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    Weapon/Enemy Guide by Joylock

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/05/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Freedom Fighters Weapons and Enemies Guide: 
    Last Updated: January 1, 2007
    by Alan Chan (joylock @ hotmail.com)
    The Usual:
    This document is mine. Please don't rip it off or take credit for it. That
    being said, feel free to post it on any site you want, provided you a) 
    don't make any changes to it, and b) don't charge money for it. You don't even 
    have to get my permission to post it (as long as it remains unaltered), but it 
    would be nice if you emailed me and let me know (joylock @ hotmail.com).
    The information and statistics in this guide were arrived at through my
    own original observation and research, so you must credit me if you use
    my information or stats for your own guide or other publication.
    Freedom Fighters might not have the most diverse cast of enemies 
    out there, but there a few different Soviet types with different 
    attributes and slightly varied behavior. So I decided to write a quick 
    weapons/enemy guide for the game.
    Version History:
    1.0: Initial Release
    1.1: Some formatting for easier reading
    The latest version of this FAQ can be found at www.gamefaqs.com.
    - General Notes
    - Weapons
    - Allies
    - Enemies 
    - Health indicates the amount of health each character has for each 
    difficulty setting, in the order of Demonstrator/Rebel/Freedom 
    fighter/Revolutionary. A ? indicates I don't know the health for 
    Demonstrator difficulty, because I never bothered to finish the game 
    on Demonstrator difficulty (it's just so Kindergarten). 
    - Headshots do 5x damage. You cannot score headshots with melee 
    attacks or explosives.
    - You can carry a total of 8 health kits at any one time. Since your 
    health kits will be refilled up to the maximum amount every time you 
    revisit the Rebel Base, there is no real need to conserve them, and 
    you can use them freely. 
    - Ammo for weapons not in your inventory does not carry over into the 
    next map. So, if you pick up 90 shotgun shells in a map, you can use 
    those shells any time you pick up a shotgun on that map, but as soon 
    as you leave the map those shells are gone (unless you're carrying a 
    shotgun with you when you go).
    - Every time you re-enter a map, all enemies, allies, and items 
    respawn in their original positions. You can use this to stock up on 
    ammo for weapons whose ammo supply is otherwise very rare, such 
    as the rocket launcher or sniper rifle. 
    In Freedom Fighters, your carrying capacity is limited. You can carry 1 pistol
    and 1 primary weapon, and must drop your current firearm if you want to pick
    up a new one. You can always carry grenades and your monkey wrench, however,
    and never have to drop them.
    Real Name: Mr. Fist
    Damage: 17.5
    Your basic melee attack. Like in Halo, punch and shoot are two 
    separate commands, so you can punch an enemy at any time, with 
    any weapon. You can even punch enemies with your medkits, which 
    is pretty ironic, although not as ironic as if your guns squirted a 
    healing salve that cured all wounds (shameless Red vs. Blue 
    Because most of the game's combat involves firearms and takes 
    place at long range, you won't use your punch that often. Still, it can 
    be a decent ammo-saving move in close quarters and indoor areas. 
    You can run at an enemy while shooting them to stun them and 
    prevent them from firing back, then punch them to death to save on 
    the last couple of bullets you'd otherwise have used to kill them. 
    Alternatively, if you run low on ammo you can try sneaking up behind 
    a lone Soviet soldier and punch him to death to steal his weapon. 
    Each punch will stagger an enemy for a split second, so if you punch 
    fast enough you can kill an enemy without letting them fire back at 
    you. However, this usually doesn't work against enemies with lots of 
    health, such as Soviet black ops or heavy machine gunners, since it 
    takes so many punches to kill them that they can eventually shrug off 
    your punches and gun you down. 
    Real Name: Stillson Pipe Wrench 
    Damage: 30
    Your trusty metal monkey wrench, from your former life as a hapless 
    Manhattan plumber. You start the game out with this weapon, and will 
    always have it available to you. The wrench actually hits pretty hard: it 
    does more damage than your basic melee attack, and is in fact just as 
    powerful as the revolver or sniper rifle. The downside of the wrench is 
    that it is completely limited to melee combat, and you'll need to switch 
    to another weapon to shoot someone. You also cannot score 
    headshots with it.
    Just as with your regular melee attack, hitting an enemy with the 
    wrench will cause them to stagger for a split second. Thus, if you hit 
    fast enough, you can pummel an enemy to death without allowing 
    them to fire back. Because the wrench does more damage than the 
    basic punch, you can even do this against enemies with lots of health. 
    It is possible to pummel a Soviet heavy machine gunner to death 
    using only the wrench, provided that 1) you can get the jump on him 
    before he has a chance to start shooting at you (try luring him around 
    a corner), and 2) there are no other enemies to shoot you while you're 
    busy wailing on him (it takes at least a minute of constant hitting to do 
    the job). 
    Real Name: 9mm Beretta 92F
    Damage: 15 
    Accuracy: Average
    Clip Size: 17
    Max Ammo: 17 + 43 
    This Soviet 9mm pistol is the first firearm you'll acquire. The pistol 
    actually has decent stopping power; it does slightly more damage 
    than the assault rifle, and a clean headshot will drop a regular Soviet 
    soldier on all but the highest difficulty level. It also has a good rate of 
    fire, a decent clip size, and a faster than usual reload time. 
    Unfortunately, its accuracy is only average, so you won't be able to hit 
    anything with it past medium range.  
    The pistol makes a good backup weapon for when you're low on 
    ammo for your primary weapon, or when your primary weapon slot is 
    occupied by a special weapon such as the sniper rifle or rocket 
    launcher rather than your trusty assault rifle. However, because of the 
    pistol's lack of range, the more accurate assault rifle makes a far 
    better gun for most of the game's firefights. Pistol ammo also 
    becomes less common after the first couple of missions, as fewer and 
    fewer enemies will carry them (you can still get pistol ammo by 
    picking up ammo boxes, though). 
    On the whole, the pistol is a decent gun and is a preferable secondary 
    weapon than its alternative, the revolver. However, it is still a 
    secondary weapon, and you're better off mainly using a primary 
    weapon such as the assault rifle, shotgun, or machine gun.
    Soviet Security forces will mainly use the pistol against you on the first 
    couple of missions, and afterwards you'll occasionally see Soviet 
    soldiers fighting with it. Overall, these enemies are relatively easy to 
    fight since the pistol has less accuracy and a lower rate of fire than 
    the assault rifle, although they do have decent aim and can hurt you 
    at medium range.
    NOTE: There's an odd glitch in the game where, if you pick up a pistol 
    at the Rebel Base, it might come with more ammo than you can 
    normally carry. I once picked up a pistol with more than 800,000 
    rounds in reserve. As far as I can tell, this glitch mostly occurs when 
    you replay a mission after beating the game. 
    Real Name: .44 Magnum
    Damage: 30
    Accuracy: Average 
    Clip Size: 6
    Max Ammo: 6 + 54
    This .44 Magnum-style revolver is the only American weapon in the 
    game. You'll be able to pick one up from the Rebel Base after 
    finishing the first mission.  It does twice as much damage as the 
    regular pistol. However, as a trade-off, it has a slower rate of fire, a 
    much smaller clip size, and is a wee bit less accurate (as a result, it's 
    overall accuracy is crappy). Additionally, the reload time is somewhat 
    longer than for most other weapons.
