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    Walkthrough by DBM11085 / Hang Me 2002

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/15/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                       Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Walkthrough
                                For the Playstation 2
                           Version 1.0 (Created 9/15/2003)
                            By Devin Morgan and Seth Doko
             This file is Copyright (c)2003-2006 Devin Morgan/Seth Doko.
                                All rights reserved.
    Table of Contents
    1. What's New
    2. Introduction
    3. Background Information
    4. Controls
    5. Tanker Walkthrough
    6. Plant Walkthrough
    7. Bosses
    8. Copyright Notice
    9. Contact Information
    -=  1. What's New -=
    Version 1.0 (9/15/03): The first and probably last version of this guide. It 
    was originally a project covering the entire game, but I decided to downgrade 
    it to a simple walkthrough and that's it. And by the way, I (Devin) wrote the 
    Tanker walkthrough, and Seth did the Plant walkthrough, as well as the 
    respective boss strategies for each area.
    -=  2. Introduction -=
    Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, also known as the "sequel" to Metal Gear Solid
    2: Sons of Liberty. But it's really not a sequal, it is an add-on. It
    includes the original Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty with a whole lot
    more. From VR Missions to skateboarding, "Substance" has everything "Sons of
    Liberty" had, plus much much more. Now, enough about telling you what is in
    the game in this little introduction. Lets read the FAQ and find out what
    really is in this game in much more detail.
    -=  3. Background Information -=
    The Outer Heaven Uprising
    FOXHOUND agent Solid Snake infiltrates Outer Heaven, a fortress-nation deep
    in the heart of South Africa, and destroys their prototype weapon Metal Gear,
    a walking tank with nuclear capability. In the process, he discovers that
    the leader of Outer Heaven is none other than Big Boss, the supreme commander
    of FOXHOUND, and puts an end to his former comrade's twisted schemes.
    The Zanzibar Land Disturbance
    After surviving the Outer Heaven incident, Big Boss escapes to Zanzibar Land
    and sets up an independant military regime with the hope of creating a world
    of strife, the only kind of world a born soldier can truly enjoy. At the
    request of FOXHOUND, Solid Snake infiltrates Zanzibar Land and again destroys
    Metal Gear, which had been transferred to Zanzibar Land following the
    collapse of Outer Heaven. He triumphs once again in a final, decisive battle
    with Big Boss and ensures the downfall of Zanzibar Island.
    The Shadow Moses Island Incident
    On Shadow Moses, a remote island off the coast of Alaska, FOXHOUND leads an
    armed uprising and seizes the new Metal Gear REX in the single biggest act of
    terrorism in history. At the request of the government, Col. Roy Cambell, the
    former commander of FOXHOUND, summons Solid Snake out of retirement and sends
    him to infiltrate Shadow Moses Island in one last solo covert operation.
    Snake must penetrate deep into the heart of a nuclear weapons facility.
    Aiding him in his mission are Dr. Hal Emmerich, aka Otacon, a former Metal
    Gear developer; Meryl, Col, Campbell's niece; and a team of the top
    specialists in each field, who communicate with Snake via the Codec. In the
    middle of his battle against the members of FOXHOUND, Snake encounters a
    cyborg ninja, who thirsts only for battle. This mysterious figure's true
    identity turns out to be Grey Fox, Snake's former FOXHOUND comrade who
    defected to the enemy and fought against Snake in Zanzibar Land. After
    destroying Metal Gear REX, Snake confronts the head of the terrorist group,
    Liquid Snake. Each of the Snakes, Liquid and Solid, carries the genes of the
    20th century's greatest soldier, Big Boss. With the support of the cyborg
    ninja, Solid Snake fights a decisive battle with Liquid. After a long and
    protracted struggle, Snake finally defeats Liquid and leaves the legacy of
    Shadow Moses behind him.
    -=  4. Controls -=
    Start: Pause/resume game
    Control Pad/Left Analog Stick: Move player, look around (first person view)
    Select: Access the Codec
    Square: Use currently equipped weapon
    X: Squat down (move to crawl), confirm selection on menu screens
    Triangle: Perform action (open doors, hang from railings, etc.)
    Circle: Punch (press a few times to perform a 3-hit combo), tap wall (first
            person view)
    L1: Lock onto an enemy target
    L2: Cycle/equip items, peek to the left (first person view)
    R1: Switch to first person view
    R2: Cycle/equip weapons, peek to the right (first person view)
    -=  5. Tanker Walkthrough -=
    This mission opens with a scene showing the George Washington Bridge, 2 years
    ago. As cars speed back and forth, the focus is drawn to a strange hooded man
    walking across the rainy bridge. After a couple moments, the man will start
    to run, losing his disguise in the process, allowing you to see him as the
    legendary Solid Snake. He jumps off the bridge into the Hudson River below,
    then swims toward and climbs onto a passing tanker. Shortly after climbing
    aboard, the Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty title screen will show, and
    Solid Snake will be formally introduced.
    Next, the codec will kick in with Otacon, a computer programmer friend,
    contacting Snake. So you are aware, in this mission, Otacon will act as a
    guide to help you, and explain various things about the tanker. He will talk
    about the Metal Gear development project, and how the Marine Corps is running
    it. After some more talk, the camera will show a gameplay perspective (the
    normal view of the game when you get control). Otacon will explain your
    controls to you, so you'll be able to function on this tanker.
    You will also be informed of a separate group on board the tanker, also
    looking for the Metal Gear. You must avoid being spotted by those people, as
    well as the Marines, as they're definitely not on your side. It will also be
    learned that the Russians are involved with the aforementioned group, too.
    Their leader will be spotted on a higher level. Snake takes a picture of him
    and transmits the data to Otacton so he can be identified later on. Lastly,
    Otacon will give you the frequencies needed to reach him again via the codec,
    as well as being able to save (140.96 to talk to Otacon, 141.12 to save).
    After this briefing, control will be entirely yours, as Solid Snake.
    Aft Deck
    You will be starting off outside on the ship, in a rainy mess. Your aim is to
    get inside, of course. Before you go in, take the path north along the east
    side of the ship. Stay on the lower level and walk to the back area. Pick up
    Pentazemin from behind the crates, then go back to your starting point. This
    time, go up the northwest path. Get against the wall ahead, and take a look
    on your radar to see a guard patrolling up ahead. Wait until he turns the
    other way, then run out and use your M9 to put him to sleep. Head to the back
    area and collect a Ration, then go back to a staircase. Go to the door next
    to it and open it (face it and press Triangle repeatedly), and head inside.
    Deck-A, Crew's Quarters, Port
    In here, head southward through the hall. If there is no guard ahead (check
    your radar), go around the corner and into the locker room. Open the lockers
    to find a Ration and M9 Bullets (x15). Leave the room and put the patrolling
    guard to sleep when he isn't facing your direction. Continue past him into
    the next area.
    Deck-A, Crew's Lounge, Starboard
    When you enter, a cutscene will show you the patrolling guards int he lounge
    area. What you should do is wait against the wall and peek through the
    doorway. When the guard in the hall starts walking the other way, that's the
    time to make a run for it. Run down the hall and go up the steps, and go
    through either doorway (I took the right, so the next section will reflect
    Deck-B, Crew's Quarters, Starboard
    Go forward and another cutscene will show you a guard's shadow from around
    the corner ahead. Go into the side area to the east and collect M9 Bullets
    (x15) under the staircase. Get back to the hall and wait for the guard to
    walk down to the west end of the hall. Tranquilize him and continue down the
    hall. Go into the side area to the left and head upstairs.
    Deck-C, Crew's Quarters, Port
    As soon as you get up here, yet another cutscene will start. This one will
    alert you of a camera monitoring the hallway. Go into that room and flatten
    yourself against the north wall. Sidle to the right, just out of the camera's
    line of sight. At the end, continue east through the hall. Head to the very
    end of the hall, and crawl into a low passage to find a Ration. Go back west
    to a staircase in the middle area of the hall. Open the locker to the side to
    collect Chaff Grenades, then head upstairs.
    Deck-D, Crew's Quarters
    When you get here, you'll see a guard just moving into the west room. Since
    he's gone for now, go east through that hall, then go northeast into a
    storage chamber. Collect a cardboard box (Box 1) and M9 Bullets (x15), then
    leave that room. Be careful that the guard from before isn't roaming the hall
    again. If he is, wait until he goes into the west room again. When the coast
    is clear, head south and you'll see some flashing boxes on the walls. Do NOT
    walk through those, as they are invisible laser trip bombs. Shoot the guard
    up ahead when he approaches the corner to put him to sleep. Then, shoot the
    fire extinguisher. Its smoke will reveal the laser traps. Crawl under the
    lasers, then get up when you're at the other side of the trap. Go west and
    upstairs into the bridge.
    Deck-E, The Bridge
    Up here, a cutscene will take place. Snake will wander around and check out
    the ship's controls. Otacon will contact you via the codec, and mention
    Snake's next objective, which is to find the Metal Gear in the cargo holds
    below. Transmission is cut off during the conversation, as Snake spots
    someone outside walking past. You will, of course, have to go investigate
    this. So, open the door to the west and go outside.
    Navigational Deck, Port Wing
    Outside, you will hear a rather interesting conversation taking place between
    the woman outside and her father (that man Otacon still has to identify for
    you). After the talk is over, Snake will confront her. At this point, she is
    introduced as Olga Gurlukovich, a Russian (nice armpits by the way, haha).
    The rain will soon stop, and a distraction will ensue to divert Snake's
    attention from Olga. She will throw knives at him and run off, but Snake
    dodges that sudden attack. You will then have to do battle with Olga. Visit
    the Bosses section for some help winning this battle.
    When the fight is over, a Cypher (robotic surveillance device) will float
    around and capture Snake on film before flying away. Otacon will then contact
    you once again. He identifies that man as Sergei Gurlukovich, who is also one
    of Ocelot's allies (those of you who have played Metal Gear Solid for PS1
    will understand). Otacon also tells you about an anonymous tip he received
    pertaining to the Metal Gear. After he is done, you will gain control again.
    You will now have taken Olga's gun, the USP, automatically after the battle.
    So, shake her to collect her dog tags if you wish. Climb over the boxes to
    the right to find a Ration, then climb back out of that corner. Head right,
    but before you head inside again, go to the southeast. Head up some steps and
    climb the ladder to reach the various lookout points. Climb to the very top,
    where you'll find Thermal Goggles. Take them and climb back down, then go
    down the stairs and go west. Open the door and head back inside now.
    Deck-E, The Bridge
    Back inside, simply go down the stairs to the deck below.
    Deck-D, Crew's Quarters
    This time in this room, you will have to play things somewhat differently
    than before. Go right and forward just a little bit (remember not to pass
    those flashing traps). Wait until the guard ahead comes to the intersection,
    then shoot him in the head with the M9. Crawl under the laser trip bombs in
    front of you, then get up and head left, then down the stairs.
    Deck-C, Crew's Quarters
    As you come down here, you will notice a guard walking westward through the
    halls. Hide next to the locker and wait for him to come back to the other end
    of the hall. Follow him, then tranquilize him and head back west. Shimmy
    along the north wall so you aren't spotted by the security camera. Then,
    continue downstairs.
