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    Snake VR Missions Record Breaker FAQ by Child of Asuka

    Version: Final | Updated: 07/14/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ----- WHAT'S NEW ? -------------------------------------------------------------
    Submissions Dates
    Version | Accomplishments                       | Submissions Status
    1.0     | Established the guide                 | Flames, Errors
            | Every Snake Mission Complete          | Also alternate routes
    Because I have not played this game in a very, very long time, I really don't
    want to deal with submissions.  I'm really very sorry it's got to be like this,
    but I have other things going on besides this FAQ.
    0. Combo Targets Table
    0. Frustration
    0. Vocabulary (the stuff I say that you might not know)
    I. VR Missions
       A.Sneaking Mode
         2.Eliminate All
       B.Weapon Mode
         2.Assault Rifle
         8.No Weapon
       C.First Person View Mode
       D.Variety Mode
    II.Alternative Missions
       A.Bomb Disposal Mode
       B.Elimination Mode
       C.Hold Up Mode
       D.Photograph Mode
    ---- COMBO POINT TABLE ---------------------------------------------------------
    I was going to put this at the bottom, but then I thought, what with the
    emphasis on combo points in the Weapons Modes (by far the hardest missions of
    Snake's missions), you need this pretty often.  So there.
    *Points accumulate.  Thus, for the 5-hit combo, you get the bonus for 2, 3, and
    4-hit combos beforehand.  They aren't replaced.
    Combo Hits | Last Hit | Total Accumulated at this point
    1          | Nada     | 0000
    2          |  010     | 0010
    3          |  020     | 0030
    4          |  030     | 0060
    5          |  050     | 0110
    6          |  070     | 0180
    7          |  100     | 0280
    8          |  150     | 0430
    9          |  200     | 0630
    10         |  300     | 0930
    11         |  500     | 1430
    12 and on  |  500     | 1930, 2430, 2930, 3430, etc.
    ---- FRUSTRATION ---------------------------------------------------------------
    When you've been trying something for a long time and you just can't get it
    right, it's natural to be frustrated.  Don't believe me?  Read all my complaints
    in the sections involving hard levels.
    The problem is that your playing ability goes down, causing greater frustration
    and only rarely a better score.  Thus, you must avoid being frustrated.
    You can stop frustration by taking your mind physically away from the game for a
    minute or two.  It doesn't take long, but things like getting a drink or taking
    a bio break don't help much.  You need to actually do something else.  Do some
    chores, mow the lawn, work on that science project that you've been putting off.
    When you get back to the game, you'll feel better, and, more importantly, play
    Why do I bother to write this?  Well...this FAQ is to help people, right?  And
    you can't beat things like Snake's Variety missions when you're concentrating
    on all the ways you can smash windows, etc.  So this should be helpful to
    people who get easily frustrated (of which I am one).
    ---- WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ? ? ? ------------------------------------------
    Okay, now I'm going to be explaining a few of the terms that came up before.
    People apparently have differing images of what I mean when I say corner trick,
    bumping, sniping, and Hold Up/M9.
    Ambush - It's like the corner trick, but you lure the guard beyond your location
    and then do a hold up kill before they turn back around.  Generally it means any
    time you get a hold up style kill while the enemy is green on your radar.
    Box - Any square or roughly square shaped wall formation.  It could be big or
    small, but it always fits on one screen.  Usually I mention them when a guard is
    going to one corner and you run around the whole box to get behind him.
    Bumping - A trick with the Stinger missile launcher which is required to beat
    the Stinger levels.  You can lock on to any of the squares, and then point the
    Stinger somewhere else and quickly fire.  The missile will start off in the
    direction you fired but (probably) eventually hit the target.
    Corner Trick - It usually involves luring a guard to Your position on one side
    of a corner, either from being spotted from a distance or tapping.  This differs
    from ambushing in that with this, you lure them to a point before your position
    and do a hold up kill when they turn back around.
    Hold Up/M9 - This simply means to run up behind or beside someone and taking a
    quick shot with an M9 from a very close distance.  If I use it with the Ninja
    Raiden levels, It means the same thing as ambush, except you don't wait for them
    to move, you run up and get them.
    Knock Out - Just knocking out someone.  That's when the stars appear, OKAY?  To
    do it against a normal opponent, you need...
     - 5 straight punches with an AK-74u or M4
     - 1 solid punch while holding a Nikita missile launcher
     - You can do it with straight punches, but it takes AGES. I don't recommend it.
    Sniping - I don't actually mean "sniping" as in with a sniper rifle, I mean to
    use a handgun in first person perspective, generally from the front of an enemy.
    This is to avoid getting spotted whilst quickly dispatching a guard in
    Elimination Mode or Eliminate All Mode.  I always mean M9 unless otherwise noted
    (or there's no M9 in the level, in which case I mean SOCOM or USP).
    ----- SNEAKING MODE - SNEAKING ------------------------------------------------
    LEVEL 01 – What you should do is run diagonally up and right, then up.  Roll at
    the last instant so that he misses you as he turns.  You can complete this in
    under five seconds.
         -     My Record – 15888
         -     Goal - 15500
    LEVEL 02 – Resist the urge to be violent.  Run right, then up, wait an instant,
    then run right some more.  The tricky move is to roll so that the upper guard
    misses you but the right guard remains untouched.  Run upwards afterwards.
         -     My Record – 15744
         -     Goal - 15000
    LEVEL 03 – The introduction is a lie – INTRUSION is the key to FAILURE.  Run
    right and pull the same move you’ve pulled in the last few levels to roll
    quietly past the right guard.  When the upper guard comes down to you, sneak
    quietly by and dash to the goal.
         -     My Record – 17734
         -     Goal - 16500
    LEVEL 04 – This level is the first chance at some kind of violence.  Note that
    all the magazine tosses must be hard throws.  Throw one to the right, then go
    up and leftover the box.  Throw a magazine up the middle corridor, then run
    right and throw one up the right corridor.  Roll through the guard that seems
    to be hovering over the goal.
         -     My Record – 17062
         -     Goal - 16000
    LEVEL 05 – It’s hard, but you can run right, then up and roll through the guard
    on the bridge.  You have to go fast, but roll a little later than it seems.
    After you do, run up and right to roll through the guard on top and drop off
    the rail into the goal.
         -     My Record – 19852
         -     Goal - 18000
    LEVEL 06 – Easy route for you.  Lots of waiting instead of blitzing. Climb over
    the box to your right, then run across the pit floor and roll across the paint
    floor.  Run all the way right, then up, then left to the corner. When the guard
    turns, run up and a bit right to wait for the next guard to turn. Then you make
    a mad dash down, right, and up to the goal.
         -     My Record – 19680
         -     Goal – 18000 (?)
    LEVEL 07 – Drag the fallen guard into the left locker and stay there.  When the
    guards spot you, run up and right into the alcove then steal behind them and up
    the corridor (roll over the paint).  On the way down, wait for the guard to be
    easily in harm’s way and roll through him or throw him. Either way, shoot to
    the goal.
         -     My Record – 16006
         -     Goal - 14000
    LEVEL 08 – Equip the USP.  Run right and up the stairs, then up the corridor,
    almost to the guard.  Hold up/M9 him.  Run past him on the right.  Go up and
    begin to descend the stairs.  Snipe the guard in front of you with your nifty
    little M9.  Dash to the goal.
         -     My Record – 17902
         -     Goal - 17000
    LEVEL 09 - This one took me a while to figure out.  First gab the box, then run
    north, put on the box, and east against the wall.  When you get to the corner,
    turn southeast and go to the southeast corner.  Pick up the book, place it, and
    tap the wall. Now run north over the small wall, a bit west, and south into the
    alcove.  Now you must make sure of two things: the north guard is coming towards
    you, and the south guard is looking east at the book.  That accomplished, run to
    the guard on the book and wait for the north guard to go down the west side of
    the wall before going east.  Make sure you're unarmed.  Run north past the spot
    where the north guard was watchiong, then turn west and throw the guard to the
    west.  As he's getting up, run for the goal.  The farthest north guard (by the
    goal) should have his back turned.
         -     My Record - 35012 (4:35:10)
         -     Goal - 34000
    LEVEL 10 - Okay.  Climb over the box to the east and north under the cameras.
    Go over a second box. Run behind the guard, and then cling to the north side of
    the wall to the east until the guard upstairs looks west.  Now run northwest (a
    littlewest only) past the guard (he should be turning south just as you go from
    his view).  There should be two guards to the north, now, one a bit to the east
    and one a bit to the west.  Run west to the west edge, then north, east, and up
    the stairs behind the last guard.
         -     My Record - 28360
         -     Goal - 27000
    ----- SNEAKING MODE - ELIMINATE ALL --------------------------------------------
    Side note - The times to get are fast.  That means go fast, aim fast, and don't
    waste bullets.  I would especially like to emphasize aiming fast and getting a
    single head shot every time (or a chest shot, your call but I prefer head shots)
    Also, on a lot of the levels I notice the goals are very, very low. I don't know
    why that is, but they are no where near my records in many cases (2k or more
    difference!).  And I thought these levels were hard!  P'shaw.
