once he is down, there will
    be yet another cutscene. (Unless there are any bombs still active - the must
    be defused before the battle will end.)
    Now you have to find the final bomb and you have 1:40 to do it in. When you
    first start this part, do you hear that beeping noise? The bomb is VERY
    close by, as Fatman stated. Drag his body. It will reveal that the bomb is
    underneath him. Spray it and you are finally done with bombs. (By the way,
    when you drop Fatman's body, Peter Stillman's dog tag should fall out of him.
    Grab it.) There will be a couple of quick Codec conversations and then you'll
    be on the heliport again. When you start to leave and reach the south end of
    the heliport, you will encounter... a seeming ally. Yet more cutscenes.
    Raiden's mission now is to infiltrate the Shell 1 Core. You will have obtained
    three new items - a Level 2 card, a cellphone and the B.D.U. uniform. The
    phone is redundant, as Mr. X should still be able to contact you over Codec,
    but I suppose it is because the Core has electronic interference that prevents
    Codec signals from entering or leaving. (Hence why they cannot contact the
    President.) The B.D.U. will disguise Raiden as an enemy sentry and allow him
    to move about freely, even in front of the soldiers, but ONLY in Shell 1 Core
    and ONLY if he has the AKS-74U equipped. So, let's go item hunting. Head to
    Strut F.
    ===Strut F Warehouse=============
    Enemies     : 2 [VE], 3 [No], 4 [Ha]
    Items       : AKS-74U              [AD]
                  AKS-74U Bullets [x3] [AD]
                  AKS-74U Suppressor   [VE]
                  C4 [x4]              [AD]
                  Claymore             [AD]
                  M4                   [AD]
                  M4 Bullets [x3]      [AD]
                  PSG1 Bullets         [AD]
                  SOCOM Bullets [x2]   [AD]
                    (+ whatever you may have missed, or has regenerated)
    Evade the guards and enter the Level 2 doors on the top level and bottom to
    find a number of weapons, including the needed AKS-74U.
    If you are running low on ammo, as I was, you might want to make your way
    around to some of the other struts and collect some items. If you are missing
    any dog tags (and are collecting them) now would be a good time to make the
    rounds and get any you don't have for the Struts. When ready, head for the
    Shell 1 Core via the EF Bridge.
    ===Shell 1 Core, 1F==============
    Enemies     : 3 [VE - Ha], 4 [Ex]
    Items       : Book           [AD]
                  C4             [AD]
                  Chaff Grenades [AD]
                  Claymore       [AD]
                  M4 Bullets     [AD]
                  M9 Bullets     [AD]
                  SOCOM Bullets  [AD]
    Immediately equip the B.D.U. and AKS-74U and keep it on as often as possible
    while inside the Core. That's not to say it can't be taken off if you want
    to hold up an enemy (to get their tags), just don't let the guards or
    cameras see you without it on. Also, don't do anything out of the ordinary
    that might be seen or heard, such as ducking, crawling, hiding in lockers, 
    banging on walls, and especially firing a weapon. Be careful and remain 
    That said, head up the stairs. Go into FPV and you should soon see a guard
    patrolling the hallway. There are actually two in here, patrolling both sides
    of the hallway. Making sure you don't touch either of them, head south and
    around the corner. Enter the door there to a small room. Go to the enclosed
    area in the back of the room. In the northeast corner, you'll find the node
    for this floor. To the west, you'll see a box of Chaff Grenades on top of
    a crate and a series of three lockers on the wall. The bottom one has M9 ammo,
    the middle is empty, and the top is locked. However, punch down the top locker
    (minding the guard in the left hallway) and it'll fall outward, not inward.
    Inside is some ammo for the M4. Now go to the long row of lockers along the
    south wall. Inside three of them you will find a Book, a Claymore, and a box of
    C4. Go into the left hall and there is a small hall that juts out to the left
    of the wall, similar to the one you came in. The door inside is broken, but
    there is a box of SOCOM bullets.
    Now that you are done collecting items on this floor, you can just head north
    to the back wall and take the elevator down. Hit the button to the right of
    the elevator doors, wait for the camera to authorize you, then go down to
    B2 (skip B1 for now; you'll be back all too soon). However, if you want to
    collect the sentries' tags, be sure that you take out any security cameras in
    the area using the SOCOM (and making sure they don't spot you without the
    AK equipped) and drag them away from where you might be seen.
    ===Shell 1 Core, B2==============
    Enemies     : 4 [AD]
    Items       : AKS-74U Bullets        [AD]
                  Bandage                [AD]
                  Book [x5]              [AD]
                  Box 4                  [AD]
                  Directional Microphone [AD]
                  M4 Bullets             [AD]
                  M9 Bullets             [AD]
                  Ration                 [VE - Ha]
                  SOCOM Bullets          [AD]
    As stated, skip B1 and go to B2 for now. This floor consists of a large
    ring of a corridor with two rooms inside of it - the small elevator room to the
    north and the larger computer room to the south. From where you start, head
    right through a door. Go down the staircase and around the turn. As you come
    down the steps, you should notice the Ration tucked away in a niche just left
    of the bottom of the staircase. You may also see a guard - just be careful
    not to touch him. Move south down the hallway, checking the lockers on the
    wall that you will pass (don't worry about being seen - opening lockers is
    permissible in disguise, but don't be seen going inside one and closing the
    door behind you). Go to the corridor at the bottom, and go to the long hallway
    on the left, parallel to the one you just came down. Check its lockers for
    a few items. If you plan to take down the guards in here, come back to the
    southernmost locker on this wall and punch it to find someone's... Book
    collection that will rain down on you. (You can see an inaccessible book on the
    top of the locker.) Just don't do it when the other guards inside the computer
    room can hear you.
    Move into the computer room. Watch the guards for a moment to get their 
    patterns down. Wait until the guy on the right goes to his computer to look at 
    his ...website... run to the room in the back left. Inside you'll find the node 
    and a couple of items. Move to the open circle area of computers on the left to 
    find the Directional Microphone, needed for listening for Ames' pacemaker. When 
    you are done getting items here, head back to the elevator and go up to B1.
    If you are trying to get dog tags, take out the guy in the outside ring
    first, when he comes to the northeast corner, by the steps. For the guys
    inside, lure them out of the cubicle and away from their comrades by knocking
    on the wall. Don't let them see you do it or they will become suspicious of
    you. Try to get them not just in the bottom hall, but over in the hall to the
    left or right, around the corner, so that you aren't within the field of
    vision of the other guards and when you call out the second guard, he doesn't
    happen to notice the sleeping/dead body of the other guard. If you manage
    to take out the guards, you can find a Bandage underneath the middle row
    of computers (duck down). I would NOT recommend trying to get it unless all
    of the guards are out.
    Be careful about moving around in front of the parrot while there are still
    guards in the computer area. If it looks at you when you are out of the
    complete disguise (weapon included), it will exclaim 'It's him!' and the 
    nearby guards will look at you. Other than that, the thing is pretty cute.
    (Try shooting at it repeatedly with a machine gun. Heh. Better yet, use the
    Coolant. HA!)
    ===Shell 1 Core, B1==============
    Enemies     : 3 [AD] (Outside Conference Room)
                  1 [VE - No], 2 [Ha], 5 [Ex] (Inside Conference Room)
    Items       : Bandage         [AD]
                  Book            [AD]
                  C4              [AD]
                  M4 Bullets      [AD]
                  Ration          [VE - Ha]
                  SOCOM Bullets   [AD]
                  Stun Grenades   [AD]
                  Thermal Goggles [AD]
    As soon as you step off, you'll see a guard enter the Conference Room, your
    goal, by using the retinal scan. What you need to do, is grab a soldier, while
    he is still awake (he cannot be sleeping or dead - the eyes must be open)
    and hold him up to the scanner. It is a fairly simple matter to sneak up
    behind whichever one of them is patrolling the hall (the three of them take
    turns patrolling the hall, while the other two rest in the break room), grab
    him, and drag him over to the door. For getting tags, lure one of the guards
    out of the break room and hold him up. Be careful about the other one hearing,
    though. Be sure they are far enough away. Also, go in the room right of the
    elevator to find the node and an item in the locker.
    I suggest that you hold one guard up when he comes down to the end of the
    top hallway (near the room with node), pauses, then turns his back on you.
    Get his tag, and put him to sleep with the M9. Stuff him in the locker and
    go get another one from the room (lure him into the hallway with the retinal
    scanner - the other one will most likely hear, so be quick). Hold him up and
    take him out. Run back to the bottom hallway, and the other guard should be
    coming out. Hold him up before he sees the other guard's body. Get the items
    in the lockers of the lounge, then run back to the sleeping guard and open
    the door. Chances are that he has been in the long enough that he will wake
    up as soon as he hits the ground. Pull out your gun and hold him up. Go
    behind him and drag him over the retinal scanner. Again, he must be alive and
    awake for it to work.
    You'll enter the Conference Room and be faced with a room full of gagged and
    bound hostages as well a guard or two who constantly report their progress.
    If you stay in the room too long, the guard(s) will get suspicious and call in
    another guard to patrol. If he sees you with the Directional Microphone,
    he won't immediately call alert, but come over to look at it. Quickly switch
    to the AK and you will be fine. Just don't let him examine you or see you
    up close with anything but the AK and the B.D.U. equipped.
    There are a couple of items in here as well. There is a Ration on the east
    wall, near the scaffolding. There is a Bandage in the southwestern corner
    of the room. Finally, behind the desk on the stage, you will find the very
    useful Thermal Goggles (if you didn't already get them in the Strut A pool). Be 
    sure to get them! They will be very valuable later on.
    What you need to do is point the Directional Microphone at the hostages
    until you can determine which one is Ames, while avoiding detection. You are
    told to listen for an irregular heartbeat. A lot of help that is - all of the
    heartbeats in here sound terrible. What you are really listening for is a
    small electronic blip coming from one of them. Unfortunately, Ames isn't in
    a fixed position. I can tell you that it is a white male with long brown hair.
    That should narrow it down a bit. (Though that will eliminate all but one on
    [VE]... everyone else in there will be female.)
    Find him and hit the Action Button to call out to him. If you've got the right
    one, a long bit of cutscenes and Codec conversations will commence. If it isn't
    him, the person will either muffle that she or he isn't Ames, make a LOUD noise
    (most likely attracting the guard's attention), or... <ahem> wet themselves.
    Don't call out to too many people or Raiden's callings will become more and
    more desperate and consequently, louder.
    After the conversations with Ames and an eavesdropping session, a timed event 
    will start. It's really simple - you have ten seconds to drop the Directional 
    Microphone and pull out the AK. Just DO NOT move, or Ocelot will ask you where 
    you are going and the game will end. Wait until Ocelot approaches you and yet 
    more dramatic cutscenes will take place.
    When those are done, you'll be on B1 outside the Conference Room. However,
    the place will be in caution mode as they know of your presence. Run down
    the hall towards the elevator. There will be a single guard in front of it,
    but his back is to you. Grab him from be behind and drag him right into the
    room with the node. Dispatch him and wait out the caution mode inside.
    Take the elevator up to 1F. (By the way, be aware that once the door to
    the elevator closes on 1F, you won't be able to go down it again, due to the
    security camera.) Wait until the both of the guards in the right hallway are
    moving away from you, pull into the hall, and tranq/kill them. Head out of
    the door to the EF Bridge, grabbing the M9 and SOCOM ammo you will pass in the
    short hall. Try to take out the guard on the roof of Strut E and throw a
    Chaff or take out the cyphers. Enter Strut F.
    ===Strut F Warehouse=============
    Enemies     : 2 [VE], 3 [No], 4 [Ha]
    Items       : Grenade [x3]        [AD]
                  PSG1                [AD]
                  PSG1 Bullets [x2]   [AD]
                  PSG1-T              [AD]
                  PSG1-T Bullets [x3] [AD]
                  RGB6                [AD]
                  RGB6 Grenades [x2]  [AD]
                  SOCOM Bullets       [AD]
    Take out as many guards as necessary and raid the Level 3 doors on the top
    floor. In one, you'll find the RGB6 grenade launcher and the PSG1 sniper
    rifle in the other. (You can also find the PSG1-T, a non-lethal version of the
    rifle, in a duct on the floor of the room. Check the radar for the exact
    location.) When you're done, head back across the EF bridge, through Strut
    E, across the DE bridge, and into Strut D. (Be sure to hold up the extra man
    on the DE bridge that will now appear.) Knock out all of the guards and 
    head for the door on the north wall.
    However, if you are collecting tags, a number of guards may or may not have
    just appeared, depending upon your difficulty. I highly suggest that you now
    make your final rounds of the Shell 1 struts and be sure you have all of the
    tags from Shell 1.
    ===Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge===
    Enemies     : None [AD]
    Items       : None [AD]
    To enter into Shell 2, you need to cross the 1-2 Bridge, which just so happens
    to be wired with a rather large amount of Semtex and IR sensors. You need to
    take out all of the control units (the familiar open boxes with the green
    light) to disable it all. There are up to ten units scattered throughout
    the bridge, which are listed below. For disabling them, I _highly_ suggest
    using the PSG1. Using a SOCOM is possible, but your chances of hitting some
    Semtex by accident and having to redo it all again is much higher. Also be
    sure to use the Pentazemin when firing, so as not to have Raiden jerk away
    at the last second and hit the explosives.
    ---Control Panel Locations-------
    A. South of the south-most set of IR sensors on the floor to the left.
    B. South of the north-most set of IR sensors on the floor to the left. Be
       careful that you don't shoot a bullet though the sensors of the southern set
       when trying to get this - use the Thermal Goggles.
    C. On the tank just north of the sets of IR sensors, facing south.
    D. Northwest of the northern tank (near Shell G) on the floor in the corner.
    E. On the wall of Strut G, left of the entrance, facing south.
    F. On top of the cypher which is hovering above Strut G (Shell 2). Do NOT
       shoot down the cypher - it too is loaded with explosives. Only shoot the
       control panel. It moves fairly often, pausing for a second or two and
       the changing direction. I suggest finding a spot where it stops, aim the
       rifle at that position and wait for it to return, rather than risking it.
    G. On the wall of Strut G, right of the entrance, facing south.
    H. Outside the door leading to Strut D of Shell 1, above Raiden's starting
       position. (Move north, turn around, go into FPV and look up to see it.)
    I. On the small platform above the pipe that connects to Shell G and D. The
       pipe is on the right side of the bridge and a few feet lower than it. The
       sensor is surrounded by birds when you first enter, making it difficult to
       see (though, you should notice the flock of half a dozen seagulls). Shoot a
       bullet in the area and the birds will fly away.
    J. Behind the Sons of Liberty flag flying to the west. (Every once in a while
       the flag will flap forward a bit, giving you a quick glance of the panel.)
    K. On the bottom of the balcony of Strut D. To see it, you'll have to go on
       or down the stairs and face Strut D. It will be on the east (or Raiden's
       left when facing Strut D) side, on the large box structure next to the pipe
       that connects Strut D and G.
    L. On the lower level of the 1-2 Bridge. The only way to see it is to go into
       one of the wings of the balcony, go into the upper corner and look at the
       center of the lower portion of the bridge in FPV. Now, hold both triggers
       buttons and Raiden will get on his tip-toes and you'll be able to see it.
       You can only see it while you are holding the triggers, so you'll have to 
       fire while holding them too. (You obviously cannot use the PSG1 - use the 
    M. On the second cypher flying above Strut H.
    N. On the "T" balcony of Strut H. It is attached to the left side of balcony,
       on the outside, facing west (left). To see it, go in the left wing of the
       Strut D balcony and look straight ahead at the balcony. You should see the
       green glow from the control panel just below the top of it.
    The number of sensors varies by difficulty. Here are the ones used in each :
    [VE] - A through F
    [Ea] - A through H
    [No] - A through J
    [Ha] - A through L
    [Ex] - A through N
    [EE] - <n/a yet>
    Carefully take out all of the sensors that are placed, based upon your level,
    and then head down the steps and make for Shell 2. But before you can cross,
    Raiden will get some visitors...
    ===Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge===
    ---Boss : Harrier----------------
    Enemies     : Harrier
    Items       : Stinger         [AD]
                  Stinger Missile [AD]
    Ah, yes. The hero shoots down the plane. Sound familiar? Don't worry - this
    battle isn't nearly as hard as the fight versus Liquid's vehicle in Metal Gear
    Solid. It's relatively simple, actually.
    As soon as the battle starts, grab the Stinger and missiles that Snake dropped
    from the Kasatka. The position I like to use for the battle is between the
    southern-most tank and the open area in the middle. The most important thing
    in this battle is to keep track of where the Harrier is at all times, take
    shots when you get a lock (the targeting system in the middle of the screen
    when the Stinger is equipped will bleep red), and when the plane pauses
    nearby you, fire away like hell!
    Most of the time, when the plane is just flying around, you won't have a good
    opportunity to shoot at it. It will occasionally dip above the bridge when
    flying low or make a slow turn around the struts - fire if you can get a red
    lock and there isn't any obstruction. When the plane flies far away into the
    distance, you won't be able to hit it, but find where it is coming from
    (the radar will always show a red sliver in the direction where the plane
    is located and point the Stinger at it. When you see the flash of light, you'll
    get a better idea of the location (though, it is usually a little bit to the
    right of the flash) and hold it there until you get a lock. The _second_ it
    turns red, fire, drop the Stinger, and hide on the opposite side of the tank.
    The Stinger missile will more than likely hit and the tank will block whatever
    missiles, bullets, or air drafts that the plane sends your way.
    It will sometimes go into a sequenced attack, though. One of them is that
    it will fly over the top of Strut D and hover on the south side of the
    bridge. During this time, quickly get on the steps leading up the Strut D
    balcony (which is currently blocked by fire), pull out the Stinger, point up,
    and plug away as many as you can. You'll do a heck of a lot of damage before
    the Harrier manages to pull away, and it can't hit you if you are directly
    under it. Speaking of fire, you should know by now, but try not to catch on
    fire. It will first cause a chunk of damage and then slowly take it away as
    the fire continues to burn on the character. If Raiden does catch on fire,
    do some running rolls to put it out.
    Another sequenced attack is that it will fire a large amount of missiles from
    a distance. When this happens, drop the weapon and run down to the lower level.
    The higher the difficulty, the less time you have before the missiles hit. I
    barely made it down on Hard.
    The third one is that it will fire a HUGE number of missile from a close range,
    on the east side of the bridge facing west. During this time, hide on the 
    stairs that lead down to the lower level. Don't go on the bottom floor, as
    the missiles can go down there. Try crouching or lying down right below the
    point where the stairs descend past the upper level. After the Harrier is
    done firing, it will pause for five to ten seconds before flying off. As soon
    as it looks like the barrage of missiles is done, run up the upper floor, pull
    out the missile launcher and fire as much as you possible can in its direction.
    Like the first sequenced attack above, you should be able to do a good deal
    of harm to it.
    The last attack is that it will simply fly in close the bridge and circle
    around it shooting a rapid fire gattling gun for a good minute or two. The
    best thing you can do is hide behind the tank and hope it will deflect the
    bullets. Keep a close watch on where the bullets are coming from and the 
    sliver on the radar. Try to anticipate where and when the Harrier will move
    by watching the stream of bullets as it moves.
    Snake will also be providing assistance during the battle. He'll drop ammo and
    Rations onto the bridge, should you need them (which you will). Just keep an
    eye on your health, use Rations when needed, and grab Rations when they are
    dropped. (Supposedly Snake will also try to get the Harrier to stop firing on
    you when it does the last sequenced attack I mentioned, as he'll shout 'I'll
    handle this.' However, I really didn't see him do anything. Then again, I
    was focusing more on not getting shot, but that's just me.) One last thing.
    Don't shoot down the chopper, okay? (Grrr... despite the fact that all it does
    is seem to get in your way on the higher difficulties...)
    All in all, not a terribly hard fight. Just pay attention to its location, fire
    when you can, and watch for the sequenced attacks.
    ===LG Bridge Wreckage============
    Enemies     : None [VE], 1 [Ea], 2 [No - Ha]
    Items       : AK Suppressor  [Ea - Ex]
                  PSG1 Bullets   [AD]
                  PSG1-T Bullets [AD]
                  Ration [x2]    [VE - Ha]
    Now that the place is practically destroyed, you need to make your way to
    Shell 2. You start on what is left of the southern half of the 1-2 Bridge. Go
    to the fire on the left. Once you get close, the controller will start
    vibrating and you'll hear a ringing tone. Equip the cell phone and a message
    will come up. You can use the Coolant Spray to put the fire out. To do so, you
    need to make sure that the fire is completely out in one section before moving
    on to another, else the fire will start blazing again. A steady stream of smoke
    and red sparks will fly up once the area is sufficiently cooled. Just make a
    smooth motion from one area to the next so the fire doesn't spread over again.
    When the fire is out, you can run down the steps and grab the Ration. Just be
    careful as the stairs will fall away about five seconds after you step on it.
    It may take a try or two, but since you are most likely out of Rations, it'd be
    best to try for it.
    There are a few items to get here, if you will notice when exploring in FPV.
    There are a number of items in front of Strut G and there is a Ration on the
    end of the pipe running below the bridge. To get over to the front
    section of Strut G, you'll have to run up that strip of flooring that curves
    up to the north and do a running roll the second you hit the end. With some
    practice or luck, you'll safely end up on the platform on the other side. Grab
    the items, and run up to the fire. Slowly put it out and grab the Suppressor.
    Jump over to the right and the walkway the runs around Strut G. To get to the
    Ration from the bridge,  go to the bottom right corner of what is left of the
    main floor of the bridge, by the railing. Flip over the railing and hand-over-
    hand across the long, gray beam. (Or, assuming you'd rather have the Suppressor
    as well and jumped over there, you can just go down to the orange pipe on the
    right.) When you are over the pipe, push X to drop down. If you got the items
    from Strut G, as you should have, just drop down onto the pipe from the block
    that leads up to the walkway around Strut G. Now, while you are on the pipe, do
    not, under any circumstances, run. You will more than likely fall. And die.
    Especially if you are over the bird crap (you should remember the roof of Strut 
    A and slipping on the crap if you played around up there). Slowly make your way
    south by tapping the pad or thumbstick, keeping in the middle of the pipe.
    At the south end is a ration. Get it and slowly go north to a block leading
    up to the walkway around Strut G. Once you step on the walkway, fires will
    steam up to the left, by the opening of Strut G where the items were, making
    it impassable. (Not that you can get at it from the box below it. The only way
    up is to jump that curved piece of the wreckage.) To jump on the walkway,
    flatten your back against it and hit the Action Button.
    Make your way up the walkway, minding the fact that there is no railing to
    prevent you from falling off and that there are certain panels which will
    fall off once you step on them. When you reach the top, flatten against the
    railing and drop down to the lower level. As soon as you do, two enemy sentries
    will come out of Strut L and begin to patrol the GL Bridge above you. I'd
    suggest taking the them out with the M9 or PSG1-T rather than trying to avoid
    their sight. I wouldn't suggest using a lethal weapon as they will call out
    a cypher that will appear directly right of you when they become alerted.
    Bad news, them cyphers. Go right across the lower walkway to a ladder at the
    end. There are two holes in the walkway, though. For the first, flatten against
    the upper solid wall and slowly walk across the small ledge, keeping your
    back on the wall. For the other, you'll have to flatten against the lower
    railing, flip over, and hand-over-hand across. Not too difficult, but watch
    that you don't make any sudden movements in any one direction, lest you fall
    off and have to do this all over again. 
    ===Strut L Perimeter=============
    Enemies     : 3 [AD]
    Items       : AKS-74U Bullets [AD]
                  Chaff Grenade   [AD]
                  PSG1 Bullets    [AD]
                  Ration          [VE - Ha]
                  SOCOM Bullets   [AD]
    Before you do anything, note that the guards going down the bridge you just
    passed can still see you, despite being in a different "area" in the game.
    I'd sugget you crouch right away.
    As soon as you come up the ladder, you should hear footsteps. There are
    guards just around the turn, but they are inside Strut L, looking out windows
    across the walkway. You need to crawl underneath the windows to the other 
    corner. You'll have to move quickly, though, as there are a couple of 
    planks that will fall out when you get on them.
    When you reach the bend, you'll see that the walkway is out. Like the
    small walkway earlier, you'll have to get your back against the wall and
    slowly walk over. However, you'll reach a large outcropping that blocks
    the way. Crouch down, keeping your back against the wall, and go underneath
    When you go around the next bend, you'll see that there is a guard on the
    roof who needs to, well, take a leak. Unfortunately, he goes right on the
    walkway. I don't know about you, but I'd rather not walk through that. If you
    start running right after the cutscene starts (or you can save time by hitting
    X to skip it), you can make it across before he starts. You can walk through
    it, if you so choose, but I have no idea if it has any adverse affect on
    gameplay. (Like, you'd smell funky and guards would become suspicious when you
    are near. I don't know, really, and I don't care to test it. Just run over
    quickly for cripe's sake.)
    When you go around the next turn, the walkway ends. Before you back against the
    railing and flip down, take a look north/northwest in FPV. A whole lot of
    cyphers. Try to take some of them out with your newly-silenced AK. If one
    gets too close or becomes alerted, drop down over the railing to another
    walkway below it, where you will find a box of AK ammo. Run north across the
    bridge and find a Ration at the end. Come back south and go up the staircase.
    When you are only partially up, use the trigger buttons in FPV to check the
    positions of any remaining cyphers and take them out (and use FPV to listen
    for the cyphers, to be absolutely sure they are all gone before you make your
    way up to the KL Bridge). Go up to the main KL Bridge and run north to the K 
    and south to the L Struts. Both of the doors are broken, unfortunately, but you 
    can pick up some ammo at both ends. When you're done, head over to the path in 
    the middle that leads to the Shell 2 Core. As you'll notice, parts of it are 
    missing. For the first hole, there is nothing to grab onto, so you'll have to 
    do another running roll. For the second hole, you can lean your back against 
    the railing and cross or flip over the side and hand-over-hand it. 
    ===Shell 2 Core, 1F==============
    Enemies     : None [AD]
    Items       : Chaff                [AD]
                  M4 Bullets [x2]      [AD]
                  M9 Bullets           [AD]
                  Nikita Missiles [x2] [AD]
                  Ration               [VE - Ha]
                  SOCOM Bullets        [AD]
    As soon as Raiden enters the Core, there will be a Directional Microphone
    sequence and you'll see that there are high voltage current panels lining
    the floor to the President. To get past them, you need to use a remote
    controlled missile to take out the circuit panel which controls the floor's
    charge inside the room where the President is being held, while not hitting
    him. (Which of course means he is going to get in your way...)
    There are no enemies on the floor at the moment, so you may move freely. On
    [Ha], you'll hear a deceptive snoring, though - it's not a guard, it's the
    President. Just make your way clockwise around the floor to the break room
    with the node and then to the elevator, grabbing the items along with way
    (all of which are in easy to see locations). Head on down to B1.