    Deck-B, Crew's Quarters, Port
    In here, go north and to the east. At the intersection this time, go south.
    Head down the new hall until you notice a guard on your radar. Wait until he
    heads in the other direction, then follow him and nail him with the M9. Open
    the locker to the side to find USP Bullets (x15). Turn the corner ahead and
    pick up a Ration in the dark corner to the northwest. Then, continue north
    and you'll see a doorway to the west. Enter that room.
    Deck-A, Crew's Lounge
    When you enter here, don't head down the steps just yet. Wait until the
    patrolling guard walks to the east, then run down the stairs and follow him.
    Hold the guard up, then shoot him and continue. Head down a staircase to the
    north and pick up the box of Stun Grenades. Then, enter the Engine Room.
    Engine Room, Starboard
    In this new area, go forward until a quick scene is triggered, where Snake
    will notice the shadow of someone named Raven ahead. Continue down the hall
    and go right to realize it was only a projection of an action figure. Climb
    onto the boxes and collect USP Bullets (x15). If you want to see something
    freaky, open the leftmost locker, and a dead crew member will fall onto the
    floor. Anyway, head back to the west and open the door to witness a guard
    about to fall asleep. Tranquilize him with the M9, and head south along the
    path. Go down the first set of steps and shoot the guard on the floor below,
    then continue down the rest of the steps to the next floor.
    Next, head west and north to another set of stairs. Go down those, but be
    careful of the guard standing just around the corner at the bottom. Peek
    around the corner and put him to sleep, then head down the couple of steps to
    the west. On that path, head north to collect a Ration if you want, otherwise
    go south to the end. Go around the corner and you'll notice a guard
    patrolling the hall to the north. Go up the steps and follow him when he
    starts walking the other way, then put him to sleep as well. Continue to the
    northwest corner and pick up USP Bullets (x15). Head to the south, then west
    at the end. Pick up a Grenade in the outer corner, and then go up the stairs
    you just passed.
    Once at the top, turn around and you'll spot a guard on the opposite platform
    looking around. If you have good aim, tranquilize him. If you don't, then
    just leave him alone. Head north and collect some more USP Bullets (x15) in
    an alcove to the side. Now, go up the stairs to the south and west, being
    careful not to be spotted by the guard up there. Tranquilize him, then go up
    the path and into the next area. There, go north and a cutscene will take
    place, showing a guard coming out of a room to the south, then patrolling the
    hall. Turn around and wait until you see the guard enter where you are, then
    shoot him in the head. Head south into the now-open room.
    Deck-A, Crew's Lounge
    In here, collect USP Bullets (x15), then exit the room.
    Engine Room, Port
    Now, head north again. Climb onto the leftmost ledge and collect some more
    USP Bullets (x15). Face the north and put on your Thermal Goggles. You'll now
    see everything with a heat sensor, obviously. Look on the upper ledge and
    you'll see a bright red box. Shoot it with the USP to disable the first set
    of laser trip bombs. Drop down and walk up the path just a little bit. Look
    to the right on the ground and you'll find a second red box; shoot that one.
    Continue forward a bit more and look down and to the left. Shoot out that red
    box and the laser trip bombs will be gone. Take off the goggles and enter the
    next room.
    Deck-2, Port
    As you enter this room, you will be hearing announcements over the ship's
    speaker system. Run down the hall until you spot a guard ahead. Shoot him
    down, then continue onward. At the corner far ahead, have a shoot-out with
    some more guards by using your USP. Collect the boxes of bullets, then open
    the door at the end to reach the next room.
    Deck-2, Starboard
    When you enter here, sidle behind the large pipes to get M9 Bullets (x15).
    Walk into the next room segment and you'll find USP Bullets (x15). Head south
    through the long hall until you come to an alcove to the west. Enter it and
    collect some USP Bullets (x15) and a Ration. Continue down the hall and a
    cutscene will take place shortly.
    Snake will sneak ahead and notice someone opening a doorway ahead. Several
    guards run in and close the door behind them, then one contacts the Colonel.
    He discusses the Marine commander's speech, and how preparations must be made
    before then. The Colonel also begs for them to keep his daughter (whom you
    had a battle with earlier) safe. All the while, Snake is hiding behind a
    crate further down the hall, listening to all of this. The guards will then
    start patrolling the hall until they spot you.
    Now, this is the fun part, I think. You have to engage in a shoot-out with
    all those guards. When they cover after shooting at you once, run ahead and
    hide behind the box further ahead. Peek up and shoot at all the guards with
    your USP. After several guards are gone, a final three will charge towards
    your position. Shoot them all down and the battle will be over.
    After the battle, Snake goes into the room those guards came from. A guard
    will close the door behind Snake, only to be confronted by Shalashaska, a
    Russian commander, from behind. He is shot dead, then the strange man will
    lock the door and walk away.
    Inside that room, Otacon contacts Snake via codec to confirm his location. He
    is now inside the cargo holds where the commander is broadcasting his speech
    to the Marines. Otacon will brief you on your next mission, which is to take
    4 pictures of Metal Gear RAY: one from the front, front-right, front-left,
    and a close-up of the MARINES logo. Since he is suspicious of the codec's
    security, Otacon will tell you to send the pictures via a computer program
    within one of the holds. He will also tell you about the 7-minute time limit
    to get those pictures sent, because that's how long the speech will be. After
    some more talking, you will have control.
    Hold No. 1
    Starting off in here, climb down the 2 ladders to the ground level. From
    here, head west along the back of the room. Before you reach the projector,
    use the M9 to put the soldier ahead to sleep. Crawl under the projector's
    light, then get up at the other side and continue to the left side of the
    hold. Go north a little and shoot the second guard standing alone to
    tranquilize him. You can also hit a third guard up ahead as well (if you look
    on the radar, he is the one standing outside of the rows on the west side).
    Continue to the north and crawl across the metal grating ahead, then run
    through the door into the second hold.
    Hold No. 2
    Here, look to the east and tranquilize the lone guard standing near the dual
    projectors. Crawl all the way to the other side of the room, that way you
    aren't seen by anyone. Then, wait until the west projector turns on,
    diverting the soldiers' attention to the left screen. That's your chance to
    make your way north to the other end of the room. Once there, go through the
    door into the last hold.
    Hold No. 3
    When you enter this room, the scene will show the massive Metal Gear RAY
    itself. The commander himself is standing on the platform in front of it,
    speaking to some more soldiers. Anyway, you're here to take pictures, so
    let's get started. Tranquilize the guard controlling the camera on the ledge
    above you, then step to the north a little. Take out your special Camera and
    aim at the front-right of RAY, to take your first shot. Then, walk along the
    south wall and get to the center area. Look straight at the Metal Gear and
    take the full frontal photo.
    Go to the west end of the room and shoot the second cameraman on the ledge.
    Use the Camera and focus on RAY for a front-left shot. After you get that,
    head to the west wall and start moving northward. Tranquilize the soldier you
    come across, then continue all the way north. Look up at the giant Metal Gear
    and you should spot the MARINES logo on it. Zoom in with the Camera and take
    your final shot of that sign.
    Now that you have everything, head south a little until you spot a path going
    under the upper platform to the east. Crawl through that passage so you
    aren't seen by the soldiers. At the other end, shoot the semi-awake guard
    with the M9 to make him really sleep. Get against the east wall and head
    southward to the computer at the entrance. Power it on (press Triangle in
    front of it) and Snake will send the photos to Otacon. After they are all
    sent, Otacon will tell you the speech is about to end, and that you must
    Although you are told to leave, you really don't get to do so. Snake stays
    around as the speech winds up, watching the soldiers. Footsteps are heard,
    and Shalashaska will appear in the back to confront the commander. He will
    reveal his true identity as "Revolver", or Ocelot. After some words, a
    Russian will take the commander captive and Ocelot will point out how the
    ship has been rigged with enough explosives to sink it at the push of a
    button. Then, Ocelot will reveal his true intentions as he defects, while the
    Colonel (the man holding the Marine commander hostage) will argue with him.
    Ocelot will kill him, then taunts the remaining soldiers.
    After that, Ocelot will push the red button, triggering the ship's
    explosives, causing it to start sinking. Solid Snake will then come out of
    hiding and confront Ocelot. After some more talking, Ocelot will hijack Metal
    Gear RAY and escape, leaving the soldiers to die, as well as Snake(?). All
    that's left is to watch the rest of the cutscene, and this mission will be
    totally complete.
    -=  6. Plant Walkthrough  -=
    Strut A, Deep Sea Dock
    Before we start, I would just like to tell you that Raiden's controls are the
    exact same as Snake's. The only difference is their style. Raiden might do it
    differently then Snake did it. It might be becuase Raiden is a rookie and
    Snake is a legend. No harm done though. Raiden rises up from the water and
    radios for the Colonel quickly for the mission status. Raiden swims to a
    ladder and picks himself up out of the water.
    From where you begin the level, walk around to the right side of the pool.
    There you should see a gas canister. Now dive into the water, and the Colonel
    will start giving you some swimming tips so you know how to swim. Pay
    attention carefully. Now dive down into the water and go all the way to the
    bottom. You should pick up a pair of Thermal Goggles. Don't worry if you
    can't see them under water. They are slightly hard to see. But you will get
    them. Once you get the Thermal Goggles, swim back up and take a breath. Now
    swim around in the little pool you are already in. Get used to it becuase
    later on in the game, you will have to do alot of swimming.
    Get out of the pool. You should be able to see a ventilation duct on the
    floor with thousands of cockaroaches around it. Walk past the bugs and go by
    the railing. Hop over the railing. You will be hanging on the railing now.
    While hanging, go to the right. You will see several scuba diving suits.
    Climb back up the railing and you will find the Shaver. Notice the floor and
    the walls covered with bugs. Don't mind them, they cause no harm.
    There should be a wind shaft near by. Climb into the small wind shaft and
    crawl. Crawl like you have never crawled before. Make a right on the first
    right you see. While you are crawling, you will see many other paths that you
    can go to. Ignore those becuase they will just confuse you dearly. Keep going
    straight and you will soon come to the end. Crawl out of the wind shaft and
    pick up the Ration. Now before we go on, you need to know something. Rations
    are good food for you, but they are also good food for bugs. The many bugs
    that you already saw like to eat Rations. Be careful when you walk over these
    bugs becuase they will eat your Rations right out of your inventory.
    Continuing on with the level, there will be another Ration in the middle
    locker up above. Go the the vault door next to the lockers and start opening
    it. While you are turning it, you will hear a commotion in the background.
    This is happening on the other side of the door. When Raiden opens the door,
    he swings to the wall next to him just on time. He sees a fallen Russian
    sentry getting up. With Raiden's vast knowledge of weapons, he identifies the
    sentry's weapon quickly and easily. As the sentry walks away, you take
    control of Raiden again. Go through the corrider and walk straight, and then
    to the right. Enter the sliding door.