    End side note
    LEVEL 01 - Cling to the wall that the M9 is in and wait for the guard to get to
    you.  Hold up/M9 him and run tot he goal.  Aim fast.
         -     My Record - 15736
         -     Goal - 15000
    LEVEL 02 - Run straight north (hold it at the start), flip across the guard's
    line of vision (don't flip too soon), and grab the M9.  Nice.  Now aim in FPV
    down the north walkway and M9 the guard.  Run south a little and east, then
    look south and hold up/M9 the gard whom you avoided at the beginning. You should
    be on the west side of a box, with two guards to the east (north and south). The
    north is now called, 1, and the south is 2.  Jump out north of the box and snipe
    1 QUICKLY.  He moves too close, too soon.  Make sure to be on the north side of
    the box you jumped out from (move east a little) so you aren't spotted by 2.
    Now run south a little and hold up/M9 2.  Now run to the goal (NE).
         -     My Record - 15288
         -     Goal - 14500
    LEVEL 03 - Run north up the corridor, then step east and grab the M9. Hold up/M9
    the guard to the east, then run west and snipe the guard at the NW corner.  Run
    back east, north, and turn east.  Hold up/M9 the guard immediately next to you,
    then immediately shoot the one past him in the head.  Run to the goal (NE).
         -     My Record - 17534
         -     Goal - 16000
    LEVEL 04 - Immediately toss a magazine east (don't worry about power).  Now run
    north around the box and east to the M9. Hold up/M9 the guard you attracted with
    your magazine, then run to the middle entrance into the top area. Hold up/M9 the
    guard at the SW corner of the top area, then hurl a magazine down the central
    aisle.  The instant that the west guard looks north, hold up/M9 him and his
    friend (in that order).  Run tot he goal (NE).
         -     My Record - 16146
         -     Goal - 15000
    LEVEL 05 - Run to the top of the strairs, then hop off of the rail to the east
    onto the guard.  Grab the M9, then snipe the following guard in this order,
    giving each a quick head shot: the guard straight north on your level; the guard
    on the level above whose head you can just see, and finally the guard on the
    bridge to the northeast.  Now run almost up the stairs and snipe the fifth guard
    from your position on the stairs.  Run to the goal (NE, lower level). Your route
    doesn't matter too much as you have plenty of time, but I went north, across the
    noisy bridge, and flipped doen the east side of the corridor onto the goal.
         -     My Record - 17154
         -     Goal - 16000
    LEVEL 06 - Run north over both paint sections and run east onto the corner where
    the guard can't see you.  This next move has to be quick.  The instant he turns
    north, run southeast, grab the M9, and step a little east.  Turn north and fire
    a shot into the north guard's head.  Hold up/M9 the guard below you. Run east a
    little, then tiurn north and fire a thir dart into a third guard's head (he has
    turned green on the radar).  Now run a little more east and wait for the fourth
    guard to look away before shooting him.  Run north, climb over the short ledge,
    and get to the goal (NE).
         -     My Record - 18620
         -     Goal - 16000
    LEVEL 07 - Run east, north (flip over the paint).  Run as far north (along the
    west wall) as you can get without being seen.  Now get ready for a tough move.
    You have to hold them both up with a single button press as they come around.
    Once this is done, use L1 to run around them and open the locker.  Inside is an
    M9.  Switch weapons and get both in the head.  Run south all the way, then turn
    west and snipe the third guard.  Run east, north, and somemore east, then hold
    up/M9 then fourth guard.  Run north to the goal.
         -     My Record - 16710
         -     Goal - 16000
    LEVEL 08 - Run east ASAP to get to the M9.  Run up the stairs, then north up the
    west side of the upper level (grab the ammo).  At the corner, snipe the guard on
    your level (NE) and then the guard on the lower level (N). Run a little east and
    north to the wall, then snipe the guard to the west (lower level).  Run to the
    ammo, then turn west and fire on the fourth guard.  Run down the stairs to the
    north, then north to the goal.
         -     My Record - 19248
         -     Goal - 17000
    LEVEL 09 - Grab the box.  Run to the middle wall, and run along it with the box
    on.  Turn south at the M9 and go along the east side of the south wall. When you
    hit the southeast corner, unequip the box and get out your M9, then hold up/M9
    the guard who is just about to turn south.  Immediately (stay in FPV), snipe the
    guard straight north.  There are actually two there, so make sure to shoot the
    farther guard first (he's about to move). Then hit the closer one. Grab the ammo
    then run east and north to the place where your last victim was.  Turn east and
    snipe the final guard, and run to the goal (N).  The USP ammo on the box can
    only help your score.
         -     My Record - 36634
         -     Goal - 34000
    LEVEL 10 - Note for this level: you have exactly enough bullets.  Don't miss.
    STRAIGHT USP METHOD (a.k.a. the One Shot, One Kill method)
    Run a little west and north and snipe the guard up the corridor.  Run up the
    stairs, then turn north by northeast (exact, ne?) and QUICKLY snipe the second
    guard.  A guard on the lower level should NOT come to inspect.  If he does,
    restart.  Turn your view east by northeast, and snipe the third guard in the
    head.  Now look straight east and snipe the guard almost directly below you.
    Now run north and east to the middle of the noisy ridge and snipe the guard
    directly to the north.  Hopefully he'll die facing east.  Run east and down the
    stairs, then west a little.  Hold up the final guard, then kill him.  Run north
    to the goal.
         -     My Record - 45938
         -     Goal - 43000
    M9 METHOD (no-kill bonus included! also a.k.a. the One Shot, One Nap method)
    Run west and north, holding the gard up.  Now open the north locker up - it
    contains the M9.  Shoot the first guard before he gets tired of holding his arms
    up.  Cling to the east wall, then ascend the stairs when the guard on the upper
    level looks south. Hold up/M9 him. Now go south a little, and east east to snipe
    the third guard. Look down and snipe the fourth guard, who is on the level below
    you.  If you're a slow shot, you're going to have to follow him.  Anyway, go to
    the middle of the noisy bridge and shoot the fifth guard. Now descend the stairs
    and go behind the sixth and final guard to hold up/M9 him.  You have plenty of
    time, so don't worry about having to wait for him.  He could be in a variety of
    places, depending mostly on how fast you shot the fourth guard.  After you get
    rid of him, run up the stairs and be on the goal.
         -     My Record - 46128
         -     Goal - 43000 (or 45938 to prove superiority over the killing method)
    ----- WEAPON MODE - HANDGUN ----------------------------------------------------
    Side note - I recommend getting a good score on each level, progressively, to
    help improve your skills enough to ace the next mission with minimal stress.
    Also, if you want to get boss scores (really good ones), try to hit each target
    successively for a complete combo across the level.  It's blindingly difficult,
    but if you want a challenge, go for it.
    End side note
    LEVEL 01 - At all times, hold L1 while you aim. This way, you'll get a series of
    perfect shots at the beginning and probably get a few more later.  That aside,
    you're just going to have to aim fast and get 500 points on every single target.
         -     My Record - 15688
         -     Goal - 14000
    LEVEL 02 - See previous level's help section.  The only difference is that this
    time, the targets move.  It's pretty tough to get 500 on each.  Also, due to the
    fact that the bullets lag an incredible amount (they must go pretty slow), you
    have to shoot ahead of where you want to hit.  This means forget L1 targeting.
    It's too inaccurate to compensate for the lag time.
    Alternatively, if you're a bad shot but pretty quick, go for a 12-hit combo.
    This will net you huge combo points and lots and lots of time.  That way, you
    might not have to worry about imperfect hits (though you can't get 10 on every
    single target or something).
    For 45 seconds left, you'll need a 2900 map score
    For 40 seconds left, you'll need a 3500 map score
    For 35 seconds left, you'll need a 4100 map score
    For 30 seconds left, you'll need a 4700 map score
    For 25 seconds left, you'll need a 5300 map score
    For 20 seconds left, you'll need a PERFECT
    For 15 seconds left, you'll lose
    This is, of course, assumiong you don't miss.  So don't.
    Is it obvious that I had an incredibly difficult time with this level?
    I suck with the handgun.
    Anyway the trick, as shown above, is to get a 12 hit combo and a few 500's.
         -     My Record - 12205
         -     Goal - 13000
    LEVEL 03 - The trick here is to fire on the orange targets, which automatically
    net you 500 on the surrounding greens and a few combo points.  Only shoot them
    when they're surrounded by greens (whn they move, wait for them to join).  Aside
    from that, just make sure to keep the combo going as long as you can.  It's not
    as hard as level 02.
    There's a set order in which they come out to shoot them in that will net you a
    43 hit combo (a good thing).  Do it like this.