    ===Shell 2 Core, B1==============
    Enemies     : None [AD]
    Items       : Night Vision Goggles [AD]
                  Nikita               [AD]
                  Ration [x2]          [VE - Ha]
                  Stinger Missiles     [AD]
    When you first get off, you'll notice one thing - the place is in the
    process of sinking. Hit the node just right of the door for the radar, and
    keep going right to find a staircase leading down into the water. You're
    going to have to swim for the greater part of this section of the game. You
    should already be familiar with swimming controls if you played around in
    the water pool in very first room in Strut A. If not, the Colonel will call
    you and go over it again. Just hit the Punch Button to dive down and hit it
    repeatedly to swim faster. Be sure to keep an eye on the O2 meter and come up
    for air at the air pockets. They are shown as bright blue patches on the
    From where you start, swim straight south until you reach the southern-most
    room with an air pocket. In that room, you will find the Nikita in the 
    southwestern corner. Now that you have it, you could run back to 1F now, but
    since you're here, you might as well get a few more items scattered throughout
    the floor. Head back north to the first air pocket. Go down the hall just
    left of it. You'll soon come to a door on Raiden's left (to the south) with
    a small dark corridor. In the corner, you'll find the Night Vision Goggles.
    Nice. Turn back into the corridor and keep going west down it to another
    room with an air pocket. (On [VE], you'll find te Nikita just south of the
    first staircase you come down by the elevator. On [Ea], you should have found
    it just south down the hall here. On [No], it is just before the long hallway
    going south with two mines in it. You may or may not wish to continue on and
    save what follows for your return trip on these difficulties. Up to you.)
    [If you continue on...]If you want, you can go all the way south to another 
    room with an air pocket and... a rubbery ducky... or you can take the corridor
    that goes east that you will pass as you go south. Careful not to rush inside
    - there is a mine planted there. My suggestion is to ram into it, causing it
    to explode and thus, not be there anymore for you to worry about hitting.
    You will have to come back through here in...less than favorable conditions
    and having to worry about not hitting the mine is a waste of time. Hit it
    and use a Ration. Go south down the corridor where the bomb was guarding.
    You'll hit another corridor - go left into it, and the down the corridor
    on the southern wall. Mind that there are two mines in the hall. I'd say just
    kill the bottom one - you'll have plenty of room. From here, go south to
    another room with an air pocket and two doors that are sealed. The one on the
    east side won't open, but they west one will. Rapidly hit the Action Button
    to open it...and a there will be a quick cutscene.
    The door leads to a large room filled with wreckage. There are several holes
    in it though, near the north and south sides of the walls of wreckage,
    usually a the very top or very bottom. It's fairly easy to navigate, but use
    the air pockets on the north wall if you need to. Go to the west-most
    air pocket - you'll find a box of Stinger missiles directly below it. Make
    your way west to a door on the north side of the western wall. Go in to find
    an air pocket with a ration directly below it, which you will grab as you
    head up to the air. If you go north, you'll come to a staircase leading up
    to a small area that isn't flooded. However, the only thing here is a Level
    4 door, which you don't have access to (yet). So, remember this location and
    backtrack to the elevator and head up to 1F.
    Alright, now to deal with the circuit panel. The best duct to use is the one
    inside of the small room on the left, just above the lowered area that is on
    the south wall of the floor. Inside, there are two security cameras. Get close
    enough to the door so that it opens and then use the SOCOM to take out the
    cameras. You'll find some Nikita missiles on top of the crates. Jump on top
    of them and look at the north wall. It is dark, but you should see the vent
    clear enough. Shoot the missile in and go to the second route right (not the
    first one you come to) and then it is a straight shot into the room. On most
    difficulties, you just have to avoid the running 'Prez', which is simple
    enough. On [Ha], though, he is sleeping right in front of it. If you hit the
    panel, he will die. All you have to do is shoot a decoy inside first and hit
    some random wall somewhat close to him so he wakes up, but not so close as to
    blow him up. Give him a second and then shoot another. He'll see it and run
    away (and cower in a corner...). Hit the panel and run over to the now safe
    to cross floor and into the room.
    Now you'll have a nice long chat with the President and there will be... a
    few revelations, to say the least. When you are done with him and walk out
    the door, there will be yet more Codec conversations.
    Inside the room with the President, you can crawl into one of the ducts that
    is on the southern wall. As soon as you go in, look to the right and you'll
    see a box of Stinger missiles. Keep going south and to the left, there is
    a grate with a Book behind it. If you shoot out with the grate using the
    Nikita, you can grab it. It'll take about three missiles to do it. Not much
    else to do here. Don't bother trying to shake out... the body, as there isn't
    anything to shake out. (Unfortunately - he could have had some interesting
    items...) Be sure to talk to Campbell on Codec to learn a good deal more about
    Emma and her past.
    Again, there are no enemies, so just run back to the elevator and go down to
    B1. Now, swim all the way back to that Level 4 door and enter. Be prepared
    for a very challenging fight.
    ===Filtration Chamber============
    ---Boss : Vamp-------------------
    Enemies     : Vamp
    Items       : M4 Bullets [x2] [AD] [Regenerates]
                  M9 Bullets      [AD] [Regenerates]
                  RGB6 Grenades   [AD] [Regenerates]
                  Ration          [VE - Ha]
                  SOCOM Bullets   [AD] [Regenerates]
    Vamp is a tough opponent, but you should be able to handle him. A few ground
    rules first. One, do NOT fall into the water or you will die. Two, do NOT use
    the auto-targeting systems for your hand guns and rifles. Vamp will anticipate
    the movement of muscles and determine where your bullets will end up, avoiding
    them. Always use FPV. It is slower, but it will vastly increase your chances of
    hitting him. Three, do not waste your small arms ammo by trying to shoot at him
    when he is glowing red. Ordinary bullets from hand guns and rifles will not
    affect him. Use the RGB6 grenade launcher or Stinger - he should move slow
    enough that you will have a shot. Fourth, when he comes onto the lower deck and
    starts slowly walking toward you, take as many shots as you can, but do not let
    him get close to you. (Later in the battle he will also start running towards
    you.) As soon as he does, he will jump over you and come around from behind,
    from which it is too difficult to recover fast enough to prevent the attack.
    At the beginning of the battle, he will make a graceful bow and waste about
    ten seconds before he actually starts. You cannot harm him during this time
    (unless you'd like to take a cheap shot with the RGB6 or Stinger), so take the
    opportunity to run to the right and back to get the Ration and ammo. Now run
    back to the southeast corner, my favorite position to fight this battle from.
    Vamp does four things during this battle : swims underwater for anywhere from
    approximately ten to thirty seconds, walks along the upper balcony throwing
    daggers at you, walking/running along the lower balcony towards you so as to
    jump over you and cut you from behind, and finally, throws a dagger that pins
    you (and your shadow) in place, unable to walk or equip items/weapons.
    For the first part of the battle, he will alternate between jumping on the
    upper balcony, to swimming, to jumping on the lower platform, back and forth
    until he is down to about 1-2/5 of this life. This makes it really easy to
    predict what he will do.
    When he is swimming underwater, I highly suggest that you take the chance to
    hit him with the RGB6 - just shoot off six or so rounds into random locations
    underwater. More than likely half or more of them will either hit him or the
    vibrations from the water will. If one hits him, it'll do a small amount of
    damage and take some O2, whereas the water vibrations will cause a small amount
    of stun damage and take away a LOT of his O2 meter, forcing him to come up
    after he more than likely takes some damage from the lack of oxygen.
    When he is walking on the upper balcony, he is almost always using the red
    glow, so you'll have to pull out the big guns. Always try to evade or shoot
    down his knives, first of all, and when he pauses at the end or beginning of
    one of his attacks, fire the RGB6 at him or a Stinger. (Stingers are far more
    effective and cause quite a bit of damage, but you will only have a limited
    supply. Make them count.) Above all, avoid the knives. You can shoot them down,
    but it's best to use something that will allow you to fire rapidly. The
    M4 or AK are ideal. To be honest, it is far easier to avoid them than to try
    and shoot them down, but switching in and out between FPV can be hazardous.
    When he is walking on the lower platform towards you, I suggest that you either
    hit him with the M4 as soon as he comes out of the water (while he takes a
    second to rise and begin walking) and then run around avoid him or fire a
    Stinger at him as soon as he comes up, which causes him to immediately jump
    back into the water. I highly suggest using the Stinger - if you stand in the
    southeastern corner, he will always jump into the northwestern corner. As soon
    as he comes up, aim for the small hole in the railing by him - it will always
    hit him and hit him hard. You could try C4 if you want, but it'd be bit of
    a hassle as he won't always walk where you want him and during a moment of
    confusion you could easily blow yourself to bits.
    If you are really having problems with the first part of the battle, you may
    want to just sit in the corner, wait for him to jump on the lower deck, shoot
    the Stinger, and run around the square, avoiding the knives while he is up
    top. This will really get you far into it and allow you to do a good amount of
    damage while staying relatively safe.
    The 'shadow dagger' is the hard part. He will constantly flip around the upper
    balcony firing daggers, with the occasional Shadow Dagger and flurry of five
    knives. He will always use the Shadow Dagger first, which will lock you into
    your current position. The only thing you can do is spin around, crouch,
    and fire whatever weapon (if any) you had equipped when you were hit by the
    dagger. No moving, no using items, no nothing. (Be SURE that you always keep
    Rations equipped as your item. Even if you cannot use it by choice, if you
    run out of life, a Ration will automatically be used, but only if you have it
    equipped) What you want to do is avoid the Shadow Dagger by staying constantly
    on the move and right after he fires the flurry of five daggers at you (you'll
    begin to recognize the 'pft-pft-pft-pft-pft' noise they make) and you are
    safely out of their way, take up the Stinger (if you have any ammo left) or
    RGB6 and fire at his position. Most of the time, you'll miss, but if you 
    can move fast enough, you'll hit him one or two times, which is all you need
    as he should be very low on life. However, if you get locked by the dagger,
    just stay calm and listen to the noises he makes jumping around. He won't
    throw any normal daggers at you in this mode; only the five at once. So when
    you hear that noise, and I mean the _second_ you hear it, you push the A button
    and crouch down. They'll fly right over your head. Hit X to stand back up
    again and keep doing this until the dagger wears off. Then return to taking
    those lucky shots when you can.
    Or, to completely avoid the dagger altogether, you can shoot out the lights
    that ring the chamber (four in all). The best time to do this might be during
    the opening while he is taking his bow and you have a moment of peace. Either
    that or when he is underwater - just be sure to watch and listen for him.
    If you are trying for no kills, you're going to have quite a long battle.
    You will be able to hit him with the M9 while he is walking towards you on the
    lower balcony (though it won't do much damage). Your best bet for wearing down
    his stun meter is to keep lobbing grenades into the water while he is under
    with the RGB6. Also, try firing the Stinger at the surface of the water - it
    won't go underwater, but detonate at the surface and almost always cause a bit
    of damage to him and completely take away his O2.
    Update : I played around with it on the lower difficulty levels, and I found
    that the easiest way to merely stun him, rather than kill him, is to use the
    Stinger to shoot the water two to three times while Vamp is underwater to
    bring down his stun gauge significantly. It won't allow you to knock him out
    this way, but you can at least get very close to it. When that is done, I'd
    suggest using PSG1-T and keeping a fix on an area on the upper platform 
    opposite you where he will land (there a fixed spots). I'd use the PSG1-T over
    the M9 as the bullets fly much quicker, and Vamp only stays in the spots for
    a few seconds. It helps greatly if you take out the lights well before
    doing this as well. Lastly, he does occasionally rush you and try to physically
    attack you from behind during the middle portion - punching and kicking him,
    if you can avoid his attack, will help wear him down greatly as well.
    ===Shell 2 Core, B1==============
    Enemies     : None
    Items       : AKS-74U Bullets [AD]
                  Body Armor      [AD]
                  Book            [AD]
                  C4 [x2]         [AD]
                  Pentazemin      [AD]
                  PSG1-T Bullets  [AD]
                  Ration          [VE - Ha]
                  Thermal Goggles [AD] [If not already obtained]
    After that titan of a boss, head through the door in the back. There will be
    Ration right where you come in. Head left and there is...yet more water to
    swim through. No map this time either. And a lot more mines.
    Head straight north to the air pocket. There is a small room north of there
    with a mine to the immediate right and some AK ammo a bit left. Grab it and
    get some air. Now head east down the long hall. There is another air pocket
    at the other end. Skip the first door to the north for now, and go down the
    second (east-most) one. You'll find the Body Armor at the end of the hall.
    VERY nice. If there is one item you have to get in this game, it is the Body
    Armor. Don't miss it. If you don't need Rations equipped, keep it on at all
    times. Now go down to the south and there is a small room with two mines and a
    box of PSG1-T bullets. Grab it, get air if needed, and head down the western-
    most corridor north. Go past the mine, go through the hall to the left and up
    the stairs.
    Head inside the room and hit the node just north of the door. There is some
    Pentazemin on the floor, left of the raised platform, a Book in the bottom-most
    locker on the left, and two boxes of C4 in the upper-most locker on the left.
    The rest are locked or empty...except for the middle one on the north wall.
    Open it up to meet Emma. (Be sure you have all the items before opening the
    locker - you'll automatically be forced out of the room when you meet her.)
    (And if you are feeling particularly cruel, try banging on the door or
    firing some weapons around it.)
    By the way, if you didn't obtain the Thermal Goggles in the Conference Room,
    you can now find them in the large locker on the east wall (southern locker).
    Get them already!
    And, uh, be wary of the locker just right of Emma's locker on [Ex]. The put a
    ...DARN... claymore in the locker, though you can find one of the Easter Island
    statues inside.
    Now backtrack through the water to the Filtration Chamber. The controls are
    the same; just keep a close watch on Emma's O2, which is far smaller than
    yours. Stop for air every single chance you get. From the stairs, head
    south, then west at the long corridor to the end. Go south, then east
    around the corner, and the up the stairs. To guide Emma, just hold the Action
    Button when you are close to her and Raiden will s..l..o..w..l..y guide her
    A few notes on guiding Emma. Don't take her everywhere with you - make sure the
    area is clear before putting her in harm's way. Should she take damage for
    some reason, you can let go of her and she will still down in a minute.
    While sitting down, she will regain health. (Look at her while she is sitting,
    by the way, to hear her, well, complain.)
    When you get to Chamber, there will be a few quick scenes and Codec calls.
    After the scenes, don't move. Equip the Mine Detector and take a look around.
    The left path is covered with them and the right is clear. You can grab some
    if you want, but just head down to the door. When you get there, there will be
    a number of scenes where Emma explains about Arsenal, GW, and the whole reason
    for the construction of Arsenal.
    When the scenes are done, backtrack through the first part of the water, with
    which you should be eminently familiar with, to the elevator. (Again, there
    will be a Ration in a doorway that you'll pass through, if you happen to be
    low on them.) When you reach it, you'll find it surrounded by bugs. Emma
    doesn't like bugs, so spray them with the Coolant and they'll run away. Be
    sure to get all of them and like on the Deep Sea Dock, and don't get them on
    you. Head up the elevator to 1F.
    ===Shell 2 Core, 1F==============
    Enemies     : 3 [VE - Ea], 4 [No], 6 [Ha]
    Items       : AKS-74U Bullets [x2] [AD]
                  M9 Bullets [x2]      [AD]
                  PSG1 Bullets         [AD]
                  PSG1-T Bullets       [AD]
                  Ration               [VE - Ha]
                  RGB6 Grenades        [AD]
                  SOCOM Bullets [x2]   [AD]
    On 1F, there are now a couple of guards. The first one is in the lounge, just
    west of the elevator. He turns his back on Raiden's direction plenty of times
    so holding him up isn't a problem. Take him out and hide the body in the
    back corner, right of the elevator, out of sight. (Do this on [No - EE], at
    least.) I'd also bring Emma over there, to keep her safe. Once the elevator
    closes, and Raiden goes down the hall to south end of the floor and starts to
    go down the stairs to the right, a guard will come up the elevator. RUN back to
    the lounge and wait for him to leave himself open to hold-up as he comes left
    around the bend.
    Now it gets a bit more complicated. Once you bring Emma into the lounge, a
    guard will appear in the small corridor that juts out left near the bottom
    of the long vertical corridor on the right. But there are also two guards down
    there with a difficult patrol pattern. I suggest you first leave Emma in the
    corridor after taking out the first two, run down and take out one or both of
    the two with the odd pattern (I'll tell you how in a second) and then bring
    Emma to the break room and get the third guy. If you take out the third guy
    first, there is a strong chance that one of the ones with the odd pattern will
    hear and come find you.
    For the odd guys, you need to lure one of them away. You couldn't possibly take 
    one of them down with the other seeing you do it or trying to drag the body 
    away. Watch their pattern, first of all. (You'll make noise going down the 
    steps - use the running roll to get down quickly and silently.) When the one of 
    the left is just about to turn around and come back towards you, make a 
    knocking noise in the corner opposite the stairs. He'll come investigate, so 
    you need to hide. Use one of the boxes. When he looks and doesn't see anything, 
    he'll turn around. QUICKLY drop the box, and run a bit closer to him and hold 
    up your weapon. When he puts up his arms, quickly drop your weapon, and grab 
    him from behind. Drag him up the stairs and fairly far away from the other 
    guard. Drop him and draw your weapon as he recovers.
    After taking out this guy,  the other two should be a cakewalk to get. Once
    you bring Emma down into the  lower portion of the floor on the southern wall
    and near the stairs, the final guard will appear in the hallway that leads to
    the KL Bridge. He should be  fairly easy to handle - just hide behind the
    crates south of the corridor until he goes back in. Careful of stepping on
    floors that make noise, though.
    There are fewer enemies on the easier difficulties, and you can handle those
    on your own, I'm sure.
    In case you hadn't noticed there are quite a few new items on the floor, in
    the room where the President was in particular. Be sure to check the
    ventilation ducts as well. When you've grabbed it all, drag Emma to the KL
    ===KL Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : 1 [AD]
    Items       : Chaff Grenade [AD]
                  M4 Bullets    [AD]
                  PSG1 Bullets  [AD]
                  Ration        [VE - Ha]
                  SOCOM Bullets [AD]
    Ah yes... time does indeed pass in the game. It is now dusk.
    On the lower difficulties, this bridge is fairly simple - just cross, take
    out the lone enemy and you are done. On [Ha], there are two cyphers and a
    sniper in addition to the sentry. The cyphers is easy enough to take out with
    the PSG1. For the sniper, go out onto the balcony in one of the corners.
    Turn around and look at the roof of the Shell 2 Core. You should have a fairly
    good view of him. Take out your weapon of choice and hold the triggers in FPV
    to reach up (you cannot hit him otherwise) and fire away.
    Run up the bridge and crouch behind the wall. Watch the guard's pattern and
    rush him. (Careful of his double-take southward.) Grab all of the items on
    the lower bridge, put out the fire in the way of Strut L with the Coolant, and
    lead Emma to Strut L where there will be a quick scene.
    ===Strut L Sewage Treatment Factory===
    Enemies     : 2 [AD]
    Items       : SOCOM Bullets [AD]
    This is a really small area, with only two guards, but they are patrolling
    close together. The best way to get past them is to stay in the horizontal
    hallway at the top and look south through the red hallway into to the red
    room at the other end. Take out the M9 and go into FPV. Wait a minute and a
    guard will come into view on the far side (not the closer one). Tranq him.
    Now, there is also another guard closer, who should be just west of the red
    hallway when the far guard comes into your view. Shoot the M9 at the railing
    in the middle or to the left-middle so the guard comes into your view to
    investigate. Quickly shoot him in the head - if don't do it fast enough he
    will turn to leave, but he will turn towards you and see a figure. He won't
    become alerted, but he will come cautious and come see who you are. Once they
    are down, use the Coolant spray on them to wake them up (stay behind them)
    and pull out your weapon as they are rising, which will automatically hold
    them up. Nice and dirty.
    Bring Emma through the door to the south and they'll start climbing down the
    ===Strut L Oil Fence=============
    Enemies     : Varies - too many to count
    Items       : Pentazemin   [x2][AD] [Regenerates]
                  PSG1 Bullets [x2, VE - Ea][x1, Ha][Regenerates]
    There aren't many specific directions I can give you for this sequence. You
    have to lay cover fire via the PSG1 for Emma as she walks across the oil
    fence to Strut E. You'll have to deal with armed cyphers, enemy sentries,
    and Claymore mines. The most important thing to do is equip the Thermal
    Goggles. With them, you'll be able to see the Claymores placed on the fence.
    Be sure to take them all out long before Emma gets there. In fact, at the very
    beginning of the battle, scan along the fence. On [Ha] there will be some on
    the leg that Emma is already on and there is another group to the far right.
    (There are no Claymore mines on [VE], by the way. And on [Ex], there is one
    hidden behind one of the structures on the last leg of her walk. You have to
    stand as far to one end of the platform Raiden is on in order to see it.)
    Constantly scan for enemies, starting with Emma's immediate area and moving
    outward, while constantly checking on Emma. Take out an enemy as soon as you
    see it. This is a fairly easy segment if you pay attention and scan around a
    When Emma is almost to Strut E, there will be a cutscene...
                                    Spoiler space!
    ...familiar face will appear and hold her hostage. This is pretty simple too,
    but you have to be quick. Aim just above Emma's head at the top of her captor's
    head. When you've found the spot that you can hit him from without endangering
    Emma, plug away as fast as you can.
    After the sniping sequence is done, you'll have to rush over to the Shell 1 
    Core, B2. The time limit changes by difficulty:
    [VE] - 1,200 seconds
    [Ea] - 600 seconds
    [No] - 300 seconds
    [Ha] - 240 seconds
    [Ex] - 180 seconds
    [EE] - <n/a yet>
    ===Strut E Parcel Room===========
    Enemies     : 1 [AD]
    Items       : Digital Camera   [AD] (If not already obtained)
                  Stinger Missiles [AD]
    Once you are back in control, go through the hatch into a room simlar to the
    one with the previous two sentries. Go through the level 5 door to find
    yourself on the lower level of the parcel room. Duck into the northern level
    5 door to find the Digital Camera.
    There is a single guard (who appears to have missed the call to Arsenal due to 
    his headphones...) here with a dog tag. In the lower modes, he is just sitting 
    in the Level 5 door to the north or stationary on the upper level, an easy 
    take. In [Ha], he's walking around the main floor. As soon as you start the 
    timed section in [Ha], run as fast as you can through the hatch, and go wait on 
    the stairs. You should make it there as he is going south to turn east. As soon 
    as he does turn, run up and hold him up. After that, run further east to the EF
    bridge (the door in the southeast corner of the Strut).
    On the bridge, there will be some cyphers. You don't have time to mess around
    trying to snipe them individually, so throw a Chaff grenade or two and run
    out to the middle of the bridge. You may or may not be able to run straight
    to the core, depending upon your difficulty. If the tiles haven't been put
    back, it'd be best to quickly take out all three of the cyphers while the
    Chaff is in effect and then flip over the railing of the bridge. When you
    reach the edge of the railing, flip back up and do a running roll across the
    last hole. Enter the Core.
    Run north through the bugs (be sure to shake out your items...) and around the
    corner, or south around the entire floor, if you wish (careful of Claymore
    mines just south of the hallway you enter from). Enter into the elevator. Yet 
    more cutscenes. Sad cutscenes.
    ===Arsenal Gear - Stomach===========
    a.k.a. Azabu-Juban
    Enemies     : None [AD]
    Items       : Medicine [AD]
                  Ration   [VE - Ha]
    After numerous scenes, Raiden will be inside an Arsenal Gear torture room...
    naked. No equipment, no weapons, and even worse, no clothes. There will be
    quick event where you need to hit the Action Button repeatedly to prevent
    Raiden from losing his O2, but this is a short one and you can actually just
    let it go and Raiden shouldn't lose any health.
    There are two items in here. One is a Ration underneath the computer console
    on the left wall. The other is some cold medicine in the locker to the right,
    which you might need since it is rather cold in here and our hero is as naked
    as the day he was born. Next, head right into an adjoining room. Inside you'll
    find a node for the radar. (This is the only area in the game where you'll
    need to log into a node to get the map in [VE], by the way.) Keep going right
    into the next area.
    ===Arsenal Gear - Jejunum===========
    a.k.a. Aoyma Ni-Chome
    Enemies     : 3 [VE], 4 [Ea - Ha]
    Items       : Bandage [AD]
                  Box 5   [AD]
                  Ration  [VE - Ha]
    When you first enter, you'll get a rather...disturbing Codec call. Now before
    you start moving about here, contact the Colonel over the Codec repeatedly.
    He'll give you a good deal of information about your current situation, such
    as you cannot hang or chokehold, and you will sustain a large amount of damage
    since you have no armor. It is in your best interest to stay hidden, as you
    should have been doing throughout the game.
    Watch the guard's pattern and get to the block on the right, then up the
    stairs, at which point you'll get another... strange call. Oh, it's only the
    beginning, ladies and gentlemen. From this point on, you will be constantly
    paged via Codec. Listen to them all you like - a number are actually pretty 
    funny - but it does start to get annoying after a while.
    Once you are thoroughly amused and confused, you want to get over to the left
    balcony. There is a box at the south end that you can hide in. (It's not
    clothes, but it'll have to do; good to hide from the enemy as well.) Be careful
    about going over the bridges connecting the left and right side - they will
    come running if they hear you - use the running roll, as usual. You'll also
    want to be careful about moving while a guard on the lower level has his cone
    pointed at you. If he sees the box move, he'll get curious (yellow) and come
    investigate - move out of the area, ASAP.
    Once you've got the box, make your way north on the left side. When you reach 
    the end, you can go down and get a few items if you want, but it really isn't 
    worth the hassle, in my opinion. Just head left at the top bridge. Once the 
    guard patrolling the walkway leading to the east is at the west side of the 
    balcony, overlooking the main area, move as fast as you can east to the door.
    ===Arsenal Gear - Ascending Colon===
    Enemies     : None [AD]
    Items       : Ration [VE - Ha]
    When you arrive in the... <ahem> colon, go south down the tunnel to find
    another Ration. Now you'll probably wander around for a moment and notice that
    all of the doors are locked. Don't panic when you can't figure out what to
    do. You need to start answering the Codec calls. (Yes, I know, you're probably
    sick of them by now.) Eventually, Rose will come on and speak with you about...
    'her past'. When she's done, Snake will show up...with Raiden's gear.
    Not only does Snake give you your gear back, but he has a present from Olga - 
    the High Frequency Blade. An excellent weapon, once you get used to the
    controls. Listen to Snake explain the controls and practice as much as you can
    with it. Don't take too long or go too to the north, though, or the practice
    will end. And there is one thing you need to do first - knock out Snake. Press
    the Weapon Button to change the blade from the sharp edge to the blunt. (If you
    are going for no kills, you'll have to use the blunt edge to take out enemies,
    but you also don't want to kill Snake or the game will end.) As soon as he is
    out, drag him around and you'll get one of five very special dog tags (one for
    each difficulty). Nice.
    Finish up practicing and Snake will lead you to the next area.