    The revolver is as powerful as a sniper rifle, and a single headshot will 
    kill regular Soviet soldiers even on the highest difficulty setting. 
    Unfortunately, because of the revolver's below-average accuracy, it 
    can be difficult if not impossible to score a headshot with it. 
    Additionally, the small clip size and relatively long reload time are a 
    serious handicap, especially in large firefights against multiple 
    enemies. Also, the extra power really doesn't make all that much 
    difference (it takes 3 shots to kill a Soviet soldier with the revolver, 
    while the pistol requires 5 shots). On the whole, I'd prefer the pistol 
    over the revolver, as the fact you can get off so many more shots 
    before needing to stop and reload more than compensates for the 
    slightly reduced damage of each individual shot.   
    Soviet enemies almost never use this American-made weapon. 
    Throughout the entire game, I've only ever seen one or two Soviet 
    soldiers equipped with revolvers. This makes revolver ammo a bit 
    more scarce than regular pistol ammo. However, since you still 
    receive several rounds of revolver ammo from every ammo box that 
    you pick up, you can still max out on revolver ammo by collecting 
    ammo boxes (although you will run out if you rely on it solely as your 
    main weapon). 
    Real Name: SPAS-12
    Damage: 50
    Accuracy: Poor
    Clip Size: 8 
    Max Ammo: 8 + 112
    As expected, the shotgun fires a spread of several pellets that 
    disperse over distance. It has a decent clip size and a relatively fast 
    semi-automatic rate of fire. It also does good damage, and at close 
    range can kill most enemies with just a couple shots to the chest or a 
    single shot to the head. At close range, you can quickly defeat 
    multiple Soviets with good use of the shotgun.
    Ammo for the shotgun can be a bit uncommon, but you'll use up less 
    ammo with it than with an automatic weapon, and thus won't run out 
    quite as quickly. It only takes 1 or 2 shots from the shotgun to kill a 
    regular Soviet soldier, as opposed to 7 or more shots from the assault 
    rifle. You can also pick up a shotgun at any time from the Rebel Base, 
    loaded with a generous supply of 60 shells. Shotgun ammo also 
    becomes somewhat more common in later missions, when the Soviet 
    officers who carry it start to show up more often.  
    The downside of the shotgun is that it's not as handy as the assault 
    rifle at medium range, and it's almost impossible to hit anything with it 
    at long range. You cannot precision target an enemy at medium range 
    with the shotgun, because the pellets disperse so widely at that 
    distance. On the plus side, since the gun fires a spread of shots, at 
    least a couple will usually hit the enemy at medium range, and you 
    can even hit multiple enemies with one shot if they're grouped 
    together. You can still fight reasonably well at medium range with the 
    shotgun, you just need to use up more ammo since the enemy won't 
    be hit as often. For long range shootouts, however, you'll need to find 
    an assault rifle.
    Shotguns are used by Soviet officers, and can seriously hurt you at 
    close range. 4 or 5 close range shots from the shotgun will kill you on 
    Freedom Fighter difficulty. Fortunately, the damage done by the 
    shotgun decreases over distance, so as long as you avoid fighting 
    Soviet officers up close, their shots shouldn't do too much damage to 
    Assault Rifle:
    Real Name: AK-74 
    Damage: 10
    Accuracy: Very Good
    Clip Size: 30
    Max Ammo: 30 + 150
    The stock weapon of fictional bad guys everywhere, this is easily the 
    most common firearm in the game. Most of the Soviet soldiers you 
    encounter carry one. As a result, it's easy to obtain, and ammo for it 
    will always be plentiful. That fact alone will make the assault rifle your 
    primary weapon for most of the game. It's a good general, all-purpose 
    weapon. Other guns usually do one thing better than the assault rifle 
    (better accuracy, more power, greater rate of fire...), but the assault 
    rifle is the most well-rounded gun and is decent in all aspects.
    As accuracy goes, it's second only to the sniper rifle. While you won't 
    be able to hit enemies at extreme long range, the assault rifle is still 
    accurate enough to snipe enemies outside their range of fire (just 
    don't expect to be accurate enough to score headshots with it). Use 
    aim mode and fire single shots rather than bursts for maximum 
    accuracy. You'll miss a few shots at long range, but will score enough 
    hits to kill enemy soldiers relatively effectively. The assault rifle also 
    has a quick rate of fire, and a reasonably fast reload time, so you can 
    run-and-gun with it at close range too (just don't go up against too 
    many enemies at once without someplace to take cover). Overall, it's 
    good for both close range and long range combat, making it a nice, 
    dependable weapon for a variety of situations.
    The only downside to the assault rifle is that it is the weakest weapon 
    in the game. You'll need several shots to the body, or 2 of 3 
    headshots, to bring down a single Soviet soldier. Because of this, 
    you'll want to pick off enemies one-by-one while firing from cover. 
    Never try to rush a group of Soviets with the assault rifle. 
    The majority of Soviet soldiers will use the assault rifle against you. 
    The individual bullets are weak and do only minor damage, but 
    several consecutive hits can do significant harm. Since Soviets have 
    very good accuracy and a high rate of fire, you'll probably want to fight 
    from cover rather than facing them head-on, especially when 
    confronted by a group of several Soviets. Fortunately, Soviet soldiers 
    fire in bursts, rather than emptying their entire clip into you, so even if 
    you do stray into their line of fire, if you act quickly you'll probably be 
    able to take cover before being killed.
    Sub Machine Gun:
    Real Name: Bizon SMG
    Damage: 10
    Accuracy: Poor
    Clip Size: 40
    Max Ammo: 40 + 140
    The sub machine gun does the same amount of damage as the 
    assault rifle, but it has a much higher rate of fire, spraying out bullets 
    more than three times as quickly. It also has an extremely quick 
    reload time, allowing you to maintain a steady output of hot lead. The 
    downside is that it's also much less accurate at range than the assault 
    rifle, making it almost impossible to hit anything past medium range. 
    You can cut through enemies quickly in close quarters with the sub 
    machine gun, but won't be able to hit anything at medium or long 
    It's extremely difficult to use the sub machine gun as your primary 
    weapon for an extended length of time, largely because it's hard to 
    maintain enough ammo for it. Ammo for the sub machine gun is fairly 
    rare, and because of the high rate of fire and low hit rate the gun also 
    burns through ammo all too quickly. 
    The game's A.I. characters can actually be pretty deadly with this gun, 
    mainly because they have infinite ammo and can pretty much 
    constantly spray bullets at you, guaranteeing that at least some will hit 
    even at longer range. As a result, many of the high-end Soviet units 
    carry the sub machine gun, and can really hurt you with it, especially 
    in close quarters. You, on the other hand, are limited to 180 bullets, 
    and due to the low hit rate it's quite easy to spend 20 to 30 shots just 
    to kill one enemy at longer range. In general, it's best to stick to the 
    assault rifle, which is more accurate and easier to control. 