    As Raiden enters the room, he sees 2 russian sentrys passed out on the
    ground. The elevator starts to go up and you see a quick glance of Solid
    Snake going up. But Isn't he dead? Raiden then contacts the Colonel and tells
    him about what he discovered. While talking to the Colonel, the Colonel
    mentions nodes. Pay attention to what he says about it because it is very
    Run to the node (it looks like a blue computer hub with just a screen) on the
    other side of the room and access it. Raiden will get electrocuted and then
    you will get a chance to type in your information and fix up your options.
    After that, the guards start to awaken. Run behind the crates and stay there,
    no matter what. Once the elevator comes down, run to it.
    During the elevator ride up to the top of the roof, Raiden takes off his mask
    and shows you what his face really looks like. The Colonel and Raiden then
    have another conversation this time about Solid Snake and how the Big Shell
    was formed. After the conversation is over, Raiden stepps off of the
    elevator, onto the roof of Strut A on Shell One.
    Strut A, Pump Facility
    Once you reach the roof, you unlocked the map. To view your map, all you have
    to do is press Start. It tells you were you currently are located on the Big
    Shell. The part of the map that is highlighted orange shows what strut you
    are currently in.
    Well, Once you are ready to play again, you have some items to collect. In
    the cage to the right, you will find a Chaff Grenade and on some crates
    nearby, you will see a bandage on top of them. Collect these items and you
    will also see some M9 bullets, but currently, you can't reach them. Walk to
    the left by the fence. Towards the north of the fence is a small hole that
    looks like it has been cut with something. It is near the bottom of the
    fence, by the floor. The Colonel contacts you about it.
    When you are done talking to The Colonel, crawl through the hole in the
    fence. Right when you are about to get up from the crawling position, the
    Colonel radios you once again. He talks to you now, about SEAL's infiltration
    through Strut B. By this time, you should be pretty annoyed at the Colonel
    radioing you all the time. I know I was.
    Strut A, Pump Room
    Go down the stairs to see two Russian sentrys talking to each other. One of
    the sentrys explains to the other what they have to do and that sentry walks
    off to the rooftop. So now there is only one sentry left in the room, but he
    shouldn't bother you. Raiden points out a node that you half to get to, but
    it is where the sentrys patrole duty is. Don't worry, it shouldn't bother
    you. The sentry is inside a little area of the room that has 3 entrances. One
    from the west, another from the east, and the last one from the south. He
    always stops at the west and east entrances to check them out, but never
    stops at the south. He just looks at the south entrance from the west and
    east. It might be confusing but look at your radar and you will see what is
    going on.
    So, you have to get to that node. The Colonel messages you and tells you a
    new technique. This technique being for you to flatten yourself against the
    wall and and knocking on the wall by pressing the punch button. He also
    suggests for you to use it to your advantage against the sentry. You don't
    have to though. I suggest not to. There is a much faster way. When the sentry
    walks to the east entrance, run inside from the west entrance and go north to
    the node. Use the node and get the map and your radar (from the node).
    If by any chance a sentry sees you, run to the south west or the south east
    of the room and hide in the lockers. When all is cleared, go to the south
    east of this room and open up the locker. Grab the Ration that is in the
    lockers. If by any chance you want to go to the roof again, the stairs right
    next to you will bring you back on the roof. But we don't want to get back on
    the roof. We want to continue on. From the lockers, walk to the east entrance
    of the room with the node in it. Make sure the sentry is on the west side of
    the area so you don't get caught. Towards the north east of the room, there
    should be another sliding door. Go in it. You are now on the first connecting
    FA Connecting Bridge
    Struts float on top of the ocean seperatly, which means that you need some
    way to go to the other Struts. There are many bridges that you will have to
    walk to get to each Strut. These bridges are guarded with the regular sentrys
    and a new type of enemy called Cyphers. Cyphers are hovering robotic gun
    shooters. They work just like sentrys do, they like to call for backup.
    The only way to kill sentrys is to shoot it but to shoot it you need a strong
    gun. You don't have that type of weaponry to do that yet, so you need a
    different way across the bridge to get to Strut F.
    The Colonel messages you and suggests to use a Chaff Grenade to temporarily
    knock out the Cypher. But the more stock, the better, right? There is a much
    easier way to get past the Cypher while not being spotted. When the Cypher is
    not in sight, head out and go down the stairs to your right. On the left
    side, there will be a Chaff Grenade that you can pick up. Pick it up and walk
    across the lower section of the bridge. Climb up the second set of stairs to
    the top section of the bridge. Now enter the top floor of Strut F.
    Strut F, Warehouse
    Inside the warehouse, Raiden sees a sentry that has just wasted all of his
    ammunition and is reporting to the main force.  When the sentry finishes his
    report, contact the Colonel several times to learn much more about Solid
    Snake. When you are done talking to the Colonel, swing over to the other side
    of the hall and grab the Ration behind that is found behind a box. Now head
    into the door straight ahead. Grab the M9 from the boxes. There should also
    be two packages of M9 Bullets scattered around this room. Grab both of those,
    making your M9 maxed out with ammunition.
    Now go all the way back to the Pump Room in Strut A by going on the FA
    Connecting bridge.
    Strut A, Pump Room
    Nothing much to do here, but you came here for a reason. Now, this time, go
    to the sliding door on the north west part of the room to go to the AB
    Connecting bridge. Be careful of the sentry in this room.
    AB Connecting Bridge
    One you enter this area, you will immediatly notice that there are 2 sentrys
    in this area. There are two pathways on this bridge. One going to the right
    and one going to the left. It doesnt matter which path you take because they
    both bring you to the same place. The sentry on the left walks back and forth
    on the same straight path and the sentry on the right stays in one spot. All
    the right sentry does is move its head to the east and to the south.
    The Colonel messages you and suggests to do the hanging strategy. But since
    you have a gun now, why don't you take a sentry down? Forget what the Colonel
    said and take out your M9. Aim your M9 at the sentry on the right. Aim for
    his head and shoot him. He should fall down quietly, not making a sound so
    the other sentry won't get alerted. Run to the sentry that you just took
    down. Now you have to crawl to the other side of the bridge. Make sure you
    are crawling because if you run, there is a chance the other sentry will see
    you. When you get towards the end of the right pathway, look on your radar.
    Once the sentry on the left is looking and walking south, get up and run to
    the door at the end of the bridge.
    Strut B, Transformer Room
    When you enter this area, you see a very wierd, cool and interesting video.
    You see that the floor and walls are covered with blood. Past the corner of
    this bloody hallway, Raiden discovers a bunch of sentrys ripped to shreds and
    bleeding massively. Raiden also hears horrific screams of terror and pain
    coming from the Transformer Room. A mysterious man in a dark trenchcoat is
    the one who made all these deadly murders. It just so happens that this
    deadly man loves the blood of frightened men. Raiden doesn't want to hear and
    see about this incident anymore, stands up to the mysterious man and
    challenges the blood loving man to a fight. Luckily for Raiden, a SEAL member
    comes and scared the blood drunk psycho away.
    The SEAL member that just saved you becomes a friend of yours and is now
    added to your Codec memory. The thing that interests Raiden is that the SEAL
    member matches Snake in every way. The SEAL member tells you that his name is
    Iroquois Pliskin. Pliskin has a vast amount of knowledge about FOXHOUND and
    the VR program Raiden had to go through to get into this Plant mission
    project. Raiden and Pliskin now trade items. If you picked up the Shaver
    before, like I told you to, then you would give Pliskin the Shaver. In
    exchange, Pliskin gives you a pack of ciggeretes and the SOCOM that he had
    picked up earlier. He also gives you his frequency number, which is 141.80.
    Also note that, you DO NOT need the Shaver to trade. He will give you those
    items anways. The Shaver is just a fun thing to do if you want to do it.
    When you take control of Raiden at the top of the stairs, Pliskin will take a
    short nap at the bottom. Go down the stairs and grap the SOCOM Bullets. Right
    next to the bullets is a node. Log into the node and download the map of this
    There should also be some lockers nearby. Open the lockers and collect Ration
    and the SOCOM Bullets. Now go into the brown sliding door.
    BC Connecting Bridge
    Another cool cutscene happens. Raiden walks in and there is a gun fight that
    has been going on for awhile now. Two SEAL members try their best to try and
    kill a Dead Cell at the end of a T-Interesting bridge, but it doesn't work.
    All the bullets go near her but they get deflected back by some kind of
    invisible force. The target they are shooting at is a woman called by the
    name of Fortune. Fortune was born and blessed with the ability of luck to
    escape any harm. A few moments after you see Fortune for the first time, you
    see the blood sucking man from before come out and grab unconscious president
    on the bridge.
    Several SEAL members then run into the scene and try to kill the Dead Cell
    members. With a motion of ease, Fortune gets her huge weapon ready, and
    points it at the large group of SEAL members. Sever seconds later, part of
    the bridge is blown off via Fortunes massive weapon, and some helpless SEAL
    members went with it. In one second, the whole Bravo team is destroyed. The
    Colonel is scared, thinking that this failed operation to save the president
    will budge the terrorists into continueing to carry out their plans.
    When you are all done having the conversation with the Colonel, go and cross
    the bridge to Strut C and grab the Chaff Grenade that a soldier has left
    Strut C, Dining Hall
    Clear and simple, this is the Dining Hall. From restrooms to nodes, it has
    what you need. The doors around here bring you to the restrooms. The left
    door brings you to the Mens room and the right door brings you to the Womens
    restroom. Go to the Mens room first. In the left stall, pick up the SOCOM
    Bullets. Just for fun, go into first person view and look inside the toilet.
    NASTY! Another fun thing to do is flush the toilets. Go by the doorless
    toilets and punch them. They will flush. Whee! Another fun thing you can do
    is use the blow dryer. Punch the blow dryer and the air will start coming
    out. The air will blow onto Raidens hair and make it go everywhere. That will
    piss Raiden off pretty much. Get out of the Mens restroom and now go into the
    Womens restroom, where Raiden really belongs. In here, you can find a
    Pentazemin and M9 Bullets. When you are done playing in the Womens restroom,
    exit and get back into the hallway you were in before.
    Now run up this hallway and enter the Kitchen area. A cutscene begins. Raiden
    sees some type of officer rummaging through many cupboards looking for
    something. He then stops because he is surprised from Raiden's sudden
    appearance in the kitchen. The man says that he isn't from the NYPD or
    anything related to that. Pliskin then enters and tells Raiden to hold his
    fire and put the gun down.
    You find out that the man in the uniform is a man named Peter Stillman, from
    the NYPD Bomb Squad. He was brought into the Plant by the SEAL Bravo team.
    Stillman is known by many as the bomb expert because of his skills with
    bombs. He came to the Plant to talk to one of his bomb students, by the name
    of Fatman. Stillman taught Fatman everything to do with explosives and even
    says that he made Fatman. Stillman also mentions an engineer that was with
    him, but left. Stillman has never seen the engineer since. Stillman is pretty
    weak at this time, so it is up to Raiden and Pliskin to do a good job and
    defuse all the bombs by themselves.
    Stillman tells you that the best way to handle C4 Explosives is to freeze its
    detonator. Stillman hands Raiden a Coolant Spray and Sensor A. Sensor A is an
    Ion Mobility Spectrometer. Pliskin tells you in easier words that it is a
    device that is used to track down the C4 Explosives in the area. It will show
    Fatmans C4 Explosives as a yellowish-green cloud spot on your radar. Too see
    these though, you will have to log into a node.