    ===Arsenal Gear - Ileum=============
    Enemies     : A whole lot.
    Items       : None [AD]
    Now it's a just a constant stream of enemies that Raiden and Snake have to
    fight their way through. To be honest, there isn't much I can do for you here.
    First of all, call Otacon - he has some good advice for you.
    On the higher levels, protecting Snake will be the hardest part, as he keeps
    pushing forward. It actually helps if you stay ahead of him and take the brunt
    of the blows. He'll back you up and give you plenty of ammo and Rations.
    My key points of advice are:
    - Use the body armor. It'll save your life.
    - Use Rations if you life goes below 1/2 (as you can always get more from
    - Stay ahead of Snake and be the enemy's primary target, because if he dies,
      the game ends. (And he can't heal himself, like you can.)
    - Take out the guys on the upper levels first - they have deadeye aim and
      prime shooting positions for both of you.
    - When the Tengu soldiers start reflecting you bullets, shoot at their feet.
    - When you reach the end of the tunnel, drop the M4 or AK or whatever and
      break out the sword. You'll tear through those guys with it set on lethal.
    If you're trying for no kills, you have your work cut out for you. You could
    let Snake do all the work, but he'd be dead so fast. Perhaps if you played a
    decoy target... I don't know really. Good luck.
    When you've killed them all, head into the door in the back to next area.
    ===Arsenal Gear - Sigmoid Colon=====
    Enemies     : Far too many to count.
    Items       : Ration [VE - Ha]
    Grab the Ration in the front room and head into the circular room. Again,
    you'll be hit with an onslaught of Tengu soldiers. Same deal as last time
    really, only I _highly_ suggest you use the sword primarily, if not
    exclusively. You'll do much better with the sword, but you'll have to get close
    to them, which means run quickly to get them as soon as possible and try to
    avoid their physical attacks. Again, use the Body Armor and use Rations when
    ===Arsenal Gear - Rectum============
    ---Boss : Metal Gear RAYs-----------
    Enemies     : A score of Metal Gear RAYs
    Items       : Ration          [VE - Ha] [Regenerates]
                  Stinger Missile [AD]      [Regenerates]
    Raiden will be transported to a VR like arena on the roof. Solidus will begin
    to speak with you and you'll be allowed to move about freely. During this
    time, grab the Rations and missiles (if they are there, that is - they only
    seem to appear if you are low on Rations or missiles). When he finishes...
    You want intense? You got it. You're about to face a score of Metal Gear RAYs
    on your own with only your Stinger Missile to do any significant damage. Before
    you do a thing, call Otacon on the Codec to learn a lot about the RAYs and
    tactics to use.
    The key to this battle is to be moving as often as possible and keep actively
    fighting them as much as possible. It seems to me that keeping a constant
    stream of missiles headed towards them seems to be the most effective way to
    keep them from getting at you. If they are reeling from an attack, they
    can't very well hit you, now can they? That isn't all of it, of course. There
    is one important detail to exploit that will win this battle for you.
    Shoot the leg and the RAY will bend down, with it's mouth open, as if
    screeching in pain. At that moment, shoot a missile directly into its mouth,
    causing a good 1/3 - 1/4 off the life bar. 
    Keep doing this, and I mean keep - I want you to constantly move, stop, knock
    him down on his knees, hit the head, deal with any incoming missile attacks
    from the other RAYs, move a bit if needed, and quickly take up the Stinger
    again to set up another attack. If they start to fire their barrage of missiles
    at you and you don't have time for the knee-mouth thing, just shoot one at
    their head to do a small bit of damage. The best defense is a good offense,
    as they say.
    By the way, keeping the Body Armor equipped is a VERY good idea. The missile
    barrages they fire won't outright kill you, but only knock you critical. (Heh.)
    It is in your best interest to not get hit, obviously, but the armor will help
    if you are.
    Dealing with their attacks is a whole other thing. They have several, ranging
    from the incredibly easy to avoid rail gun, to the pain in the rear and huge
    damage causing missiles. When a RAY is standing on the platform, he'll often
    swing down his arm and sweep an arc with his rail gun. To avoid this, simply
    run at a diagonal angle towards the camera and to the left or right. After
    the arc passes you, but before it stops, you'll have a perfect chance to
    set up a knee-mouth deal. Take every chance you get.
    The next attack is the ballistic missiles that RAYs in the background will
    shoot towards you. You'll hear them being launched and there will be a constant
    beeping that gets more rapid as they approach you. Just keep moving in a
    diagonal line and often doing a running roll at the end, you should be able
    to avoid them with out a problem. Granted, this will take a lot of practice,
    but eventually, you'll be able to glide past them with great ease. If you
    work at it, that is, and don't get overwhelmed. This battle is very much
    possible to win and win well.
    The RAY has a few other lesser attacks as well. The most dangerous of which
    is the dual guided missiles from the knees. As soon as you hear or see these
    guys come out, run to the left or right and do constant running rolls to
    avoid them. (Be careful that you don't end up on the crawl position by leaning
    on the A button too much.) As usual, there will be a slight delay in the
    RAY's movement after launching those guys, so take your shot at its knee.
    Another attack is a steady steam of pressurized water. This only happens
    if you get too close to the RAY. It won't cause too much damage, though,
    and it'll last for a good ten seconds or so. His mouth is obviously open,
    so take the shot when you recover.
    Speaking of getting close to RAY, that isn't an entirely bad idea. When you
    are closer, the Stinger missiles reach their target almost instantly and
    you can fire a knee-mouth combo at the RAY on the platform then fire another
    combo at a RAY on the outside ring. Don't ever forget about the guys on
    the outside ring, obviously, and causing damage to them before they get a
    chance to jump on the platform. Just don't get _too_ close to the one on the
    One additional tactic that Otacon suggests is to throw out a Chaff, which
    will not only somewhat blind the RAY, but also cause missile targeting
    systems to miss the target by a long shot. Use opportunities while you are
    running form a barrage of missiles or the rail gun to throw one of them. It'll
    pay off as they leave even more windows for you to do knee-mouth combos.
    This is not an easy battle by any stretch of the imagination. But once you've
    fought it ten times, you'll begin to understand the nuances of it and begin
    to anticipate the RAYs' attacks and find plenty of windows for firing off
    a knee-mouth combo. The biggest thing is to not get discouraged - keep at it.
    Fight it over and over again until you make headway on the mechanics of the
    The fight is obviously easier in the lower difficulties, as you will cause
    more damage, they will cause less, and above all, you will have to kill
    fewer RAYs. I know that there are a certain number of RAYs that must be killed
    before the battle will end, but to be honest, I lost count on [Ha]. It's not
    a big deal though - you shouldn't start becoming desperate once you know that 
    you are near the end and start to make stupid mistakes that will get you
    killed. You have to fight each RAY like it is the very first one and not expect
    the relief come. Concentrate on constantly causing damage and avoiding their
    ===Federal Hall=====================
    ---Boss : Solidus-------------------
    Enemies     : Solidus
    Items       : Ration [x2, VE][x1, Ea - No]
    Some of the most dramatic (and convoluted and, perhaps, somewhat profound)
    scenes in the history of video gaming will commence. There will be another
    button mashing event in there as well, from which it is very possible to die.
    Eventually, Raiden and Solidus will be thrown on the roof of Federal Hall.
    After revelations beyond what you could have possibly imagined for this game,
    you have one last task - to take down Solidus. You will only have one weapon -
    the blade. You'll have all of your items, though.
    When you are finally in control of Raiden, don't start the battle quite yet.
    First, contact Otacon over Codec. Like the last battle, he has numerous
    pieces of advice for you. I'll expound on his points here :
    - Don't try to confront him from his front side. He's twice as good as you
      with the sword and will (almost) always block a frontal assault from your
      sword. What you need to do is get around to his back or side or to take
      advantage of the delay time after he launches certain attacks on you. When he
      throws out his missile arms (when they are green), he leaves himself open for
      attack. Occasionally, you will be able to cause Solidus to stumble and fall
      back. The _second_ he does, you need to rush him and slice at him as much as
      you possibly can. For getting around to his back, use the running roll.
      Often. I cannot stress this enough. When he starts to rush you (either
      running toward you or when he starts using the flame trailing quick dash)
      use the roll to avoid his attack, get around to his other side, and attack
      him viciously. He will usually leave himself wide open after he rushes you.
    - Stay away from Solidus' front when his arms turn green. He'll try to grab you
      and you'll have to do another button mashing event. Hit the Action Button
      and wildly throw the stick to keep your O2 meter up and to get loose,
      respectively. When he is about to throw out his arms, either hang back roll
      to one side and look for an opening to his back to slash at.
    - When Solidus throws his missiles, try to lose them by moving in an arc in
      one direction. Their targeting systems are fairly shoddy, so you should be
      able to avoid them easily, so long as you keep moving. That is one of the
      key points of this battle - KEEP MOVING. Don't stop and try to assault him.
      Wait for him to leave himself open and rush in. Attack and rush out again.
    - Avoid his fire trail. If you catch on fire, use the running roll to put it
    - Solidus has an eye patch on his left eye, from the Harrier attack, which
      means he has a fairly good blind spot over there. When you are rolling to
      avoid one of this attacks or to get behind him, always go for his left
      side. It'll somewhat increase your chances for catching him off guard.
    Good and practical advice that you should heed. Some more advice of my own :
    - Use the Body Armor. It'll greatly reduce the damage should you slip up and
      give Solidus an opening to attack.
    - One of the biggest factors for your success in this battle is your
      proficiency with the blade. If you've been using it as I suggested, you know
      the controls somewhat. But, believe me, you're going to be getting plenty of
      practice here as you fight this battle over and over again. Yes, you will
      die. Horribly and repeatedly. Like the RAY fight, just keep working on it and
      don't get discouraged. It'll take skill.
    - If he is blocking your attacks too much, try to use the thrust (by pushing in
      on the right thumbstick). It reaches beyond his range of attacking you, so 
      you have a decent chance of recovering before he can pull off his counter-
      attack and it should go past his swords. It won't cause much damage, but 
      it'll knock him off base and leave him open for you to rush in and slash at 
    - Most importantly : You've heard the saying that life is a game of inches?
      Well this is a game of millimeters. You have to slowly wear down his life
      gauge, one attack at a time. If you can manage to knock him off balance, by
      all means, try to get in two to three more slashes, so long as you don't
      leave yourself open when he recovers. Most of this battle is a waiting game
      while avoiding his attacks. Wait until he leaves himself open and quickly
      rush him.
    Once you've knocked his life meter down to 1/2, it is a whole other game.
    He'll lose the long arms and begin to constantly fire-dash around the arena.
    You'll lose him and he will rush up to and elbow you in the arm or slash at
    you. Do your best to avoid the fire trails and when he is about to rush to
    you (you'll know it after a while - the camera zooms in on your position), do
    a running roll in his direction. It'll either make him miss (and he may leave
    himself open for attack) or Raiden will kick him the face and knock him down
    (which will deplete Solidus' stun meter, but you won't have a good opening to
    rush him as he is recovering). The fire trails are the biggest thing -
    do_not_run_into_them. It'll deplete your life bar so fast it isn't even funny.
    (And if you are like me, you won't have any Rations left due to the RAY fight
    and there is no Ration on the roof in [Ha].)
    However, there is a system to this. If you can manage to stay close to him
    (let him back you against a wall), he'll stay close to you and do his multi
    slash combos at you. These things are really easy to avoid and he leaves
    himself wide open for a quick thrust. (Use the thrust by pushing in the right
    thumbstick - trying to slash at him normally won't work as he'll just recover
    instantaneously and block your attack, unless you attack him from behind.)
    It is easier to use the thrust unless you have time to run around behind him.
    It'll to a good bit of damage to him and there is a chance that it'll knock
    him off balance for you to slash at him. If you can manage to keep him in
    close to you and not using the quick-dash, you'll have plenty of chances to
    hit him when he leaves himself open to counterattack.
    I'm not going to wish you luck for this battle. It'll take skill. And I hope
    that you take the time to work on it to finish this glorious game. Enjoy the
    ending and I hope you enjoyed this game as much as I did. (Be sure to stick
    around after the credits...)
    IV.   S e c r e t s   /   E x t r a   I n f o
    A.   B e a t i n g   the   G a m e
    After you defeat your final opponent, the credits roll, and you hear the
    cliffhanger after-ending, you'll be shown your stats for the game. They
    include : Rank (based upon an animal), Play Time, Save, Continue, Alert Mode,
    Persons (killed), and Rations (used). Push the B button and you will be given
    a clear code. Write down the code and log on to www.konamijpn.com. Go to the
    Metal Gear Solid 2 section and there is an option in the page to return a
    clear code. Do so and you can log your ranking, which can be compared to all
    others who have returned a clear code.
    ---Special Items-----------------
    Push the B button again and you will be notified if you have obtained any
    new items. The first time you beat the game, the Digital Camera will be
    awarded to you for use in both chapters. Other than that, extra items are
    determined by the number of dog tags you have collected in the chapters.
    (They, and the rest of the items, are chapter specific.) After that, you will
    be asked to save. Obviously, do so. You can use this save start a new game
    (buy using the "Load" option, NOT using the "New Game" option), carrying over
    the special items and dog tags across all of the difficulties. ([VE - Ex] -
    you don't collect tags on [EE]).
    After you have collected all of the dog tags, you will gain access to Konami's
    special website for the game, with a ton of extras. No, I won't give you the
    address, though I'm sure you can find it elsewhere if you really want to know.
    After you have beaten the game once (and there is a save on your hard drive or
    memory card with red text) the difficulty modes Extreme and European Extreme 
    will unlock.
    ---Casting Theater---------------
    Also after beating the game once, the Casting Theater, in which you can view
    seven key story sequences from the main game. You'll also be able to swap out
    characters from their roles and replace them with various other people. Some
    of them make for... interesting possibilities. Fun stuff.
    ---Boss Survival-----------------
    The last major feature that unlocks after completing the main story once is
    a Boss Survival mode, in which you face off against all of the boss fights in
    the game, in order (for reference, that would be : Olga, Fatman, the Harrier,
    Vamp, the RAYs, and Solidus), in various difficulties and at varying starting
    conditions (as in, the items/weapons you start with). Upon completing a round,
    you'll receive a clear code to take to Konami's website.
    Another point of interest is that locations will now be shown in the dog tag
    viewer in the Special menu, even for tags not obtained and even on difficulty
    levels not yet played.
    As a small side note, the main title screen will change from the red shaded
    face of Snake to a blue shaded face of Raiden. To see the original Snake
    again, just let the game sit and replay the opening movie. The original will
    be back.
    Lastly, in an odd quirk, sunglasses may appear on the main character (Snake or
    Raiden) during gameplay and cutscenes after completing the game once. (Some
    people assert you must beat it twice, but I am fairly sure it is only once.)
    The glasses don't appear every time, but appear to be present at random
    B.   E x t r a   I t e m s
    Note : When a number of tags to collect is listed, it refers to the total of
    number of tags possible in the chapter, across all of the difficulties, not
    just one.
       << Entire Game >>
    ---Digital Camera----------------
    Text : Press weapon button to take photographs. Zoom in with O button,
           zoom out with X button.
    Unlocks : After completing the game once.
       << Tanker Chapter >>
    Text : Solid Snake's bandanna. (Infinity) symbol is sewn in.
    Use  : The rounds of ammo in Snake's possession will not deplete so long as
           it is equipped. You will still have to reload a magazine when it is
           empty, though.
    Unlocks : After obtaining about 45 tags in the Tanker.
    Text : Activates when equipped. Can optically deceive enemy, helping you to
    Use  : Makes you completely invisible to enemy sentries. However, it will
           unequip if you bump into a soldier.
    Unlocks : After obtaining about 80 of the tags in the Tanker.
       << Plant Chapter >>
    ---Wig (Brown)-------------------
    Text : Long color hair wig. Equip to wear. Hair whorl is <infinity>-shaped.
    Use  : Infinite ammo. (Reloading is still required, through.)
    Unlocks : After obtaining approximately 1/5 of the tags in the Plant.
    Text : Activates when equipped. Can optically deceive enemy, helping you to
    Use  : Makes you completely invisible to enemy sentries. However, it will
           unequip if you bump into a soldier.
    Unlocks : After obtaining approximately 2/5 of the tags in the Plant.
    ---Wig (Orange)------------------
    Text : Long color hair wig. Equip to wear.
    Use  : Infinite grip.
    Unlocks : After obtaining approximately 3/5 of the tags in the Plant.
    ---Wig (Blue)--------------------
    Text : Long color hair wig. Equip to wear.
    Use  : Infinite 02.
    Unlocks : After obtaining approximately 3/5 of the tags in the Plant.
    V.   M i s s i o n s
    a. I n t r o d u c t i o n   t o   M i s s i o n s
    The return of VR missions. Yay! I LOVED the VR Missions disc released for the
    PSX after Metal Gear Solid (1) and I was quite disappointed there weren't any
    in Sons of Liberty on the PS2.
    Initially, only select sets, using two characters, will be available - Raiden
    VR, Raiden Alternative, Snake VR, and Snake Alternative. New sets will unlock
    as you attain certain percentages in these. Below is a tree of how they are
    subdivided and how each unlocks. ("[...]" denotes something that must be
    unlocked, with the requirments below it.)
    ---+ Raiden
       |---+ VR
       |   |---+ Sneaking Mode
       |   |   |--- Sneaking
       |   |   |--- Eliminate All
       |   |
       |   |---+ Weapon Mode
       |   |   |--- Handgun
       |   |   |--- Assault Rifle
       |   |   |--- C4/Claymore
       |   |   |--- Grenade
       |   |   |--- PSG-1
       |   |   |--- Stinger
       |   |   |--- Nikita
       |   |   |--- High Frequency Blade
       |   |  
       |   |---+ First Person View Mode
       |   |   |--- Control change option
       |   |
       |   |---[Variety Mode]
       |       [Unlocks after completing Sneaking, Weapon, and FPV modes]
       |---+ Alternative
           |--- Bomb Disposal Mode
           |--- Eliminate Mode
           |--- Hold Up Mode
           |--- [Photograph Mode]
                [Unlocks after completing Bomb, Eliminate, and Hold Up modes]
    ---+ [Raiden (Ninja)]
       | [Unlocks after reaching 50% for Raiden's missions]
       |---+ VR
       |   |---+ Sneaking Mode
       |   |   |---Sneaking
       |   |   |---Eliminate All
       |   |
       |   |---+ Weapon Mode
       |   |   |---High Frequency Blade
       |   |
       |   |---+ [Variety Mode]
       |         [Unlocks after completing Sneaking and Weapon modes]
       |---+ Alternative
           |---Bomb Disposal Mode
           |---Eliminate Mode
    ---+ [X Raiden]
       | [Unlocks after reaching 100% for BOTH Raiden and Ninja Raiden]
       |---+ VR
           |---+Streaking Mode
    ---+ Snake
    ---+ [Pliskin]
         [Unlocks after reachin 50% for Snake's missions]
    ---+ ???
    ---+ ???
    In the level listings, successive levels in a category are not available
    until you beat the previous one, starting with level one. After a level is
    cleared it will change to orange colored. But if you manage to get the top
    score, it will be red instead. In the missions list, press the Y button while
    having a mission you attained the top score for and you'll be shown a clear
    code to take to Konami's website. When you have top scores for all missions in
    a category, that category will appear red in the listing, as opposed to the
    usual yellow it turns to when you merely complete all missions in a category;
    this applies to subdirectories and their parent directories as well. There
    aren't any clear codes for directories, though.
    Upon starting a mission, you are given your objective and pertinent information
    such as the time limit and number of enemies/targets. For this reason, the
    exact goal is not explictly stated in the following stratgies - it is expected
    you already know what to do. (And the time limit is only listed for
    verifications purposes, so you can be sure you are looking at the correct
    entry and category.)
    The following stratigies are aimed not at just completing the level, though
    you can use them to do so, but at getting the top score. It helps if you
    familarize yourself with the level by playing it, and exploring it, a couple
    of times before attempting a top score, so you can move as quickly as you need
    to in order follow my directions.
    A.   R a i d e n
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ V R ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                         =========Sneaking Mode===========
    << Level 01 // Time Limit - 2:00 >>
    They don't get much simpler. You have a few seconds before the guard starts
    moving, so the quickest way to do it is to run up the alcove on the left side
    of the hall on the right and wait for the guard to pass you. Run north, around
    the small jutting wall, and to the goal. Shouldn't take you more than ten
    << Level 02 // Time Limit - 2:00 >>
    First flatten against the left side of the left-most wall and move north to
    the edge. Once the guard there turns around, run behind him, through the large
    gap in the northern wall, and to the goal in the upper-right hand corner.
    << Level 03 // Time Limit - 2:20 >>
    Wait for the guard on the left to move, then run up the duct-like opening in
    the wall straight above you. Duck down, and crawl through north, keeping going
    until you have to turn right at the corner, then up the first opening to the
    north (by the time you reach the end, the guard on the left will have left,
    so just crawl out). Wait for the guard on your right to turn around, then run
    right to the goal.
    << Level 04 // Time Limit - 2:20 >>
    Wait for the guard just north of you to turn to your left, the run out to the
    box just northeast of him - he won't be able to see you. Next, run a little
    ways into the alley on the right of the box to lure the guard to the north
    down (he won't be alerted from this distance, just curious). When he comes,
    run around the left side of the box, north of the guard, and past the second
    box on the right. Run right down the alley to the goal.
    << Level 05 // Time Limit - 2:40 >>
    Run _directly_ right of Raiden's starting position and jump over the railing.
    Drop down right next to the guard. Follow him a little ways, staying out of
    his cone of vision, wait until he turns to the south, then quickly run over to
    the right, around the bend, and out of his vision when he turns right. If your
    timing is right, the guard on the right side of the field should have started
    north on his patrol again. Run to the railing and jump over. Just hand-over-
    hand your way left, not stopping at all, and you should make it all the way
    to the end, past both "metal" flooring areas, just before your grip gauge runs
    out and just after the guard turns to the south again. Jump up to the goal.
    << Level 06 // Time Limit - 2:40 >>
    First, hop over the waist-high block on the right. If you do it fast enough,
    the guard won't be at his position above the discolored panel. Run over (be
    quick about it - it disappears once you set foot on it), then roll or run over
    the metal flooring and run down the row to the north. Keep running north until
    there is a small area jutting out right, above an area of railing. You will
    likely have made two guards' cones yellow by now, and they are heading towards
    you, so be quick! Flatten against the platform with the goal on it, and jump
    up on it, then to the goal. (There are safer ways to do this, but this is the
    absolute quickest.)
    << Level 07 // Time Limit - 2:40 >>
    As soon as you can move, run over the locker on the left wall and open it.
    Grab the knocked out guard to the right and pull him over into it, then run
    into the leg north of the locker and wait. If you move fast enough, the guard
    patrolling on the right won't notice you. (And since guards don't wake up
    while in lockers, they won't call more security.) Once the guard turns around,
    you need run up the hall, doing a running roll over the metal flooring, and
    stick close to him until you come to the first hallway right. Turn in and you
    should notice a guard just coming up on the next alley over, but he looks into
    the corner. Run around his left and then down to the path all the way at the
    bottom, that runs left-right. There is a guard in there as well - wait until
    he turns, then run right into the path, and follow him closely (you'll most
    likely make the guard to the left interested, so stick close, but out of his
    cone). When the guard comes to the next corner, by two lockers, stick to his
    left (as he turns to the right), wait for him to turn, then as soon as there
    is gap between his cone and the northern wall, run through and north to the
    << Level 08 // Time Limit - 2:40 >>
    The quickest way to do this one is to start running up the stairs to the north,
    then down the ones further up as soon as you can. Run past the cone of the
    guard on the right (it will make him interested) and just stick the left side
    of the wall in the hallway to the north, under the camera. Stick close to the
    left and go around the guard. Then hold him up - yes, you've got the M9 for
    this one, in case you hadn't noticed. Go in FPV, knock him out, and then you
    should see a second guard come into view to the left, a platform up. Hit him
    in the head with the M9. Run up the stairs to the right, around the block in
    the middle and to the goal.
    << Level 09 // Time Limit - 5:00 >>
    Run into the alcove on the left and grab the box. Wait until the guard to the
    north has just turned his back to you, then run up the alley and down the first
    right and keep running right to the other side of the wall on the north. If
    you did it quick enough, you can make it past both guards without having either
    becoming curious. After that, wait for the guard on the left to turn south -
    run up the wall just north of your position, blocking the guard further north
    from seeing you. Once that guard has turned to the right, run up as fast as
    you can, then slightly left to the goal.
    << Level 10 // Time Limit - 4:00 >>
    Right off, run very quickly down the hall on the left and up the stairs at
    the end (they are the right side, facing towards the camera, so they are a
    little hard to see). And flatten yourself against the small bit of wall just
    south of a second, smaller flight of stairs. From the camera angle, you should
    see a guard at the end of the hall who will soon face and come down towards
    you. Wait until he turns to the south and run up the stairs and right down the
    hall. Be sure to do a running roll across the metal bridge, then head down the
    flight of stairs on the right. From the stairs, right directly to the right,
    jumping over the metal panel, then pause at the structure just to the north.
    Wait for the guard north of you to turn right, then run straight north, through
    the gap in the wall and paneling, around the guard's left and up the stairs
    to the goal.
    ---Eliminate All-----------------
    << Level 01 // Time Limit - 2:00 >>
    Quickly run off to the right and grab the M9. Go down the aisle on the right
    and hide in the alcove on the left. (If you want to get a higher score for
    time, though, knock on the wall just south of the alcove so he goes there right
    off, rather than pausing at the turn. This applies to Sneaking 01, as well.)
    When he passes Raiden, hold him up, shoot him in the head with the M9 (to get
    a no-kill bonus) and run to the upper curve and wait for the goal to appear.
    << Level 02 // Time Limit - 2:00 >>
    This level is so incredibly easy - just take them out with the M9 (already in
    your inventory) from left to right successively as they turn their back to you.
    Not hard at all.
    << Level 03 // Time Limit - 2:20 >>
    Run straight right as soon as you can move and grab the M9. Switch to it, then
    head north to the guard who was just walking away from the M9 and hold him up.
    Knock him out, the run to the guard just north of him, should have his back
    to you at this instant, then back down to the guard in the southwest corner.
    If you are doing this all as quick as you can, you should have a few seconds
    where he is looking south, so you should be able to run up behind him without
    being spotted.
    << Level 04 // Time Limit - 2:20 >>
    Knock on the southern wall of the crate you start off behind to distract the
    guard above. When he starts walking down, run up and grab the M9 that is just
    above where he was standing. Run down the right side of the crate towards him
    and hold up the guard from behind. Quickly switch in and out of FPV to knock
    him in the head with the M9. Then run up the row down the middle - as you reach
    the end, the guard to the right should be facing south. Run over and hold the
    weapon button to hold him up, then knock him out. Go over to the left and the
    guard there should have just turned south. Hit him and run to the goal in the
    northeast corner.