    01(03) - Right in front
    02(06) - To the right a little
    03(09) - In the back low center
    04(12) - A little to the left
    05(15) - Above, back left edge
    06(18) - Below, middle left wall (move a little down left)
    Then they start moving, so I'll give relative directions
    07(21) - Turn right, below
    08(24) - Straight above
    10(27) - Straight left
    Now they'll be split
    11(31) - Right about the same place
    12(35) - A little lower, lot to the right
    13(39) - To the right, very close to you
    14(43) - Far left edge
    If you did it, congratulations.  I never quite pulled it off (stuck at 35).
    It helps sometimes to shoot prematurely on the split formations and then pick
    off the stragglers.  Just shoot fast.  Not that you have to get it for the
    record, it's just a cool thing.
         -     My Record - 39722
         -     Goal - 38000
    LEVEL 04 - Aaahh.  Combo targets.  That's what I call them, anyway.  You don't
    have to hit the centers.  I rcommend holding L1 the whole time, and forget FPV
    aiming.  First, run all the way up the first flight of stairs, turn on auto aim,
    and let the bullets fly.  When the nearby targets are gone, sSwitch to FPV and
    destroy all the targets quickly, from lower left to upper left to upper right to
    lower right.  Now go north up the stairs and hit the targets in this order: left
    right, left, right.
         -     My Record - 22092
         -     Goal - 21000
    LEVEL 05 - Start by shooting all the targets in front of you for 500 each and
    getting some combo points. Now go forward, eliminating some combo targets as you
    go, and start sniping the floating greens in front of you.  When you're done,
    turn left and follow the path of combo trgets.  Shoot anyorange in the mess in
    fron of you will probably set the whole thing off, so have fun with that.  Now
    follow the combo targets to the ceneter and blow up the east side of the level
    like you did the west.  Now follow some more combo targets.  At the end, the
    order is (from the left): 3, 1, 1, 1
    The real trick is to keep a combo going form the chain of combo targets after
    the moving greens all the way to the second set of explosives.  The combo points
    are insane if you do.
         -     My Record - 57222
         -     Goal - 50000
    ----- WEAPON MODE - ASSAULT RIFLE ----------------------------------------------
    Side note - I recommend getting a good score on each level, progressively, to
    help improve your skills enough to ace the next mission with minimal stress.
    Also, if you want to get boss scores (really good ones), try to hit each target
    successively for a complete combo across the level.  It's blindingly difficult,
    but if you want a challenge, go for it.
    End side note
    LEVEL 01 - In actuality, this mission is very simple.  Press [] lightly to aim.
    Get 500 on every target, and do it quickly.  Simple, ne?  Harder than it looks,
    but what help can I give?  Remember not to waste ammo.
         -     My Record - 12770
         -     Goal - 12500
    LEVEL 02 - Remember last time's help and the tactical reload (R2 twice).
         -     My Record - 9815
         -     Goal - 9500
    LEVEL 03 - Same help here as always.  The difference is, of course, this is very
    hard.  The targets move fast.  Thus I have developed a strategy: waste ammo.  At
    the bgeinning, aim at the top and get ready to fire on the center of the cross
    of the left-most target.  When the targets start miving, lay into the [] button.
    They should all be gone for 1530 points total.  Now go to the bottom left (or
    upper right) and get a similar bead on the next set.  When they move, lay into
    the trigger.  Now stay in the same spot and the next three will come to you.
    Repeat the same for them. Now you have 6 under the alcove. This is where it gets
    interesting.  You have to shoot each in turn, getting 500 points.  The trick is
    to stop shooting the second the front one dies, so you don't kill the back one
    for less points.  Once all 6 are eliminated, turn to the top and try for a sweep
    of a few at a time to eliminate them...it's easier when they are aligned
    vertically.  Good luck.
         -     My Record - 15412
         -     Goal - 15000
    LEVEL 04 - Very easy.  Just keep the combo going from the first section to most
    of the second and you'll have no troubles at all.  32-odd hits should do it.
         -     My Record - 41107
         -     Goal - 41000
    LEVEL 05 - First, wait until the orange block is in position, then blast it and
    the suroundings away.  Now casually "snipe" the targets that fall.  You can use
    L1 to get them pretty fast.  Continue this until the combo blocks appear, then
    run around and keep the combo going until the single orange blocks are floating
    around.  Now chase them and shoot them from a fair distance away.  When that's
    all done with, go up north to the last area of the Assault Rifle training
    grounds. The hard part is now. Fire on the relatively stationary targets first,
    then look at the top part of the circuit of the train.  Get a bead on a cross,
    then start firing until you have to reload.  Use tactical reload, set up a shot
    at the upper right corner, and blast away as it comes by again. Now you have to
    fire at the UFO as it spins, without hitting the little orbitals.  I think you
    just have to be lucky.  I'm not good enough to hit it consistently.  The time I
    finally won this mission (record) as when I got a combo all the way from the
    beginning to the part wih the solitary explosives.  Then, I got 52k.
    Something to think about.
         -     My Record - 52189
         -     Goal - 43000 
    ----- WEAPON MODE - C4 / CLAYMORE ----------------------------------------------
    Level 01 – Run up, grab the weapons, and plop a claymore in front of the moving
    target.  Now, place a C4 on the wall holding up the second target and run to the
    goal.  Detonate on the way.  A little practice and this will get you the winning
         -     My Record – 8504
         -     Goal - 8500
    Level 02 – Run and grab the claymore (on the right) and keep going. When you get
    in front of where the target is going to be when it forms the “x”, place the
    claymore.  You’ll get hit, okay.  Hit “x” to get back up, run back for the C4
    ammo, and go to the goal.
         -     My Record – 12734
         -     Goal - 12500
    Level 03 – Run to the claymore ammo, and place one directly forward, in front of
    the center of the right pit.  Now, go to the left and place one facing left, but
    the actual mine is just below and to the right of the left pit.  Finally, go to
    the far right and place a mine so that it will hit one of the two remaining
    targets.   Grab the C4 ammo on the way to the goal.
         -     My Record – 16830
         -     Goal - 14000
    Level 04 – Simple as pie.  Grab the claymores and place it facing north, on the
    SE corner of the black tiles (actually just off them).  Now run to the C4 ammo,
    then north and place it on the black tile towards the NW, on the SW corner of
    the inner pit.  Run east and place one in the SE corner of the NE wing, facing
    north.  Run back west past the pit, then place one on the west edge of the pit,
    also facing north.  It should detonate as you run back tothe goal (which is what
    you should do now - it's back where you started).
    This route maxes out at about 16k.  How did I get that other 500 you ask?  Well,
    I can't remember.  Somehow I placed the third bomb so that it took out the last
    three, but...heh.  If I remember, I'll say something.
         -     My Record – 16508
         -     Goal - 15000
    Level 05 – Grab the C4.  Run tot he NW wing and place a bomb between the west
    "waltzing pair" and the east "waltzing pair".  Run to the NE corner and detonate
    the bombs.  You shouldn't have gotten hit, but 5 targets should be out.  If not,
    restart.  Now C4 the wall and go through.  Provided you didn't get hit, you'll
    be able to do this next move.  Put a C4 in the center of the NE wing, towards
    the W side. It should be where the center of a line forms. When that line moves
    back over it, you should be at the connecting bridge between NE and S wings and
    detonate 5 more targets.  You should be yet unscathed. Now you have to run fast
    down and plant a claymore mine (not a C4 towards the center, facing south,
    possibly a little south of the center. When a "V" shape forms everything should
    go up in smoke.  Finish the level, remembering to grab the ammo on your way out.
         -     My Record – 18700
         -     Goal - 17500
    ----- WEAPON MODE - GRENADE ----------------------------------------------------
    LEVEL 01 - Don't miss, obviously.  That aside, run to the goal first and aim at
    the targets from there and go kind of fast.  It's not too hard.
         -     My Record - 11484
         -     Goal - 11250
    LEVEL 02 - Just run forward and aim carefully.  One shot, one hit, or you lose.
    A little trick I noticed is to use the auto-reload trick (R2 twice quickly) to
    get going instantly right after you fire.  And, of course, grab the 'nades.
         -     My Record - 11172
         -     Goal - 11000
    LEVEL 03 - Grab the grenades and then run to the middle peninsula.  Aim at the
    south targets, then the green one on your level, then the ones to the north.
    Finally, run to the north alcove, get the last two, and get to the goal.  Speed,
    not tricks, is the key here.  That, and ammo conservation.
         -     My Record - 18146
         -     Goal - 18000
    LEVEL 04 - First thing: aim at the upper center and hit one of the targets on
    top.  You should get a three combo; if not, start over.  Now get the explosive
    in the bottom left.  Look to the middle and get the explosive.  If you are lucky
    like me, you will get another three combo.  You now have plenty of time (and
    ammo, hopefully) to try for the east target.  Grab the 'nades when you're done.