    Sniper Rifle: 
    Real Name: Dragunov SVD
    Damage: 30
    Accuracy: Excellent
    Clip Size: 7
    Max Ammo: 7 + 23
    As you would expect, the sniper rifle has the longest range and 
    greatest accuracy out of all the game's weapons. Use aim mode to 
    activate the scope and zoom in on distant targets. The sniper rifle is 
    100% accurate, and your bullets will always hit precisely where the 
    crosshair points. While you can fire the sniper rifle unzoomed, the 
    whole point of the weapon is to use the scope to sniper distant 
    targets. The rifle actually has a pretty decent rate of fire, and while 
    there is a brief pause between shots, it's shorter than you might think 
    (after every shot, you can hear your character bolt the next round into 
    the chamber. However, you can actually fire BEFORE the bolting 
    sound finishes).
    Scoring consistent headshots is essential for effective use of the 
    sniper rifle, since shots to the body with it aren't particularly powerful. 
    You'll need 3 shots to the body to kill a regular Soviet soldier (4 on the 
    highest difficulty level), and more if you're trying to kill an officer or 
    commando. Headshots, on the other hand, do 150 damage each and 
    thus are consistantly lethal against most enemies on all but the 
    highest difficulty setting. 
    Unfortunately, the sniper rifle is more of a specialty weapon for 
    specific situations rather than a general purpose weapon you can use 
    all the time. Ammo for it is quite scarce, and you can only carry a very 
    small amount in reserve. Usually, if you find a sniper rifle, you'll only 
    have the 7 or so bullets in the clip when you pick it up. Generally, you 
    should make those shots count (by finding a good spot and sniping a 
    few particularly obnoxious enemies, such as soldiers in guard towers 
    or manning machine gun turrets), then discard the empty sniper rifle 
    for another weapon. If you have a high charisma score and have 
    several Freedom Fighters with you, you can find an elevated position, 
    command your squad to attack an enemy encampment, then use the 
    sniper rifle to pick off particularly dangerous enemies (such as 
    soldiers who try to man the machine gun turrets) while your squad 
    mops up the rest. 
    Only Soviet snipers will use the sniper rifle against you. Fortunately 
    they cannot score headshots, so the amount of damage they do to 
    you is not instantly lethal, and they will need to snipe you several 
    times to kill you. Additionally, Soviet snipers do not have perfect aim, 
    and can miss, especially if you keep moving. 
    Machine Gun:
    Real Name: PKM machine gun 
    Damage: 20
    Accuracy: Good
    Clip Size: 300
    Max Ammo: 300 + 0
    The machine gun is a portable version of the powerful machine gun 
    turrets you've previously encountered. You start finding them about 
    halfway through the game, after "Desperate Revenge", when the 
    Soviet heavy machine gunners who carry it start showing up. It's not 
    as accurate as the mounted version (mainly because it isn't bolted to 
    the floor), but it has the same high rate of fire and damaging bullets.
    Overall, the machine gun is an awesome weapon. It does twice as 
    much damage as the assault rifle and is almost as accurate, even at 
    long range. It also has a high rate of fire (slightly greater than that of 
    the assault rifle), and you never need to reload. Great for mowing 
    through the heavier opposition you'll encounter in the game's later 
    The only downside is that ammo for it fairly rare. However, when you 
    do find ammo for it, you'll usually find a lot. Each Soviet heavy 
    machine gunner usually drops about 150 machine gun bullets, and 
    heavy machine gunners become more common in the game's last 
    couple of missions. If you conserve ammo by having your Freedom 
    Fighters do a fair share of the fighting, and make sure to grab ammo 
    from every heavy machine gunner you kill, you can actually stretch 
    this weapon out to be your primary gun on the last couple of missions.
    Soviet heavy machine gunners use the machine gun against you, and 
    they are extremely dangerous. Not only do their bullets do a decent 
    amount of damage, but they also have a high rate of fire and won't 
    stop shooting until you die. On the higher difficulty settings, they can 
    cut you to pieces in just a couple of seconds, and even on the lower 
    difficulty settings they can do severe damage. Like the mounted 
    machine gun turrets, you should never directly attack a machine gun 
    carrying enemy, and instead find indirect means (such as grenades or 
    your squad) to beat them.
    Rocket Launcher:
    Real Name: RPG-7 
    Damage: 400
    Accuracy: Excellent
    Clip Size: 1
    Max Ammo: 1 + 9
    The rocket launcher is easily the most powerful weapon in the game, 
    a single direct hit will kill any opponent with the exception of the 
    heavily armored Soviet heavy machine gunners. The rockets also 
    have a respectable splash damage radius, and can send a group of 
    Soviet soldiers flying into the air (the rockets' splash damage is 
    somewhat less than the damage from a direct hit, but still enough to 
    kill most enemies with one shot). The rocket launcher is also highly 
    accurate, and will always hit dead-on where you point the crosshair. 
    However, since it doesn't have a scope you can zoom with, you really 
    can't snipe with it. Also, the rockets do not hit instantly and instead 
    must travel the distance, so it is possible to miss a moving target at 
    long range (although the splash damage will usually still damage 
    them if the rocket hits a wall or floor nearby). The rocket launcher is 
    also the only weapon that can destroy Soviet vehicles, such as 
    assault helicopters and tanks. 
    The rocket launcher has two big drawbacks. Firstly, it needs to be 
    reloaded after each shot and thus has a relatively slow rate of fire. 
    Secondly, you can only hold a maximum of 10 rockets at a time, and 
    ammo for the rocket launcher is EXTREMELY scarce (each ammo 
    pickup only gives you 1 additional rocket). The large splash damage 
    of the rockets also means that you cannot use it at close range, or 
    else you will seriously harm or even kill yourself. 
    Overall, the rocket launcher is best used for specific tasks, such as 
    destroying enemy vehicles. The low ammo amount and rarity of 
    ammo prevents you from carrying it around for an extended period of 
    time, so you should just use it when you find it, then discard it for a 
    more general purpose weapon.
    Only a couple Soviet soldiers throughout the entire game are 
    equipped with rocket launchers. These guys can kill you in one shot, 
    and they can also seriously mess up a squad of your Freedom 
    Fighters. If you spot a Soviet soldier firing rockets at you, don't try to 
    send your squad to rush him. If you've got enough guys, you might 
    take him down, but you'll lose a few men in the process. Instead, take 
    him on yourself (you can dodge rockets, your men cannot). If 
    possible, try sniping the rocketeer from just outside his firing range 
    with your assault rifle. Alternatively, chuck a grenade or molotov at 
    him, then run in and gun him down when he tries to dive for cover. 
    Molotov Cocktail: 
    Damage: 150
    Accuracy: Average
    Max Ammo: 10
    A glass bottle filled with gasoline, the Molotov cocktail is the 
    incendiary weapon of choice for rioters and malcontents. Molotov 
    cocktails are thrown in a gravity-affected arc, the longer you hold 
    down the fire button, the further you'll toss them. Since they don't 
    travel in a straight line, it may take some practice before you can 
    throw them with decent accuracy.
    As soon as they hit a hard surface, such as a wall or floor, the 
    Molotov cocktail will shatter and spill out a wall of flames more than a 
    dozen feet in diameter. Any enemies caught in the flames will be set 
    on fire and take damage. As a bonus, enemies on fire will be 
    occupied with flailing around in pain, and will have difficulty 
    concentrating enough to shoot at you.