    << Level 05 // Time Limit - 2:40 >>
    The key to doing this one quickly is to use the higher elevations as sniping
    positions with the M9. First run up the alley right of your starting position
    and run to the right to pick it up. You most likely made the guard north of
    the metal floor curious (if not, do so) so that he will come down to look
    around. Hide behind the large wall to the north until he comes off of the
    metal floor and hold him up. Tranq him, then go down to the railing and go into
    FPV. You should see a guard just below your position - hit him in the head then
    turn back to the metal flooring. Cross it, and take up a position near the
    northwest corner. Go into FPV and look straight east to see a guard at the end
    of the aisle. Knock him in the head and run down to his position at the end.
    Go into FPV and take out the two remaining guards, to the south and southeast.
    Get out of FPV and hang over the side of the railing on the right and drop down
    to the goal.
    << Level 06 // Time Limit - 2:40 >>
    Again, use the M9 as a sniping weapon here. Jump up on the waist-high platforms
    to your right to get the M9 on top of one. The hit the two guards to your
    immediate right and further up north. The use the running roll on the platforms
    to move to the right, then north to get the sleeping guard to the west and
    the patrolling one to the east. Jump down, run north to another platform that
    has the goal on top of it.
    << Level 07 // Time Limit - 2:40 >>
    This one is a bit trickier, but if you move quickly, it can fall together
    nicely. First, run down to the locker on the left side - inside is the M9. Then
    rush over behind the guard on the left (he'll most likley be turning in an
    instant) and hold him up. Go into FPV and watch the end of the hall on the
    right - a guard will soon appear. Tranq him and start running around the halls.
    The next two guards to the east are a simple wait-until-they-turn deal, though
    you can rush up on the last guard like you did to the very first one to get
    a better time. Head down the halls to find the goal at the end of the lane.
    << Level 08 // Time Limit - 2:40 >>
    This level is rather large, so it is easier to hit them from a distance again.
    Head over to the right to get the M9, then turn around back left and north up
    the stairs, grab the SOCOM bullets, then down the second flight of stairs. Hug
    the northern wall near the camera and go into FPV. Watch the radar for the
    guard coming south and take him out when he passes you. At this exact moment,
    you should have the other two guards the south-southeast come into your view.
    (Or, if you really want to be quick, pull the right trigger while waiting for
    the first guard to be able to barely see the guard on the ground floor...)
    Snipe them and drop FPV. Run underneath the camera, then north up the stairs
    to the final guard, who should be facing to the left or north in the left
    corner. Holding him up is safest - run around the structure to the goal.
    << Level 09 // Time Limit - 5:00 >>
    Another very quick one. First grab the M9 just north of you and wait for the
    guard up on the left to turn around. Run into the lane, go into FPV and hit
    him in the head. Next, wait for the guard in front of the 'window' to turn away
    and run right past it, which should make the guard further north curious. Go
    down the right alley somewhat and turn around. Pull up FPV and you should see
    the interested guard coming south. Plug him with the M9, then wait for the
    guard who was in front of the window to come back to it. He'll face to the
    right for a moment - hit him now before he turns south and sees you. Run north
    and you'll see the goal. Grab the box of ammo in the upper right corner,
    though, to knock your score up even more than the two seconds you take to get
    it will bring it down.
    << Level 10 // Time Limit - 7:00 >>
    First run to the right and grab the M9. Then stand just left of the dark gray
    crates and face the north hall. Go into FPV and line up a head shot, as guards
    will shortly come into view on both your north and east sides. Hit the guard
    on the north, then turn to the staircase going up to your right. Hit that guard
    and drop FPV. Go up the stairs the guard was on and continue following the path
    until you reach an area with railing. Go into FPV again and look west at a
    guard on the opposite structure. Hit him in the head and turn north. You should
    be able to see a guard in the distance, just above the metal bridge in your
    view. Hit him and drop FPV. Run to the right and down the stairs. Run around
    the floor panels to the northwest and you'll see the cone of the final guard
    on your radar. He should be moving north, providing you are doing this quickly.
    Follow him to where he stops just south of the stairs leading to the goal and
    hold him up. Hit him and wait for his body to disappear at the goal.
                         ===========Weapon Mode===========
    << Level 01 // Time Limit - 1:00 >>
    You point the gun at the target and you shoot. Simple enough. First, though,
    I suggest that you stand on top of the blue area will be goal will appear so
    you attain it right away, rather than having to waste time. Go into FPV. The
    first target appears just left of the 'neutral' starting view, and you should
    actually be automatically taken to it due to lock on. The next is to the left.
    Then two will appear further left. Then three on the platforms in the back
    left. Then three more in the back right.
    << Level 02 // Time Limit - 1:00 >>
    The targets are easy enough to find on this level. Getting a high score comes
    from anticipating their appearance.
    << Level 03 // Time Limit - 1:30 >>
    Same as 02. The fourth set, after the two on the ground, appears in the upper
    right corner, in case you don't see it right away. And, of course, you want
    to hit the last moving sets when the two halves come together, so you can hit
    the red one to blow them all up at once and get a higher combo score. And if
    you can, try to hit multiple sets within a short time period to link the
    combos between sets.
    << Level 04 // Time Limit - 1:30 >>
    The opening text says to use the lock-on feature, but I suggest you use FPV on
    the first couple of sets to snipe them one by one. It is far more accurate and,
    I find, much quicker. The first two sets are easy enough. (Don't forget to use
    the quick reload after these sets.) The last, at the long hall is a bit
    deceptive - hitting the red targets will lower your score, as the text says,
    but it can be difficult to tell them apart, as they are both rather dark. For
    those who can't tell, and the colorblind, in the first pair, hit the right one,
    then the left, then the right. Using the lock-on feature would be good here,
    though, so long as you keep moving forward and stay facing the appropriate
    side, so as not hit the incorrect target.
    << Level 05 // Time Limit - 2:00 >>
    Use FPV on the first set, on top of the blocks, the second, in a line in front
    of you, and finally on the third, which are the four single targets moving
    opposite each other. (Don't go for the red-green lines yet.) Then drop FPV
    and another set of targets should have appeared on the platforms leading around
    to the right. Use the lock-on feature to run foward through the line, taking
    each one out as you go until you reach the other side of the square, in front
    of a long hall. Now you can easily take out the red-green lines - be sure to
    try to chain combos together here! Head up the steps to more bad red-green
    pairs. Using lock-on, hit the left one, then right, then right again, and
    another right. Then run to the goal. (The top score is extermely high here -
    chaining combos on the lines is key.)
    ---Assault Rifle-----------------
    << Level 01 // Time Limit - 1:00 >>
    These levels are pretty straight foward. Shoot the targets as they appear.
    Heading to the goal and shooting from there is advisable again. The only way
    you can increase you score is to be sure you hit the thin green line that runs
    the middle of the targets. In case you hadn't noticed yet, the score you get
    is different depending upon the area you hit - 500 for the green line, 50 for
    the darker green middle, and 10 for the corners.
    << Level 02 // Time Limit - 1:00 >>
    Again, go to the goal first and hit the thin green lines.
    << Level 03 // Time Limit - 1:30 >>
    Same as last time, only you have to move quicker and there are more bad
    red (score lowering) targets. The green targets actually come closer to you,
    so you should have an easier time hitting the middle line.
    << Level 04 // Time Limit - 1:30 >>
    Use lock-on to point at the big green blocks and shoot them. Don't stand
    too close to the red blocks, but be sure to hit them first, as they are
    exploders (not score lowering). Pretty easy, so long as you can move fast.
    << Level 05 // Time Limit - 2:30 >>
    Again, this one is largely up to you. Switch between FPV and lock-on when
    needed (obviously, use FPV for the small plates and lock on for the big blocks
    on the platform above the starting position). To get a higher score, use the
    aiming feature (lightly hold the weapon button so the laser sight shows up,
    but the weapon doesn't fire). The few seconds it takes to line up a 500 point
    shot on the smaller panels is worth more the time bonus you would get from the
    seconds lost. The top score is pretty high, like the handguns, so combos are
    again key when taking out the blocks.
    Note : The C4 is the weapon of choice here. Quicker to set up and more control.
    << Level 01 // Time Limit - 1:00 >>
    Run in a three-quarters circle to grab both boxes of ammo and pull open the
    menu to select the C4. Set the charge a foot or two (in game terms, obviously)
    from the stationary box on the left and run north to the goal. When the moving
    box is close to it (it'll pause very briefly), let loose the charge and go to
    the goal. To get the highest score, you need to do this the first time the
    moving box is going left.
    << Level 02 // Time Limit - 1:00 >>
    Just set 4-5 charges around the outer rim of the block's paths and one in the
    middle for the centre block. Hit the charges when they are closest together
    and head to the goal.
    << Level 03 // Time Limit - 1:30 >>
    Set up two lines of C4 charges - four going across the back one direciton,
    then do a second line of four closer up, but still in longer, back portion of
    the area. Fire when ready.
    << Level 04 // Time Limit - 1:30 >>
    The best way to do this one is to play it a few times and get a feel for the
    direction each block moves in, and note when and where they are grouped
    closest together. So long as you can knock out a lot of blocks with as few
    charges as possible, this one is easy to get a top score one. The first three
    group together very well, the a second set of three northeast, then a lone
    block in the northeast corner, and finally a last set of three to the east.
    << Level 05 // Time Limit - 1:30 >>
    Again, this one is really easy to do quickly if you just place of a C4 so that
    you can take out several blocks at a time. The sets are pretty well divided by
    platform, and they come together rather often. Very easy level.
    Note : The RGB6 is the weapon of choice.
    << Level 01 // Time Limit - 1:00 >>
    Ignore the opening text. Just run up to the goal, collecting the ammo and stop
    at the blue circle. You'll already have the RGB6 out, so just go into FPV and
    get a good arc, then lob a single grenade at the middle of the two blocks so
    that it takes out both.
    << Level 02 // Time Limit - 1:00 >>
    Another easy one. Run over the dark gray platform and jump up on top of it.
    Then go into FPV and lob a grenade at each of the blocks, adjusting the arc
    as needed. Drop FPV, jump off the platform, grab the ammo, and hit the goal.
    << Level 03 // Time Limit - 2:00 >>
    Run over the box of ammo and pull up FPV from that position. Hit the two boxes
    moving just below you and drop FPV. Run up the stairs, past the goal and down
    the long path that goes east all the way the top. Go down the steps and east
    a ways, then pull up FPV and hit the two blocks to the north and two to the
    south. Then run to the goal.
    << Level 04 // Time Limit - 2:30 >>
    First lob one right in the middle when a box appears there - that should set
    off a chain reaction to take out the four running in lines up and down from it.
    Then take a long arc and hit the two at the top when they show their corners
    in the middle portion where it is lower than the rest of the wall. Then go down
    to the two in the corners when the appear in a similar position. Be sure you
    grabbed the ammo and are standing on the goal.
    << Level 05 // Time Limit - 3:00 >>
    This one is a bit harder for me to give directions on. Stand on the upper lip
    of the platform and do your best to combo up blocks, especially some of the
    ones on the west side of the area. The fast moving one in the back is a pain,
    but try for that one before doing the one south/southwest of it, to try and
    combo it, rather than waste time doing both. Don't forget about the two on
    the sides east and west of your platform.
    There isn't much in the way of specific directions I can give you for the PSG1
    levels. To get the top score, you need to play through the level a couple of
    times and remember the exact locations of the targets so you can get to your
    position, take them out, and head to the goal as quickly and with as few shots
    as possible. And, of course, you want to ONLY hit the center bright green, so
    as to greatly boost your score. Always use pentazemin, and zoom in and out
    quickly to get your bearings and move on to the next target.
    << Level 01 // Time Limit - 1:00 >>
    You shooting position should be on the stairs just left of the goal. This one
    is simple, with a little memorization and quick moves on your part.
    << Level 02 // Time Limit - 1:00 >>
    The biggest factor here is how quickly you find each target and move to the
    next, which isn't helped by the fact that two of them move behind pillars,
    effectively putting them out of your range for prolonged periods. Take the
    same shooting position as level one and try for the ones in the middle of
    the structure (the ones that go behind objects) first, and work right to left.
    << Level 03 // Time Limit - 2:00 >>
    This level pretty much require that you do everything perfectly in order to get
    even on the board. First use a running roll down the steps going left and grab
    the drugs there. Quickly pull up your gun, use the pent., and take out all but
    the one on the very right, comboing them whever possible. There are a couple
    of line ups at the very beginning that you NEED to take advantage of to get a
    decent score. In time it should take you to get down on the bottom platform
    quickly, there will be a row of four on the bottom level, right of the center.
    Next, quickly get over to the open area in the middle of the structure, where
    if you zoom in all the way, another four will pass their middle sections in the
    exact same spot in a matter of three seconds. Then get the ones on the top that
    go behind a structure, then the exploding one. Lastly, run up to the goal and
    take out the rest. This is a tough one, but pratice makes perfect, as they say.
    << Level 04 // Time Limit - 2:00 >>
    This one is easier than the last, once you get down where you need to be and
    when. When the level opens, just head over to the goal and take up position
    there. (You'll need to do this quickly, within the span of one pentazemin,
    which you already carry.) Take out some random ones, then head up to the very
    small square-like opening (with only three sides - the top opens up to the sky)
    and three targets should appear there shortly. Then, look down to the bottom
    level at the exploding target. You should watch these for a few rounds before
    attempting for a high score, as they have a very precise instant in which you
    can avoid causing the red "bad" target above them to go of, yet still take out
    four targets at once, which should be equivilant to the time it takes you to
    quickly knock out some of the roaming targets. This level is still tricky, but
    knowing where to be helps immensly.
    << Level 05 // Time Limit - 4:00 >>
    Another very tough one, due largely to the high number of targets, how often
    they go behind pillars, and how spread out they tend to be. Take a position on
    the upper platform, right of the goal from your point of view. Go to the north-
    west side, so that you form a line with the PSG1 ammo and the stairs. First
    take out the two exploding ones on the far left by hitting the one on the top.
    (I can't seem to do these two without also exploding that "bad" target, so I
    do them first, so as to simply negate the points from the exploding targets,
    rather than detract from other targets.) Quickly move to the next tower left
    and there should be an instant where the single green target emerges from the
    field of "bad" targets. QUICKLY move to the next tower right (the one closer
    to you, not the one in the distance) and there will be a moment when four
    targets line up together on the top row of windows. Then take out the one of
    the two (it will appear in the very left window) targets that appear in the
    bottom row of windows in the same building. (If you are quick enough, you can
    take it out before the four line up.) At this point, the exploding target on
    the back right tower will be right under the two panels, and with practice,
    you can take out both panels. Behind the right, you'll find several targets
    bunched together. (If you are precise enough, you can take them out with the
    exploding target, which will greatly speed things up.) Take them out, then
    go to the top and middle row of windows for two more. Last, drop the gun, grab
    the ammo and head down the goal. Be sure to watch the buildings as you are
    running for any that you may have missed, and take position on the goal. The
    last one you should have to get is in the far building, directly north of the
    goal, in the bottom left window. Again, practice and move as fast as possible.
    << Level 01 // Time Limit - 1:00 >>
    Just run up the goal, pull up the Stinger, get a lock on the target, tap the
    stick up so that the missile will shoot into the window and fire. Make sure the
    target lock stays on and that you shoot it _through_ the window and you'll be
    << Level 02 // Time Limit - 2:00 >>
    The targets appear in a very precise order here, so you just have to anticipate
    their appearance. Take the weapon immediately (don't run to the goal first) and
    hit the two north of you. Then look to your right and fire when the two targets
    are about to come together. Look 180 degrees behind you and again wait until
    they come together. Last, two targets will appear to your 2 o'clock and 4
    o'lock at the same height as you. The most important thing here is to move
    quickly so that you have optimal positions on them.
    << Level 03 // Time Limit - 2:00 >>
    Take position at the top of the stairs and use a running roll down when you
    are done. So long as you hit when the three groups when they come together,
    combo-ing them, this one is a cinch.
    << Level 04 // Time Limit - 2:30 >>
    Stand on the goal for this stage. You basically need to manipulate the physics
    of the rockets' targeting systems to shoot for open areas and allow the rocket
    to bend around corners to the targets. It'll take a bit of practice, to judge
    the best time to shoot at each target, but this one is fairly easy.
    << Level 05 // Time Limit - 3:00 >>
    This is pretty much a shoot-em-up as they appear. It is best to move quickly
    and conserve ammo, rather than trying to take out mulitple targets with a
    single shot. The toughest part is when they appear in the long vertical pillars
    on the left - there is one target that will appear low and move towards them,
    though, so try to use that one to combo out the rest.
    << Level 01 // Time Limit - 1:00 >>
    Easy as heck. Run up the goal and pull up the Nikita. Shoot out the gap just
    north of you, and fire. Go through the gap, then turn right and let the rocket
    speed up into the green box.
    << Level 02 // Time Limit - 1:30 >>
    Pretty easy. Run to the goal and fire from there. Just watch the radar for the
    positions of the boxes and use the speed-up on the rocket whenever possible.
    It helps if you play it a few times and can anticipate where they will be.
    << Level 03 // Time Limit - 2:00 >>
    Shooting from the middle step, where you start on, is best. The first can be
    reached by simply sending the rocket up the ramp just north and slightly right
    of your position. The second is just down the bottom of the ramp just north
    and somewhat left of your position. For the last, use the same ramp used on
    the first to go up, then head straight back and to the right somewhat to find
    the ramp the third box is on top of. Just be quick and use the speed-up
    function as often as you can.
    << Level 04 // Time Limit - 2:00 >>
    This level is basically a vertical maze that you need to shoot through. It is
    pretty linear, though, so you just have to explore it a bit to know exactly
    where to go. Obviously, you need to get the target on your first try and use
    the speed-up fuction as often as possible to get the top score. Not too hard.
    << Level 05 // Time Limit - 2:30 >>
    This one... can be a bit of a pain if you don't know where to go. Fire from
    Raiden's starting position and just blow up the two red boxes in front of him
    with one missile. (As you have no points, the don't subtract from you...) Fire
    again and aim it for the small hole in the back left. In this area just head
    for the very back left corner using the speed-up fuction, and then go to the
    right and into the hole on the back corner - doing this should completely
    circumvent any of the obstacles. Follow the corridors until you are shot out
    in front of a large 'double' ramp. Go up both of them with the acceleration,
    and then veer left at the top. Give yourself a bit of room to the north,
    though, as there is a moving red block just left of the top. Go up the ramp
    to the left that head back toward Raiden and get off once you've reached the
    flat area of the ramp. The block is directly northwest, from the rocket's
    point of view. Again, pretty easy.
    ---High Frequency Blade---------
    If you have any profiencey whatsoever with the blade, these are quite easy.
    Just remember that combos are your friend.
                         =====First Person View Mode======
    I personally prefer control setup number three. And note that directions below
    (north, south, etc.) refer to the starting position as facing north.
    << Level 01 // Time Limit - 2:00 >>
    As the opening text says, you ought to use the appropriate weapon for differing
    kinds of targets. Use the SOCOM on the triangles, RGB6 on the crates, and the
    M4 on the long row of squares. ALWAYS aim for the center - the time it takes
    to set up a more precise shot gives far less points than a 500 point shot will.
    Take advantage of the way the portions of a target highlight based on your
    aiming to be more precise, and when you are used to it, speed things up.
    << Level 02 // Time Limit - 4:30 >>
    Start moving foward, grabbing the Claymores on the right, and head down the
    left fork ahead. Jump on top of the box on the left side of the hall to get
    the C4 and go left at the turn. Forget the item straigh ahead, as it doesn't
    give any points, and turn right at the bend. As you can see, there is a guard
    so keep moving foward quickly and grab the M9 on the right side of the hall.
    Equip it, go up behind the guard, who should have paused facing away from you
    by now, and tranq him. Grab the Chaff right of the gray box and go left at the
    corner. Go into north hall and you will see another guard. Tranq him. Move up
    the hall, right at the end of it, then zig-zag north to the goal. Note that all
    this is going on the premise that you are constantly moving foward. - if you
    stop, it is likely the guards will be in inconvienent positions, which will
    slow you down and lower your score.
    << Level 03 // Time Limit - 6:00 >>
    No radar, so you need to be careful to get a sneaking bonus here. Start moving
    foward and go down the hall on the right, grabbing the weapons as you go.
    In hall that turns north, you'll find the M9 on the left side. Equip it and
    slowly go around the corner that goes left - there is a stationary guard on
    the other side of the gray box, who is facing you. Stick to the back wall and
    slowly move over so that his head, but not his eyes, barely appears around the
    side of the box and shoot him. Quickly look down the hall to the right and take
    out the guard moving down it before he turns left out of it. (If it doesn't
    look like you can get a head shot on him quick enough, just shoot his body so
    that he stops and turns around, which will buy you time.) Grab the Chaff that
    is on the other side of the dark gray crate, where the guard was. Move down the
    hall and left at the bend. Look down the hall to the north and you'll see a
    guard on the left side - easy to take out as he doesn't even come close to you.
    Grab the PSG1 opposite the hall you just came in and head north down the hall.
    When you reach the end, face north and back against the wall. Like with the
    guard behind the gray box, slowly inch left and you'll see a guard by the goal
    marking. Go west past the goal mark and south down the hall on the west side.
    Continue going down and turn right down the first right. Slowly inch right,
    facing south, and you will see another guard down the hall. Follow the hall to
    the south, and around the bend to find the last guard to the south. Once he
    is out, run back up the goal the way you came.
    << Level 04 // Time Limit - 8:00 >>
    You can very easily make this thing more complicated than it needs to be, due
    to the darkness, but it can be quite simple. Run up north just past the first
    alcove on the left and pause there. Look to the north, around past the second
    alcove on the left and you should discern a single guard's outline and red
    thermal goggles. Switch the M9 and hit him in the head (aim of the two red
    dots). Move up just past the second alove, but don't go into the area with the
    now-sleeping guard. In a moment, you should see two more red dots move right,
    near the back wall. Hit that guard with the M9. Go back into the second alcove
    and pick up the AK. Head into the 'room' with the guards and go around to the
    left side of the wall in the middle. Note the disappearing panels and move up
    to the first target. Switch to the SOCOM and hit it repeatedly (DO NOT use the
    AK or the other guards here will hear you). Switch back to the M9. Go over to
    the upper right corner of the room and down the hall past the disappearing
    panels. When you come to a T-junction, turn right and on top of the crate next
    to you, you'll find the Thermal goggles. Stay by the crate and look to the left
    path of the junction. On top of the structure with stairs, you should see a
    guard on the right, behind a waist-high platform, and another guard at the
    top of the stairs on the left. Hit them both and turn back to the crate. To
    the northeast is a hallway north - take it around and pause when it turns you
    to the left. Put on the Thermal goggles and look left to see another guard.
    Hit him with the M9 and you can move freely here. The two targets are on top
    of the structure with the two guards you tranqed, and in the northwest corner
    near the third guard. Go up the stairs on the right, though, and grab the PSG1
    and Night Vision goggles. From here, shoot at the target WITH A SILENCED WEAPON
    on the structure with the two guards, then go down the steps near the third.
    There is one more guard here, though - go to the west until you come to a hall
    north. Go down it slowly, looking west, and when you reach the top, you will
    see him standing by the target, most likely looking away from you. Hit him with
    the M9 and move on the target. Once you've taken it out, go around south to
    the other side of the wall and follow the path to the goal. Now, all you need
    to do is do this in a matter of two and a half minutes, using as little ammo
    as possible, to get the high score. ^^
    << Level 05 // Time Limit - 25:00 >>
    This is a very large area, so do your best to follow my directions to the
    letter. Ground rules : leave Sensor A equipped and do not fire a weapon that
    does not have a silencer. From your starting position head north to the waist
    high platform and grab the pentazemin. Turn left and hop up on the platform
    with the PSG1-T. Staying up on this platform, turn north and equip the PSG1-T.
    Take out four guards - one in the main hallway directly north of you, one in
    the 'building' to the right (near where you can see the PSG1), one in the
    building to the left of the main hall (through the bottom row of 'windows'),
    and one more on the roof of the building on the left. They don't stay in your
    range very long and are pretty spread out, so unequip the PSG1-T after you hit
    one and use your normal FPV to look around for when one comes into view. Once
    that is done, you have a fair amount of freedom. Fall off the structure you
    are on, moving foward. On a dark gray platform to your north and slighly west
    you'll find the M9. Grab it and head into the building on your left. Once you
    enter the doorway, turn to the left and head along the southern wall of the
    structure to find the first bomb on the wall of a 'window'. Turn around out
    of the building and head back to where you got the M9. Enter the building that
    was on your right while sniping and go into the northeast corner, past the
    very long staircase up that was directly east of the M9 platform. Run through
    to the back right corner, picking up whatever weapons you can quickly get as
    you go, and head up ONE flights of stairs in the back. When you reach the
    landing, go over to the 'window' and hop on top of the waist-high platform.
    Fall down and the second bomb will just to your right. Continue going west
    (away from the stairs you just came up) and fall down another level. Go foward
    into the hall, turn left when you can and re-enter the building you just went
    through, only go back to the very long staircase I told you to avoid eariler
    and go up it. At the top, follow the path the way around the open area in the
    middle, grabbing the SOCOM ammo as you pass, and pause at the opening to the
    building that was on your left when your sniping. Inside is another guard in
    plain view. Hit him with the M9, but don't go in yet. Turn back to the open
    area you just went around, and turn right down the short leg of the path to
    find the third bomb stuck to the wall. Turn around and go into the building
    with the guard you just knocked out. Head to the back-left corner of the
    building and you'll find some SOCOM ammo on top of some gray crates. To the
    right of the ammo, on the back wall, is an opening to a T-junction, with stairs
    going down to the left, and stairs going up to the right.  Go right up the
    stairs to the top of the building. When you emerge, turn to the right and head
    around the dark gray "U" that surronds the stairs you came up. Go up the short
    stairs on one side of them and turn left. Use the running roll to go over to
    the dark gray block just below you, grab the RGB6, and spray the last bomb from
    there. (If you can't roll over, don't worry - just get as close to the tall
    light blue pillar (with the bomb) from the south side of the dark gray box
    and just spray it from there. You should be able to reach it. Getting it will
    boost your points, though.) Whew.
                         ==========Variety Mode===========
    << Level 01 // Time Limit - 2:00 >>
    The course is pretty self-explanatory - you just need to do the right thing for
    the right obstacle and move as fast as you can. After the first two mines, the
    crawlspace, and the first dark gray block, I suggest you right from the second
    gray structure if you are going for a score and following the path off to the
    left if you just want to make it through it. To go right, you'll need to use
    the running roll across the chasam to the next pillar, which is pretty easy
    as they have barriers set up to prevent you from going too far. Follow the
    blocks around up the stairs and at the top, you have to roll again to the next
    structure to the right, minding the mines. After that, you need to roll north
    into the background to the winding path below, again timing it correctly with
    the mines' movement. Follow the path and drop down to the final area over the
    << Level 02 // Time Limit - 2:30 >>
    The key to this one is using the lock-on feature on the first set of targets,
    but it is again pretty straight forward. Take the same path I directed you in
    in level one, but don't shoot at the targets in the larger area to the north
    until you reach the PSG1. Though, I wouldn't use the PSG1 to hit the targets -
    the SOCOM can be much quicker. I'd just suggest you use this location to shoot
    from. You may be tempted to use lock-on in the large area, but getting combo
    bonuses is the only way you are going to get close to the top score, which are
    FAR easier to set up in FPV with the SOCOM.