         -     My Record - 23690
         -     Goal - 23000
    LEVEL 05 - First, look east, aim in FPV down, down, down and fire a grenade.
    Hopefully it'll hit the far east target.  Now look a little north (on the east)
    and fire a shot at the target in the inner NE corner.  Now look out at the far
    NE corner and train a shot on the rapidly moving target.  You might waste a few
    shots on this one; that's okay.  Somehow, when I did this, I got a three hit
    combo.  I wish I knew how it happened, but, unfortuneately, I could never do it
    again.  Nor could I get this score again without it. In any case, I then turned
    my sights west and took out the targets individually, gradually going north
    until they were all toast.  Sorry, but that's all the details I can give.
         -     My Record - 22196
         -     Goal - 19000
    ----- WEAPON MODE - PSG - 1 ----------------------------------------------------
    Side note - I recommend getting a good score on each level, progressively, to
    help improve your skills enough to ace the next mission with minimal stress.
    Also, if you want to get boss scores (really good ones), try to hit each target
    successively for a complete combo across the level.  It's blindingly difficult,
    but if you want a challenge, go for it.
    End side note
    LEVEL 01 - There are 6 targets immediately available, some to the right, some in
    the middle.  After there are only 3 left, run ot the west edge and blast three
    targets. Two are on the edge, and on is towards the middle (if you yave problems
    hitting it, restart and try it from a bit to the east of your starting position)
         -     My Record - 13340
         -     Goal - 13000
    LEVEL 02 - Start by grabbing the Pentazemin.  Eliminate 6 from the start, making
    sure to get 500 on each. Now move west and blast three (one normal, one sideways
    and one spinning).  Now move to the east and blast a target moving in and out of
    the corridor on the lower right corner.
         -     My Record - 15184
         -     Goal - 14000
    LEVEL 03 - You know how to shoot, right?  Go up to the upper platform and start
    shooting.  There's no real order, but watch out for the targets on the upper
    right. They only appear for a very short time before making you wait for several
    more seconds.  This is basically skill based.
         -     My Record - 19354
         -     Goal - 19000
    LEVEL 04 - Deduction targets and high explosives EVERYWHERE.  AAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHH!
    Ok, I'm fine.  This level requires a little more planning than the last 3. Pop a
    pentazemin and get going.  Shoot a target on the top middle for a big starting
    combo, then you're on your own.  Shoot fast.  A 13-hit combo can only help.
         -     My Record - 25078
         -     Goal - 24000
    LEVEL 05 - The targets are spread out this time.  There are several targets in
    each building, which is the numbers I'm going to give to you.  You just have to
    do it fast, do it accurately, and not get deductions.
    Effectively, there are 5 buildings.  Building 1 is the left-most, 2 is the one
    right behind it, 3 is the one in back and to the right, 4 is the one in front of
    it, and 5 is the far right building.
    In building 1, there are 2 explosives and a deduction on top.  To get them both
     without deductions, shoot the deduction when you have zero points.  It works.
    In building 2, there are 2 explosives.  They are really hard to hit because
     they move around a lot.
    In buildings 3 and 4 (they are basically merged), there are 7 greens.  They move
     erratically and you rarely see more than about 2, but they are all there.
    In building 5, there are 9 green targets and an explosive. Two greens are on the
     top story, one on the next story down, 2 one the third from the top, and 4
     greens on the bottom (with an explosive).  These are kind of weird: you have to
     shoot out the left wall, then the middle wall, then possibly the right wall in
     order to get them (that order is recommended).
    I recommend this order: 1 (beginning with the deduction), then 2, then move onto
    the right platform to shoot out 5, then try for 3 & 4. Depending on your speed,
    you may have to go to the left upper platform to get more pentazemin.
    By the way - with normal bullet expenditure and no combos, you need to complete
    this level with no less than 2:37:17 to spare.  I recommend getting some serious
    combo points together.  To aid this, on the bottom story of the 5th building,
    shoot out the left wall and go to a different story.  When that's done, take out
    the middle wall.  No move on the the next story up and watch the bottom floor.
    When the explosive pokes out of the closer window, blast it for a 5 hit combo
    and eliminate all the bottom floor.
    That's really complicated, but in the end, it's not really that hard.
         -     My Record - 30854
         -     Goal - 30000
    ----- WEAPON MODE - STINGER ----------------------------------------------------
    Side note - I recommend getting a good score on each level, progressively, to
    help improve your skills enough to ace the next mission with minimal stress.
    Also, if you want to get boss scores (really good ones), try to hit each target
    successively for a complete combo across the level.  It's blindingly difficult,
    but if you want a challenge, go for it.
    End side note
    LEVEL 01 - Ok.  Equip your Stinger.  Aim at the upper right target, shift your
    aim a bit down and left, then immediately fire.  This is called bumping. Now aim
    at the bottom target and bump up.  Now you pretty much have to run to the left a
    little in order to hit the third target.
         -     My Record - 8512
         -     Goal - 8400
    LEVEL 02 - Step onto the goal, then face west and equip your Stinger. Start from
    the left side and move right from the W to N to E. You will have to bump heavily
    It's more of a feel thing than a tell thing.  When all 9 are gone, face N and
    shoot the target in front of you.  Now look at the radar to find the other two.
    Shoot them as quickly as you can.
         -     My Record - 15758
         -     Goal - 15500
    LEVEL 03 - Climb the stairs.  The objective here is to get targets simulteously,
    so as to use as little ammo as possible.  Aside from that, there isn't too much
    to say. The second formation is very easy to get in a single shot, just wait for
    them all to line up in a "V" formation. You can do the same for the first group.
    As for the last, shoot the upper right target a few mements after they generate
    to get 5 more at once.  Goal time.
         -     My Record - 21414
         -     Goal - 21000
    LEVEL 04 - Bump the first set like normal. No tricks here. As for the rest, just
    try to hit them.  It's challenging, but, unfortunately, there're no real tricks.
         -     My Record - 20582
         -     Goal - 20000
    LEVEL 05 - Like most Stinger missions, the secret is to bump well.  Also, try a
    little "premeditative bumping" - the "art" of shooting and then locking on when
    you want it to turn. It works pretty well, as the effect is more pronounced than
    regular bumping.  Enjoy.  The Herrier fight is pretty simple, just use P. Bumps.
    If you hit the explosive, you'll eliminate it instantly.  I beat the level with
    a prolonged firefight with it, though, so it's okay to miss it a little.
         -     My Record - 34324
         -     Goal - 33000
    ----- WEAPON MODE - NIKITA -----------------------------------------------------
    LEVEL 01 - Fire out the south, west, and north windows, in that order.  The
    targets are on the left.  Enjoy.
         -     My Record - 7520
         -     Goal - 7200
    LEVEL 02 - Fire a shot north, then quick-reload when you're next to the target.
    I intend to call this Ad (for auto-detonatation).  Anyway, fire another missle
    towards where the last one blew up, then turna tad right and AD the second.
    Now turn south and fire a shot pretty much straight south and AD.  Now do the
    same for the last (you'll have to turn sharp right at some point).
         -     My Record - 12062
         -     Goal - 10000
    LEVEL 03 - Go straight up the ramp near you, then turn sharp left and go up a
    ramp to a target.  AD it. Now go up the first ramp again, turn hard right and go
    up the second half of the far east ramp, then go north and ram into a box upon
    which stands a target.  Go back up everybody's favorite ramp and straight north
    some more to the last target (go up it's ramp and AD).  Now drop off the left
    ledge and face north.  Go under a ramp and straight forward. Ram into the top of
    a ramp under which hangs a target.  It should get the fourth target for you. Now
    go under the same ramp again and head NE.  In the far NE corner is a bent ramp,
    under which is the final target.  Go down it and AD the final target.  Get on
    the goal.  Not that ime is much of a factor, but the ADs do add approximately
    100 points to a score, since you can move instantly afterwards.
         -     My Record - 10194
         -     Goal - 9000
    LEVEL 04 - Don't move before you fire.  It looks like you will hit the target in
    front of you, but actually you will just barely miss it.  Turn right directly
    after and go up and down the ramp.  Basically you will just follow a path, so do
    so and remember one thing: stay on the inside of turns.  Actually, two things:
    don't turn if you can possibly avoid it.  Fuel economy goes up when you boost,
    and so does your time score.  So enjoy.  If you need that precious extra moment,
    AD the target.  I needed it.
         -     My Record - 11766
         -     Goal - 11750
    LEVEL 05 - Climb atop the wall ahead of you, then fire a missle.  Avoid the box,
    then maneuver into the hole to the right.  Instantly turn hard left or right and
    follow the side of the area for a while. Turn back towards the center before the
    wall and go in the big hole.  Follow the path and avoid excessive turning.  When
    you come to the deduction targets, just keep right.  Go up the lit ramp, made a
    hard lef turn, then go up the middle ramp.  At the top, cross over the the other
    ramp, go up some more, and AD the target.  Jump on down to the goal.