    Next, Stillman gives Raiden another object. He gives Raiden the LV1 Card.
    This card will open all the doors marked with a "Level 1" on it. Also, if you
    need anymore types of help from Stillman, his frequency is 140.25.
    In the Dining Hall, log into the node. It is now time for you to find the
    first explosive in this Strut. First, go back to the hallway. Your Sensor,
    Sensor A, right away finds the first C4 Explosive. It is on your radar. The
    bomb is in the Women's restroom. Run to the sinks and look up. You should see
    the bomb stuck to the cieling, and blinking. Get out your Coolant Spray and
    spray the bomb. You should hear a new type of sound after fully deactivating
    it. After you have deactivated the bomb, Raiden contacts Stillman to tell him
    that he has found the first C4 Explosive. Peter starts to worry and tells you
    that this might be a trap. He also tells you that Pliskin has found some C4's
    in a different area. An area where the C4 bombs would not be too effective if
    they explode.
    Now, get the Ration in the opening of the fence by the agitator. Some useful
    SOCOM Bullets are at the end of the left side and some M9 Bullets are right
    under the staircase. Take out your Sensor A again and you will find the
    second and last C4 Explosive that you have to take out. This one is on the
    left side, underneath the CD Connecting Bridge entrance. Lift up the
    maintenance hatch to find the C4. Whip out your Coolant Spray and deactivate
    the C4. Stillman Codec's you and reminds you that there is still the big bomb
    at the bottom of Strut A. Stillam also tells you that he knew something like
    this might have happened so he tells you to go get the new bomb detector or
    Sensor that he made. So now you have to go and pick up this Special Sensor.
    CD Connecting Bridge
    Try to stay under the surveillance camera as much as possible, but if it
    bothers you to the max, shoot it with your SOCOM. After that, hide in the
    alcove. A sentry walks back and forth inspecting the bridge, and you do not
    want to be caught. When he turns around and walks to the other side, shoot
    him. This bridge is very dangerous and the only way to get past is to run.
    When you run, never stop. There are floor panels underneath you that collapse
    when you walk on top of them. So run!
    Strut C, Dining Hall
    Go to the pantry that Stillman locked himself in and pick up the Sensor B.
    Now that you are ready to find the big bomb, before Stillman suggested to go
    check out the bottom of Strut A. So that is what you should do. Pliskin
    interupts you and reports his status. He says that he is about to deactive
    the very last C4 explosive. As he is about to, Stillman realizes that the big
    bombs would activate when all the small C4 Explosives were deactivated. You
    thought that you survived the bomb threat, but now there is an even larger
    bomb threat. You are now timed. You have exactly 400 seconds to reach the
    main course, or you will be gone for good.
    Go all the way back to Strut A by starting at the BC Connecting Bridge. There
    is a Cypher around, so throw your Chaff Grenade to temporarily disable it.
    Spare Chaffs are useful when you have it, and when you need it. :P. Now in
    Strut B, all the guards are back. You do not have to worry about them too
    much. Just worry about the outside hallway guard. After that, continue to
    move on to Strut A using the AB Connecting Bridge.
    Strut A, Rooftop
    The huge elevator in the middle of this area is back up and collecting dust.
    Quickly run to the platform elevator withought being caught by a sentry. If
    you walk farther onto the elevator, it will start moving down. Deep down.
    While going down, Stillman will Codec you and admit that Fatman is much
    greater than him in terms of technique. After the huge destruction of Shell
    2, Codec transfers to Stillman and Pliskin are shut off. So no more Codec
    calls from and to them for a little while.
    Strut A, Deep Sea Dock
    When Raiden reaches the bottom, you will see that the room looks different
    and new items have been scattered everywhere. Go down to the very first room
    that you started this chapter, the Plant chapter, in. The bomb that we are
    looking for is under the submarine but still on the submarine. The submarine
    is hanging in the air so it should be pretty easy to see. Go pretty close to
    the submarine, but still stay on land. Take out your Coolant Spray and freeze
    the bomb.
    The bomb threat is now no more, but you have a new mission to face. Your new
    mission is to save the president. While walking back through the hallway, the
    Colonel tells you that the terrorists have killed a hostage for revenge on
    you deactivating all their bombs. They also make a statement that every hour
    they will kill another hostage. Things are looking bad and Raiden's
    responsibilitys are getting much larger. The Colonel tells Raiden heavily, to
    quickly return to the rooftop of Strut A.
    Raiden agrees and jets for the elevator but is immediatly stopped by a female
    figure who steps in front of his tracks. She moves her gigantic gun
    fearlessly and taunts Raiden to come over to her. You will now fight Fortune.
    Visit the Bosses section to learn how to beat her. While fighting Fortune,
    the Colonel will end the battle and tell you a message from Fatman. He tells
    you that Fatman has planted another bomb and that Fatman is asking for you,
    A cutscene happens. You see Fortune tapping her foot angrily because she has
    still never killed you. Raiden has to get around her to leave this area but
    can't find a way. So he doe's what every person with a gun does. Raiden
    points his gun at Fortune and shoots furiously. All of the bullets go by
    Fortune, but get deflected by her invisible force field. The bullets get
    deflected and hit Vamp. Vamp still stands like nothing happened but one of
    the deflected bullets goes right through Vamps forehead, killing Vamp
    instantly. Vamp tumbles to the floor, deadly, even though he is already dead.
    Fortune drops to the floor and starts to cry and then mourns Vamps death.
    Raiden decides that this is the time to leave so he quickly runs and proceeds
    to the rooftop. All of a sudden, Vamp gets up. But didn't he just die? How
    can he take a bullet shot to the head?
    When you are on the rooftop, carefully maneuver your way around the mines
    planted at the entrance to the Strut A Pump Room. You now have a new goal,
    and that is to head to the Strut E Heliport to confront Fatman. Go to the FA
    Connecting Bridge and continue from there.
    Strut E, Heliport
    Walking around the long, circular catwalk, you will find another Claymore
    Mine. Pick it up and walk up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, grab the
    SOCOM Bullets. Raiden then finds the bomb placed out in the open. As soon as
    you defuse the bomb, Fatman appears. He does useless things while roller
    skating around the heliport. Fatman then decides that he wants to play a
    little game with you. The game is game that he loves to play. You are now
    going to fight Fatman. Visit the Bosses section to learn how to beat him.
    After you defeat Fatman, he will tell you that there is one more bomb that
    you will have to defuse, but won't be able to find. The bomb is actually
    pretty easy to get you. The bomb is right underneath Fatman. So pick up
    Fatman and move him away from the spot he was sitting on. Deactive the bomb
    and shake Fatman for his dog tag. Shake him once again to get some SOCOM
    Walk to the bottom of the heliport and Mr. X will make his first appearance.
    Mr. X gives you the B.D.U., a Cell Phone, and the LV2 Card. The B.D.U. cannot
    be used until you've found the missing piece to the disguise, which is the
    AKS-74u. The Cell Phone is used for future notes, and the LV2 Card is used
    for access to the Lv2 security doors. After he gives you these items, he also
    tells you how to find the president. To find him, you have to talk to Ames.
    Ames is member of the secret service. He tells you many surprsing secrets.
    When Mr. X leaves, head for the Strut F Warehouse to collect some new items.
    Do NOT use the cool uniform until I tell you too. Even after you've grabbed
    the AK assault rifle. The guards inside and outside the shell have slightly
    different colored uniforms, and they will be able to see you in your disguise
    Strut F, Warehouse
    Start at the top floor of the warehouse, at which a sentry keeps an eye in
    the hallway below. Another sentry will soon come around to Raiden's current
    position. A third sentry is pretty close also, but since he's hanging
    out on the bottom floor, you will have to take him out first. As soon as
    Raiden goes into this strut, go to the right to the stairs and take it to the
    level below.
    When you come down, the lowest sentry should be staring at the eastern wall
    for a pretty long time. This is your chance. Run to the Level 2 door here to
    bring you to the security room . The cargo has been set up for perfect hiding
    spots if you get caught mistakingly. Grab the items around the room,
    including the VERY important AKS-74u, which now fully completes the enemy
    illusion costume.
    By this time, the sentry is most likely standing right outside the doorway,
    walking back and forth. The second sentry may have also came downstairs on
    your level from the upper level, so stay low until you're clear. When the
    extra sentrys head back up the stairs and the original sentry faces down
    south, then east, quickly tranquilize him or shoot him in the head. Then pick
    him up and drag his body to the left Level 1 room and put him in the locker
    just for you to be safe.
    Run back up to the top floor and watch the two sentrys there. Try not to kill
    the sentry on the longest path because he needs to report in every minute or
    so. That, and he is also very easy to go around without getting into any
    trouble. On this floor, go in all the Level 2 rooms and find the M4 Assault
    Rifle.  However, make _SURE_ that you deactivate the C4 control unit _BEFORE_
    getting the goods.  Grab some C4s of your own and some extra ammunition for
    your new weapons.
    EF Connecting Bridge
    Another sentry has been ordered to watch the heliport since you've killed the
    last one. Slowly take this sentry out and utilize the M4 on the gun mounted
    Cyphers. Now cross the bridge up to the middle and go to the connected bridge
    on the left. This brings you to the Shell 1 Core entrance. BEFORE crossing
    the bridge, don't forget to look for Cyphers. The bridge has many panels that
    fall under Raiden. When you start running, DO NOT STOP! Pick up the AKS-74u
    Bullets on your way to the Shell 1 Entrance.
    Shell 1 Core, 1st Floor
    Now, this is the right time to put the B.D.U. in a useful situation. Put on
    the B.D.U. Then put the AKS-74u across Raiden's back and you will be fine.
    Remember, do not do anything that a sentry wouldn't do. Also, try not to do
    Raidens somersault maneuver. I know it might be addicting, but still. Also,
    try not to bump into any other sentrys. If you do, your gear instantly
    un-equips and you will be caught. But there is always a way to get around
    things so you can always run around the corner and re-equip everything to
    trick them for the second time.  Just always keep the B.D.U. and  AKS-74u
    equipped. This is the only way inside.
    Take note of the extremely dangerous security watch. Good thing that the
    Ninja got you this suit or you will be in a whole mess of trouble. Two
    Russian sentrys walk up and down, back and forth this corridor in a swinging
    motion. Walk through the gaps and walk down the passage to the left, entering
    the locker room.
    Here, use the node to get the area map. Also, pick up the Chaff Grenade and
    search the lockers for some M9 Bullets. In the bottom row of lockers, you
    will find a C4, a Book, and a Claymore. Pick those all up. You should also
    find a locker that wont open. Force open the locked locker by hitting it alot
    until the door falls over. Pick up the M4 Bullets inside. Head out the door
    on the left and grab the box of SOCOM Bullets at the end of the short left
    When you are by the elevator, press the Triangle button to call for the lift.
    The camera mounted above you will start scanning you for the correct persona
    equipment. If you don't have the right stuff on, the alarm will sound. Once
    the scan is done and you are accepted, Raiden will be able to enter the lift.
    Go into the lift and press the button to go to B2.
    Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Room
    Head out the west door and  follow the square corridor that will soon lead
    back to the elevator. The one sentry assigned to keep the corridor safe tends
    to runlaps around the compound. He runs around so it is harder for you to get
    past him. Remember, if you bump into him, you will drop your disguise. Don't
    let him bump into him.
    Look inside the lockers on the east side of this room and grab the M4 Bullets
    and SOCOM Bullets. Then beat up the locker at the very top to topple the
    stack of Books that are on top of the lockers. Dirty magazines galore. Enter
    the computer room from the southern end of the compound and look at the cool
    posters! You like them don't you?
    Three sentrys have been put here.  The computer room isn't very roomy, so be
    careful not to bump into anyone when walking around. When you reach the small
    cubicle, grab the AKS-74u Bullets and Box 4. Now walk in between the two
    sentrys to the northwest corner, where you can grab the Directional
    Microphone. Another thing to note, the bird gets annoying as hell. :(
    If you need another Bandage, you can find it under the center workstation.
    Now, leave the computer room unless you want to play some more with the
    parrot or look at some dirty pictures.
    Shell 1 Core, B1
    Right after Raiden stepps off of the elevator, Raiden then peeks around the
    corner to find a sentry going into the hostage room using the Retina scanner.
    Even though Raiden has the disguise, he doesn't have the eyes. Go into the
    room at the end of the short passage to find a node terminal and a Ration
    inside the right-most locker. When Raiden leaves and goes down the central
    corridor, you will notice that there is only one sentry on duty. Even though
    there is one helpless sentry, don't take him down.
    There are really three sentrys in this area. Only two of them are on a coffee
    break in the lounge room. The other one is actually doing his job. When the
    patrolling guard returns to give a positive report, they switch positions in
    a repeating pattern. The soldier that had just came back will move to a
    position in the break room. Another soldier will come out of the room to
    inspect the hall.
    Before continueing on with the mission, pick up the M4 Bullets near the
    lounge entrance and open the lockers for some SOCOM Bullets and a Stun
    Now, it's time to  run to the next room. The Hostage Room. The only thing
    that keeps you from going to this room is the so called scanner. Now the
    question is, How to get across it?  Well, be smart. When a guard comes out to
    the hallway, strangle him and hold him hostage. When you are holding him,
    drag him to the scanner and make him face forward. Raiden then smacks his
    face into the scanner and the door opens. Nice!
    From the left-most corner of the horizontal corridor, wait until a sentry
    moves out to the hallway. When he first stops, which should be at the west
    end of the hallway, un-equip the AKS-74u. Now press and hold the Square
    button. By any chance, if Raiden ends up flipping the sentry over, quickly
    re-equip the AKS-74u  and act like nothing happened. The sentry will call for
    back-up. When back-up comes, just stay out of the way during the clearing.
    The Hostage Room
    When you get in here, the Colonel contacts you to tell you some boundaries on
    things you can and cannot do in here. The only thing that you should never do
    is to try and kill the only sentry that is in this room. It would always be
    much much easier with fewer enemies, but if you touch the sentry, you will
    get caught and busted. Another thing, do not keep the Directional Microphone
    equipped when the guard is nearby. If he does see you by any chance without
    your AK-74u, re-equip it as fast as you possibly can.
    Walk around the outside edge of the room and grab the Ration and the Bandage.
    If mistakingly you have already forgotten, your goal in this room is to find
    Ames, the presidents right-hand man. How do you know who Ames is? You were
    already given some clues about him. One of your clues was that he wears a
    pacemaker. Take out your Directional Microphone. You have to point it at
    someone to see if they are Ames. When Raiden points the Directional
    Microphone at someone, you should be listening for a muffled beep that then
    follows rightafter the person's heartbeat. When you think you have found
    Ames, press the Triangle button to confirm if the person is Ames. Some people
    in the room are sleeping. Tied up and blindfolded people are also sleeping.
    Wake them up with the Coolant Spray.
    There is only one thing that you should know before you begin your huntdown
    for Ames. If the hostages wiggle around too much and the sentry sees it, he
    will call for some back-up. When he calls for back-up, another sentry will
    come in, making their a total of 2 sentrys. Another sentry will be added on
    if the same thing happens to you and the pattern continues.
    If you would like to find Ames with no help at all, by yourself, then please
    skip this paragraph. Ames is tied to a table with some boxes facing to the
    south wall at the southern-most end of the room. Ames is easy to find because
    he is sitting down all alone there. When you find Ames, several cutscenes
    will take place. I would like to note that Ames location will change
    everytime you beat the game, and then play it again.
    Ames tells you stuff you would have never thought of. Look at the scenes and
    pay attention. They will all come together later on. Raiden and Ames catch a
    quick glance of a Solid Snake impersonator and listen to his conversation
    with Ocelot. Move around the Directional Microphone so that you can hear the
    conversation better.
    Ames hands Raiden the LV3 Card and tells Raiden his last thoughts on his
    mind. At this time, Ocelot will start to walk to you. You have exactly 10
    seconds to take out your AKS-74u. If you don't, Raiden will get caught. Don't
    worry about it though, the time doesn't continue while you are in the
    inventory screen.
    After you equip the gun, do not try to escape this area. Just stand still. A
    cutscene happens that shows Ames' death and Raiden's unmasking. The cyborg
    ninja comes out of nowhere and mirrors the bullets while Raiden makes an
    When Raiden steps out and goes on to the B1 hallway, an announcement happens
    where all personnel are to give the entire core a clean up. Your disguise
    doesn't work anymore because now Ocelot has your mask. While the sentrys are
    running around the core, you are in caution mode and all of the sentrys that
    were lounging around are now ready to kill anyone in their way. Good job
    This will be a good time to start collecting dog tags if you decide you want
    to. Start off by walking up the vertical pathway. A sentry in the adjacent
    passage is searching up the the room at the end. Tranquilize him with your
    Tranquilzer gun. Now pick him up and stuff him in the locker for your safety.
    If by any chance Raiden gets snagged and the other sentrys are going after
    him, go and hide in the locker and stay there. The sentry intelligence has
    increased alot. Stay in the locker until the sentrys decrease in number.
    Shell 1 Core, 1F
    If by any chance you have visited this are already, you will know that this
    place is COVERED with sentrys. Sentrys are all over this area. After you have
    enough room to actually move, I suggest you run instead. After exiting off
    from the elevator, you will see a camera on the west corridor corner. Use
    your SOCOM and shoot it to destroy its connection to the other many sentrys.
    Then tranquilize the guard that comes and pauses briefly under the now
    destroyed camera.
    Sneak around the corner and take out the last soldier in this hallway. Then
    run to the exit which will be no problem to get there from here.
    You now have access to Shell 2 because of Raiden. Though, as you were told
    earlier before, the bridge has been planted with several wired Semtex
    explosives ready to destroy everything if any clumsey person trips the
    sensors. To make sure that nothing goes wrong, Raiden needs to have nearly
    perfect shooting. And for nearly perfect shooting, you need a sniper rifle.
    But you can still proceed without it.
    EF Connecting Bridge
    The Cyphers that you have destroyed earlier are back, repaired, and ready to
    kill you. To make sure you have a safe trip across the bridge, you will have
    to destroy the Cyphers first. Whip out your M9 and destroy those Cyphers. Now
    walk down the bridge back to Strut F to grab some  brand new equipment for
    you to use.
    Strut F, Warehouse
    The Level 3 Security Card that Ames gave to Raiden earlier before gives
    Raiden access to all doors in the warehouse marked with Level 3. First, go
    and find the RGB6 Grenade Launcher and its ammunition rounds placed in the
    first room on the left when Raiden enters the warehouse from the hallway. If
    you need to stock up on some more ammuniton, some of them are in rooms Raiden
    had already been in.
    After that, walk down to the lower-right room to enter the next Level 3 door
    and get the PSG-1 and some PSG-1 Bullets. From where you picked up the PSG-1,
    crawl into the space on the east wall to find a PSG-1T at the end. To clarify
    and not get confused, The PSG-1T is a tranquilizer version of the PSG-1. For
    some of the bullets, they can be found around the warehouse. You now have
    what you came here for, but before you leave, let's get some more ammuntion
    for our other firearms. There are some Grenades and Claymores in the Level 3
    room next to the FA Connecting Bridge entrance.
    The entrance to the Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge can be found in the Strut D
    Sediment Pool, right next to the disposal gate on the top floor.
    Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge
    When you step on the large area of the Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge, Pliskin
    Codec's Raiden and tells him about the Semtex explosives set up all aroundd
    the bridge, ready to explode and kill you. Before you continue on your
    mission by rescuing the president, you will have to rescue yourself first by
    disarming 10 control units for the C4. These C4's are placed all around the
    bridge. Raiden helps you by pinpointing where the first C4 is. You have to
    destroy the C4's control unit. When Raiden is useing the sniper rifle, you
    will soon find that he shakes alot, making it harder for you to aim and
    shoot. It will make your shot horrible when you are in this condition. Use a
    Pentazemin Pill to calm down Raiden's shaking for a better shot.
    You can find 4 control units pretty easily. Three of them are right in front
    of Raiden. One is connected to the agitator. The other two are placed next to
    some C4's on the ground to the left. The fourth one is placed at the top of
    the doorway entrance to Strut D.
    The other six that you now have to find are pretty tricky to find. Use the
    Scope to look around and find the locations of the C4's. Now the hard part.
    Trying to tell you where the C4's are in text. Lets get the first and the
    easiest one first. The first one of the six to find is placed on the hovering
    Cypher afar. Zoom in on the blinking control box planted on the very top of
    the Cypher. Make sure you hit the box only and not the Cypher.
    Move to the alcove on the right to get a better shot of the next explosive.
    Look strait out ahead of you to find this explosive planted to the east of
    the Strut G Entrance. You will see six C4s surrounding a single control unit
    in the center. Carefully snipe the control box. Two bombs down, four more to
    Now move to the alcove on the left and zoom in to the left of the Strut G
    Entrance. There, you will find the third control unit surrounded by several
    other Semtex explosives. After it's been destroyed, look down to the bridge
    to find the next control unit attached on the left side, in the far corner.
    The second to last control box is connected to the wall behind the Sons of
    Liberty flag off of the west side of Strut G's Entrance. Wait untill some
    wind blows the flag off to the side to show the control box resting behind
    it. It is hard to find out if you have hit or not. To find out, wait for some
    more wind. Or you can just destroy the last control unit to find out.
    The last one is placed on a small ledge below the Strut G Entrance, on the
    western wall. A flock of birds should be around it, indicating its location.
    Aim and shoot the control unit. If you end up killing a seagull instead, all
    the other seagulls will fly away, leaving an open shot to the control unit.
    If everything is good, a cutscene will occur.
    Moving towards the bridge, Raiden receives a call from Pliskin. Pliskin has
    found a Kasatka Helicopter to save the hostages with. Pliskin finally
    introduces Raiden to his friend Otacon. Things finally start to come together
    here. As the helicopter comes closer to the bridge, a wierd figure pops up.