    << Level 03 // Time Limit - 2:30 >>
    This is an... interesting level. (I didn't even know this function existed in
    the game until this level... Though I must say, I do find it useful in certain
    areas of the main game, like Strut D or the Engine Room.) Getting used to it,
    especially with these unrealistic heights, will take some doing, but once you
    do it, it is easy enough to find a path around to the goal. For the high score,
    though, you need to take the long plank running north-south that is just below
    the tower you start on all the way to the end and drop unto the small west-east
    bar just below it. It is just _barely_ possible to reach it before your grip
    gauge runs out, and this will most certainly take a lot of practice, but it is
    the absolute quickest way to do it, and likely the only way to get the points.
    << Level 04 // Time Limit - 3:00 >>
    There isn't a whole lot of instruction I can give you on this one - you need to
    take the guards as quickly as possible, and most certainly keep them away from
    'Meryl'. The best time to hit them is when they peak around corners, but it
    can be hard to keep track of them all, and you don't want to waste time waiting
    for them to appear. Do your best to keep on one, rather than wildly shooting at
    a guard, missing, then just scanning around for anybody.
    << Level 05 // Time Limit - 6:00 >>
    First of all, switch weapons to the M9. Head north down the hall and right at
    the bend. Pause just inside the hallway before it opens up and go into FPV. (Do
    not go into the open area just yet!) Look to the top of the structure on the
    right side of the open area and you should see the outline and red dots of a
    guard. After he is out, pull on both triggers so that you stand up above the
    walls and look to the north/northwest. On the left side of the pillar on the
    structure, a patrolling guard will go forward and back by the opening - hit him
    with the M9. Head into the open area, but continue going right into another
    hallway along the south side of the area. Grab the items as you go through it
    and pause in the shallow, but long, alcove on the right side of the hallway
    going north-south, just by the stairs going up. Go into FPV and look at the
    opening on the structure to the left, not where the stairs go up to, but
    further up north and you should see another guard to take out. Go up the stairs
    to the left and go around to the north side of 'roof'. Equip the Thermals you
    should have picked up right of the stairs and look down the alley to the north-
    east. You should see a guard moving in a left-right patrol. He only appears in
    your field of vision briefly, so be careful about aiming - it'd actually be
    best to use the PSG1-T which you should have picked up in the southern hall
    for the last guard on top of the roof, and this one down the hall. When he is
    out, head in his direction and down the hall in the back right. Follow it until
    you come to two disappearing panels. Go just barely around the wall on the
    right and look to the right at the final guard. Take him out at your lesiure
    and keep going right to find the goal at the end.
    << Level 06 // Time Limit - 3:00 >>
    As soon as you can move RUN to the right and hop up the stairs as fast as you
    can. Do a running roll off of the top and pause south of the long pillar
    between you and another Gurlugon. Wait for him to start flaing his arms about
    (and consequently his head, as he does a kind of roar thing and looks up at
    the sky, not towards you) and run around the corner north, pausing at the
    corner-like wall that has a west and north side, inside of it so that the guard
    to your left and north cannot see you. Wait a very quick second until the guard
    to the north starts doing a roar and run all the way down the row to the "T"
    like structure down at the left. Back agains the wall and watch the guard's
    feet - when he starts moving right, RUN to the right and up the stairs. Go
    into the 'building' and head into the back, towards the window, then go up a
    second flight of stairs on your right. When you get to the top, RUN across the
    floor to the doorway on the left door and pause for about three seconds. (If
    you are timing this correctly, the clock should be at about 2:02 when you
    go out, and the guard to the north should still be looking to your right, and
    another guard southwest of your (the player's) camera angle will have just
    turned away.) Run out the doorway and up the stairs to the roof. Just RUN as
    fast as you can across the roof, doing a running roll when you reach the gap
    between rooftops, and run into the goal.
    << Level 07 // Zako Survival // Time Limit - 20:00 >>
    Here, you basically fight four battles in a row, with the same equipment,
    items, health, and time elasped transfering between them. To be perfectly
    honest here, don't even try for the no-kill bonus - trying to knock them out
    will take more time points away from you than the bonus will give. The main
    thing is to move as fast as you can and conserve ammo when possible.
    Raiden vs. Solider : Easy as it gets. Grab all of the items, including the
    Ration which is on top of the crates on the far bottom right, then take out
    the guard with a jump-out shot or hide behind the waist-high block and snipe
    Raiden vs. Soliders : Now it starts to getting real. Grab the items to the left
    and then take a position behind the waist-high platform on the left side and
    go into FPV. Take out the two assualt-gear guards with shots to the head (don't
    waste shots going after their shields), then go for the guard on the left side
    of the catwalk above 'their' side, then the guard in the window on the the
    back wall. If you do this quickly enough, you can get them all before they
    cause any serious problems for you. There are only two more guards left after
    this, so make the rounds of the area and grab all of the items, taking out the
    other two guards at your lesiure.
    Raiden vs. Soliders and Tengus : As soon as it opens, pull out the blade and
    wait a moment near your starting position, holding the Y button to block any
    gunfire. In a moment, two Tengus will drop in right above your staring point,
    so slice them up, then head to the northeast, as a normal guard will emerge
    from the hole on right side of 'your' area. Holding the Y button as you move
    in on him, slice him up and return to the area where you fought the Tengus, as
    more are on their way. Once it appears that they have stopped, grab what ammo
    you can and just start sniping at the remaining guards using everything from
    the SOCOM, to the PSG1, to the AK, as you run out of ammo (and, of course,
    explore the area to find as much as you can, as some of it regenerates). Be
    wary, though, as after about a few minutes, two guards, if you have not taken
    them out, will come over on your side - use the sword again.
    Raiden vs. Gurlugon : As soon as you can move, run foward, towards the monster,
    grabbing the Stinger and whatever ammo you can find, then head back to open
    area towards you (the player). Now, the trick to this battle involves two
    things - avoiding the paralyzing circles he spews out and hitting various
    parts of his body with the Stinger to scatter him, revealing several shrinking
    targets inside of his body, which you must then hit with either the PSG1 or
    AK (the PSG1 being preferred for accuracy over speed). Avoiding the paralyze
    breath is easy enough once you get it down - he will roar when he is about to
    let it out, so be somewhere other than where you were when he started roaring.
    Think back to the Fortune 'fight' on higher difficulties when you have to just
    run back and forth along the back wall, to bait her to fire in one direction as
    you are moving in another - the same principle applies here. The targets are
    also easy enough once you know about them, and easy to see once his body is
    scattered, except for his left (left from your perspective) leg, where it is
    in his knee, but it is hard to see from directly south of him. As usual,
    practice will be very advantageous to you in both completing it and getting the
    top score.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A L T E R N A T I V E~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                         =======Bomb Disposal Mode========
    The biggest factor in these levels is time, so getting to the bombs as quickly
    as possible is key in getting a high score, which is what I will focus on,
    rather than step-by-step with each and every guard (as I presume you are
    capable of handling them).
    << Level 01 // Time Limit - 7:00 >>
    Tranq the guard and head into the room to the north (that the President was
    kept in during SoL). Head into the northwest corner of the room and go under
    the string of pipes to a small area with what appears to be an air conditioning
    unit on the ground. Look at the top of the north wall, above the air unit, left
    of the pipes, but right of the very small box on the top of the crates and you
    will see the first bomb. Defuse it and head back down the hall where you took
    down the guard. Go all the way down into the southeast corner, being careful
    about the guard below when going south past the staircase. When the guard
    patrolling the southern wall turns, pull the triggers to get high up and tranq
    both guards in the area below. Walk through the area and pause on the stairs
    at the left side. A guard in the small hall on the left side will emerge in a
    matter of seconds - either wait for him to turn back into the hall and run up
    behind him, or if you are quick enough, you can just run up the stairs and into
    the hall before he turns (which you'll likely need to do to get the top score).
    There are two more guards to the north, but rather than take them out, stay
    inside of the small hallway with the now-sleeping guard, so that they cannot
    see you from their hall. Look south at the crates just outside the door and
    you will see the second bomb.
    << Level 02 // Time Limit - 10:00 >>
    Just run into the room to the north and the first bomb is on top of first
    locker from the left on the north wall. Run out into the main engine room and
    once the guard just below you has turned south and jump over the railing and
    drop down two levels. (It'll take down your health greatly, but health isn't
    a factor in score - time is.) Run to the south and the guard patrolling down
    there should have just turned to the right - hold him up and tranq him. Go over
    to the middle section and follow the path south around it. When you get to
    the bottom of the stairs, note the guard in the 'red' hallway. When he turns
    to start going to the north, run up the short set of stairs and go around the
    right side of the larger set of stairs. Look through the lattice work and down
    in the gap between the floor you are standing on and the next section over to
    see the second bomb.
    << Level 03 // Time Limit - 15:00 >>
    Run into the torture room to your left and go down the bathroom area in the
    lower right-hand corner. Look in the sink just right of the door for the first
    bomb. Go back through the room you started in and through the right door into
    Jejunum. Now that you actually have weapons (as well as clothes...), it is a
    simple matter to take out all of the guards with the M9 - make your way to the
    upper catwalk, the right side. Keep moving north until you reach the second
    metal bridge that connects the two sides. Go out halfway on it and go into
    FPV. Look to the right side of the room, and at the bottom of the catwalk that
    goes further north - you'll see the second bomb stuck to the small wall. After
    it is out, head north along the catwalk and into the Ascending Colon. When you
    enter, pull up the Coolant and look at the left side of the doorway you just
    came through to see the final bomb. (Note that to get the high score, you need
    to not even bother taking out the guards, to save ammo and time, and just keep
    moving from one bomb to the other. The guards are pretty easy to get around,
    though, so it shouldn't be a problem once you know where to go. Be sure to use
    the running roll over the gap in the catwalk on the right side, too, rather
    than going around.)
    << Level 04 // Time Limit - 20:00 >>
    This one is... interesting. First off all, there are two bombs on the guards
    sitting on the stairs. Run into the small alcove right of the stairs and just
    spray them with the Coolant, which will knock out the bombs and keep the guards
    occupied. When the bombs are out, drop the Coolant, run back to the stairwell
    you started in and in into the door to Deck A, crew's quarters before they can
    call in. Hitting the guard in the right hall with the M9 as needed, go into the
    small room on the south side of the area and open the bottom locker on the left
    wall to find the next bomb. Go back up the right hall into the lounge, where
    you started. The guards will be sitting back down as though nothing happened,
    but now they won't explode when you tranq them with the M9 ^^. Head up the 
    stairs into the LEFT door to Deck B. When you enter, don't even bother with the
    guard north of you and just start running to the south. When you reach the
    southern-most horizontal hallway, go into FPV and watch the other end of the
    hall for the guard to emerge. Tranq him and head down the hall. The next bomb
    is in the very small alcove just north of where the guard should be laying,
    attached to the souther wall. Backtrack through the floor, tranq the guard who
    was just north of you when you first entered, and go up the stairs just north
    of him  in the northwest corner to Deck C. When you enter, look down the long
    hallway and hit the guard. Then run up to Deck D. Watch the radar for when the
    two guard in the room to your left turn to the left and pause for a moment.
    When they pause, run into the room and tranq them both. Finally, go into the
    small kitchen area and look inside the curved sides the hanging frying pans to
    see the last bomb. (To get the high score, it'd be best if you didn't tranq
    the guards on C and D, but just ran through.)
    << Level 05 // Time Limit - 25:00 >>
    This one is actually rather easy - it is quick to do and there are a couple
    of places to pick up excellent ammo bonuses. You start on Strut B - just run
    right into the main hallway and tranq the guard with the M9, then wait until
    the guard in the room on the right goes past the door to get him. Go in and
    go up all the way north. The first bomb is stuck on the ceiling above the
    locker where it was in SoL. Go through the door to the north and grab the
    Book in the middle locker on the north wall. Go out the north door to the BC
    Bridge. Just tranq the guard then run over to the railing and hold the triggers
    to reach up and use the SOCOM on the cypher, which should be going north
    below the bridge. Run across the bridge, grabbing the PSG1 which is hidden on
    the short leg that used to lead to the Shell 1 Core. The bomb here is attached
    to the wall of Strut C, just right of the door leading off the bridge. On C,
    stand north of the plants and look down the main hall - tranq the guard who
    will appear. Run just into the women's bath, in the small entrance enclosure.
    The bomb here is on the right wall, towards the top. Go north and into the
    dining room. Hit the guard and go under the northern horizontal table to find
    the PSG1-T. (There is a Ration under a table too, but don't bother - no points
    and a waste of time.) Run out to the CD Bridge, where there is a single, very
    easy guard. Hit him and run down the first steps on the right . The bomb is
    attached to the outside railing on the lower level. It is on the second small
    pole from the "bottom" (towards Strut C). Stand by the first pole and spray
    from there. Then run across the bridge and into D. Just tranq the two guards
    on the upper level and run over to the door to the Shell 1-2 Bridge. Go up the
    steps onto the platform and pause right of the door. Look right and up on the
    ceiling you will find the final bomb. Simple.
                         =========Eliminate Mode==========
    << Level 01 // Time Limit - 2:30 >>
    This one is really easy to do very quickly and smoothly, but hard to get the
    top score. Just run out onto the bridge, pull up FPV looking across it, hit
    the two guards on the top, then run down onto the stairs on the right and
    hit the two guards on the bottom level. Then run across the upper portion of
    the bridge, get the ammo, jump over the railing to the lower level, get the
    M9 ammo, and run to the goal in the alcove on the lower level to the north.
    But you have to do all of this in one fluid motion to get the high score,
    without killing, without being seen, and using only one bullet per guard.
    << Level 02 // Time Limit - 2:30 >>
    A very simple one, but you again need to move as fast as you can to get the
    top score. If you are quick enough with the first guard, you can stand at
    the ends of the halls opposite the other two guards and get a shot off before
    the start moving towards you. (They will most likely becoming interested in
    you, though, and start coming towards you faster. Be quick about it.)
    << Level 03 // Time Limit - 2:30 >>
    This one is a bit easier on you time-wise, as it possible to take out all four
    guards VERY quickly. Run into the doorway, hit the one guy on the bridge (in
    the head, with one shot, of course...), then the guy on the upper catwalk
    (where the sniper usually is in SoL), then the guy on the heliport above. Last,
    come back down the bridge and watch the far stairwell for a moment for the
    final guard. Run across the bridge to the goal.
    << Level 04 // Time Limit - 2:30 >>
    Since you only have the AK, and it takes too long to punch out guards, forget
    the no-kill bonus (but NOT the sneaking) and just do head shots with as few
    bullets as possible. The best place to stand for the first three is just
    below the yellow structure that is directly southeast of where you start. Hit
    the guard on the left, then the one walking towards you, then wait for the
    guy coming from the right. Drop FPV and run south - here it'd be best to use
    the lock-on (Y button) and hit him while you are running down. At the end, run
    east to the goal. Again, speed and stealth are key.
    << Level 05 // Time Limit - 3:00 >>
    The easiest way to do this one is to just run down the steps on the right as
    soon as it opens and drop a stun right in the middle of the three guards
    ignoring the whole stealth thing. Same deal for the guy in the computer room.
    << Level 06 // Time Limit - 5:00 >>
    Do you really need instruction on this one? You have five targets and six
    rounds in your M9. Easy level.
    << Level 07 // Time Limit - 5:00 >>
    Again, this should be pretty self-explanatory. Hold-ups and making guards
    suspicious are useful here, as you have get close to them. One key to getting
    the top score is to finish off the two in right leg of the area quickly enough
    so that you can get down the steps to the lower area on the bottom before the
    guard starts coming back to the right, so you can run behind him and wait below
    the stairs for the next guard to the left. (Roll down the steps, if needed,
    and hide behind the structure below the vents.)
    << Level 08 // Time Limit - 5:00 >>
    The neck guards on the high-tech soldiers makes sniping them in FPV a bit of a
    pain, but it can be done - just get them to face your or pull the triggers
    while behind one. Here, quickly run out behind the guard walking away from you
    and hold him up. Pull the triggers to get above the guard and hit him, then
    snipe the guard on the left aisle. Next, toss a stun grenade down into the
    bottom level, over the railing, which will take out two of them. For the last,
    jump over the railing and he will be heading towards you - drop the last stun
    in a position you can manipulate him to stay in (by offering yourself as a 
    target). Grab the M9 ammo just north of the goal (behind some boxes).
    << Level 09 // Time Limit - 5:00 >>
    Alright, this one can be tough, but you can also make it really easy. First,
    use the M9 to get the first Tengu just north of you as he is on the right side
    of the block in the middle. Then pull up the PSG1-T (T! it is silent) and hit
    the two guards you can see straight down on the right (on the ground floor,
    that is - not above you). Now, go into about half-way down the area and
    deliberatly let the guard on the right catwalk see you. All of the guard will
    convinently jump to your position - drop a stun or two right in the middle of
    them as they are shooting at you. Once they are all out, run down the left
    side of the bottom floor, grabbing the ammo, up the stairs on the left, grab
    the M4 at the top, then to the goal on the right lane of the catwalk.
    << Level 10 // Time Limit - 5:00 >>
    This one is a bit hard to direct you on - there are a lot of ways you can go
    about doing this. I'd say you disregard the no-kill bonus and try to maintain
    stealth throughout the whole thing, taking out guards with hold-ups and
    sniping (with the silent, non-leathal ones) for the most part, openly attacking
    only when you run out of ammo for more covert methods.
                         ==========Hold Up Mode===========
    << Level 01 - 04 >>
    Could not be simpler. If you need direction on these, even to get a top score,
    you're a lost cause.
    << Level 05 // Time Limit - 3:00 >>
    Now you need to think a bit, but not by much. Pick up the books. Run into the
    transformer room before the guards moving down the hall on the left get close
    enough to become interested. Inside, hold up the guard who should have just
    come from the short horiziontal walkway and is facing west. Cartwheel down the
    steps and hold up the guy who should be walking east, on the bottom level. Run
    up the steps and hold up the two in the hallway, who should still be facing
    south, below the door. Run to the goal.
    << Level 06 // Time Limit - 3:00 >>
    Wait until the man closest to you turns back down the hall to the north. As
    soon as he does, run up and position yourself so that you hold up both of the
    guards who are there now at the same time. Run around the big hole in the
    middle and hold up the guard who is now at the end of the hallway opposite
    the one you just came up, which leads to the stairs down to the bottom level.
    But DON'T take the stairs. Run back down to the 'hole' and leap over the
    railing just above the man in the northwest corner. Wait until he walks out
    from under you and drop down. Hold him up, then run right and grab the guy
    there. Run back to the goal.
    << Level 07 // Time Limit - 3:00 >>
    Simple level, but you've got to move quick. When the level starts up, you've
    got a matter of seconds to run right and take out the guard just above you.
    Then run back left and you can easily hit the guard you'll pass, as he should
    be starting at the wall. Keeping going up and hit the guard coming out of the
    passageway into the white hall as he is facing east. Wait for the guard at the
    top to turn around, hit him, and run back to the goal.
    << Level 08 // Time Limit - 3:00 >>
    The easiest thing to do here is to stay on the bottom and lure all of the
    guards on the top down to the lower level, and take out the guards on the
    lower level while the ones on top are coming down (don't just stand around
    wasting time!).
    << Level 09 // Time Limit - 3:00 >>
    Run around the right perimeter of the gray boxes and hit the lone guy who
    should leave himself an opening when he faces north. Then hit the two walking
    back-to-back, which should attract the attention of another guard to the left.
    Wait south of a box until he passes you, then go behind the last guy walking
    to the south. Quick and dirty.
    << Level 10 // Time Limit - 3:00 >>
    No radar. Bah - who needs it? As soon as the level starts run out into the
    hall on the right and go up and hit the guard there before he turns. Run north
    into the room that normally holds the President (just run - no one will spot
    you) and you should see the distortion of a man using stealth towards the
    northwest. Run out of the room and just run down the steps to the south down
    to the lower level. Go left, staying above the structure below the vents, and
    hit a man stealth standing on the other side of the structure. Then, run to
    the left and hit a normal guard who should be facing left. (Mind you - you're
    doing this as fast as possible, without looking and such - trust me, you can
    go unseen.) Go left, up the stairs and run into the room that normally has the
    security cameras - there is another guard using stealth at the right side of
    it. Next, run around the vertical hallway making the single guard (the normal
    one - there is another in stealth which I'll get to in a second) 'interested'
    in you, causing him to come down to the south end of the hall. Hide in the
    short hallway on the left side and wait a matter of seconds until you can move
    up beside him unseen. Last, stay barely outside the stealth guard's FOV and
    run straight up behind him when he turns.
    NOTE ON 10: Now, that is the _absolute_ fastest way I can find to do the level.
    There is no quicker way to do it without being spotted - you cannot make the
    guard you have to make interested move any faster without it taking longer or
    being spotted, and you can't run up on him before doing the guard in the small
    room (and you've have to run back anyway, taking more time)... Yet I still
    cannot get a higher than 17162 on it. I see no way in which to get 1,000 more
    points (there's no ammo on the stage and you _cannot_ do this faster). If
    someone knows something I don't on how to get the top score, by all means,
    let me know!
                         =========Photograph Mode=========
    On the Photograph levels, you are judged on how well you captured the original
    image as well as timing. Three stars is the highest 'rating' for the photos
    and required for the top score.
    << Level 01 // 5:00 >>
    The Easter Island statue is on top of the locker on the far right wall.
    << Level 02 // 5:00 >>
    The pose is that of a guard falling leaping down onto the ground to look at
    one of the books, in case you cannot figure it out. As soon as the level
    starts, you need to run up all the way north and drop the book in the corner.
    The guard will see you and become interested, so run all the way back down to
    your starting position and wait for the other guard to leap up. The hardest
    part of getting three stars is the centering of the photo and how closely it
    matches the exact arm positions of the guard.
    << Level 03 // 5:00 >>
    The "!" isn't of a normal alert, but that of the guard seeing something out
    of the ordinary such as a bullet hole in the glass window, being hit with the
    M9, or seeing Raiden from a distance. This one is hard, as you have to switch
    to the camera extremely quickly if you are going to shoot him. The eaiest way
    I've found is to knock on the wall so that he comes down to face right down
    the hall Raiden's in, and having the exclamation mark appear when he sees
    Raiden further down. Three stars are achieved from exactly centering the "!".
    << Level 04 // 5:00 >>
    By stars, they mean the things that circle a knock-out guard's head, not
    actual stars in the sky. Three stars comes from centering them and zooming in
    so that they dominate the picture.
    << Level 05 // 5:00 >>
    The ghost is the normal-looking guard patrolling east-west on bottom floor of
    the area, just below Raiden, actually. He doesn't produce a FOV cone and
    cannot see Raiden. Three starts is from simply getting most (not necessarily
    all) of him in the photo.
    << Level 06 // 5:00 >>
    Run up to the next room on the right. Shoot out the light with the USP and the
    ghost will appear and move left, out of the room. Thee stars are from centering
    his torso.
    A.   R a i d e n  ( N i n j a )
    Coming very soon. No, really.
    A.   X  R a i d e n
    << Level 01 // Time Limit - 2:30 >>
    Heh. Streaking mode. Uh, get through the stages without any of the guards
    seeing your, er... shame. Note that if you continue, you will stay on the
    same level (as in, not having to completely re-do it, like the Zako Survival)
    but any time spent doing the stage will still be counted against you!
    << 01 - 01 >>
    Knock on the wall just left of the starting position, hide in the left alcove
    for him to pass, then you can grab the box or run to the goal - not getting
    the box is quicker, but it can be useful. I'm going to go on the assumption
    you don't get it, as you want the top score. (The box will appear on
    subsequent levels, but it really isn't necessary.)
    << 01 - 02 >>
    Wait a split-second for the guard on your immediate right to get against the
    north wall so that he won't see you and run past him into the northern lane.
    Cartwheel into the guard moving left and run to the goal.
    << 01 - 03 >>
    Cartwheel into the guard directly north of the starting postion, then run
    north-northwest and cartwheel into the next guard, who should have moved north.
    Run right to the goal.
    << 01 - 04 >>
    As the opening text says, there is a way through. Knock on the bottom of the
    block near you to distract the guard close to you. Run up inbetween the two
    square structures, then turn right at the path, then run to the goal. The
    guards should open up a path (turn away) for you to slip through.
    << 01 - 05 >>
    Run up the stairs, go around the path, and run down the stairs (don't cart-
    wheel, as you'd be seen). Wait until the guard turns and cartwheel into him.
    Go north-northwest and either run around or cartwheel into the guard there. Go
    up the steps and go right around the structure and into the goal.
    Heh. Damn exhibitionist. (Yes, that is in refrence to his pose at the end.)
                       Further VR Missions will be coming soon.
    VI.   S n a k e ' s   T a l e s
    a.   I n t r o d u c t i o n   t o   T a l e s
    Snake's Tales are fictional side stories into various situations in the game's
    enviroments, usually types of things that you have already encountered in the
    main story, such as defusing bombs and the story boss fights. The stories
    clearly fictional even within the game's world as it takes characters from
    Sons of Liberty and puts them in different kinds of positions, so they aren't
    really meant as back-story on Snake or anything.
    The focus of the Tales is gameplay - there are no new movies or story
    sequences, outside of pages of text that act as interludes between sections of
    gameplay within the stories. The pages of text are the only opportunity, other
    than upon completing a tale, you have to save, which you can do by pushing the
    Codec button while viewing the text. If try to Codec during a mission, it will
    pop up with a synopsis of the last text you read, as well as giving you
    concise directions on what you need to do.
    The emphasis within the gameplay is on stealth. True stealth, as you don't have
    the radar as a crutch, and must rely on what you see, hear, and feel, as well
    as the tools at your disposal, to get you through. (And actually use all of
    those nifty little tricks and camera angles they built into the game, that most
    likely went to waste in SoL.) You do have one very good tool from the outset in
    all the Tales - the AP Sensor. Keep it equipped whenever you don't have to have
    another accessory equipped.
    Just so you know, the difficulty for the Tales seems to be set around [Ha].
    Also, enemies don't drop items (or dog tags), when dragged or held up, so
    don't bother. As the difficulty is on [Ha], there is a fairly good chance that
    they suddenly make a grab for their weapon and send out an alert. Hold ups can
    be useful in the Tales, but be sure to take down the guard ASAP.
    Upon completing a Tale, you'll get play results similar to the ending of game
    proper and be asked to save your data. Load the save and, the episode, along
    with any others you have completed will be shown orange in the list and will be
    marked on successive save files made with that save data by having the letter
    of the tale attached to it.