    The great thing about Molotov cocktails is that they detonate on 
    impact. This prevents enemies from diving for cover, like they do with 
    grenades. Molotovs also do lots of damage. On Rebel difficulty, a 
    single direct hit will kill any enemy soldier except for the heavy 
    machine gunners and the female black ops. As a plus, the wall of 
    flames created by a Molotov cocktail will last for a couple of seconds, 
    and sometimes Soviet soldiers not caught in the initial blast will 
    stumble into the flames and set themselves on fire.
    Molotovs are a Rebel-only weapon. Soviet forces do not carry them, 
    and you will not find any Molotov pickups inside Soviet bases. 
    However, you'll be restocked with a full 10 Molotovs every time you 
    revisit the Rebel Base, and you'll also sometimes find them lying 
    around the map in areas where Rebels hang out, such as Rebel 
    hideouts or near manholes. 
    Fragmentation Grenade: 
    Damage: 100
    Accuracy: Average
    Max Ammo: 10
    Frag grenades are thrown in an arc, with the strength of your throw 
    determined by how long you hold down the fire button before 
    releasing it. They don't do as much damage as Molotov cocktails, but 
    they still pack a decent punch. A direct hit will kill a regular Soviet 
    soldier on any difficulty level (although you will need multiple 
    grenades to kill any of the higher-end Soviet units). The problem is 
    that grenades don't explode immedietely, instead they lay on the 
    ground for a few seconds before detontating (unlike other games, you 
    can't make the grenade explode faster by holding onto it longer). The 
    enemies in this game are no idiots, and are quite good at diving for 
    cover the moment they spot a grenade land. They might take partial 
    splash damage, but they'll rarely take the full amount of damage 
    (however, even partial splash damage can kill regular Soviet troops 
    on the lower difficulty levels). One way to get around this is to throw 
    multiple grenades... while they're still on the ground from diving from 
    the first grenade, the second grenade will explode next to them and 
    kill them. 
    While grenades might not be as lethal as Molotov cocktails, they're 
    good at scattering a group of enemy soldiers. Chuck a grenade into 
    the middle of a group of Soviets, and they'll dive haphazardly for 
    cover. If you're lucky, the explosion may even kill a few unfortunate 
    Soviet troops who were unable to get clear of the blast radius in time. 
    Also, because they rebound off walls, you can bounce grenades 
    around corners to take out Soviet troops without getting directly into 
    their line of fire.
    Grenades are reasonably common among the Soviet forces. Within 
    any large group of Soviet troops, at least one or two will carry a few 
    grenades. You'll also often find grenade pickups in Soviet weapon 
    Be careful of Soviets that toss grenades at you; the blast can do 
    significant damage to you, and in the middle of a firefight its easy to 
    miss noticing a grenade sail through the air and land next to you. 
    Fortunately, grenades make a distinct clinking sound when they land, 
    which you should learn to recognize and take as a sign to dive for 
    cover. Grenades are also annoying as they can seriously damage 
    your squad of Freedom Fighters (who seem less adept at dodging 
    them than the Soviet troops). On the plus side, it's fairly uncommon 
    for Soviets to actually use grenades in battle. 
    Chris Stone:
    Health: 750/250/150/100 
    This is you. This shows how much health you have on each of the 
    game's difficulty settings. On "demonstrator" difficulty, you're a 
    walking tank, while on "revolutionary" difficulty you have the same 
    amount of health as the regular Soviet troops you're facing. Proceed 
    Freedom Fighter: 
    Appearance: Varies 
    Health: Varies
    Favorite Weapon: Assault Rifle 
    Other Weapons: Pistol, Revolver, Shotgun, SMG, Molotov Cocktails
    Your ragtag squad of rebels. A large portion of the game's gameplay 
    mechanics revolve around you commanding a squad of these guys 
    into battle. The higher your charisma, the more Freedom Fighters you 
    can have in your squad, for a total of 12. They can be ordered to 
    defend a position, attack an area, or to simply follow you. They are 
    also essentially immortal, as whenever they run out of health they 
    simply are knocked "unconcious" and can be restored with a health 
    Freedom Fighters are superior in every way to Soviet troops. They 
    have better aim, superior range, they fire in longer bursts, and they 
    have much more health. Freedom Fighters have more than twice as 
    much health as you do on any difficulty level, and thus on all but the 
    highest difficulty setting, they have more health than any single Soviet 
    unit, save for the heavy machine gunner. Don't be shy about sending 
    them into combat, a squad of 5 or more Freedom Fighters can pretty 
    much mop the floor with any opposition the Soviets can send against 
    you. To minimize damage to your fighters, have them take cover 
    behind something (by ordering them to defend behind a wall or car), 
    and let them mow down Soviet troops from their shielded position.
    Out of all the Soviet troops, only Soviet heavy machine gunners can 
    really stand up to your Freedom Fighters. However, those troops 
    never appear in groups of more than one, and a squad of 5 or more 
    Freedom Fighters can effectively overwhelm a lone heavy machine 
    gunner (especially if you help out with your own firepower).
    In the normal course of the game, you will not find any Freedom 
    Fighters equipped with grenades, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, or 
    heavy machine guns. However, on the "Liberty Island" bonus level, 
    some recruitable defecting Soviet soldiers carry heavy machine guns. 
    Be sure to grab these guys when you find them, with their high health 
    and great weapon it's almost like having your very own Soviet heavy 
    machine gunner in your squad. 
    The only things that really pose a danger to your Freedom Fighters 
    are explosives (such as grenades or rockets), mounted machine gun 
    turrets, or assault helicopters. Few enemies use explosives, so they 
    aren't a common concern. Assault helicopters can be disabled by 
    destroying their helipads before tackling the area they patrol. As for 
    machine gun turrets, never send your squad to rush them, they'll just 
    be cut down. Elminate the gunners yourself before sending in your 
    squad to mop up the rest. 
    In "Follow" mode, your fighters can be a bit reckless, and will 
    sometimes charge right into enemy machine gun fire. To prevent 
    them from doing this, order them to "Defend" an area, and this will 
    keep them from running off on their own.
    NOTE: On Revolutionary difficulty, your Freedom Fighters aren't quite 
    as durable. They only have about 200 health each, and thus tend to 
    die more quickly than usual. On this difficulty, you'll need to position 
    your squad intelligently behind good cover to maximize their survival, 
    and be generous with your medikits. 
    Mr. Jones:
    Appearance: Gruff, older ex-military guy, wearing an Army surplus 
    Health: Infinite 
    Weapon: Revolver
    Mr. Jones, the first ally you meet upon starting the game, will help you 
    fight your way through the game's first map (which is essentially a 
    tutorial). You won't encounter many enemies in the first level, but 
    Jones will help you kill the few that you do run across. Jones leads 
    you along a pre-scripted path. You follow him around, but can't issue 
    him orders or lead him off the beaten path. He's got exceptionally 
    good aim, and can often score headshots with his revolver. He is also 
    invincible, so there's no need to worry about his safety.