    Pliskin tries to shoot him with alot of bullets, but the all miss because
    Solidus is way too fast and runs through Pliskins attacks without any effort
    in trying, unscracthed. Pliskin can't do much in his location, so he hands a
    Stinger and a box of Stinger Missiles to Raiden. Pliskin leaves Raiden alone
    so Raiden can deal with the Harrier that rises. Visit the Bosses section to
    learn how to beat The Harrier.
    After you have defeated The Harrier and have returned thr Metal Gear RAY,
    you will find that most of the connecting bridge has been destroyed. You have
    no possible way to get to Shell 2 now. But you have friends that can help you
    out. Walk to the fire towards the left and the ninja will contact you. He
    tells you to use the Coolant Spray to on the fires to extinguish them. After
    taking out the fire, run down the stairs and grab the Ration. Now run back up
    before the stairs fall down to the waters below.
    Now, hop over the yellow rail and hong on it. Climb to the right and hang
    over the large orange pipe right underneath you. Drop on to it and slowly
    walk down the pipe to find yet another Ration at the end of the pipe to the
    south. Now walk up the pipe until Raiden is directly lined up with the other
    half of the bridge to the left. I suggest that you use the D-Pad for what you
    are about to do right now. When you are at the very edge of the pipe,
    somersault yourself to the broken platform. You should land on it. Be careful
    though because if you are off by alittle bit, you will fall of the bridge and
    die in the waters. Grab everything1 here and put out the fire to get the
    AKS-74u Supressor. Jump across to the other catwalk. As soon as you leave the
    platform, a fire will start again behind him.
    Follow the circular catwalk to the end. Run across the catwalk because the
    floor will fall underneath you. At the end of the catwalk, jump over the edge
    to land on the catwalk below. Now, two sentrys are sent out to the bridge
    above to view the wreckage of the Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge. Stay as far
    away of the sentrys eye sight as possible and shoot them in the head your
    sniper rifle.
    Now cross the catwalk by jumping over the first gap and walking across the
    next one. At the end is the Strut L Perimeter.
    Strut L Perimeter
    There are now 2 sentrys that you have to be careful of. They are behind
    windows, looking out to see if there is any trouble that they have to handle.
    They should be pretty easy to get past but if you get caught, they will send
    out some Cyphers to kill you. if this happens, quickly run back to the ladder
    and lie down low.
    The easiest way to get past them is to crawl as fast as you possibly can. The
    floor panels drop underneath you so be careful. The guards can still catch
    you though, so try to get in a good angle to get past them.
    When you get further on in the path, it looks like there is a big gap in the
    bridge so you cant get any further. What you have to do is flatten yourself
    against the wall and sidestep across slowly and carefully. When you reach the
    ventilator, crouch down and continue to sidestep under it to the other side
    of the gap.
    When you go around the corner, a guard above you is about to... err... take
    the biggest pee of his life. He looks around to see if the coast is clear and
    does what any man has to do. Release the evil!
    Jump down to the catwalk below you and grab the AKS-74u Bullets. This catwalk
    that you currently are on leads you to the KL Connecting Bridge. About a
    fourth ways through the pathway, look over to the left and find a clear
    opening of part of the KL Bridge. Wait until a Cypher hovers into your view
    and destroy it to make the path less dangerous. Then climb up the stairs to
    the bridge.
    From atop the stairs, look straight ahead to find a small group of several
    Cyphers guarding the entrance to the Shell 2 Core. Take them out with your
    M4. Bye-Bye Cyphers. Not a big threat. Now walk across the bridge and grab
    the items on the bridge.
    Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Purification Room
    After Olga lifts the switch to activate the electric floor, walk down the
    stairs to the lower aread and grab the SOCOM Bullets that you can find on the
    crates, and some M9 Bullets sitting next to the stairs up ahead. The small
    path to the left has a Chaff Grenade at the end, and the room opposite of it
    has two gun-mounted surveillance cameras guarding the room. Destroy their
    frequencies with the silenced SOCOM. The longe room ahead has a node and some
    M4 Bullets. More can be found in the alcove on the far right in the corridor
    Shell 2 Core, B1 Infiltration Chamber No. 1
    You can find a node here, to the right of the elevator. Go to the node to
    update your radar by getting the new area map. Now jump into the water. The
    Codes rings and the Colonel is on the line. The Colonel gives you some last
    minute swimming tips. Though it was a short conversation with the Colonel,
    hopefully it will be your last. He is extremely annoying now.
    When you are in the water, there are some oxygen spots. These spots can be
    found easily under water. They are the spots in the water that light is
    shining on. When you see this light, swim by it and then up it to go into an
    enclosed, but airful area to let Raiden to refill his O2 gauge. It fills up
    slowly, but you can wait there all day if you wanted to. Now, let's go get
    the Nikita!
    Start off by swimming straight. Just go straight from the stairs. Keep going
    straight to the end of the flooded hallway. Grab the Nikita there and now
    swim back and climb up the stairs.
    Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Purification Room
    Now head the the storage room, where you have destroyed two surveilane
    cameras earlier before. When you are in the room, look for a duct on the
    western wall. If you can't find it, try putting on your Thermal Goggles and
    looking for it. When you find it, fire a Nikita Missile in it. Just so you
    know, you can control the direction of the Nikita Missile with the Control
    Pad. Direct the missile through a few turns and you should get to the the
    Presidents room. If by any chance, your missile doesnt reach the Presidents
    room, keep trying. You will make it. When you are in the President's room, DO
    NOT hit the President. Direct the missile to the left by the control panels.
    Destroying the control panels deactivated the electric floor you saw earlier,
    that leads to the President's room. The entrance to the generator room is on
    the other side of the compound, north of the Shell 2 Core Entryway.
    When you meet the President, he grabs his crotch (o_0) and gives some
    information to Raiden about the Patriots.  Pay VERY close attention to this
    long conversation because it will help you alot at the end of the game. After
    a very long conversation with the President, he gives you the Level 4
    Security Card and a MO Disk. The MO Disk is a disk with a virus that you will
    have to put in a computer later on.
    The President orders Raiden to kill him but Raiden refuses to and starts a
    little fight. Before Raiden can even do anything, the President is instantly
    shot by Ocelot. The Colonel tells you that the nuclear air strike has been
    stopped, but the terrorists have yet another plan that they want to try out.
    Now you have another mission to. You are ordered to find and save a young
    girl named Emma, since she is the only one who knows how to use the MO Virus
    Disk. She also the only one who knows how to stop the Arsenal Gear. Now it is
    time for you to head back to the Filtration Chamber in B1 again.
    Shell 2 Core, B1 Filtration Chamber No. 1
    From the stairs, walk forward until the entrance to the right corridor
    appears. Swim into the corridor and take and stop to pick up the Night Vision
    Goggles from the small passage on the left. Now swim into the next corridor,
    where it brings you forward. Don't try and go for long swims. Take a breath
    of air when you have a chance.
    Now, go an enter the nearby corridor on the left. The next corridor to the
    right will come into your view soon. Take the right corridor up. Follow it to
    the left and then up. Open the water shut air tight door and a dead body will
    pop out to scare the crap out of Raiden, and maybe you also.
    In this area, you will see large piles (and many piles), of scattered metal
    bars. These bars are huge blockades that will stop your swimming path. You
    must swim around but near the blockades to find an opening. If you can not
    find the opening, where your Thermal Goggles. They are much easier to see
    now. Also, do not worry about runnung out of air, there are air spots at the
    end of every blockade. At the end, climb the stairs at the end to get to the
    next chamber.
    In this area, you will see that there is a square-shaped catwalk elevated
    over a type of bubbley watery liquid that can kill Raiden if he falls in it.
    Vamp mysteriously appears for revenge of the forehead wound that you gave him
    earlier. Visit the Bosses section to learn how to defeat Vamp in this battle.
    Shell 2 Core, B1 Filtration Chamber No. 2
    You will have no problems in this chamber since it is much smaller than the
    other one. Throughout this flooded chamber are items that will be useful.
    Pick up the AKS-74u Bullets, the Ration, and the Body Armor. Then head to the
    locker room.
    Once you are in the locker room, log into the node nearby to get the current
    area map. Grab the Pentazemin. You will need this later, badly. Most of the
    sliding lockers here are stuck. The ones that do open hold a Book and a C4.
    One of the other lockers also holds a little girl named Emma.
    When you find her, she will turn Raiden's kindness into fear. She thins that
    you are one of the bad guys. Raiden finds a way to persuade her that he is
    the good guy here so he can save her. Emma's legs are injected with a wierd
    substance, making her legs numb. This makes her not able to walk by herself.
    Press the Triangle button to hold her hand and guide her with Raiden. Emma
    and Raiden will walk very slowly. While Raiden is holding Emma, he can't
    equip any weapons. This makes Raiden completely vulnerable to any attacks.
    Remember to leave Emma at a safe place when you will get in a battle.
    When Raiden brings Emma into the filtration chamber, her fear of water comes
    into play. If you've conversated with Otacon earlier, he would have already
    warned you about her hydrophobia. Raiden tells Emma that she should listen to
    his heartbeat while they are underwater to for time to go faster bye and to
    get her mind off of the water. You will definatly need air breaks with Emma
    on you because your O2 gauge is half the size of yours.
    You can swim through the second filtration chamber without having any
    problems. When Raiden goes in the room where you fought Vamp, do not bring
    Emma on the left side of the walkway because Claymores are scattered around
    that area. If Emma lost any life, let her to sit down and take a rest. Her
    health will slowly recover this way.
    You find out that she was the one who wrote the virus to clog Arsenal's
    system. Now, it's time to go through the first chamber, which is a lot harder
    than the previous one. In the wreckage room, if Raiden hasn't grabbed the
    PSG-1T yet, you can find it on the floor, under one of the air breaks.
    When you are back at the elevator, Raiden tries to bring Emma along with him
    through the thousands of bugs on the floor. Emma will run away and scream
    "Bugs!" What can we do? You can use the Coolant Spray to make all the bugs
    move so you can guide Emma safely to the elevator. Or you can knock Emma out
    and drag her to the elevator. Whatever you want to do.
    Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Purification Room
    This part is a little difficult. This will be a little different too becuase
    you will try to avoid all enemies while holding Emmas hand. There are only
    two sentries in this area, but when you bring Emma closer to the exit, more
    sentrys start to appear. So now there are a six guards placed in this sector.
    Leaving Emma at a safe spot and taking care of business is what you should do
    throughout this area.
    When you are at the elevator, bring Emma to the little alcove to the right of
    the elevator. Leave her right there and then head for the break room. Here,
    you will see an enemy on the radar. The guard is here, in the break room,
    taking pretty long breaks at every entrance-way into this room. Lie against
    the wall nearby any entrance and wait until the soldier has back turned
    against you. Then run inside and hold him up for his dog tag. Now, knock him
    out with the M9. Drag his body to where you left Emma and leave him there.
    Now, give the enemy a head shot and kill him.
    Two guards will now come up. Walk down the long corridor. Once you have
    walked past the storage room on the right, a new sentry is called for. The
    sentry comes down from the elevator. Go and hide in the storage room and wait
    until he is at the right spot you need him to be on his patrol route. When
    the sentry starts to walk back up the hallway towards the elevator he was
    previously on, run out and hold him up for his dog tag. Now take him out and
    place his body in the storage room. The pile will get larger pretty soon.