    Lastly, if you replay an episode you have beaten, there will be an added
    starting condition - the M9, if not already in inventory at start. The weapon
    can then be used to complete the tale to stun, not kill, which will result in
    a better ending.
    A.   A   W r o n g d o i n g
    The opening storyline runs pretty generically : extremists have seized the
    Big Shell and are holding the President hostage. Snake, inserted at Strut A, is
    to make contact with Ames, in Strut F.
    ===Strut A Roof==================
    Enemies     : 1
    Items       : Ration
    Starting conditions : No weapons, AP Sensor, Cigs, Scope
    You start on the roof of Strut A. There is a single guard up here, but you
    don't have your radar, so you can't easily tell much of anything. The guard is
    in the lower left hand corner (from the player's perspective, of course) near
    the door. What I suggest you do is run over to the crates on the lower left as
    soon as you can, and flatten yourself against the two-block high portion on the
    bottom (facing to the right, not downward, where the guard will be walking).
    When flattened, you should see him easily. Wait until he passes you and run up
    behind him and grab him in a chokehold and kill him. (Or pull him enough to
    knock him out - your choice.) After that, grab the Ration on top of the blue 
    crates and you're done on the roof. Head in the left-most door down.
    ===Strut A Pump Room=============
    Enemies     : 3
    Items       : Box 4
    The two guards in the cubicle area and they don't follow the patrol paths used 
    in the main story - don't rely on what you know about enemy patterns/locations 
    from Sons of Liberty. Anyway, if you came in the left door, as I suggested, go 
    on down the stairs, flatten against the wall. Stop at the bottom and from the 
    camera angle down the hall, you'll see one of the guards patterns, as he walks 
    into the aisle below the cubicle regularly. You should also notice, from the AP 
    sensor and light moving on the ground, that the second guard patrols the aisle 
    just on the other side of the staircase.
    To take out the left-most guard, run over to the lockers just below the
    stairs (you shouldn't have to worry about being see, so long as you don't
    go too far right). Open the left-most locker and leave it open. Go around the
    open door and bang any wall. As soon as you do, the guard, no matter his
    position in his patrol, will hear you and come investigate. Quick run over 
    into the open locker, being careful NOT to shut it, but also not to stick out
    at all and wait for him to come over. He should be looking in the small alcove
    formed by the stairs and the open locker door, which will leave him blind to
    his sides. Run out, around, and grab him. Stuff him in the locker, just be
    For the second guard, wait for him to leave the bottom aisle and hide behind
    the north-south leg of the cubicle wall shaped like an L. As you now have a
    bird's eye view of the area, it should be fairly easy to watch his pattern and
    determine a good time to run up and grab him.
    The final guard is in the pump room to the south. It isn't really necessary
    that you go in there, but you probably should, as the Box inside will be
    useful. Assuming you want useful things, equip the AP sensor and stand by the
    door (with it closed). Every once in a while, it'll slowly build up, then pulse 
    rapidly, then slow down. The rapid is when the guard is right next to door,
    and the slowing down is him walking away to south, east of the mass of pipes.
    As soon as it starts slowing, run into the room and along the eastern wall
    until  you can grab him from behind. Once that is done, you can move with
    impunity.  Mind that the security camera is active in the northwestern corner,
    Crawl under the pipes the same way you did to get to the bomb in the main
    story. The box is past the red pipe, while a Ration may be found south of
    it. Once that is done, head out to the right-hand door to the FA bridge.
    ===FA Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : 1
    Items       : Stun Grenades
    Head down to the door, flattening yourself against the wall, and peak out
    onto the bridge to get a feel for the guard's movement pattern, as well as
    the positions of the cyphers.
    The best way to go here is to move straight across the top of the bridge. (If
    you are feeling adventurous, you could try for the box of Stun Grenades, which
    is in the alcove directly below where you enter the bridge from, but I hardly
    use them anyway.) Making good use of FPV and the excellent overhead view
    you get of the bridge while walking across it, use the box to slowly move
    forward. Mind the guard and the cypher that will go below your field of vision
    in the overhead view. Not too tough.
    ===Strut F Warehouse=============
    Enemies     : 4
    Items       : Book
                  Chaff Grenades
                  Stun Grenades
                  USP Bullets
                  USP Suppressor
    Assuming you enter from the top, run right into the room just to the right of 
    the entrance. You'll notice that there is guard walking around the top side - 
    he can't see you. Watch his extremely simple pattern from the other side of the 
    crates and grab him. Check the locker for a Book and stuff the guard inside.
    Head into the hall and watch the man in the central corridor. As he reports
    in, it isn't wise to take him out. Watch his pattern and run to the room on the 
    right. There is some USP ammo here, which you can't get yet, and an air duct.
    Crawl through the duct around and exit it (no fear of being spotted here).
    Run into the room just north of the duct - there is another air duct with a
    Claymore mine at the end of it. Wait for the guard to go to the southern
    corridor and run into upper area of the main room.
    First run into the small room that is just north of the path you took up, left
    of the small balcony over the stairs going to the lower area. In one of the
    lockers you'll find a box of Stun Grenades. Minding the reporting guard to
    the south, run over west to the upper room on the other side to meet up with
    Ames. More pages of text. You'll get some items as well - the USP, Coolant
    spray, Sensor A, and Level 1 card.
    To finish up Strut F, head down to the room on the west wall and run inside,
    from the south. Note that there is a IR trap here - crawl underneath and into
    the air duct on the left wall to find some Chaff.
    Next, head back around to the north and head down the staircase, past the door 
    to the EF bridge. Back against the left side and go down to the end of the 
    white wall, before it gives way to the metal railing. From here, you can easily 
    observe the third guard patrolling the bottom area (holding the right 
    thumbstick to the left to get a better view). Wait until he is heading south 
    and then run over to the blue crates just southwest of the stairs and wait for 
    him to come back and head south again. Run up and grab him.
    Head down to the two rooms on the bottom area. In the left one, break down
    the locked locker on the left wall to find a Ration, then crawl through the
    duct on the south wall to the room on the right. Inside you'll find Box 4.
    Hop over the boxes and head up to the upper level. There is one last guard in 
    the large room on the north wall, but there isn't anything in there other than 
    the guard anyway, so don't bother. When you are ready, head out to the EF
    As a side note, there is a USP Suppressor here on the bottom level, on top of 
    the crates in the lower right-hand corner, as you probably noticed. But the
    only way to get at it is to clear out Strut E enough so you have the freedom
    of movement to grab a box and use the loading dock, which seems quite
    impossible your first time through.
    ===EF Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : None (except three armed cyphers)
    Items       : None
    At this point you have a choice, as mentioned in the text after you found
    Ames. You can either go to Strut E and face Fatman or go to the Core and help
    the hostages. If you decide to help the hostages, continue reading with the
    Shell 1 Core area below. If you pick Fatman, skip the marked areas below to
    the Strut E area below.
    Either way you go, you have to deal with the cyphers first. You can either
    throw a chaff or use the USP to take them out.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    ---Route 1-----------------------
    ===Shell 1 Core 1F===============
    Enemies     : 2
    Items       : Chaff Grenades
                  Directional Microphone
                  USP Bullets
    If you decide to save the hostages first, you'll start in the small hall on
    1F of the Core; the hostages are on B1, same place as in the main story. To
    start with, flatten against the northern hall (the security camera that was
    in the short hall in SoL is not here) and look up into the hall the left -
    two cameras, but no guards patrolling. HOWEVER, don't shoot out the cameras
    just yet - there is a guard in the small leg of the hall leading to the room
    on the south side. Flatten against the western wall and walk down to see him.
    He doesn't move, so you'll have to make him move - knock against the wall and
    quickly drop into a box. When he sees nothing, he'll turn around. You have to
    _quickly_ drop the box and run up behind him. Grabbing him would take too long,
    so use the USP to hold him up, then drop the gun and grab him from behind.
    (Don't shoot him - there is another guard patrolling on the other side of the
    small room.)
    Go into the small room and start searching lockers. The second from the left
    on the bottom has the Directional Microphone. The fourth from the left has
    some more Chaff. There is a locked locker at the top left, but there isn't
    anything in it, so don't bother.
    Next, deal with the guard on the left side. Equip the AP Sensor and stand 
    next to the door, without opening it. Note the increase and decreasing
    detections, and when it starts decreasing, run out and hold up/grab the guard
    from behind. Now head down the left hall to the elevator (no guards/cameras
    are near the elevator). There are some USP bullets in the small hall off the 
    left, by the way. Go down to B1. (You can go to B2, but there are level 2
    doors blocking the small room you enter from, so don't bother.)
    ---Route 1-----------------------
    ===Shell 1 Core B1===============
    Enemies     : 3
    Items       : Chaff Grenades
                  Stun Grenades
    If you left the AP Sensor on, you'll note that there is a guard very near
    your position when the elevator doors open. Use FPV, standing next to the
    control pad, and look out of the doors. You should see a man patrolling up
    and down the hall. On his return path, though, he walks past the elevator into
    the small room on the right side of the floor. So, when he passes you at
    the elevator, either run behind him then, or wait until he returns to walk
    past the elevator again and run behind him.
    In the small room, you can find some Stun Grenades. Next, head over the lounge
    on the left side. There are two more guards within. As you may or may not have
    noticed, you don't have to worry about the biometrics on the door this time,
    so feel free to knock out the guards. Use the trick with an open locker that
    you used back in Strut A to bring both of the guards from their positions in
    the lounge. (Of course, hide or drag one of them, so the other doesn't see
    him.) In the lounge, you can find a ration in the lower left-hand corner
    (below the left-most table), but nothing in any of the lockers.
    When ready, head into the B1 Hall.
    ---Route 1-----------------------
    ===Shell 1 Core B1 Hall==========
    Enemies     : 2
    Items       : M9 Bullets
                  USP Bullets
    This sequence, as you should gather from the text interlude, is very similar
    to the search for Ames in this room from SoL. You need to listen to the 
    hostages, listening for the electronic sound of someone pushing keypads on
    their cellphone. Jennifer is obviously female, brown hair with a short skirt.
    Her legs tend to be, uh, in an awkward position. (Jennifer was in SoL, in case
    you never noticed.) Oh, and your AP Sensor will be going wild in here, by the
    way, so it won't do you much good. I'd actually suggest you use the box to
    move around anyway. Her position will be random, so I can't offer you specific
    directions. You should know how to watch for the guards by now anyway, and you
    get a nice overhead view of the area.
    There are various items strewn about that you might as well get if you are
    close, but I wouldn't dally too long around here risking getting caught just
    for them.
    Once you've contacted her, there will be another text interlude and you'll be
    booted out of the conference room. Apparently, there is a bomb on board.
    Jennifer gave you a level 2 card, so why don't we go look behind the level 2
    doors on B2? Run up to the elevator and go in. (Mind that the guards are
    back and one is still doing his patrol past the elevator - go quickly.)
    ---Route 1-----------------------
    ===Shell 1 Core B2===============
    Enemies     : 1
    Items       : Bandage
    Head through the left door, and back yourself against the south wall. Stop at
    the end of the first set of stairs. You should notice, with the AP Sensor
    another fade in/out from a patrolling guard. Go down the second set and wait
    at the end, against the wall. You should see the guard easy enough, but don't
    act just yet - there is a second guard doing another left-right patrol, but
    over a greater distance, who you'll only see occasionally. The best thing to
    do is wait until the guard roaming is heading down the hall on the left, while
    the guard in the northern hall has his back to you. Rush down and hold up or
    grab the roaming guard.
    There is another guard doing a left-right patrol at the bottom end of the
    floor. He should be a bit easier to sneak up on, as there isn't a second guard
    that near him, other than the one in the computer room (which actually does
    look right out the window, so I would suggest crouching while passing by him).
    Assuming you end up in the left hall, head down and come around to the entrance
    to the computer room. The overhead view of the room should clearly show the
    guard on the right side of the middle bay of computers. He is stationary and
    has a very simple left-down viewing pattern, so it should be easy enough for
    you to either shoot him from a distance with the M9 or to sneak up with the
    box and get close enough to him to either hold him up or grab him.
    After the guards are done, equip the Sensor A and look for the bomb in the
    computer room - it is underneath the middle bay of computers, attached to the
    bottom of the table.
    If you feel like getting items, there is a Book on the left side of the hall,
    in an alcove above the lockers, and a bandage in the southern-most locker in
    the right hall.
    When you are done, head back to the elevator and go to 1F. There will be a
    short text interlude once you go up in the elevator. From here on, continue
    over to Strut E. The catwalk from the Shell 1 Core is mostly likely out on the
    EF, so I would highly suggest taking out the cyphers with the USP. (Then
    back against one of the railings and slowly walk across, staying flat.)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    ---Route 1 and 2-----------------
    ===Strut E Parcel Room===========
    Enemies     : 3
    Items       : Book
                  Box 5
    Moving around in here is a rather large pain, as there are three guards
    patrolling close together and three security cameras, making movement the
    boxes impossible without a chaff in effect. (Ugh! How useful that suppressor
    would be here...) And you can't really move out of the small area by the door
    without being spotted. My best advice, actually is to toss out a Stun and just
    run out guns blazing and head for the roof as quickly as possible, taking out
    the single guard on the right, so he doesn't shoot you as you run up the
    After you have beaten this episode, though, and have the M9, it is much easier
    to clear the room, and you can even do a couple things. First of all, once you
    enter the room, the guard on the left will instantly see you (and become
    curious, not alerted) and come investigate. It may take some practice, but 
    go into FPV and aim the M9 at him as soon as possible. After that, drop into
    a box and move a little ways into the room, so as you can have the overhead
    view and see where the reporting guard on the left is facing. (He reports in
    when he is facing away from you, so go in then.) Note his pattern, and knock
    him out with the M9. He's right under a camera, though, so you need to quickly
    whip out the USP and take out that camera, on the pylon just west/northwest of
    the door. There is another camera above the loading dock (where you use the
    boxes to travel, to the left, so take that one out too. There is a guard in
    here, but he shouldn't hear you. The final guard is easy to take out by 
    waiting in the alley all the way on the right.
    As the guard isn't reporting in now, though, you need to move quick if you
    want to pick up some stuff. First run up past the staircase on the right and
    you will see Box 5 on a platform. Jump up and grab it, then run down to the
    loading dock and use Box 5 to get down to the small room. Inside is a Ration.
    If you want, now, you could use Box 4 to get to the SOCOM Suppressor back in
    Strut F, but you don't really need it from here on.
    ===Strut E Heliport==============
    ---Boss : Fatman-----------------
    First, run along the lower catwalk all the way around to find a box of
    Claymores in the back left. Then, head up the stairs and you'll be taken to
    more text. Afterwards, a boss fight against Fatman will commence - for tactics
    and tips, see the Fatman fight in walkthrough for the main story. (The
    difficulty for this fight, as with the rest of the Tales, appears to set at
    about [Ha], as mentioned earlier.)
    The ending text is different, depending upon whether or not you take on Fatman
    first. Obviously, one is a very BAD ending, while the other... is kind of
    ambiguous. However, after you complete the episode once, and have the M9, you
    can use it to merely stun Fatman, rather than kill him, which will lead to
    the true 'good' ending.
    B.   B i g   S h e l l   E v i l
    This time, Hal's sister, Emma, is working at the Big Shell as a programmer,
    where there appears to be some... trouble. (This one is actually pretty
    humorous. Hehe.) You start on the Heliport.
    ===Strut E Heliport==============
    Enemies     : 3
    Items       : None
    Starting conditions : USP (16 rounds), AP Sensor, Cigs, Scope
    First thing's first - you need to get off of the heliport. Run around to the
    north side of the Harrier, just west of the cockpit, and go into FPV. You
    should soon note two guards patrolling the roof. In a few moments, you should
    see both head off to the right side (from Snake's PoV facing south, left) of
    the heliport. Run down the side of the heliport south and pause south of the
    barrels. There is a guard coming up from the east. Wait until you see him on-
    screen and go around the opposite side of the shelves he passes. Head for the
    stairs down.
    If you are timing this right, you should just miss the guard who is patrolling
    the catwalk around the strut. Hurry down and head right around the path to
    go into Strut E.
    ===Strut E Parcel Room===========
    Enemies     : 3
    Items       : Box 5
                  M9 Bullets
                  Stun Grenades
    Go down the first flight and back yourself against the wall on the left side
    of the second flight down. Slowly go down a ways and take a look at the flash
    light of the guard who is patrolling, but not the one reporting in, from the
    other side of the wall, from the 'corner view'. As you'll note, he doesn't
    look to the right, so you can risk going against the flat wall that runs
    east-west, but just know that you have between the time that his light leaves
    to the time just before the other guard sends his report before he turns back
    to look south. So, when he turns, run out and hold him up (but don't fire!).
    Drop your weapon and grab him from behind and pull him back to the staircase.
    Do the deed and hide his body at the top.
    Now, you want that box you should have just seen on top of the platform. But,
    there is another guard just west of it, as you should have noted. (You should
    also have noted that there are no security cameras here, unlike A Wrongdoing.)
    Step out into the room, so that you have an overhead view and watch his
    pattern. He never turns right, so just waltz up and grab the box. He doesn't
    look south either, so you should be able to grab the box of Stuns underneath
    the belt just below him. Once that is done, just leave him be.
    Go over on the right side of the cardboard boxes in the middle and go into FPV.
    Pull both triggers to stand up a bit, and look east. You should see a single
    stationary guard with a very simple, but quick movement. Note that he keeps
    his back to the alley to the north. Watch the reporting guard to the north for
    a moment, and you should see that you have just enough time to crawl past him.
    Do so, wait for him to turn north and go down to the guard south. Watch him
    for a moment and when he turns slightly south, hold him up, and then grab him
    to take care of him silently.
    Now that you have a bit more freedom, head down the staircase on the left side
    and crawl down into the duct in the small room, bottom left-hand corner to
    find a Ration. If you want, you can use the box to jump onto the platform on
    the south side of the belt to get into the locked small room, but there is only
    some M9 ammo, which won't help you your first time through.
    The door to the EF Bridge is locked, so sneak up on the reporting guard and 
    hold him up to get past him to the door to the DE Bridge in the back. When
    you do, there will be a text interlude.
    ===DE Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : 2 (and a sniper)
    Items       : Stun Grenades
                  USP Bullets
    Both guards here stay on the bottom of the bridge, but if you watch the far
    end of the bridge from the alcove, you'll see the far guard comes up every
    once in a while. Wait until he comes up, then down, and go out onto the bridge
    to get the overhead view. You should see the guard below you on the bottom
    portion of the bridge moving away. Hang over the bottom/left railing and drop
    down on top of some ammo.
    Duck down and watch the guards. You have two options with the guard close to
    you - wait until the far guard goes up on top, then either shoot him with the
    USP (the other one shouldn't hear) or rush him from behind when he starts to
    walk away from your position. After the first one is out, it'd be best to use
    the USP to snipe the other guard from a bit of a distance.
    Last, there is a sniper on the roof of Strut E. Again, it'd be best if you
    took him out by using the USP in FPV. Go on up and take the upper door into
    Strut D.
    ===Strut D Sediment Pool=========
    Enemies     : 3
    Items       : Bandage
                  USP Bullets
    As soon as you enter, crouch down. There are two guards on top, one of which
    is going to shortly come down from the north, patrolling along the northeastern
    portion of the upper floor. Once he passes, stand back up and wait until the
    guard that patrols the bottom is in the far back, near the stairs. In FPV,
    take out the two on top, being careful the other, who reports in, doesn't hear.
    After that, you are fairly free to move about. Grab the Bandage just below
    the door you came in, the Ration in the center portion, and finally the USP
    ammo below the door to the CD Bridge, which is where you exit.
    ===CD Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : 2
    Items       : None
    First off, take out the security camera above the door right off. Don't worry
    about the noise - there is a guard just outside, but if you do it as soon as
    you come out here, he is far away enough that he won't hear. The best thing to
    do here is to rush and hold up the guard at the far end as soon as he comes
    halfway down the bridge and turns, as the guard closest to you will have just
    gone down and will be down long enough for you to do this. Watch the guards
    for a few minutes, peeking out of the door, then exit to Strut D and return to
    reset their patterns. Enter Strut C.
    ===Strut C Dining Hall===========
    Enemies     : 1
    Items       : M9
                  Stun Grenade
                  USP Bullets
    Back against the wall to the left and go down far enough to go into corner
    view of the hall to the south. In a moment, you'll see guard come down close
    to you. Stay against the wall until he turns, then run up and hold him up.
    Grab him and drag him into the first door on the north side. Choke him and go
    up to the pantry Stillman was hiding inside in SoL. If you knock on the door,
    you'll hear a girl gasp. Hit the Action Button while facing the pantry and
    there will be a text interlude. Save.
    After flipping through the pages, there will be a shooting event. About five
    guards will assault the room. I suggest you head down to the right side of
    the table, below the pantry and go into FPV. They're wearing heavy armor, so
    you'll need head shots. There will be two guard at the door to the south (they
    will open the door - you can't, and shouldn't anyway), then one will move into
    the dining hall on the left, and almost right after that, two more will open
    the door to the south. Crouch behind the table after the first two and take
    out the second pair at the door, then go after the one in the hall, from the
    same position. Another text interlude will open after they are all down.
    A Ration will be added to your inventory after the text (and you most likely
    ought to use it), and there is another underneath the horizontal table in the
    dining hall. There aren't any more guards in here, so just grab it and head
    out the door down to the rest rooms. Raid the stalls to find a few items,
    including the M9. When done, head out the southern door to the BC bridge.
    ===BC Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : 1
    Items       : Chaff Grenades
    Back against the southern wall and take a look out onto the bridge in corner
    view. You should see a single reporting guard and a single gun-less cypher.
    Simply wait until the guard is at the far end of the bridge and snipe the
    cypher with the USP. Then hit the guard with the M9 after he reports in. Rush
    down onto the bridge, grab the Chaff on the destroyed bridge to the Shell 1
    Core, then go down to the door to Strut B.
    ===Strut B Transformer Room======
    Enemies     : None (at first)
    Items       : Ration
                  USP Bullets [x2]
    Check the lockers for items then head into the very bloodied up transformer
    room. Go down to the node on the bottom level, at the southern portion of the
    room and log into it (grabbing the bullets next to it first). Another text
    As soon as you've read all of the text, you need to move _RIGHT_ away. There
    is a guard approaching your position down the alley on the right who will see
    you through the wire meshing. Just run up the stairs below you, and up the.
    path on the left (careful not to open the door, as there is a guard just on
    the other side). Then head out the door to the north, past the lockers, and
    onto the BC Bridge. (Don't even waste time looking around. If you move quickly
    no one will see you.)
    Now you need to backtrack to Strut F. On the BC Bridge, wait for the guard to
    come down once, then go back up the middle. At this point, the cypher should
    come up on your left - take it out with the USP, then kill/tranq the guard.
    On B, wait on one of the short walls between the door to the rest room and
    the main hallway for the guard to come down. He will pause for a moment at the
    end of the hall, then come down a bit further, still facing south - this is
    when you hold him up. The Stuns have regenerated in the right bathroom, if you
    want them. There is another guard in the dining area, but there is nothing in
    there, so don't bother head out the CD Bridge.
    On the bridge, wait for the guard close to you to go down, then use the M9 on
    the far guard. When you get close to the other end, toss a Chaff to deal with
    the security camera inside the alcove then head into D.
    You can easily hit the two guards on the top level from your position here, so
    do so and merely wait for the guy on the bottom to come up, report in, then
    go down. Rush over to the door to the DE Bridge.
    From this side of the bridge, you have position on the sniper, so do him in
    with the M9 first when the guard at the far end goes down. Then wait for the
    guard at the far end to return and tranq him. Head across the bridge.
    On E, stay in the corner and go into FPV. Look east down the row and you'll see
    the guard at the other end - hit him with the M9. Then watch the reporting
    guard close to you and either crawl past him and go down the right side of
    the room, or hit the guard directly south of you to use the loading platform.
    Jump up on it, and fall into Box 5 to get into the small room below and find
    some M9 ammunition. When you return, the guards you took out will have returned
    to their normal positions, but it is easy enough to get past the guard on the
    right - he leaves plenty of time, when he faces north, for you to drop the
    box, jump down, and run to the EF Bridge.
    ===EF Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : 3 cyphers and a sniper
    Items       : Chaff Grenades
    This one's easy. Throw a chaff and run across the bridge to Strut E. The
    chaff will take care of the cyphers, though the sniper on the roof will see
    you. Fortunately, the chaff will have killed his radio, which he'll fidget
    with for a moment. When you enter, there will be a text interlude.
    ===Strut F Warehouse=============
    Enemies     : 4
    Items       : Claymore [x2]
                  M9 Bullets
                  Stun Grenades [x3]
                  USP Bullets [x2]
                  USP Suppressor
    As the text states, you cannot be spotted until you find Emma or the mission
    is over. Period.
    Once you are in control, you need to immediately move - there is a guard
    coming up the stairs on the right just run left, then south down the main
    hall and run into the room on the left, where you can pick up some ammo and
    a Ration.
    Stand near the door so that it opens and switch to FPV. You should see a 
    single guard patrolling around the top level; he also comes up the row that
    points straight south of the room you are in, so you have to careful to close
    the door if you see him start coming towards you. Once he goes somewhere out
    of the way, hit him with the M9.
    Exit the room so that you have the overhead view, but stay close to the wall
    or corner. You can see the reporting guard, on the lower level, easily and the
    the guard I warned you about at the beginning should make a brief appearance
    in the main hall to the north. When he comes, waits, then turns around, run up
    and hold him up and take him out. (I'd pull him into one of the rooms too, but
    I'm overly cautious.)
    Now that you have free range of movement, raid the rooms. In the one on the top
    right, you'll find Claymores and Rations. The middle right one has Emma in it,
    but hold off for now. The bottom right has some Stuns, while the bottom left
    has a single box of M9 ammo. The middle left is locked. (Just be careful
    about moving in front of the below reporting guard's direction. He may very
    well see you from down there. Use the boxes and only move where he is not
    The bottom is a bit more tense, as you need to keep the guard alive to raid
    the rooms down there, as he reports with a very short interval. Watch him for
    a moment, and note that he doesn't look in the northwest corner. Go over to
    the railing there and drop down. Run into the door just north of you. There is
    one last guard inside, so stick to the wall just right of you. He'll point his
    light down in the corner, but if you are against the wall, he won't see. He
    then walks north a little - run up behind him then. Collect the Ration, M4, and
    oodles of ammo.
    Go back out into the main room and watch the guard - when he is as far right
    as he goes, run down to the two rooms at the southern end of the area. The
    left one is locked, but the right isn't. It appears empty, but crouch down and
    look underneath the two metal cabinets to the right. You'll find the USP
    Getting back up is a bit harder, but go behind the large crates just south of
    the guard and watch his light. Right after he reports in, he head as far left
    as he ever goes and stands there for a moment. Use this time to run around to
    the other side of boxes left of him and run up the stairs. If you are done
    grabbing items head back to Emma's room and there will be some more text.
    You now have to lead Emma up to Strut D. Fun. Leave Emma in the room for a
    minute and go out onto the main floor. All of the guards are back! Fun!