         -     My Record - 14982
         -     Goal - 14500
    ----- WEAPON MODE - NO WEAPON --------------------------------------------------
    Side note - I recommend getting a good score on each level, progressively, to
    help improve your skills enough to ace the next mission with minimal stress.
    Also, if you want to get boss scores (really good ones), try to hit each target
    successively for a complete combo across the level.  It's blindingly difficult,
    but if you want a challenge, go for it.
    End side note
    LEVEL 01 - Roll through the first target, wait a moment, and start your punch,
    punch, kick combo (from now on, this is the PPK).  The final kick should hit
    them.  Roll the target that is next, sending it into the rest of the targets.
         -     My Record - 10350
         -     Goal - 8000
    LEVEL 02 - PPk the first target, and the second (if you hit it with any part,
    it will stop and let you finish).  PPK the next two (start before they get in
    range).  PPK the next target and roll yourself into the "pins".
         -     My Record - 11354
         -     Goal - 9000
    LEVEL 03 - Roll through the first and start your PPK.  The final kick should
    hit two more.  Time a second PPK into the next two (takes a feel).  The next
    PPK should have a last hit that comes when the 4 meet in the middle.  Run
    across the pit and stand in the midle of the pair and start a PPK.  Provided
    he doesn't turn to face one of them, you'll send tghem both into happy land.
    Kick the spinning target ahead into the next platform, then run to the last
    platform and PPk any of the targets to finish the level.
         -     My Record - 25248
         -     Goal - 21000
    LEVEL 04 - This looks like the same level, but it's not. Roll through the first,
    then PPK the left of the next pair (be careful).  PPK the right of the next,
    making sure to be facing right at the time.  Now, do two double punches on each
    individual target so that neither hits a red pole (they won't fly).  For the
    solitary target ahead, start a PPK when the red bar is right in front of it.
    Skip the next platform and go to the end.  Do two PP combos on it and goal.
         -     My Record - 15256
         -     Goal - 11000
    LEVEL 05 - PPK the first target, then roll through the second.  Do some PPK on
    the next platform and get done with it quickly.  On the third platform, go onto
    the stairs.  Launch the upper left pole into the solitary pole on the far left,
    then hop off and climb up to the fourth platform. Stand at the bottom center and
    PPK when the upper center green (across a pit) is coming back from the left
    corner.  It should get everything but the red pole.  Now, on the last platform,
    I recommend two PP combos on the single pole and then rolling into the last set.
    Make sure you get a 13-hit combo at the beginning for maxed out points.  
         -     My Record - 31680
         -     Goal - 29000
    ----- FIRST PERSON VIEW MODE ---------------------------------------------------
    LEVEL 01 - Kind of really easy.  Go up to the stairs and use L1 to target and
    nail every target.  Now run up and grab the AK-74u.  Use the aim function and
    the L1 button to make sure you get every single point.  Keep shooting AK-type
    targets until you've gotten 13, then head up the stairs.  Two blocks should
    appear; run backwards back down the stairs and nail the two boxes before going
    back up to get two more.  Now movely carefully down the top hall, getting every
    AK-type target and every USP type target in the wal with L1 and an AK-74u
    (because the bullets are less valuable than a USP's).
         -     My Record - 22533 and I wasn't tryng very hard
         -     Goal - 14500
    LEVEL 02 - This is going to seem like a weird strategy, but just do as I say.
    Go forward and take the right path.  Grab the stun grenades and launch one as
    close to the guard on the other end of the hallway as you can get.  The instant
    he turns, get past the security camera and go forward.  Drop occaisonal stun
    grenades as you run relentlessly forward, and try to shrug off the shots.  Just
    get forward and to the goal.  The thing to remember here is that you need the
    entire sneaking bonus.  It seems odd, I know.  Just make sure that the first
    camera doesn't see you and you'll get it.  Go to it.
         -     My Record - 32174 (a little over 4 minutes left)
         -     Goal - 32000
    LEVEL 03 - I had this complex strat all planned out and this one just is better.
    Err...anyway.  Go straight ahead, turn left, and BLAM!  Kill the guard. Kill the
    guard down the hall too.  Now go the way you were going before and grab the M9.
    Head forward and kill or stun the stealthed man.  At this point your are likely
    to have to fight the assault team; it isn't very hard. Just get headshots on all
    of them and keep going.  You will get to the north end of the level pretty soon.
    There is a target guard there (M9 him) and a stealthed guard near where the goal
    will be, in an alcove.  Get him as well. Now keep going, but remember this spot.
    There is only one path so just go down it and get the three guards along the way
    then go back.  Conserve ammo a little, snipe fast, and you'll get the time you
    need for the top record.  That time is a little under 4:30:00.
         -     My Record - 33214
         -     Goal - 33000
    LEVEL 04 - This is one of those horrible horrible dark levels. I can't see worth
    [expletive deleted] in here, so you can probably beat my score if your TV is a
    little more cooperative than mine.  Try all the usualy tricks (adjust bright,
    picture, etc.) to see.  Anyway, on with the strat (such as it is).
    The USP has a flashlight, but it isn't terribly useful (alerts guards).  So I
    used the M9 whenever I could.  Start off with the USP anyway because as you head
    east, there is a camera that needs to be neutralized.  Oddly enough, you can't
    put it to sleep (wouldn't the syringes break the lens or something?).  Anyway,
    turn left under it and head across the pit.  As you do, turn right and check out
    the camera.  Neutralize it.  Now equip your tranq and head towards it. Tranq the
    guard next to the target, then wait a moment and tranq his friend too.  Now USP
    the target right out of existance.  Turn left and look up on the left platform.
    Tranq the guard and then go up the stairs on the left.  Get the target.  A guard
    may have spotted you, but just ignore him.  Now head over to the right platform
    via the south side of your current platform.  Tranq both guards as silently as
    possible and then get the target. If you look north from the northeast corner of
    this platform, you can see a camera.  I sniped it, and I advise you do the same.
    If it's too hard, though, don't bother.  You can always get it later (I guess).
    Now go up the corridor between the two tall platforms and tranq the guard on the
    right.  Another guard is coming to get you, so duck behind a wall and tranq him
    when you can.  Then look at where he came from and get the camera and target.
    Now head towards the NE corner of the level.  Underneath the camera I told you
    to snipe is the last target, and the guard you tranqed earlier.  Get the last
    target (if you wasted too much USP ammo here, you're in trouble.  Use the M9
    here IF YOU MUST).  Now head to the goal.
         -     My Record - 42302
         -     Goal - 36000
    LEVEL 05 - LIGHT!!!  GLORIOUS LIGHT!!  HAHA!!  Adjust your TV back to it's old
    settings if you messed them up for the previous level (or leave them, if you
    think it's pretty).
    Anyway, climb over the box in front of you and hop on down to the bottom.  Turn
    around full circle, then follow the guard uuntil you can hold him up and walk
    behind him up the stairs to the left. At the top, tunr back around and face him.
    Above you is a bomb.  Get it. Now turn north and sidestep east off the platform.
    Stay east and go ibnto the structure ahead.  When the guard north of the box
    turns east, go west around the box and hold him up.  Now head north, east over
    the box, and south along the west wall.  (sorry if that sounds confusing, but it
    can't be helped.)  In anycase, behind a small box is a hole in the wall. Crawl
    down the lonf tunnel and you will come to another hole, outside of which is a
    bomb.  Cool it.  Now turn around and go back out the hole you came in.  When you
    get back out, turn nmorth and head toward the stairs.  On the north side of the
    box, climb up and face the stairs.  Look up.  Cool the bomb. Now hop off the box
    to the north and cross over west to the other building.  Get to the NW corner of
    the bottom building and duck down behind a small box. Face east and you will see
    a bomb on the back of said box.  Cool it down. Now get up and head up the stairs
    past the wall immediately south.  Turn sharp right at the top (180 degrees) and
    go a little ways into a room.  On your right is a small box, and behind it is
    another hole: go inside and follow it to a bomb.  The end.
         -     My Record - 85669
         -     Goal - 85000
    ----- VARIETY MODE -------------------------------------------------------------
    Note: Whether this affects you or not, Snake's mine-laden variety missions are
    some of the most annoying in history.  Enjoy.
    End note.
    LEVEL 01 - Way to set the tone, Kojima.  I hate this level.  Game on.
    Run out onto the pits and somehow avoid the mines.  The trick is to stay on the
    outside at the second half and then duck back in after the mine passes. Anyway,
    after that the path is pretty straightforward.  If you don't get hit by any
    mines, you should make it.  Crawl, then climb a little, then head west, north,
    east, several curving dirctions, then jump off the rail and get to the goal.