    Go back to Emma and bring her into the break room. A guard on the lower,
    adjacent corridor will now appear at around this time. He will stare at the
    door with his back facing the outside hallway for a VERY LONG time. He can
    easily be held up and taken out. Now go and bring his body in the storage
    room for your safety.
    Grab the Pentazemin placed in the left-hand corner at the end of the long
    corridor. If you need some more SOCOM Bullets, you can grab them on the
    opposite end. On the other side of the wall, you will see a guard below that
    walks toward your position, but stops far enough away that he won't see you.
    Tranquilize him with your M9. The sentry on the other side will not
    investigate, so you are pretty lucky. Now stay behind the wall.
    Now bring Emma to the staircase and take care of the guard on the other side
    of the boxes that block you from your view. With now two soldiers down, it is
    safe to bring Emma across the bottom. Before you get to the stairs to the
    other side, stop. Now let go of Emma's hand. Flip to the crates and hide
    behind them. A new sentry appears. Equip a weapon while he is still
    investigating the place. Wait until he turns his back and makes his way up
    the corridor. When he does, take his dog tag. =P
    KL Connecting Bridge
    Grab the Ration, PSG-1 Bullets and the Chaff Grenade on the way out to the
    bridge. Leave Emma in the shelter and then go on and across the bridge. When
    you are at the end of the bridge, hide against the low-hanging wall so that
    the camera can focus on Raiden and so you can see whatever is behind Raiden.
    Take note of the patrolling sentry. Wait until the sentry comes by the stairs
    to the lower catwalk, then jump out and surprise him. Shoot your SOCOM at him
    and he will fall down to your victory.
    Go get the extra items on the catwalk below. A fire occurs on the path to
    Strut L. Whip out your Coolant Spray and use it to extinguish the flames of
    the fire. MAKE SURE AND DON'T FORGET to bring Emma with you to Strut L. The
    entrance to Strut L requires a Level 5 Security Card to get inside. Raiden
    bangs the door with furiously seeing that he doesn't have the Security Card
    on him. Emma suddenly remembers that she has the Level 5 Security Card
    hanging around her neck and gives it to Raiden. With the Level 5 Security
    Card in hand, you can now enter Strut L. So enter it.
    Strut L Sewage Treatment Facility
    Inside this very small facility, Raiden sees that there are two sentries
    patrolling back-to-back on a small, narrow catwalk ahead. The one nearest to
    the door never leves his patrol watch duty for intruders coming in from the
    doorway. We will not be going after the dog tag this time becuase it is too
    dangerous. We will be doing a different tactic.
    The rear watchman's patrol route goes all the way to the doorway on the other
    side. From the hallway, you can see a little, but enough, of his body so you
    can shoot him down. Sorry sentry, that is the way it has to be. Take out your
    M9 and tranquilize him. Do not kill him. If you do, the other guard will be
    quickly alerted. After he is on the floor sleeping, take out your SOCOM. Then
    run into the room (Like a S.W.A.T. Team would do) and keep shooting the still
    living guard until he falls on the floor, dead.
    Bring Emma into the room ahead and open the hatch, that can be found on the
    floor, to make a ladder appear.
    Strut L Oil Fence
    After Emma and Raiden have finally finished climbing the VERY LONG ladder,
    it is time to bring back your sniping skills. Hopefully you are stocked up
    well on Pentazemins, you will be needing them. Do not worry about being
    wasting your PSG-1 Bullets, they will regenerate around the  area for
    re-stocking fun. The oil fence is made up of a series of several pontoon
    bridges that are connected to columns. There arent many guards, since a
    majority of them are boarding Arsenal Gear, but there are still several. The
    rookie sentries were left behind to take care of business. No big deal.
    Since the skinny bridges aren't very sturdy, Raiden tells Emma that she must
    cross the bridge on her own with his sniping to back her up. Raiden helps her
    onto the bridge as she climbs down the steps and balances her way across the
    thin walkway. Grab the PSG-1 Bullets nearby. If you ever run out of ammo
    while sniping, they'll always be ready for you right there. Take the advice
    that Snake gives to you and equip the Thermal Goggles to clearly see the
    Claymores, enemy sentries and gun Cyphers.
    Take a Pentazemin Pill and we will get started. Try not to use the pills
    alot. Only use them if you really need it. On the path Emma is taking, there
    are some Claymores placed on it. Shoot them out before she reaches them.
    After you have done that, move the scope over a few columns and search for
    two other Claymores. Take them out. Now, put your scope to Emma. She should
    be near the first tower by now. Kill all of the sentries. After you have
    killed certain guards, others will appear out of nowhere.
    If Emma is seen by any of your enemies, quickly kill them before the gun
    Cyphers come into view. When there are no more sentries, you will not have
    to worry about caution mode.  If you see a Cypher, to destroy it, aim for the
    gun placed at the tip of the bottom. They will appear alot so make sure to
    look for them.
    Make sure to clear the path for Emma. After Emma crosses the second bridge,
    Snake will get ready in his sniping position. He will just stay there untill
    Raiden calls him for help. If you call him for his help, he will kill almost
    all of the enemies, giving you the easy work. Though sometimes he will need
    help killing off some Cyphers.
    When Emma is about to get off the last bridge to Strut E, Vamp appears once
    again. He holds Emma hostage. Snake cant shoot from the position he is in,
    so Emma's life is now in Raiden's hands. Visit the Bosses section to learn
    how to defeat Vamp in this battle.
    After defeating Vamp for the final time, Snake goes down to go grab Emma,
    who was severely wounded by Vamp. Snake, knowing that Emma's life is about
    the end, tells Raiden to run as fast as he can to the Shell 1 Core Computer
    Room. When you have control of Raiden once again, he is automatically put in
    Strut E.
    Open the valve door andd walk into the vertical shaft. There are some well
    disguised SOCOM Bullets on the other side of the walkway. Grab them and then
    go into the parcel room.
    Strut E Parcel Room
    Most of the parcel transportation machines are not working, so there is only
    one enemy on dutie here. Wait near the stairs until he starts walking up
    north. Sneek up behind him, hold him up, and take his dog tags. Before you
    leave, walk into the Level 5 storage room and grab the Digital Camera, which
    can be used in the next game you play. Now go and exit from the southeast
    exit, leading to the EF Connecting Bridge.
    EF Connecting Bridge
    Thare are 3 very fast Cyphers here that circulate the bridge. You must
    destroy them before you cross the bridge. You have been here before, since
    the floor panels that fell under you earlier have left huge gaps on the
    hill. You have to get across. To get across this, flip over the railing and
    climb your way across. Hopefully, you hav been training Raiden's grip gauge
    to get to a higher level so you can hold on longer. If your Grip gauge is
    low, flip back to the non sturdy panels ahead. Once you land, immediately hop
    back over the railing because the floor will start to fall and drop to the
    ocean. Then just go over the rest of the way.
    Shell 1 Core, 1F
    This whole entire core has been left alone so there are no guards to bother
    you here. The southern part of the long corridor here, is rigged with
    several Claymore mines ready to blow you up. Run up and through, through the
    gigantic pack of sea lice. Don't spend any of your time in that large pack of
    bugs. Go and enter the elevator and a several long movies will ensue. The
    plot now starts to make sense.
    Snake and Raiden leave Otacon with the job of evacuateing the hostages as
    they head to Arsenal Gear. Soon after, Snake tells Radien about his real
    stance. The cool looking cyborg ninja makes another awesome appearance and
    unmasks himself. You didnt know this was coming. When Raiden comes back to
    normal, he sees that he is in a torture chamber. All nude and strapped down
    to a cold metal object. Solidus performs a little cavity search on Raiden
    and shoves his tentacles down Raiden's throat. Now you must tap the Triangle
    Button as fast as possible, as many times as possible, to make sure Raiden
    doesnt choke to his death.
    Aresnal Gear, Stomach
    After you are set free by a friend, you now have no equipment, or clothes.
    You will have to control his nude self and use all types of Stealth tactics.
    Also note that Raiden will not be able to choke or flip a guard over since
    his hands are a little busy covering up something. Do not fight the guard
    either becuase there equipment is upgraded to the best and they are now very
    In Raidens nude state and the cole temperature of the area, Raiden can catch
    the flu if he stays in one place for too long. To heal his flu problem, you
    will need Medicine. Medicine can be found in the locker. Right when you hear
    Raiden sneeze for the first time, take the Medicine Pill.
    Even though you were stripped of everything, you still have some things that
    were not stripped off of you. You still have your Codec, nano-communications,
    and your radar machine. Go use the node in the next room.
    Arsenal Gear, Jejunum
    Raiden gets a really important call from the Colonel. He starts to act a
    little wierd to you. If you keep re-entering this room and the one before
    it, the game will automatically generate random names. Ignore it. The
    Arsenal's intelligence is starting to be scrambled up by the virus. At this
    time, Campbell will start to call Raiden every few seconds with useless but
    interesting messages. They will become very annoying, very fast. But it's
    pretty interesting to see what he has to say.
    The Stomach of Arsenal Gear has six sentries planted on the lower and upper
    levels of this warehouse. There are three on the upper level and three on
    the bottom. They are stretched far apart from each other, but still tough to
    kill. What you have to do is go to the exit to the Ascending Colon, which is
    the top northeast door. This hangar holds six Metal Gear RAYs that are
    inactive. Look at them and be amazed if you want.
    Hide behind the crate as the guard moves south to search the southern wall.
    When he moves back up north,  go and sideflip to the box on the right. Make
    sure to stay behind it until the sentry looks to the west. Then go up the
    stairs to the right. At the bottom of the second pair of stairs, Raiden
    receives a strange call from Rose and Campbell. They tell you to turn the
    power of the PS2 off, but don't listen to them.
    When the sentry starts to move north, cross the walkway to the other side.
    Grab the Box 5. Box 5 is the ZOE box. Grab it from behind the stacked crates
    at the south end. This box will not help you much. It will keep Raiden warm
    for a little while though. Go north until Raiden looks across and sees a
    surveillance camera and a sentry on duty ahead. Make sure the camera's cone
    move fully north and make sure the guard on the other side is making his way
    down south. Run across the path again and go up.
    There is a large gap on the florr that you could fall into. After landing on
    the level below, quickly crouch and lean against the low container behind
    you as the guard makes a search of the area. Start walking north. Do not
    forget to grab the Ration in front of the large crate at the right. If you
    look ahead, you can see a guard that makes an L-shaped patrol around the
    crate ahead. Get past him slowly, moving from container to container and
    taking cover.
    When he is not looking, run toward the crate and lean against the front most
    end. There is a Medicine in the alcove to the left. If you already have one,
    don't bother getting this one. The stairs are on the left side ahead. When
    the guard turns his back to you, make a run for it and dodge up the stairs.
    You may have caught his attention, but he will not investigate it any more.
    The door to the ascending colon is on the other side, but a sentry has been
    put there, making it difficult for you to pass. Do not forget about the
    surveillance camera nearby. Now, cross the path to the other side without
    being caught by the camera and go hide behind the wall. Raiden can simply
    run under the camera, but the guard is much harder to get by. The only thing
    you can do now is get caught.