    (Note the sarcasm.) Now that you know the guards patterns, the two on top at
    least, should be easy enough to dispatch. The problem is the reporting guy
    below. Like when going up the stairs, wait until he reports in, then turns to
    the left to take Emma up the catwalk. Go out to the EF Bridge.
    ===EF Connecting Bridge==========
    More backtracking. Throw another chaff on EF, but you need to take everything
    out this time - snipe the sniper and use your newly acquired M4 on the cyphers.
    Lead Emma across to Strut E. (Note that the Chaff Grenades near the door are
    back, and that there is some M4 ammo in the balcony by the Shell 1 Core, though
    you can't go in the Core. The bridge doesn't fall away too! Yay for the little
    things.) When you enter E, more text. Save.
    ===Strut E Parcel Room===========
    Another fire fight. Against a whole lot of guards. The one and only way to
    get out of this event is to exit through the door straight left of you to the
    DE bridge. Note that leaving without Emma would be a BAD thing and would lead
    to BAD events. There are a couple of ways you could go about this, but the
    easiest and more direct distance between two paths is a straight line - just
    fire the M4 at the first batch of guards, drop the weapon, and grab Emma for
    as a long as you can. When you get hit again, pull out the M4, fire away (going
    into FPV is actually best, so you can aim for the head and the guard have a
    tendency to hide behind things and pop out, so you don't want to waste ammo
    here). When you aren't being hit anymore, drop the weapon, grab Emma, and so
    on until you reach the door. Throwing down some Claymores in the back corner
    where you start can be useful, as well, but don't bother dropping them when
    you are moving done the lane - they won't come that far down it, but wait at
    the end and fire from there.
    When you get out, another text interlude. Save.
    ===Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge===
    ---Boss : Harrier----------------
    You'll be taken straight out of the flames into the fire. For a full strategy
    on the Harrier fight, see the main walkthrough. Don't forget that you can
    skip the animations - if you have played through Sons of Liberty and done this
    fight, you should be able to anticipate what is going to happen, and skipping
    the cutscenes will buy you some time.
    After shooting down the Harrier, there will be a final text interlude. So long
    as you defeat the boss, this is the 'middle' ending. (The bad ending being if
    you leave Emma behind during the fire fight in Strut E.) It seems as though
    there is another, better ending, and something to do with the file, but I
    haven't gotten it yet. I'll play through a couple more times to try and find
    it. (If you do know, DON'T EMAIL IT TO ME. I wish to figure it out myself.)
    C.   C o n f i d e n t i a l   L e g a c y
    A small South American country has managed to get ahold of a new type of Metal
    Gear. The US Marines went into steal it, only to have the cargo tanker hi-
    jacked by Gurlukovich's forces. And, somehow, a certain... somebody... is
    ===Aft Deck=====================
    Enemies     : 3
    Items       : None
    Starting conditions : USP (16 rounds), AP Sensor, Cigs
    You'll obviously be able to see the guard just in front of you moving left.
    Run down a bit and wait for him to pass you. Then quickly run up behind him,
    hold him up, drop your weapon, and grab him from behind. Once he is out, go
    back down to the wire rolls on the left and crouch down. Using the overhead
    view, watch for the guard who goes up and down the stairs on the left. When he
    just comes down and starts to head back, run up behind him and hold him up.
    There is one more guard, up on the catwalk overlooking the main deck (where
    you start), but he shouldn't even bother you. (There are no items here, so
    there is no reason to even deal with him.) Just take the entrance on the bottom
    floor into Deck A, as the rest of the doors are locked.
    ===Deck A, Crew's Quarters=======
    Enemies     : 2
    Items       : Medicine
                  USP Bullets
    There is a guard in the hall on the right, but you most likely have caught
    a cold, so you'll want to be careful here. I'd suggest going back in the corner
    on the left until Snake sneezes once, then back against the wall just right
    of the entrance and watch the guard. When he turns to go back down, hold him
    up. The second guard is even easier - he patrols the vertical hall on the left,
    but he comes down the horizontal one on the bottom for a moment, turns, then
    looks in the southeast corner for a few seconds. Use this idle time to run up
    to him and hold him up.
    Once the guards are out, raid the lockers in the room on the south. You'll
    find a few items, including some much needed Medicine - take it. When you are
    finished, head around to the door in the northeast corner to the Crew's Lounge.
    ===Deck A, Crew's Lounge=========
    Enemies     : 3
    Items       : AKS-74U
                  AKS-74U Bullets
                  Book [x3]
                  M4 Bullets
    Flatten against the small wall south of the doorway to the left of where you
    enter. Peek around and you'll see a couple of guards sitting on the steps on
    the left, but if you wait long enough, you should also see through the glass a
    third guard in the lounge area itself. What you need to do is listen for the
    sound of the swinging doors in the bar area to swing on their hinges once, then
    twice, then run into the lounge area, straight to the back wall, then left
    until you hit the guard. Hold him up, then grab him and pull him into the TV
    area and strangle him. You shouldn't have any problems with the two guards on
    the stairs if you stick close to the right while running into the room and
    while running to the back wall.
    After you've taken out the guard in the lounge, head back down by the stairs
    and try to get yourself in a horizontal line with both guards, then fire away
    with the USP. Taking out the first one is no problem, as you can get close
    enough to line up an easy head shot, but be careful about the second one, as
    he'll reach for the radio unless you start plugging at him right away. If he
    does manage to turn on the radio, but doesn't say anything, head into another
    area and return - it should negate the guy on the other end's "What's wrong?"
    and avert an assualt team.
    Once all of that is done, head into the bar area and grab the AK behind the
    swinging doors and the three Books in the TV area. Then head down the stairwell
    on the left side of the area, where the guard with the flies was in the main
    game, to find some ammo. Once all of that is done, head up the stairs and
    through the door on the right.
    ===Deck B, Crew's Quarters=======
    Enemies     : 4
    Items       : Medicine
                  M4 Bullets
    As soon as you enter, you'll see two guards north of you, but don't panic. They
    never look to the south, so you will be safe. They are too close together to
    easily get past them, though, so head to the south. Go into the long vertical
    corridor on the right, but stay in the middle of the hall. You should have a
    view from the south, straight down. If you wait a bit and look close to the
    camera's (imaginary) position, you'll see a guard's gun occasionally appear and
    disappear. Wait for it to come, then go, and run down the hall and hold him up.
    Head down to the bottom corridor and open the locker inset in the north hall
    to find another package of Medicine. Next, back against the northern wall and
    slowly head left until you go into Corner View of the hall up north and left.
    You should see a guard with a very simple pattern - watch, wait, and strike.
    Go up the hall until you reach the end of the yellow-ish area, where it turns
    to the blue-ish. Back against the northern wall and peek out to watch the guard
    in the hall at the very north portion of the area. Wait until he comes, turns
    south, then walks away. Run up the hall and to the left when you can. Head up
    the stairs to Deck C.
    ===Deck C, Crew's Quarters=======
    Enemies     : 1
    Items       : Thermal Goggles
    Back against the wall on the right, north of the long horizontal hall. You
    should see a guard in the hall with another simple pattern. Wait until he
    comes closest to you, then turns. Get out the as quick as you can and hold him
    up. You should also have noticed, while looking down the hall, the two
    security cameras on the far end. Walk down to the middle part of the hall, but
    don't enter. From the overhead view, you should see that there is a third
    camera positioned right above the door. From just inside the left portion of
    the hall, you should be able to hit all three with realtive ease, using the
    USP. Once they are all out, head down to the right side of hall and pick up
    the Thermal Goggles. Then head back to the middle and up the stairs.
    ===Deck D, Crew's Quarters=======
    Enemies     : 3
    Items       : AKS-74U Bullets
                  Box 4
                  M4 Bullets
    After coming up the stairs, first go into the remote room in the northeast
    corner of the area. Inside, you'll find a dozing guard, who is easy enough to
    dispatch of. You'll find Box 1 just below him. Grab them and head back to the
    IR sensor in the short hall on the right. If you put on the Thermal Goggles,
    you can see that there is room enough for you to crawl under. Do so, and you
    will be right by the stairs up to Deck D.
    If you are so inclined, though, you can head into the dining area on the right.
    There are two guards in there, who will most likely be straight left of you.
    The best thing to do here is to just blow them away with the AK. Watch for the
    camera just north of the door and you'll find some ammo in the southwest corner
    and in the kitchen area.
    As soon as you are done on the floor, head up the stairs to Deck D, where there
    will be a very quick encounter, then a text interlude.
    Grab the Ration on the Bridge and start heading down to the holds. Deck D
    should still be clear, so either go through the dining area or crawl under the
    IR sensors again and head down to Deck C. On C, back against the right wall
    just south of the stairs and wait for the guard that just passed you to come
    back. Be sure to stay against the wall until he is fully past you or he WILL
    see you. You won't be able to see him in corner view once he passes you, but
    wait a few seconds before removing yourself from the wall. Head left and down
    the stairs to Deck B.
    The guards have changed positions slightly, somewhat to your advantage. There
    isn't a guard on the left side of the blueish white colored halls, so go up
    the top-most horizontal hallway and right up to the beginning of the second
    handrail that is on the south wall. Wait there with the AP Sensor equipped and
    note the slight increase and decrease. There is a guard just down the right
    hall, but he comes close enough that you can't go into Corner View at the end
    of the wall without him seeing you or your shadow if he sees you moving. Wait
    until it decreases slightly, then back against the wall and move right just
    enough to get a view of the corridor and DON'T move. Wait until you see him
    leave to his right and run up behind him. Head down to Deck A.
    Two guards here, one in the TV area and another roaming the floor. The TV guy
    shouldn't be a problem, but watch the second man in FPV. Wait until he goes
    past the stairs, then come back. Once he does, follow him and run right past
    him when he moves into the lounge. In the stairwell area, there is a single
    guard facing the wall to the north - hold him up, strangle him, and head down
    the stairs.
    ===Engine Room===================
    Enemies     : 4
    Items       : M9
                  M9 Bullets
                  Night Vision Goggles
                  PSG1 Bullets
                  USP Bullets
    First run up on the small room to the north and grab the goodies there. Go out
    the door on the left and back against the right wall. Move south until you've
    got a camera angle from the south which shows the next level down. You should
    see one end of the below guard's route. Wait until he comes to the north, then
    run down the stairs south of your position and hide in the darkened corner
    just right of the bottom. Wait until the guard comes back around to you, then
    run out and grab him when he starts to head back to the left.
    Next, head down the catwalk on the left and pause north of the stairs to the
    next tier down. Go into FPV and watch down the steps. You'll note that he
    never turns to the north, so you can head down the steps and wait by the
    lighted room for him to come to the right, then turn left. Run up behind him
    just as he is turning and hold him up. Now look in the darkened corner to the
    right of the light and you'll find the PSG1.
    The best thing to do now is head back up the top tier and snipe the remaining
    two guards on the left side of the area. The top guard is a problem, though,
    as he tends to fall over the railing after you hit him - try to line up a good
    head shot for when he is walking down the long hallway parallel to you. You
    don't really have a good position on the guy in the red-lit hallway, so I'd
    suggest you run back down the stairs, head around the catwalks to the left
    side of the section, and go up to the very long catwalk in the middle of the
    area. From just right of the long flight of steps up, you should have be able
    to line up an excellent shot between the metal posts.
    Once the guards are out, you can head down to the large block on the bottom
    tier, in the southwest corner. Under the block you can find the M9 (so you
    can now get the bullets you passed on the right side of the middle section)
    and some PSG1 ammo on the left side of it. When you are done, head up the
    stairs on the left side to the top and enter the small room in the northwest
    corner. By the IR sensors, you'll find the PSG1-T. Then, start taking out
    the control boxes - there's one on top of the lockers, while the other two
    are down the hall on the left. The first is easy enough, but the second is
    pretty hard to see past the Semtex right in the way. Just aim for the right
    side as much as possible - it is better you miss once or twice than blow
    yourself up and have to restart. When they are all out, head through the
    hatch into Deck 2.
    ===Deck 2, Port==================
    Enemies     : None
    Items       : USP Suppressor
    There aren't any guards in here, so don't worry about being seen or taking
    out the lights. Just head north to the second small room on the right to
    find the USP Suppressor. Continue north, then right to the hatch to the next
    ===Deck 2, Starboard=============
    Enemies     : None
    Items       : AKS-74U Bullets
                  M4 Bullets [x2]
                  M9 Bullets
    Just head down the halls again, picking up what ammo you can. As you should
    expect, though, once you pass the small room on the left, there will be the
    familar fire fight from the main game after a text interlude. Fairly straight-
    forward - use the AK for as long as you can, then I'd actually switch the PSG1
    since you have it. Quite effective for the guy in the back who will start
    tossing grenades if you don't take him out quickly enough. After the fight
    you'll be taken to another text interlude. Which leads to...
    ...another fire fight through the port side of Deck 2. This one is also pretty
    straight foward, as you just need to hide behind the walls and do jump-out
    shots going west, then use either the Thermal or Night Vision Goggles when
    heading down the long vertical hall. After the intial set of guards, who are
    easy to take out from behind the walls on the north side, a pair will advance
    on you from the south every a few seconds, but still plenty of time to make
    your way. Along the way, you'll find a ton of ammo and items, including the
    M4 and AK Suppressor. Once you reach the south end of the vertical hall, a
    guard or two will approach from the north, so be careful when you get close
    to the end. Once you reach it, open the hatch and there will be more text.
    And more backtracking, with your goal being the bridge. The Engine Room is
    pretty easy. Head through the small room and into the main area. From here,
    snipe the guard on the middle tier on the right side. Then back against the
    railing just right of the door and watch for the guard on the tier just
    below you. When he comes to the north, wait until he turns, then hang over the
    north-south running railing and drop down behind him. Hold him up, but be sure
    to drag him elsewhere, as you don't want the guard in the red-lit hall below
    you to hear. Use your overhead view of the area with the large crate to wait
    until he heads north down the hall and hold him up. Head around past the large
    stairs and wait just inside the long hall north on the right side of the
    middle section. Go into FPV, watch the guard, and hit him when he comes as
    far to your left as he ever goes. Go back up the tiers on the fight to Deck A.
    For getting back up the bridge from here on, simply refer to the walkthrough
    for this tale thus from from the Deck A Crew Lounge to Deck D, as all of the
    guards have reverted to their original positions. You should have plenty of
    weapons, so this should be a cakewalk. Once you reach the bridge, there will
    be a text interlude.
    ===Navigational Deck=============
    ---Boss : Meryl------------------
    This is pretty much the Olga fight... only with Meryl (^^). One of her shots
    will take you down about half your life gauge, though, and note that using the
    small opening in the crates on the right won't necessarily work. But, you've
    got a ton of toys, like the M4, AK, and sniper rifles which should make hitting
    her child's play. Just remember to take out the spotlight ASAP.
    Obviously, killing her will net you medium ending, while using the M9 and
    PSG1-T to stun her will give the better ending.
    D. D e a d   M a n   W h i s p e r s
    Dead Cell, still a rouge and corrupt unit, has been allowed to particpate in
    an official military exercise, but their leader, Vamp, attacks the Marines...
    ===Strut F Warehouse=============
    Enemies     : 1
    Items       : None
    You start, with Snake in 'Pliskin' garb, in the back room of the bottom floor.
    Your starting conditions are less than admirable, as you begin with the M4 and
    USP, but both are empty, so you can only use them to hold up guards (and then
    drop the weapon and drag/strangle them).
    There are no items here, and all of the doors are locked, so you just need to
    get out and head towards Strut B. Wait until the guard says "Nothing here..."
    over the radio - when he does this, it is safe to exit the room into the main
    area, as he is facing south, away from you. When he finishes the phrase, use
    the USP to hold him up, and then either run out of the room or strangle him.
    I would suggest you exit through the door on the bottom level, obviously.
    ===FA Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : 2
    Items       : Bandage
    Go out of the alcove, and crouch down below the wall opposite the staircase
    up to the higher level. Wait for the closer guard to be at the top of the
    stairs, and then run down the bridge to the further guard, who should have his
    back to you - hold him up and do away with him. Grab the Bandage at the end
    and go up the stairs. Enter Strut A.
    ===Strut A Pump Room=============
    Enemies     : 2
    Items       : Bandage [x2]
    Watching the light on the guard's gun, go south down the hallway until you
    are below the "_|" shaped wall, giving you an overhead view of the area. From
    here, it is a simple matter to either avoid the guards or take them out, so it
    is up to you. There are Bandages in lockers on both sides of the room and Stun
    Grenades at the top of the staircase to the roof (which is locked) on the
    right. (They're behind the boxes - use FPV if you can't find them.)
    ===AB Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : 2
    Items       : None
    The two guards here patrol up and down their side of the long end, as they
    normally do in the main game, but also come out a ways past the door to the
    alcove - use this to run out and hold up the guard closer to you, and drag
    him away so the other guard doesn't see on his return path. Then just run
    across to Strut B.
    ===Strut B Transformer Room======
    Enemies     : None
    Items       : M4 Bullets
                  USP Bullets
    Now you need to get over to Strut D. There are no guards in here, so move
    at your lesiure. There are some M4 Bullets on north side of the catwalk that
    is above your starting position, and some USP ammo and a Ration in the lockers
    right of the door to the BC bridge. 
    ===BC Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : 1
    Items       : Chaff Grenades
    The easiest thing to do here is wait until the lone guard is at the far half
    of the bridge, then use the M4 to take out the cypher on the left side, then
    run out and hold up the guard when he comes down to your position and turns
    ===Strut C Dining Hall===========
    Enemies     : None
    Items       : Bandage
                  Stun Grenades
                  USP Bullets
    As soon as you enter, go into FPV and look down the central hall - as you can
    see the guard starts midway and turns away from you down the hall. Now leave
    and re-enter (to reset his position) and just start running down the hall to
    catch him before he turns. Hold him up and do away with him. Come back down
    to the bathrooms and raid the stalls to find some items. There is one last
    guard in the dining area who is easy enough to take out. Crawl under the left
    vertical table to find the M9. 
    ===CD Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : 1
    Items       : None
    As soon as you enter, just go to the opening to the bridge, go into FPV and
    snipe the single guard (who will be looking over the railing, then heading
    down to you) with your weapon of choice. Once that is done, toss one of the
    Chaffs for the security camera in the alcove to Strut D and enter the strut.
    When you enter, text.
    ===Strut D Sediment Pool=========
    Enemies     : 3
    Items       : Bandage
                  M4 Bullets
    Now you need to get over to Strut E. Just take out two non-reporting guards on
    top with the M9 and run across, picking up the items as you go.
    ===DE Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : 2
    Items       : Grenade
    Two guards. Hit with M9. (As if you haven't done this a thousand times
    already.) The items are the lower level, below the door opposite your starting
    ===Strut E Parcel Room===========
    Enemies     : 3
    Items       : Grenades
    When you enter, look down the path below the door you entered from in FPV to
    see the guard at the end - snipe him. Then wait until the guard southeast of
    you comes into the lane you were looking down and hold him up. Now just run
    down the lane (the other guard can't see you here) and down the stairs. If
    you really want, there are some grenades underneath one of the belts, but note
    that there are secuirty cameras in here, so don't get careless.
    Once down the stairs, enter the door on the right-hand wall, grab the Ration
    down the north lane, and go down the hatch at the south. Once you finish
    turning it, there will be a text interlude.
    ===Strut L Sewage Treatment======
    Enemies     : 2
    Items       : Grenades
    Once you are able to move, DON'T MOVE. Now, with handgun drawn, slowly inch
    through the hatch and when it goes into an overhead view, you should see a
    guard standing just left of the door. Hold him up and drag him into the
    small room. Next, looking thorugh the door into the larger room, snipe the
    other guard on the opposite side. Then just run through.
    ===KL Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : 2
    Items       : Chaff Grenades
                  M4 Bullets
                  M9 Bullets
                  USP Bullets
    When you enter, there are two guards at the far end, and an armed cypher near
    you. Looking at a diagonal to the northeast out the opening to the bridge,
    shoot down the cypher when it passes you to the right. Go to the right side of
    the opening and do the same for the cypher on the left side. Next, take out
    the guards at the far end of the bridge with whatever you like. Lastly, there
    is a man on top of the Core, watching the bridge to middle. Since you don't
    have anything too accurate, I'd suggest using the M4 to just blast away at
    his position, so you're sure to get him. When you're done, grab the M9 Bullets
    in the Strut K alcove and go into the Core, picking up the ammo at the end of
    the bridge.
    ===Shell 2 Core, 1F==============
    Enemies     : None
    Items       : Grenade
                  M4 Bullets [x2]
                  M9 Bullets
                  Nikita Missiles
                  Stun Grenades [x2]
                  USP Bullets [x2]
    Like in the main game, you need to use the Nikita to get into the protected
    room. There are no sentries in here, so you can move freely and grab the
    numerous items spread about the floor. The Nikita itself, though, is located
    in the short hallway on the left side of the area.
    Unfortunately, you cannot use my favorite place to shoot the Nikita from, the
    small (now locked) room with the security cameras inside. So, just pick a vent
    on the south side and blast through the grates. Once you enter, there will be
    a text interlude. Afterwards, grab the USP Bullets in the back-right of the
    room and Stun Grenades in the vent on the south wall. There still aren't any
    guards, so just head to the elevator for the last bit of text before the boss.
    Save, of course.
    ===Filtration Chamber============
    ---Boss : Vamp-------------------
    Tough fight, but you should be armed well enough for it. Refer to the main
    walkthrough if you need assitance.
    Once he is dead, the Tale is completed. Once again, killing him will give you
    the so-called 'bad' ending, and knocking him out with the M9 (no small task,
    I might add) will give the 'good' ending.
    E.   E x t e r n a l   G a z e r
    Metaphysics, tabloids, and one thousand and one "what if"s. Don't ask me to
    write a coherent story opener to this one, alright?
    But just so you know, certain VR missions in this Tale can be skipped (and
    without any adverse affect on the rest of the Tale, as far as I can tell). I
    will note at the begining of each VR section if you can do so. To skip a
    mission, hit the start button and select 'EXIT'. Nor will fully walk you
    through each mission, but just give you the basics. If you really want to play
    them, they are pretty straight forward.
    One last note. If it matters to you, if you kill a guard in a VR mission and
    end up replaying it, the kill carries over in the final score. (Not that this
    really affects anything - it is just something I noticed.)
    ===AB Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : None
    Items       : None
    Just go out on to the bridge and go to the northerly (from your point of view)
    railing and walk right along it until you're taken to a cutscene.
    ===VR Mission 01=================
    There are two bombs on the mission. The first is on the second (middle)
    tier of the wall on the right hand side of the Engine Room. Go to the stairs
    leading down to the bottom tier and stop at the top of the flight. Go into
    FPV and look at the hand railing that wraps around the opening for the stairs
    on the middle tier and you'll see the bomb on your right. The second bomb is
    ===VR Mission 02=================
    Just watch the radar. Easy as heck if you've played the game, well, at all.
    ===CD Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : 1
    Items       : None
    First off, for this next sequence of areas, do your utmost to conserve ammo
    and take little to no damage, as you've got a tough fire fight at the end.
    This bridge is easy, though. Snipe him from afar with the M9 and head across.
    ===Strut C Dining Hall===========
    Enemies     : 2
    Items       : Chaff Grenades
                  M9 Bullets
    Flatten against the wall opposite the door you just came in and slowly back
    your way south until you get a view down the horizontal hall to the south.
    Wait for the guard, then run out and hold him up when he turns. If you hit
    the guard as soon as he turns, and time it properly, you can run into the door
    on the north wall and you will be in position to hit the second guard
    patrolling the dining room.
    This done, collect items. There is a Ration under the eastern vertical table
    in the dining room. There is a box of Chaff in a stall in the men's (western)
    bathroom and M9 ammo in a stall in the women's.
    ===BC Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : 1
    Items       : None
    Staying inside the alcove, go by the opening to the bridge, into FPV, shoot the
    single guard with the M9, and toss a chaff for the cypher. Run across.
    ===Strut B Transformer Room======
    Enemies     : 2
    Items       : Chaff Grenades
                  M9 Bullets
    As soon as you enter, go into FPV and hit the guard walking down the hall
    directly south of you. Go down the hall and stop just north of the door
    into the transformer room on the right. Equip the AP Sensor and hug the wall.
    Wait for it to build up, then receed and run in behind the other guard. Inside
    you'll find some Stun Grenades. Go out onto the bridge. Save!
    ===AB Connecting Bridge==========
    Enemies     : None
    Items       : Ration
    From the northern railing, run west along the path and turn southwest to go
    to the southern railing, grabbing the Ration (and equipping it...) as you
    go. Stand at the railing, pull up the Digital Camera and scan the water for
    the beast. You have to get a picture of it, but it has to be standing up (not
    swimming) and doing its roar-type thing.
    After you've got the picture, there'll be in-game scenes of guards coming from
    north and south. My suggestion is to toss a stun south along the bridge to
    take out the two down there, then running roll into the two to the north.
    Punch/kick/shoot them out and go up into the alcove that would normally lead
    to Strut B and drop the other stun by the entrance. Go inside and wait by the
    door for the last two to arrive. The ought to arrive, providing the initial
    four are all down, just as it goes off.
    Pages of text.
    ===VR Mission 03=================
    The Gurlugon fight was already covered in Raiden's VR Missions. Search for
    the word "Zako" in this document and look at the end of the section for
    how to defeat it.
    More text. Odd text. (Fortune as a ditz? ^^)
    ===VR Mission 04=================
    For the following set of VR missions, you must place at least in second place
    point-wise in order to progress to the next.
    The easiest way to do this one is to wait for the guard directly northeast of
    you to come down the hall towards you, and then run behind him when he turns
    back up to repeat his patrol cycle. Run down the hall on the left side (don't
    bother with the guard you just passed) and do a running roll into him (to
    knock him out for a few seconds). Run to the right and do another roll into
    the next guard, then continue right to the goal.
    ===VR Mission 05=================
    This one is tough to get second place on. The key is to get the exact middle
    of the red targets for the stationary sets, and then to do combos by hitting
    the moving ones as fast as possible. Just keep trying.
    ===VR Mission 06=================
    Easier than the last. Immediately run over to the railing, inch south a ways,
    and drop down when the guard is below you to knock him out. Grab the M9 and
    snipe away - you should have a good position on everyone from here except for
    the guy diretly north of where you start - stand on the stairs and pull the
    triggers to stand up on your tip-toes.
    ===VR Mission 07=================
    Easy level if you know where to go when. As soon as it starts, run up the first
    set of stairs and go into FPV, looking out the 'window' cut into the wall north
    of you. Wait until the guard directly north of you comes into view and take
    him out. Then run down the steps to the north and go under the first camera on
    the left wall. When it turns north of the path directly east of the camera run
    out into it and wait just below the short wall directly north of you. Watch
    the radar for when the guard to the north turns his back on your and run up the
    steps directly north. Go RIGHT around the structure and go behind it to the
    ===VR Mission 08=================
    Text interlude. Odd text. (Disembodiment into an affectionate Jack? ^^) Odd
    music, too...