    No, I have not figured out how to avoid the first mine after the stairs.  You
    can crawl under it, but it flies faster than you run.  So there.  Your time goal
    is BETTER THAN 1:06:66.  So, good luck. The trick is to go fast on the thin part
    and the trick to THAT is turning before it looks like you need to.
         -     My Record - 8382
         -     Goal - 8000
    LEVEL 02 - Use L1 to run and shoot the targets across the pit.  Crawl under and
    blast the target on the other side.  Continue along the path, blasting targets
    as you go, until you get to the ammo.  Take that opportunity to blast all the
    little moving targets that aren't on the path.  That accomplished (you should
    have 15/17 down) move on to the end, blasting the last two on the way. Grab the
    PSG-1 and drop down.  Grab the M4 and run with L1+[] through the wall and
    unequip it at the end (so you don't have to reload) and get on the goal.
         -     My Record - 20501
         -     Goal - 20000
    LEVEL 03 - This level is PURE EVIL.  I hate it, and it has almost made me bash
    my cat's skull because he jumped in my lap and surprised right when I was going
    to win.  Luckily he still lives, although I did not.  Arggh.
    Anyway, anecdote over.  Hop off the left and grab onto the rail perpendicular
    to your position.  Now, instantly, move north.  If you're the right amount of
    fast, you can get past the mine.  If that is possible, drop to the next rail
    below and catch on.  The basic strategy is to keep dropping and catching and
    avoiding the mines (because if you get hit, you're out) and eventually you'll
    get to the bottom and get to the goal.  This level is SADISM INCARNATE.
    Note: for the mines that move in square patterns, wait until they physically
    leave your side of the rail to move on, or you wil be hit.  It's okay to wait
    a tad; hitting them is not fun.
         -     My Record - 9576
         -     Goal - 9500
    LEVEL 04 - The name of the game here is ammo conservation.  Assumedly, you will
    only use one type of ammo.  Also, you will probably finish with about 1:05:xx
    to spare (I always did).  That accomplished (which is itself no easy task), if
    you use the killer ammo, you will need 194 bullets left - approximately 2 shots
    per guard. If you tranquilize them, you will only need 154 bullets left - about
    3.7 shots per guard.  I'd go with the tranqs if I were you.  It's painfully
    difficult either way, however.  Enjoy.
    Here's an interesting method for you: start off with the PSG1-T, and when the
    kill total hits about 13, switch.  You'll lose the no-kill bonus, but you'll
    gain ammo conservation, at least for a little while.  I find myself being more
    conservative with the tranq anyway.
    Here's what it boils down to: if you kill (and for getting guards near Meryl,
    you almost have to), you can use 56 bullets if you finish with 1:05:xx left.
    If you don't kill, you can use more; 96 bullets with the same time (and I
    haven't been able to increase my time, no matter what I do, so just assume
    you will get that time, or give or take about 3 seconds).
         -     My Record - 30798
         -     Goal - 30000
    LEVEL 05 - Get out your M9 and get ready to fight a little.  Look straight
    north and get the guard against the west wall, top level as he rounds a corner.
    Now watch the alcove to the right of that, and get the guard that walks out
    there.  Now head a little bit NE, look north, and get the guard that walks in
    front of you.  Now run east and get up on top of the platform to the east (the
    stairs are near the east wall).  Get the guard and, if you're so inclined, get
    the thermal goggles.  Now find the opening in the east wall and go through.
    Run north across the pits (avoid the mine) and turn east.  The goal is to the
    extreme east, and along the way, there are the two remaining guards.  Pick
    them off as you go.
    Note: You have to snipe fast at the beginning or you'll be quite a bit under
    at score time.  If this is the case, try Rambo mode: just run out NE and get
    spotted, then eliminate guards as you go the following path from the start: NE,
    up to the top of the NW platform, up to the top of the East platform, and
    finally through the hole in the wall to the east (to the goal).  This works
    more often, but the other is harder, and I like it more.
         -     My Record - 37964
         -     Goal - 37000
    LEVEL 06 - This level's actually quite straightforward.  Just stop when I say,
    and go when I say.  Run out and stop behind the small block a bit to the east.
    When the guard roars, run east and climb the stairs.  Hop off them at the end.
    Keep going east, then turn north and stop behind the first wall.  When he moves
    his head, run north and stop before the black, low box. Look in FPV forward and
    when the creature roars, run north and stop behind the tall wall.  When he
    turns right, run east and up the stairs. Get in the building and go most of the
    way up the internal stairs.  Get up just enough so that you can see it when the
    creature in the window looks away. When he does, make a break for the stairs to
    the west.  Don't actually get on them yet, though.  Wait for the next creature
    to look away.  It's hard to know when, though, so just wait for your time to
    say "1:02:xx".  Now run up the stairs. Hide behind the boxes until the creature
    looks away, then make a break for the goal.
    Note: This route will get you about 6000 points: good enough.  I cannot, for my
    own life, remember what my 10672 route was. If anybody else knows, please email
    me or something.
         -     My Record - 10672
         -     Goal - 6000
    LEVEL 07 - It's Zako, man!  Standard stuff here, and this applies to every
    level: collect every bit of ammo, and conserve, conserve, conserve.  I needed
    every scrap for the Tengus.
    Battle 1: Soldier...Run around, nab every piece of ammo, then M9 him
    Battle 2: Soldiers..Same as last time, but there will be a few inconsiderate
    soldiers who come to you.  Get them before you finish your aamo rush.  Then
    just play like normal.  Remember that getting hit is very, very bad.
    Battle 3: Tengus!...Wait where you are or grab a few boxes and get back.  The
    Tengu come in groups.  face the south center platform and USP the ninja as they
    land.  When they're done, just play like normal.  Be careful not to get hit too
    Battle 4: MechaGenola!...Use the Stinger to decapitate him, then play golf with
    it (so to speak) using stinger missles and send it into the hole at the back.
    Repeat until he dies.  Intermediately, he sends little things down at you: you
    have an M4, hopefully, which is in this case quite useful.  Blast the little
    buggers when they get too close to you.
         -     My Record - 47196
         -     Goal - 35000
    ----- BOMB DISPOSAL MODE ------------------------------------------------------
    Side note - In addition to routes, I'm going to provide simple bomb locations
    for people who want to earn the record themslf but simply cannot find a bomb.
    End side note
    LEVEL 01 - Hold up/M9 the first guard you see.  Do the same for the two guards
    at the bottom of the stairs.  Climb to the top of the stack of boxes and get
    the bomb.  Now run west up the stairs and run several steps south.  Turn north
    and snipe both guards.  Run into the gun camera room.  Get the bomb in the
    ventilation shaft.  You can do this fairly easily without using a chaff
    grenade, which I heartily recommend.  Now get to the NE corner via the W
    corridor and get the third bomb.
         -     My Record - 28135
         -     Goal - 26000
    LEVEL 02 - Run out into the main area, then drop down behind the guard (wait
    until he turns around).  Step onto the stairs and get the bomb.  Descend the
    stairs and cross the walkway.  Go south, west, and face north.  Snipe the two
    guards you should see.  Now make your way casually to the final area (SEMTEX
    room in SOL).  Get the bomb.
         -     My Record - 38700
         -     Goal - 37500
    LEVEL 03 - Firt go east and get the first bomb.  Now go into the Jejunum proper.
    You should have 47+ in the seconds place. Run straight east, then hold up/M9 the
    Tengu.  Go up the east stairs.  Cross the bridge and run straight north, M9ing
    the Tengu on the way.  Get the bomb, then head across the north bridge into the
    sword chamber.  Get the final bomb.
         -     My Record - 54865
         -     Goal - 54000
    LEVEL 04 - First, run west and north between the windows.  Turn east into the
    minibar and get the bomb.  Turn west and snipe the guard.  Now run back out and
    behind the stairs.  Hold up/M9 one of the guards, then run up the stairs and out
    the west door.  Now run north a bit, hold up/M9 the guard, and run out the west
    door in the stairwell.  Drop down off a rial to the south, head north to the NW
    corner of the bottom level, turn south and get the bomb. Now go back in the door
    you came out of.  Go across the north corridor to the east stairwell, climb the
    stairs, look south, and get the third bomb.  Now go back to the west stairwell
    and ascend the stairs.  Immediately snipe the guard across the hall and get the
    fourth bomb (in the middle of the hallway, on the ceiling).  Climb the stairway
    in the middle of the corridor, then go to the east room.  The guard you see is
    sleeping, but don't shoot him - just hold him up.  Now equip your coolant and
    get the last bomb, at his feet.
         -     My Record - 70837
         -     Goal - 68000
    LEVEL 05 - I'll assume that, at this point, you can handle the guards.  Shoot
    them in the head with an M9 if they look like they're going ot get in the way.