    Isabella Angelina:
    Appearance: Cute redhead gal, wearing brown winter jacket.  
    Health: Infinitel 
    Weapon: Sub Machine Gun
    You'll find and rescue your resistance leader and love interest Isabella 
    Angelina in the last map of the game's last level. She's armed with an 
    SMG, and will accompany you for the remainder of the last level. You 
    are unable to issue orders to Isabella, but she will follow you around 
    and attack any enemy soldiers she sees. Isabella is invincible, so you 
    don't have to worry about her losing any firefights.
    Isabella also appears as a recruitable fighter at the beginning of the 
    game's bonus level, Liberty island. She's still armed with an SMG, but 
    is no longer invincible. 
    Soviet Security:
    Appearance: Average-sized Soviets, wearing dark brown Fascist-style 
    uniforms and brown caps. 
    Health: 45 / 65 / 70 / 100
    Favorite Weapon: Pistol
    Other Weapons: Assault Rifle
    Special Skills: None
    Soviet Security forces are the first and weakest enemies you'll 
    encounter. They only show up in the game's first two missions, 
    "Soviet Domination" and "In A New York Minute". They behave more 
    or less like regular Soviet soldiers, except they're usually armed only 
    with pistols rather than with assault rifles. Their pistols do about as 
    much damage as an assault rifle, but have less accuracy and a 
    slower rate of fire. They also generally do not travel in large groups, 
    so unlike Soviet soldiers they can't gang up on you in great numbers.
    Once you get an assault rifle, it's fairly easy to mow through these 
    guys. Also, since their pistols have slightly less range than your 
    assault rifle, you can actually snipe them down before they can get 
    close enough to shoot at you. 
    Soviet Soldier:
    Appearance: Average-sized Soviet wearing round helmet and light 
    brown camouflage coat. 
    Winter Appearance: Average-sized Soviet wearing long white coat 
    and green cap.
    Health: 45 / 65 / 70 / 100
    Favorite Weapon: Assault Rifle
    Other Weapons: Pistol, Revolver, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, 
    Special Skills: Can wield many different weapon types
    The most common and versatile Soviet troop, you'll spend most of the 
    game facing off against these guys. Soviet soldiers are quite bright; 
    they fire from behind cover, advance in squads, and can even try to 
    flank you. If they're feeling confident, they can charge straight at you 
    firing their weapons, but if you're dug in behind cover they duck down 
    low and advance cautiously towards you. 
    Most soldiers are armed with assault rifles. Their aim is very accurate 
    and they fire in bursts of several shots, allowing them to hit you with 
    multiple bullets in the space of a couple seconds. This can seriously 
    hurt you on the higher difficulty levels. Fortunately, because they fire 
    in bursts, if you get caught in their line of fire you may take some hits, 
    but should have time to run for cover between bursts before they 
    finish you off. 
    Although most Soviet soldiers use assault rifles, they can occasionally 
    be seen using other weapons as well. Most commonly, they 
    sometimes use pistols or grenades against you. A couple soldiers in 
    the game are armed with revolvers, shotguns, and even rocket 
    Soldiers can survive several bullets before dying, but compared to the 
    other enemies in the game, they're relatively weak. However, soldiers 
    never appear alone, and you'll usually fight squads of several of them 
    at once. It's a bad idea to charge straight at a group of soldiers, 
    especially on the higher difficulty levels. Instead, you should dig in 
    behind some cover and pick them off one by one from there. 
    Although Soviets are pretty accurate, their assault rifles become less 
    accurate at long range, and they won't even try to shoot at you past a 
    certain distance. If you're armed with an assault rifle or machine gun, 
    you can actually shoot at soldiers just outside their range of fire. You'll 
    miss a bit, but every few shots should hit your target. 
    Your squad also works well against Soviet soldiers. Your squaddies 
    have better aim, fire in longer bursts, and have much more health 
    than Soviet troops, so as long as you give them a decent cover 
    position to fire from, they can easily mow down Soviets as they 
    Soviet Sniper:
    Appearance: Average-sized Soviet wearing green uniform and green 
    Winter Appearance: Average-sized Soviet wearing Eskimo-style white 
    Health: 45 / 65 / 70 / 100
    Weapon: Sniper Rifle 
    Special Skills: Sniping 
    Soviet snipers set up sniper nests in windows or towers, and snipe at 
    you when you come into range. They've got better sight and longer 
    range than the regular Soviet forces. If you start getting shot despite 
    not seeing any enemies around you, odds are a sniper is firing at you 
    from above. You should take cover as soon as this starts to happen. 
    Snipers have very low aggression, and usually stay in their sniper 
    nests. They will almost never leave their positions and try to pursue 
    you if you retreat out of their line of sight.  
    Snipers can be difficult to locate, as you usually can't trace their shots 
    back to them. However, they tend to fire from guard towers or open 
    windows, telltale signs you should try to spot using your over-the-
    shoulder 3rd person perspective.
    Snipers can be annoying, but they're not the frustrating instant death 
    variety you see in games like Allied Assault or Iron Storm. Their aim 
    isn't perfect, and they miss some of their shots, especially if you 
    dodge around or take cover. Additionally, their shots don't kill you 
    instantly; even on the highest difficulty setting it takes 4 sniper shots 
    to kill you, and you can survive more than that on the lower difficulty 
    levels (5 on Freedom Fighter, 9 on Rebel, and 25 on Demonstrator). 
    There are several ways to deal with snipers. If you've got a sniper rifle 
    of your own, you can simply counter-snipe them. If you know where 
    the sniper's nest is, you can even snipe them before they realize 
    you're there. You can even counter-snipe snipers with the assault rifle 
    if you're close enough. Alternatively, you can sneak up on snipers and 
    kill them from behind. Most sniper nests are accessible from behind, 
    search around the building the sniper is shooting from to see if there 
    are any staircases or holes in the wall you can use to get in.
    Snipers are the one enemy that your squad isn't particularly effective 
    against. Often, they can shoot at your squad at such a long range that 
    your fighters won't be able to fire back. Even if your soldiers can see 
    and fire at the sniper, they might not be accurate enough to hit him, 
    especially if the sniper is dug in behind cover. It's best to order your 
    squad to take cover somewhere outside the sniper's field of vision, 
    then take out the sniper yourself before letting your squad advance 
    through the area the sniper was guarding. 
    Soviet Officer: 
    Appearance: Big, burly-looking Soviet wearing light brown uniform 
    and red beret.
    Winter Appearance: Big, burly-looking Soviet wearing white coat and 
    red beret. 
    Health: ? / 150 / 165 / 200 
    Weapon: Shotgun 
    Special Skills: Giving orders to troops
    Soviet officers can be seen guarding the flags on the game's first 
    mission, and begin appearing on the streets and front lines 
    afterwards. They can often be seen leading a squad of Soviet 
    soldiers. Soviet officers are easy to recognize; they're larger than the 
    regular Soviet troops, and they sport distinct red berets on their 
    Officers are a bit more aggressive than the troops under their 
    command, but they still approach cautiously when they spot you at 
    long range, and make extensive use of cover to protect themselves. 