    As soon as the guard faces to the northern wall, run as fast as possible to
    the door at the right. The sentry may have caught you, but when you enter
    the Ascending Colon, Alert Mode will be cleared to normal.
    Arsenal Gear, Ascending Colon
    Campbell calls still continue to bother you. Go to the south end of the long
    hallway and grab the Ration. Run up and down the hallway and answer all of
    the calls. Soon enough, Rose will call you. Raiden and Rose talk in a
    emotional conversation, telling you everything about their relationship.
    After this conversation with Rose, Snake pops up out of nowhere. He moves
    his head to the long box behind him, which hold all of Raiden's clothes and
    items. After Raiden re-dresses himself up, Snake gives Raiden the High
    Frequency Blade, from the ninja as a gift to Raiden. Practice with it while
    you can because you won't have a chance later on in the game. When you are
    ready to move on, move to the northern end of the hallway. Everything you
    had before you were captured will still be in your inventory.
    Arsenal Gear, Illeum
    When you enter, a Cypher sees you and goes to warn the others. You are
    immediately on Alert Mode. Now you have to kill all the sentries until
    Raiden enters the door on the opposite side. Stay with Snake since his shots
    are excellent and they kill almost anyone. You can kill the rest.
    The sentries you will face are equipped with their own versions of the
    Frequency Blade. You dont have the time to switch the blade to another
    weapon or vice versa, since the actions for Raiden to take out and put back
    the blade wastes alot of time. The enemies with the swords can also deflect
    some bullets, remember that. If you are excellent with guns, use the M4, or
    the Stinger. I suggest you stay with the H.F.B.
    Once Raiden gets further into enemy territory, an invisible wall will make
    sure he cant retrace his steps. Do not worry. Snake will be right behind
    you. Stay behind a crate and kill off any stronger sentries that come close
    until the number of guards near the door come down.
    Arsenal Gear, Sigmoid Colon
    In the next chamber you get into, it is the same thing as before.  A bunch
    of fighters jump down from the ceiling and fill in those places of the
    already dead. Using the H.F.B. should be much easier because of the small
    area. Don't get in Snake's line of fire. Watch out for the sword users
    becuase they are very good with the blades. Once in a while, a "Mission
    Failed" screen will pop-up. If you didnt die, avoid it and use the little
    screen in the upper-left hand corner to play.
    After all of this killing and violence finally comes to a hault, Fortune
    pops up to finish off Snake. Things get confusing over here. Snake orders
    Raiden to go on ahead without him while he deals with fortune. Raiden
    eventually backs out slowly.
    Raiden climbs the ladder to a high-tech level. Solidus' voice will start
    speaking when you reach the center of this large, circular area. While he is
    giving his speech, you are given the chance to do whatever you want feel
    like doing for a few minutes. Practice with the H.F.B. becuase it will be the
    only weapon you can use against Solidus when you fight him.
    After a while, Solidus comes our and calls for 3 Metal Gear RAYs as your
    opponents. Saying goodbye to Raiden, Solidus activates and releases the
    RAYs. You will now be facing the three Metal Gear RAYs. Visit the Bosses
    section to learn how to defeat the three Metal Gear RAYs in this battle.
    Right after the battle, more movies play. These are the longest movies you
    will ever see. You will get sick of it. But it IS interesting, so watch it.
    Federal Hall
    The final battle will be against Solidus Snake. Bring him down and Raiden
    will become the legend. Visit the Bosses section to learn how to defeat
    Solidus Snake in this battle. After you beat him, watch the VERY LONG movie
    ending. You have now beat the game! Congrats! Now go back to the beginning
    of this walkthrough and lets start the game all over again!
    -=  7. Bosses -=
        Found: Navigational Deck (Tanker)
        Strategy: I would personally say that this battle is more annoying than
                  actually tough. Starting off, Olga will hide behind one of
                  three obstacles (front-left, front-right, and back-left),
                  peeking out to shoot at you with her USP. Your only shelter is
                  the row of crates in front of you. When you start, move to the
                  left so you're behind the last crate, and squat down. Hold
                  Square and the R1 button so you have your weapon drawn and are
                  already in first person mode. Tap X to peek up when it's safe,
                  using your radar to determine where Olga is hiding. Look toward
                  where she is, and be ready to shoot her with the M9 at the
                  exact moment she pops out. If you're not ready, duck down real
                  quick before you are shot at. After you hit her a couple times,
                  you will notice a spotlight in the back area. Shoot it to knock
                  out the light. Also, you will notice a greenish covering that
                  is blowing in the wind. Shoot the bottom of it, where it is
                  attached to the floor; that way the front half isn't attached
                  anymore. Continue your pattern of attacking as before. Now you
                  won't have to worry about Olga shining the light on you to
                  blind you, or shooting the back end of the green cover to block
                  your view. Watch out to avoid the occasional grenade she may
                  throw at you. Continue attacking, and Olga will continue to get
                  more and more sluggish. So, keep it up and you will soon win.
        Found: Strut A, Deep Sea Dock (Plant)
        Strategy: This battle is probably one of the easiest battles you will be
                  in. In the battle with Fortune, you will not have to waste a
                  bullet, or even pull out your gun. All you have to do is dodge
                  her attacks as much as you can. Try not to get hit by her gun
                  shots. She also likes to shoot objects so they can fall on you
                  or blow up and hurt you. Try to avoid those if possible. Good
                  job! You have defeated here. Easy huh?
        Found: Strut E, Heliport (Plant)
        Strategy: This battle can be a very easy battle and a very hard battle,
                  depending on how hard you try. All this depends on is how fast
                  you can defuse bombs. In the beginning, he will plant 2 bombs.
                  Go defuse those bombs and then find Fatman. Take out your SOCOM
                  and keep shooting him until he falls on the floor. Once he is
                  on the floor, run by him and shoot him in the head. Fatman will
                  skate around and plant some more bombs. Keep repeating the same
                  process and sooner or later, you would have defeated Fatman.
    Harrier II
        Found: Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge (Plant)
        Strategy: Pretty much, all you have to do is stand in the middle of the
                  bridge and shoot Stinger Missiles at it. All you have to do is
                  lock onto the enemy and keep shooting. Don't worry if you run
                  out of ammunition and health. Pliskin will throw items to you
                  to use when you are low on it. The Harrier has three attacks.
                  Missiles, Machine Gun, and the Swoop. Every once in a while,
                  the Harrier will swoop down by you and shoot you with a machine
                  gun. If in some way, you dodge the maching gun bullets, the
                  Harrier will glide down and hit you with its propeller. The
                  next Harrier attack is its missiles. It has unlimited missiles
                  for its shooting pleasure and your dieng pain. The Harrier will
                  sometimes drop the missile on top of you or just shoot the
                  missile at the Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge. Where ever he
                  throws a missile, I suggest you run to the opposite side. The
                  last Harrier attack is the Maching Gun. By far, this is the
                  hardest attack to dodge. The Harrier will just fly in front of
                  you and start shooting endlessly. I suggest you just run back
                  and forth until the Harrier goes on to another attack. A note.
                  As the missile of the Harrier hit the bridge, the bridge will
                  start to break down and fall apart. You will have little room
                  to run around and soon after, you will catch on fire.
        Found: Shell 2 Core, B1 Filtration Chamber No. 1 (Plant)
        Strategy: When the battle begins, shoot him with some M4 bullets. He will
                  then jump onto the balcony. When he does this, run to the upper
                  right hand corner of the room. On your way there, place some
                  claymore mines on the southers and western area around the pool
                  area in the middle of the room. Now make sure you are in the
                  corner where I told you to go earlier before. Take aim at Vamp
                  up above and shoot at him when he is not in a large red
                  fireball. Sooner or later, Vamp will jump into the water in the
                  middle. When he pops up out of the water, he will be floating
                  there for a moment. Take this time to shoot him a couple of
                  times before he dissappears again. When he gets below the half
                  mark for his health, he will start attacking you. If you placed
                  the claymores at the right spot, the he will get hit by one and
                  be thrown into the water once again. A good amount of damage
                  will also happen to him. Just keep repeating this process
                  untill you have defeated Vamp. Vamp has three attacks total.
                  The first attack is his throwing knives attack. Vamp will
                  sometimes jump on the balcony and jump from place to place
                  while throwing knives at you. It can be from millions of knives
                  or it can even be one knife that is thrown at you. Whatever the
                  number is, you have to avoid it. When he throws the knives at
                  you, head to the right hand corner of the room in the back and
                  duck behind the wall there. Hide there until the throwing
                  knives have stopped. The second attack is the sweep. In this
                  attack, Vamp will walk to you in the middle of a large red
                  flame. Do not shoot at him because if you do, he will walk
                  faster towards you. When he gets close to you, he will throw a
                  knife at you. Now, to avoid this attack, you will have to time
                  it right. When he throws it, duck, and it will go past you. The
                  last attack, which really doesnt do much is the flame. All Vamp
                  does is move in a giant flame. You can try to hit him, but it
                  will NEVER work. Vamp will just dodge it. One more thing. DON'T
                  STEP IN THE WATER. You will die instantly. The water has no
                  oxygen so you will sink directly to the bottom.
    Vamp (Battle II)
        Found: Strut L Oil Fence (Plant)
        Strategy: This will be the shortest, and the easiest, battle in the game.
                  Vamp only has one attack in this battle and it won't hurt you.
                  It will hurt Emma, which is bad. His attack is the knife
                  attack. He takes out his knife every so often and strikes Emma
                  with it. Your goal is to kill Vamp as fast as possible before
                  Vamp kills Emma. Before you start shooting Vamp, take a
                  Pentazemin Pill. Aim at Vamps head and shoot him. Be careful as
                  to not hit Emma. Once you hit Vamp in the head, keep shooting
                  him rapidly. Thats it! You have defeated him! Now a cutscene
                  will take over.
    Metal Gear RAY
        Found: Arsenal Gear, Sigmoid Colon (Plant)
        Strategy: This will probably be the hardest battle you will be in. Make
                  sure you are always running around. Only attack the Metal Gear
                  RAY that is inside the arena area and not the outside ones. The
                  head is the weekest spot but don't only go for the head. Also
                  go for their knees. They will fall down, giving you a chance to
                  shoot their head. Head shots are worth about three times the
                  amount of regular shots. Also, make sure you are shooting these
                  RAYs with a Stinger Missile. The RAYs have two attacks. The
                  Heat Seeking Missiles and the Freeze Beam. The Missiles path
                  will follow you for a little while. The only way to avoid it is
                  by running away from it. For the Freeze Beamn, just run away
                  from it to dodge it.
    Solidus Snake
        Found: Federal Hall (Plant)
        Strategy: This will be one of the easiest battles you will be in. Some
                  final boss. You have to use your H.F.S. the whole battle, so
                  hopefully you are skilled with it. Hold the block button until
                  you get really close to him. Wait for him to strike you, and
                  when you get an open shot, stab him. When he is about half way
                  dead, he will take off his octopus suit. Now he is able to run
                  much faster. Also, your attacks will now hurt him more because
                  he is not wearing his armor anymore. After you kill him, you
                  have beaten the final boss and the game. Congrats on a job well
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