    I'll only mention them if you need to do something signifiant.  Get the first
    bomb from the lower level of the east room in strut B.  If you stand in the
    middle of the east wall, then step alittle forward and face west, fire the
    coolant and you'll hear the hissing of a bomb being shot.  Now go out the north
    door to BC bridge.  I did this without firing a shot or harassing the guards in
    any way.  From the brige, snipe the guard with the M9 and then shoot the CYPHER
    with the USP.  If you're too slow, try switching the order.  The bomb is easy,
    just stand a bit north of the doorway, face south, and fire away.  Go ahead to
    the C strut.  Head into the west bathroom (Men's?) and open up a stall.  Step in
    and aim up for the third bomb.  Be careful of the guard as you leave, and go on
    to CD Bridge.  Disable a guard and the CYPHER.  Get bomb 5 (see below).  Fall
    through the collapsing floor on the top level and then look up at the hoe for
    the fourth bomb.  Run to the D Strut.  If you're in Alert Mode, restart.  You'll
    have lost Alert status and not any time or score except for what you had already
    lost.  Snipe the two guards on your level, go down the set of stairs, and then
    HANG-DROP-CATCH onto the lower level.  Climb up and head to the SW end of the
    circuit.  Face south and get bomb 6.  Now head north a bit and up the stairs.
    Head to the SE corner of your level and get bomb 7.
         -     My Record - 82221
         -     Goal - 80000
                  (3) NW CORNER, LOWER BOX ON N WALL
                  (2) SEMTEX ROOM, NORTH END, WEST WALL
     - LEVEL 04 - (1) FLOOR 1, MINIBAR AREA
                  (2) FLOOR 2, EAST STAIRWELL
                  (4) THIRD FLOOR, CEILING, CENTER
                  (5) FOURTH FLOOR, NE ROOM, AT GUARD'S FEET
                  (2) BC BRIDGE, ABOVE SOUTH DORRWAY
    ----- ELIMINATION MODE ---------------------------------------------------------
    LEVEL 01 - Switch to the M9.  Now run out and quickly snipe every guard ahead of
    you.  I recommend middle, far, close, but it's your call.  Just be fast.  If you
    got the close one last, the guard below will be inspecting. Take advantage of it
    and drop down from a nearby rail onto his head. Now snipe both enemies ahead of
    you on the corridor with your M9.  Grab the M9 ammo behind you and grab the USP
    ammo as you run to the goal.  You have to be fast to get the score on this one,
    or get a good sneaking bonus.  it's easy to not get one here, surprisingly.
         -     My Record - 19906
         -     Goal - 19000
    LEVEL 02 - Southeast, hold up the first guy.  Don't stop after shooting.  Snipe
    the second guy (or hold up, whichever you do faster).  Go into the west door of
    the locker room, then run east and Hold Up/M9 the third guard.  Run out the east
    door and snipe the guard up the hall.  Goal time.
         -     My Record - 19498
         -     Goal - 19000
    LEVEL 03 - Simply stated, harder to execute.  Run out and snipe the three guards
    with your PSG1-T. The first is on your level, the second is right above him, and
    the third is higher yet.  You have to be MAD fast.  Now go down the stairs near
    you and snipe the remaining two.  Simple. All this accomlished, get to the goal.
    It's on the upper level.  Also, if it helps, remember this: any shot with the
    PSG1-T is sufficient, as the tranqs will eventually kick in, even if you hit
    them in the arm. Sometimes you have to wait a while, but it will work some time.
         -     My Record - 18938
         -     Goal - 18500
    LEVEL 04 - You don't have an M9, or even a silenced gun. Forget sneaking, forget
    no-kill bonuses, just eradicate the enmy.  If you get seen and sent into Alert
    instantly, you will still still get 1000 sneaking points.  Ironic.
    Anyway, start the party by blasting the soldier nearest you.  Now go counter
    clockwise around the arena, fighting your opponents.  Remember, you MUST HAVE
    the 1000 points for sneaking or you won't make it.
         -     My Record - 16187
         -     Goal - 16000
    LEVEL 05 - Switch to stun grenades.  Run all the way down to the computer room
    (I don't think East vs. West matters) and have a stun grenade ready to explode
    in your hand.  Ready a second one for a second or to before going north to the
    other two guards.  That's really all there is to it.
         -     My Record - 21754
         -     Goal - 20000
    LEVEL 06 - Note that the enemies now have shotguns (some of them anyway), so the
    Rambo-style technique is getting harder.  Hold up/M9 the guard as he walks by.
    Now run south and west almost to the door, then stop.  When the guard on the
    other side turns around, hold up/M9 him.  Now keep going and performa third hold
    up/M9 on the third guard as he comes onto your corridor.  Now snipe the guard
    across the hallway and the one that omes from the door on the west wall.  Run up
    the northwest corner and hold up/M9 the guard as he walks by.  Now you have no
    more M9 ammo, so get ready.  Pull out a stun grenade and ready it.  A second or
    so later, pop out onto the north area and hurl it east.  One guarddown.  Equip
    your RBG and punch out the last guard (who is on the east corridor).  Goal time.
         -     My Record - 31784
         -     Goal - 30000
    LEVEL 07 - Run up and hold up/M9 the guard to the north.  Turn south.  Snipe the
    guard near the stairs, descend them, and hold up/M9 the guard at the bottom of
    the stairs.  Run all the way across the hall, making care to be seen.  When the
    guard comes down the stairs, hold up/M9 him.  Go up the stairs and snipe the two
    guards at the far end of the hall.  When the close guard turns west, hold him up
    with your empty M9, and knock him out (it takes a lot of hits but these things
    happen).  Now get going towards the goal and do the same for the last enemy.
    Note that if the knocking out is giving you issues, you can always use the USP -
    you will still get enough points to pass.
         -     My Record - 32098 (no-kill)
         -     Goal - 29000
    LEVEL 08 - Whatever you do, don't miss.  You'll regret it.  Anyway, first go out
    and hold up/M9 the guard at the end of the hall.  Quickly snipe the guard to the
    northwest.  Just as quickly, run out northeast and hold up/M9 the guard. Now hop
    off the indentation in the wall on the east side of the pit and lob a stun
    grenade.  Knock out any survivors.
    If the knocking doesn't work for you, you can go with the USP.  Murderer.
         -     My Record - 33066 (no-kill)
         -     Goal - 31000
    LEVEL 09 - First off - run east, north around the box, then hold up the enemy.
    Before you do anything rash (wasting ammo), switch to your RGB and bash him a
    little.  Run north of the box and snipe two guards with your M9 - (they're
    directly north).  Now climb the stairs to the SE and cross the bridge north of
    where you come onto the level.  Hold up a guard on the bridge and knock him out
    with the RBG, then continue across the bridge and hide behind the boxes.  Get
    spotted by the guard, then whip out your RBG again.  Knock him out and do the
    same for all the guards who come to hurt you. When the fight is over, you'll be
    hurting, but they'll be KOed.  Enjoy.
    Like before, you can replace KOing with the USP. Once again, this isn't as good.
         -     My Record - 32980
         -     Goal - 30000
    I have a slightly better solution, that gets about 800 more points, and
    keeps you out of danger.
    For the first guard, do just as you said with the RGB.  Move up like you were
    going to M9 the next to guards as you also said. But instead of the M9, whip out
    the PSG-T and take a Pentazemin, and aim toward the middle of the hall. It's
    dark, but you should be able to see the lights of the guards, and pick the two
    off when they each take a moment to stop in your sights.
    After that, go up the stairs, and take out the first guard up here with the M9.
    Switch back to you PSG-T, and take out the second guard with it (you can wait
    until he's standing on the right side, but I took him out as he crossed the
    bridge). Run up along the left, and pick off the last guard up top, as he's
    walking away from the stairs, toward you.  Finally, go about halfway across the
    bridge toward the goal, and use your last M9 bullet to take out the guard below.
    Keeps you away from the gaurds, keeps you healthy, and you don't waste time
    knocking them out with the RGB. Just thought you, and others, might find it a
    little easier.
         -     My Record with this - (haven't done it yet)
         -     Goal - Still 30000
    LEVEL 10 - You have no radar, and there're stealthed guys.  Lovely. I want to
    point something out - you have an empty Nikita. You can knock out your enemies
    with a single punch. It should be noted that you MUSTN'T hit them towards a pit,
    or they will fly over the wall and die.  It's bad.  You might as well shoot them
    with a USP in the face.
    Run out the door to the north.  Run south a little, face west and snipe a guard
    across the way with your M9.  Back up a bit, face south, and equip your PSG1-T.
    Shoot the guard on the stairs in the head.  Drop off the wall to the west, go to
    the top of the stairs and face south.  Shoot the stealthed guard with a PSG1-T.