    They're also tougher and meaner than the regular soldiers, carrying 
    shotguns and capable of surviving almost 2.5 times as much damage 
    as regular troops. It takes more than a dozen bullets to take them 
    down, and they can even survive multiple headshots from the assault 
    rifle or pistol.   
    Their shotguns make Soviet officers very dangerous in close quarters, 
    and at close range they can kill you with just a few shots. However, 
    the damage and accuracy of their shotguns decreases over distance, 
    so that at medium or long range they won't do much damage to you if 
    they can even hit you at all. 
    One weakness Soviet officers have is that they don't shoot at you as 
    soon as they spot you. Instead, they spend a couple of seconds 
    yelling orders to their men (even if there are no other soldiers around), 
    which leaves them vulnerable to being shot. 
    Overall, Soviet Officers aren't too much of a threat, just keep your 
    distance and be prepared to use up more ammo taking them down.
    Soviet Commando: 
    Appearance: Big, burly-looking Soviet wearing dark-brown uniform 
    and orange scarf.
    Winter Appearance: Big, burly-looking Soviet wearing dark grey coat 
    and orange scarf. 
    Health: ? / 125 / 145 / 100 
    Weapon: Sub Machine Gun
    Special Skills: Rolling dodge, choking grip
    Soviet Commandos begin to appear towards the end of the second 
    mission, "In a New York Minute", and become progressively more 
    common after that. They've got almost twice as much health as a 
    regular Soviet soldier (although not as much as a Soviet offcer), and 
    carry sub machine guns which give them an extremely high rate of fire 
    and make them deadly in close quarters. Just standing in their line of 
    sight for a couple of seconds can get you killed on the higher difficulty 
    settings. A squad of several Soviet Commandos can be extremely 
    deadly, but fortunately you'll seldom face more than one or two of 
    them at a time, usually mixed in amongst the regular Soviet soldiers.
    Besides their rapid-fire weaponry, the distinguishing feature of 
    commandos is that they are extremely aggressive. While most Soviet 
    troops will either go for cover or crouch down and cautiously approach 
    your position once they've spotted you, commandos generally just 
    charge straight for you once they see where you're hiding. This can 
    be problematic if they catch you by surprise while you're trying to 
    reload to are focused on another enemy. Although you can usually 
    mow down a single commando who charges behind your cover area, 
    a squad of commandos rushing you can easily overwhelm you while 
    you're trying to reload. It's a good idea to have your squad defend you 
    while you cover and reload so that you don't leave yourself vulnerable 
    to these guys.
    Soviet commandos also have two special moves unique to them. One 
    is a rolling dodge they use to avoid your shots, which they usually use 
    when you try to aim at them (other Soviet troops can occasionally roll, 
    but the commandos do it all the time). Commandos can also run up to 
    your Freedom Fighters and strangle them from behind. Your Freedom 
    Fighters are unable to block this attack, and will die after several 
    seconds of being choked. To prevent this, you must shoot and kill the 
    commando while he's choking your man. 
    The best way to deal with them is to mow them down from a distance 
    using the assault rifle, before they get close enough to start shooting 
    at you. In close quarters, use full automatic fire and don't be afraid to 
    empty an entire clip into them. Your Freedom Fighters also put up a 
    good fight against them, as long as they don't get close enough to 
    start choking your men. 
    Soviet Heavy Machine Gunner: 
    Appearance: HUGE Soviet wearing dark grey, steel plate armor and 
    steel helmet. 
    Health: ? / 600 / 750 / 800 
    Weapon: Machine Gun 
    Special Skills: Stun resistant
    These massive, heavily armored Soviet behemoths begin to appear 
    about halfway through the game, after "Desperate Revenge". They 
    are easily the toughest enemies you'll face. Extremely durable, these 
    guys take two direct hits from the rocket launcher to kill, or 2-3 clips 
    of constant assault rifle fire. It also takes multiple sniper rifle shots
    to the head (4 on Rebel, 5 on Freedom Fighter, and 6 on Revolutionary 
    difficulty) to bring them down. Despite their large size and heavy 
    armor, they're just as manueverable as any other Soviet soldier, and 
    can use cover, dive away from grenades, and run forward to attack 
    just like your other enemies. They seem a wee bit slower than other 
    Soviet troops, but no so much that it disadvantages them at all in 
    combat. Normally, they don't bother with fancy manuevers and just 
    stand in one place and shoot at you, but they can do the fancy 
    manuevers if they want to. 
    These guys carry machine guns, portable versions of the machine 
    gun turrets you've been facing. Just like the turrets, heavy machine 
    gunners have a very high rate of fire, very damaging bullets, and very 
    high accuracy. Also, they do not fire in bursts, but rather fire a 
    continous stream of bullets into you until you die. On the higher 
    difficulty levels, they can literally kill you in a couple of seconds. The 
    same rules that applied to the machine gun turrets apply to the heavy 
    machine gunners. Never, ever launch a frontal assault against them, 
    and never get into their line of fire.
    Soviet heavy machine gunners wear heavy armor that cushions them 
    from the force of your bullets. Unlike every other soldier, they won't 
    "flinch" when you shoot them in the chest. This means your weapons 
    won't stun them, and they can continue to shoot you even as you 
    empty your weapon into them. Therefore, if you face one head-on, 
    he'll easily kill you before you can kill him. 
    The Soviet heavy machine gunners' big weakness is that they are still
    vulnerable to headshots. So if you shoot one in the head, he'll flinch.
    If you can score repeated headshots on one with your assault rifle or
    machine gun, you can keep a heavy machine gunner stunned and prevent them
    from counter-attacking. If you're in close quarters and absolutely MUST
    fight one of these guys head-on, go into aim mode and keep targeting their
    head. It's best to do this near a wall or obstacle you can use for cover
    in case you need to reload to dodge his fire. ONLY try this if the machine
    gunner is alone. If he's got backup, kill the other Soviet troops first
    before trying to focus on the machine gunner. 
    While it is possible to down a heavy machine gunner by yourself using 
    headshots, this is not advisable. The best way to deal with them is 
    either to blast them indirectly using grenades and molotovs while 
    hiding behind cover, or to send your squad to attack them. A squad of 
    6 or more Freedom Fighters should be able to take down a heavy 
    machine gunner, especially if you lend your own firepower to the fight. 
    Soviet Black Ops:
    Appearance: Average-sized female Soviet clad in green bodysuit, 
    wearing night-vision googles. 
    Health: ? / 200 / 250 / 350 
    Weapon: Sub Machine Gun
    Special Skills: Cartwheel dodge
    These ninja-like Soviet special forces don't show up until the last 
    couple of missions. They look like female versions of Splinter Cell's 
    Sam Fisher, and are quite tough fighters. They carry sub machine 
    guns, and have even more health than the Soviet officers. 
    Like Soviet commandos, they're quite aggressive and tend to charge your 
    position, but they also make good use of cover as well. They move 
    faster than other Soviet units, and have very high accuracy with their 
    rapid-fire sub machine gun shots. Like the Soviet Commandos, they 
    can kill you very quickly with the SMG at close to medium range, 
    especially on the higher difficulty levels. 