    This one is skippable... but if you continue on, you will get additional text
    and missions outside of the normal course of the Tale. All of the VR missions
    are repeats from Raiden's VR missions, so they are very easy to do, and you've
    more than likley played them already. They're pretty amusing, though, so it
    is worth playing them for the humor alone. There will be about five unique
    text interludes before they start repeating. (The repeats will randomly
    pull a mission from the requirements set for each block of text, though, and
    not repeat the same missions.)
    To exit from this sequence, you MUST skip by using the exit option.
    ===Aresenal Gear - Rectum========
    ---Boss : Metal Gear RAYs--------
    Metal Gear RAYS. Yay. Depending on how much you've fought them, this battle
    shouldn't be too tough. If you have any problems, refer to the boss strategy
    in the main game's walkthrough.
    ===Federal Hall==================
    ---Boss : Solidus----------------
    Now THIS is tough. You have to take down Soldius, as Snake, with only your
    fists, feet, and two lousy Rations. My advice is to run circles around him,
    trying to coax him into using his sword or snake arm techniques during the
    first part. You've just got to keep far enough away that he doesn't hit you,
    allowing you to hit him while he is occupied, but still close enough to get
    him to use the moves. Avoiding the missiles and fire trail are easy enough,
    when he uses his jump attack, you should have another opening. Just whittle
    him down until he moves into the second phase of the battle, when he jets
    all across the board.
    This is even tougher, but you've got you anticipate when he is going to zoom
    into you (rather than darting around randomly) and start executing a running
    roll, which can either knock him down or get you away from his attack, leaving
    you with an oppurtunity to attack. And, again, stay in close to him to get him
    to use his sword skills, which are a bit tougher to avoid, but still easy to
    predict when and where you will have an opening, once you've seen them a couple
    of times.
    Once he is down, you've finished the Tale. As far as I know, there is only one
    ending to the Tale, with the only branching path being the self-enclosed path
    with Raiden's missions. I do speculate about doing the whole sequence
    "perfectly", scoring top scores on all VR missions, with zero kills, and
    completing each mission on the first try (and therefore not using the retry
    option, which Solidus refers to as being a cause for further space-time
    disruptions). But that'd be mighty tough to do and I'm just speculating. The
    ending as it stands is pretty ambigous, though.
    VII.  A p p e n d i c e s
    A.   W e a p o n s
    Text : Assault rifle. 30 rounds per magazine. Press X button lightly to
           aim, strongly for full automatic fire.
    Use  : Excellent rifle for fighting numerous enemies or attack cyphers.
    Magazine capacity       : 30
    Round carrying capacity : 241 [Ea], 211 [No], 151 [Ha], 91 [Ex]
    Rounds per box of ammo  : 30
    Text : Publication w/ adult-oriented material. Full of girly photos and
           interesting columns. Press X button to set.
    Use  : Distracts guards for several minutes.
    Carrying capacity : 8 [Ea], 5 [No - Ha], 3 [Ex]
    Text : Plastic explosive w/ remote detonator. Press X button to set. Press B
           button to detonate.
    Use  : Blow stuff up. Ba-boom. <shrug>
    Round carrying capacity : 16 [Ea - Ha], 12 [Ex]
    Rounds per box of ammo  : 4
    ---Chaff Grenade-----------------
    Text : Grenade the neutralizes electronic devices temporarily. Press X
           to aim, release to throw.
    Use  : Good for disabling cyphers and security cameras without destroying
           them. However, it will also disable the radar.
    Round carrying capacity : 30 [Ea], 20 [No], 10 [Ha] 6 [Ex]
    Rounds per box of ammo  : 2
    Text : Anti-personnel landmine w/ front sensor. Press X button to
           set. Can be retrieve if crawled over.
    Use  : Good for setting traps to cause damage, bosses in particular.
    Round carrying capacity : 16 [Ea - Ha], 12 [Ex]
    Rounds per box of ammo  : 4
    ---Coolant Spray---------------
    Text : For bomb disposal. Hold in First Person View, spray w/ X button.
           How strong button is pressed varies spray amount.
    Use  : Good for disabling C4 bombs. Can be sprayed in soldier's faces to
           blind them. Can also quickly wake up sleeping soldiers by spraying it
           in their face.
    Note : Infinite spraying capacity.
    ---Directional Microphone--------
    Text : Microphone that can pick up small sounds. Hold in First Person View,
           move w/ [left thumbstick].
    Text : (Frag) Grenade. Press X button to hold, release to throw. How strong
           button is pressed varies distance.
    Use  : Be sure to throw it before it blows up in your hand, okay?
    Round carrying capacity : 50 [VE], 30 [Ea], 20 [No], 16 [Ha], 6 [Ex]
    Rounds per box of ammo  : 2
    ---High-Frequency Blade----------
    Text : Move [right thumbstick] to slash, press to lunge. Block w/ Y button.
           Switch between blade and back w/ X button.
    Use  : Lethal katana. Powerful weapon good for tearing through large numbers
           of enemies or tough bosses. Pressing the weapon button while the weapon
           is equipped will switch back and forth between the lethal blade and the
           non-lethal blunt side.
    Text : Assault rifle. 30 rounds per magazine. Press X lightly to aim, strongly
           for full automatic fire.
    Use  : See AK.
    Magazine capacity       : 30
    Round carrying capacity : 241 [Ea], 211 [No], 151 [Ha], 91 [Ex]
    Rounds per box of ammo  : 20, 30
    Text : Tranquilizer with suppressor. Press X to aim, and release to fire.
           Equipped with laser pointer.
    Use  : Good for temporarily disabling sentries without killing. Very little
           force, making it impractical for attacking inanimate objects.
    Magazine capacity       : 15
    Round carrying capacity : 106 [VE], 61 [Ea], 46 [No - Ex]
    Rounds per box of ammo  : 15
    Text : Empty magazine. Press X button to hold, release to throw. How strong
           button is pressed varies distance.
    Use  : Good for distracting guards.
    Round carrying capacity : 150 [Ea], 100 [No], 50 [Ha], 10 [Ex]
    Text : Press X button to aim in First Person View, release to fire. Missile
           can be controlled with [left thumbstick].
    Use  : Good for attacking enemies from a distance, reducing chance of 
           discovery. Will make a loud explosion, though.
    Round carrying capacity : 50 [Ea], 40 [No], 30 [Ha], 20 [Ex]
    Rounds per box of ammo  : 10, 20
    Text : Sniper rifle. Aim in First Person View, fire w/ X button. Zoom in with
           B button, zoom out with A button.
    Use  : Good for sniping enemies from a distance.
    Magazine capacity       : 20
    Round carrying capacity : 81 [Ea], 61 [No], 41 [Ha - Ex]
    Rounds per box of ammo  : 20
    Text : Tranquilizer rifle. Aim in First Person View, fire w/ X button. Zoom in
           with B button, zoom out with A button.
    Use  : Good for sniping enemies from a distance without killing them
    Magazine capacity       : 5
    Round carrying capacity : 81 [Ea], 61 [No], 41 [Ha - Ex]
    Rounds per box of ammo  : 10
    Text : 6-round grenade launcher. Press X button to aim, and release to fire.
           Grenade will explode upon impact.
    Use  : Good for, uh, blowing stuff up. <shrug>
    Magazine capacity       : 6
    Round carrying capacity : 42 [Ea], 30 [No], 24 [Ha], 18 [Ex]
    Rounds per box of ammo  : 6
    Text : .45 handgun. Press X button to aim, release to fire. 12 rounds per
           magazine. Can attach suppressor./Suppressor attached.
    Use  : Basic handgun of deadly force. Good for taking out sentries, assault
           soldiers, cyphers, and attacking inanimate objects. Unlike the USP,
           there is no flash light attachment.
    Magazine capacity       : 12
    Round carrying capacity : 73 [Ea], 61 [No - Ha], 37 [Ex]
    Rounds per box of ammo  : 12
    Text : Portable surface-to-air missile. Aim in First Person View, fire w/
           X button. Align sight on target to lock on.  
    Use  : Good for attacking large machinery and annihilating enemy soldiers.
    Round carrying capacity : 50 [Ea], 40 [No], 30 [Ha], 20 [Ex]
    Rounds per box of ammo  : 10, 20
    ---Stun Grenade------------------
    Text : Grenade that stuns enemy soldiers temporarily. Press X button to aim,
           release to throw.
    Use  : Knocks enemy soldiers, including some bosses, into a daze. They will
           become alerted, but will not know your location.
    Round carrying capacity : 30 [Ea], 16 [No], 10 [Ha], 6 [Ex]
    Rounds per box of ammo  : 20
    Text : 9mm auto. Press X button to aim, release to fire. 15 rounds per
           magazine. Can attach suppressor. 
    Use  : Standard handgun. Good for killing enemy soldiers. Also equipped with
           a flash light.
    Note : Only found in Tanker chapter/Snake scenarios.
    Magazine capacity       : 15
    Round carrying capacity : 61 [VE - Ea], 46 [No - Ha], 16 [Ex]
    Rounds per box of ammo  : 15
    B.   I t e m s
    ---AP Sensor---------------------
    Text : Sensor detecting life forms. Vibrates on enemy approach. All other
           vibrations will be OFF when the sensor is activated.
    ---AK Suppressor-----------------
    Text : Firing noise is reduced when attached to AKS-74U. Equip together w/
           AK to attach. Unremovable once attached.
    Use  : Firing the AKS-74U no longer makes noise, thus allowing you to shoot it
           without alerting nearby guards.
    Text : Absorbent pads to stop blood loss when bleeding. Press A button to use
           while having it selected in the window.
    Use  : Stops loss of life when life meter is critical (orange).
    Carrying Capacity : 10 [Ea - No], 5 [Ha], 3 [Ex]
    ---B.D.U. / Field Uniform--------
    Text : Same uniform as Shell 1 Core Gurlukovich soldiers. Equip AK at the
           same time to disguise as enemy soldier./Equip to wear. Balaclava is no
           longer present.
    Use  : Allows you to move free inside the Shell 1 Core, even in front of
           enemy soldiers, so long as you also have the AK 74U equipped as well.
           The disguise will be removed if you bump into an enemy, though.
    ---Body Armor--------------------
    Text  : Bulletproof vest made of special fibers. Damage incurred while equipped
            is reduced by half.
    ---Box A-------------------------
    Text : Cardboard box to transport perishable foods. Equip to wear.
    Use  : All cardboard boxes will hide the character from enemy sentries.
           Enemy will become suspicious if the box is seen moving and flip it
           over. Does not work against assault/clearing teams.
    Note : Only found in Tanker Chapter.
    ---Box 1-------------------------
    Text : Cardboard box to transport perishable foods. Equip to wear.
    Use  : Will transport character to Strut C when worn while on top of
           conveyer belt in Strut E.
    ---Box 2-------------------------
    Text : Cardboard box to transport electronic equipment. Equip to wear.
    Use  : Will transport character to Strut B when worn while on top of
           conveyer belt in Strut E.
    ---Box 3-------------------------
    Text : Cardboard box to transport daily supplies. Equip to wear.
    Use  : Will transport character to Strut A when worn while on top of
           conveyer belt in Strut E.
    ---Box 4-------------------------
    Text : Cardboard box to transport action figures. Equip to wear.
    Use  : Will transport character to Strut F when worn while on top of
           conveyer belt in Strut E.
    ---Box 5-------------------------
    Text : Cardboard box to transport game software. Equip to wear. The eye
           design is "eye-catching."
    Use  : Will transport character to the small room on the bottom of Strut E
           when worn while on top of conveyer belt in Strut E.
    ---Card Key----------------------
    Text : Security card Level <1-5>. Opens security level <1-5> doors.
    Use  : Opens security doors of the level assigned to the card or below. Cannot
           open doors above the security level.
    Text : Highly addictive and hazardous to your health.
    Use  : Can be used to see IR sensors when equipped. It will slowly drain life
           meter when equipped.
    ---Mine Detector-----------------
    Text : Chemically detects mines. Activates when equipped. Displays position of
           Claymore mines on radar.
    Note : Radar must be activated for the area in order to work.
    ---MO Disc-----------------------
    Text : Optical disc given by the President. Contains computer virus to destroy
           control function of GW / Arsenal Gear.
    ---Night Vision Goggles----------
    Text : Electronically amplifies weak dim light for visualization. Allows one to
           see in the dark.
    Text : Benzodiazepine anti-depressant. Stops trembling of hand when sniping.
           Select in window and use with A button.
    Carrying Capacity : 15 [Ea], 10 [No], 5 [Ha - Ex]
    Text : Mobile phone w/ vibration feature. Allows receiving of E-mails.
    Use  : Mr. X will use it to warn you of unknown dangers or helpful hints.
           Does not need to be equipped to receive call. Controller will vibrate
           and there will be a ringing tone. To view message, equip while it is
    Text : "Meal ready to eat" to restore life. Press A button to use. Life
           automatically recovers when down to 0 if equipped.
    Carrying Capacity : 10 [VE], 7 [Ea], 5 [No], 3 [Ha], 2 [Ex]
    ---Sensor A---------------------
    Text : Ion mobility spectrometer explosion detector. Activates when equipped.
           Displays Fatman's scented C4 on radar.
    ---Sensor B---------------------
    Text : Neutron scintillator explosive detector. Beeps when detecting Fatman's
           odorless C4.
    ---Scope Binoculars-------------
    Text : Military binoculars allowing long-distance reconnaissance. Zoom in
           with O button. Zoom out with X button.
    ---SOCOM Suppressor ------------
    Text : Firing noise is reduced when attached to SOCOM. Equip together with
           SOCOM to attach. Unremovable once attached.
    Use  : Firing the SOCOM no longer makes noise, thus allowing you to shoot it
           without alerting nearby guards.
    ---Thermal Goggles---------------
    Text : Visualizes heat source distribution. Allows one to see in the dark. 
           Claymores can be seen when equipped.
    Use  : Shows living beings, items, light sources, bullets, grenades, and
           missiles as bright red objects. When looking at an enemy soldier's
           front, dog tags will appear as dark objects within the bright red of
           a soldier's body.
    ---Wet Box-----------------------
    Text : Cardboard box to transport perishable foods. Wet and weak. Equip
           to wear.
    Use  : Not very effective cover...
    Note : Only found in Tanker Chapter.
    C.   D o g   T a g s
    Most enemy sentries in Sons of Liberty wear dog tags. Collecting these tags
    will unlock secret items that will be added to your inventory after you beat
    the game (or chapter, depending upon which you selected), just as the Digital
    Camera was added to your inventory after you beat the game the first time. A
    full list of the possible items are listed in section VII. B. 'Extra Items'.
    This section is meant to aid you in obtaining these tags.
    Dog tags can only be obtained from holding up enemies. For more on holding up
    enemy sentries, see the Game Mechanics section.
    I had considered including a full list of the tags and the data for them, but
    there really is no point to it - the full list of locations can be accessed at
    anytime by going to the 'Special' menu at the start screen. And the actual data
    (name, DOB and blood type) is hardly relevant to gameplay. I did find having
    a list of the dog tag locations useful for making sure I had obtained all of
    the tags for an area, so you may wish to write down the locations. (Or, I'm
    sure there will be another guide with a full listing, if you don't want to
    write them down yourself.)
    However, there are a number of enemies that have odd patrolling patterns,
    making obtaining their tags more of a challenge. For these tags, I have listed
    below their movement patterns.
    ===Noteworthy Tags===============
    ---Tanker Chapter----------------
    - 000 [AD]
      Obtained from Olga when she is knocked out after the boss fight. Drag her
      body and it will drop out.
    - 008 and 009 [VE]
      008 appears when you enter the area from the door to the other portion of
      Deck A, while 009 appears when you enter from the door to Deck B, above the
      short spliting staircase at the south end of the room.
    - 011 [VE - Ea], 14 [No], 15 [Ha - Ex]
      Appears after entering the remote room on the northeastern side of Deck-D.
      However, he will only enter the room if you stay on the southern half of
      the room. Otherwise, he will patrol the middle hallway once, then stop in
      the middle of it facing east. If you exit the room, he will leave. If you
      re-enter while he is leaving he will turn around and return. If you stay
      towards the northern half of the room, he will go down the northern hall
      that leads to the room, but won't enter and will stand guard by the door.
      However, once you go to leave the room, he will leave. [My suggestion is to
      wait on the southern half of the room until he enters, then quickly move
      north to the crates on the western side of the room and drop into Box 1.
      When he yawns, quickly drop the box and draw your weapon.]
    - 018 [VE], 019 [Ea], 23 [No], 24 [Ha - Ex]
      Appears upon first entering the room, but disappears afterwards.
    - 020 [VE], 025 [No], 026 [Ha], 026 [Ex]
      Appears in the upper catwalk on the right hand side in Hold 1. To get to
      him, you must hang over the railing that runs along the right side of the
      hold. After the sequence starts, go down the ladder once until you are
      forced off and would normally go down a second ladder. Instead, flip over
      the railing and quickly hand-over-hand your way up.
    - 021 [VE], 026 [No]
      Is the Marine solider just left of the projector in Hold 1, set apart from
      the main force. Stand a good distance back and hold him up, then grab him
      from behind and pull him away from the rest of the Marines so no one hears
      you hold him up.
    - 022 [Ea]
      The Marine in Hold 1 who appears in his boxers - second row from the top,
      third column from the right. (You'll have to tranq all, or most at least,
      guards in the Hold to get to him.)
    - 022 [VE], 023 [Ea], 030 [No], 031 [Ha], 030 [Ex]
      Appears in the upper catwalk on the right-hand side in Hold 3. If you flip
      over the rail in Hold 1 and continue down the right side, you will enter
      through the door to Hold 3 right at his position.
    - 023 [VE], 024 [Ea], 031 [No], 032 [Ha], 031 [Ex]
      Is the guard on the right hand side of the room, north of the catwalk Dolph
      is conducting his speech from. The guard is nodding off and fairly easy to
      sneak up on, and you shouldn't be heard from this distance from the main
    - 027 [No - Ha]
      Is the Marine standing on the lower left side of Hold 1, facing directly to
      the east.
    - 028 [No]
      Is the Marine patrolling up and down the upper left side of the Hold 2.
      I suggest coming from the south, knocking on the large block while he is
      close to it, then running on the other side of the smaller crates left of
      the large block you knocked on. When he is about to leave, hold him up.
    - 028 [Ha], 027 [Ex]
      The Marine patrolling the northwestern portion of the Hold 1.
    - 029 [No]
      Is the Marine standing just east/northeast of the right projector in Hold 2.
    - 029 [Ha], 028 [Ex]
      Is the Marine standing the northwest corner of Hold 2, facing east.
    - 030 [Ha], 029 [Ex]
      Is the Marine patrolling the northeast corner of Hold 2, set apart from the
      main formation.
    - 032 [No]
      Is the Marine standing on the left side of Hold 3, facing northeast at Dolph.
    - 033 [Ha], 032 [Ex]
      The Marine standing on the left side of Hold 3, set apart from the main
    - 034 [Ha], 033 [Ex]
      The Marine roaming Hold 3, south of the catwalk Dolph is on.
    ---Plant Chapter-----------------
    - 000 [AD]
      Obtained from knocking out Snake with the blunt edge of the sword while
      in the Ascending Colon. Knock him out and then drag his body to find it.
    - 007 [VE - Ea], 005 [No - Ex]
      Appears upon first entering the area, but disappears afterwards, only to
      return again after completing the Shell 1 Core scenario.
    - 010 [VE - Ea], 008 [No - Ex]
      Appears on the BC Connecting Bridge after the boss fight on the Strut E
    - 014 [VE - Ea], 012 [No], 012 [Ha - Ex]
      Appears on the CD Bridge after completing the Shell 1 Core scenario.
    - 018 [VE], 019 [Ea], 017 [No], 018 [Ha - Ex], 
      Appears on the DE Bridge after completing the Shell 1 Core scenario.
    - 020 [VE], 021 [Ea], 020 [No], 022 [Ha], 023 [Ex]
      Appears inside the Level 5 doors on the lower level, which cannot be
      accessed until late in the game. In [Ha], he is walking around the main
    - 031 [Ex]
      Appears in Strut F before meeting with Pliskin for the first time.
    - 036 [VE], 038 [Ea], 039 [No], 042 [Ha], 044 [Ex]
      Appears on KL Connecting Bridge after bringing Emma out of Shell 2 and
      after the character approaches the long walkway connecting Struts K and L.
    - 041 [VE], 041 [No], 044 [No], 047 [Ha], 049 [Ex]
      Appears in corridor leading to KL Connecting Bridge after bringing the girl
      down the stairs into the lower area on the southern wall. (Remains in that
      corridor until the character ascends the right-most stairs and then the
      guard begins patrolling.)
    - 042 [Ea], 045 [No], 048 [Ha], 050 [Ex]
      Appears in the small corridor on the bottom left wall after Emma is
      brought to the lounge in the northwest corner.
    - 046 [No], 049 [Ha], 052 [Ex]
      Appears coming off the elevator when the character goes into the small
      room just at the south end of the long vertical hallway on the left.
    - 042 [VE], 044 [Ea], 048 [No], 051 [Ha], 053 [Ex]
      Obtained from Fatman's body after defeating him.
    D.   M i s c e l l a n e o u s
    ===Guards with Rations===========
    This is mostly to benefit those who are playing on [Ex - EE], in which the only
    way (usually, that is) to obtain rations is through holding up or dragging
    guards who carry them.
    ---Tanker Chapter----------------
    - Aft Deck, guard on 'ground' level, left side of the area, patrolling near the
      hatch to Deck A, crew's quarters
    - Deck A, Crew's Lounge, guard in left stairwell (with the flies around him)
    - Deck D, Crew's Quarters, man who appears in the 'remote room' (see walk.)
    - Deck 2, port, dead tanker worker in orange jumpsuit in the vertical hallway
    - Deck 2, port, guard wearing headphones in the northwest corner of the area
    - In an exception to the rule, there will be a Ration on the ground during the
      fire fight event on the starboard side of Deck 2
    ---Plant Chapter-----------------
    - Strut A Deep Sea Dock, third guard who appears on the higher difficulties,
      in the southeast corner of the room with the lift up to the roof.
    - AB Bridge, guard on the northerly side of the bridge (the one who disappears
      for much of the Plant Chapter)
    - DE Bridge, guard who appears after the Fatman fight, patrolling the side
      of the bridge closer to Strut E
    - Strut E, guard patrolling the lower half of the middle area
    - Shell 1 Core, B2, guard in the middle computer area on the right-hand side
    VIII. C o n c l u s i o n
    A.   C l o s i n g   N o t e s
    Well, that is the guide, ladies and gentlemen. I hope it was helpful and that
    you enjoyed the game as immensely as I did.
    You may email me if you wish, but if you have a gameplay question, it should
    already be answered by this guide. If you still have questions, you can check 
    one of the many message boards for the answer to your question. To be
    perfectly honest, I am not interested in contributions. No matter how
    interesting your little tidbit may be, I don't need it.
    To reiterate, I am not accepting any submissions on any gameplay aspect. If
    you have a question you don't feel my guide adequately answers or have a 
    question/comment about the guide itself, drop me a line if you like. But do
    not send me tips/tactics/etc., or I will just delete it.
    B.   V e r s i o n   H i s t o r y
    ---Next Updates----------------------
    - Ninja Raiden, Snake, Pliskin, MGS Snake, and Tuxedo Snake VR Missions
    - European Extreme numbers/info/stratigies for the main walkthrough
    ---Version 1.30----------------------
    Wow. An update. Raiden's and X Raiden's VR missions complete. Raiden's portion
    of the VR Tree complete as well. Snake's Tales D and E added, completing the
    section. Consistency checking on [Ha - Ex], completing that task. Slight
    formatting changes.
    ---Version 1.20----------------------
    Raiden's VR missions almost complete. Snake's Tale C added. More soliders with
    difficult dog tags added, for the Tanker in particular. Consistency checking on
    [Ea - Ha]. Added a  "Miscellaneous" appendix for various odds and ends in the
    game. Slight formatting changes.
    ---Version 1.10----------------------
    More VR missions added. Snake's Tale B added. (At the rate these things are
    going, I'm thinking about spliting those two sections off into seperate
    in-depth guides once they are complete, as they are rather larger and unwieldy
    attached to the end like they are.) Further consistency checking on [VE] of
    the main game. Typo corrections.
    ---Version 1.00----------------------
    First released version. Walkthrough, almost entirely taken from my guide for
    the PS2 version, is complete and has been updated, revised, and improved for
    the Xbox game. Bonus areas started. Though they are likely correct, I still 
    wish to peform a consistency check on various numbers (enemies, items, etc.) 
    across the difficulty levels I haven't yet played, and especially add numbers 
    for European Extreme. (Most everything thus far has been consistent with the
    PS2 numbers.) Noteworthy dog tags need going through and updating. Regardless, 
    the main focus of future updates will be on completing the Missions, Snake's 
    Tales, and Dog Tags sections.
    C.   C r e d i t s
    Thanks to Hideo Kojima and his staff for creating a game that can really can be
    called a magnificent game, despite it's flaws. My appreciation also extends to 
    Konami, the English voice actors, and the composer, Harry Gregson-Williams for
    their excellent work.
    Thanks to the Metal Gear Solid 2 Game Manual for being a thoroughly useful and
    well designed little book and explaining the gameplay so well (for the most
    Credit to Robert Goemans for the trick to shoot out the lights, and thus
    avoid the 'shadow dagger' in the Vamp fight.
    Thanks to Jagboy and Yee Seng Fu for pointing me in the right direction to find
    the tunnels in the holds of the tanker.
    Credit to Justin Evans for making me aware of the fact that the Thermal Goggles
    also appear in B1 of Shell 2 if not obtained in Shell 1 (during the Plant
    Chapter, obviously). And to 'fluffy' for pointing out that the goggles also
    appear in the pool in the lower portion of the Strut A dock.
    I suppose I should give a nod to DEngle's dogtag guide for the use of the
    term 'Tough Guys'. (Much cleaner than the term I was using before I read his
    guides and decided to use Tough Guys.)
    D.   D i s c l a i m e r
    Metal Gear(r), Metal Gear Solid(r), and Sons of Liberty(tm) are trademarks of
    Konami Computer Entertainment Japan, Inc. or (c) 1987, 2001, 2002 Konami
    Computer Entertainment Japan, Inc. All rights reserved.
    Any infringement upon KCEJ's rights is unintentional.
    This document is under copyright protection and is the property of the author.
    This document may not be reproduced (electronically, physically, or otherwise;
    in whole or in part) or altered for public use without the author's explicit
    permission. All rights reserved.
    This document may only be hosted at GameFAQs <www.gamefaqs.com>. Please contact
    me at the address below if you see this hosted anywhere other than GameFAQs or
    through GameSpot.
    Contact : yushiro@animedream.org
    [Please invoke Joy or Interest, not Anger or Fear!]          [La-li-lu-le-lo!!]
                   Copyright (c) Eric "Yushiro" Lamphear 2001 - 2003.

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