    Run halfway down the stairs and use your last M9 shot to get the fourth guard
    (across the way).  You can get the thermal goggles if you want, now, but I did
    not.  Your call. Run down the hallway that the fourth guard was on and turn west
    at the end. When you get to the stairs, go on up and hurl a stun grenade at the
    guard at the very north end of the long upper corridor.  Alert mode.  Whip them
    with your Nikita, then go to the goal.  It's recommended that you go back down
    the stairs and get the shotgun man as carefully as possible.  You might want to
    use the RBG and punch him.  I found it easier to do that.  The other man should
    be easy to get rid of.  Now go to the goal.
    Unlike the last few levels, you cannot (I don't think) finish without the
    no-kill bonus.  Murderers, enjoy.  Actually, you might be able to do it if you
    aren't seen even once and go fast (which would be easier without KOing).
         -     My Record - 29630
         -     Goal - 28000
    ----- ALTERNATE MISSIONS - HOLD UP MODE ----------------------------------------
    LEVEL 01 - If you're quick, you can run up behind the guard from the start.
    That's it, actually.  Kind of challenging, but not impossible.
         -     My Record - 20748
         -     Goal - 20000
    LEVEL 02 - Run up behind the top guard, then run a little south and behind the
    southern guard (follow him around the box).  Hold him up.
         -     My Record - 20554
         -     Goal - 20000
    LEVEL 03 - Go down the left st of stairs and run east down the coridor, holding
    up both guards along the way.  Now go back and run south down the west corridor,
    holding up the guard at the end of it.  Now run intot he computer room and hold
    up the south guard as he goes north and then the east guard as he faces west.
         -     My Record - 18412
         -     Goal - 18000
    LEVEL 04 - Run almost to the door to the south, then run out and hold up the
    guard nearest the door when he looks away.  Now roll over the noisy areas to the
    west and follow the guard until you can hold him up.  Now run almost to the NE
    corner and wait for the guard to turn around.  Hold him up at this time.  Now
    go to the goal.
         -     My Record - 18696
         -     Goal - 18000
    LEVEL 05 - Start running from the start on this.  Run west and then turn north
    and east into the door.  Keep running east and hold up the first guard. Now roll
    across the noisy area of the floor almost to the guard to the north (easier move
    than you might think).  Hold him up.  Now run run into the west wall. Turn north
    and go out the north door. Turn west and roll over the noisy floor in pursuit of
    the two guards until you can hold them up (at one time).  Now go to the goal.
         -     My Record - 19656
         -     Goal - 18000
    LEVEL 06 - This first move is kind of hard.  Run northeast and duck against the
    boxes in the corridor on the west.  The INSTANT the guard turns west, hold him
    up.  Follow the guard who just turned away from him and hold him up.  Now, when
    the next guard tuns east, hold him up.  Hop down from the indention in the rail
    on the west center of the pit. Drop down eastwards from youer perch on the boxes
    and hold up the nearby guard.  When the south guard looks west (or south), hold
    him up and go for the north guard directly.
    Note that you can go for the north guard before the south guard (last two) for
    the same amount of points (or possibly a hundred more).
         -     My Record - 18314
         -     Goal - 17000
    LEVEL 07 - The first move must be done VERY QUICKLY.  You must run around the
    "circuit" counter-clockwise and hold up the first guard. If you aren't VERY fast
    you won't make it.  It is techincally possible, however. Now stay where you are.
    When the north guard looks west, run up and hold him up.  Stay put again.  When
    the northwest guard looks west, it's time to run.  Hold him up, then continue
    running along the circuit and get the last guard as you run to the goal.
         -     My Record - 18112
         -     Goal - 17000
    LEVEL 08 - I hate the Jejunum.  Let's get it over with, though.  Completion!
    Run straight east and north around the east box.  Hold up both guards.  Now run
    up the stairs to the east.  Cross the bridge and hold up the guy at the end.
    Note that if you run across too soon, the guard will be suspicious.  So wait a
    bit.  As soon as he's gone, run north to the next bridge, cross, and hold up the
    fourth man.  Run back across the bridge and north to the stairs.  Go on down. To
    the south are two guards: hold them up.  Farther south is the seventh guard, who
    never faces north, EVER. He should be no problem. Keep running (but turn north),
    go back up the stairs, across the north bridge, hold up the last man, and get to
    the goal.  If your timing was like mine, the camera should never be an issue.
         -     My Record - 13386
         -     Goal - 12500
    LEVEL 09 - At the start, go northwest, then just go north when you get past the
    westmost boxes. Stay just west enough so that the guard doesn't come to inspect.
    Now get the guard facing southwest and go straight north to get a second guard
    (if you're not quick, he'll turn around on you).  Head east over the Harrier and
    go south after to get a second stationed guard.  As for the last two, run too
    close and attrct one. Now run south, get him from behind, and get the one facing
    south as you run to the goal.
         -     My Record - 18354
         -     Goal - 18000
    LEVEL 10 - Lovely.  No RADAR and invisible guards.  Anyway, from the start, run
    to the Prez' room and get the stealth guard in there (he's in the north-center).
    Run back down past your starting location and run down the stairs.  Climb up on
    the boxes and jump down between the two guard and hold them up (or if you're
    good, you can hold them up from on top of the boxes).  In either case, run west
    and hold up the stealthed guard south of the foot of the stairs.  Run up the
    stairs and north up the east side of the corridor and hold up the stealth guard 
    t the very top. Run a little east and hold up the sixth guard (he's stealthed).
    I have problems seeing this one, so just fiddle with it. Anyway, the last guard
    is at the east end of the north hall and very simple to get.  Goal time.
         -     My Record - 16606
         -     Goal - 14000
    ----- ALTERNATE MISSIONS - PHOTOGRAPH MODE -------------------------------------
    Side note - This is a weird mode.  Also, to get maxed points, make sure you get
    3 stars on your map score.  This means getting it as zoomed in and centered as
    you can without leaving anything out.
    End Side note
    LEVEL 01 - Ok, as this isn't entirely normal, I've made you a chart.
    |Swimsuit Color |Locker|
    |Yellow         |1     |
    |White          |2     |
    |Red            |4     |
    |Orange         |6     |
    |Blue           |8     |
         -     My Record - 49082
         -     Goal - 45000
    LEVEL 02 - Wait for the guard to go look at his computer. Look over his shoulder
    and get a snapshot.  You'll have to stand back a bit.
         -     My Record - 49454
         -     Goal - 45000
    LEVEL 03 - Like Level 01...
    (locked - 1,3,4,5,9)
    |Description                              |Locker|
    |Short hair, arms out a little            |2     |
    |Hair to the left, tilted a bit           |6     |
    |Hand on head                             |8     |
         -     My Record - 50194
         -     Goal - 45000
    LEVEL 04 - Go north, out the west door, and south a little.  Go about two thirds
    down the east wall, then equip your camera and look west.  Meryl!  Wait for her
    to hit the right pose, then snap the picture.  Easy.
         -     My Record - 49650
         -     Goal - 45000
    LEVEL 05 - Look south and snap a picture of Fatman.  Be sure to get his face for
    all the points.
         -     My Record - 50652
         -     Goal - 46000
    LEVEL 06 - Walk a bit north and equip your camera.  Zoom in quick on the Prez.
    He's going to do some backflips, so snap it quick or refocus when he stops.
         -     My Record - 50392
         -     Goal - 45000
    LEVEL 07 - Like level 01...
    |Mouth Position                   |Locker|
    |Toothy smile, not tilted         |1     |
    |Open smile, right is up          |2     |
    |Open smile, right is down        |4     |
    |Closed smile, not tilted         |6     |
    |Slightly open smile, slight tilt |8     |
         -     My Record - 50306
         -     Goal - 45000
    ----- LEGAL INFORMATION --------------------------------------------------------
    This FAQ, in whole or in part, can be viewed and hosted solely by GameFAQs and
    its users.  That means hhtp://www.gamefaqs.com/
    If you want to host it on your site, e-mail me.  I'll almost cetainly say yes.
    If this is the case, put it up on your site but keep it current.  Be sure to
    credit Child of Asuka, not Richard Rast.  Thanks.
    This FAQ is my own work, and thus my own intellectual property.  Stealing it is
    theft under similar laws.  If you want to get more specific about ownership, my
    GameFAQs username is Child of Asuka (how you probably know me), and my actual
    name is Richard Rast (how lawyers will probably know me).
    The game, Metal Gear Solid and all attributed names, games, images, etc. belong
    to Konami (or someone related) and I claim no rights to them or ownership of
    them.  Any claims to the contrary are preposterous and ridiculous.  Also BS.
    ----- SPECIAL THANKS -----------------------------------------------------------
    Konami and especially Hideo Kojima for this great game that has sucked up more
    hours of my life than anything since SSBM
    Nobuo Uematsu, whose music I listened to while I muted this game's drab and
    boring music
    "savior" for his/her Bomb Disposal FAQ. While I didn't directly rip off anything
    I sure did need it to find some of the bombs, especially for Pliskin (less so
    for Snake, he was kind of easy).  You're a life saver.  Or life savior.  Hmmm...

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