    Soviet Black Ops also have a special cartwheel backflip which they 
    use to avoid enemy fire. They generally use this either when you try to 
    aim at them, or in order to dive behind cover. Fortunately, you should 
    still be quick enough to nail them with assault rifle fire even when 
    they're flipping around.
    These gals are actually pretty rare, and you'll only see a handful of 
    them throughout the entire game. Because of their high health, you 
    should empty your entire clip into them and try to score headshots. As 
    with Soviet Commandos, you're best off either picking them off before 
    they get too close, or stunning them with rapid consecutive shots to 
    prevent them from firing back. Alternatively, you can send your squad 
    in to eliminate them. They're tougher than average, but alone they're 
    not too much of an obstacle against you or your squad. However, 
    while they never appear in pairs, they usually ARE accompanied by a 
    squad of several Soviet soldiers as well as officers or commandos. 
    General Tatarin:
    Appearance: Huge, burly Soviet General wearing brown shirt and 
    Health: 45 / 65 / 70 / 100 
    Weapon: Assault Rifle 
    Special Skills: Commander-In-Chief
    Tatarin, your arch-nemesis, leader of the Soviet invasion, the great 
    warrior-general... actually dies pretty easily. He's huge and looks 
    tough, but he's actually no stronger than the average Soviet soldier. 
    He's also only armed with an assault rifle. The thing is, you won't fight 
    him by himself. Tatarin paces back and forth on an outdoors balcony 
    at the center of the Soviet base. The courtyard in front of his balcony 
    is protected by a small army, consisting of a couple dozen soldiers, a 
    squad of several commandos, as well as Tatarin's personal 
    bodyguard, a Soviet heavy machine gunner. You could wipe out this 
    horde by luring them into a tight corridor, then killing them with 
    Molotov cocktails when they bunch together, but it's an awful lot of 
    trouble to go through. 
    The best way to kill Tatarin, and the way the game probably expects 
    you to do it, is to snipe him from the sniper tower. One headshot will 
    do him. However, that always seemed a bit anti-climatic to me, so I 
    prefer to fight him up close and personal. 
    The sniper's tower is a good place to get rid of the General's guards, 
    however. From the tower, you can snipe the heavy machine gunner 
    and (depending on how much ammo you've got) cull out most or even 
    all of the regular soldiers milling about. Go down and try to enter the 
    courtyard where Tatarin's building is, and you'll be ambushed by a 
    squad of several commandos who swarm in from out of nowhere. 
    Retreat back to some cover and take them out with Molotov cocktails 
    (or, if you still have ammo, the sniper rifle). Don't try to face them 
    directly, you'll be wiped out in seconds. Once all resistance has been 
    eliminated, walk up to Tatarin's balcony and throw down.
    Shoot Tatarin. Blast Tatarin. Set Tatarin on fire. Chuck grenades at 
    him and laugh as he dives for cover. Have fun killing him however you 
    like, he's not going to do much harm to you with his lone assault rifle. 
    For kicks, you can even use a grenade to blow Tatarin right out of his 
    balcony and onto the ground, where you can run up to him and get 
    into a punching match when he gets back up.
    Soviet Elite Guards: 
    Appearance: A pair of HUGE Soviets, wearing white steel plate armor 
    with a big red star on the chest, and steel helmets with a similar red 
    star emblem.
    Health: NA/NA/600/700
    Weapons: Machine Gun, Super Shotgun
    Special skills: Stun resistant
    The final bosses! Well, not exactly. These two guys guard the Statute 
    of Liberty's torch at the very end of the final Liberty Island bonus level. 
    They're almost identical to the regular Soviet heavy machine gunners, 
    except their armor is a bit fancier, and in addition to a regular machine 
    gun each one also carries a special "super shotgun" that fires and 
    reloads extremely rapidly (they can fire off eight consecutive shotgun 
    blasts in one second). These two guys are devastating in close 
    combat, so you don't want to climb up onto their platform to challenge 
    them directly.
    Unfortunately, their platform is only accessible by climbing a thin log 
    bridge. It is extremely difficult to get your Freedom Fighters to climb 
    this bridge, so you can't just order you squad to swarm the Elites for 
    you. You'll just have to kill them yourself. 
    The Elite on the left can be targeted from the ground using aim mode. 
    At this range, he shouldn't be able to shoot at you. Snipe him with 
    your assault rifle or heavy machine gun. Some of your shots will miss 
    at that range, but some will still hit. It takes a LOT of hits to kill him 
    (since you're probably too far away to score headshots), so you may 
    need to run back to the previous battlefield to grab more ammo, but 
    he should eventually die. If you park your squad in sight of him, they 
    might even be able to shoot at him for you.
    Once the Elite on the left is down, the Elite on the right is vulnerable. 
    Climb up the log leading to the Torch. When you get near the top, use 
    the top part of the log as cover. The remaining Elite will try to shoot at 
    you, but as long as your head isn't in his line of sight the log should 
    absorb the shots. When he's not shooting, run up and unleash a 
    stream of lead into his head. If you need to reload, run back down the 
    log for cover. The last Elite should die quickly enough, allowing you to 
    enter the Torch and finish the game.
    Soviet Mounted Machine Gun:
    Appearance: Stationary .50 machine gun mounted on a tripod, with a 
    metal shield in front.
    Health: Indestructible
    The Soviets have set up mounted machine gun turrets all over New 
    York to fortify their positions. Such turrets are usually protected by 
    short bunker walls, and are placed strategically at choke points to 
    hinder your progress through a level.
    As soon as they spot you or your Freedom Fighters, Soviet soldiers 
    near a machine gun turret will usually run to that turret and use it to 
    attack you. Turrets have an extremely high rate of fire and very 
    damaging bullets. On the higher difficulty settings, a single turret can 
    mow you down in seconds, or kill off your entire squad of Freedom 
    Fighters. As such, you should never approach a turret head-on. Even 
    running sideways to avoid the turret's fire usually isn't enough, as the 
    turret gunner can usually compensate and hit you after a few tries. 
    The biggest problem with turrets is that they are protected by a 
    mounted shield that makes it extremely difficult to shoot the gunner 
    manning the turret. Only the top portion of the gunner's head is visible 
    from in front of the shield. At long range, your assault rifle simply isn't 
    accurate enough to hit such a small target. At closer range, you won't 
    have time to aim and fire at the gunner's head before he mows you 
    The best way to take out a turret's gunner is to find an alternate path 
    that lets you ambush him from the side. Since turrets can only rotate 
    to a small degree and have a limited field of fire, they are vulnerable 
    from the sides and the back. You can also throw grenades or molotov 
    cocktails at the turret from cover, and with a little practice you should 
    be able to successfully kill the gunner with bombs without exposing 
    yourself to attack.
    Alternatively, if you have a sniper rifle, you can use it to snipe turret 
    gunners in the head at long range, but this strategy can be 
    problematic since you don't have much sniper ammo, and other 
    Soviet soldiers can sometimes run in and replace the one you just 
    killed at the controls of the turret.
    On the plus side, you can commandeer any unoccupied machine gun 
    turrets, and turn them against the enemy. Besides being very 
    powerful, these turrets have perfect aim and unlimited ammo, allowing 
    you to mow down any Soviets in your line of sight. As a plus, the 
    metal shield mounted in front of the turret also defends you almost 
    completely against any return fire the Soviets might send back at you. 
    The only downside of the mounted machine gun is that it cannot 
    rotate more than 45 degrees in either direction, limiting you to a 
    narrow field of fire. 
    Soviet Armored Personnel Carrier: 
    Appearance: Armored car
    Health: Indestructible
    Soviet APCs drive through the embattled streets of New York, 
    dropping off squads of Soviet reinforcements at pre-designated drop-
    off points. New APCs arrive every couple of minutes to deposit fresh 
    troops. APCs are bulletproof and respawn infinitely, so the only way to 
    stop them from coming is to destroy the bridges they travel over 
    (usually located in a different map from the one the APCs actually 
    appear in). 
    APCs will also run you over if you're standing on the road in their 
    path, and they'll also sometimes try to back up into you or your 
    Freedom Fighters if you're standing on the sidewalk. Your Freedom 
    Fighters are sometimes smart enough to run for cover when an APC 
    is approaching down the road, but sometimes they just stand there 
    and get run over. Just make sure one doesn't run you over, since they 
    make very little noise and can be missed if you're not looking in the 
    right direction. Getting hit by an APC is instantly fatal for you or your 
    The constantly respawning stream of Soviet soldiers that come from 
    the APCs can be annoying, but since they tend to clump together in 
    one single area, it is possible to get around them by killing them off, 
    then running past the APC's drop-off point before a new APC arrives 
    with more reinforcements. Taking this approach, you can proceed to 
    the end of the level without having to deal with the troops the APCs 
    constantly drop off, but the downside is you can't backtrack and revisit 
    the area near the APC drop-off point, as fresh soldiers will be waiting 
    for you there.
    Soviet Transportation Helicopter:
    Appearance: Cargo helicopter
    Health: Indestructible
    Transport Helicopters ferry in fresh supplies of Soviet soldiers to 
    replace those killed by you and your troops. They hover over pre-set 
    locations while depositing their troops onto the ground, and return 
    with more soldiers every couple of minutes. Usually helicopters carry 
    Soviet soldiers, but they can also carry commandos, officers, and (on 
    one map) even heavy machine gunners. The only way to stop them 
    from coming is to destroy their helipad, always located in a different 
    map from the area in which they appear. However, stopping transport 
    helicopters isn't essential to finishing a map. There are ways to deal 
    with the reinforcements they ferry in.
    Transport helicopters have one weakness; they unload their troops 
    one at a time, and there's a gap of a few seconds between each 
    soldier getting off the helicopter. If you position your squad in a 
    fortified position facing the area where the helicopter deposits its 
    troops, you can have them mow down each Soviet soldier as he steps 
    off the helicopter, before he can orient himself and return fire. You'll 
    need a squad of 5 or more Freedom Fighters to pull this off, otherwise 
    the Soviets will be able to get off the helicopter quicker than your 
    squad can kill them off.
    Also, just as with Soviet APCs, the Soviet soldiers that come in via 
    helicopter tend to stand around where they're dropped off, rather than 
    wander elsewhere on the map. Thus, if you stay away from the drop-
    off point, these soldiers won't bother you and you can progress to the 
    end of the level. 
    Soviet Assault Helicopter: 
    Appearance: Hind-D Assault Chopper
    Health: Special (1 rocket shot)
    These flying weapons platforms are extremely dangerous, and should 
    be totally avoided if at all possible. Each assault helicopter is 
    equipped with several machine guns, as well as multiple rocket 
    batteries. They can either bombard you with simaltaneous fire from 
    each of their machine guns, or blast you with a barrage of several 
    rockets. Either attack can kill you in just a few seconds. They only 
    appear one at a time, but one is more than enough to destroy you and 
    your entire squad. 
    Assault helicopters generally patrol a very small area, attacking 
    anything that strays into their path. It might be possible for your to get 
    past them by using buildings and debris as cover to avoid their 
    attacks, but your squad is not so smart and will almost always be 
    wiped out if you bring them with you into the assault helicopter's area 
    of patrol.
    Assault helicopters are bulletproof, but they can be destroyed by a 
    shot from the rocket launcher. However, there really isn't much point 
    in doing this, as another assault helicopter will show up to take the 
    previous one's place after a minute or so. The only way to 
    permenantly clear an area of assault helicopters is to destroy their 
    landing pads, usually located in a different area from the one in which 
    the helicopters actually appear. 
    Unlike APCs or transport helicopters, assault helicopters are very 
    difficult to get past, and you probably HAVE to destroy their helipad 
    before you can reach the end of the map they appear in. If you 
    complete the maps in the right order, you'll never actually have to face 
    one in the regular game.
    There is ONE assault helicopter that you'll actually have to fight. It 
    appears near the end of the Liberty Island bonus level, guarding the 
    Statue of Liberty's torch. You can spot it off in the distance as soon as 
    you climb the tablet and reach the final battlefield. It flies back and 
    forth near the torch, all the while firing missiles at you and the 
    Freedom Fighters engaged in battle below you. You'll need to destroy 
    it with a rocket (and, coincidentally enough, a rocket launcher is right 
    there in front of you as soon as you reach the top of the tablet), but 
    because it flies back and forth, it's a moving target and can be difficult 
    to hit. Your best bet is to aim at the center of its flight path, and fire 
    several rockets at it all at once. Some will miss, but the helicopter 
    should stray into one of the rockets in the line, and explode. 
    Soviet Tank:
    Appearance: It's a friggin' tank!
    Health: Special (2 rocket shots)
    There's only one Soviet Tank in the entire game. It appears in the 
    mission "Winter Revolt", guarding the entrance to the Soviet's TV 
    Propaganda Studios. The tank will roll into view just as you get within 
    range of the TV studio's entrance. 
    The tank is an extremely dangerous opponent. A single blast from it's 
    massive cannon will kill you on any difficulty level, and because of the 
    weapon's large splash damage it's almost impossible to dodge the 
    tank's shots. The tank is also completely bulletproof, as well as 
    resistant against flames and grenades. The only weapon that can 
    harm it is the rocket launcher. You'll need a total of two direct hits 
    from the rocket launcher to take it down.
    The best way to destroy the tank is to blow it up before it can roll into 
    firing position to blast you. There's a rocket launcher conveniently 
    located in one of the bombed out buildings just before you reach the 
    tank. As soon as you enter the building, you should hear the tank 
    rolling into position just outside. Quickly grab the rocket launcher, run 
    outside, and fire two rockets at the tank before it gets into firing 
    Don't try to face the tank head-on out in the open, it will blast you 
    before you can destroy it. However, if the tank does manage to roll 
    into firing position before you can get to it, that's OK. You can still fire 
    rockets at it from the windows of the building you got the rocket 
    launcher from. Just be sure to aim and fire quickly, and duck back 
    behind cover before the tank can blast you. Some of the splash 
    damage might come through the wall and hurt you, but it shouldn't be 
    enough to kill you. 
    Finally, you can retreat all the way back to the elevated bunker with the
    machine gun turret, near the highway. At this distance, the tank can't
    hit you, but you can hit it just fine with your rocket launcher. 
    Copyright 2005 Alan Chan 

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